Trump Just Exposed this U.S. Debt Secret

July 12th, 2016 | by Super Admin

Trump Just Said Something about the U.S. Debt that Nobody Wants to Say… And It’s Got Some Americans Very, Very Worried…

Trump is a businessman who understands debt. In fact, he calls himself “The King of Debt.” So when he talks about the mountain of U.S. debt (currently over $19 trillion!) it pays to listen.

To keep the government running, the U.S. must keep borrowing at faster and faster rates. And, in order for this to be possible, interest rates MUST remain low.

This is why Trump has publicly said that he’s in favor of continuing the Fed’s low interest rate policies, telling CNBC that without them, “We’re going to have some very major problems.”

How Would President Trump Handle the U.S. Debt?

According to Trump, he’d do the same as his predecessors: Print more money.

“People said I want to go and buy debt and default on debt… these people are crazy. This is the United States government… You never have to default because you print the money…

Printing more money can postpone a national debt crisis – if interest rates remain low. But if rates go up, Trump knows there will be only TWO options:

Option #1: Washington defaults on its debt (like Puerto Rico just did).

Option #2: The Fed creates massive amounts of money to repay the debt, thereby hyper inflating (and rapidly devaluing) the U.S. dollar.

It’s a Catch-22 because neither option will be good for Americans.

What Trump’s Statements Mean for Gold…

Look, one way or another the next president is going to have to deal with the U.S. debt – soon to be $20 trillion.

And if the U.S. defaults on the debt or tries to hyper-inflate its way out of the problem, it’s going to make gold extremely attractive to the American public as a way to preserve savings.

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  • Sweet willy

    Well, chew on this awhile….Islam via the quran (read about it) does not allow financial earnings from interest paid if you borrow any money. The federal reserve dropped the yield on treasury bonds, causing bank loans to fall to less than 4 % since obammer became the great leader, in accord with his islamic beliefs. I believe this is why yellon visits the WH so often and has not increased the interest rate for monies from the Fed.
    With more cheap dollars out there, the dollar has been defacto devalued, the wealthy has earned more money from a over-inflated stock market and cheap money, our national dept has increased to the point where someday the dollar will have to be devalued, causing near calamity. And we wonder where China is getting the clout to attempt to make their money the world standard. I can see the possabilty of interest rates, skyrocketing if Trump (whom I support), thanks to yellen/obama.