North Korea says no negotiations over its nukes

August 7th, 2017 | by Super Admin
North Korea says no negotiations over its nukes

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Latest on the diplomatic crisis over North Korea (all times local):

8:00 p.m.

North Korean’s top diplomat says “under no circumstances” will it put its nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles on the negotiating table.

Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho also says that his country has no intention of using nuclear weapons against any country “except the U.S.” He says the only way that would change is if another country joined in an American action against North Korea.

Ri had been scheduled to hold a news conference in Manila, Philippines, where Asian diplomats are gathered for a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Instead, Ri’s spokesman handed reporters a copy of a speech that Ri had given at the meeting.

Ri says in the speech that responsibility for the Korean Peninsula crisis lies solely with Washington. He says the North is “ready to teach the U.S. a severe lesson with its nuclear strategic force.”


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  • Alex Peshansky

    Another Obama legacy.
    Muammar Gaddafi stopped his nuclear research and gave away his nukes – and was hunted like a dog after his army was destroyed by US (yeah, yeah, Europe also participated). This will stop any country from voluntarily giving up nukes.

  • HDMania

    Blow that little fat head off the face of the earth..

  • shamu9

    Freakin NORKS Should have let Gen, Mc,Arthur Kill ’em all when he was in a position to do it!

  • patrick sain

    That fat ass in North Korea making threats against the most powerful nation on earth take that fat ass out

    • Chris Robinette

      Agree with you and either do it ourselves or have Chin do it.

  • Surfer4314

    SO how long do we wait. This is a history lesson like 1941 with Japan but the difference is they are telling us what they will do. If someone keeps telling you they are going to punch you in the nose how long will that go on before you take actions to stop the threat..

    • doctorbob

      The FIRST time Fat Kid fired an ICBM over Japan should have been where he crossed the Rubicon. That was a practice run at carrying out his threats. He should have been taken out with extreme prejudice that very day.

  • rick meek

    They got them – They aren’t going to give’em up – They’re equipping Iran with the same….

    • tom442

      this is why fat boy is laughing at the world! he has been given a guarantee from china ,Russia ,iran ,iraq, along with syria and a few other two faced war mongers if he fires on THE U.S.A.they will not only back him financially they will pull the trigger on their own nukes to destroy our country ,that’s , why these countries keep saying more talk!, more talk ,the longer fat boy keeps the front door busy the longer the rest of the war mongers have the time to build up for total destruction of our country! ENOUGH B.S! we either make the time and place or we will not have a time or place for any thing except the grave yard! think about it! you haven’t seen fat boys ass loose one pound,or any sleep over this whole mess! I’m with the president! NO MORE TALK!,ITS THEM OR US! and I damn sure don’t want it to be us!

  • rick meek

    I luv the comments here – If you fire on NK – half the world will fire on the US….
    rosenstein is another turd in the DC sewer spewing BS as usual…..Muellers record of cover ups and deferred prosecution speaks for itself – of course the millions were part of it….
    And of course — the Disgustocrats and Repukicans ARGUE that a special prosecutor and investigator IS NOT NEEDED for the dems because they lost the election and it’s all water under the bridge……Well – the crimes they committed are still BEING UNCOVERED YET UNPUNISHED and the DC sewer is doing it’s best to convince people to let it go…….LMFAO – Ya’ll are AFRAID TO BE TIED TO THIS BS —— HUH

    • doctorbob

      Never happen, Chowderhead. Nobody wants to side with Fat Kid against a Nuclear Tiger like the U.S. Would YOU be willing to die to defend Kim? Didn’t think so. Now sit down and play with your favorite crayon. little boy.

      • rick meek

        Don’t bet on it – and as long as fat boy targets the west coast and sanctuary cities ——- THE BETTER…..

  • doctorbob

    No negotiations? Fine. But we never agreed to no DECAPITATION! Send in a SEAL team and help little fat kid join Osama Bin Laden.