Democrats Outraged At Sessions Firing

November 8th, 2018 | by Super Admin
Democrats Outraged At Sessions Firing

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) believes that the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his replacement by Matthew Whitaker is “a kind of slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre,” and “a break the glass moment.”

Blumenthal stated, “It’s a break the glass moment. Our democracy is under attack because the president has completely broken the norms of the normal succession process. It’s a kind of slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre, as occurred under President Nixon. And the man he’s chosen is someone who provided a roadmap for how to stifle and strangle the special counsel investigation. He called it Mueller’s lynch mob. And he said the way to do it was to, in effect, deny funding, stifle it that way, or cut authority or disapprove indictments. That clearly creates an imperative for recusal by him, and if not, action by the Congress.”

  • BruceW

    Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is guilty of “stolen Valor” a legal term used by the military when someone takes credit for action in a military service that is not true. His is a lying, cheating, POS. He needs to be prosecuted.

  • MajorPain

    So says the Lying sack of S-it Blumenthal!!! The Dem’s are really Crying about what Whitaker may find when he starts looking into what Mueller as done with $38 Million Dollars in the Two years of a Fruitless Investigation that has only Exposed Democratic Corruption.

  • danstewart

    Of course the dems are upset, he’s their guy.

  • Ian Luff

    It is very obvious that the Trump administration is totally corrupt and he thinks he’s still running a TV show. Goodness knows why you put up with him and joke of a family.He has a history of business failure and corruption along with tax avoidance it is just making the USofA a bigger joke around the world especially in genuine democratic countries.

    • Sam

      Trump is doing an excellent job. The proof of that is how upset the Democrats are.

      • Ian Luff

        You joke of course

  • Sam

    Of course they’re upset. He was there to protect them by doing nothing, and he did that exceedingly well!! Muleler has had a hard time keeping the Democrat crime ring from being prosecuted and Sessions was key to that cover-up.