You’ll Never Guess Who This Social Security Reformer Is

You’ll Never Guess Who This Social Security Reformer Is

April 14th, 2015

Political truth is once again stranger than fiction. A governor in a dark blue state proposes sweeping Social Security and Medicare changes for his state – and he’s a Republican.

Here are the remarks the Daily Caller reported this governor will say:

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will call for major reform to Social Security, including eliminating the benefit for seniors making $200,000 or more, reducing the benefit for seniors making more than $80,000 and raising the retirement age to 69.

“Washington is afraid to have an honest conversation about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with the people of our country. I am not.

“This fairness must cover our hard-working taxpayers footing the bills today and must include reforming these programs to ensure their existence today and for future generations.”

In Medicare, Christie will call for increasing the age when seniors qualify to 67 by 2040, and require seniors with higher incomes to pay more into the system. He’ll also call for Medicaid funding to be turned over to the states.

While these entitlement reforms are needed and long overdue, they’re an obvious political ploy to make him look more conservative to Republican voters.

Is this a better-late-than-never proposal from Governor Christie, or politics as usual from a candidate trying to shore up support? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • R. Eilers

    Who cares what Christie says, he’ll never be in position to do anything about it. Stirring up controversy gets him campaign donors and his 15 minutes of fame

    • doormouse

      Geez, for once I agree with you.

    • Guest

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