Must-SEE: Obama’s Crazy Public Law 110-343

February 17th, 2015 | by admin
Must-SEE: Obama’s Crazy Public Law 110-343

If you think President Obama likes Big Government, you’re correct. His administration issued 157 new major rules during his first term alone.This kind of excessive regulation is costing Americans about $73 billion every year.

“But what most people don’t know” says Chris Mayer, a former banker for one of the world’s most prestigious banks, “is that one of Obama’s new laws can actually make you money.”

It’s called Public Law 110-343. Buried within Section 113, you’ll find details of a little-known investment strategy that’s allowed the U.S. government to collect a total of $9.2 billion over the last five years.

“It’s incredible, and it’s not just for the U.S. government,” reports Mayer

Anyone can take advantage of Public Law 110-343, says Mayer.

During the course of our investigation, we found one gentleman named David Palmer, an ex-IRS agent, who discovered this strategy while working for the government. Mr. Palmer quietly used this technique to earn cumulative gains close to 10,000%.

[Editor’s Note: Need more proof? You can find the stories of everyday Americans using this secret right here.]

No, Mr. Palmer didn’t break any laws. And there was no insider trading at all.

“Put simply,” Mayer says, “this is a unique strategy that could legally and ethically increase your returns by up to 1,900% while reducing the money you put on the line by 80%.”

Another man we found, a Florida native named David Caesar, used this strategy to reverse his fortunes and turn a small $12,500 into over $7.5 million.

There’s more, too.

Leonard Monroe, a respected name in money matters, calls this “the best-kept secret in finance.”

That’s why Mr. Mayer has launched a full investigation into this phenomenon.

“I’ve made it my goal to show as many Americans as I can how to use this law to make a fortune,” says Mayer. “After all, if it’s good enough for the government to make billions, chances are it’s good enough for the mom and pop investors too.”

[Editor’s note: Mr. Mayer has posted his full presentation online. You can view it for free on his website, right here.]

  • David in MA

    OH! You Too Brutis?

  • kotoc

    Is this a legitimate deal to invest in? Is it some kind of loophole in “the system” that is on the level, and not dishonest in any way? Not likely. If it is Obama’s idea (or his cronies’ idea), there’s GOT to be something fishy about it, and I would prefer to stick to ethical ways to earn a living. As they say, “There’s a sucker born every day.” More likely, we (the taxpayers) would be the victims, and with our country being so seriously in debt, this sounds like a way to gain money at other people’s expense.

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    The ghost of Hugo Chavez smiles.

  • Lester Peoples

    Somebody is making money for even mentioning this and it is more than likely a failure at honest work–like perhaps a flunkie on the Dingle Berry’ staff if he hasn’t been dismissed. I call him Berry till I see his name has been legally changed to Barack Hussein- or is it spelled insane?

  • Harold

    Obama is not dumb! He is pure evil!

  • beonimagin

    This government offers anyone the easy way to make money or I should say to rip people off. You need to get on the band wagon like so many have done and start something against Obama like the Frat Organization Against Spending Of Government and send out mailers of surveys, opinions, written for the answers you want them to answer with and make sure it is so well written in asking for money. A few million of those sent out asking for $40.00 and more will probably get some 40,000 or so people to send you the money because they thought it Important of what you wanted them to Think as being Important in your writing. 40,000 people sending you just $40.00 will make you $1,600,000.00. Of course you being the President of that organization you can pay yourself a Salary of $1,600,000.00 a month salary. And the next month do it again to the same people and add other mailers to your list to make even more money. I burn a 55 gallon drum (and sometimes twice) a week of that postal main wanting money from me, that is how much of that Con Game is out there for suckers to be had. And that is not counting the E-mails of counting now 137 a day of what this morning I got a new one so today I got 138 of those E-mails that Think it so Important that I should send them money. Gee if I had to read all that Postal and E-Mails I would need at least an 80 hour day, and that wouldn’t even give me time to write checks for what they want. So the 55 gallon drum does a great job of that postal mail and the Delete All button does a great job of ridding all that E-mails every day. It sure is great having my precious Time Back again for me to know and to enjoy life again like it use to be before Obama. To me Obama is a god send for Con Artists in wanting all the money they can get from those like you in reading this. To me if they wanted to get rid of Obama like they all push in words to get money in doing of so they say, then after 6 years why is Obama still in office, especially after 4 years and now in his second term? Don’t you smell a Con Game going on?

    • Debra

      Amen. I also delete and burn that crap too.

  • To sum it up, they want you to pay them $79 for the earth shattering information.

    • Shane

      Right, if I wanted a sales pitch I’d turn on the TV!

  • Jim Clancy

    Did you expect anything less from the incarnated Caligula… Soon he’ll be sexing the Senators wives…….

  • apzzyk

    If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Is that Bernie on the phone?

  • Raylan Givens

    I can’t believe this fake story is still circulating. As was pointed out months ago, this law they are referring to was signed by Pres. George W. Bush in the fall of 2008. It has virtually nothing to do with Pres. Obama.

  • Christopher Tabin

    why doesn’t somebody shoot that nigger in the back of his fuckin’ head and move on with our lives?

    • plum82

      OMG LMAO……….you must be one of them “tell it like it is guys”?