Army General Has Epic Comeback For Obama’s Insult

Army General Has Epic Comeback For Obama’s Insult

November 17th, 2015

We’ve always suspected that Barack Obama hated the military and those who served. And that he has to have the last word in any discussion. These hunches were proven correct with a recently revealed true story.

General Stanley McChrystal was the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, and had frequent disagreements on the conduct of the war with his Commander-in-Chief.

At one point McChrystal was called into the Oval Office and he knew his Army career was about to be over.

Here’s the rest of the story from

“When former U.S. Military Commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, was called into the Oval Office by Barack Obama, he knew things weren’t going to go well when the President accused him of not supporting him in his political role as President.

“‘It’s not my job to support you as a politician, Mr. President, it’s my job to support you as Commander-in-Chief,’ McChrystal replied, and he handed Obama his resignation.

“Not satisfied with accepting McChrystal’s resignation the President made a cheap parting shot. ‘I bet when I die you’ll be happy to pee on my grave.’

“The General saluted, and said: ‘Mr. President, I always told myself after leaving the Army I’d never stand in line again.’

Well said, General. We’re glad to see someone stand up and put the Teleprompter Reader-in-Chief in his place.

What do you think of General McChrystal’s response?

Sound off in the comments section below.

  • John Gillis

    My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!!

    • ricktenny

      Best response I’ve seen. Good job John.

      • John Gillis

        Thank you, Rick!

      • albany le

        Yes, I agree this response was a winner.

        • h m rowland

          dur hur hur hur, I hope you folks wear helmets when you ride on the bus….No, no…don’t color on the windows!

          • Frank W Brown

            You need to quit drinking the kool-aid, don’t you know that it is POISON???

          • The Redman

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          • Jim

            Hey it is good old “dik in the azz”. Sorry to see you are still breathin’.

          • TAM44

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          • The Redman

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          • TAM44

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          • The Redman

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          • Peter Smith

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          • The Redman

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          • Peter Smith

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          • The Redman

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          • bobvelon

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          • The Redman


          • The Redman

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          • Jim

            Not in your (sorry excuse for) head. Now girl you can get back to being “dik in the azz”.

      • truthseeker

        When President Obama had saluted our Marine with a cup of Coffee still in his hand, you know he did not think much of the returned Salute as a sign of respect. When he ordered a Marine to hold the Umbrella over him during a press Conference you knew he considered the Marines to be nothing more than his own Foot Soldiers. When he would try to out pace an Air Force General as a sign, ” Keep up “, he was telling that General he was nothing more than a Tag along . When he went out of his way for a deserter and had that deserters Parents over to the White House for dinner, he was telling us that the Six Military guys that died in the act of looking for this traitor, that a Traitor has more respect than those who serve with honor. Maybe that is why his middle name is Hussein, Like Saddam Hussein or Major Hussein . We should put a Port a John over his Grave , better yet just throw his body into the nearest Land fall .

        • Brenda Harrell

          better yet, feed him to a feral pig.

          • RobertLaity

            I would call Obama a feral pig but I don’t want to insult feral pigs.

          • Brenda Harrell

            It would be an insult to any animal, but that would be the greatest insult to a muslim.

          • NCBigmouth

            Precisely why the feral pig is appropriate with King Obozo. Either that or feeding him to his beloved Mooch, our greatest First Lady!

          • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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          • JobRon

            Brenda: The correct spelling of your last word is MUSLIME, and I am not one to be politically correct. Not upset with you, just wanted to make sure you knew how to spell that word correctly.

          • Carol Benson

            Learned something new today. Thanks!

          • Maggie

            moslem…check the meaning…

          • john

            Indeed so, and I think it is valid.

          • The Redman

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          • JOE

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          • Hilly

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          • The Redman

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          • DEW

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          • The Redman

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          • Carol Benson

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          • The Redman

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          • Carol Benson

            Aren’t you the same Redman who asked me how many of my babies I dropped (aborted) in an old outhouse?

          • The Redman


          • Carol Benson

            Pigs are sweet & innocent creatures.

          • Tagdogs

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          • The Redman

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          • Tagdogs

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          • The Redman

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          • Carol Benson

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          • kjenkinsaf

            It appears the Redman isn’t just a troll, he’s a dick too.

          • Carol Benson

            Wonder how much Soros pays him.

          • Pete36

            Also an expert on turds like you.

          • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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        • Carol Benson

          Not a port a potty–a real old fashioned outhouse! (Been there, done that, no long lines.)

          • reggie

            If he was at the bottom, the line would be 3 days long.

          • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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          • Carol Benson

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          • Carol Benson

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          • Carol Benson

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            BTW–I’m part Chocktaw & grew up in Comanche County. Please respect my heritage. THx

          • The Redman

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          • truthseeker

            Good idea. Put it right over his corpse with a sign that would say, ” Just giving back, what you have been putting out on us ” .

          • The Redman

            Homegrown terrorist.

          • The Redman

            How many babies have ya put in yo out house. hillbilly-carol

          • Carol Benson

            Not nearly enough, Redman.

          • Carol Benson

            None if your effing business but I never had an abortion, gave birth to one son. Happy now? All lives matter.

          • The Redman

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        • Joe

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          • The Redman

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          • truthseeker

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        • Anita

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          • The Redman

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          • Anita

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          • The Redman

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          • Anita

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          • The Redman

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          • Anita

            What do you mean don’t lie like most white folks? You blacks are the biggest liars in the world. Black lives matter bulllshit and you all are killing at least 10 of yourselves everyday throughout America.

          • The Redman

            How many babies have U offed.

          • DEW

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          • Roger H Baum

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          • The Redman

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          • truthseeker

            How about keeping him warm, by burning a bunch of Koreans in the White House Fireplace and showing it on U-tube.

          • Anita

            I’ll go along with that. Want me to pitch in to buy some for the burning?

          • truthseeker

            As long as you realize I meant KORAN and not Koreans. I have nothing against those people.

          • John Gillis

            Not to be a spelling Nazi, but did you mean ‘Korans’?

          • Cletus B Neckbeard

            LOL This message approved by Kim Jong-un.

          • John Gillis

            That had me laughing to tears! A very good one!

          • Cletus B Neckbeard


          • truthseeker

            Yes! Oh Lord not KOREANS! big mistake. It was a slip of the finger and I did not notice it. Thank you for that correction. Burn the KORAN in front of Obama at the White House, NOT Koreans! Boy what a slip up that was!

          • John Gillis


          • truthseeker

            I could not find that word: ROTFLMAO any where and then figured since it is all a capitol letters it must not be a word, but an acronym .

          • John Gillis

            Rolled On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off. 🙂

          • truthseeker

            Thanks for answering a dumb question. I like it.

        • Gene Hull

          I’d prefer to lash him to the bottom of the port-a-potti a week or so before he died. I’m sure we’d have a long line of vets waiting to piss and shit on him.

          • Brenda Harrell

            With his mouth open!

          • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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          • Larry Painter

            Just reading all this and can’t figure why you even respond to this stuff, seriously we Americans (and I would guess that includes you too) make light of what is happening to our beloved country. Take heed to yourself at least for what your worth!

          • The Redman

            It is white-folks dat brought the u.s. 2 its ruins. but will go in 2 Hell 1st. B 4 they admit. they own and run the country. truthfully speaking.

          • Jim

            I would be happy to piss on obola’s grave. But he doesn’t deserve a burial. Feed him and family and ALL his minions to what was written earlier. Feral pigs.

          • Maggie

            …and the rest of the world would line up to ‘pay’ their tributes too…the line could go on forever…

        • ARJAY

          If the porta potty has NO BOTTOM! If it had a bottom, it would have to be pumped out EVERY FREAKING HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • RobertLaity
          • The Redman

            But there R a lot of privileged white-folk haters.

        • h m rowland

          Whaaaa, cry it up. You are obviously no truth seeker. We should put a port o john over the grave of the military, the CIA and other fascist war mongering hawks and live in a world of peace… John Kennedy called for “a world without armies”. We see what that got him….peace is not a money maker. Fascism- a country or government whose economy is based on going to war… we have been in perpetual war for 52 years. Seek the truth and find out why.

          • Brenda Harrell

            You are the biggest example of a traitor! Hope the military doesn’t protect you when the muslim terrorists really start in. It is already happening, but not on a grander scale than it is getting ready to be. If not for our forefathers fighting for this country, you would be living under a dicktator. Oh wait, you put one in the white house. A fraud, a lying pos sob, muslim. We haven’t had a president in the last 7 years. He is a foreign plant.

          • The Redman

            How many of dem babies have ya killed. super-tramp

          • h m rowland

            ‘Dicktator’ Brenda? That must be the trailer park spelling, actually I’m surprised you didn’t spell it ‘dicktater’ but I guess that’s what you called supper tonight. Have a read in your history book…the CIA is the agency that stirs up the Muslim’s,(frankly I’m more worried about the Southern Baptists uprising) the fear you express and not a president. Presidents do as the CIA/Military tells her ….oops too early for that, tells him.(Since 1963)

          • Brenda Harrell

            WOW! Really? You are an insult to humanity and intelligence. I spelled it that way for a reason, but a liberal is to far beneath that to even try to comprehend anything. Get an education and some common sense. You are a bigot and a terrorist against morality.

          • h m rowland

            LMFAO! Yes, I was aware that the spelling was a lame attempt at humor and to degrade our President but my comment was not attempted humor I’m sure you had dick & taters for supper last night. By the way I do have some education, a Master Degree in American History(the real history not the shit in history text books) and an AA in Culinary, a BA in Criminal Justice and one in Religion as well. …Georgetown, Ivy Tech, UBoston and Ball State; in the spring I begin another BA in journalism at Indiana U….I am neither a bigot nor a terrorist, and morality is self measured, I do what I will and harm none. Peace to you and our world..

          • Brenda Harrell

            You’re all BS and no stay!

          • h m rowland

            TEE HEE

          • Frank W Brown

            You need to find another place to live, idiot!

          • The Redman

            Like U. in the dark. huh

          • Jim

            Dear “dik in the azz” you really have a (short) future as a “sighting in a new scope” for some one. You and ALL scumbags like you will get what you got coming….

          • The Redman

            jim-Crowism. ISIS jes love pink heads and white-folks who worship guns. ha ha ha ha hahah

          • Old goat

            You are a typical liberal ingrate a———-!

          • The Redman

            And U ah old bag of goat nuts. ha ha ha haha

        • The Redman

          U’re not ah truthseeker. U’re a hater on a mission. dats Y the u.s. is in ruins. white-folks like U and dat gen.

        • Bob Marcum

          Right-On neighbor. I’m fully in favor of your way of thinking.

          • truthseeker

            We can always get our Great Generals back. It is the ones that would rather resign than to ” get along, to go along”. attitude. Hillary is still here and they decided to find some dirt, that we do not know is the Truth about General Petrous.

          • The Redman

            He’s a white-folks isn’t he. huh, lie-maker

          • The Redman

            white-folks have ruined the u.s.–neighbor from Hell.

          • Bob Marcum

            The Redman; I have always had a problem, responding to your race of people, who went thru hell, to get to this point. But; I have a great respect for the serious damage that was done to the original citizens, of this gret nation. I respect you, for whatever hanicaps you possess, due to being a ntive American. However; If you don’t want it as a handicap, then, quit jumping to conclusions, so easily, about others.
            Unfortunate, as it is; hostory is what it is. The indians were happy here, in this land. The white race came in and took it from them. They were treated mercilessly, in the process. It’s not the
            ideal memory you would wish, for yourself. But; it is, what it is. I
            can’t change it, anymore than you can. But; living with the resentent you have is not a warrior’s way to live. A warrior would ( or-so, I believe ) want to create a prosperous life for himself and his family. Living FOR the past, by always feeling resentment, is not a healthy way to treat yourself. I don’t mind if you blame the white man, for what happened to your ancestors. HELL;I’d think, you were uneducated, if you didn’t.
            But; A couple of things, which you need to understand, is
            ( 1 ); Evolution is what it is; and, nobody can change it, and
            it’s a waste of life, that tries. ( obviously; I can’t feel what you el. ( see my next comment, for more ).

          • The Redman

            U should writs a book on white-folks denial. I speak about what white-folks are still doing nowadays. ruining the u.s. and living in denial of it. 98% R. if U R not of the 98%, Y R U running yo snake-mouth trying 2 offset my opinion.

          • Bob Marcum

            ( Sorry; the comment section only allows so much, in 1 transmission ).
            But; I do know that, if you spend your life, always meticulously,
            remembering to despising the white man for what happened to your anscestry; then, you miss out on a very large portion of what your happiness in this life could have been.
            ( 2. ) You and I are facing an attempt at the same thing being
            pertpitrated, to both of us and all of civilization, now. This time,
            it’s the islamists; and, they’re going after all of us.
            Question; Are you a warrior , or a self-pittying, welfare goof-off ???

          • The Redman

            U should write yo book elsewhere. white-folks have not changed much at all from the past. but then, U wouldn’t know dat beings U R 1 of em, huh.bobbie

          • Bob Marcum

            YEAP; I gess zo, master.

          • The Redman

            ISIS will B yo master, pinkie-bob. ha ha ha haha ha ha ha. get dem pink heads ready and mar-cum up. ha ha ha ha hahaha.

        • danaugust68

          When you take the oath as a Marine, you Obey your Commander In Chief. No question ask. That is discipline. Otherwise. get out of the Corp. They don’t need your ass there.

        • 657241

          His body should be dumped inside an active volcano in Hawaii, while in flames and erupting like the Krakatoa. Ashes to ashes, thou shall return. That is return to nothing but dust. Hawaii because that is the state he claimed as his state of birth.
          An active volcano has a lot of flames simulating HELL.

          That is where he meet his maker and his real dad.

    • apzzyk

      Your cut and paste gets better with practice.

      • John Gillis

        Glad you like it!

      • ernldo

        ..and you spelled all the words correctly….Good boy…

      • The Redman

        He’s ah ideal-idiot.

        • apzzyk


          • The Redman


    • ProudUSAVet

      How about the middle name “Hussein.”

      • The Redman

        How bout dumb-vet

    • David DeCarlo

      That says it all John. You get a gold star.

      • John Gillis

        Thank you, David!

        • The Redman


      • The Redman


        • David DeCarlo

          Aren’t we all. But at least most of us aren’t dumb as a barrel of cow shit like you.

          • The Redman

            U ah inbred-immigrant

          • David DeCarlo

            Brilliant reposte. Now,run along to your cave with the rest of the cowardly trolls.

          • The Redman

            Where’d ya get dat name immigrant-dave.

          • David DeCarlo

            I’d love to tell you to your face,but we all know how cowardly trolls are. Right?

          • The Redman

            Yep. U dah worse kind.

    • h m rowland

      ….at least he hasn’t blown up any of our buildings or murdered any of us like the Bushites did..

      • John Gillis

        Define “your buildings”. Who of “you” has been murdered?

        • Brenda Harrell

          That is a traitor of the worst kind. They take up for a muslim.

          • The Redman

            And U have killed unborn babies.

        • h m rowland

          You mean “our buildings”, meaning the trade center buildings. Murdered for standing against the Bushites*…..Sen. Paul WELLSTONE AND JFK JR. I guess you think that their planes just dropped out of the sky. Poppy had his hands all over the JFK assassination and I imagine MLK and RFK as well, if not them their friends and cronies. Google up ‘Prescott Bush Hitler’ and see what you find.

          • John Gillis

            h m Rowland, I’ll be happy to search ‘Prescott Bush Hitler’ if for anything my own amusement.

          • h m rowland


      • Hilly

        Smells like TROLL in here….

        • The Redman

          And U a goat.

    • The Redman

      U R the bologna. snake-mouth john-boy.

      • John Gillis

        And you’re still a white boy – and everyone on this board knows it, LOL.

        • Brenda Harrell

          Don’t insult white people with that piece of trash. I don’t respond to that idiot, just flag him and push the minus button.

          • The Redman

            Did, U, kill, dem babies.

    • Ron

      Go John Go!!! I think the Beach Boys should cover this song!!!

    • danaugust68

      My Baloney is your Name @JohnGillis, You are the one messing up the USA.

      • John Gillis

        I beg to differ. I am gainfully employed, pay taxes and even help my neighbors. Being a solid citizen hardly qualifies as messing up the USA, but I’m flattered you credit me with having so much influence!

        • danaugust68

          A Solid citizen? I doubt it. But have it your way.

          • John Gillis

            You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. Peace.

    • alfy


    • pj4me

      Kudos John!

  • Patriot1001

    Spot On!!!

  • MegaMouseGW

    I don’t want to pee on obozo grave, I want to take a big steaming smelly dump on it.

    • The Fox

      Will have a line for that also and will make sure to take a lot of laxatives before hand.

    • Arnold Baron

      WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlanWH

    Hey Hussein, First we’ll Dance, then We’ll Pee. Good Riddance in Advance!

    • Thomas

      We need to keep him from doing any further damage before he leaves,that’s one of his big goals.

      • ernldo

        Congress needs to step up…


          That ship has sailed! Only citizens and or the military can stop frobama!

        • Joe

          All my post ask the same question, though I know the answer, none the less we must do everything to keep the public informed of his, killary and Bernies intentions of making America a Communist country. People have got to start believing, the facts are there, all three must be Stopped. now.

          • Brenda Harrell

            My child had a great childhood friend, but that young man has gone liberal and wants these damn Syrians in this country, and wants Bernie Sanders as president. My child has now given that friendship up, because this is not the friend they knew in highschool. Both are in their mid-thirties now. I can’t get over it either. He moved up north and converted to the mental disease of liberalism. Its a shame. He was always at my house, eating me out of house and home. Used to be just like another member of the family. I don’t know why these people let others brainwash them!

        • lori

          congress is in on it. They know he’s a usurper. They’ve been given proof. They won’t do anything because they’ll all go down for treason against the american people.

    • truthseeker

      Once he does not have the Protection of the Attorney General, maybe we can get to the Truth .

  • Dick Ellis


  • The Fox

    Great comment, I would be in that line myself as a Marine of 12 years and would save all my pee up just for that great event.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Oooh Raaah Marine. As a Seabee, I’d be right next to you in line. 13.5 yrs. myself.

      • The Fox

        Glad to have you anytime Seabee, anchors away my friend.

    • David Kledzik

      21 years here. Semper Fidelis Jarhead.

      • The Fox

        Semper Fi fellow Brother Jarhead, God Bless and Shalom Marine:

        • David Kledzik

          God Bless you and yours too.

          • ernldo

            Thanks for your service, ALL you great patriots!!!

          • sttp2291009

            I second on that, thank all of you for your service. Under Obama you don’t get the respect that you deserve and pay also.

          • David Kledzik

            Thank You also for being a patriotic American.We’ll keep marching along, because freedom isn’t free.

          • David Kledzik

            Thank You for being a loyal patriotic American.

        • Brenda Harrell

          Thank you all for your service, and my son stands with you as a fellow Jarhead!

      • Stephen Porter

        no one relieved me of my duties. a chicken choker joker got his dumb laugh at me jokes out done. US Army Vietnam era Veteran gets to speak his mind. so many are complaining I cannot figure out how he could still be there proudly as the man!

        • David Kledzik

          Exactly Stephen, with all that is going on. Four stars to boot, he should have been the one being saluted.

    • Richard

      When I drive long distances I bring a bottle with me.
      I think I will need a big jar unless I get to the line very early.

      • The Fox

        I’d save it up and mix it with pigs blood and then get in line. Shalom Friend:

        • dtk1952

          Great idea, teach that Muslim raised POS something.

        • truthseeker

          He does not deserve to be buried. Just throw his body out over Kenya, let the wild life take care of the rest.

          • The Fox

            Sounds good to me and cheap also. Shalom:

    • dtk1952

      I’m with you, jarhead. Army, 23 years.

      • The Fox

        Your welcome friend, my dad was Army and younger brother was Army also, both gave their lives for this nation, Dad 2nd War and Korea and brother in Nam, this Jarhead was lucky. Shalom Friend:

        • Old goat

          You were not lucky! You were blessed!

          • The Fox

            I agree, I should have died so many times while I was unsaved but God had a mission for me after I got saved about 27 years ago, have been a evangelist in a taxi cab for almost 20 years and by Gods Grace have travel to 6 continents preaching the Gospel that saves and by his Grace have seen many saved, now teach two Bible Studies a week and have for years. God Bless and Shalom Friend:

        • dtk1952

          Sorry to hear about your kin. Godspeed and best wishes to you

          • The Fox

            Same back at you, over hill or dale Friend:

  • Epeefencer

    A good ballsie response for the pretender-in-chief.

  • Merlin

    I wouldn’t pee on Obama’s grave, I’d crap on it.

    • disqus_b6XOqz4VzM

      Make sure that you get there before they cover the casket.

      • Arnold Baron

        WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!

  • dennis cheever

    Smart man McChrystal, not many in DC like him. Need more like him to speak out about the dipshit in the White House.

    • Stephen Porter

      the guy threw away his career to say something he had probably wanted to for a long while.

      • Francie26

        He didn’t throw away his career. He was a proud American, and when he walked out of the White House that day, he was prouder than ever. He brought pride and a deeper patriotism to all of us that day. We’ve all just been waiting for Obama to leave, and thank God, that will be soon . . . . although it will feel like one of the most horrible, long-lasting years of our entire lifetimes.

      • DrRisk

        61 years old and 4 stars? His career has topped out. He’s not making a $60K pension plus another $300K from Lockheed or Grumman or somebody. More power to him!

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Gen. McChrystal was at the peak of his career and retired as a four star… can’t retire any higher than that short of accruing more seniority. Plus, he teaches at Yale, is on the board of directors of two major companies and is chairman of the board for a third company. He’s doing just fine; Gen. McChrystal served 34 years in the U.S. Army. His retirement pay is about 85 percent of the nearly $18k/month basic pay he was receiving when he retired in 2010. That alone would put his military retired pay at about $180k/year. He didn’t throw away his military career.

      • patriot2

        he should be alright,he handed in his resignation first.then he told the truth,something obama doesn’t recognize.

        • The Redman

          IF, he did its rare. white-folks love 2 steal, kill, and LIE. patty 2

          • patriot2

            you’re another obama drone.

          • The Redman

            U ah homegrown terrorist. patty-2

          • patriot2

            you’re still obamas blow job buddie.

          • The Redman

            U ah terrorist 2.

      • RMCSRET

        Hey Stephen, Gen Mac didn’t throw away his career, what he did was
        stand up for the OATH OF OFFICE he took when he entered the military.
        To defend the country from all enemies either foreign or DOMESTIC.

      • PatriotGal

        Comes a time to be a MAN or a WOMAN and to stand tall for yourself and your convictions.

        • Brenda Harrell

          There is a song called Stand Tall, and it is great. My child sang it in the honor choir in Florida.

          • The Redman

            U should “stand” tall and admit dem abortions and being a tramp in the past. huh

    • Oldvet

      He has a set that doesn’t set well with the emperor so he like so many others who will stand on principal had to go.

      • sttp2291009

        Well the emperor knows best, more that the Generals. That is why we are in the mess that we are in right now. We are a lot less safer than we have been at any other time in my life time.

        • Carol Benson

          Obola is the smartest, coolest, handsomest, funniest person in the room. Napoleon Complex.

          • Old goat

            Not only that he is a Faggot!

          • Carol Benson

            I forgot & left that out. He gives gays a bad name. So does Moochelle.

      • dennis cheever

        I am an old vet also. I hope you are still ready to lock and load up when needed. Soon, the way it is going.

        • Oldvet

          With multiple weapons !!!!

          • Alan

            Weapons with PUNCH! Like the old, reliable BAR or Garand. Isn’t it interesting how they’ve tried to remove such things from our hands? Have a great one Oldvet.

        • Brenda Harrell

          Thank you for your service! My son was and always will be a proud Marine.

    • dtk1952

      The trouble with this is that Ovomit has gotten rid of all of the real higher ranking officers and now he has his “Yessir” boys. I might be wrong, but, it appears that he has gotten rid of more top officers than any other President.

      • sttp2291009

        If I remember correct in reading I believe he has gotten rid of 6 Generals and high ranking officers.

        • David Kledzik

          Heres the deal, no one signed up to fight for socialism, or communism. Six generals down plus admirals and some line officers. Now as I said their carreers aside, no one signed up to fight for socialism or communism. There are many more C.O’ s and NCO’s , including line officers, as well as commanding officers that wont forsake their oaths to the Constitution. Aproval rating 10% and those are from senior pentagon chiefs that are close to retirement that wont lose anything if they speak out. Obama has forced everyone’s hand, and now will have to fight 360 degrees. You know they say a liar has to have a good memory. Or in obuttheads case a good teleprompter.

          • sttp2291009

            David Kledzik Well said. Past time for this man to be impeached and prosecuted for treason and breaking the laws of our Constitution. Old main line GOP establishments need to go and new ones if they can’t get the job done and uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land. I’m for the states to come in and take over because Washington is no longer capable and effective to uphold the law and Obama is a threat to this nation!!!!

        • dtk1952

          Also a lot of top enlisted have been forced to get out because of the POSITWH.

      • Brenda Harrell

        He has put in his bath house buddies in that position.

        • dtk1952

          Would you please clarify your statement? Who is he and his buddies, for instance?


      I hope they all start talking, everything they can tell.

    • PatriotGal

      I deeply apologize to our military for the idiots who voted this POTUS into office not once, but twice. The military is suffering unmercilessly. now as a result of OWEbama’s diddling hands in our military and those whom he has placed in charge, there are too many pansies to stand up to anything.

  • Bob Onitt

    that joke is as old as the army is i it said to my drill Sargent when asked in a similar exchange ,but it was after basic in 1971 and was in good nature between someone who finally got it and someone who knew all along

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Doesn’t matter really. It’s the truth !


    well said general and I SALUTE YOU!

    • truthseeker

      I hope he got his Retirement. I know if considers to re-enter after this one leaves he will be considered one of our Best Generals ever. He already is and he has earned my respect. I Salute you Sir.

    • Brenda Harrell

      We need more Patriots like him and stop Obama!

  • RM Russell

    If this is really true…RIGHT ON GEN.MCCHRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meazly

    Amen, General!
    THAT I will salute!

  • monacall

    I’d pour pigs blood on it!

  • Duane L Petersen

    Maybe they should put a outhouse over his grave so those that have to take a crap will have a place to sit. Just remember that Obama has purged more Generals then any leader since Stalin.

  • Clay Fitzgerald

    It’s a great story and apropos, but can it be verified? I know that’s what I’d like to do, or even more, but since Oblammo is quite a bit younger than I am, I probably won’t get that chance

    • Tom_EE

      You assume he’ll live to a ripe old age!!!

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Harry Truman was the president when I was born, so I’ll probably have to live to a riper old age to see BHO’s grave.

  • Tom_EE

    I won’t pee on his grave!

    I’ll dig the SOB up and get his filthy traitorous ass off American soil!

    • Arnold Baron

      WELL SAID !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Best damn answer ever given to this P.O.S.!

  • Jackie

    Great line from General McChrystal! LOL

  • odgreen1969

    If the General was a true patriot and hero he should have drawn his side arm and…

  • Why does Obama get b;+ch – slapped every time he takes on an actual man? It’s because Obama IS a ltitle Muslim b;+ch…

  • Melissa Della Luna


  • Midnite Rider

    That’s a GOOD ONE with out a doubt.

  • Al Myren

    I proudly salute you Gen Mc Chrystal , well said !

  • Jack G Simpson Jr

    I have my doubts the General really said that to Obama as that particular story is an old, old joke told in the military since WWII. But not having been there, and taking the story at it’s word, I commend the General for haveing the balls to say it. I am also sure the meaning of his words probably went over The Muslim In Chiefs head. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

    • DrRisk

      I suspect you are correct. But all apocryphal stories have that sweet “Wish I’d said that” ring to them. There good not be a more deserving recipient of such a comment.

  • Janthony132

    That’s Clutch! Way to go General!

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    That is a joke hat I heard about 60 years ago. If that was documented as uttered by McChrystal to the fake president, then I salute him for having the cojones to say it to him.

  • What_no_change???

    DING DING DING DING we have a winner!!!

  • kennethwbaguley

    This story has been around for more than a year…Why now?

  • Austinniceguy

    I wouldn’t pee on that elephant eared porch monkey if he was on fire but, I would be only TOO HAPPY to poop on his grave and smear it on his stone.

  • Wild_Hare

    Right-on General, you’re the Man!!

  • Francisco Machado

    Celebration would be in order. Rather than a “line,” I’d propose a summer-long beer drinking camp. Make a stinkin’ swamp out of it. I’ll contribute a couple kegs – any volunteers?

  • Henry

    I swore when I got out of the military I would never stand in line again, but for this I will make an exception

  • MarcJ

    Why wonder? After all B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist Muslim!

  • I loved the way that Stanley handled this POS.

  • NY


  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Truly will be a great day of celebration that just can’t come soon enough but I still hold that HOPE he campaigned on.

  • Walter Bazner

    Thanks General you makes us proud to be Americans. Thank you for your service to our country.I can’t wait for the day Obama Leaves office.He is so very corrupt!

  • Ddenney1

    I will let the General cut in front of me for his tremendous service!!!!

  • Canadave

    Speaking as a Canuck I hope when he’s finally gone all the military people he has fired for being politically incorrect and not kissing his pathetic ass, are rehired and have all their benefits and seniority restored. It breaks my heart when I see our closest friend being destroyed from within. I forget which of your founding father said that if the country was destroyed it would come from within.

  • doug9694

    Pigs blood and pigs ground up and sprayed all over the world, Like in War of the Worlds 2.
    Not to fertilize any weed! But to send them to hell and no 72 fishy see through demon virgins.

  • That’s funny! I hope obuma felt as useless and pitiful as he actually is! You go General!

  • MoonPeople

    Never before have I ever seen a President with the position President Obama has taken with our Military and our Veterans. It really concerns me because of the way the President as divided everyone too. General McChrystal is a great leader and has a lot of experience in the Middle East, This man is a Hero and I would feel much better if he was with us on the job folks. God Bless you and your family this holiday season sir.

  • golface12949

    OUTSTANDING!! Gen McChrystal, YOU’RE THE MAN !!!


    HURRAH FOR HIS REPLY. There would be a line from coast to coast to pee on obama’s grave. It’s just wrong he had to lose his career for the paranoid self centered egotist gay muslim marxist in the Rainbow House. obama’s Karma is really going to be a bitch.

  • patriotbabe

    His words are worthy of plaque commemorating the Good General!

    • John Gillis

      Very true, patriotbabe!

  • Alan

    No problem General, I will gladly stand in that line as your representative.

  • Larryat36

    I will be in that line.

  • gerald Hughes

    John, you are the man.

  • grama18

    I love IT ! BUT damn I would have to squat . I ‘ll carry my port a pottie.

  • withinsigthbutblind

    Not cheap, cost him his job! You should be able to tell the PRICK what’s what without having to sac your job in the process! Which makes me think of this… you spend your entire career in the military because you love it, but you never know who’s the boss until he is the boss. Sucks!

  • KDS

    His grave could be used as a Latrine.

  • Julia

    If this is true, and Obama did make that remark, then people should stop saying Trump is not Presidential with his comments, because being crude may be a prerequisite for the office! And, if that was McCrystal’s response I say “WAY TO GO MCcRYSTAL”!

  • ReaperHD

    It can’t happen too soon you useless MUSLIM POS.

  • johnanaguski

    Way to go General, stuck it right to that pansy ass.

  • Stephen Porter

    that is a wow moment for the man!

  • Jim

    I would follow the general into battle any day !!!! However; I would stop and pour a 5th of wine on Obama’s grave every day……..But it has to pass through my kidneys first….Ahh Ripple….Ahh Thunderbird…Only the best for the C-I-C

  • billie

    As a former military member Iam ROFLMAO and salute him.

  • fulredy


  • TetVet

    I salute you Sir with honor and respect. I have one request if you can speak with some of your colleagues and convince them to speak with each of their congressional leaders who have the same sentiments you have, maybe just maybe the Muslim Snake team can be impeached.

  • jackhy

    I admire the General’s restraint and respect for the office of POTUS in spite who is in the chair! A lesser man would have vaulted over the desk and choked the s.o.b. before the s.s. guys could stop it!

  • Richard

    I wouldn’t waste my piss on ovomit!!!

  • Apolloone

    I despise standing in-lines but in this case I would enjoy it.

  • Chester Diers

    As much as I like what was said, it is just talk. It has become painfully aware that the politicians are ALL in bed together and care about their own self interests and NOT standing up for the ideals this country stands for! What he said was awesome, but, with what is known, WHY is that OBAMANATION still in the whitehouse….sad state of affairs!! :O(


    It’s gonna be a looooonnng line. And, there may be some taking dumps there too.


    That day cannot come soon enough.

  • Bennie Cochran

    I think the General was overly kind considering he was talking to a DOLT.

  • djpala

    The loss of one’s pension was the main reason he didn’t break his boney jaw !

  • apzzyk

    The firing of a General, a political appointee who has been approved by the Senate, is not all that unusual. Lincoln fired McCleand; Patton nearly got fired by Eisenhower and was given command of the ‘Ghost’ Army that was thought by Hitler to being held in reserve – it came equipped with inflatable tanks, trucks, and the works; MacArthur got fired by Truman with the same reaction from the Conservatives; and there were many generals fired during Nam; while I was in the USMC in 1958, the CG of the 1st MarDiv was fired by Eisenhower; the first chair of the Joint Chiefs was fired by Rumsfeld for wanting more troops on the ground at the start of the optional wars. Whether you are a Pvt or a General, you are expected to follow orders and not question your superiors. That is called Civilian Control of the Military and firings have been used to prevent Coups. Curtis LeMay, who was in charge of SAC during the early days of Nam, and subsequently ran for either Pres. or VP because of a dispute with JFK or LBJ. A Marine SSgt got fired a couple of years ago because he was taking the TEA party point of view on all things.
    One of the two constitutional rights that you give up while in the military are the 1st and the other is the 2nd Amendments.

  • hcool

    The General is a far greater man and American than our Kenyan president!

  • Jominith

    This exchange never happened. It’s a fabrication. Below is a post by Jeremy Craig on the original November 5, 2015 article by Michael Becker on

    “There’s no record of this ever happening, and this website has posted totally fictional
    stories before, look it up. If you feel like being a contrary douche, at least take a couple seconds to make sure you’re right.

    And before you get all self-righteous and try to talk me down, here’s all the evidence you need:

    A variation on the joke published in 1963

    The exact exchange, published in 2002'd%20never%20stand%20in%20line%20again%22&f=false

    And an interview with “Today” in 2013, in which McChrystal maintains
    that the final exchange between the two was “very professional”.

    Feels good to verify facts before shitting all over people. Enjoy reading swill
    from people who are paid to lie to you.”

    Yes it does Jeremy; yes-it-does. Thank you.

  • 45 cal

    Obama’s grave? No one could go near it without the fires of hell consuming them!

  • l.bell

    And a very long line it will be well said General.

  • william russell

    Hey what a disgusting thing for the president of the usa to say or use the language to a general in the air forces. What a disgrace the sooner obama gets out of office the best for the usa.

  • Bethony Sproles

    Good Job, General. It proves you can think on your feet.


    All I could do is laugh, that was well said. Thomas I agree with what you said, and that’s what I’m afraid of, that he’ll do something to really destroy the U.S.A. before he’s out.

  • Jim Terio

    I’d pay and stand in line to pee on Barak’s grave. I’d also pay and stand in line to shake General Stanley McChrystal’s hand.

  • scott

    its not his job to support that dumb kweer nigg-r in any way.his job is to protect our country,and the people,not the politicians.

  • Alan

    Epic! Now there’s a man with a backbone. If I could I would shake his hand endlessly for insulting that malcontent fool. Obama is certainly no leader. He’s a follower of the world elite, nothing more, nothing less. Only the mentally deranged could ever follow a follower who’s leading them on the path to hell.

  • Edward Delahoussaye

    Obama is one sorry excuse for a human,he hates everybody in the military,Obama can kiss my Anchor.

  • bt70

    What I would do is bring a live pig, cut its throat and let the blood run on his grave, then have a pig roast by his grave

  • Timothy Thompson

    Why can’t we get a candidate general to run for office. I believe either the admirals or generals who were fired by BHO would be worthy of 100% support by the American people. McChrystal would be first on the list of candidates to give back America the pride we all once had. Lets make it manditory that every college graduatemust at least serve 2 years after graduation in one of the brances of the military. That would take the winening out of these little turds who think they can protest our countries great history without contributing anything to it.

  • CMY

    Our Service men & women are a gift from God!!! OB is directly out of He_l…
    I am pleased to have the Military stand up to his nonsense.

  • paulrod

    I KNEW there was something about McChrystal that I liked!!!

  • Richard

    Good for the General, but I won’t mind standing in that line.

  • Roy Buster Ranic

    Even though obie is less than a POS, in my opinion, I really doubt that he said that old piss-on-my-grave line?

  • CharlieM34

    For a white (oops – black ?) guy, Bomma is a disgrace to the formerly great office of the President of the United States. It will be great again……in the right hands.

  • Lizfan

    Yeah, the line to pee on Obama’s grave is going to be VERY long. I for one will throw a party when Obama leaves office.

  • Koma Kehuli

    Outstanding response!

  • CharlieM34

    As an added though, Gen. McChrystal was being too nice

  • Christian / Conservative

    As for myself, I say AMEN to my brother Mr. Stanley McChrystal. I hope to get to shake his hand some day. I just hope that when we get done peeing on obamas grave that we don’t float his stinking corpse out of the vault! Good Day, God Bless

  • ChiefBoring

    OOOOORRRAAAHHH!!! General! The old Chief.

  • Cecilia Gast

    Love the comeback and wish it had been a little more physical.





  • bobjonestwo

    Very long line and getting longer daily, the whole world now is quite aware of this evil fraud in the White House.

    • bobtherebuilder

      I WAS STILL LMAO…until you went and said that…NOW my first, and probably obvious question is….WHY THE HELL IS “IT” STILL POLLUTING OUR WH?!!!

  • retired4ever

    I agree with the General AND obummer. I would love to but the line would be waaaaaaaaay to long and no lines for me, I’m retired!

  • Natalia Ruah

    Here we go again Americans.The ongoing shooting mess in Ca. is now being reported that Mudslimes are the shooters.

  • icate

    Brilliant response,General. Obama hates people smarter than himself. And thanks, Joe for telling us the truth about McChrystal’s departure. Obama’s propaganda machine lied, as usual, with their cock-and-bull story that McChrystal encouraged junior officers to speak ill of the president.

  • ewasonable

    General McChrystal is too smart for the former political community organizer.

  • Jerry

    WOW, I have to start saving my pee, I would like to wash him out of the grave and down the river and into the ocean so he will not be on US soil. But I would like to see he impeached first.

  • carolskey

    If it actually happened, I say…great comeback General McChrystal and I would like to second that (with the exception of never having served in the armed forces)!

    Lord please protect America from this EVIL that is BO!

  • originaloldblue

    I wish this General would have thrown his hat in the ring for President, I think he could be a winner. At this time in our Country’s History, I would love to see a strong Military Back- ground attached to the POTUS. However, the person who occupies OUR White House has made such a mockery of the Presidency, I can understand a Noble Warrior like Stanley McChrystal not wanting to associate his name with the office.

  • bobwhite1935

    I’ll be in line I don’t mind waiting a few years to pee on his grave. Take a number we’ll call you when your number is close to up a few days ahead of time. I might die before my number is called but I’ll pee in a jar & leave one of my relatives the jar to pour on his grave unless he decides to be buried in his birth country Kenya, then they can use it to pour on MO’ grave.

  • David Brooks

    will done General Stanley McChrystal way to go !!

  • Ronald Huff

    Brilliant response!

  • Fred

    I’m sure this is what he wished he said but I doubt it really happened. But maybe. In some cases my brain cuts off and my mouth kicks in. Gets me in trouble some time.

  • Alan404

    Most interesting and possibly appropriate, IF the general actually said that.

  • Exlax would be my choice. Maybe add some pork entrails to top it off. Obama has destroyed our country and our face in the world and deserves the best.

  • Dan

    To: General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), I salute you sir. You are a man of honor in less than honorable times, you held your head high and spoke the truth. Thank you for serving, and for the freedom that we share.

  • grandmary42

    Just went through these comments and am flabbergasted at all the veterans that really don’t respect Obama. That says a great deal! Thank you all for your service and devotion to our country. I just know, if we all vote wisely, we can right our country! God bless all of you!

    • carolskey

      Considering cowardice and traitor are BO’s hallmarks, why would any patriotic God-fearing American respect BO? God Bless!

  • MarcJ

    I could just imagine the general’s feeling facing that Marxist Muslim B. Hussein Obama!

  • John Norton

    he is 100% right obama has no more bess trying run this county than me he need to pissoff an get the hell out popa joe can do a better job

  • A natural born American

    Love it!

  • JC

    I love the comment

  • dtk1952

    I salute you, General McChrystal.

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    I will fight to be first in that line to piss on his grave


      Put em up!


      Why waste good piss?


    I would bet money that the Generals comment went right over frobamas head!


    I’d rather do it while he’s still breathing!

  • Betty Hanner

    let give three cheer for the general for telling the truth


    P E R F E C T !

  • stan lee

    I could say “Poor Obama” concerning that story, but McChrystal’s response was so appropriate and beautiful! And, he’s one helluva soldier too! He had Obama’s “number,” he could read Obama’s intentions. And, Obama telegraphed his own paranoia to the good General, which precipitated the General’s very glib comment about “never again standing in line. McChrystal was 100% correct, there will be a very long line at the Obama event.

  • gg

    If ture, that is classic!

  • freebirds

    He forgot to hand his side arm over to him as he resigned.

  • utelllie


  • Drake Travis

    the military should be running the government and the politicians should go somewhere and weed a turnip patch

  • robert prir

    most awesome response to scum bag…. Obama should be impeached…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  • usmcb10

    No one could have said it better General. But in order to keep that line as short as possible they will probably have to bury him in an unmarked grave.

  • robert

    I hope there is more military personnel who have the guts to stand by there beliefs. I salute you General Mc Crystal

  • sttp2291009

    I have listen to this General a lot and he stands up for what he believe. He was against a lot of Obama’s policies in the Middle East. I really respect this General a lot, not just because he stood up to Obama but for his character. He is a class act. I love it, what he said ti him. Good enough. Obama was the one that showed no class which he does that a lot. Thank you General McChrystal for standing up for what you believe in.

  • john

    I worked for General McChrystal…..he led by example! Period!

  • disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk

    Hopefully, after the disaster that is Prezbo is over, the country can recall — with sincere apologies — many of the patriots BO fired or coerced out of the military.

  • Neal

    McChrystal and Petraeus in 2016!

  • Rosech Levy

    Thank you, General! I also like your sense of humor while the narcissist obviously not.

  • paul


  • Cdreeder

    would be a long line!

  • Joe

    Awesome! And the line is long and growing.

  • goldenvessel

    It’s kind of patedic when a person is so egotisical that they can NOT heed good advice and that is what Generals are for! We have a maniac in charge of the WH that thinks he knows it all OR this creature is very evil and wants the distruction of this nation! I will have to flip a coin on that last statment! People we need to pray hard for this nation that we can bring back the hedge of protection around the USA once more and bring some sanity back into our government. Christ Jesus said” Forbid NOT the little children to come unto ME, for such is the kingdom of GOD!” The “Lord’s Prayer” was removed from the school system by the ACLU/george Soeros in 1963/64 and the hedge of protection on this nation began to deteriate and crumble as godless laws were passed by godless men in robes who twisted our constitution to fit their agenda. Now we are fighting to get back our freedoms by hitting at the edges of the problem enstead of attacking the head of it! May GOD in HIS mercy forgive the citizens of the USA from NOT standing up to this evil when it made it’s first strike! Psalms 37 is a good prayer for those who are true believes and GOD will hear our prayers and answer!

    • reggie

      Barry quote “Dreams from my father” page 100/101 – To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed necolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling constraints. We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated. But this strategy alone couldn’t provide the distance I wanted, from Joyce or my past. After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

  • Proud US vet/American

    With over 22 years of active duty in the Army-this is the kind of “blood and guts” commander that men will follow to hell and back! The C-I-C is our commander, but, Obama or any President must and need to listen and take the recommendations of their military leaders in theater, not of the wussified politicians in DC. The Politicians are only trying to play CYA with their careers and don’t give a rat’s ass about the “boots on the ground” or how many of them America loses.
    Hoorah Gen. McChrystal!

  • Peter L Marzullo

    Truly epic and well deserved. I may have shown a little less respect than this General did.

  • Original Anna

    Oh, neat, Oh neat, Oh did I say Oh neat! Congratulations General McChrystal, a true man with balls. This is what this country needs as a President. Hope you have a nice long healthy retirement.

  • Anita

    Great comeback but he’s right. The line will be long, long, long. Ha, ha.

  • gadgetcoder

    I don’t know about Gen. McChrystal, but I’ll be going back for seconds…

  • Ed Campbell


  • thomas

    This General was liked by his service personnel. Very intelligent on military matters. His parting from the Military leaves America one less Heroic General. still screwed by Obama the loser failure President.

  • reggie

    Catholics worship the pope and kiss his ring. I’d kiss the General’s ring. A true man, a true leader. He needs to go to congress and teach them how to pull their panties up.

  • Azmesa88

    Obama deserves a great deal more than just peed on….he is a pathetic disgrace to the nation and all we once were! He is a traitor and deserves a firing squad!

  • Kenneth O. Trail

    I think he should have pissed on his head and demanded his resignation

  • greyhound44

    Bathhouse Barry (AKA Insane Hussein) is a GAY Illegal Alien Muslim Narcissist Sociopath (and perhaps psychotic – ‘tho I have not examined her) communist fool and needs to be eliminated!
    retired expatriate

  • Gray_Doug

    Good going, sir. It’s about time a military leacer told this man what he needed to know, even when we knew he didn’t like the message. The sad truth is he isn’t man enough to take any kind of criticism or responsibility for his personal failures. He throws out the race card like a badge of honor. I hope we never make this mistake — trusting a man who never deserved the honor of being trusted – again in my lifetime. He’s the perfect example of fool me once: shame on me. Fool me twice; shame on you. I intend to make sure my family and future heirs know just what kind of man he is (was) and how lousy he is (was) as a president. It is my hope we survive him and his deliberate acts to bring down this nation. He can try to change history, but there are too many of us who know him for what he is: an empty soul with an ego bigger than his shoes.

  • gary west

    One of the cleverest insult’s I’ve ever heard. Well said General.


    I cant figure out why all our Military dont stand together as one And kick this black b—–d out of our White House and put a real president in thr, This jackass is a joke and he is going to get us all killed right in our own streets.

  • U.S. Marine

    Good Job Gen.McChrystal. Unlike most, they retire before they have the guts to say something. You were on active duty when you told him what for. What is really interesting is the House Impeached Clinton because he lied to Congress but they don’t have the balls to impeach the treasonous Black SOB for violating his oath of office and not defending the Constitution..

  • barterman1955

    As good as I am with comebacks off the cuff, I don’t think I could’ve come up with that one in a week! Perfect!

  • bikerdogred1

    The General is more man than Obama could ever dream of being.


    If indeed McCrystal did say this on his way out of the OVAL OFFICE, Well sir I SALUTE
    you. There are many of us out here that have served and feel pretty much the same.
    This man is a CinC in Tittle only.


    There is NO possible response better than THAT one. But I MIGHT stand in line for THAT one. I would probably have to wait a couple of MONTHS for the line to get SHORT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    Once again the rat traitor proves he is a scumbag that hates America, good job to that General that piece of chit bammyrat does not deserve one ounce of respect he deserves a prison cell

  • The duck

    Barak should join what’s his name that the Seal killed when he dies. Deep six him some where so there is no grave to mark his passing. I make trips the ocean once in awhile and need to pee, so it would never be a special trip and no one in line ahead of me. Might be a long line side by side though.

  • U.S. Marine

    Gen.McChrystal – Semper Fi

  • RobertLaity

    It was a five star retort *****.

  • lori

    About time someone has some balls. The military hates him so why don’t they take it upon themselves to hand cuff and arrest the big king. Then they can take and just go and do away with isis. I say we need to let our military take this in their own hands. Get all the generals back and admirals and form the biggest army ever and make a visit to the whitehouse and then jst let our military go nuts !!! Kill isis and there creator.

  • Art Hock

    And the General didn’t need a teleprompter.

  • jreb57

    Excellent reply General. Thank you for your service.

  • Sasquatch

    People who commit TREASON should be given the same equal treatment as those who conspired to assassinate President Lincoln. Hang by the neck until dead, even women are treated equally as Hillary would insist.

  • Frank W Brown

    I wish it was me with an opportunity to tell the POS potus what I think of him! McChrystal’s response is “PRICELESS”!

  • Hilly

    If I was at obutthole’s grave site, I wouldn’t be *peeing* on his grave.

  • Old goat

    Obozo is POS and everyone knows it. The fact that our low information voters have elected him twice is a frightening testimony on the condition of our once great nation. Way to go General!

  • davida

    i absolutely freakin love the generals fast thinking wit. thats class.

  • davida

    i am saddened by the many really pitifully rude and crude comments i tend to see that fly as opinions in many discussions and how it gets off course and topic . Just remember this folks, an unconstitutional law is no valid law .. one must think before acting on instruction from others… i all-ways have

  • danaugust68

    Makes me wonder as a Commissioned Warrant Officer, How He made the Stars? By kissing ass to White But cannot obey a Black man’s Order?

    • The Redman

      Yep. dats it. 98% of the white-folks in the u.s. R some of the worse terrorist in the world.

  • James D Vaughn

    Couldn’t have said it better!

  • The Redman

    white-folks have ruined the u.s. so bad until it will never regain.

  • Jim

    Well said General. This General is a FAR better man than his former boss. I am sure it hurts General to see how OUR country is going to shit under Fraud in chief…

  • TAM44

    Got to look at it this way and remember barack hussein obama is nothing but a lying treasonous illegal sissified muslim BOY, and the four star General Stanley McChrystal is all man and obama will never be a man. I’m a Vet and I salute you Sir and may yo have a wonder and a long retirement. I’ll bet that BOY obama was mad enough at you he peed his panties.

  • Bob Marcum

    I had alwaysadmired the General, for that comment, when I first heard of it, shortly after
    the comment was made. A big hoo-ha, to the general; with a highly respectful salute.
    I’d like to be able to think, that General McCrystal will be available, to lead, when our
    revolution is forced upon us.

  • Janice Pearce


  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Anyone notice that “redman’s” posting all end with a “Ha Ha Ha”? People like him are delusional and need to be institutionalized. No doubt I will recieve the same reply from him!

  • jerrymyers

    This is one of the most hate filled sites on the internet.. I will wait for the next mass killer to come from this group of ingrates

    • C6vet

      THANK YOU! I take that as a compliment! Maybe one day you will wake-up from your deep sleep, open your eyes and see what has happened to this country, it will not be a pretty site!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Obama got back just what he deserved.

    • C6vet

      To bad it was too little too late but may God Bless General McCrystal! It would only take one Good Commanding Officer and a Company of hardened Combat Veterans to WALK into the WH an arrest this Traitor, ISIS & Al Qaeda Supporter charge him with Treason, Dereliction of Duty and put him before a Military Tribunal and put to death!! That MAY save this country, that is IF it hasn’t gone to far with infiltrators from these Radical Muslims he is allowing into this once Great Country!

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        I pray that OBAMA hasn’t screwed our country yet but i feel like he has and will this next year. I hope he would just resign but i know he want. I believe he was meant tto be president cause i also believe will fall just like our BIBLE SAYS.

  • metheoldsarge

    Snopes isn’t the only one that has debunked this.

  • jerrymyers

    Can you imagine this happening?…. says that this is a damn lie… just another piece of anti Obama propaganda to feed your hate…

    • C6vet

      “Snopes” is owned by none other than “George Soros” the Billionaire that supports this POS, possibly the one that Groomed him for the WH! Just another Commie foreigner that enjoys watching as Amerika goes down the Porcelain Goddess! “God Bless America”

      Nam Vet/Grunt
      “Live Free or Die”
      “Freedom is not Free”

      Far to many have lost life and limb for the Freedom we enjoy, now it feels like all for not! America is in deep trouble today thanks to this “Radical Muslim”/”ISIS Supporter” in OUR Oval Office! Before I die I would really enjoy watching as Americans Wake-up, doubt that day will ever come! 🙁

      • jerrymyers

        Check any of the FACT Check sites… Of course, if you do not like facts, those hate opinion sites work well for you.

  • Alashi

    This never happened, but I like the sentiment! 🙂

  • Frederick Smith

    I think the General needs his fifth star.

  • I would expect nothing less from the General. An expert tactician.

  • Jim Lockwood

    The president has a habit of giving cheap shots! I congatulate the general for his classy response!!! #Go BenWin #Carson 206 #BC2DC16

  • Buddy Honeycutt


    • C6vet

      I wish to invoke the “ME TOO CLAUS” and be in line also!

  • Jo

    I love this come-back … Priceless!

  • Arationofreason

    A nation founded by men with guts and protected by them to this day.

    • C6vet

      I do agree with the first half of your comment but the second half is a problem! Ovomit has removed, one way or another, almost ALL Combat Proven Commanders! The ONLY Commanding Officers left either do NOT have combat experience, or are just Ovomits “YES MEN”!!! So very sad! Nobody with the Intestinal Fortitude to disagree with this Radical Mudslim occupying our WH!

  • Phyllis Elliott

    IT is about time someone put the president in his place, MANY THANKS TO THE GENERAL FOR DOING JUST THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF odumer can be aa smart a## so can someone else.

  • Cliff

    We need more people like this guy. Call it like it is. We do not have a president and to call this idiot a president is a insult to the word itself. This man and many of his administration present and past should be tried for treason and locked up for life as an example to all who should want to follow in their footsteps.

  • Phyllis Schultz

    It was perfect. Short and to the point.

  • Jim Baum

    The general really hit the nail on the head in his retort. My only thought is that the US Army has lost the services of an able commander, and that is a crying shame.

  • setemfree


  • I am counting the days……

    • C6vet

      It is a shame the days are going by just too damn slow!!!!

  • William Fejka

    Good one , General.
    From an old Marine. Semper Fi

  • VermontPharmer

    What bothers me as much as this POTUS is not having an opposition party that can identify their positive action to deal with our issues, global & domestic. To have the Senate majority leader identify his cause as opposing Obama…NADA. To have the GOP oppose Obamacare with nothing to replace it, without any regard to those who have lost homes over medical bills…NADA. To have just raided Social Security of $BILLION$ and then rail against ‘tax & spenders’, NADA. I have no where to turn among the 2.5 parties and I see the clock running out, at home & abroad. America: Don’t get angry, Wake Up!

  • VermontPharmer

    I just looked at comments. I gather that some people get off on gutter talk…over & over.

  • Dean

    Sad that a moron is CIC. Soldiers need led by soldiers, not by liberal POS.

  • Alburt Insteen

    I’LL Pee Twice. Once for me and once for General M. I will stand in THAT LINE for as long as it takes. Huah !!!

  • Great come-back. I would like to be on that line…

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  • Bob

    I’ll bet he is not the only one who wanted to tell BO that, he has decimated the combat leadership of all the armed forces!! Damm few but yes men out there now!

  • mr

    nice work of pure fiction. and from such an impartial unbiased source. yes i believe!!!

  • Frank W Brown


  • Jeff in Austin

    Well said General. You are a great American. I would hope that if I was in that situation, I would be so brave and forthright. obumer needs to be impeached. period. Other than God bless America.

  • Jandre Kroeze

    May the General lead Patriots on the home front to fight against the Islamic insurgency. Leaders like this are neccecary to take the fight to the enemy on US soil.

  • Gerry

    The General is a REAL MAN, we should congratulate Him and follow his courage.

  • Don

    Right on dude!

  • Stephen Porter

    Why is he, whomever you are talking about disarming everyone when we are the only ones who LET him do it. oops oh he bashed U.S. again. my wife says he has punked U.S. why is everyone giving him free reign? Since everyone just wants to gripe and not go to him in numbers, where does that leave U.S. punked

  • Byron Hall

    I gain more respect for our military on a daily basis!

  • Byron Hall

    I gain more respect for our military on a daily basis! You go General!

  • Grim Reaper

    The line of people wanting to piss on Obama’s grave will indeed be long.

  • tim keller

    the general needs to be trumps running mate

  • anonymousmale67

    I’ll get in line for that.

  • Such classy and intelligent comments. The phrase “Ugly Americans” seems to fit here. This exchange is false. Regardless of what you think of Obama, why not check things before you post. Oh I know the answer . . . . you all WISH it was true.

  • Darrius

    hmmmm,I might have to wait until after sundown… As the only thing I could give Barry is a king-sized turd.

  • Robin Conkel-hAnnan

    Spoken like a true American.. Has anyone seen Osama’s birth certificate or the name he used as a foreign student in an American college.?

  • Danie Darling

    Hey I’m with the general, but please reserve the first place in line for him

  • Danie Darling

    I agree with the General, But please reserve the fist place in line for him

  • GinnyLee

    Didn’t happen. Durn it. But, point in fact: since the time of McChristal, at least two other military selections of Obama have come – and gone…Chuck Hagel and Petraeus. hmmmm

  • John

    OUTSTANDING General.

  • Badwsa04

    Well said, General!!! Love, support our military…it is the best!

  • TheMadProfessor

    Great story. Too bad it’s total bullshit:

  • Jim Doyle

    WOW! I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY,it will be the longest line ever.

  • chrisnfolsom

    I am sorry, but this is bs – just look at snopes. Obama let McChrystal keep his 4 star in retirement even though he had not been that rank 3 years which was normal – how is that bad? McChrystal was not let go for his performance, but because of his statements in the June 2010 publication of the article, “The Runaway General.” The article depicted McChrystal and his close aides disparaging the president and administration leaders, and not only ended his post as commander in Afghanistan but prematurely concluded a 34-year military career for the West Point graduate. He was immediately replaced by his supervisor at the time, Gen. David Petraeus. Of course Patreaus had his own problems and resigned too.

    McChrystal described the described the tone in his meeting with Obama as “very professional” and said his relationship with the president, both then and now, was a good one. So I am not sure where this crap comes from, but not reality.

  • Karmw1

    I salute him!

  • pj4me

    Absolutely true! The line would be eternal!

  • stick

    Greatest put down of Obummer I have seen yet. I laughed through the
    whole article. I wish I could of been in your shoes John just to see the
    expression on his face. It must of been worth a million bucks.

  • Joe joe

    i like to be in that line