Largest healthcare fraud bust in history

July 14th, 2017 | by Super Admin
Largest healthcare fraud bust in history

Thursday morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, M.D., announced at a press conference the conclusion of a massive takedown operation by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving $1.3 billion in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid billings.

The takedown is being described as the largest in the history of the Department of Justice, with charges being brought against 412 defendants across the nation, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical personnel, according to a DOJ press release.

As a result of the investigation, the HHS department has suspended or banned 295 health care providers from participating in federal healthcare programs.

Also speaking at the press conference, HHS Inspector General Daniel Levinson confirmed this is the nation’s largest criminal healthcare fraud takedown in history, which required the expertise and coordination of over 1,000 federal state and local law enforcement, including nearly 350 agents from the office of Inspector General.

Arrests occurred Thursday in 41 federal districts, assisted by 30 state Medicaid Fraud Control Units.

“Over 120  defendants, including doctors, were charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing opioids and other dangerous narcotics,” the DOJ reported.

Charges were filed for fraudulent billing schemes targeting Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE (a health insurance program for military members and veterans) for medically unnecessary and false drug prescriptions, including the illegal distribution of opioids.


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  • Ziva’s mom

    Way to go Jeff ! Now we see how the reason opiods have been flowing into this cuntry at such an alarming rate and why addiction is so prevalent – especially in one instance, in the states where the richest people live – the east coast! This is the way the Justice and the FBI are supposed to work. They just do their jobs, without publicity and without press conferences until results like this are produced. 451 arrests! I say again, WAY TO GO JEFF ! Law and Order prevails!

    • jaysn

      Throw the book at those guilty of fraud, continue catching more Medicare fraudsters and prosecute them.

  • Alan404

    Upon conviction, for those participants found guilty, how about a very long sentence, time spent manually making Little Rock’s out of big rocks, though execution might make a better object lesson, as the French were given to note, For The Encouragement of Others.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    No it’s not said GRUBER Obamacare fraud is 190 Billion this is nothing

    • jaysn

      If they weren’t caught they would still be bilking Medicaid, Medicare and TRICARE; millions of dollars is still a lot of money going to those who are breaking the law.

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        the problem is the JUSTICE SYSTEM flooded and now does nothing for the decent american families that follow all the rules work hard try to be good citizens get screwed .My own grandfathers estate raped in new york massive problems and losses all state fed agencies involved but no one does anything . so what is the point amazon gets federal aid but the criminal that is trespassing in the family home gets aid. less than a mil why bother them. the neighbors are almost to the point they want to drag him out and lynch him on the front yard. america is in legal collapse the violence in the cities will get worse

    • Gary Smith


      • Kenneth Fichtl

        i listen to obama in 2008 he said he was going to fix it line by line address fraud and corruption that dc was broken. it was all talk in boulder we said “IF OBAMA CAN;T FIX IT NO ONE CAN ” HE LIED TOO

        • jaysn

          I also listened to what he said and therefore twice did not vote for him. Glad I did not twice vote for him. “Reward your friends and punish your enemies” did not sit well with me when I knew who he considered to be his enemies. It’s the same enemies as Hillary’s.

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            We had a Senator speak at the fountain area At CU BOULDER it was either Mccarthy or Goldwater. Nam was still a big problem. Obamas buddy Bill Ayers had threaten to kill him . I remember National guard all along the roof tops around the area . We hated Ayers in Boulder along with the SDS and the SLA. Those were difficult times but it was the youth against the Establishment. Today the division is much greater. We had the Panthers than too but nothing like the violence today. His view of the World is bizarre being that everything was handed to him.

  • parthenon1

    Dont mess around throw the book at them to make sure this will be a deterrent to others who put greed ahead of the people and of course keep uo tracking any others who have done this no matter how little might be involved !

  • CompletelyOutsane

    This wouldn’t happen if government weren’t in the healthcare industry! Get government the h3ll out of the private sector and back to constitutional bounds.

  • daveveselenak

    Kill them in the womb (abortion) and those nearing the tomb (euthanasia) and now kill them in between (opioids & pharmaceuticals which have a new one advertised daily on the boob-tube) while making a killing profit ; it doesn’t get any better than that for the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls. The tragedy is that the PC bullied, brainwashed, dumbed-down and drugged-up dumb-(m)asses are all to willingly playing their part with their suicidal behaviour!