Something Horrible Just Happened In Israel and Obama Doesn’t Care

January 28th, 2015 | by Adam L
Something Horrible Just Happened In Israel and Obama Doesn’t Care

If you think Obama’s anti-semitic you’re on to something. But now he’s showing just how cold and uncaring he is towards Israel.

You see, Israel just fell victim to another ghastly attack from Hezbollah and Obama has done nothing to help support our only ally in the middle east.

In fact, when the need the most help, he’s actually sent over his former campaign advisor to work against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and undermine political stability in the nation.

WND reports on what happened in Israel:

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization claimed responsibility today for a series of attacks on northern Israel as the Israel Defense Forces responded with artillery fire, shelling targets inside southern Lebanon.

“In response to Hezbollah attacks today, the IDF responded with combined aerial and ground strikes at Hezbollah operational positions,” an IDF spokesman told WND.

The IDF reported mortars hit a military position on Israel’s Mount Hermon, which houses a military base as well as a civilian ski site.

“The IDF is evacuating civilians from the site and closing the site,” the army stated.

In another attack at about the same time, an anti-tank missile hit an IDF vehicle in the Har Dov area near the Lebanon border, killing two soldiers and wounding an additional seven, two of them moderately, the IDF told WND.

The attacks prompted an IDF response. There are reports a Spanish UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon) soldier was killed in the ensuing shelling in southern Lebanon.

It was not immediately clear whether the UNIFIL soldier was killed by Hezbollah fire or return IDF assaults. UNIFIL said it was investigating the incident.

Another one of Hezbollah’s mortars fired from Lebanon fell short and struck a home in Ghajar, a village that straddles the border, Israel’s Haaretz reported.

Indicating the Hezbollah attack was premeditated, Turkey’s Anatolia news agency reported Hezbollah had evacuated its facilities along the border last night, apparently expecting Israeli retribution.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told reporters Israel should react in a “forceful and disproportionate manner” to the Hezbollah attacks. He was speaking from Beijing, where he was meeting with China’s foreign minister.

Lieberman argued China would similarly not stand for such attacks without a major response.

IDF spokesman Moti Almoz said the military holds Hezbollah accountable for the attacks and announced the IDF’s shelling of targets in south Lebanon “would not necessarily be the final response to this incident.”

Israel has been on alert and anticipating retaliation after an Israeli official took the unusual step of acknowleding his country was responsible for a strike 10 days ago on a Hezbollah convoy near the Israeli side of the Golan Heights.

As the threat of Radical Islam grows, Obama sits back and twiddles his thumbs. His response against ISIS has been lackluster, even after they killed an American at the U.S. embassy in Yemen.

And he continues to work directly against Israel when he should be helping them, letting Muslims hurt Israel without retribution.

His recent line of bull has to do with his refusal to meet with Netanayhu while he was on U.S. soil because it might appear he’s trying to interfere with elections, while he secretly tries to have him voted out of office.

Do we need any more proof the man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

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  • pabritt

    Obama keeps using his power and making himself look worse in the eyes of America. His actions sound and look more like a spoiled brat that needs to be punished. With Senators writing to Netanyahu to congratulate his win and one to apologize for Obama’s actions is like a parent embarrassed of a child’s behavior. It has become tiring asking why someone remove him from office, so I won’t. Israel is going to have to rely on themselves it seems, and I hope they get forceful and blow the hell out of everyone around them. If it causes a world war so be it, at least that might wake up everyone. Besides that, they have God on their side and what He states in the Bible he will do should concern all the enemies of Israel that are wanting to take their land and destroy them. They will not win!

  • Russell Ehlert

    I have just one question – When will enough, ever become too much? Demand JUSTICE!