Trump rubs salt in the wounds of his rivals

In his first public rally since winning the presidency, Donald Trump casually announced a cabinet pick and used soaring rhetoric to outline an ambitious, unifying vision for the next four years—before veering off script and rubbing his stunning victory in his detractor’s faces.

During a freewheeling speech in Cincinnati on Thursday night that was proto-Trump and harkened back to his rough-and-tumble campaign style, the president-elect encouraged chants of “Lock her up” by invoking Hillary Clinton’s name, incited boos of home state Governor John Kasich, mocked independent candidate Evan McMullin as a nobody and spent close to four minutes attacking the “nasty, dishonest press.”

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  1. I watched President-elect Trump’s speech, and he was terrific! If I had been him, they would have gotten an even more obvious b!tch-slapping.

    As “O” stated…Elections Have Consequences!
    The Democrats are saying Hillary won the Popular Vote…Look at California, she got 4.2 million more and New York, she got 1.2 million more…West and East, thats why we have the Electoral Vote!

  3. Trump was magnificent. The media will always be putting Trump down (the next 4 years ), but the American people have to be smart enough to recognize their tactics and never let them manipulate us again. Good bye Clintons and don’t ever return.

  4. Trump will be criticized by the media no matter what. On the other hand if he was a flaming Communist liberal, he would be put on a pedestal !

  5. The left cant comprehend the fact that it isn’t about trump!
    It’s about America, it’s about rescuing our principals, it’s about honoring those who died for our freedom!

  6. The divided, the haters, the communists, the atheists, the Islamic terrorists, the Soros zombies, the Builderbergs, “We The People” will not lay down, we will unite! It’s us against the scum!

  7. Yeap, Mr. TRUMP is right about the media. Do you media assholes think everybody is a dumbf*ck moron???? How brainwashed and fools the killary supporters are. You dicks should be ashamed of your selfs for manipulating all of millennials and college dum-dums with your lying bullshit…. Anytime, any place and I shall show you yo-yos “The Light of Truth”. What? Got no balls. Cowards. Yeap, real liberturds alright. Going to run to mommy and daddy and cry about how offended you feel. Here is your “Free Space” in HELL!!

  8. I felt the same rush watching Reagan after his historic win. If the Loony Left will come to what senses they have , he will make a great leader.


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