CNN Calls Trump A Drug Dealer

November 5th, 2018 | by Super Admin
CNN Calls Trump A Drug Dealer

Former Obama administration green jobs czar and network contributor Van Jones recently stated on CNN that President Trump was a straight A-student who is selling meth out of his basement.

When speaking about how the good economy might effect the midterms, Jones stated, “I think Republicans have to kook in the mirror here. If you have a kid with A’s and B’s on their report card, doing well on trumpet lessons but is also happened to be selling meth out of the basement you would say ‘Hold on a second, I can’t just talk about the good stuff I got a problem with this kid.’”

“You already got your tax cuts,” he added. “You already got your Supreme Court. You have to look in the mirror and look at the rhetoric and the tone that this president is setting and the poisonous division and hatred he is stirring up. This past couple of weeks where he was going after the migrants in a way that was despicable, you can’t say there is nothing wrong here.”