Trump’s Building A ‘National Deportation Force’

April 13th, 2017 | by Super Admin
Trump’s Building A ‘National Deportation Force’

A leaked internal Department of Homeland Security assessment on “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements,” reveals some of the ways the Trump administration is considering improving border security and deportation efforts. Or to put it more dramatically, as the clearly worried Washington Post does, the assessment shows the new administration working furiously to “assemble the nationwide deportation force” promised by Donald Trump during the campaign.

The Post breathlessly highlights a few of the key steps outlined in the assessment thus far taken by the administration, including having “found 33,000 more detention beds to house undocumented immigrants, opened discussions with dozens of local police forces that could be empowered with enforcement authority and identified where construction of Trump’s border wall could begin.”

The assessment also indicates that the agency may be speeding up the hiring process of Customs and Border Patrol officers, potentially “ending polygraph and physical fitness tests in some cases.”

Despite the fears of the ominously styled “national deportation force,” however, Congress has already signaled that the costs of some of the administration’s more ambitious ideas are likely to prevent them from ever being realized. The assessment is also simply a preliminary look at possible ways of improving what the Obama administration deliberately left as an impotent, inefficient agency that spent more time figuring out ways to neglect its purposes than carrying them out for the protection of the American people.


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  • shamu9

    Boot ’em OUT Boot ’em ALL OUT! All You Gringos, Try, Just Try!! Living and working Illegally, in ANY of the South ‘O Th’ Border Nations!

    You’ll be Disappeared!

    • Wanda Haley

      Yep! Other countries do not put up with illegal immigrants and not following their laws.

  • Joe Snowblower

    One good thing ..
    all the criminals are liberals, therefore – they won’t need separate facilities to separate men from women .

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Good for Trump !!!!! This illegal garbage should never have been allowed to get this far.

    • Martha Sullivan

      A excellent idea wish he would1but he is not doing this. All Muslims black thugs and Mexicans thugs OUT.. for good.

  • rick meek

    I’ve said it before and again ——– In the interim — REACTIVATE retirees and put them back in the offices for processing – transport – investigations – BORCAP – Prosecutions – until more agents are hired and trained – They have the experience – dedication and stomach for the job —– Congress and these SOROCRATS will do anything to stop their loss of money and power.

    • Wanda Haley

      Same money… just use money Obama put in place for his destruction of America. So how much more will President Trump actually cost us than Obama in reality?????

      • ch

        So much less in the overall scheme. Once the ILLEGAL parasites and REFUGEES are gone, our taxpayer dollar will no longer be spent to support them and their families. That savings will be HUGH

  • Allan Zaug

    Illegal is illegal! Following the laws is mandatory for peace and tranquility in the US.

    • Osamao

      For everyone but Democrats though……………….right?

  • TexRancher

    Excellent. Been too long coming! Get these Invading occupiers out of here!

  • Med1

    What’s my opinion? God willing this is 100% true! I’m tired of my hard earned tax dollars fraudulently being used on people who don’t even belong here. Illegal Alien Invaders are the single largest burden on our taxes, resources, infrastructure and services!!!!
    Send them ALL back.

  • Moe

    Why are we blaming the most recent countless millions of illegal aliens and not pointing a finger at Obama, Johnson, Lynch, and the other goons? Obama created this mess to over whelm the system on purpose, he created Isis by screwing up the withdrawal in Iraq, he broke the law by transporting millions secretly across the USA once they crossed that border. Why not keep most of the illegals and arrest the Obama’s executive branch for Treason, then go after the media propaganda networks like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, daily News, and the rest for pushing false news and hatred of our president while defending a sneaky scumbag and praying a pompous ass like congresswoman and moron Waters.

    • Osamao

      R.I.C.O. and a firing squad. That’s what I’ve been talking about!

    • ch

      Why keep any ILLEGALS. I want obamas head and all his cronies that betrayed this country as well.

  • paulrod

    There are probably enough retired police officers, and military, who’d be willing to be called back to active duty, to create such a force in a very short time.