Here’s How Far Police will Go to Get Your Money…

July 5th, 2016 | by Super Admin

The Police can Take YOUR Money Without
Proving Anything
…Just One Unacceptable Way
the Government is Funding Itself…

Picture this: A cop stops you on the highway. He searches your car, including your wallet or purse. You prefer to pay in cash on vacation, so you have several $1,000s with you.

The cop calls for backup. They SAY they suspect you’re dealing drugs. Of course they find nothing, but they confiscate ALL of your cash anyway.

Think it couldn’t happen in the “US of A”? Think again. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Homeland Security and the Department of Justice now allow aggressive search and seizure tactics known as “highway interdiction.”

Washington Post: $Millions Have Been Seized
with NO Criminal Charges…It Can Take Years to Get It Back

The Washington Post reported that $2.5 billion in cash has been ripped away from motorists who haven’t been charged with any crime.
Some officers compete to see who can take the most. Believe it or not, it’s all perfectly legal.

  • State and federal laws allow cash seizures
  • Burden of proof lies with citizens
  • People are considered guilty until proven innocent

Seized cash can’t legally support police budgets, but hundreds of departments are doing just that, because governments are strapped for cash.
According to Armstrong Economics, police departments now seize more from citizens than people lose in robberies.

The government is trying to pass laws that could threaten your money in other ways, too. Remember Obama’s 529 college savings and the myRA? Nothing more than a new government Ponzi scheme, as an editor of Wealth Daily put it.

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  • parlayer

    Happened to me. “Evidence” of nothing, as I was never charged.

    • Cookie Vranish

      How long did it take to get your money and things back?

      • parlayer

        ?? I forget but it was months after I paid my ticket. At a big .Expense and at least 6 Mo. I don’t consider a ticket a Criminal offence.

        • Cookie Vranish

          If it took that long, the cost to you was more than any of us would want! I feel bad for you!

  • Phil Esposito

    This is so fucking un-American it’s ridiculous.

  • Alan404

    Some call it Civil Asset Forfeiture, others simply Asset Forfeiture. I prefer to call it what it is. Theft Under Color of Law. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  • This is the worse than the mafia working with a gun and a badge and authority granted by idiot legislators. At least you expect the mafia to be corrupt.

    • Dave G Marshall

      Our government is nothing more than organized crime. Period.

  • baserunner

    I was in law enforcement for 17 years and yes this story is true. I never took anybodies cash but I did witness other officers do this incredible over abuse of our government. Our sorry ass legislators are constantly creating more laws everyday to take away our RIGHTS as American citizens. We now have more laws that have been created by these liberals than the countries that our forefathers fled from hundreds of years ago. We are slowly losing the land of the free country to the land of the oppressed. Our country is more worried about the rights of a single person than the vote of the people. Its time for career politicians to find another job and let new PATRIOTS start taking care of its LEGAL citizens!

  • Cookie Vranish

    There will be many altercations between the law abiding public and law enforcement! I understand this story to mean the police can rob you at will.

  • Jons_On

    These laws can only come from the mind of a sick and twisted commie. This sounds very unconstitutional to me. Laws like this need to be repealed and while we’re at it let’s get rid of a few un-constitutional constitutional amendments most notably the 16th amendment. That would cause the government to reverse course and shrink. No money no big government programs. It would sure remove a big burden on the American tax payer.

  • h m rowland

    I was expecting pictures of cops shooting innocent citizens .