Ted Cruz calls CNN out

July 14th, 2017 | by Super Admin
Ted Cruz calls CNN out

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) took a shot at CNN Thursday, when he noticed the news outlet sent out a tweet referring to his health care amendment as the “so-called Consumer Freedom amendment.”

In addition to the tweet, the CNN story refers to Cruz’s amendment as “so-called.”

The Texas senator is not the only top Republican concerned about a double standard in CNN’s reporting. President Donald Trump has also called out CNN — which he calls the “Fraud News Network” — by tweeting a video of himself earlier this month appearing to tackle the news outlet in a wrestling match

“It is a sad day when the president of the United States encourages violence against reporters,” CNN said in a statement about the controversial tweet.

As for health care reform, Cruz said Thursday he would support the Senate’s latest bill to repeal and replace Obamacare as long as his amendment is included in the legislation. The Consumer Freedom amendment allows insurers to sell plans that don’t meet all of the Obamacare requirements as long as they feature at least one plan that does.

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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/07/14/ted-cruz-calls-cnn-out-for-obvious-double-standard-in-health-care-reporting/

  • sobelle

    Before long, we are going to see the head of CNN kicked to the curb and out looking for another place to run into the ground. When you are way behind Nickelodean in viewers the end will not be far behind

    • squappie

      Keep believng that shit! Lol!!

      • Tim

        why would anyone have a problem believing the truth squappie? You saying you believe different? Just wondering why you are calling the plain truth shit. But sobelle did leave out one important thing in her statement. She forgot the word “reruns” CNN does not pull in as many viewers as Nickelodeon RERUNS do. Do you’re research and see the numbers for yourself. And then you’ll find out just who is “believing shit”

  • Robert Morrow

    There was no call to have violence against Reporters, but of course there are no Reporters or Journalist on the fake news. One must remember the lowest life forms on the Planet are so called News Media People follow closely by Corrupt Politicians.

    • A. Jay

      And to think used car salesmen were the lowest of the low, not any more! The media lap dogs are about one step above a child molester!

  • Brabado

    AS long as President Trump does not Drain the Swamp, the bullying and bashing of Conservatives, by Corrupt Liberal Democrats, their Operatives and the Fake News Media Cartel, will continue. They have to learn to respect the Office of the President, and its occupant otherwise, VP Pence will soon be sitting in the Oval Office and we “wasted our Votes” to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    Latest victim, Conservative Political Analyst Ann Coulter, last Saturday, on a Delta flight N.Y. / Miami – she was kicked out from a “reserved sit” she had purchased…for no reason what-so-ever…

    For the longest time, Conservatives have become used to been kicked-around by Corrupt Liberal Democrat Criminals and their operatives, 24/7 main reason we elected President Trump… yet, nothing has changed as yet, and the bullying continues to grow.

    Mr. President, when will you deliver on your campaign promise to Clean the Swamp???

    Why doesn’t the DOJ re-open the Criminal Hillary Email investigation, and hold her ass to the fire??? You’ll see how fast the Russian Fairytale she fabricated, goes away!


    Semper fi.

    PS: Why is Criminal Hillary, Susan Rice, Ed Holden, Bill Clinton, Comey and others, still walking the streets of our Nation, not forgetting Obama’s Loyalist Valerie Jarrett. ALL OF THEM STILL FREE AS BIRDS????

    • Septemberswhisper

      This is one man against thousands if not millions. Maybe, sir, you could help him.

    • Jerry

      Because of the legislation that these people in the District of Criminals have passed for themselves and the double standards used by our Justice Department. They can plead ignorance to the laws and get away with it, let a regular US citizen plead that in an investigation or in court and watch what happens to them, (IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE, for us.

    • PXXAT5

      President Trump did what he promised, he did all he could do by executive orders, the RINO’s in the swamp are all bought and sold, their masters on K street, has given them orders to oppose, stall, conflate and delay Trumps Swamp draining. The Rino’s will risk all, including loosing elections, and returning Dems to power to save their Swamp. We the voters must let them know, they can throw the game, loose the Senate, the House and the Whitehouse, we will… VOTE THEM OUT. If President Trump fails, they will be looking for other jobs, courtesy of the American Voters

  • Jackson Brannon

    I honestly did not know that CNN was still in business!! I guess some people like Lying Terrorist SOB POS immoral corrupt Fake crooked treasonous traitorous slimy scum!! I mean they attack American Citizens with Terrorist acts and then tamper with elections by giving Hitlary the Debate questions ahead of time!! WHY would any one want to watch a station that is that corrupt!!???

  • jimtermini1

    CNN does not have the wisdom to discern the quicksand they naively and willfully stepped into. Remember, a fish rots from the head first. Everyone on the CNN team, from the head on down, will have to resign and be replaced before we will give them any exposure in our household. We have not tuned them in for months. Same for other MSM. We watch Fox News.

  • Jerry

    One man draining the swamp is like one man draining Lake Michigan. We need to help the President drain the swamp by voting only for those who support him.

    • Jerry

      I agree, but I think it is to late for voting them out. For one thing they are to power and can not be voted out. And why would a person that is concerned about the way things have been going in this country want to wait?? Our founding fathers knew and warned us about a to powerful government, and also told us how to reign it in, read their papers and opinions on why the Constitution and bill of Rights was written the way they are. In my military experience as a former Infantry Sergeant if you wait, you have lost the battle. It is time to use our 2nd amendment right to stop this circus in the District of Criminals, investigate them ourselves for any wrong doing, corruption, or treason.

  • Ron Bedell

    Which side of the fence is Ted Cruz on? He gets mad at CNN, then he turns right around and supports McConnell/Obamacare.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Ted Cruz is the cure to the SWAMP!!! We need many more like minded in Congress!!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Most of this nation and the world’s media is controlled by Satan. And that is a fact.

    Yes, Satan uses the modern media to push distorted concepts of family, so much so that many of our young people today—never having seen the other side presented—assume that these distorted concepts are correct! The increasing push to treat homosexuality as “normal” is also an abomination in God’s sight.

    Satan surely recognizes that one key way to destroy a nation is to undermine its economic well-being. And so it is that Satan the Devil—by destroying the concepts of real honesty and hard work, and the correct foundation of Christianity based upon obedience to the Ten Commandments—is able to bring down our nations in this way. America is now faced with the prospect of putting its children’s future “in hock” for generations to come because of profligate spending. Increasing numbers of thoughtful economists are beginning to realize this. Great numbers of articles are coming out in our major publications acknowledging this.

  • lordhoff

    It’s a sad day when so called news outlets give a President a reason to Tweet him tackling them.

  • AZcowboy

    Digging in matters that are irrelevant to the common cause for the nation is a very bad thing to do. Nobody needs that, even to those who don’t agree with Donald Trump. Yes President Trump is a bit straightforward in his policy that may offend a few, but that’s because this country has been listening to those smooth talking by those lying politicians for too long. It’s a rude awakwning that help America survive.

  • vannievogt

    Beware of the RINO’s. They will pretend to be Republicans but have the knife behind their back in order to stab their fellow Republicans. They all voted to cancel Obamacare when Obama was in the White House and they knew he would veto it. Now they will not vote that way as they know Trump would sign the legislation. Democrats in disguise, their true colors are showing and they need to be dumped at the next election.