Comey ADMITS To Bias Towards Trump

June 26th, 2018 | by Super Admin
Comey ADMITS To Bias Towards Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey simply replied “sure” when BBC asked him if he was “deeply suspicious and skeptical” of Trump.

“Hardtalk’s” Stephen Sackur stated, “Seems to me in your dealings with Donald Trump, from the get-go, from your first meeting with him before the inauguration in January of 2017, you very far from bringing a blank slate to your view of him, to your meetings with him, you were deeply suspicious and skeptical of Trump from the start, and that comes out clearly in your recollections in your memoir.”

Comey replied, “Sure, that’s because I’m a human being. That’s not a political judgment. I evaluate people who work for me. I evaluate people I work for.”

Sackur instantly responded, “With respect, it becomes political if you are from the very get-go, likening the way in which Trump deals with you and with situations, likening him to a Mafia Don, a Mafia boss. I mean that it’s not just personal, that becomes political.”

Comey stated, “I don’t see it as political.”

  • Luisa

    Comey, just find some excuse about his sceptical about Trump. Comey should stop lying, and admit something. He does not know about Donald Trump, but because Comey knows how smart Donald Trump is. And, Trump is going to reveal his crimes, and knows Comey very well that he is very dishonest. President trump knows all, and smart to drain the swamp.

  • suerobb

    You didn’t see Hillary’s use of a private server as criminal so my opinion of you as a person capable of not letting your biases effect your work is not very good. It was good you were fired.

  • TAM44

    James Comey has made the FBI look like FUMBLING BUMBLING IDIOTS, He’s a disgrace and a liar to boot.

    • eclemensen

      Only in your un-educated opinion. Trump has registered 6.9 lies a day since he took office. One of the BIG ones you can check out on your internet. Look Up North Korean images of their Nuclear plant. They are a building faster then the proverbial bullet. By the way Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, but it looks like your grand kids will be.

      • TAM44

        Go back to your sanctuary city with that rubbage.

        • eclemensen

          Once again you prove the only “facts” that you believe are the ones you make up. further more I trust the people living in a”sanctuary city,” that would and will risk their lives for the country over a proven liar, who bought five deferments to keep from protecting the country.

          • TAM44

            Those in living in sanctuary cities are not from America, they are law breaking illegals whom you are so deeply in love with.

          • eclemensen

            Those living in sanctuary cities that are not from America are still willing to risk their lives to live in America, far better a president that is willing to sell America for a few shekels to Communist Countries like your boy Trump keeps proving he wants to. I would rather buy a weeks worth of groceries for an American Veteran that HAS to live in a Sanctuary City then receive for free room and board in a Trump Tower, that was built on stolen wages, for month.

          • TAM44

            You’re eat up with a bad case of being on the side of lawbreakers. Comey for prison, and all those illegals gets deported. I don’t want one cent going to a leftist sanctuary city. America first and always first.

          • eclemensen

            Lawbreaker yaw, but it tisin’t I that trucks with them. I refer you to the fifth amendment. Any person within the boundaries of this country is due, due process. Trump and crew has broken that law. Punishment before due process. but nay I dare go farther, Trump has also said, … answer this to yourself…. are you a gun owner?…. that a person suspected of a crime,… not proven… should have his guns confiscated. Ah but wait….again answer this to your self… Are you Christian?….. do you believe in the Bible?… which not only tells use to protect the weak, but to love another as we love ourselves, and even that went into depth when a lawyer asked Jesus, whom is my brother, and Jesus said every man. So in essence YOU sir are telling me that TRUMP and company don’t have to follow the laws. Trump for home for the mentally insane. Unless of course you want a dictator. then like Trump join the communist countries, that Trump so thinks we should be, by licking his arse, Like they do for Kim Jong-Un. And Trump has literally told us that several times

          • TAM44

            We did not have this problem when that amendment was written. Those law breaking scum were not included. Go live in Mexico you anti-American leftist liberal.

          • eclemensen

            You are correct WE did not have this problem when that was Written. WE WERE THE PROBLEM when that was written. WE WERE THE LAW BREAKING SCUM that was invading some one else’s country, AND for very much the same reason. to flee aggression from people just like Trump, Hitler, Un, Xi, and Putin. but Wait Trump does want to change the country, he wants the military to march down the street , to salute him Just they do Xi, he wants us all to stand and clap when he takes a shit. He even believe in free press, just as long as they tell the way he wants it heard. AND I will just for your sake, once again IF IT WASN’T FOR THE LEFTIST that through the Tea in Boston harbor, you would still be paying taxes to the King. Conservatives, stayed home, and even housed the British. And in 1812 It was liberals and privateers, that ran the British off the second time, And every Time poor Lincoln hears that the PRESENT Republican party is the party of Lincoln, he spins in his grave, and so does Teddy Roosevelt. The republican party during their time was the liberal party. But If you want a country that has sunk, and continues to sink in humanity, then you and Trump go live in Russia, or China, or North Korea. but don’t take your guns, individuals aren’t allowed guns in that region.
            Hitler took he Jewish children from their parents, then he march the parents into death camps and the children into cages, just like your buddy Trump is doing.

          • TAM44

            You’re eleven eggs short of a dozen you liberal cry baby snowflake. You’re beyond any help and need medication as your mind is warped to the max.

          • eclemensen

            T Ram 44 once again I will re-inter rate that liberals were the reason this country exists. conservative, particularly NEO conservatives, are stupid enough to go along with a program that will lead them to the slaughter house. this is what happened during the Revolutionary War and this is what is happening now. Trump has scheduled a second meeting with Putin, that he selling us down the river to. Russians are already telling the world that Trump said that Russia could do just exactly what it wanted to about It’s aggression to the rest of the world and we would not interfere. this Was proven when Trump drew down the military exercises, to be conducted with South Korea, when Putin told him it would make Kim Jong-Un happy. We also know that Trump gave away military secrets that the British had come up with to the Russian ambassadors, just after he fired Comey. like many of Trumps other lies this was on video. so what secrets is Trump going to give Putin when Putin comes over to see Trump’s Military Parade. Trump wouldn’t serve, but he thinks those that do should salute him, even though he discounts actual military veterans and those that gave their lives for the country. . Liberals have been cleaning up, the messes that conservatives continue to make, keeping the country as safe as possible with the constant conservative destruction.

          • Robert Jones

            Are you delusional? The colonists were shipped to North America by the British royals in an effort to occupy and lay claim to previously unclaimed territory while becoming agents for a new revenue source for the crown. The colonists did not begin as rebels but morphed into into them once the crown’s rule became too much.

            Secondly, if a person/family seekssto escape oppression, there is a legal process for doing so that does not involve swimming a river.

            Thirdly, check your facts; the pictures of children in chain link cages and wrapped in foil blankets as published by the media we’re actually taken during the term of Barack Obama.

          • eclemensen

            Well Robert your first paragraph is correct, however you should have stopped there, because from there on YOU Sir are the one that is delusional. Your second paragraph, starts you down the path to stupidity. While yes there is a legal way to ask for asylum… To stand in line in from of an American embassy, is suicidal, that is why “W” not Obama moved the embassy in even civilized England to a different place, I say “W” because the orange crested, yellow bellied, bone spur cadet, liar in Chief made a big deal of twisting that truth also. Further more there are two or three undermanned (purposely, {because Trump doesn’t like brown people [unless they are wiling to let him play with their pussies]) gateways into Texas that would not involve swimming across a river, and no river two swim across, but still has legal ( but purposely under manned) in the other three state. Now your third statement is where you are completely off base, Fact is the while under Obama there was a push for adolescent children with out parents, trying to cross the border. THERE IS PURE UNADULTERATED FACT, THAT THOSE BABIES IN PARTICULAR WERE RIPPED FROM THEIR MOTHER ARMS UPON THOSE MOTHER TRYING TO LEAGALLY SEEK ASYLUM INTO THE UNITED STATES. ….. AND JEFF SESSIONS SPEACH PROVES THAT WAS THE IDEA TO BEGIN WITH. There is no greater aspect that your commander in chief (all none capitalized) is enamored, to be a dictator just like Adolph Hitler.

  • Ron

    Comey…not only a dirty cop, but delusional to boot!

  • Gary Oplt

    Why is this guy still walking the streets?

  • Ken Osborn

    Corruption runs deep in the ‘Deep State’ and this is why our Framers tossed in the 2nd Amendment Right to protect We The People from these paid for by tax dollars swamp dwellers! The FBI has been corrupt since it was founded by J Edgar Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt and Attorney General Bonaparte in 1908. So 110 years of slimy corruption still looms in the FBI………..

  • jjmcl431

    Comey has made Hal Roach’s Key Stone Kop’s look like professional law enforcers compared to the FBI under his leadership.

  • eclemensen

    Any ne that even paid any attention to Trump past should have been down right against him, but as the consummate conn man he buffaloed you. Why don’t you post how much money it has cost the country so far for his trips to Maralogo

  • 7littleangels

    Bias is an understatement! This little piece of crap needs to be fired, charged, indicted, and sent to prison for complicity in trying to take down a duly elected President!!!!! He has proven he is not qualified for any position in our nation’s government, especially in the FBI. What was once an honorable institution has now become a “boy’s club” full of political know-it-all’s and left-wing liberal lunatics! I know there are many, many FBI agents that are honorable and loyal to the country, but the few rotten apples have indeed spoiled the barrel. Changes must be made now!