Obama’s Daughters Are Exempt from This 1 Thing, But Your Kids Aren’t

Obama’s Daughters Are Exempt from This 1 Thing, But Your Kids Aren’t

April 12th, 2015

We know that the Obamas and other liberals are elitists. What’s acceptable for the average American isn’t acceptable to Democrats who live in Washington – and Common Core testing of their children is no exception.

From the Washington Post:

“Thousands of public school parents around the country are opting their children out of taking high-stakes standardized tests this spring, tired of the emphasis on testing and concerned about the validity of the assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards or similar standards.

“A growing number of administrators are supporting parents in this decision… but educator Alan Singer says, there is another way to opt out your child from standardized testing – if you can afford to send them to a private school that doesn’t give these tests.

“The Obamas, for example, send their two daughters to the elite Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker pre K-12 school with campuses in Washington D.C., and Bethesda, Maryland. Sidwell, like other independent schools, does not bombard its students with high stakes standardized tests. (It also doesn’t evaluate teachers by the test scores of their students, a policy promoted by the Obama administration.)

What do you think about the Obama daughters not having to take the Common Core tests? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Susan Redeford

    If other kids have to take them,so should Obomas kids !

    • ward

      bo’s socialism only applies where he dictates it just like congress with their ignoring holder & bo’s other cronies contempt of congress violating their # 1 sworn oath to protect U.S. Laws & the Constitution they blatantly ignored by abuse of power and their own whims and ways of ignoring U.S. Citizens voted representation … !

    • Vindication

      Common Core IS voluntary, it is a voluntary STATE program. It is NOT a federal mandate.

      The president had nothing to do with Common Core. It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president! He is not making any decisions about Common Core. Nor is he forcing anyone to undergo Common Core. This is a state program and it is voluntary. The states CHOOSE to go the Common Core route.

  • R. Eilers

    Then do what thousands of parents are doing all across the country, opt your kids out, quit crying about this common core, it’s a state issue not federal. The entire state can opt out if they choose

    • Guest

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      • Charles

        I think no one should take these tests. It is unfair to the teachers and the students for two long test periods a year. If we do it, Obamas kids should do it too

      • RedRiverD

        This is NOT the place for advertising, this is an open forum for the topic at hand, NOT your sales crap.


      That is just what is happening all over the country because common core is nothing than brainwashing and dumbing down the kids. I have seen the workbooks and they are beyond ridiculous.

    • Elizabeth Fortin

      I hear New York finally did something smart. No more Common Core there.

    • RedRiverD

      And so far I think the number is somewhere near 32 states that HAVE opted out of it.

  • marlene

    This is just another terminal hypocrisy of this traitor and all mentally ill liberals in our corrupt government that infects us all.. They are harmful to our lives and our children’s future. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW.

    • Mike Howell

      Yes, get rid of this total criminal fraud, once and for all….like NOW !!!

      • Greg Day

        …is that as in rat!???!!

      • douber1


    • kotoc

      It should have been done YEARS ago. It’s an agonizing dismay and sheer fury that I feel that he’s still able to rake in our tax money, spend it on lavish vacations, aid the Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants, dis our veterans and military (“All this for a damn flag?”) and manipulate our entire country into thinking the Socialists have it under control. He’s flushing us down the toilet, grinning the whole time.

      • I don’t see how one person can make a fool out of millions of Americans like he has done the worst part he’s still doing it!!!!! IMPEACH NOW!!!!

        • kotoc

          Who can impeach him?? I’m unfamiliar with the process of impeachment… is it the Congress? The House of Representatives? Should we all band together and write letters demanding that Obama be impeached? I’m open for suggestions. However, I have a hunch that once I do so, I will be targeted for the IRS to audit my taxes and my computer to be hacked for conspiracy against the government. It’s the same thing as saying to Congress, “You have NO right to let this man allow you to vote yourselves higher salaries and obey the rules that you impose upon us, the working class.”

          • Nastasyana

            Yes everyone who feels this way write letters. Impeach him for being black and intelligent and caring about the lower and middle classes. Unlike Romney who said to forget about the 47% and unlike the rest of those rich republicans who really don’t care whether you work or eat or have healthcare or your children have a decent education.

          • bill

            sadly every bastard that is in congress, the LYING MUSLIM in the white house and his mosque mates are in this together. they should all be recalled, impeached, tried, convicted and executed for treason.

          • Vindication


            Feel better now that you’ve spewed your undeserved vitriol and rank bullshit all over this website?

          • Francie26

            You’re a fool. And if O keeps going, you will pay for your idiocy as much as the rest of us.

          • Vindication

            *laughs at the republican stooge*

            The only idiocy we as a Nation are paying for is the rank destruction of America by the GOP.

          • Don Pitts

            You spew the same. I suppose you are ok with you own bullshit though. You are an idiotic troll. Period. Nothing else. No worthwhile opinions to listen to. Only liberal crap
            Go back to your basement.

          • Vindication

            I subscribe to the Conservative News Room and came here to read this article and found so many lies and hate filled trash talk, comments full of vitriol and lies about the president that was here before I got here and I decided to stick around and defend him and the fact that he had nothing to do with Common Core.

            I have stated facts that can easily be found within 60 seconds, including leaving links. But no one here wants to deal in facts, all you people want to do is talk smack towards the president. Accuse him of things he’s not done. Screech for his impeachment when he has done nothing to be impeached for.

            I’ve even come across posts that castigate and name call his daughters who are nothing more than innocent kids.

            So don’t talk to me about trolls, bullshit or idiocy because there’s enough here from you people to bloody drown in.

          • Bill buddy

            You really need to go away because what you are saying is not making any sense whatsoever!!!

          • Vindication

            Hey, I can’t help it if you have helium for brains. Don’t project your inadequacies onto me, Bill.

            I suggest you go back to school. Maybe the Common Core testing will be able to place you in the correct special education class.

            I wish you luck. I really mean that.


          • Bill buddy

            No, that is your little special class!!!!

          • Vindication

            What a really lousy come back.

            You should have tried harder.


          • Don Pitts

            You have stated no facts. The one fact you did state is that you have an unhealthy love for Obama. He will be known as the great divider. He has done nothing but divide and promote hate and racism since he took office.

          • Vindication

            I never once stated I love Obama. No where. But I don’t mind that accusation even if it is highly exaggerated.

            What is it with you people and facts? Either you shun them or you make them up. Fortunately facts stay facts regardless of whether you shun them or make them up. You can’t change facts.

            There are official records already in place for historical posterity and they will show that President Obama has been one of the best presidents in modern history. He’s already been touted as that by many, many people in positions to write history.

            It will also show that the republicans have gone out of their way to not just destroy this president but to bring this nation to its knees in the process, beginning on the night of his inauguration in 2009, before the man ever governed.

            And they have never let up in their single minded mission to destroy.

            You can’t change facts no matter how hard you squeeze your eyes shut, Don.

          • Bill buddy

            You are such an idiot!!

          • Vindication

            Am I supposed to cry now?


          • Bill buddy


          • ONLYJB1

            Oh please!

          • The duck

            You mean there are none that are rich who supports this brain dead moron? Give me a break! Soros for one and the multimillionaire Democrat Senators and Congressman too many to name here. All support this dumb “A.H”.

          • Joe Sam

            you talk like a person on welfare whjo don’t know what a good days work is if it wasn’t for politians who want to keep there jobbs and need vots there would not be welfare all politians could not do a good days work it would kill them

          • Nastasyana

            As poorly as you write and spell I would assume that you are probably uneducated and on welfare or got a job through affirmative action.

          • WilliamHarrington

            How does the song go “Somewhere, over the rainbow…..”.

          • Eileen Jones

            Bi-racial and I’ll opt pit on intelligence……But rules are rules for EVERYONE, but then since the King came into power, not all people are created equal. Talk about going backwards…MLK must be rolling in his grave. There was a man who was intelligent and compassionate and fair, I think he would be ripping this Pres. on everything he has done to date, to undo all the he (MLK) was trying to do for people….BRING THEM TOGETHER ! If MLK was Pres. America would be a MUCH better place for everyone today !

            BTW…Obama has taken away the money alloted for poor kids to go to better schools than those in the inner cities, so much for helping the poor !!!

          • Vindication

            Please document what you have just stated, Eileen. Please send me UNBIASED links showing where the president has created inequality in America today. Don’t send me GOP based documentation. Used impartial citations.

            Also, show your UNBIASED citations for your last statement, where the president has taken away money allotted for poor children to go to better schools than those in the inner cities. I mean the sentence doesn’t really make sense, but I know what you’re accusing him of, so please back yourself up. Show official documentation of your accusations.

            If you don’t, then you’re just a hateful liar like most in your party.

          • Alan

            The only ethics Obama may have range between poor and none, closer to none.

          • Vindication

            What are they?

            List them. But when you do, document yourself with unbiased sources.

            I’m listening.

          • sportshooter

            Are those unbiased links the same type as the ones you would send out ? Obama has done nothing more than increase the racial divide with comments like ” If I had a son he would be just like Trayvon”.
            Obama should have kept his big mouth shut until all the facts were in, but he chose to make it al about race. His half witted buddy Eric the racist Holder did the same thing with the Ferguson fiasco and the his office cleared Officer D. Wilson. Now Holder should be held accountable for ruining that officers life and career.

          • Vindication

            The press stuck their microphones in Obama’s face. The press sought the president out, not the way around. They asked questions and he answered. I see nothing wrong with his statement.

            His statement was not intended to divide the nation and it didn’t.

            All his statement did was piss off the republicans. It is ONLY the republicans and tea baggers who made such an unnecessary cess pit over his remark.

            That Ferguson fiasco was created long before Holder got there. It was because of that fiasco that Holder was called there. And it was his investigation that further uncovered the rest of the facts of that troubled city. Anyone who researched already knew that the Ferguson PD was corrupt. Hell I did research and knew that BEFORE Holder was called to Ferguson.

            But apparently you didn’t do any research. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

          • sportshooter

            Show me your unbiased search results. Holder’s mouth was going like a ducks a$$ long before he got to Ferguson and started any kind of investigation. Now go piss on someone else’s leg and tell them its raining.
            As for Obama he should have just kept his mouth shut then instead of making racial comments. The clown has a habit of opening his big mouth long before he knows any of the facts. I bet he has his mouth open all the time in the gay bath houses in Chitcago too.

          • Vindication

            Oh let me guess, if Holder announced that Ferguson PD was in clear and there was no evidence of racial tensions or corruption, that Wilson was in the right to shoot and kill an unarmed teenager, that the blacks of that town should just shut up and sit down… you’d have glorified Holder. Right?

            The rest of your juvenile statement just attests to your impaired hateful mentality.

            Here you go, articles on the Ferguson corruption before Holder opened his mouth, before Holder investigated. Articles from two unbiased sources and one conservative rag. Make sure you read them.




          • sportshooter

            You call these sources unbiased, you are really a fool. Holder’s office did announce that Wilson was in the clear, but it wasn’t that RACIST Holder that made the announcement. He didn’t have the guts to do it himself and had one of his flunkies do it. If he would have done it himself it would have looked a lot better for him, but he chose the cowards way out.
            Tell me why Browns blood and DNA were found in the police car if he wasn’t trying to get the officers gun? Tell me why brown was shot in the top of the head instead of the back as your libtard media spouted off about? Care to tell me what happened to the star witness? All were proven to be lies just like the hands up don’t shoot Bull chit.

          • Vindication

            If I sent you something from Breitbart or Limbaugh or Coulter or from Boehner’s website or Ted Cruz’s FB etc etc that disagreed with your own personal beliefs, you’d say the same thing. Anything I send you that did not refute your bullshit you’d say were biased.

            Yes, WashPo is considered conservative. Reuters and National Public Radio are not affiliated with either the republicans or the Democrats.

            Not only are you a fool, but you’re lying fool.

            I’ve given you (and this entire thread) far more citations and facts then you have given me to back up your tainted bullshit. I have not come across one single citation, unbiased or otherwise, from any republican, tea bagger or conservative on this thread, yet the deceitful accusations towards the president are everywhere! But not one person will back those accusations up.

            The ball is your court, Sport, your turn to provide citations to back up your disinformation.

          • sportshooter

            Well I am waiting for these unbiased results? Where are they? You ran your mouth now its time to put up or shut up. I called your bluff with an all in, show us that you have testicles other than the ones on your chin.

          • Vindication

            And you got them, scroll down, fool. The only bluff you’ve called is the one you’re about to fall from, flat on your face.

            Now why don’t you go outside and shoot your gun a few times, get some of that nasty out of your system.

          • sportshooter

            His comments showed how intelligent he really isn’t. An intelligent man would have kept his mouth shut until all the evidence was in. Care to try again?

          • Vindication

            Actually his comments showed he can empathize with a grieving American family. It shows he has heart. It shows he cares.

            The problem is not with him and his comment.

            The problem rests with you, Sport, you. It is you who interprets his comment as a negative. It is you who has the problem.

            You’re the one with the hatred in your heart that’s so strong it’s choking you.

            If President Obama had not said anything, you would have found something mean to say about that, too. How the president is such a cold bastard that he couldn’t even comment when the reporters begged him to share his feelings.

            The president is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t with people like you, Sport. You know that’s true.

            If President Obama gave every person in his country a free $1000 you’d bitch and moan and pull your hair out, wailing that he didn’t give you $1001.

          • sportshooter

            The problem rests with both Obama and you since ignorance of the facts is your trade mark. I am not a bleeding heart, I hear all the facts first before I make comments. That makes me a realist, not a fool that thinks with his heart instead of his head.
            The president has not given me anything, in fact he has taken from me to give it to people like you, the low informed and low IQ supporter.
            Stop with the HATER BULLSHIT it makes you look like a fool since its overused by all the real haters, including you.

          • Vindication

            Oh bullshit, Sport.
            Keep trying and you just might convince yourself.
            You and the rest of the people on this thread are full of bullshit. You’re terrified of truth and facts. Terrified that all your preconceived beliefs that are built on lies will crumble right in front of your face and leave you bereft!
            You don’t like my comebacks, stop dishing out the hate.

          • sportshooter

            You really do need mental health help, your delusions are getting worse. The truth and facts can be right in front of your nose but you can’t see them through all of your bullshit and hate.
            Now in your supposed infinite wisdom, tell me one thing that Oblunder has done for me the middle class working man. I cant wait to hear this answer. I am sure it will be more BULLSHIT from the BULLS ASS, meaning you.

          • Vindication

            My bullshit and hate?
            I’m not the one on this thread spreading bullshit lies about the president, you are. I’m not the one on this thread so full of hatred for the president that I resort to gross disrespect on a public forum, nor am I so blind with hatred that facts become unrecognizable. YOU are.
            Can you read, Sport? Go read the dishonest article that got you all frothing at the mouth. Because that article is bullshit. Pure unadulterated dishonest bullshit. Go read all the comments left by you and your comrades in response to that bullshit article. Nothing but lies and hate.
            You left evidence of your hate and bullshit in your comment here with your disrespect to PRESIDENT Obama. His name is not Oblunder. You can’t even refer to him with out hatred and bullshit. You can’t conduct a decent discussion about the President without hatred and lies and BULLSHIT.
            Now when you’re ready to ditch the bullshit, the lies, the hate, we can have a discussion… until then, go play with your guns.

          • sportshooter

            I see you failed to answer the Question I asked, conveniently I am sure. I don’t hate the office of the president, I just hate the guy in there now that is out of touch with reality and hasn’t done anything but cause division in this country.
            Yes, your BULLSHIT and HATE of the facts and the truth. You and Obama could both screw up a wet dream in a down pour. You both fail miserably at helping all of the people of this country and following the rule of law which is by the way the Constitution.
            Because you want to get on your knees and kiss Obama’s male appendage that doesn’t give you the right to tell me I have to respect him. One thing you don’t seem to understand is that to get respect you have to give respect and Obama has not done that in my opinion and that of millions of others.
            The only way we could ever have a debate or discussion is after you get the mental health care you need to get rid of your delusions, until then keep kissing Obama’s male appendage.

          • Vindication


            You’re so full of bullshit, so excrementally covered you can’t speak without splattering it all over this website.

            I mean, look at what you say: “Because you want to get on your knees and kiss Obama’s male appendage that doesn’t give you the right to tell me I have to respect him.” How mature and intelligent is that statement? That’s like a bratty kid on the playground saying, “You eat poo poo, nana boo boo.” You’re the poster child for immaturity.

            Fool, when you diss the man in the office, you’re dissin the office. But of course, I can’t expect your blind ability to critically think and your immense lack of intelligence to understand that.

            Your gross lack of respect for the man and the office comes from the lies your leaders have been spewing for the last six years. But of course, you being so bloody stupid you can’t figure that out.

            You asked for one thing the president has done for the middle class, or something like that (I can’t see your original post at the moment) and I didn’t bother to respond to that because I have already learned that you and people like you would shoot down anything I shared.

            It would not matter what good President Obama has done, you would deny it. It would not matter what information I gave you, you would find some ridiculous reason to say it doesn’t count. You’ve been doing with every fact I’ve given you, with every link I’ve shared.
            Yet on the flip side, you’re screeching that I deny facts, what facts? YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN ME ONE DOCUMENTED FACT. You have not researched anything and backed it up with any source. All you’ve done is insult the president and you expect me to count that as fact? *laughs* You’re 5th grade teacher would give you a failing grade on such a report, just like I am giving you: You fail, because insults are not facts.

            You blah-blah-blah the talk, but you sure as hell don’t walk the walk.

            You don’t want the truth, because you can’t handle the truth.

            But I’m going humor you, just to prove I’m right.

            I’m going to give you a link to not just one accomplishment President Obama has done for the Middle Class, I’m going to give you a link that will take you to 291 accomplishments, that’s 290 extra than what you asked for, if my memory serves me correctly.

            These accomplishments cover everything from Middle Class to the country as a whole and more. They have their own documentations so click the links on and follow the FACTS. Make sure you read them all, they are categorized and organized for easier reading, so you should have no problems finding what you need to find.

            Make sure you READ THEM ALL.

            Now, let’s see you acknowledge these accomplishments at face value. But you won’t, you’ll shoot ’em all down, which is why I didn’t bother before.

            Now prove me wrong. C’mon give it your best, Sport.


          • sportshooter

            You really AREN’T VERY WELL VERSED WHEN IT COMES TO RESPECT ARE YOU? In the Military you don’t salute the man wearing the uniform but you do salute the uniform and the rank that is on it. That being said I would have to salute the office of the president but not the JACKASS that holds the office.
            I don’t have any leaders unlike you and those like you that are incapable of thinking or providing for themselves. That is the problem with the vast majority of the left and the far right. You need to get over your I am better than everyone else and only my rights matter, because it simply isn’t that way, and until you do there is always going to be this constant infighting. Try growing up and getting your head out of your ASS and think for yourself instead of being led around by your nose.

          • Vindication

            Oh for godsakes, STFU.

            I’m done with you and your idiocy.
            But thanks for proving me right. I knew that no matter what facts I shared with you, you’d shoot them down, because you can’t the handle the truth.

            Now, go play with your guns, maybe you’ll 2nd amendmentize yourself. I can only hope.

            I wish I could say it was a pleasure, Bubba, but it wasn’t. You can have the last word because I know how important it is for you to try and save face.

          • sportshooter

            Look scumbag I did my time. You really should have tried it. It would have made a man out of a pussy like you. Obama deserves no respect because the ASSHOLE doesn’t respect anyone else.
            You continually have failed miserably to tell me one thing he has done for the middle class working. The link you sent was nothing but bullshit, and Obama is nothing but a glorified community organizer that is in way over his head. He has done nothing but divide this country and the rest of the world with his racist policies.
            He caters to deserters and low life’s like you. Now go back to having your head in his lap and make sure you don’t dribble, Fag boy.

          • Don Pitts

            You wouldn’t recognize an unbiased opinion if it beat the hell out of you.What a worthless troll.

          • Vindication


            Another one for the butt hurt tribe.

            I’m running out of Bandaids for boo boos.

          • Jack

            hey don; this vin the muslim, is a real trip, hey?

          • Vindication


            You Helium Heads call anyone a Muslim.

            You get your news from a Muslim. Bet you didn’t know that your favorite channel for faux scandals and lies is owned by a Muslim along with Murdoch and you believe everything you hear from FOX.


          • Don Pitts

            Yup. A bad trip. No sense talking to an idiot. They only listen to reply with something liberal and stupid.

          • Vindication

            And YOU wouldn’t recognize a FACT or the TRUTH if it poked a hole in your head and let the helium trickle out.

          • Nastasyana

            No such thing as bi-racial in America if you are “colored” and he is intelligent and ethical- something to which repubs are not used I’ll agree. You have no idea of MLK I can tell. MLK would support healthcare for all, and would not support the repubs cutting SNAP and other funds to poor people. MLK was about poor people white and black and other. he was about fairness and he would have not supported the financial inequity that has arisen as a result of GOP trickle down tax theory. He also would have been against the war started by Bush lies about WMD’s.

          • suz

            He’s a half breed idiot. I hope you like the change because that is what your going to end up with change if your lucky

          • sportshooter

            Your Dems including Killery voted for the war too, so go blame them like you blame the Repubs. You don’t have the guts to go against the supreme leader, so that will never happen, COWARD.

          • Vindication

            These people only care to see who can trash talk the president the most. Who can come up with the nastiest thing to say. Who can string along the most insults. They care naught for truth or facts.

            They’re nothing but hate filled, GOP robots with black hearts and empty minds. They don’t make sense half the time, like the stooge who just responsed to you.

            He’s a half breed idiot. I hope you like the change because that is what your going to end up with change if your lucky

            You can’t show people like that facts and expect them to understand. I mean, they’re so uneducated they can’t write a coherent sentence.

          • suz

            You are so right he’s for himself and that’s all. He has hurt all Americans. He’s giving everything to illegals because they are the next one’s in line for the free hand outs.

          • walda151

            You sure sound like someone who has the “poor me” attitude. You should open your eyes and see what’s really going on in this country, It’s not pretty, and the current administration, led by our so-called commander-in-chief, is responsible for it.

          • Nastasyana

            I don’t feel “Poor me”. In fact that’s the way the people on this site come across. I would agree, “poor you” because you vote against your best interests and then complain that others are taking advantage of your tax payments. I pay into Medicare, Social Security and my taxes. So yes, I do deserve those benefits- call them entitlements because yes i am entitled to them inasmuch as i have paid into those programs for over 50 years. And BTW, I have not taken advantage of medicare yet because I work full time and pay for benefits through my employer

          • Francie26

            To Natasyana and “Vindication” as well— Oh, please!! He has done more than enough to be impeached. Using his pen and phone so liberally, for example, Acting like an Emperor instead of a president of a free country, for another.

          • Nastasyana

            You all say that..” he has done more than enough…he acts like an emperor, a king” and whenever i ask for specifics it’s like “You know what i mean”. No I don’t. I know that if there were the least bit of proof that we was not native born or Muslim he would never have been considered to run and he certainly would not have been the candidate. Black people are over scrutinized when it comes to receiving any award or honor. He is the president and he can use his pen and phone liberally as all other presidents have. He has given fewer Executive Orders than other presidents. He has taken less vacation than other presidents. Yet he continues to be vilified by conservatives as a Muslim loving Kenya born impostor.

          • NoCoincidences

            Explain, if you can, your assertion, “Black people are over scrutinized when it comes to receiving any award or honor.” If you are referring to mr 0 in the sense of his being ‘black’, you are sorely mistaken by the intentional ruse about his true ‘heritage’ or ethnic background. The open-ended narrative of 0’s ‘black half’, provided by misleadingly subtle mutterings ushered the starstruck public, by assumption, to the ‘black-half’ conclusion ruse.
            Google 0’s ‘racial percentages’, enjoy….

          • Vindication

            Well, Fran, if President Obama has done enough to be impeached, then why hasn’t he? I mean, c’mon, the GOP impeached Clinton over a trivial Oval Office blow job!

            The GOP has, for the last six years, been screeching over and over and over that the president is lawless. Hell, that’s Ted Cruz’s favorite description of the president.

            If Obama is as lawless as they say he is, If Obama breaks all these laws, FOR REAL, then why don’t they impeach him? Bill Clinton was not considered a lawless president, he just couldn’t keep his dick in pants… yet he was ruthlessly impeached.

            The fact is, President Obama is not lawless. He has not done anything to be impeached for. He is a constitutional lawyer. He is not stupid by any means.

            The GOP knows this.

            But they lie to you people because they know it will rile you up and make you froth at the mouth and then you’ll go around screeching IMPEACH HIM IMPEACH HIM IMPEACH HIM!

            It works every time like clockwork.

            They’re using you people to do their dirty work.

            The president has every right as president to issue executive orders. It is his right! He owns it. He can do it. And he will.

            He has issued the least amount of executive orders compared to your republican presidents. But if the republicans don’t learn how to temper their unfounded hatred and compromise with this president, he’ll issue more. It’s that simple.

            As to his ‘acting like an Emperor’ I have to laugh at that because I don’t think I have ever seen a president so arrogant like an Emperor, than Bush43. He was like a cocky little bantam rooster strutting around his henchmen.

          • NoCoincidences

            Here is a link for you to digest:
            Anything else, just say…
            Try to lower all of your toxic hot air emissions with an oxygen purification system; you may even receive a rebate and discount from the admenstruation. Tally ho, limey!!

          • Vindication

            Here you go.

            Tell me if you think these are viable.




          • NoCoincidences

            Oh, the “bush-lies” crap again? Where were you when I was calling bush and co. “liars and underhanded dicks”, and demanding their impeachments for their excuses to go into Iraq? Obviously you just received the 13 yr old scripted regurgitation for another round of the blame game. Piss poor.
            Now, you should try moving into this decade and focus on more recent travesties perpetrated by the current out-of-control admenstruation and co. It may take actually reading and comprehension of facts, so hopefully, your head will not explode from all the light of truth. Get back to me if you are so compelled; so easily it is done…

          • Vindication

            Yeah, you sure can dish it out, but you can’t take it, huh.
            Post your Obama lies, blame him for everything under the sun, but you can’t handle it when I throw it back in your face with the lies of one of your own.
            You started the blame game bud, with your Obama Lies link. But when I throw it back at you, you cry.
            Boo hoo

          • Bill buddy

            You go play too!!! Go now you hear!!!

          • The duck

            Wrote letters as you suggested but, even tried to get everyone I know to do the same. Just not enough did and never passed the suggestion on. I even sent the information as to where on the net to find your Senators and Congressman. Just have to wait for interest to build I suppose. Pride of citizenship in country and flag and sacrifices of our military who gave so much for freedom has mostly vanished because we are not compelled to serve anymore. So it is just a matter of how many care.

          • Vindication

            That’s because your republican leaders KNOW that the President has done nothing impeachable. You’d think after six years of screeching IMPEACH HIM, he would have been impeached already.

            I mean, after all, the GOP impeached Clinton over a silly, trivial Oval Office blow job… *laughs*

            Open your eyes, your leaders are just using you people to do their dirty work… keep you all riled up and full of hatred so you’ll keep screeching IMPEACH HIM, knowing it will never happen, because the President has done nothing to impeach him for.

            They’ve known this all along.

            Now you do.

          • BrooklynJoJo

            you are a moron, obummer is trying to shred the constitution, going over congress and the senates heads, I do hope you are not a voter, OOPs yeah you are, you voted for this traitor and liar, now Clinton, who is another idiot, she did nothing for us New Yorkers as senator and during and after 9/11/01 she ran and hid just like the rest of you cowards. obummer is a pure evil moron

          • Vindication

            No, he’s not trying to shred the constitution.

            If he were the GOP would have strung him up already.

            Truth hurts, so here’s a Band-Aid for your boo boo.

            Bloody fool.

          • Bill buddy

            Go play with someone that has the same mental capacity that you do. Because we on this forum can not be charmed with lies and deceitfulness!! Go now you hear and play with the others!

          • Vindication

            Now Bill, that’s just not true… you people on this forum certainly have been charming each other with your own deceit, lies, duplicity and hypocrisy.

            I’ve been trying to get you to STOP!

            To no avail, of course, because you’re all too far gone. You can no longer detect truth or facts. You wallow in lies and fallacy and faux scandals… Those are all tools that your GOP leaders use against you to distract you from the destruction they wrought on this country.

            That’s sad, Bill. Very, very sad.

          • Bill buddy

            Go on and join your special little group!!

          • Vindication

            Don’t know what the hell you’re talking about Bill since I didn’t mention anything at all about a group…

            Besides, I’m not a joiner. I prefer independence over group think.

          • Bill buddy

            I am sure you don’t understand! That is what we all have been trying to convince you of that you are clueless! You would not understand an insult for anything. Try to figure it out if you can.

          • Vindication

            Nice try, Bill, so please, if you would, point out to me where I mentioned anything about a group that prompted you to reply about joining a special little group?

            You won’t be able to because I never mentioned anything about a group. I didn’t allude to a group or infer about a group.

            Therefore, Bill, you pulled the topic out of your ass and you don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.

          • Jack

            your level of ignorance, amazes me….and many others, I’m sure.
            You should seek professional guidance.

          • Vindication


            And I suppose you think your comment is so sooo full of intelligence and brilliance?

            Of course it isn’t.

            As a matter of fact, you can’t come up with an intelligent response so you attack with typical republican insults. Par for the course.


          • Don Pitts

            And your comment was so brilliant? You just spout uninformed liberal lines dictated by your king. This man has more than enough to impeach him. There are just not enough people with balls enough to do it. That and we have Uncle Joe the pervert waiting to take over for the Muslim in charge. You are mentally challenged to say the least. Just another Obama troll. No sense or mental strength of your own.

          • Vindication

            Spouting uninformed liberal lines? I think not.

            I merely pointed out that in spite of the fact that the GOP has spent six years screeching IMPEACH HIM that he hasn’t been impeached yet. That’s a fact. Do you deny that?

            Let’s just say, you agree that it is a fact that the president has not been impeach yet… can you tell the class why he hasn’t?

            I’m listening.

          • Don Pitts

            No. you are not listening. You listen only to reply. Not to learn or let any other opinions affect yours. Typical. The reasons are many. The balls are few.

          • Vindication

            Ahhh, of course you wouldn’t answer because there is only ONE reason, ONE answer as to why the GOP has not impeached the president yet.

            And that is what I said, because the president has done nothing to be impeached for.

            The GOP has NO GROUNDS to impeach him.

            A little insight: Disliking facts, as you obviously do, will not change them.

          • tnetcenter

            “The GOP has NO GROUNDS to impeach him.”

            They say that if you keep repeating that it might actually become true.

            The fact is there lots of grounds to impeach Obama, the problem is that most of Congress would have to be impeached along with him and they are not going to do that!

          • Vindication

            Then give me the REAL reasons they’ve not impeached him yet. I mean they started with the IMPEACH HIM accusations SIX YEARS ago… so, why haven’t they put their money where their maw is?
            We have a GOP Congress, GOP runs the Senate. It’s been four months since they’ve convened, yet…. NOTHING. They’ve done nothing. All those years of accusations and yet… nothing.
            It will ALWAYS be nothing because the GOP has no grounds.

          • Curtis Johnese

            Don, you may as well stop because seriously you can’t fix stupid and I do believe he is stupid. Don’t waste your time on Vindication , I’m sure he don’t know how to think for himself.

          • Vindication

            Oh? And you have researched the facts I have left all over this thread? You have clicked on and read the links that will lead you to more facts that I have left all over this thread? Have you allowed those facts to teach you anything? Have you allowed those facts to change your opinion, Don?


            Instead you’re not listening except just enough to reply an ignorant insult that you think is clever. You’re still running around screeching bullshit and lies and insults simply because you can’t admit you’re wrong. You won’t even go research the facts I’ve left because you’re afraid that I am telling the truth and that will shatter all your preconceived beliefs that have been based on LIES.

            That’s weak. That’s yellow belly. That’s cowardly. That’s craven.

            And you’re accusing me of doing what you, yourself, are doing. But the thing is, I’ve left citations all over the place to back up what I’ve been saying, whether you agree with them or not.

            But, you have NOT LEFT ONE.

            So STFU because you can’t walk the talk.

          • What is cowardly and yellow belly is the fact that you do not post your picture or use your real name. You hide your cowardly attacks behind an assumed name. Why don’t you show your so called courage the same as I do. Or do you lack the balls that I have?

          • Vindication

            No, that’s not cowardly and yellow belly, that’s being smart.
            No way in hell am I going to give out my real life information on open forums on the internet.

            Besides, I’m sure your republican comrades Bill Buddy, Brooklyn JoJo, The Duck, Sama, Lili J., et. al, won’t be too happy to know you consider their choice in not revealing their real life names as cowardly.

            I don’t consider revealing one’s real life name on the internet as having balls. I consider it as stupidly inviting problems. Such as hate mail, death threats and the like that occur when republican voters get righteous and angry. That’s happened far to many times and that’s the only reason why you want mine.

            You can choose to be the fool. But I’m not going to join you.

            I would say, “Nice try.” But it wasn’t.

          • Guest

            P.S. I don’t attack unless I am attacked first.
            But then I suppose like most republicans you consider sharing FACTS as attacks.
            That must be why you all shun facts.
            Dang, I knew there had to be a reason you people hate facts.

          • I still say it shows no courage to hide who you are behind an aka name. Just like hiding in a crowd to do vandalism. As far as hate mail, death threats and the like; that mostly comes from the left side of the aisle, from liberals who can’t think of anything honest and truthful to say. I am no fool, nor am I a coward who hides behind a wall of secrecy. Those of us who stand out and say, “Here I am”, are the ones with balls. You who do not are, the ones without balls.

          • Vindication

            I really don’t care what you think, believe or say, Michial Lawrence. Your thoughts, words and opinion means nothing to me.
            Go play with your balls, you talk about ’em enough.

          • tnetcenter

            You’re the one talking about his balls. That suggests that you’re homosexual and since you’re a liberal – that would make sense.

          • Don Pitts

            No. I tire quickly of trying to talk sense to students. I at least leave my name where you only use an alias. Typical of a troll who will listen to nothing i have to say. If it isn’t your opinion it is wrong in your eyes. Just remember 1 thing. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, most stink. Yours included. As far as cowardly. I served my time in Vietnam in the Marines. With honor and pride. Cowardly is someone who hides behind the opinion of others instead of forming their own. Case in point. You. take ;your own advise and stfu. You are obviously the coward here.

          • Vindication

            I think you need to go back to school before you ever deign to be a teacher. Because it is apparent that you do not know the difference between fact and opinion.

            Opinion: I think you’re a dumbass.

            Fact: President Obama is not behind Common Core. Common Core is not a federal mandate. It is a VOLUNTARY state initiative.



            See the difference there, Bubba?

            The first one was an opinion because it was an insult, a judgment. It has no documentation. That’s what you do. Insult the president because of your blind hatred and me whenever I give you facts.

            The second one was fact because it’s a piece of information used as evidence which is documented with links that would take you to the facts of the statement. This is not what you do. You have yet to give a fact or document it.

            I listed FACTS and documented them. I backed them up.

            You on the other hand have done no such thing. All you do is insult. Insults are not facts. They are opinions because they are judgments. You have not researched anything nor have you shared any facts and you have not documented anything. That’s a fact. Anyone reading this who cares about truth can see that.

            As to revealing your real life name, I’m surprised you didn’t mention your balls, like your comrade. But maybe he likes his balls more than you like yours. That I refuse to reveal my real life name is smart. Even most of your republican comrades on this forum see the intelligence in not revealing their real life names.

            As to serving in the military, thank you. I come from a military family myself. Father in law, four VietNam tours as a Special Forces officer. Brother in law, right now, career Special Forces (Green Beret) officer. He’s served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brother, career Marine. Brother, Army, awol, kicked out. Two husbands, my ex was Airforce, current is Navy. My father, Korean war, handful of medals of which one was a Purple Heart. Right now, employed at a VA hospital in which we’re dedicated to bringing good health and hopefully some happiness into the lives of our Vets.

            So, again, thank you for your service.

          • Don Pitts

            You listed no facts. Only liberal logic and platform. I care not what your opinion of me is. You do not matter. There are grounds to impeach. The GOP won’t impeach because they are a bunch of ball less Obama followers in truth. It seems no one wants to rock the boat anymore. Everyone has become afraid to express their opinions. Most of them afraid of a bunch of dumb ass liberals. You i am done listening to. You will never begin to make any sense anyway. Trolls seldom do. By now. By the way, being married to one who served in a combat zone is not the same as doing the time there. No matter how you hate me for saying so.

          • Vindication

            There are no grounds to impeach. If there were, the GOP would have already jumped all over it, just like they did Clinton and his Oval Office blow job, which compared to most of the accusations leveled at this president, in and of itself, was trivial.
            The president has done nothing to be impeached for. You can’t impeach just because you hate him. You can’t impeach just because you don’t like his policies. You can say over and over and over again the president should be impeached, but that doesn’t make it fact.
            You and I and everyone on this forum knows if the president actually did something to be impeached for, they would have done it already. You just refuse to admit it, so much in fact that now you’re down to insulting your party for not impeaching. *laughs*
            As to serving, I’m not in a pissing contest with you, Don. I merely shared info about my military family. If you feel you need to stroke your self-esteem because you served, don’t let me stop you. I don’t have to enlist to feel as though I accomplished something in my life.
            I wish I could say it was a pleasure, Don, but it wasn’t. You can have the last word because I know how important it is for you to try and save face.

          • Susiev

            Again Vin, U mention Clinton’s blowjob impeachment. Evidently U don’t really know what put the icing on his case. He was dancing around, giving out Military secrets and taking money from RED CHINA! You sound like the only one blowing smoke!

          • Vindication

            That’s so funny.
            Here on the one hand the GOP allegedly has actual impeachable offenses, if Clinton were really giving out military secrets and taking money from China, ooops excuse me, RED China, yet yet yet… they chose to base their impeachment grounds on a BLOW JOB!
            What’s wrong with that picture? Can you even see it?
            The fact is, Clinton was doing none of those things, you must be thinking of Reagan, which is why Clinton was not impeached on those grounds.
            You people not only do not do research, but you can’t critically think either, which of course goes hand in hand with doing research. Now I understand why you people refuse to fact check. You don’t have the wherewithal or the brains.

          • tnetcenter

            You couldn’t pick two more liberally biased sources could you? Neither of these sites is trustworthy.

          • Vindication

            Like Breitbart, NewsMax, Beck, WND etc etc etc would be impartial and share news of this caliber. Conservative sites WANT YOU TO HATE THE PRESIDENT.
            It wouldn’t matter what sources I chose, you would shoot them down because they don’t underscore your own personal beliefs.
            All you want to do is hate.
            So hate until your little black heart bursts.
            But perhaps someone else who comes along and is undecided and they read this forum and decided based from my own posts that President Obama may not be as bad as the GOP claims. That’s worth wading into this cess pit for.

          • tnetcenter

            Oops, you broke Vinnies concentration! He’s now lapsed into full blown liberal dementia. You can tell by the lack of clearly expressed ideas that make any sense, and gross lack of common sense, and an unwillingness to accept the truth. Symptoms include, foaming of the mouth and spewing garbled nonsense in response to clear cogent arguments.

            Sad and unfortunately probably incurable at this advanced stage.

          • Jerome Taylor

            You’re right this is entertaining!! LOL!!!

          • A natural born American

            Leave threads that lead to sites that are not so obviously biased and maybe someone will take you more seriously. I’ve had people telling me exactly WHY I’m wrong to think as I do, they cut & paste information that will lead me to sites they found that supports THEIR reasons for believing as they do. When I go to the site I’d often discover their arguments had been taken out of context. They were good at omitting the parts of the pages that contradicted their arguments. Not to mention many of the sites are biased as hell.

          • Vindication

            The only thing I copy/paste is the link to back up my statements.
            The reason you all refuse to take anything I’ve said seriously is because I don’t back up your hypocritical insanity.

          • Bill buddy

            Don’t you have a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend that will listen to you ? Apparently, no one is giving you the attention at home that you need or you would not spend so much time on here. See if you can convince your friend because no one obviously is believing you here.

          • Vindication

            Awww Bill, that’s so clichéd. I know you tried really, really hard but that retort is as over used as the ‘living in the basement’ barb.

            Keep trying, keep stretching that petrified brain, you might come up with an original.

            I have hope for you. Really.


          • Don Pitts

            @ Bill He isn’t old enough to have a girlfriend yet Bill.

          • The main reason that Obama has not been impeached yet, is that when the talk turns to impeachement all the race baiters start yelling racists. That in turn incites all of you under educated on government dole people to start screaming. Much as you are doing in print. They do not want to face facts and reality. All they want to do is following blindly before their leaders. The leaders do not have the courage of leading from the front. They lead from the rear where it is safe.

          • tnetcenter

            Obama can’t be impeached by this Congress, they’d have to impeach most of themselves for collusion as well. They aren’t going to do that. They all need to be arrested for treason.

          • A natural born American

            We probably haven’t pushed for impeachment as much as we could have because we know what’s next in line to become the POTUS. We also know that calling for impeachment also lets obama know that many of his constituents do NOT approve of his performance as POTUS.

          • Vindication

            GOP screeches impeachment in every other statement they make about the President. We’ve been hearing Impeach Him! for six years now. If they had anything viable, they would have done it already.
            GOP impeached Clinton over a trivial Oval Office blow job, yet they’ve allowed President Obama to get away with all the impeachment accusations, all the lawless accusations, all the treasonous accusations they’ve thrown at him for six years now. *laughs*
            I reiterate, GOP has no grounds for impeachment.
            President Obama’s constituents approve of him and his governing… it is President Obama’s enemies who screech Impeach Him at every opportunity. There is a difference between constituents and enemies. Don’t mix the two.

          • Jack

            actually,my reply to you, was quite polite. I guess, to speak to one of your level, I need to actually attack you with the insults you suggested. You stupid dickhead…get your head out of your ass!
            and FUCK-OFF

          • Vindication

            Ooooooooo I detect some serious butt hurt here.

            tsk tsk tsk

            *Hands you a Bandaid for your boo boo*

          • Jack

            well vinny, I think it’s about time for you to go back to
            the hills of syria, and hook back up with your ipiss, muslim brothas. At least you’ll have an audience.

          • Vindication

            Ohhhh, I’ll stay here, I think… the audience I have here, and believe me, I have one, is far more entertaining.

            How’s your boo boo? Bandaid big enough?

          • kotoc

            Is YOUR butt hurting, Vindication?? After all, Obama is screwing YOU as well. He doesn’t give a shit about you. Why should he?? Do you think you’re something special? Did you get some kind of notice from him about how he appreciate your support? In this time of international crisis, and with Islamic terrorists looming over EVERY horizon, do you think Obama gives a shit about you?? You have a dream, don’t you? “Hope and Change?” How’s that “hope and change” working out for you, bitch?

          • Vindication

            Nope, my butt’s just fine. Thanks for asking. Not often a republican asks after the welfare of my ass, but hey, first time for everything.

            And nope, Obama is not hurting me. His policies have not been a negative in my life as of yet. Why would they? I am as special as any other American because I believe we are all equal under the sun. All of us.

            As to all of your silly questions:
            Anyone who is active in politics will receive notices via postal or email expressing appreciation for support. This is including all the republican politicians and candidates as well as Democrat. What was your point, kot?

            I think Obama gives a shit about the country as a whole. He gives a shit about the Nation. Far more than the republicans do, just go look at the bills they block. Go look at the bills they try to pass or have passed. The records are there just waiting for interest.

            Your leaders care far less about you than my leaders do about me, because at least I can say my leaders care about the country of which I am apart while yours are destroying this Nation.

            I’d vote for Hope and Change any day over Hatred and Stagnation which is what your party promotes, dumbass.

          • tnetcenter

            You don’t want to get butt hurt, don’t be playing with homosexuals.

          • reneegilman

            YEP..U GOT THAT RIGHT..WAY TO GO!!!

          • Bill buddy

            Lol lol lol lol

          • Jack


          • Bob Preiss

            Actually, the only reason he has not been impeached is that most thinking Repub’s realize that if he were & he recieved the sentence he deserves while he languished in prison we would be subjected to the likes of Crazy Uncle Joe Biden for the duration. And God forbid he should follow in his masters footsteps think about who would ascend to the office then.

          • Vindication

            Just like the GOP thought, “Whoa, if we impeach Bill for that Oval Office blow job, we’ll be stuck with… GORE!”


            Your reasoning doesn’t work.

            President Obama has not been impeached because the GOP has no grounds.


          • db

            Vindication there is no reason to talk to a fool like you! When things go to hell you will be the first one crying!

          • Vindication

            Of course, you can’t come back with anything intelligent, so you go the insult path.

          • tnetcenter


          • BrooklynJoJo

            Jack, don’t waste your time on this moronic idiot, the name says it all, this must be Valerie jarrett in disguise. do not waste your precious time on this vindictive thing. all it does it stand up for the evil king obummer, that tells me is must be an illegal or an aide from the white mosque

          • Vindication

            Feel better now, honey?

            Get all that nasty out?

          • Bill buddy

            It is so funny!!!! When your butt gets in a crack, I wished I could see you squirm because your turn will come!!!! How often do you stand in he mirror and repeat to yourself over and over the words you just spilled out of your butt? Because that is what you left wings do is say something over and over and you are like the clown that Joe Biden is you have just fooled yourself!! Are you smiling as big as that ignorant Joe does? Just an embarrassment to this country!!

          • Vindication

            Dang, so much butt hurt on this thread today.

            I’ve run out of Bandaids. I gave my last one to one of your comrades.

            It’s called Projection Bill… that is when you attribute your own failings onto others. That’s what you’re doing here.

            For SIX YEARS the ENTIRE NATION has heard over and over and over and over and over and over ad nauseum from the GOP and Tea Baggers that President Obama is lawless, is shredding the constitution, should be impeached. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. In articles, on websites, through polls, on television, via news, through comments like these, over and over and over.

            But yet he is still here and will continue his tenure of its own accord. Your problem is your hatred has blackened your mind and heart so badly that you can’t stand the fact the president is not going to be impeached because he is not lawless.

            *hands you a tissue*

            Now go wipe your nose.

          • Bill buddy

            Did you get Joe to help you write what you just said, because it sounds just about like him?

          • Vindication

            Thank you, Bill, I like Joe. He has a good intentions.

            But I am not going to take your word at anything I say since you can barely read and can’t understand what you’re reading.

          • Bill buddy

            You know I am going to be real polite, Vinny, you are a Richard!! Maybe someone can explain that to you since you have such a hard time understanding!! I know the next thing you are going to say is you did not say anything about a Richard!!! Lol lol

          • Vindication

            Okay, I’ll play your game.

            But I don’t think I will be polite, Bill, when I say, you are a Dick!

          • Bill buddy

            Obama is more white than he is black! There you go spouting off more lies and deceit. You did not see the words ” I don’t like blacks written anywhere.” You just did what democrats love to do is lie lie lie. I tell you what you need to do; look up what percentage he is black vs white. You might learn somethings if you looked up and compared what you have listened to versus what is the truth!!!

          • Vindication



            This is too much. I can barely type I’m laughing so hard!

            You, Bill, cannot comprehend what you read. You read words but do not understand what they mean.

            I never once mentioned race. Not once.

            I said, “Your problem is your hatred has blackened your mind…” That has nothing to do with race and everything to do with… rot.

            Get it now, Bill?

          • Lili J

            Obama has refused to build a double-barrier security fence along the U.S.-Mexican border in direct violation of the 2006 Secure Fence Act. This law requires that “at least two layers of reinforced fencing” be built along America’s 650-mile border with Mexico. So far, just 40 miles of this fence have been built – most of it during the Bush Administration.

            2. President Obama issued, in one day, 21 separate Executive Orders that attack and undermine your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
            Especially egregious is President Obama’s Executive Orders amending the ObamaCarelaw to allow doctors and hospitals to investigate which patients own a gun. This outrageous Executive Order could allow the federal government to track and monitor law-abiding gun owners simply because they sought medical care.

            3. Obama’s Health and Human Services Department has, on its own (without Congressional approval), issued a mandate that all health insurance plans must include coverage for abortion-inducing drugs. As a result, pro-life employers and taxpayers are now effectively required by law to pay for abortions.
            This mandate is an unconstitutional attack on the protections for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience in the First Amendment and the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This mandate also directly violates the ObamaCare law enacted by Congress, which prohibits any and all taxpayer funds from being used to pay for abortions.

            4. “Department of Justice (DOJ): Rejected state voter ID statutes that are similar to those already approved by the Supreme Court of the United States. DOJ ignored section 8 of the Voting Rights Act which calls for protections against voter fraud, and used section 5 to administratively block measures to protect the integrity of elections passed by state legislatures.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

            5. “White House: Made “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when Congress was NOT in recess. The Obama Administration has ignored the ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that the appointments are unconstitutional.” (SOURCE: Report from Nine State Attorneys General)

            6. Without Congressional approval, Obama gutted the work requirement for welfare recipients passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

            7. In the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, Obama illegally shortchanged bond holders in favor of Labor Unions, despite U.S. bankruptcy laws that specify that bond holders be first in line to be paid back.

            8. Eager to use the killing of Osama bin Laden for political gain, Obama exposed the identity and method of operation of the Navy SEALs team that conducted the operation in Pakistan, thus exposing its members to a lifetime of risk because they have been targeted for assassination by Islamists. A short time after Obama exposed the Navy SEALs’ method of operation, 22 SEALs were shot down and killed in Afghanistan. It is a violation of law for the President or any American to reveal classified military secrets.

            9. President Obama established an extra-constitutional top secret “kill list” of people (including Americans) who can be summarily killed on sight – presumably by drones — without due process. Once on Obama’s kill list, an American citizen can be targeted and executed on the opinion of a single government bureaucrat. That’s not how our legal system is supposed to work.

            10. President Obama intervened militarily in Libya in 2011 without the Congressional approval required by the War Powers Act.

            11. Obama knowingly lied to Congress and the American people about the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. The President and his representatives repeatedly said an anti-Islamic video sparked a spontaneous uprising in Libya that resulted in the killings even though Obama knew that the attack was a well-planned military-style assault by al Qaeda on the anniversary of September 11.

            12. http://northamericanlawcenter.org/shut-federal-government-set-uphold-federal-health-care-extortion-scheme/#.VTSEeiFViko

            13. Moving control of the Census Bureau from the Commerce Department directly into the White House where it was managed by Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel.

            14. Attorney General Erik Holder’s failure to sue sanctuary cities for violating US immigration law, while at the same time proceeding with a lawsuit against the State of Arizona for enforcing US immigration law.

            15. Failure by Obama to treat the takeover of sovereign land in Arizona by the Mexican drug cartel as an Act of War.

            16. Obama executive order signed in Dec. 2009 that allows Interpol to operate in US territory with impunity and without oversight by Congress, the courts, FBI or local law enforcement.

            17. Raila Odinga is from the Luo tribe, as was Barack Obama’s father. He claims that Obama Sr. was his maternal uncle, making him a cousin of President Barack Obama. Read more: http://www.military-money-matters.com/obama-and-odinga.html#ixzz3Xp2PBUV4

          • Vindication

            Oh for godsakes… why didn’t you add the other 8 violations the Committee for Justice listed in their undocumented list of 25 bogus violations of the law by President Obama and his administration?

            Did you think by leaving those other 8 bogus violations off and mixing up the ones you chose from the order the website listed them that I wouldn’t recognize that you didn’t research any of these, you only copy pasted from a list you found on a republican website?

            Not only that but tons of other republican, tea bagger and conservative websites have taken this list and spread it around as well. This is definitely not unbiased information, but steeped in hatred from partisan websites.

            I took the liberty of checking some of these bogus accusations, which is something YOU should have done, and well, they are flat out not true. Which does not surprise me at all.

            For example the 21 executive orders on the 2nd amendment. That bogus violation is no violation at all because the president is within his rights to use EOs. And the EOs he used had nothing to do with violating the 2nd amendment, which is what you wanted people to think when they read this. Did you even research what those EO actually were? No? Well I did. And none of them violate the 2nd amendment.

            Are you disappointed?

            As to changing a law that will allow doctors to inquire about guns at home, that’s also not true. His EO on this was to clarify that the ACA does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes if the docs see fit. The EO does not encourage nor does it prevent. But you want to make it sound as though the president issued an EO that tells doctors they can now intrude upon Americans and give the gun info to the government. What bullshit.

            The rest of the bogus violations you listed that I checked are exactly like the ones I just explained. They are twisted, with spin, out of context and just flat out not true.

            Why do you choose to believe the absolute worst about someone without verifying the rumor(s) thoroughly yourself first before making judgment?

            Is this how you treat the people in your life? You hear a hateful rumor about someone at work or a neighbor and you run with it, spreading it around without fact checking first? That’s highly irresponsible. But that’s what you’re doing to your president.

            And it also shows the low caliber of your character.

          • The duck

            No impeachable offenses? You gotta be kidding me. Obama himself has stated that his amnesty EO was beyound his authority and in violation of law. He bravely stated in his las State of the Union Address he would by-pass congress as he choise to do so. He also said “As president, I now can do anything I want.” That was setting himslef above the law. Then Eric Holder whom Obama appointed and the Democrat Senate under Harry Ried tells the NAACP in his address to them in convention, “We can now pick and choose the laws we like to uphold.” Obama just stood by and allowed that. The Obama Administration also violated the law when his DOJ sued the states for attemptint to clean their voter registration according the federal law and his liberal judges upheld the Obama DOJ.
            Need I go on? How about Lybia when Obama saw to it Gahdaffi was killed? The Republicans in the House wanted to know the reason for the war on Lybia and Obama refused to answer. That was while the Democrats helkd the majority in both houses, Under “We’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it” Pelosi and stop Republicans at all cost Harry Ried.
            The fact that Gahdaffi was killed gave rise to ISIS in Libia and the killing of not only Christians but even any Muslims that did not agree with its theology. And that nis going on even as I write this. and all I have written is verifiable from any news source you choose to lok at.
            So wake up and quit drinking Obama’s Kool-ade.

          • Vindication

            1. When I researched your convoluted accusation: Then Eric Holder whom Obama appointed and the Democrat Senate under Harry Ried tells the NAACP in his address to them in convention, “We can now pick and choose the laws we like to uphold.”

            This is what Google brought up: No results found for harry reid and eric holder to NAACP “We can now pick and choose the laws we like to uphold.”

            I deem this as pants on fire false.

            So, you’re wrong when you said: And that nis going on even as I write this. and all I have written is verifiable from any news source you choose to lok at.

            (Suggestion: Use a spell checker please, makes it easier to read your missives.)

            2. How about Lybia when Obama saw to it Gahdaffi was killed?

            I gather you’ve not heard of the War Powers Resolution? See, this is why it is very important to research everything you hear your leaders utter. Because they’re not going to be honest and point these things out. They WANTED you to believe that the president overstepped his bounds with Lybia, when in fact he did not. Now, go educate yourself, son.

            3. “That was while the Democrats helkd the majority in both houses, Under “We’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it” Pelosi and stop Republicans at all cost Harry Ried.”

            (Really Duck, you make reading your comments such a bloody chore with all your misspellings and convoluted sentence structures. I’m not going to bother with you after this unless you clean up your comments first before publishing them.)

            Just like with Hillary’s, “What difference does it make…” your republican leaders and pundits take quotes completely out of context, twist them around, add some hateful spin and then republish them with completely different meanings. And of course, you don’t bother to fact check, you just run with the lies.

            Nancy’s quote verbatim:

            Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that people won’t appreciate how great the Democrat’s health plan is until after it passes.

            “You’ve heard about the controversies, the process about the bill…but I don’t know if you’ve heard that it is legislation for the future – not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America,” she told the National Association of Counties annual legislative conference, which has drawn about 2,000 local officials to Washington. “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it – away from the fog of the controversy.”

            During a 20-minute speech, she touted benefits she thinks will be tangible to the audience’s employers. She said there’s support for public health infrastructure and investments in community health centers that will reduce uncompensated care that hospitals now need to deliver.

            “You know as well as anyone that our current system is unsustainable,” said Pelosi (D-Calif.). “The final health care legislation, which will soon be passed by the Congress, will deliver successful reforms at the local level.”

            In short, Pelosi was talking about how the PEOPLE will not know what this law is about, how great it is, until after it is passed and experienced. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

            You should read the entire speech because I’m pretty sure you never took the time, just believed whatever your republican leaders told you to believe, as usual.

            Now, the points you listed are bogus, ridiculous points that were easily knocked down. But let’s use some common sense here.
            Think. Can you do that for at least 10 minutes? Hold that thought, mmm’kay?

            We ALL know just how deeply and profoundly the republicans absolutely HATE this president. Hell, the entire WORLD knows.

            We all know they have spent the last six years beginning the night of his inauguration in 2009, before he even had a chance to govern, plotting to destroy him, his presidency and his legacy.

            We have seen how dogged, how determined the republicans can be with their continuous attempts to repeal the ACA, wasting, in the process multi millions of our tax payer monies.

            Over and over and over some 50 plus times they’ve tried to repeal the ACA. Doesn’t matter how many times they’ve failed or how bleak the future looks for success, they continue to try and repeal the health care law. Even though Ted Cruz now is hypocritically covered via the ACA, he is still stupidly trying to repeal the law.

            This example shows how dogged and determined they are.
            Between their abject hatred for this president and their dogged determination, and their constant accusations that he has broke all these various laws and should be impeached, can you tell me why they have not pressed for impeachment? They have as many opportunities to do this as they have to try and repeal the ACA. So why not?

            WHY NOT?

            The answer is right there in front of your face: They have no grounds. None. Face it and get over it. Move on.

            The fact is the president has done nothing to impeach him for. The republicans lie to you people because they know you’ll start screeching IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH! They know you’ll get all riled up and frothing at the mouth. They do this to further divide the nation and to try their damnedest to undermine the president.

            And it works like clockwork. You never let them down. They count on you to run with their lies cause they know you’re not going to bother to fact check them.

            You run with their lies: Zero to 160 mph in under 10 second, bar none.

            As to the president using EOs to get things done, it is within his constitutional rights to use EOs as he sees fit. Past presidents have used EOs for immigration reform. Past presidents have used EO for a number of issues. And of all the past presidents who have used their pen and phone to get things done, President Obama has used the least.

            If you’re going to castigate this president for utilizing his right to EOs, then to be fair you should be castigating ALL PAST PRESIDENTS including your republican presidents who used their EO powers far more than this president has.

            Okay, Duck, I’m done talking with you because you can’t write readable comments and you’re dead set against any kind of reasonable debate. Dead set against believing this president is not as bad as your leaders say he is no matter how many facts are presented, no matter how logical the reasons are.

            Go ahead and come back with your usual insults and name calling. You can have the last word, Duck.

          • Vindication,
            As a Republican I do not see any real issue either for impeachment. I do see many reasons to object to his agenda. My big objection to the liberal agenda in particular is the concept that more government control is good for the country. Government can solve everything. What is good for the country is people solving problems.
            Controlling spending is also good for the country. We cannot solve issues by just throwing money at a particular problem and it gets resolved. Usually the problem gets worse instead.

          • Vindication

            Thanks Jerry for the first reasonable comment. I appreciate that.

            I agree, there are some of his policies I’m not thrilled with either and some I don’t understand as of yet… but overall, Obama’s a decent president and a very likeable person.

            But the big point is, he IS the President of the United States of America and for that reason alone, he has my loyalty, especially in front of the world on public forums, just like Bush43 had my loyalty even though I loathed the little bastard. He was MY president and that was enough. To come out on public forums and denigrate MY president in front of the world, is wrong. It shows the world how messed up we are, how divided, how weak. I’ve explained this before to republican supporters and to a man, they didn’t give a shit.

            The liberal agenda is not about MORE government control. It’s about the RIGHT KIND of governing.

            Let me reiterate: The liberal agenda is not about MORE government control. It’s about the RIGHT KIND of governing.

            It’s interesting how republicans say out of one side of their mouths they want to make the government small enough to drown in a bathtub, yet they make all these invasive, cruel laws that upset the people and I don’t see any of them resigning to shrink said government. Instead I see three times as many presidential candidates than the Dems have going or will have going.

            Here are a few of examples of republicans and their big invasive government. Unfortunately these examples took up so much room, I have to limit my list. But there are so many other examples out there. Examples that you should already know about, just like you should know about the ones I am listing here.

            1. Taking away from women their choice, in some cases rape, incest and life or death don’t matter. Recently an Indiana woman was sentenced to prison for some 20 years because she had a miscarriage that she was accused of aborting. TWENTY YEARS! That is wrong on so many levels.

            Other states, such as Virginia, under Bob McDonnell (who was jailed) have made laws that women who need an abortion must undergo invasive ultrasounds first, whether she or her Doc deem it unnecessary. Alabama tried to pass the same laws until state Sen. Linda Coleman (D) denounced the transvaginal ultrasound bill as nothing less than “a state-sanctioned rape bill.”

            In 2011, Center For Reproductive Rights “Monitored Over *600* (SIX HUNDRED, that’s not smaller government!) Anti-Choice Bills That Would Undermine Women’s Autonomy And Fundamental Rights To Health And Well-Being” At The State Level. From the Center for Reproductive Rights’ 2010-11 annual report:

            The Center is hard-pressed to cite a time in the last twenty years that can rival — in volume and in severity — this most recent period of anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-health legislative action in the United States.

            In 2011, the Center’s State Program has monitored over 600 anti-choice bills that would undermine women’s autonomy and fundamental rights to health and well-being. It’s clear: Women and their fundamental rights to health and decision-making are being attacked. (This is a PDF and dunno how to get the link)

            Women are quite capable of making their own choices concerning their own reproductive health just as males are allowed to do. This is government getting in between the people and their personal decisions. That’s smaller government? I don’t think so.



            2. Taking away worker rights. For the past couple of years we have watched various red states systematically destroy workers’ bargaining rights. Turning states into ‘right to work’ states which take rights away from workers and gives those rights over to CEOs to trample on and abuse. Now workers can be fired at the whim of their boss and there’s nothing the worker can do. Without the bargaining rights, the workers are shit out of luck. Back on heavily reduced unemployment, again, thanks to the republicans.

            Refusing to raise the minimum wage. I’ve lost count of the many republicans who have said in interviews, on television, behind a microphone that raising the minimum wage is unnecessary and they’re wholly against it.

            At the urging of large corporate employers, and ALEC members, the Florida legislature passed and Governor Rick Scott signed, a pre-emptive law making it illegal to pass legislation to provide paid sick leave to employees. There goes paid sick leave. Get sick, can’t come to work, get fired. With no bargaining rights and a right to work law, bye bye job. Shit out of luck again. Back on heavily reduced unemployment and told over and over and over in the news what low lives and moochers and takers they are. (Thanks Paul Ryan for those descriptions)

            Republican states are now getting rid of workman’s compensation. If Wisconsin weakens its system, it will perpetuate a trend in recent decades of state lawmakers undermining the employer-financed workers comp system in ways that add red tape for workers and shift the cost of on-the-job injuries and disabilities onto taxpayers. <<<< That's you and me.

            Take away all their work rights so they have nothing to defend themselves with, refuse to raise the minimum wage so they'll stay at or below poverty level and then remove the safety nets, sick leave, workman's comp, unemployment comp, etc. Sounds like fun, huh? This is what republican states are doing to their people with the backing and encouragement from Congressional republicans. Look at Wisconsin, Kansas, Florida and Texas for some very good examples.

            Smaller government, you say? You sure about that?



            “If the GOP takes over the Senate in November, they will have carte blanche authority to push through a series of damning proposals that have been successfully blocked for the past two years (by Democrats),” said J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees. He cited republican proposed cuts in retirement benefits, workers compensation and student loan forgiveness.

            One, H.R. 5169, the Senior Executive Service (SES) Accountability Act, would make it easier to dismiss the government’s top civil servants. The probation period for senior executives would double to two years. They could be suspended for 14 days without pay. Grounds for suspension or termination would expand to include, vaguely, “such cause as would promote the efficiency of the service.”

            There's more to these laws and this list, but these real life examples I just listed are not very good examples of small government. This is invasive government designed to oppress the people.


            3. Turning our government into a Theocracy. A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted between February 20th and February 22nd of Republican voters, found that an astonishing 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution, and establish Christianity as the official national religion. Only 30 percent oppose making Christianity the national religion.

            The poll’s crosstabs reveal that support for making Christianity the official religion is strongest among Mike Huckabee (94 percent), Rick Perry (83 percent), and Ben Carson (78 percent) supporters.

            1st amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            A nation governed by “Biblical law”. A corporate theocracy.

            This is not small government. DISMANTLING the beloved constitution to reflect personal religious beliefs IS NOT SMALL GOVERNMENT!

            This is also a PDF but here is a link that will have the poll's PDF link: http://www.politicususa.com/2015/02/25/57-republicans-dismantle-constitution-christianity-national-religion.html

            It's interesting how when it comes to gun laws how the Right always throws the wording of the second amendment in our faces… but here they are trampling over the first amendment, even going as far as suggesting to dismantle it!

            Whoa, that's ballsy… that's beyond hypocrisy. That's not small government.

            Yet all we hear from republicans is how very precious the constitution is to them. Riiiiiiiight.

            I've run out of room here, but trust me there is so many more invasive laws where these came from. Republicans do not want smaller government and the last six years shows that if you have been paying attention. They want big government, big, controlling, invasive, evil, cruel government. They want to take away from the people everything that makes this country worth living in, worth fighting for.

            They want to privatize everything from the USPS to medicare and social security that come out of our pockets to privatizing VA healthcare, to privatizing education. Republicans on the House Transportation Committee are even pushing to privatize some facets of the nation’s air traffic control. They want to end Net Neutrality.


            We all know privatization only means one thing: Profit to the owners. Anything privatized will eventually cost an arm and a leg and will further divide this country between the wealthy and the middle class. Actually the middle class will be destroyed. It will be wealthy and the poor.

            While I agree the Dems also are in favor of big government, they want one that embraces the needs and the desires of the people. They want to allow women to make their own choices, they want workers to have bargaining rights and to make enough to live and grow on. They want our older people cared for to have enough to live on until they die. They want the republicans to leave the safety nets alone so the people have something to fall back on in times of need. And some people will need the safety nets their whole life, people who are disabled and can't work. etc etc etc etc etc etc

            You can't have small government with a Nation of 300,000,000 people, divided into 50 small countries, without chaos and anarchy. The size of the government must fit the size of the Nation and the advancement of its progress.

            The information of republican big invasive government is out there. Why you people don't know about these things blows me away. You SHOULD know about these things instead of putting your head in the sand and caring only about PARTY LOYALTY instead of what that party is actually doing!

            And if you DO know about these horrible laws why do you condone them? Why do you continue to vote against your own best interests?

            As to spending, you forget the House controls the purse strings. Nothing, not a single cent, can be spent without the say so of the House. Who controls the House? The Republicans. So if spending is out of control, look to the HOUSE!

            Also, spending… I agree, spending needs to be organized. Not necessarily curtailed, but organized. Priorties first. The People of this country should be Number One. The country itself should be Number Two. Not Israel. Not foreign aid. Not the DoD. Not corporate Welfare Queens. The People. The crumbling country. Tell that to the republicans and they'll just ignore you and go about spending all those billions on Israel, war, 1% and corporations as they have been doing all along.

            I apologize for the length but this topic requires more than frilly fluff.

            Again, Jerry, thank you for your reasonable comment. It was a breath of fresh air. Very different from your comrades.

          • Vindication,
            WOW, you certainly unloaded on me. I don’t have time right now but will soon respond to hour many points. I also appreciate our approach to me. Everyone should do the same. We can have differences and still work to resolve the country’s issues. That is what we need to get back to in Congress. It used to be the game of I”ll scratch your back and you scratch mine.

          • Vindication,
            I also respect any President we have had. I do that because of the office and not necessarily the person.
            I have to disagree that liberals in general look to government as the solution to everything. It is the people who should run the government not the other way around.
            On the specific issues, here is where I stand:
            1. Women’s rights. I am a Christian first and foremost. Therefore to me, abortion is murder, period. Having said that, I do not judge nor look down on a woman who has had an abortion. She has her Constitutional rights.
            1A. I have zero tolerance for any legislation on moral issues such as abortion or any procedures.
            1B. I do not support legislation against anyone for their rights to be whatever/whoever they are. I follow the Biblical position that homosexuality is not acceptable to God. But I do not reject gay people.
            2. Workers’ rights. I do support a raise to minimum wage. While it is inflationary in the long run, the lower paid people have to live on welfare and food stamps. I favor getting all people off of welfare. Yes, there are people who will not work, unfortunately.
            2A. Labor unions have gotten too big for the task they were to perform. We have to cap some of what they do until they understand the limits of their existence. Labor unions have killed education greatly in recent years and put the nation behind. But I do not endorse the terminating of unions. They serve a useful purpose.
            3. Turning our government into a theocracy. Absolutely NOT. That was written into our Constitution specifically.
            See, we do agree on some issues.

          • Vindication

            Thanks, Jerry for taking the time.

            I agree there are several issues we agree on. But right now I have some errands to run and will return to respond to your points.

            Again, thank you for taking the time to converse without name calling or telling me to WAKE UP or accusing me of guzzling the koolaid or telling me I am so stupid or low info etc. I may be a lot of things, but stupid and low info I ain’t.

            I will admit, I have a temper and will slap someone upside the head when they come at me that way. Of course, that doesn’t make me much better than the person attacking, but man, it sure feels good.

            Alright, later. In the meantime, have a great Monday afternoon.

          • Vindication

            The problem I have here, Jerry, is the fact that most republican voters in general that I have encountered around the Net and the ones on this page in particular refuse to entertain the fact that President Obama is not such a bad president and will go out of their ways to promote misinformation, the more deceptive, outrageous and ugly the better and will spread it around with no compunction.

            When I came into this site to read the article and the comments, I was shocked at the outrageous untruths and at how this article deliberately set out to duplicitously rile up the base and they did it with lies. I have no doubt they were fully aware of what they were doing.

            Calling the Obamas (and liberals) “elitists” because their daughters go to a private school where many presidents have sent their kids and deliberately slanting the words of the article to make it seem as though it is the Obama administration (and Democrats) that were the ones to develop Common Core Standards and make them a federal mandate, forcing Common Core onto the People, while they, themselves, opt out.

            This is completely, outrageously untrue. It’s a blatant, bald face lie.

            But the republicans here, reading this, automatically believed it and went on a ‘who can trash the president (and Democrats) the most’ contest. Hell, they’re all winners.

            When I presented the facts of Common Core to these people, instead of caring that they now have factual information they can work with and can now literally DO something about Common Core, I get trashed. I get called names, told to wake up, told I am drinking the Kool-Aid, told I am stupid, told I am an Obamabot, a sheeple among other drivel.

            The fact is, the president did not develop Common Core, nor did the Democrats have anything whatsoever to do with the development of Common Core. Nor is Common Core a federal mandate. The Obama administration is NOT FORCING Common Core on the people. They never did.

            Common Core Standards is a VOLUNTARY state program. There is a choice here, state level, not a mandate. So now, there’s a high probability that these people who are bitching and moaning can actually get Common Core out of their schools, as opposed to being stuck with it as if it were a federal mandate.

            You would think these people would be delighted to know this, but noooooooooo… they want to continue bashing the president for something he has nothing to do with. To acknowledge the truth of this matter, would mean they couldn’t realistically continue their hate fest towards the president or the Democrats. Their hatred is so important to them, they’d cut off their feet if Obama endorsed walking. Their hatred is a real sickness.

            It is like this for every single point made in the comments on this page. When asked to provide documentation to back up their accusations, either the request is completely ignored or I am told in so many words to fuck off.

            And of course, that’s going to piss me off, especially after reading all the president/Dem bashing and the blatant lies. Especially when it’s one after the other on this thread refusing to document their accusations. And I am not very nice when I am pissed, which of course, challenges them to be even more outrageous. One big vicious circle that could have been avoided if these people weren’t so afraid of facts and truth or would cite the sources of their lies.

            Can you explain this mentality? This republican aversion to truth and fact?

            You were the first and only republican on this thread to approach me with any kind of intelligence and the desire to exchange views in a civilized manner. Thank you for that.

            I’ve left all sorts of facts and links behind on this page, maybe one person here will read them and be shocked that they’ve been lied to along and seek out more information and literally do some research.

            You don’t have to respond to this because I understand you can’t speak for these people.

            Nice talking to you, Jerry.

          • Vindication,
            You obviously read my post on Common Core. I understand the aim of Common Core. Idaho is using it as it was intended in some cases but others have built their own version of it. In some small rural schools it is more difficult to use in the fullest form. These districts are very limited on funds and have one teacher for several grades.
            My original goal in college was to get a degree in secondary education. I finished all my credits except for the actual task of student teaching. I will not explain why that went sour. I then switched to history to finish school. I had taken a different route in my approach to teaching as in those days back in the 1970’s way too much emphasis was placed on teachers lecturing and expecting kids to learn by rote memory. Two things were sadly lacking. Communication skills and problem solving. Later on in my work I found college grads who had these same deficiencies.
            Common Core was supposed to address these very issues but because it is a one size fits all, it will not work in some small school districts. But it has taught educators to look at the program and take out what will work. as such, kids are getting a better education because the plan addresses the very short falls I have stated here. For me it does not go far enough yet and specific schools can and have expanded on the role of not trying to teach kids but encourage them to seek learning and when that happens the kids really move forward. Exams are geared to test questions that require a somewhat lengthy response. These tests are far more difficult and time consuming for teachers to read and grade. Lazy teachers thus prefer the true/false and multiple guess questions which are more easily graded but do nothing to promote command of the language we use and does nothing to address problem solving.
            Common Core may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it has he basics for what it takes to create a real learning environment. That concept alone is an absolute must if we hope to reform education in this country.

          • Vindication

            The problem is, Jerry, the education in this country is being destroyed, from the inside out. And from the outside in.

            Here’s an article that discusses that: http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/191-191/10363-american-education-is-being-deliberately-destroyed-but-why

            Here is a letter of resignation from a teacher written 5 months ago: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/11/11/1343935/-Teacher-s-resignation-letter-My-profession-no-longer-exists

            Now, I agree with your assessment about Common Core and how it can help narrow down areas of learning that need to be focused on and also how it can also stagnate learning based on the attitudes of the teachers behind the testing.
            But due to the way Common Core seems to be hated throughout the country, do you think that has something to do with the ‘laziness’ of the teachers? Or do you think it’s hated because people believe the president is behind Common Core?
            Do you think if people understood that the president has nothing to do with Common Core they would give it another chance, try to work with it so it can do its job even in the smaller schools?
            It’s a real shame people repudiate something that has a good chance to elevate the education of their children just because they erroneously believe someone they hate is behind it.
            Have a great Tuesday, Jerry.

          • Vindication,
            I read thorough the articles you provided and I agree with most of it. I cannot comment that much or this post will get too long quickly. But we have to shut the door on what went wrong and see what is working now, which is not much. We have a lot more problems than just the education system itself. I will address what you indicated was public negative reaction to Common Core. For the far right, this is a waving flag of top down management which is a big no-no for them. Nonsense. It is surly top down in the fact that it came from eh federal government. But it is not being forced on anyone. To be sure it cannot cover all of the ground needed for different parts of our country. But it does show in its methods of presenting a different approach to education that has to be understood. It is not by way too many. No, I do not believe that Common Core is the answer to all our ills in education. But it is an eye opener to what we have been doing wrong.
            When the president was here about two months ago he got an eye opener in the Micron school of technology at Boise State University. It is a science program that was finances by Micron Technology and is educational as well as being a scientific experimentation for electronic technology. The program is based on he4 idea of problem solving. It is about voluntary student involvement. It is working quite well. It is a company that has big needs in the electronic world and needs more skilled workers who can think for themselves. It is working. Now more teachers in the lower grades of education are getting the idea and are now making a difference in creating a learning atmosphere in schools and kids are responding.
            Idaho has been dead last in providing funding for education and we lost a lot of our trained work force. Now we are having to rebuild it. It is still in the early stages yet. But everyone is talking about it and the GOP controlled legislators have made some very positive improvements along with more funding. We have a long way to go.
            The articles you sent also make note of the serious situation within our society. Leaving out the Ten Commandments leave out a bit of recognition of authority. It shows in out attitudes toward police officers. The Pledge of Allegiance is too often done ritualistic with no emotion and is also contributing to the demise of kids that is not recovered at home. As such, kids and now even parents have no respect for authority, especially in many of the urban schools. Oops, this is getting too long. I will elaborate on more tomorrow.

          • Vindication

            Thanks for taking the time, Jerry… got a lot on my platter today… can’t respond in the way your comment deserves at the moment, but just wanted to letcha know I’ve read it and will get back with you. In the meantime, have a good one!

          • Vindication,
            Here is some food for thought. Thanks to our inefficient education system that pushed many slow learners into their present situation of imprisonment for minor offenses living in shelters because they lack the skills to compete for jobs. Many of those people could become tax payers and off of welfare if they got the education they deserved. Why not spend some of the money we use to house these folks and get them off of welfare or at least make them less dependent on any welfare program? To be sure, some are way too lazy to improve. We are always going to have those folks. I believe we could do more to make many of those folks into responsible tax payers and get them off of welfare.

          • Vindication

            Hi Jerry,
            You made some good points. Points I have made so many times on other forums.
            Education is a solution to many of our cultural ills: Rampant incarceration, homelessness, poverty etc. And it’s not just slow learners who are effected by this. It is everyone from the Middle Class down.
            Our educational system is being shredded, death by a thousand cuts. So people are not getting the education they need or the training they need to have gainful employment. By gainful, I mean, employment that will pay them a living wage and benefits; employment that will give them room for advancement, room to grow.
            Instead, because of the lack of training, employers treat workers as expendable… low pay, no benefits, no full time hours, no overtime, no sick time etcetera. So these people live below poverty level, worried if they will still have a job the next morning. The stress levels are horrendous, especially if children are involved and they usually are.
            So, if they don’t lose their jobs to someone who won’t complain, they steal to compensate, they do drugs to ease the stress levels, they get caught, they go to prison and depending on their skin color, maybe for years and years and years for a misdemeanor. I know there are some who have criminal minds and would commit a crime regardless of their financial status, but most people would not.
            Many take another job or two and work around the clock, thereby neglecting their children and household and of course, those children sometimes end up running around with the wrong people, cut classes, skip school or quit altogether and end up in the slammer. And the stress levels this brings to the parents who are working around the clock effects their work performance, which will determine their employment situation eventually.
            I have known people like this, when I was in college, doing clinicals. My degree is in Psychology. And fortunately I got my degree before the 112th Congress. Before the Koch brothers rose to power.
            Education would bring so many millions of people up out of the gutter. And Congress knows this and to be frank, I believe that is why they are killing the Dept of Education piece meal. They don’t want the People to rise up because they fear if that happens then they will lose their power over the People.
            This is why education is being destroyed along with the rights to workers and the number of jobs out right. No proper education and no decent jobs will work hand in hand to keep a People down.
            All it will take is one full generation and it’s begun.

          • Vindication,
            Good response. I agree that we have let education become so directed at failure that it is pathetic. Teachers were made to teach to the test and test results were the goal. Students who lagged behind were passed on in school anyway to pad the numbers. Now we have our local jails and shelters loaded with people who did not do well in school at all and cannot be competitive with the students who did much better. A local TV channel did a study on these kind of conditions in the state and passed the information on to the public. That got the attention of legislators and steps are now being taken to change what we are doing with our past education program. New mental health clinics are being built for ordinary people to get some help. City and county police are making big strides to improve their relationship with the public. We also have an ombudsman to mediate between the police and the public. The ombudsman is not affiliated with any law enforcement but is a city employee. Do we still have crimes here? Certainly. In the Hispanic communities crime remains a problem. But I have high hopes that improving education will eventually help that situation. To be sure, crime will always exist. But the goal is to clear out many of those in jails now and even the state prison. All prisons are full and more additions are horribly expensive. Therefore we have concluded that if we improve the education of more people we can reduce jail and shelter populations.

          • Vindication

            Well, don’t forget, Jerry, hundreds of American prisons are privatized, which makes crime a precious commodity. In this day and age crime certainly does pay and pays well. It just doesn’t pay the accused.

            This is often why people are arrested at the drop of a hat and jailed for years. I personally believe people from the cops all the way up to state governments where private prisons are located are in on the deal to keep all the beds full for as long as they can.

            Of course, the less educated and more ignorant one is, the less knowledge about this that they have. So they don’t know how to fight the system.

            In privately owned prisons it is next to impossible to get an education or to improve oneself through rehabilitative programs. Prisoners who gain professional skills while locked up, and those who earn a decent wage for their work, are far less likely to end up back behind bars.




          • Vindication,
            You are right about most private prisons. We had only one here and a couple of years ago the state took it over because of prisoner abuse.

          • Me Again


          • Vindication

            Yada yada yada yada…

            *rolls my eyes*

          • db

            Vindication wake up and pull your head from the sand!

          • Vindication

            You really should heed your own advice, son, before you offer advice to anyone else.
            The republican voter base is complete stricken with the Ostrich Syndrome. It’s pandemic.

          • tnetcenter


          • Bob Russell

            republikrats are part of the NEW WORLD ORDER SOCIALIST PARTY so they defend fuehrer oblahblah because they have the same handlers and goals!!!!!

          • Crapola

            He was not impeached for getting a blow job, but for lying about it under oath. Get your facts straight, oh purveyor of bs.

          • Vindication

            No. The grounds were the Blow Job…. how could he lie about it if it were not the grounds?
            Get YOUR facts straight, Oh Purveyor of Stupidity.

          • David in MA

            no, they fear riots in their neighborhoods….. which are going to happen anyway.

          • Dixie Darling

            has done nothing impeachable? Here are 100 reasons but it is NOT the full list…


          • Vindication

            Yeah yeah yeah yeah…
            Now why don’t you do what I did when I first read this list and so many other lists like this and take each one and go research them. Research them all, not on conservative sites, because you’ll never get anything objective because conservative sites WANT YOU TO HATE THE PRESIDENT.
            You’ll be pleasantly surprised after you do some serious objective research… either that or you’ll just go off and try to find something else, ANYTHING, to accuse President Obama of.

          • Jerome Taylor

            Finally someone who makes an intelligent and rational statement on this thread!!! Just letting you I totally agree with you my friend!! No matter though, some folks don’t get the hint!! There is absolutely nothing they can do to get rid of this guy!! He HAS NOT done anything impeachable but being black! YEAH I SAID IT!!!! So let them ramble on, I guess it makes them feel better!!! LOL!!!

          • Vindication

            *high fives Jerome*
            Welcome buddy, to the madhouse!
            o/ o/

          • Jerome Taylor

            You got it pal!! LOL!!

          • Evelyn

            He does not need to be impeached! He needs to be arrested, tried and found guilty of TREASON and then dealt with accordingly. Now what is the punishment for TREASON? Isn’t it DEATH BY HANGING?

          • Vindication

            Same thing applies to the accusation of treason. Don’t you think if President Obama were guilty of treason, the rabid GOP would have ALREADY grabbed him?

            Of course, they would have and you know it.

            FACT is, along with impeachment, the GOP has NO GROUNDS for treason, either.
            However these republicans ARE treasonous and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law:

            Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
            Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
            Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
            Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
            Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
            Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
            Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
            Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
            Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
            Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
            Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
            Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R)
            These republicans met January 20, 2009, the night of the presidential inauguration, to secretly plot the destruction of the United States economy just to try and bring down one man: President Obama.
            And for the next six years that’s exactly what they’ve tried to do. Well, they damn near brought this nation to its knees, but the man is still standing.
            These mean should be HUNG, as you pointed out. And before you start screeching that this is not true and pulling your hair out, I suggest you do some research. Besides, old White Collar Criminal Newt Gingrich who was also there, already admitted this meeting and its purpose in a highly publicized interview and considered himself HONORED to have been included in that treasonous meeting.
            Then there’s the #47Traitors who wrote the Iran letter to deliberately undermine President Obama. Don’t deny it, because we all know that’s the only reason it was written.
            First Boehner shits on protocol and invites Netanyahu, then the 47 traitors wrote and signed the letter and then Tom Cotton meets almost immediately with military contractors, etc etc etc etc…
            You know, if a Democrat did any of this to a republican president, you would have lynched them. Instead, the GOP gets away with their crimes, all the while screeching and frothing at the mouth that the president is treasonous and should be impeached.
            It’s all just a distraction to cover their own crimes and you people fall for it. Which makes you an excellent republican base because the GOP counts on your blind stupidity and you never let them down.

          • Evelyn

            Actually,the resident of the White House HAS committed TREASON by giving aid and supporting enemies of the United States. And our tax dollars are STILL providing housing etc for the Boston Marathon Bombers. And don’t even try to tell me that they are not enemies/terrorists!

          • Vindication

            I can see you read Before It’s News, Breitbart, WND and all those near-sighted, ridiculous rags that spread outrageous lies with no documentation unless it’s from another biased conservative site.
            Evelyn, you’re hopeless. You can’t think for yourself. You have allowed your hatred to blacken your heart and petrify your mind so
            that any logic or reason is barred from your thinking processes.
            It wouldn’t matter what facts I showed you, you would shoot them down and find something else to hate President Obama for.
            I reiterate: You’re hopeless.
            I’m done wasting time with you.

          • Evelyn

            Thank God! You have no sense and you obviously do not know the definition of TREASON. Furthermore, I do NOT hate anyone. Only what he has done to this country that I LOVE! He has no respect for Our Country, Our Veterans, Our Flag, or anything else American. He has given aid and weapons to terrorists and enemies of America. THAT IS TREASON!! And if you don’t understand THAT, then you should either crawl back into YOUR hole or return to whatever enemy territory you came here from!!

          • Vindication

            I decided to return, Evelyn, and tell you a little story about Saint Reagan and his vice president Bush41 and the Iran/Contra Scandal. You stupidly accuse President Obama of selling weapons to the enemies of America and wrongly accuse him of treason, so I am assuming you know nothing of the treasonous republican scandal called the Iran-Contra Affair.

            The Iran-Contra Affair was a clandestine action not approved of by the United States Congress. (OMG! Reagan by-passed Congress! That’s, to use Ted Cruz’s favorite word: LAWLESS! An IMPEACHABLE offense! But was he impeached? Noooooo!)

            The scandal began in 1985, when the Reagan administration supplied weapons to Iran, a sworn ENEMY of the United States! Isn’t that what you’re accusing President Obama of doing?

            The US took millions of dollars from the weapons sale and routed them and the guns to the right-wing “Contra” guerrillas in Nicaragua. (Now THIS was the REAL Fast and Furious! An impeachable offense!)

            The Contras were the armed enemies of Nicaragua’s Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction, following the July ’79 overthrow of Anastasio Somoza Debayle and the ending of the Somoza family’s 43 year reign.

            The Reagan administration committed Treason, by YOUR definition. And if you don’t understand THAT, YOU need to shut your trap allowing all those flies to escape.

            But this is what happened to that treasonous republican administration.

            Firstly, Reagan claimed he knew nothing about it. And Poindexter
            took the fall on that one. Oh but all you republicans think President Obama should know everything that happens at all times, anywhere. And when he says he didn’t know something, you all call him a liar. But Reagan claims he didn’t know gun running and money laundering were going on right under his nose and he got away with it!

            But not so Ollie North, Poindexter or Weinburger. Someone had to take the fall for Reagan. I mean he was the Commander in Chief, it was his watch… and he refused to take accountability so someone had to be the scapegoats.

            North was convicted of obstructing Congress and unlawfully destroying government documents. A few years later, when Bush41 was president, North’s conviction was expunged on the grounds that he had acted strictly out of PATRIOTISM.

            That’s right, what you call TREASON, Bush41 called PATRIOTISM.


            And in the end, Bush 41 issued presidential pardons to all indicted in the scandal. The Iran/Contra Affair was ended.
            Pardoned, all that treason, what you called treason, was pardoned by a republican president.
            The dishonor, the lies, the hypocrisy your party consistently exhibits and shoves down the throats of every American in this country, is galling.

          • Evelyn

            OK, so now you can pick up your marbles and go home. You’re boring!

          • Vindication

            I just showed you how dishonorable, dishonest and hypocritical you and your republican party are by relaying to you an important, historical, factual story and you come back with silly, childish insults. Typical GOP reasoning.

            How you accuse President Obama of treason for allegedly selling weapons to America’s enemies, but Bush41 called it Patriotism when a republican president and his republican administration actually did sell weapons to America’s enemies, by-passing Congress to do it AND then ran those weapons to another regime along with money laundering and then pardoned those who were charged and imprisoned.

            Patriotism, indeed. smh

            All the while your GOP leaders are accusing President Obama of fictitious crimes, they actually committed those treasonous crimes themselves. But they think you people are too stupid to fact check and too lazy to care!

            And you ARE too stupid to fact check because you didn’t know about this and you SHOULD HAVE known about it and you ARE too lazy to care about these facts because all you can think of is how borrrrrrring you think I am because you didn’t like the facts I revealed to your hate filled brain.

            Here’s the thing, they won’t be charging President Obama for any kind of treason because they can’t, for two reasons.

            1) Most importantly, because he hasn’t committed treason.

            2) Most importantly, because GOP has committed treason.


            Kinda shocking though, huh? Took those 2 ounces of brain juice you had and dried it all up, didn’t it? Because all you could think of was:

            “You’re borrrrrrrring…”


            Your accusations and arguments accusing President Obama of treason are silly moot points and will go absolutely nowhere.

          • Don Pitts

            Lazy and ;uninformed liberals will not get off their govt. paid ass. They do not want anything to interrupt their stream of govt. dollars.

          • sharon

            What I been saying all along, some liberals live off the government and don’t plan to stop. They will vote for anyone who gives them free, heck they would vote for Hilter if he were running to get free.

          • David in MA

            Don, I would like to see one of the candidates make the statement that everyone on govt. dole will be required to be re-certified……
            Just to see what the slugs of society do.

          • Susan

            Excellent idea!

          • Ellen

            They are on the dole for generations, and therefore don’t see any need to work, as they live better on our tax dollars than if they worked! Free healthcare, food, housing, etc!

          • shamu9

            You’d see a riot that would make Ferguson look Tame!

          • sharon

            It’s not just liberals getting free, both parties are ass wipes and liars, it’s just that Democrat are better at it, and get away with it more.

          • sharon

            Liberals want one thing, free, it means more to some of them then they’re own children do. They will never accomplish anything but smoking dope and voting for fascists to get free.

          • Lili J

            There is a nationwide movement taking place over the next few days, in which many groups across the country are calling for Obama’s impeachment.

          • Vindication

            Did you see that recent White House petition calling for the president’s impeachment? In 30 days they could only raise 31,000 signatures. This petition was archived because it did not meet the signature requirements.


            The petition we sent up to bring charges against the 47 traitors who wrote the Iran letter, got 100,000 in the first 24 hours and by 30 days we raised more than 320,000 signatures.


            Point: Your silly, unjustified movement will never gain momentum and even if it does, you people are in the minority. Obama will never be impeached. You can’t impeach a president just because you hate him. He has to REALLY violate the law or get caught giving blow jobs in the Oval Office, both of which President Obama will not do.

          • Me Again


          • Vindication

            Yeah yeah yeah yeah…

            *rolls my eyes*

          • Me Again

            Laughing at your stupidity

          • John Richardson

            Me again,your the only one laughing.

          • Me Again

            The man was an idiot, MR. VINDICATION, u don’t think so u r anidiot still laughing

          • olf

            You do not understand evil. When he / they get done with us, guess who will be next ? Yes ! You. Evil is evil because it hates people, and is never satisfied.

          • Vindication

            Dare I think you’re speaking of the GOP?
            It sure sounds like it.

          • A natural born American

            That’s how my adolescent grandkids respond when someone points out the illogic of their reasoning. My own children did the same. Come to think of it I recall having perfected “rolling my eyes”. Boy did THAT ever piss the adults off! I can still hear them sputtering! 🙂 <- me smiling at the memory.

            Although I admire your attempts to cite the information you googled, you did, however, confine yourself to biased sites. My young grandkids do that too. Anything that "proves" them right might as well be written in stone–end of discussion! Admittedly, it isn't always easy to find an unbiased site that doesn't lean far left or far right, but if you look hard enough you will find them.

            Take heart you will grow up. Someday. Once you become responsible for, and to, more than just your. For the most part we all have that OMG I'm my mother/father! moment. Sooner or later.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            You are disillusioned.

          • Me Again

            U r asleep & AN IDIOT IF U DONT SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING look at the 45 communist goals from the 1963 florida house of reps then open your eyes U R JUST AN IDIOT LIBERAL HOPE U R THE FIRST TO BE BEHEADED U R AN FN IDIOT

          • tnetcenter

            You’re hallucinating! Obama’s transgressions are not our imaginations, they are real criminal treasonous acts that endanger our country and our society.

            Do you honestly think that an Obama administration White House web-site is going to be fair and impartial or not cheat and lie to promote Obama’s aims??? Of course not!

            Just as an example of the clear divide between liberals and the rest of the country – The Kleins (the Oregon bakers that have been persecuted over their refusal to compromise their Christian beliefs have been fined $135,000 by the state. A fund was set up to help raise the money – in less than 6 hours they had already raised over $66,000. Liberals can’t do that, all they can do is whine about perceived slights and constantly claim that everything they don’t like is racist.

          • Bernard K. Johnson

            obama has been aiding terrorists and oppressive governments so long, and it still isn’t hard to believe that liberals don’t care. They have a twisted view of the things obama does.

          • Bob Russell

            hot silly or unjustified!!!!! fuehrer oblahblah is a criminal who should be hanged for treason not impeached!!!!! funding islamists is treason and that is a crime!!!!!

          • sherri palmer

            I agree…anything that gets him our of our lives! Wish I had the link to “Washington DC Navy Yard shooting linked to attempted arrest of Obama for treason” this is a coke head, gay, muslim, communist sitting in our WH! Congress is aol as usual! This is dangerous and I did not make this up!

          • Bernard K. Johnson

            no offense, and i agree that obitchma is the worst president ever, but u can’t just call someone a coke head or gay or muslim just because he’s barely a leader, let alone better than Mitt Romney

          • MrJackpack37 .

            Go back to his college days and see just who his boy friends were.
            He liked taking the tar paper up where the sun don’t shine !

          • Rick

            Aiding the illegals by helping them get into this country is treasonous in and of itself.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            This black son of a bitch has committed more crimes that AL Capone and all the rest of his mob. Congress is scared stiff of him and Sharpton too.

          • sharon

            That scum Obama is no President, he is a fascist liar and tratior

          • Vindication

            Awwww, I detect serious butt hurt here…
            *hands you a Bandaid for your boo boo*

          • sharon

            You can’t tell a liberal fool anything, all they can see if free.

          • Vindication

            That’s called Projection… where you attribute your own sorry failings onto someone else.

          • David in MA

            Vinnie, no hate, just common sense that he is not the right person to be a president, not even of a landfill.

          • Vindication

            How do you know? He was never given a chance to govern without all the obstruction and hate bombs. None of us know how President Obama would have governed, but I bet you this country would be in far better shape than it is now had the GOP worked with him instead of trying to destroy the country so they could ruin the man.

          • David in MA

            “None of us know how President Obama would have governed,”
            You need to make appointments with your EENT doctor, his way of “governing” has been apparent from day one!

          • Vindication

            And you need to gain some more knowledge, Dave. Go put the coffee on, get comfortable, you’re about to learn something meaningful.

            The night of President Obama’s inauguration, BEFORE HE HAD A CHANCE TO GOVERN, a group of republicans met and plotted the economic destruction of America just so they could destroy the president. They planned to blame their evil tactics on President Obama.

            Remember, at that time 700,000 people a month were losing their jobs and the American economy was in the most horrible tailspin since the Great Depression, but did the GOP care? Hell no. The only thing they cared about was destroying a man before he even gained the Oval Office. Before he was given a chance to govern. Before the American people got to know their president.

            During the meeting, the GOP conspirators vowed to bring Congress to a standstill, regardless of how badly Congressional inaction would hurt the already hurting American economy and people. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the last six years with no let up.

            In essence, they pledged to each other to obstruct, filibuster and block any legislation that might improve the economy, and thus make President Obama look good. Because we all know the GOP does not want President Obama to succeed in anything, even to the detriment of the country and her people.

            Three months later, republican Pete Sessions told the National Journal in March of 2009 that the Republican sabotage plan would borrow a page from the tactics of the Taliban terrorists. You read that correctly, the GOP used terrorist tactics against the president, the country and her people.

            Yeah, borrow from the tactics of the Taliban Terrorists. Well, we can see old Pete doesn’t have a problem saying the word terrorist. Nor does have any qualms in subjecting his country to terrorist attacks.

            Kevin McCarthy was quoted as saying, “We’ve gotta challenge him on every single bill. Show united and unyielding opposition to the president’s economic policies.”

            That’s right… tear down the presidency, destroy the country in the process… and this before the president had a chance to govern. No one knew how he would govern on his inauguration night, the night they met to plot his destruction because he had not been given that chance.

            Show united and unyielding opposition to the president’s economic policies. Eight days later after the inauguration, then Minority Whip Cantor would hold the House GOP to a unanimous No! against Obama’s economic stimulus plan. A plan that would help bring this country out of its recession. NO says the GOP! Let the country rot!

            The president had to battle tooth and nail to get the GOP to work with him on bringing this Nation out of an economic recession.

            And from that day onward President Obama has been battling the real (GOP) terrorists, while they destroy this country from the inside out along with her people. The GOP brought this nation to its knees but the man is still standing.

            Republicans have been doing more damage to America and to the American people, than any terrorist organization could. The party is treasonous.

            Since President Obama took office, Republicans have filibustered and blocked a variety of bills that would have helped the American people and economy.

            These include President Obama’s jobs bill, the ‘American Jobs, Closing of Loopholes, and Prevention of Outsourcing Act,’ which would have prevented the outsourcing of jobs overseas, and the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act, which encouraged small businesses to hire by giving them temporary tax credits, Jobs Bills for the Vets, Violence Against Women, Raising the minimum wage etc etc etc etc etc etc etc: NO NO NO NO! says the GOP.

            Republicans have worked very hard to tear down America.
            They’ve refused to increase funding to our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, leaving our country stuck in the 19th century.

            What they can’t tear down or dismantle, they try to privatize, from our educational system to the USPS to our National Parks.

            In the GOP’s blind will-to-power, the group who met either could not see or did not care about the real life struggles of the American people and their obligation to help them. They were elected to serve not to rule. In their single-minded commitment to destroy President Obama, they forgot their oath, their duty to the people of the United States. They did not consider the real life impact on the American people of the deepest economic retraction since the Great Depression. They did not consider it because they did not care.

            While they were plotting against the president and against their constituents, people lost jobs, health care, and hope. This fit the plan. The GOP WANTED the American people to lose hope for the sake of their own electoral advantage. So they could blame it all on the president, which is exactly what they have been doing. But thank goodness, the majority of the People are smarter than the GOP support base and can now see exactly what the GOP has done and is doing still.

            President Obama wanted to work with the GOP, work together to make this Nation stand stronger. Instead the GOP deliberately fought against him. Refused to not only NOT compromise, but just not work with him at all. Instead of President Obama, as a leader, working with the republicans, the republicans should be working with President Obama, who IS the leader. But it has been President Obama who has consistently reached across the aisle, not the other way around.

            I reiterate: The GOP brought this nation to its knees but the man is still standing. Under Obama’s watch and despite GOP terrorist insurgency, the stock market has posted a remarkable comeback from the deep lows of the financial crisis. All three major indexes regularly flirt with new all-time highs. Corporate profits have nearly tripled along with the soaring stock prices. Unemployment is a record low at 5.6%, which is slightly better than the historical average. The economy has now gained nearly five times more jobs under President Obama than it did during the presidency of Bush43, and again the unemployment rate has dropped to just below the historical average. Real weekly earnings are up 1.7 percent, thanks in part to a plunge in gasoline prices. (Thanks Obama!)

            2014 has gone on the books (a part of President Obama’s successful legacy) as the best year for employment growth in 15 years, the official figures show that the U.S. had 6,371,000 more people employed in December than it did when Obama took office in 2009. So during Obama’s first six years in office, the U.S. has added nearly five times more jobs than it did during the entire eight years under Bush43. Bush43’s total was just under 1.3 million. <<< That's Bush43's legacy… GOP legacy!

            So, despite the GOP's terroristic, treasonous tactics in trying to destroy America just to bring down one man, President Obama not only managed to stay strong and productive, but he also managed to greatly improve the American economy and the lives of American people.
            A nation is only as strong, healthy, wealthy and intelligent as its people and the GOP is making sure the once mighty United States of America is weak, ill, poor and dumbed down. The question is… WHY?

            And before you come back with your grunts and groans, denials and delusions and your silly insults, what I have written here, these facts are on record where they will stay. The president isn't the only one with a legacy, the GOP has one too and it's not pretty by any means, in any way. While they have been striving to destroy the legacy of the President of the United States of America, they have been demolishing their own legacy.

            On January 20, 2009 Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and 10 other treasonous republicans became Traitors against America, and to quote one of your own on this forum, they should be hung as the treasonous vermin they are.

          • David in MA

            I think you have it backwards, your putting GOP where OBAMA’s name belongs…. AND Obama’s 6 years has shown exactly who wants to destroy America.

          • Vindication

            You can’t read or comprehend what you read, Dave, that is apparent. And you’re too blind and utterly idiotic to recognize your party’s failure even as its slapping you upside the head.

            I don’t have anything backwards… and you know it. You can’t even give me counter arguments, all you can do is yammer about how it’s all President Obama’s fault, even when the dates and times don’t match up for it to be President Obama’s fault. *laughs*

            Everything I told you has been recorded, has been written down for history. It’s already in books, articles, essays… What you have witnessed these past 6 years has been the work of the GOP, that too is recorded for posterity. The GOP is desperate because they know they have nothing to show for their efforts in governing except catastrophic, uber-epic FAILURES wrapped in blatant outrageous lies, also recorded and documented as their LEGACY.

            You can’t change that no matter how many spit bubbles you blow to wish upon.

            I’m done with you, Dave. You’re just another dumbass republican and I’m not gonna waste anymore of my time.

            Now go play with your building blocks. Surely, you can build something worthwhile, because you sure as hell don’t know much of anything else.

          • David in MA

            Your an idiot………………………..

          • Vindication

            Awwwwww…. poor baby… I detect some serious butt hurt…

            But you’re in luck, Davy! I ran out of Bandaids a couple weeks ago passing them out to your comrades here, but I got another box because I knew I’d run into more wimpy republicans…

            *hands you a Bandaid for your boo boo*


          • Vindication

            P.S. And it’s YOU ARE.

            Not YOUR.



          • Bernard K. Johnson

            hah, vin, u think u won the debate, but I’m still here. obama’s dumb economic stimulus plan was stupid. Putting money in the hands of poor people removes their motivation to work in the first place, creating a new problem where one fell. Putting money in the hands of rich people will help the economy because they would spend more, considering the fact that a smart poor person would save a lot of that money so that they have a backup in case of financial failure.

          • Vindication

            More GOP propaganda from the mouth of the GOP Stupid Brigade.
            This is getting old and redundant.
            It’s been shown time and again that Trickle Down economics do not work. You’re still stuck in the bad math time warp, Bernardo. All trickle down does is allow the 1% to piss on the heads of the 99% and they have to like it. It’s nothing more than stinky Golden Shower economics.
            Here, take a sip of this Koolaid to rid your mouth of that horrid turd slop you’ve been slurping.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            Sure sounds like you’re in bed with Obama too!

          • Vindication

            Geeeeeeeeez, you say that like it’s a bad thing.
            Annihilating GOP lies and illuminating GOP corruption is hard work, I know, but someone’s gotta do it.

          • sharon

            so where is this petition I didn’t get a chance to sign it. I sure as hell would. I want to see that Muslim trash out of the white house.

          • Ellen

            He has…

          • Evelyn

            The resident of the White House is GUILTY OF TREASON! Is that enough of a reason?

          • Vindication

            No he’s not guilty of treason.
            Just like I pointed out before… if he were guilty of treason, the GOP would have already pounced.
            They’ve not done anything because THEY HAVE NO GROUNDS.
            It’s a real shame you allow your hatred to color your reasoning.

          • David in MA

            The GOP did not pounce because they knew the hood would riot and they did not want to be accused of racism and prompting a riot, funny thing is, it is going to happen anyhow and there will be an abundance of dead black hoodies for the sewer rats to feed on.

          • Vindication

            Davy, go play with your building blocks like a good little boy. This conversation is for adults who can reason. You have some years to go yet.

            By the way, how’s your boo boo feeling? Need another Bandaid?

          • Bernard K. Johnson

            He’s helped the iranians research nuclear weapons so that they could either destroy the US or Israel, so when u wake up from your liberal dream, call me.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            Want to put your paycheck on it? Dig far enough back into his history and you’ll find out who is the biggest QUEER ever to occupy the White House is..

          • Vindication

            Awwww Jack, do you really think your comment was clever and intelligent? Do you REALLY?

          • sharon

            The morons are all going to vote for whoever gives them socialists loving idiots free, and it won’t be Republicans. The fools want to live in a socialist country so they don’t have to work and they can lay all day smoking dope in front of the TV. Just the way the scum like Obama wants them to do. Obama and the dirty Democrats want control over them all, and they laugh at them everyday.

          • Vindication

            You don’t even know what socialism is… that much is apparent in your little childish rant. Why don’t you take some seriously needed time off and spend it educating yourself instead of wasting time rotting your brain even more than it is, spewing out hate-filled propaganda talking points from the Stupid Party Brigade. mmmm’kay?

          • sharon

            I have been hearing this for a while now, haven’t seen it yet, and how many actually will, many fear Obama, which is shameful, I don’t fear that fascists moron and never will.

          • sherri palmer

            I am with you! Many of us have signed so many “impeachment” petitions and not one thing has happened! Nothing! I don’t believe it will happen, I have to see it to believe it! Anyone see the ad re: Obama will not finish his 2nd term…I am hoping for that, but aint seen nothing yet!

          • sharon

            It won’t matter how man petitions  are signed and how many sign them, it won’t happen the progressive communist will never let it happen.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            I’ll bet that they asked you for your best donation tho !

          • MrJackpack37 .

            There will never be enough votes in Congress to impeach this black bastard in our WHITE HOUSE, and he knows it.

          • sharon

            Even if he got enough signatures the Supreme court would not let it happen, they are Obama’s lap dogs

          • bob arnold

            never happen, you need more votes in senate than you have, not enough republicans for an impeachment and also by the time it would take even if you had enough votes he will be out of office unless we vote for his mate Hillary

          • sharon

            I thought Obama was scary, Hillary Clinton is about ten times worse than Obama, not to mention a better liar. Totally a communist lover, hung around with them in college and was fired many times from various campaigns for lying. We all know Bill is a liar. Thing is some ignorant liberals don’t care, if she offers them free the brain dead fools will vote for her.

          • Robert DeCoste

            Nobody is going to impeach LaBoomba.
            All that is ever done is to begin talking about calling a Democrat to task.
            democrats erase the evidence and stall any action.
            It takes too long, to do anything, then it is forgotten.
            The best way, is to just do any action quickly, without any fan fare.
            Use a SWAT team an confiscate the evidence, before they can hide it.


          • 101Airborne

            NOT ANY TOO SOON!!!!POS..

          • sharon

            Do you know how many times I have heard that, have not seen it yet,.Obama will have the black thugs out killing and looting and burning if they try to impeach him. Wait and see, hell he will probably call his Muslim dogs in to help.

          • Lili J

            Already HAS the Muslims coming in by thousands… Civil war is coming…

          • sharon

            I know it’s coming so many people are sick of that fascists scum Obama.

          • Bob Russell

            they don’t care what us peons think anyway!!!!!!

          • jacksonbrown

            As long as half the electorate is unaffected by this socialist and no telling how many bandwagon riders are supporting him, it may be quite some time before we get back on track. I guess it all depends on how long these freeloaders stay satisfied with being on the welfare system.

          • Vindication

            He’s done nothing to be impeached for.
            For the last six years the republicans have been screeching and wailing IMPEACH HIM IMPEACH HIM IMPEACH HIM over and over and over and over again…
            Yet, he’s still here. He’s not going anywhere until his tenure is done of its own accord. You have to ask, why hasn’t he been impeached then? The answer is, he’s not done one single impeachable thing.
            Then why do the republicans continue to accuse him of impeachable actions or why liars like Ted Cruz accuse him of being lawless?
            The answer is: The republicans know their support base is too stupid and too lazy to research and fact check. They know their support base will run with their lies. Zero to 120mph in under 10 seconds, bar none.
            So, because of this flagrant stupidity in their base, the republicans get off on riling you people, get you all frothing at the mouth so you can do their dirty work for them and keep the screeches coming: IMPEACH HIM!
            And you all fall for it.

          • Lili J

            Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) will introduce a House Resolution being called “the most aggressive move toward impeachment from any House Republican.” The day that we have all been praying for has finally arrived — someone in Congress finally has the courage to move on impeachment. Ted Yoho’s Resolution will set the parameters on specific unconstitutional actions that Obama has carried out over the past six years. It defines 11 separate actions that Obama has taken as “high crimes and misdemeanors.”
            Sign the petition


          • Vindication

            Did you see that recent White House petition calling for the president’s impeachment? In 30 days they could only raise 31,000 signatures. This petition was archived because it did not meet the signature requirements.


            The petition we sent up to bring charges against the 47 traitors who wrote the Iran letter, got 100,000 in the first 24 hours and by 30 days we raised more than 320,000 signatures.


            Point: Your silly, unjustified movement will never gain momentum and even if it does, you people are in the minority. Obama will never be impeached. You can’t impeach a president just because you hate him. He has to REALLY violate the law or get caught giving blow jobs in the Oval Office, both of which President Obama will not do.

            By the way, I read those 11 points they’re going to be basing their impeachment on. *laughs* They won’t get anywhere, these 11 points are just as bogus as your 25 violations list that I fact checked. I look forward to watching this one die an ignoble death because none of these accusations will stick.

            Wanna wager?

          • JeromefromLayton

            You’re close. Remember Billy Jeff Clinton? Impeached by the House of Representatives but skated through the Senate Trial where 67 votes were needed. Lincoln’s VP Andrew Johnson had a much closer call and escaped conviction by One Vote. All of the Republican Senators who supported his retention were voted out of office by their State Legislators.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            House files Articles of Impeachment, like a Grand Jury, if they pass the vote, then it goes to Senate, which is a trial, Judge would be the head of Supreme court, if votes failed as they did, both by 1 vote, as with Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, then the Potus walks away, but he was still impeached, if votes prevail, he’s removed from office and VP then becomes Potus, the impeached President then also face imprisonment, or more charges, since this has never happened, well!! But I am all for seeing it.

          • kotoc

            Like you, I am also all for seeing this happen. However, it seems unlikely, due to this Obamacare, the terrorist Islamic crisis overseas, the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants, etc. The list goes on and on, and doesn’t even end with the HUGE amount of Czars he’s appointed, costing the taxpayers billions of dollars. I suppose you have also read in the news, or seen on TV, that he’s sent a “relief” of some troops and given $1 million to Nepal because of disaster relief after that devastating earthquake? How generous. One million dollars. In the meantime, he’s doling BILLIONS of dollars of our tax money to illegals who will vote for him because he offers them a free ticket to ride.

          • Jeanne Stotler

            I am in favor of Red Cross and churches BUT not tax money going to other countries, we never get repaid, most cannot repay, look at how long it took for the European countries to repay WWI debt, I am now watching the happenings in Balt.my daughter and her family live near there, granddaughter goes to Univ. of Md., and my son works near Balto. Air port. The situation over there is really out of hand.

          • Bob Russell

            the house impeaches and the senate tries and either acquits or convicts but since the NWOSP funded by the soros, buffet, Bloomberg, gates cabal of billionaire globalists control things fuehrer oblahblah is safe since he is one of them!!!!!

          • cactusjoe

            It would take courage for our congress to impeach Obama. Unfortunately, there is none in Washington!!

          • sharon

            Fear is what Obama rules on, don’t let that stop you, Obama like Hilter wants to scare you off from saying anything or doing anything he doesn’t agree with.

          • David in MA

            The House brings charges (Impeachment) and the Senate impeaches (holds a trial) and if found guilty removes the impeached person from office. This Obama should never have been allowed o take office until he presented his “documents” to the American people, Congress should have impeached him the minute he was sworn in (for not doing so) PLUS, at any point along the way, Congress could have brought charges against Obama for actions from Treason, to circumventing the separation of powers, to aiding an enemy of the country, to misdemeanors, which is anything Congress wants it to mean. Congress dropped the ball on bath house barry and America is paying a terrible price for that.
            Impeach him on a single count which can be verified, take away his pension and retirement benefits, send his azz back to the ghetto where he belongs.

          • A natural born American

            The Impeachment Process

            In the House of Representatives

            The House Judiciary Committee decides whether or not to proceed with impeachment. If they do…

            The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee will propose a Resolution calling for the Judiciary Committee to begin a formal inquiry into the issue of impeachment.

            Based on their inquiry, the Judiciary Committee will send another Resolution to the full House stating that impeachment is warranted and why (the Articles of Impeachment), or that impeachment is not called for.

            The Full House (probably operating under special floor rules set by the House Rules Committee) will debate and vote on each Article of Impeachment.

            Should any one of the Articles of Impeachment be approved by a simple majority vote, the President will be “impeached.” However, being impeached is sort of like being indicted of a crime. There still has to be a trial, which is where the US Senate comes in.

            In the Senate

            The Articles of Impeachment are received from the House.

            The Senate formulates rules and procedures for holding a trial.

            A trial will be held. The President will be represented by his lawyers. A select group of House members will serve as “prosecutors.” The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (currently John G. Roberts) will preside with all 100 Senators acting as the jury.

            The Senate will meet in private session to debate a verdict.

            The Senate, in open session, will vote on a verdict. A 2/3 vote of the Senate will result in a conviction.

            The Senate will vote to remove the President from office.

            The Senate may also vote (by a simple majority) to prohibit the President from holding any public office in the future.

            If successful Joe Biden would become our POTUS.

          • kotoc

            Thank you for this information. Now it seems as if there is NOTHING that can stop Obama, and God forbid that Joe Biden should be our “POTUS.”… This sucks. We ALL know what he’s done to our country, but unless we can PROVE his crimes, the only thing that gets accomplished is making waves and getting a lot of people out of favor with him. For some reason, I have a feeling that those who oppose him will meet with untimely deaths. I wouldn’t put it past him.

          • A natural born American

            We may not be able to stop obama, but we sure as heck can slow him down. I’m constantly signing letters and petitions which are forwarded to my congressman and representative. It is a very effective way to get your congressmen and representatives to uphold his campaign promises by voting the way his/her constituency wants — unless you’ve got yourself a Rino. As you may have noticed, most petitions and letters often start out as a page or an advertisement on facebook.

          • kotoc

            I’m sorry… and I don’t want to rain on your parade of petitions, but I seriously doubt that they will do any real good, other than voice your opinion. Petitions, in order to do REAL work, need to be signed by door-to-door petitioners, and then sent in with THOUSANDS of signatures, along with addresses. I’ve heard that online petitions are pretty much worthless. I’ve signed them as well, but no matter much we have hope that our voices get heard this way, it’s pretty much a hopeless cause. I don’t remember exactly where I read about the effects of online petitions, but I do know that they don’t influence the government in any way.

          • A natural born American

            I’ve signed petitions concerning issues that my congressmen and representative had openly said they would not support–and then they did. Even our Rino changes his vote on occasion. But we tend to overwhelm our politicians with petitions, letters and phone calls when an issue is important to us. And our politicians listen. For the most part. When they don’t their careers are cut short.

          • bob arnold

            the house can impeach and then it has to be approved by Senate.
            not enough republicans to get the votes over the democrats and then we have Biden

          • Richard Adams

            You need 67 votes in senate to convict, not gonna happen. Too bad.

          • kotoc

            Well… I guess that’s about it, then…… there’s only ONE way to get rid of Obama, but I’m not going to be the one to volunteer for that job, no matter how much I would enjoy it.

          • 101Airborne

            That is exactly what the hell this POS(piece of shit) that occupies our W,H. wants you to feel.. They work for us, we don’t work for them!!! GET IT!!! First of all, Employees of the IRS, owe several millions in unpaid taxes along with that asshole Sharpton who sits with the MORON at most meetings that have a racial component!! Your first amendment rights are guaranteed by the Constitution… Dam it !!, Get a pocket book Constitution, and study it!!!! Conspiracy my ass!!!!!! [We] as [legal] citizens not only have the right, but the duty to express your opinion and [demand] that your congress represent your will, not their will!!! We can’t allow big business, foreign countries, lobbyist and big money to control the government any longer… Get on the phone, computer etc. and locate your representatives, senators and know your subject matter when contacting them.. Let them know that you intend to follow their voting record and if not satisfied with their record, you intend to {actively} remove them from office…. ALSO WORK FOR TERM LIMITS AND LIMITED CAMPAIGN FIANCE LEGISLATION (OUR POLITICIANS ARE BEING BOUGHT AND PAID FOR).. Let them know you expect a reply!!!!!!

        • Nastasyana

          he did not have to make fools of millions of americans because millions of Americans are already fools.. They vote against their best interests to make sure that the wealthy succeed. Mitt Romney would have resurrected serfdom and most of you deserve it

          • Amy Fowler

            I guess you are one of the fools as you think Obama rises and sets with the sun. Too bad you don’t know history. More republicans than democrats have helped the lower and middle classes. If you knew history, you would know this and not base your opinions on hear-say.

          • Nastasyana

            I don’t know if that’s true in the past. However, I do know now that people are receiving healthcare who never did before. I do observe that tyhe GOP is cutting resources to poor people and getting involved in women’s personal choices and proscribing who should marry whom. Perhaps if they “went back”to helping the lower and middle classes rather than giving money to the wealthy, they could get elected again.

          • Vindication

            At one time in history, the republicans were for the underdog, the down trodden and civil rights, but over the last 50 years they’ve changed course and now they embrace the KKK and Jim Crow laws, they are against civil and equal rights. GOP hates blacks (just read these comments), women, gays, the poor, the ill, the homeless, the vets, children and immigrants (just look over the bills they’ve blocked and the ones they’ve tried to pass. The info is out there recorded for history. Go read). Republicans embrace such orgs as Sovereign Citizens, Oath Keepers, the KKK and White Hate Groups spread across the country. In essence, the republicans have DEVOLVED over the years.

            Whereas once the Dems embraced the KKK and Jim Crow laws, they now repudiate everything the KKK and Jim Crow laws stand for. Today Dems are champions for the poor, women, gays, the ill, middle class, blacks and immigrants, the homeless and our vets. They work for civil rights and equal rights for the People all the while the republicans trash every equal or civil right bill that crosses their desks. In essence, the Dems have EVOLVED over the last 50 years.

            YOU should know YOUR history before you admonish someone else.

          • Sama

            What a steaming mess of biased opinion..
            Too bad there isn’t factual evidence for those opinions
            Anointing of Czars……they actually write laws…they’re unelected. They call them regulations and they carry fines and/or imprisonment so for the lowly citizen, they are new laws. Illegal!!

            Dismissing Laws–(not in his power)–DOMA, immigration, Changing those laws without Congress. That was just his beginning.
            Will be interesting to see how you feel about him this coming Fall. Be sure to say your prayers, you’re gonna need help. It may be that those people you disparage so crudely will be unwilling to help you when the time comes………..and it is coming. You will wish you were out speaking friendship and aid to all. Think of all those who would be willing to help you and yours if you had.

            Also, please note he cannot mention that special religion without compliments and cannot mention Christians without criticism.

            Back Up. Focus. Get a larger picture in mind regarding how this Country was founded and how it is FAST being re-invented.

          • Vindication

            Oh but there is factual evidence. All you have to do is go read the legislation enacted by either party and legislation that was blocked by either party. That information is available. Go read it.
            I stated facts.

            As to the ‘anointing of Czars” that’s a fallacy. That began as an email and travelled the GOP base circuit and here you are spreading the lie further. I suggest YOU focus on the truth.
            As to dismissing laws such as DOMA, that too is a GOP lie. Obama merely stopped defending DOMA because he believes it’s unconstitutional. There is no law anywhere that says a president must defend a law he deems wrong. He didn’t dismiss it, he merely stopped defending it. And I agree with him. I don’t support DOMA either.
            I find it interesting, that with the ACA, small businesses along with the republican party bitched and moaned and pulled their hair out over the small business mandate… how it’s so sooo unconstitutional. How the ACA mandate will kill all these jobs blah blah blah blah blah…
            So Obama comes in and makes changes to delay the mandate to appease the small business and the republicans and what do the republicans do, they start screeching IMPEACH HIM IMPEACH HIM. For godsakes, the man listened to the bitching and fixed it and then gets his teeth kicked in. President Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
            Well, as I have said elsewhere, if what he did was an impeachable offense, then why didn’t the republicans start the proceedings? Huh? The reason is because he didn’t commit the crime the republicans were saying he did. I mean, come on, the GOP impeached a president for a trivial Oval Office blow job, yet allowed Obama to get away with a real crime? I don’t think so.
            He wasn’t impeached because he didn’t do anything to be impeached for. Get it?
            Now you, back up and focus. Start asking why your leaders say one thing and then do another. We’ve been hearing how “lawless” our president is, yet they’ve done nothing. Don’t you ever wonder why?
            It’s because they’re lying to you. All they want to do is rile you up, get you frothing so you’ll do their dirty work for them.
            And here you are, doing their dirty work for them.
            I feel sorry for you and your ilk.
            Well, almost.

          • Sama

            I don’t feel sorry for you but I will pray for you and also hope you get paid very well for your efforts to crown us a king.

          • Vindication


            Crown you king? This coming from a party who wrongly and hatefully accuses the president of being king?

            Can you say hypocrite?


          • Sama

            There you go assuming again.
            I am NOT a Republican. I never vote for a ‘Party”. That is your first mistake but not your last.

          • Vindication

            If it acts like a republican. If it speaks like a republican. If it defends republican policy and behavior, it’s a republican.

            That’s your mistake. If you want to be seen as ‘not a republican’ then stop acting like one.

          • Sama

            You will say anything to cover your rear for your assumptions.
            I am grateful I don’t seek you out to find out how to
            ‘fix’ me. If you cannot see there are things to criticize from ‘both sides of the aisle” you are truly and thoroughly brainwashed. I have other things to do now so enjoy the rest of your day. Bye

          • Vindication

            Sure there are things to criticize from both sides of the aisle… but I don’t see anything on this page that admits that. Not one thing. I’m too busy defending the president from all these hateful, uninformed people who seem to think he’s the only one who is evil here, that the GOP can do no wrong and everything the GOP has done is righteous.

            I mean, there are so many comments here that trash talk the president, uncalled for shit. Blaming him for Common Core when he has nothing to do with it. There are even comments that trash his daughters, who are innocent kids. Ohhh but that’s okay, right?

            When I come across one comment that admits the GOP is wrong about whatever or one comment that applauds something the Dems have done, then we’ll talk about both sides of the aisle.

          • suz

            Did you know KKK was started by Democrats . Don’t you remember Al Gore the other idiot cried because his family had slaves. LOL good grief they are a bunch of pansy asses and you drink their Kool Aid

          • Vindication

            Yep I sure do. Dems started the KKK and now go back and re-read what I wrote… something about how the Dems have since evolved?

          • suz

            No they haven’t evolved it’s called cover up

          • Vindication

            Nice try, but didn’t work.

            The laws both parties have tried to pass and the laws both parties have blocked or tried to block is on record. So go read that record and you will see for yourself that the GOP has devolved into a cess pit of bigotry and now embrace Jim Crow laws. And you will see for yourself that the Dems have evolved and now embrace equal rights and civil rights for all the people.

            You can continue to deliberately dumb yourself down, it’s your right, but that does not change facts.

          • Bill buddy

            You are so right!!!

          • Green Eyed Lady

            Say What?

        • JeromefromLayton

          Not a chance in Hell. This fellow has been blessed by a machine that greased the rails and opened doors for him every step of the way. All of his Democrat opponents were blown out of the way just before the Primary for his State Senate contest by people with briefcases. Then, when he ran for US Senate, Senator Ryan’s (Sealed) divorce agreement was made public effectively destroying his career. Alan Keyes was the last minute replacement and total disaster as a candidate giving Barry an easy win. Then Senator “Present” immediately started his Presidential campaign with the able assistance of the machine. What’s next? Watch Hillary get wasted because she isn’t part of his people’s equation. Impeach? Not with the collection of RINO legislators back in DC.

        • tnetcenter

          He has a LOT of help! Most Democrats and ALL RINOs are lining up to kiss his exalted rear end and to do his bidding no matter what that is.


        • A natural born American

          Who would be worse obama or biden?

      • The duck

        Oh he does not grin all the time. There have been times he could not get his way and he got mad as ‘H’. But yeah he should have been impeached after his first month in office when he began hiring his muggers he called Czars.

      • Bill buddy

        You have that correct for sure!!

      • Bob Russell

        the illegals ARE NOT immigrants, they are alien invaders!!!!!

      • Disgust

        Wish someone would slap that stupid grin off his traitorous face.

      • runing

        AMEN TO THAT

    • Ken says

      What? and have Court Jester Joe for Persident – He would be an incumbent and eligible to run for 2 terms. As bad as Obama is we need to keep him aliive for another 21 months and just not fund his EOs – keep the pressure on Congress.

      • 1whoserved

        Reason why Obama picked Biden to be VP is He’s an under acheiver. If Biden Ran for President Too many Americans are Tired of this regine…….No Way Will He Win…..So Impeach Obama!!!!

      • Oingo Boingo

        Biden is too stupid to do any real damage, unlike the evil mulatto covert operative now smeared on this nation.

        • James Jarmon

          Never underestimate the power of an idiot. Biden could do much worse.

      • ONLYJB1

        Obomber has hidden behind biden far too long! It’s time these political criminals pay the ultimate price for their corruption and criminal activity! What makes biden safe from the hangman’s noose?

    • Oingo Boingo

      THEN, hang the commie rat.

    • Rx7pj

      Horseshit, NONE of republicans in congress have kids that go to public schools, They are ALL the same as Obama’s kids STOP your hate mongering.

      • Rhodes

        Sound to me that YOU are the “HATE MONGER” … !!! Horseshit – more like Horses Ass…!

        • Rx7pj

          Wrong again

    • Nastasyana

      Most presidents with the exception of Jimmy Carter have sent their children to Private schools. Common Core is a dumb solution to the states’ refusal to standardize and equalize education.

    • Doc Savage

      I share your belief and comments 100% It’s more then just an injustice that he remains Our Highest Office. Because we have a Government and 235 politicians afraid of their own shadows where Obama’s concerned.

    • Disgust

      Hang all TRAITORS.

    • James

      Are they the only two kids in private schools in the US that avoid the test?

  • volksnut

    its complete and utter bullshi – – that arrogant POS considers himself loftier than the rest of us – The patronizing condescending SOB – I would be willing to bet the Sidwell schools have armed security as well –

    • phylmike34

      of course they do,but we cant have that at our schools,obama is a bastard!

      • volksnut

        I agree –

        • Mary Kueffner

          Who cares about their education.? They won’t have to worry about getting into Harvard any more than their father did.

          • pete G

            Hillary Clinton’s daughter , without any journal experience at all signed a $600,000 a year job contract recently. F—ing hypocrites have most of us struggling to get by.

          • Mary Kueffner

            Without any personality either. Strugling now with the $10 Million Dollar townhouse in NYC. It breaks my heart to see them struggle.

          • volksnut

            lol you’re absolutely right – they’ll no doubt coast along on barrys infamy the rest of their lives – protected by the Secret Service –

      • pete G

        He knows armed guards are the answer to these school shootings, thats exactly why he’s not doing it. He might even be hoping another sandyhook happens so he can take our guns. He just made a statement the other day saying, (i am not giving up on gun control.) These vicious bastards in this Administration will do anything to gain the control they seek.

        • Herman

          I was watching it live on TV, when they searched the trunk of the car he was driving and heard the comment that the “assault Rifle” was in the trunk of the car, which means it wasn’t used in the school shooting. They will not show anything inside the school, which means to me that what they say happened, didn’t happen that way. There would have been rifle brass on the floor with all the pistol brass, but since they haven’t shown any of the brass, how will we know they are telling the truth. This maybe a Fast & Furious deal. That they are saying the AR-15 or M-16 was used when it wasn’t, just to further their argument that the public shouldn’t have any semi-auto weapons. Just like the DEA & ATF&E proved that guns from this side of the border were finding their way south of the border. Which was true in a way, but if it wasn’t for that Whistle Blower, we would never have known that the Government was sending them across, to prove to us that we needed tougher gun control here in the U.S.. Our own Government lying to us, can you imagine that?

      • old grandma

        And I’ll bet that besides the armed guards, Sidwell schools have chief, and the kids do NOT have to eat what Moocher-elle made all the other schools in the US eat….more than 90% of the kids quit eating at school because the food was sooooo bad. In fact, they kids at one of the regular schools posted on the internet: We DO NOT eat at the school cafeteria any more because the food is so nasty…THANK YOU MICHELL OBAMA.

    • Ted Sockwell

      All muslimes think they are better than us and ObaMarxist is no exception

      • volksnut

        I hear ya – more elitist crap ..

    • Oingo Boingo

      The Quakers labor under the delusion that they owe Da Oogah Boogah Krowd because some Quaker forbears owned interests in slave ships, that were majority owned and operated by Marrano jews, smeared early on in the new Republic’s existence; the very same ones that Ben Franklin wanted barred from entry by Constitutional provision. Too bad that he didn’t succeed in keeping the vampire pirates out.
      The Quakers around Philadelphia coddle Da Boogs just as shamefully.
      It’s sick making.

  • TAM44

    They are not obama’s kids, they are on loan from some idiot to make the obama’s look normal, it’s not working. When obama was placed in the white house by fraudulent means our country was put in peril and immediate danger and remains that way now.

  • richardcancemi

    “We are all equal, except some are more equal than others”. So saith the Pigs from their “Animal farm”.

    • bookworm

      All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others? Yes! And please note it was the PIG who said that! All the pigs in Washington fattening themselves at the people’s money trough!

  • PLW

    Common Core should be voluntary, not Manitory !!!! Even the President’s children should not have to take it… It is a state issue, not federal !!!

    • Herman

      You seem to forget the Federal Money trough. If States don’t do what the Fed’s want, they don’t get the Federal Money. It might not be law, but if you want the Money, you do as they say. Prove me wrong on this issue?

    • Vindication

      It IS voluntary, it is a voluntary state program. It is NOT a federal mandate.

      The president had nothing to do with Common Core. It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president!

  • Dan

    What more do you expect from an empty suit that is hellbent on the US systematic failure. Rein in this imbecile now, before it is too late.

    • pete G

      According to Rand Paul it’s damn near to late now. He is predicting an economical crash like never seen before. It’s time now for Congress to fire this GD idiot for lack of job knowledge.. .

      • Dan

        You are completely right. Let’s just hope someone with courage steps up before it is too late.

        • kotoc

          It would take guns and a lot of people with enough “fed-up-with-this-bullshit” to take over the government. As you know, he has the American military at his command, don’t forget.

          • Dan

            He has also made them the weakest that they have been in a LONG time.

      • Herman

        This is why I believe we should pass a law where every Politician, Local, State, Federal even the President should be held to his campaign promises. We should be able to kick them out of office if they don’t try to keep their promises. If it wasn’t for some of the newly elected members of Congress, I believe I would be really depressed. With Cruz, Cotton, Paul, Scott and others, even Tray Goudy, I believe we have a chance to take our Country back from the Progressives(Communists and Socialists).

        • pete G

          Herman, These a$$ holes made damn sure once they were elected no one could ever mess with them again. They have made themselves untouchable while we were not paying any attention.

  • Dave Dittemore

    How about dragging education into the 21st century – self-paced education via computer – type of instruction tailored to the student. Achievement is measured by the computer – topics may be redone as needed. The computer reports progress to the parents, teachers and school administrators. And the subject can be modified to the area of the country – i.e. Texas can give extra information about the Alamo – in the northwest we can tell more about rhe Oregon trail and Chief Seattle. Content can be put into video game format to keep it interesting. I’d emphasize biographies – lets us know how the rich and famous worked past the hurdles in their life.

  • jk

    hypocrite in charge. an absolute moron that has our great country on it’s knees.

    • Mary Kueffner

      Let’s not forget this at the next election!


    I could care less about the obomber girls! I do care about what we are subjecting our publicly educated children of today. I take this stance even though I no longer have children in the public system. Although, I do still continue to pay through the nose in taxes for public education. Shouldn’t I have a say so, how my tax dollars are spent? Obviously, NOT! What I witness of our public education systems of today are deplorable! But, as with everything else the federal government is allowed to enter, it’s become so corrupt and out of control! It’s nothing more than a cesspool of political power and corruption!
    WHO suffers?

    • Elizabeth Fortin

      People pay school taxes through their property taxes. Just stop paying that part and use the money to put your kids in private school.

      • RedRiverD

        Wish it were that easy. Unfortunately it is NOT. The tax assessor or collector don’t differentiate portions of your taxes.

      • ONLYJB1

        You’re kidding right? We the people are not al sharpton! Don’t pay the school part of your property tax, guess what happens! For Pete’s sake!

    • RedRiverD

      WE THE PEOPLE suffer, certainly NOT the politicians or their kids.
      Aren’t the politicians supposed to be working for US, not against us?

    • Vindication

      Common Core IS voluntary, it is a voluntary STATE program. It is NOT a federal mandate. The president is not involved in Common Core.

      The president had nothing to do with Common Core. It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president! He is not making any decisions about Common Core. Nor is he forcing anyone to undergo Common Core. This is a state program and it is voluntary. The states CHOOSE to go the Common Core route. They are not forced.

      • ONLYJB1

        Actually, I don’t need a lesson on common core. I also never said anything about obomber having anything to do with common core implementation! Why do you feel this need to defend the president? Very strange to say the least! But yes, the federal government’s department of education is having a whole lot to say to the states about common core and don’t forget that point! This need you have to defend obama! Very strange!

  • wsurfs .

    I could not care less what the Obama girls do or don’t do….I will just be glad when the whole family is GONE…!!!!

  • bookworm

    Hitler’s laws for the masses did not apply to him and his cohorts?

    • kotoc

      Apparently not.

      • bookworm

        Very good barometer to tell us where we are in National Socialism . . .

  • DenverKitty

    obutthead and his niqqer girls should have to have common core…just like all niqqers do.

  • markypolo

    This is the “Hope And Change” Americans ( Democrats) voted for. Constitutional Law does not apply to Black people and/or Democrats.

  • pete G

    Hypocrites, plain and simple. Its like sending your kid to war while protecting their own. Washington is so full of hypocrites it’s pathetic. The Jews could teach us all a lesson about treating everyone equal. They all do their military time while most of the hypocrites that run this country today have no idea what military service is all about, like Obama. We have a guy making decisions for us who probably can’t tell military time.

    • Herman

      One of the greatest and maybe the biggest Robberies of all time happened at the end of WW-2. When the Alies captured a German Town, the gold sized from the banks was shipped to Frankfurt, to a central receiving area. It seems that a lot of the Gold disappeared. All you have to do, is look at who was who when that gold disappeared. Like pete G, said the rich mostly protected their Children by getting them a commision first, the a job on the Generals Staff. Very few of them fought on the front lines. I have to say, some of them did risk their ass in the OSS. Which is now the CIA. I wish I could remember the name of the book. The people involved, was like reading who’s who in our Society. Get a list of who was the Generals aids and who was on his staff and you can figure it out all by your self.

    • Ken says

      Are you talking about Arrogant Pinocchio Nose anti-Amerrican proMuslim King Bo

      • pete G

        Yes that’s the POS hypocrite, racist, Muslim, Socialist i am talking about.

    • Vindication

      Common Core IS voluntary, it is a voluntary state program. It is NOT a federal mandate.

      The president had nothing to do with Common Core. It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president! He is not making any decisions about Common Core. Nor is he forcing anyone to undergo Common Core. This is a state program and it is voluntary. The states CHOOSE to go the Common Core route.

  • g adams

    Are they afraid stupidity is is the genes ?

  • mathis1689

    Typical liberal hypocrisy. Do like I say, not like I do.

  • xingqin

    This is not surprising, Obama has put himself above the law and feels that the laws of this country are only for you and I. He wants law and order for the average but not the elite which he thinks he is. What a sad day it is when a gay unqualified fagot can get into the whitehouse through lies, cheating, and deceiving and bring with him a drag queen, (guy) as a wife and two adopted children. He has committed treason against our country as well as fraud and makes his own rules ignoring our Constitution. He was replaced Jimmy Carter as the worse President of the USA and Obama is by far the worst leader to ever sit in the oval office. He deserves to be court marshalled or one last trip, halfway back to Kenya before shoving him and Moo chow out of the plane to swim the rest of the way.

    • Vindication

      Common Core IS voluntary, it is a voluntary STATE program. It is NOT a federal mandate.

      The president is not involved in Common Core. The president had nothing to do with Common Core.

      It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president! He is not making any decisions about Common Core. Nor is he forcing anyone to undergo Common Core. This is a state program and it is voluntary. The states CHOOSE to go the Common Core route. They are not forced.

      You people should know this already!

      • xingqin

        It is approved with much backing from the federal government but all in the state all supposed to be subjected to the common core and obama backed common core for our children but his are not subjected to it. Again–Obama above the law

        • Vindication

          Ohhhhhhh so backing something you think is okay is above the law. So, if I were to back up your statement (which I don’t) that would make me above the law?
          Backing something a person approves of is not breaking the law!
          Again, the facts are Common Core is a VOLUNTARY State Initiative. Do you know what voluntary means? Go look it up. The states are not required to embrace Common Core and if they CHOOSE to do so, it is because the STATE decided that Common Core would be beneficial. It is not federally mandated. The President had nothing to do with the development of Common Core or implementing it. The GOP is lying to you and this article is lying to you.
          You just want ANYTHING to blame on the president even if it is not true or factual. That’s makes you a fool.

  • WiSe GuY

    They are not 0bama’s children.
    A man and a transvestite cannot conceive children.

  • Judith Molumby

    According to Fox News, 4-18-15, in a story headlined “Opt-out movement accelerates amid Common Core testing” (by Associated Press Reporter Christina Cassidy), a lot of
    parents are unhappy with the test. And in some areas parents are coming together
    and allowing their children to refuse taking the test.

  • Herman

    I always thought that what was good for the Goose, was good for the Gander. That’s why I say, if the Congress voted for Obama care, they should have to have Obama care as their Heath provider. I have never liked that old adage, Don’t do as I do, do as I say. We have a bunch of Communists (Progressives) in Washington that are passing laws that we have to live by, but they exempt them selves from having to live under them.

    • Ken says

      and when they retire they can have Medicare.

  • babsan

    The Hypocrisy of the Demonrats and their Muslim Plant FRAUD is beyond comprehension.The FRAUD is EVIL to the core and the destruction he and the DEMONrats are doing is beyond words.His?daughters don’t need the mindboggling idiosy he invented and forced upon the brain washed voters,they are too good for that

  • Eddie

    Bama doesn’t want to be embarrassed that his kids are stupid and illiterate to pass tests.
    Yeah bama guilty has charged. You got 2 dumb kids. You know it, so you exempt them from studying and getting an education. Black privilege, where only whites and other nationalities have to take tests.

    • nokabosh

      Self proclamed elites avoid tests. That might exposed them as not as swift as they’ed like you to believe. Obama own records are sealed. Can’t be that great can they?

      • Eddie

        Records were sealed because it will expose him he was not American born which was proven last week by the CIA and an old video of bama himself saying he was born in Kenya. I don’t understand why he’s not arrested for treason and get the death penalty. He needs to be executed like the Muslim bitch he is.

  • HotFlight

    Their kids?…When is the last time any of you heard about a man actually having a baby?…Two males cannot produce a baby!…And the last I heard was…

  • niko

    First of all I don’t see how they can be his daughters since he is married to a man – what’s that you say , Michael/Michelle – just one messed up lgbt filth. Look it up for yourself !!!

  • nokabosh

    They’re are Harvard bound for sure. Remember Gates? He couldn’t get his PhD dissertation accepted at Princeton so he took it to Harvard which approved it and made him a prof. Then there’s the 1/64th bogus Indian blood Eliz Warren claimed which got her picked over others to work at Harvard. Harvard has taken “diversity” to the point they are no longer No. !. That honor goes to Princeton.

  • old grandma

    This is exactly how we have so many idiots in high positions in the Gov….like Learner, Bidens kids, and the latest Security Chief that covered up the Secret Service and others pay for prositutes while traveling with the “Pres” in other countries and during the Clintons, in the WH.

    • old grandma

      Oh, sorry, I forgot to say pay for with tax payers money.

  • Before you read the next sentence. I do not, nor will not support Obama. I did not vote for him.

    If a child attends a Private school, Christian school or Home school they are not obligated or required to take the core test. However, the curriculum of private and Christian schools are usually harder. I can only apply this statement to those that I have seen.

  • Ken says

    Does anyone really care what King Bo and the rest of the royal family does. Let’s just suck it up and get through the next 21 months – keep the pressure on Congress not to fund any of Bo’s boo boos. The most important thing to do is find a Politically Conservative candidate that CAN WIN. We CAN NOT afford another 1% Liberal Elite member or puppet – for 26 years – the same agenda and we continue down hill. The Elite – Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama. Who will be the next member/puppet? Hillary-Jeb-Liz-Mitt?

    • I agree but 21 months is a long time and he can do a lot of damage in that length of time. I am sick of the liberal junk and them pushing their junk down our throats and asking us to accepted and like it.

      • Ken says

        Keep pushing Congress to provide NO FUNDING for Obamacare – Homeland Security and any executive order that is unConstitutional and any Department that is not doing the peoples business. The know that their livelihood is on the line if they don’t abide by the voters guidance and their elections promises.

        • I write my representative very often reminding them that I do not support the health care as well as any executive order that I hear about. I also remind them it is vital that our representatives listen to the voters. I know that it has very little power but I also write as many of the representatives that are not in my district to express my concerns and dissatisfaction on how certain items are handled. I express that as a Military Veteran I that I do not like the way this country is being run and the lack of respect for the American people with the underhanded issues that have taken place.

  • Nigel Priestley

    President Obama will go down as one of the greatest presidents ever. His values are what the majority of the Americans believe in ………..as two elections demonstrated.

    • wapitihunter

      This is a joke right? You can’t be serious.

      • I sure hope that he is not serious. Obama and his muslim friends and supporters need to leave the country.

      • Nigel Priestley

        The only joke is that you think it is cool to display the confederate flag ………..and I am very serious President Obama has done a lot considering he had the worst congress in history to work with………

        • wapitihunter

          Hmmm, please tell me what he did. It was surely nothing good. He has broken more laws, committed more acts of treason and aided more enemies than any president ever. Yes I will agree, he did have the worst Congress ever due to the fact that he had a Demoncrat controlled House and Senate when he got illegally elected and got the illegal and biggest cluster F pushed through ever. Then when Republicans got control he had Harry Reid as Senate majority leader and blocked everything thr House tried to pass. Yet you morons blame Congress rather than Harry and the Half breed. When any of you can find your butts with either hand you might discover where your brains and your minuscule Morales are.

        • wapitihunter

          The only joke is YOU. Your the joke.

    • Fox

      Oh, Nigel!
      You really had us going there for a second.
      Thanks for the laugh!

    • Ken says

      I voted for Arrogant Pinocchio Nose King Bo – 2 times – what that proves is that I WILL NOT vote for a member of the 1% Liberal Elite that is masquerading as a Moderate or Conservative. 27 years of 1% Liberal Elite control (see their voting). Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Who will be the next member or puppet President??? As for the legacy – He already relieved Jimmy Carter (Carter thanks God every day) of the title of Worst President. Now he is going for the WORST EVER. Now there is a record for someone to go after.

      The 1% LIBERAL ELITE = wealthy Liberal RINOs and wealthy Liberal Democrats

      • kotoc

        Just out of curiosity, Ken… why did you vote for O’bummer? Are you admitting to believing his lies? Did you look at his skin color and think, “Oh, here’s a way to be good to the poor, mistreated blacks in America?”

        • Ken says

          Hi kotoc – Just out of curiosity – are you functionally illiterate or just to lazy to read before asking questions that make you look less than intelligent. Try reading it again – it is even in English.

          • kotoc

            Hi Ken.. just out of curiosity … again… did you go back and re-read what YOU wrote and in an analytical way think about how other people will see it???? Even if it IS in English???

          • Ken says

            Stated simply: Since 1988 the Presidential Candidates have been selected so that it didn’t matter who the winner was – the 1% Liberal Elite agenda has continued to move forward regardless of which party has the White House or Congress. Wealthy Liberal RINOs and Democrats – working together – control OUR government – as long as we ALLOW them to.

    • mac12sam12

      The rich got richer, the middle class is disappearing and he’s more than doubled the poverty rate. He’s the greatest? LOL

  • wapitihunter

    Daughters? Can a Tranny have children? Pregnancy is not possible from Sodomy.

  • John VanderKelen

    Skunk Obama says to do what I say not to what I do. His children are not of the masses.

  • Dannie Poe

    Just another dose of reality concerning the elitist of our government. Congress and the Judicial system are exempt from there own laws forced upon the public domain. Obama takes illegal actions without accountability. Congress can set their own salaries and healthcare options. Those in high office can decide what laws to enforce or simple disregard. They can set the spending of taxes for their own agenda without regard to the taxpayers. They can sit back and call Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs knowing full well the recipients payed for or are paying for these programs. They only became entitlement programs after Government started using funds from these programs for their own use. Entitlement programs are programs paid out by government programs to persons with funds they never paid into. Thus a free ride at taxpayer’s expense..Prime examples are welfare benefits illegals,food stamps, and Obamacare. Until our government officials realize they work for the people this elitism will continue. The government must be accountable to the people and not to the Parties agenda.

    • Ken says

      The real shame is the 2 PARTIES have the same agenda and nominate candidates from their members or puppets. It doesn’t make any difference which candidate you vote for – the winner will be handed the agenda and continue it. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama UP NEXT Hillary-Jeb-Liz-Mitt – all members or puppets

  • e111w

    Per Yogi Berra: “deja vue’ all over again.

  • MarcJ

    B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist and a Muslim – when one understands these two facts then everything he has done and will yet do becomes clear and predictable.

  • BrooklynJoJo

    they say not to pick on his kids, well, that is BS he and the thing Michele are trying to tell us moms how to raise and feed and teach our children, these obummers can go straight to hell, and imagine what the obummers are teaching their kids for the future.

  • RedRiverD

    I think that, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Why should Washington, DC elitist be exempt from ANYTHING that they throw at us?
    ALL politicians should be MADE to abide by EXISTING laws and ANY laws that they make for us (NO EXCEPTIONS, PERIOD).

  • Ihatemuhammad

    His real name is Barry Soetoro not obama.. You all were hoodwinked into making him president and I’m betting you’ll do it all over again with that corrupt bitch hillary.

  • cae973

    They probably wouldn t be able to get passing grades

  • Roger Stromgren

    But I thought only Republicans were selfish and rich elitists, huh!

  • Rhodes

    If we do not get the Muslim Marxist out “THIS YEAR” by “ANY” means it takes – We will NEVER get him out…! There WILL be a Disaster beyond our wildest imaginations – he knows this and that is the reasons for all of the Unprecedented UN operations, FEMA programs, Military exercises in our cities that are Totally Un-Constitutional, Federalizing Police agencies etc. etc. …!!! Expect the Unthinkable because of the SOB…!

  • barbarakelly

    This fits with the Commi bastard. Protect them but not us. He need to pay the price and go to prison for treason. Our tax $$ may also giving aid to the Palestinian terrorist.. He is our worst nightmare. Everyone start calling congress now. This jade helm is not to benefit us one bit. We have to do it now. I don’t think we will have a later. The hammer is coming down on us, PEOPLE. WAKE UP.

  • onefour

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words what they imparts on the rest of the country should be required for their two pampered daughters.

    • Vindication

      They didn’t impart Common Core. So therefore your entire comment is worthless.

  • Vindication

    Well, like all you republicans are constantly screeching, IT’S THEIR MONEY! They can do what they like with their money. They can use their money to send their kids to private schools that don’t embrace Common Core standards if that’s what they choose to do.

    Common Core is NOT federally mandated, so there is nothing hypocritical about it. The Obamas are not forcing anyone to be subject to Common Core. Common Core is state mandated. So write your state representatives and stop blaming the president for everything that goes wrong in your sorry lives.

    You people need to do some serious research. Educate yourself, for godsakes, I can’t believe how stupid you people are. You believe everything the GOP says. No wonder you’re the republican base because the republicans could never get away with their lies, hatred and deceptions with an intelligent base.

    Impeach him? For what? He’s not doing anything to be impeached for! Why do you suppose after six years of hearing republicans screech and wail “IMPEACH HIM” that he has not been impeached yet? Huh? Haven’t you ever wondered why your republican leaders have never put their money where their mouth is?

    The reason he has never been impeached is because there is nothing to impeach him for. He has not broke any laws. The republicans impeached Bill Clinton because of something as stupid, petty and trivial as an Oval Office blow job, so you can bet if President Obama has done something to be impeached for, they would have already done it. They haven’t because THEY CAN’T.


    Fools. Your leaders really know how to push your buttons with lies and you let them. Now wipe the drivel off your chins and calm the fluck down.

  • jackw97224

    obumma is a duplicitous S.O.B.P.O.S.; he is an evil, lyin’, commie/socialist/Democrap!

    • Vindication

      Yeah, Obummer Obumma Obomber Oboomer is a kenyan muslim communist socialist marxist evil ugly boogieman.

      *rolls my eyes*

  • peanut butter

    I though it was going to say that they were learning ‘pure islam’.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    doen’t matter ,you just can’t educate most blacks, just like boxing , you will never beat a black man by beating him in the head , you have to go to the body , there just to thick headed to learn

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Seems like any place is a good one to talk about outlandish acts of not only Obama but the people who work for him. This is no longer our government and no one under Obama is being held accountable for anything because this is what Omama wants!!! These agents that are getting drugs & hookers from the cartells should be all fired striped of pay and should do some jail time. This again is treasonThey are a discrace to the american people. We have turned into a drug fueled antiquated country. What Obama will do is remove these men saying they have, and in the future will be disciplined. What he means is he will use his pen after all he knows constitutional law doesnt he. I hope we can outlast last this piece of sheit. When the minute hes out of office his entire administration along with Hillary, and the IRS should be hung or jailed. I want my country back.
    Listen you people of color that are here illegally this is not your country. If you used the intelegence it took you to get here you would do fine. Your biggest problem is you expect the rest of the world to feed you. You are breeding like rats dont expect the USA to feed you buy your cell phones and flat screen tvs. Phuck you.

  • Arationofreason

    The best education will not immunize a person against corruption by power.
    The best education does not automatically make people compassionate. We
    know this more clearly than any preceding generation. Our time has seen
    the best-educated society, situated in the heart of the most civilized
    part of the world, give birth to the most murderously vengeful
    government in history.

    Forty years ago the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead
    thought it self-evident that you would get a good government if you
    took power out of the hands of the acquisitive and gave it to the
    learned and the cultivated. At present, a child in kindergarten knows
    better than that.

    quotes re. state directed education

    By education most have been misled.

    John Dryden, The Hind and Panther, Part III, line 389.

    is but half abolished, emancipation is but half completed, while millions of
    freemen with votes in their hands are left without education.

    Robert C. Winthrop, Yorktown
    Oration, (Oct.
    19, 1881).

    Thurgood Marshall, Stanley v.
    Delivering the opinion of the US. Supreme Court, 1969.

    There is, in fact, only one
    solution: the state, the government, the laws must not in any way concern
    themselves with schooling or education. Public funds must not be used for
    such purposes. The rearing and instruction of youth must be left entirely
    to parents and to private associations and institutions.

    Read Dozens more Here: Also read some of the quotes ‘in favor of state education’ and see what you think.

    Pasted from

  • Arationofreason

    Sorry the reference did not paste:

    1.8.2 Against state education

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    Yet Democrits represent the common man. Yeah, right, whatever. Demonrat mantra: Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of social intercourse!! Thank you low information voters, fraudulent voters and, yes, the 47%!!

  • rightsright

    The Obama girls would probably be on vacation anyway if they were required to take the tests that Obama demands for public school children. They have been given more of everything, then any other White House children and it’s not over yet. Apparently, Soros told Obama all he had to do was be a “good” front man and they would be given every perks imaginable.

    • Vindication

      Obama demanded nothing. Common Core is a VOLUNTARY state program and is NOT federally mandated.

      For godsakes you people are ridiculous. Screeching and castigating the president who had nothing to do with Common Core.

      Your GOP leaders are lying. Go look it up!

  • rightsright

    perk not perks

  • Dianne Molander

    The common core was NOT given trial period before it was unleashed on America’s public schools. Too bad the potus children didn’t get a test run so it could show the horrific results for our nation.

    • Vindication

      So write your state reps and tell them what you think about it. Don’t blame the president, he has nothing to do with Common Core, which was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), led the development of the Common Core State Standards. Common Core standards also have roots in No Child Left Behind, under the President George W. Bush.

      The actual implementation of the Common Core, including how the standards are taught, the curriculum developed, and the materials used to support teachers as they help students reach the standards, is led entirely at the state and local levels.

      Educate yourself.

  • rightsright

    nastasyana Romney SAID NO SUCH THING! Romney made a true statement when he said” there were 43 per cent that would not vote for him” He was referring to those who are getting the freebees and they would not have voted for him! Why do you buy into the Obama lies? Is it because you want to or are you just too lazy to check out the real facts? Honey, there are more rich democrats that got rich by selling you and others a bill of goods that you are repeating in your blog. Using the race card, when no one but those but the Holder, Obama, Sharpton race baiters care about. NO ONE on the Right side cares about his color! Intelligent? Debatable! Can you tell me what his grades were when he attended school from High School to College? What about Harvard where he was supposed to be President of the Law Review, but never wrote a thing because it was a gift from Percy Sutton who used his influence to get Obama into Harvard. How about Bill Ayres saying twice, not once but twice, that he wrote “Dreams of my Father” and Bill Ayres mother telling the mailman they were helping a FOREIGN STUDENT and the FOREIGN STUDENT, who just happened to be Obama, telling the same mailman that he was going to be PRESIDENT, not that he was going to try and be but that he was going to be! There is so much more that you should be educating yourself about that has NOTHING to do with color and everything to do with The United States of America and “we the people’ that used to be as one regardless of color or origin, until Obama came to divide!

    • Vindication

      This is what Romney stated verbatim:

      “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” Romney said. “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what.

      “And I mean the president starts out with 48, 49 percent … he starts off with a huge number,” Romney continued. “These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. So he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean, that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

      He says 47% of the country, that’s about HALF the people in America, that’s about 150,000,000 people who are allegedly ‘dependent’ on the government, who pay no taxes! That alone, right there is a huge fallacy. A big lie. Not true.

      It’s common knowledge that southern states are the poorest, most ill, less educated states in the country and the southern states are Red states. Red governors are destroying their states all over America, north and south. Look at Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Jersey, Mississippi, for example.

      The sad thing is, is your GOP leaders are distracting you with lies to get you all riled up and frothing at the mouth all the while they’re going behind your backs and giving billionaires and Big Business huge tax cuts, billions in annual subsidies… these are the real moochers and takers. Not the poor people regardless of which state they live in.

      GOP distracts you while they make more laws that take away, little by little, everything that makes this country worth living. And they’ve succeeded in distracting you and getting you all riled up. You people believe their lies and run with them without fact checking or researching.

      I mean, just re-read your above ridiculous rant. I had to wipe your spittle from my screen just to be able to read it.

  • Robert Banning

    Those two ugly little skanks are probably too stupid to pass a test. But like daddy boy maybe they can use a tele prompter, they will just grow up to be prostitutes like obamas mammy anyhow so let them slide. LOCK and LOAD

    • Vindication

      Feel better now that you insulted two innocent children and spewed your hate all over this website?

      Why don’t go outside and shoot your gun a few times, get all that nasty out of your system.

      • Robert Banning

        I feel Great I pissed off another dumb ass liberal my job here is done for today you Bitch. LOCK and LOAD

  • Nigel Priestley

    Record over Rhetoric………….Peace over War ……… Liberal is not a dirty word ………in plain English it means “free thinker” ……as opposed to the lemmings who follow FOX NEWS…….

  • Alan

    Goo for thee, but not for me, has been their motto all along. You don’t really think the elitist Mooch eats the garbage she tried to palm off on school kids do you ?

  • Yorkiemom

    That is perfectly ok because they are special little snowflakes and our kids aren’t./sacr off

  • John Scott

    More of the famous “double Standard”

  • carolskey

    America’s children should have the same opportunities as these little princesses. Sadly, the influence of their liberal/communist/socialist/marxist/fascist/progressive parents will take a terrible toll on their ability to discern truth!

    God please come to bear on this fool and his decision-making!

  • organic girl

    The DOE has no useful purpose. Everything the dept does is redundant — it’s merely a power-grab over the states and a way to “redistribute” federal tax dollars.

    Return the control of schools to localities and states.
    We don’t need no stinkin’ feds telling us what to do.

  • Charlie

    Socialist love to indoctrinate the children of a nation’s society . This Common Core manure is just that indoctrination of the youth of our nation. The Dept. of Education is union run , the teachers in public schools are union controlled via the union run Dept. of Ed. . The unions in our country were a good thing at one time in our history. But laws protect workers now and unions are just a socialist elitist power crazed group. Unions are run by power crazed violent individuals that would be classified as criminals but are protected by our own political public servants.
    A little off track maybe. However Common Core is a massive pile of manure that needs to be composed as a waste material .

    • Ken says

      Common Core is just another federal program designed to dumb down the education system so that everyone is equally uneducated. That will change when States take back their right to keep 100% of the educations taxes in the State instead of sending it to DC and only getting 50% back. We don’t need more of OUR EMPLOYEES in Washington when we already have better – in touch – employees in each of our States doing the job better.

    • Vindication

      Common Core IS voluntary, it is a voluntary STATE program. It is NOT a federal mandate. It was not devises by the federal government or by the president.

      The president is not involved in Common Core. The president had nothing to do with Common Core.

      It was developed by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that led the development of the Common Core STATE Standards and continue to lead the initiative.

      Not the president! He is not making any decisions about Common Core. Nor is he forcing anyone to undergo Common Core. This is a state program and it is voluntary. The states CHOOSE to go the Common Core route. They are not forced.

      You people should know this already!

      P.S. I belong to a union, AFGE, and am glad I do. My union offers so much to people, from help with college tuition, to mortgages, from credit cards to cruises, from a AAA like motor club to being able to purchase anything on payments and more besides, to, of course, employment representation. Unions take worker rights from the clutches of greedy CEOs and give those rights back to the workers.

  • Dondh

    This president, if you want to call him that because he’s by far no leader, is the worst president this country ever, perhaps even worse than Jimmy Carter and a couple of the earlier presidents! He not only is an anti-American, deceiver and liar, but in my mind is illegal in more ways than one, one being a muslim not born in America! I believe his real birth certificate has never been shown to the public! He also should be charged with treason because of his dealings with some terrorists countries and groups! Furthermore, he’s doing nothing about our borders, nothing about the muslim terrorist camps here in our country! That healthcare he came up with is the worst piece of legislation to hit our country! I could mention a couple others, some maybe even worse that any listed above, but can think of them at the moment! THIS GUY MUST BE IMPEACHED ASAP, EVEN BEFORE THE END OF THIS OR THE NEXT MONTH BEFORE HE TOTALLY DESTROYS OUR COUNTRY AND HE’S GOT A GOOD START TO THAT END!! LETS GET RID OF THE WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH CONGRESS! DO THE RIGHT THING NOW, NOW, NOW!!!

  • Mys77

    I don’t care where they send the brats…they will always be lazy, good for nothing, spoiled, dumb, lazy socialist idiots!

  • madman52

    Typical liberal communist thinking, they think they are better then everyone else, How long does this B.S. have to last? Indict, Impeach, deport the whole lot of them.

  • Scottiebill

    It goes without saying that Mullah Obama is highly eliegible for impeachment for any number of reasons. But when we are saddled with a cowardly House of Non-Representatives who are afraid to even mention such a thing, and a chicken-shit Senate that is afraid of its own shadow as well as Mullah Obama, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Because of that, I will NOT vote for any incumbent at the Federal level in the next election cycle. And that may just include any incumbent running at the state and local level as well. Not one goddam one of them is worth the paper the ballots are printed on. I don’ care what party they belong to. They just are not worth a bucket of warm spit, to paraphrase Vice-President Garner back in the late 30s.

  • Lili J


  • Guest
  • 1inamil

    HYPOCRISY AT ITS BEST! This is what I expect from obama.

  • Shirley

    Same with the school lunches. They dine on cavier while our kids eat garbage.

  • Kyle

    Can’t say this surprises me. I expect nothing less from the Obama’s. Do as I say, not as I do.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Obammy is exempt from having brains like all other Democrats so his children are exempt from being human and anything else normal people have.

  • A_patriot

    I find it amusing that while the liberals were so dead set against Bush’s “No Child Left Behind: because they hated all of that testing. I do concede the point that in order to truly evaluate how a child is doing in class (ie, is there a basic grasp of the knowledge imparted) testing can do that. And, I think if there is a large percentage of the class that isn’t ‘getting it’, then the teacher is likely culpable and at the very least should have someone sit in their classroom to evaluate the teacher’s ability to convey the lesson. There must be accountability. However, Bush’s testing mandate doesn’t appear to compare at all, to what Common Core is doing. Hypocrisy, much.

  • How quick we get off the topic and resort to name calling. These forums should work to help stimulate thought and work toward resolution of problems. The issue here is education, specifically the CORE instruction program. To be sure it is a top down program instead of a bottom up program. Nonetheless, Idaho, the reddest state in the union, has introduced CORE to our schools. Some districts are using it as it is provided. Others have adopted a version of it more suitable to their specific needs. Is it working? While it is not necessarily a cure-all, it is working to a degree and much better than the old system. Two shortcomings do exist in our past education programs. One is the lack of communication skills. The other is the lack of problem solving capabilities. CORE is at least an attempt to correct these deficiencies. It is working, although not as well as I would have hoped. But it is a step in the right direction and has given teachers a new and better challenge. Better students are the outcome. Can we do better? Certainly. But it took seeing education differently to make a difference. Also raising teacher salaries and giving them new challenges is helping as well.

  • C William Hanscom

    no, his kids should have to go by the same standards he has set for the country. Only reason he gets away with it is that the country is so far dumbed down ther don’t see what this lieing piece of s— is doing.

  • Branwen

    The President’s daughters are living a lifestyle of extreme privilege. Dismaying as it may be, those of privilege believe themselves above the agendas and system structure they work to impose/force upon the people under their level of privilege and power. What a different Nation this would be if the daughter’s had to be Common Core educated and could only take vacations that their family paid for out of their own monies, daddy went away in hand-cuff’s for failure to obey the Federal Judges court order to halt all efforts on the Amnesty bill, and Congress acted to impeach the president because he is acting outside of Constitutional law repeatedly in so many arenas.

  • salahudin

    Their kids are getting the best education that somewhere down the road they’ll make decisions for the dummies being created by their parents policy

  • I refuse to engage in these ridiculous exchanges posted here. Way too many are based on less than fact. Division in the House has created more problems for progress in the governing of this country since 2008. I can’t say I blame Obama for the stance he has taken. But nether can I condone it.

  • Don Pitts

    If anyone is reading this thread. The trolls of Obama are here. Trying to vindicate themselves.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Typical liberal hypocrisy. Remember this is the same person who had the private school scholarship program terminated in DC.

  • Gerry Costa

    There is another way — home school your children even if you have to hire a tutor to come in. These fools have gotten carried away with their bullsh!t. common core is absolutely rediculous .

  • Jim Skiman

    My God why would anyone want the Emperor’s daughters be treated like all the rest of the pesants?

  • Proud US vet/American

    Does the old saying, “do as we say, not as we do!” fit here for the Hypocrit-in-Chief?
    Just another example of the lack of tact and the lack of setting the example for America to follow! By far, the worst President in U.S. history!

  • Dorothy Bothroyd

    We are all being screwed by a government full of Union people who retire early on fat pensions and payouts. Is there really any good reason why government workers are not in social security and Obamacare? Only that they have voted themselves fat early paid pensions.and private medical options. Many are not even satisfied with that – they apply for disability pensions that are even better ones! King George was throw out but we have replaced him with worse and are taxed on a heck of a lot more than tea. They now call taxes, ‘fees, penalties, fines, interest etc’.

  • jong

    His daughter might not have to take the tests but, who in their right mind would actually give this fraud’s children a job???? Like Chelsea they will have meaningless jobs the rest of their lives. Sooner or later the American People will catch up with ole jug ears and leave him nothing including dunning his retirement paycheck. We will have secret service explaining why they are defending a cardboard box.

  • Bob Russell

    typical hypocrisy from the political elitist snobs!!!!!

  • jay buscemi

    just opt out and stop bitching….

  • Robert Piper

    With liberals and democrats what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. As a matter of fact when it comes to the U.S. Congress teh gander gets his butt kicked too. The whole system has been bastardized integrity and patriotism are out the window. Now it is cover up the truth and do what you have to, give away, to get reelected. We need to fire all the career politicians and elect honest people who care about doing what is right. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Only the ugliest pond scum goes after someone’s children. In this case pond scum is a good thing compred to the morons who decided to be so freeaking low. If they have children I hope theri children see what they did here and that they demen them viciously

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    The fool people who voted for this obama was fooled by him and i think some of them have woke un lest they vote in this witch hillay clinton in 2016,

  • Bill

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  • rockthebenz

    I think Maury should first test these two children to see if they are EVEN obummer’s and moochelle’s. If they are they should fall under the rest of the laws just like our children do. These people squatting in our White House should be run back to the rock they came out from under; chicago!!

    • Doug

      They can’t be, two males can’t breed. Barry and Michael Obama CANNOT have children, sorry.

  • WiSe GuY

    These two niglets are not so-special. Give them a year or two and the will be smoking crack with their homo father.

  • gfsomsel

    Are private schools subject to this testing? Remember, they go to an elite private school.

  • sharon

    Oh well does this surprise anyone, the Kings princess’s are not like other children, according to Moochelle and Barry, they are so much smarter and better than other children. Well if they are so smart, why are the scared to take a test.

  • David in MA

    They in all probability never studied under common core, someone must keep their knowledge right while the “little people” become dumbed down and easier to handle……. Can it be imagined a leadership which was educated under the UN Communist common core education program?

  • Drew Dinsdale

    Look at it deeply; if Obama’s own Daghter’s are doing this, and those with the experience know it’s bad. It is. It is realistically a Communist attempt to dumb down our youth, so that they won’t eventually discover what they are truly doing; and rralistically put them out of work: where they should be…

  • Francisco Machado

    They’re in a Quaker school. Why should the Quakers have the obligation to use a Common Core test? Why should anyone? It’s my understanding that these tests, at least some of them, are at the student’s option. Common Core has too many similarities to the programs of other notoriously totalitarian regimes and – so far – seems only to serve the administration’s purpose of creating equality of result in education – which can only be achieved by reducing everyone to the level of those with the least academic potential. I suspect implementation of Common Core will result in a shift of the children of wealthier parents to private schools (such as with Obama’s daughters) which will satisfy another of Obama’s observed goals, societal polarization. Never consider the predictable result of a policy to be unintended.

  • jromance

    What is his impeachable offense?

  • Frank

    We need to get our country back as soon as possible from these Common Core fools.

  • Eddie

    They aren’t his daughters and until somebody shows me photos of Micheal pregnant those “daughters” will remain stage props in my opinion. Fake like everything else in this so called administration. I always thought it impossible for two males to have kids anyway.

  • Alan404

    It’s not just Obama’s kids (daughters in this case). Same applies to the kids, if any, of our “elected reps”, and all those wonderful highly paid bureaucrats who inhabit D.C.and surrounding areas.

    By the way, as should be obvious, I’m not an Obama Fan. That being said, his daughters, not their fault, aren’t the only kids who enjoy the exemption from this “standardized testing” routine. No blame is attributed to other children either.

  • Krissr1

    You know something I am 40 years old in CT and I was exempt from all testing because I have a learning disability and for about 5 years know I still can’t get my school records to help me prove that I need a learning tutor or someone to help me through higher schooling and move on to higher pay So I am stuck just like my whole life My body is beat up I was hurt working for Dish network and can’t get a settlement thats been going on sense 2009 I DON’T WANT A HAND OUT I JUST WANT HELP PLEASE SOMEONE 🙁

  • lorquiltdiva

    Every parent has the right to decline the taking of tests for their children! But, they shouldn’t demand it for everyone else. Time to get rid of the process which is not really working!

  • Dannie Poe

    After studying Common Core I see a dysfunctional program. It dumbs down our youth. Many of the tests are bias and confusing. Simple math is not taught,thus holding back the students learning progress. If it continues as it is we will never have the students ready to take highly technical jobs of the future. Now students are allowed to solve problems using a computer not knowing the process of how the computer arrived at its answer. The question I have is: Do we want a bunch of robots who push keys on a computer or do we want knowledgeable workers? In fact we may even have real robots pushing keys in the future. What will happen when all we have are unemployable workers? I once saw a presentation that stated that even by the time the students of today graduate college their skills will be obsolete because of the advancement of technology. Maybe we should change our education system to groom our student toward a field of employment rather than general education. Maybe the first six years could be for teaching general education and comprehension then allow the student to pick a field or trade to pursue for the next 6 years. Colleges could then focus on advanced education in a chosen field(this could include trade schools). A college degree would mean something to potential employers..

  • A natural born American

    Must be the elitists know THEIR kids are NOT smart enough to pass. Aside from that, just last week I believe I read about parents in Californication are having their kids exempted from common core testing. I don’t recall where I read it as I do not know anyone who has kids studying common core lessons. You might be able to google the information.

  • old grandma

    No matter what his kids would score, Ovomit would do for them what his “backers” did for him and pay the schools off to hide his tests and other scholastic papers????? He gave them savings $$$$ that they don’t have to pay taxes on so why not buy them some good scores on tests so they can get a high paying job like Moochelle had, where she got $3000.00 a yr and didn’t even have to show up for any kind of work.

  • The Fox

    His adopted daughters, since homosexuals can now adopt, are special, ever seen a picture of Moochelle ever PG? Sure is hard for a guy to have a womb and give birth.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    doesn’t matter , most blacks can’t pass pre-school , that’s wy they let blacks continue threw school , even thow they can’t do the work, and ho’s do need an education

  • t28

    I, thought discrimination was against the Law, guess it depends on who you are.

  • Ken V

    Damn Colored kids probably could not pass the Common Core tests anyway. Obama just not want the embarassment of his kids being dumb as the rest of the liberal blacks

  • thomas

    Common Core Program is a failure across the USA. It doesn’t work right. Tests show the huge failures of this program. Revert to the Normal Teaching Programs get better grades and kids learn from the Normal Educational Programs.

  • sherri palmer

    they are probably dumb as dirt anyway! This is not the 1st family, this is a 3rd world family! Their ‘dad” misses his homeland!

  • thomas

    Not at all surprised Obama sends his kids to Private Schools. He can well afford doing so. It is Ironic that this President pushes Common Core Programs onto USA Schools to the Public yet his kids are excluded from such Testing ? Liberal Hypocrite two-faced liar.

  • thecelt1

    I agree with you that you don’t like O’Bucketbrain. Of course, our Congress and the Presidential White House Gang, always make sure they don’t have to act like the Common Citizen and Pay Taxes, Buy their Health Insurance, Retirement, et al. All they have to do is make a law that says everything they got and want is FREE and paid for by the Tax Payer Citizens. Oh yes, and FOR LIFE. I don’t have any respect for his children because of what they and who they represent!

  • homegirl

    This article should be titled “Join the Movement to Overturn the Bush Dream of No Child Left Behind.”

    Conservatives have such short memories.

  • Doc Savage

    Since Obama’s inception, he has not done 1 thing to help Our America,and our People. Yet he’s brought millions in through open borders that he unlocked. Now we have ISIS here crossing those borders into America. Everything this imposter has done since day 1 is to support and arm our very enemy. Yet he tries to disarm Americans. It’s time to charge him with High Crimes against our Constitution, and against the American people. Impeachment would take forever.

  • dangerouspatriot

    It’s almost, if not already, TOO LATE to impeach this bastard, they probably won’t anyway the way the criminal politicians are taking over, take hillary c for example and her sexist hubby. Our government is rife w/corrupt and criminal politicians that we put in there and now we’re stuck with them all, just like we’re stuck w/islama(his new name,obamas that is) and there’s not thing one we can do about it, unless we take up arms and rise up and take back our country. But the chances of that happening are about as good as impeaching this pos infesting our white house. We need a leader, a general, an admiral one of those military men islama fired and let go so that he’s got nothing but military, gay lap dogs who have no problem with shooting their own citizens. I read an e-mail yesterday about what’s probably going to happen by 1/12017, Russia declaring war on us and to start it off, they have an EMP weapon that they’ll explode over the u.s. which will totally wipe out all electronics, cars, tvs, everything that needs electricity to run. We’ll be back in the 1800’s and nobody is ready for that, except for the preppers that is. I’m willing to fight but I see nothing being done yet and if it does, I’m ready willing to put my life on the line again for my country, yes I”m a veteran who took that oath to defend my country and Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. So all I can say for now is, L&L

  • omega2


  • Wallace Southard

    Send them back to Kenya with Obama and let them study there.

  • barbarakelly


  • d66cmorris

    I’m just amazed and they have 24/7 security paid for by the US tax payer while our kids have to walk the streets with little or no police protection and we’ll pay for it even after this turd leaves office.

  • Jerome Taylor

    It’s called privilege!! Like the Bush’s children and the Clinton’s daughter before him etc. Besides, I’m sure the Obama girls are not the only ones that are attending that school!! Don’t you guys have anything better to do!!

    • Joken Joe

      Yup putting in the new toilet paper and urinal target

  • scott

    someone hang these filthy criminal nigg-rs for treason

  • monacall

    His a traitor. End of story.

  • John Wirts

    If O’Dumbshit was white and republican, he would have been impeached and removed from office in his first term, and O’dumbshit care and executive orders would never have been!

  • msueh

    All the øvømits should be exempted from life, post haste, cuz the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  • Greg Day

    b b b but, royalty doesn’t need to follow rules like we peons-just ask the hill…

  • wjozier

    Except for one or two of you like ‘vindication,’ the rest of you malcontented racist haters should pack up and head for Siberia. You can enjoy life under Saint Putin. BTW, as I recall, the Bush’s sent their kids to the same private school.

  • Tony De Angelis

    If he can FIX elections, and social security cards why couldn’t he fix the results of their test scores? As one famous woman once said, “What difference does it make” if they take the test? They will have a gilded path through life – as did their parents.

  • Velma Saccone

    Both obummer & moochelle are Disgusting POS. he should have been impeached long ago but our Congress have no balls.

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Vindicaton, you are absolutely correct, All obummer cares about this nation is SHIT!
    Oh by the way, I am STILL waiting to see his ORIGINAL birth certificate, NOT the one they presented to the public which DID NOT EXSIST in that format when he was born!

  • Buddy Honeycutt


  • jjjddd


  • Bird

    All these lawless acts by osama are public records. So why isn’t criminal charges being brought against him? Tell us what you know in the articles above. Time for the media to sound off above!

  • Tweety

    I’ve been saying this for several years now, we need to pass the word, NOBODY files or pays taxes for just one year, NOBODY! What the heck are they gonna do? Arrest us ALL? Nothing gets paid, and the JERKS in government gets a lesson in humility!

  • Why am I not surprised? They get body guards too, and our kids get a Gun Free Zone, Sign. Typical Communist tyrant, dictator. They get all our $ & we get shared misery.

  • jim scofield

    This should not surprise any one the Liberal socialist
    elites have always had one set of rules for themselves
    and another for us common people. And Obola is no
    different put his two little wookieets in a real school and
    take their Secret Service detail away.

  • Ken V

    Obamas kids belong in an all negro school in DC with the rest of the animals.

  • J. Ernst

    OF COURSE THEY are exempt!!! They’re “special”!!!
    Are they even children of his/her blood? WHO KNOWS!!???

    IMPEACHMENT has been a “issue” for at least 5 years.
    BUT, you must consider how much $$$$ is poured into his “defense” PAC that DAILY suppresses legal attempts or “actions”. It’s called the demorat and rino party!
    BOTH houses are inundated with NWO socialists who accept the largesse that is distributed to THEIR family’s businesses, properties, legal investments AND….wait for it….THEIR FAVORITE, TAX DEDUCTIBLE CHARITIES!!!
    Let’s also not forget the “connection” with the Supreme Court! They are also human and likely to reap the benefits of this socialist largesse! They too invest, have properties, family businesses, AND THEY ALSO are allowed to INSIDER TRADE!
    So…you want to become a millionaire in TWO YEARS or less? Become a congressman or senator. IT’S EASY PICKIN’S cause the population is split in MANY directions and easily swayed, fleeced, and directed!!!
    Maybe we need another 1772!!!

  • J. Ernst

    Regarding the “Standardized Testing”….
    Those schools that do NOT abide by this testing are obviously better places to be educated. MAYBE they abide by reading, writing, arithmetic, SCIENCE, CIVICS & Government studies…you know, education that MIGHT just teach children to become SELF-ASSURED, SUCCESSFUL ADULTS and civic-minded PEOPLES!!!
    The very idea’s and peoples that make a NATION GREAT instead of goyim, sheeple, cattle, and interlopers!!!

  • Thomas Goss

    What difference does it make, they’ll probably just pump out a half dozen kids by a half dozen different guys and never marry any of them just like the rest of the blacks.

  • davis98

    The don’t live in the 50 states why should they be subject to the test? They would pass anyway. I for one am quite sure they are more than prepared for about any University in the country today. there are certain groups in the U>S> today Like G.W who can barely pass gas yet would be allowed in anywhere. Wasn’t he the talking head so proudly declaring in the seat of a fighter declaring our win over a war we are still up to our necks in?

  • mdrod1

    Just more double standard hypocritical BS from this fraud scumbag! Make his adopted children take the common core tests and then IMPEACH HIM!!!

  • Mel Paul

    it will not matter if they are how educated they are–their future is already laid out for them–they will be first in line in what ever position they apply for–why dwell on this

  • xingqin

    Commoncore—better known as the dumbing down of America—Obama approves of this and why shouldn’t he—His family is exempt of the stupidy of it all

  • sharon

    Liberalism is next to fascism.

  • sharon

    Impeach that treasonous poss Obama, he is nothing but a liar.

  • sharon

    Some liberals can smell free from miles away, and that is what the lazy vote for, even if it means they give up they’re freedom and that of our children, they could care less.

  • teresatchr51

    They don’t have to follow Ms. Obama’s lunch mandate either.

  • KatRob

    Considering africans were never intended to be Americans, the Yommas are doing pretty well on our dime. Had Lincoln not been assassinated, Yomma and his people would be living a plain life in Liberia instead of an undeserved life of luxury.

  • Bernard K. Johnson

    If obama doesn’t like common core testing, why did he help instate it in the first place?

  • sharon

    Obama is a dangerous Muslim lover who hates America, he hates the white race and he hated the police and Military. Time to get rid of this fascist dog.

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