Ferguson In the News Again, This Time It’s Over a Bizarre Story about the Police Department’s Guns

February 17th, 2015 | by Guest
Ferguson In the News Again, This Time It’s Over a Bizarre Story about the Police Department’s Guns
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Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.20.18 AMIt’s good news Ferguson has managed to stay out of the news for the past few weeks.

But now they’re making it back in the eye of the camera, and it’s all because police there have decided to adopt a new “less lethal” gun for patrol use in the embattled city.

Because the story of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown generated so much publicity the police were forced to make a change on policy so they wouldn’t be scrutinized by the American public.

So they’ve introduced a gun cap that goes over the muzzle of a pistol to decrease police fatality.

It’s never been used in the field before, and honestly, doesn’t look like it’ll do much to deter bad guys from doing bad things.

Take a look at the video.

The major flaw here is most times when a police officer has to discharge their weapon, they usually have to discharge it more than once.

So yeah, this device is good in theory, but is it really going to make a difference when police are required to shoot several times?

What do you think?

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  • b4k9zp

    As the story says, the object is only good if you have more than three seconds to put the silly thing on a firearm.

  • Sky King

    I am sure that w2ill not be enough but perhaps they can equip them with nerf products to keep from busing these poor innocents who rob, assault, commit arson and loot in that area. I am sure they would be satisfied with Nerf or better yet nothing(until of course it is them who is on the receiving end of such a scenario}!

  • glorybe2

    There are bad shootings by cops which to some extent can not be avoided. But on top of that we have absurdly bad shootings and acts of violence by cops who are mentally impaired. For example using a stun gun on a crippled woman over ninety years of age, wheelchair bound, in a nursing home, defies explanation. Or stunning a person having a seizure 14 times because the person can not comply with demands is also impossible to explain. The first step would be to only allow real college grads to become cops and getting the lesser types out of the policing industry.

  • James Procyk

    Politically Correct Professional Nightmare. Not holster compatible, where do you make room to carry it. Why draw a firearm if lethal force not required? Why shoot a suspect, if you had this available? Why didn’t you wait (5 seconds) to see if they would stop after the first shot? Heaven forbid you react as trained for years and double tap! Not a solution, just another politically created problem. More job security for lawyers.

  • Kasriel Gaddi

    Extremely idiotic . What Officer whom has to draw his weapon has the time to place this item on it ,if it is an life threatening situation in that exact second. it could cause loose of life of the Officer or whom ever he is protecting / defending against another for them.

  • catnap

    Stupid stupid stupid!