Sharpton Calls Trump Too Small For Presidency

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton called President Trump “petty” for giving a speech and signing the “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019” and not acknowledging Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) whatsoever.

Sharpton said,”It’s petty.”

He continued, “It’s petty. I keep saying he’s too small to be in this big position. You ought to by now be looking at the impact and effect of the bill, so what if it’s named after someone I disagree with? When does he grow up and become president?”


  1. Actually The RACE MONGER himself is too small,he tried once and failed.Little varmints like this one is nothing to keep at the WH

  2. I didn’t know this little insignificant piece of New York’s sorry history was even still alive. He’s nothing but a progressive/socialist con artist. Color his skin white and he’ll just disappear. His skin color is the only thing keeping him going. And that’s not a racist remark – that’s just a simple statement of truth.

  3. Sharpton calling the President “petty?” Look in the mirror you POS! What a hypocrite.
    While you are doing that…write a check to pay your taxes you racist little midget.

  4. When Jesus, died on a cruel cross, He died for ALL.
    Satan whispers in the ears of people and tells us to hate our fellow man.
    Where is the love that you learned in the scriptures so long ago?
    There is no segregation in the Kingdom of God Almighty. No separate sections.
    When a person is bitter and angry, unforgiveness becomes a prison.
    Jesus is able to break every chain and sets us free from the sin of hatred.
    God Bless us, one and all. “Love One Another” as Christ has loved and
    forgiven us.

      • It is so important that love is mentioned so many times in the Bible.
        It seems that we are all so tempted to be filled with anger and
        contempt these days. Jesus is only going to ask us what we did to help
        each other in the coming judgement day. I’m sad at how many times I
        have failed HIM. I will have to give an account of every idle word I have
        ever said. I therefore repent and ask forgiveness. I also ask for His
        help to do better. We all are afflicted with the “me first” spirit of pride.

  5. This little man is absolutely an “Enemy of The State”. All he does is tear down the efforts we make to become ALL Americans, regardless of color or, creed. I dislike saying this but, our Nation would be much better off without him in it.

    No, I am NOT a racist, I simply tell the truth. Just as David Duke should have been deported!

  6. This is a News Piece from August 5th, 2013 it is obvious Al Forgot his Statement at the end about Personal Attacks.

    The New York Times Piece For this Date is Some How Unavailable Hmmmm that’s strange. But the one from June 3rd 2013 where they revisited the case is still there.

    But he never Seamed to have A Problem with Trump
    Before he Became President. Of course back then
    Al new Him as Wallet Man.

  7. If there was anybody in the world who should shut his crooked mouth it is Sharpton. He is a disgrace to America and to the black race as a whole. And on top of that who the heck cares what he says anyway? If he were president all he would be doing, all Democrat [residents, is fattening his wallet.

  8. The more articles like this he generates, the more he will act up. The best thing we can do is ignore him. He lives on the hubbub these articles create.


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