Collapse Survivor: “We will experience a new crisis of epic proportions”

February 27th, 2015 | by admin

eoa2020_ONE (4)If you are concerned about another financial crisis in the U.S., you are not alone.

Many of the smartest people in the industry… like CIA and Pentagon insider Jim Rickards… hedge fund multimillionaire Jim Rogers… and superstar investor Kyle Bass (the minimum to invest with Bass is $5 million), are all taking precautions against a serious market crash and financial crisis.

  • Rickards is publicly recommending people rush to buy gold, real estate and hard assets.
  • Rogers moved his entire family to Singapore to essentially get them out of America.
  • And Bass built a 41,000-square-foot ranch stocked with firearms and gold.

But what can you do if you’re not one of the wealthiest people in the country… but still want to protect yourself and your family?

Well, one multimillionaire from Maryland has a different take on the subject.

He doesn’t believe you need to move overseas or anything quite so radical.

In fact, he has figured out a way you can protect your family, your house and your investments… for less than the cost of a decent lunch.

This multimillionaire businessman has created a 107-page Survival Blueprint, which explains the exact steps any American can take to protect themselves and their family.

Best of all, he’s giving away copies of his 107-page Survival Blueprint, essentially free of charge. (You’ll pay just $5, to cover the costs of shipping and handling.)

To claim your free copy, go here


P.S.  This is not the first time this multimillionaire has stepped forward to help people prepare for a crisis.In 2006 he warned investors that GM would go bankrupt. Then, in 2007 he predicted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would also soon go bankrupt (all of which came true).  But now he says something much bigger is coming– the way you live, work, travel, retire and invest could soon change. Click here to receive your free Survival Blueprint and learn some easy steps that you can take to protect yourself.

  • Red Steiner

    His ammo ban will have catastrophic consequences if we alow him to get away with it.

    • snowyriver

      The Second amendment was put there to see that the American pubic had access to any and all that the military had. To protect all Americans from tyranny in government.

      • John Gagne

        And it seems like the Government will do everything they can get away with to keep us from acquiring it.

        • snowyriver

          Our government is becoming more tyrannical all the time. The current administration is completely out of line.

          • Red Steiner

            I would call it out of control. They are running rampant over the rights of we who elected them to represent us.

          • snowyriver

            I for one did not vote for the lying, illegal alien,zebra, racist that is a gay Muslim and was raised by communists. I know it is quite strong to say but all that voted for obama when his birth certificate was in question are traitors to our constitution ! ! ! ! !

          • Red Steiner

            Yes it is a strong statement but I believe, in looking at what he has done to our once great nation, it is a correct statement. I thought little Jimmy Carter was going to destroy the economy, and he nearly did, but Obama has a much more ambitious focus. His is, or seems to be, the compete destruction and take over of America. That he needs to be removed from office while America is still slightly intact goes without saying.

        • snowyriver

          The current administration and all the bleeding heart liberals that live in cities are trying every day to take the RIGHT granted in our constitution from us. Any and all gun laws including getting a license to carry concealed are unconstitutional.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Yes we will all be slaves if the liberals are able to take away our guns. These people are to stupid to see what will happen to them if that happens.

          • John Walsh

            That’s one key characteristic of all liberals. They’re stupid. Ignorant. Ill-informed. And too lazy to spend the time to get themselves informed!

          • snowyriver

            I cannot say anything to you except CONFIRMED all you have said.

          • Red Steiner

            Agreed. Why else would they be trying to take them?

          • John Walsh

            The problem IS the city dwellers. So far removed from reality they live in a fake world so when a perp like Obama shows up with fake ID, fake’s okay.

          • snowyriver

            Any and all that voted for obama when his birth certificate showed he was not eligible for the presidency are traitors to our constitution ! ! !

    • David W

      A lot of the DemTards are convinced that the BATFE will only come after the Tea Party and the conservatives. People think that gun owners will all rise up in unison and defeat tyranny. There is so much division among gun owners today, and that is part of Obummer’s success..

      • Rap Scallion

        Are you willing to bet on that David?????? The weak and those who have never seen harship will not survive, those patriots and veterans who have will rise to defeat the evil liberals in a lost ever time battle of good over evil!

        • MrJackpack37 .

          I’m with you RAP!

        • Red Steiner

          Agreed. Bundy set a wonderful example for all of us and did you notice how quickly they stopped reporting on the results of his actions? Bundy is a patriot and needs to be recognized as a hero of ALL Americans and an example to those sheeple who thing everything the fed does is good for them.

  • Rap Scallion

    Anyone with half a brain and some common sense know that you cannot sustain a viable economy by bloated Feral spending. After the failure of ALL of the commie nations we should be able to tell without too much trouble exactly where the good old USSA is heading.

    I say let it happen I will be a survivor, if not it wonlt be worth living here anyhow. I can hardly wait for the Demonrats to try and stop the liberal glutton ny…..They cannot deal with what is coming…..goodby libs and the commie masters you worship!

  • Alleged Comment

    LOL! Another person who is trying to make a living off the END OF THE WORLD. If so, why does he want your money? It must be because THERE ISN’T going to be one!!

  • MrJackpack37 .

    This jackass pres of ours is one pathetic sicko. To take away our 2nd Amendment rights and band ammo, he is really looking to a very short stay in my opinion.

    • Fleendar the magnificent

      He is doing precisely what the elites are telling him to do. Obama is nothing more than a puppet and mouthpiece for the REAL cancer in America. The global elites who control him.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Surviving the collapse is one thing. Surviving the government attacking it’s own citizens during their hostile takeover of this nation is another. They are intentionally attempting to disarm us so that there will be little to no resistance to their takeover. This is why they’re now attacking ammo and personal body armor with bans. Gun’s aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but ammo on the other hand IS. If they succeed in banning ammo manufacture and importation into this country, there’s only so long that Americans can withstand a full on frontal assault by this armed to the hilt government.

    In any case. This ammo issue HAS to be stopped. The 5.56 NATO greentip is not an AP round in the sense of being classified as an AP round at all. This is backdoor gun control, and what it really boils down to is, that if they can get this ban passed through and implemented? The rest of the ammo will soon follow. They already closed our last lead smelter in the USA. So no more lead ore is being refined into bulk lead. This means that ammunition will be dependent upon IMPORTED refined lead, and you can bet that Obama is going to put a choke point on that too the same way he has put a choke point on banks lending money for gun manufacturers and banning banks from lending money for gold purchases. It’s about control of people and control of what they can get and have.

    The 5.56 is the canary in the coal mine and is warning us of deadly things ahead. We cannot let this slide by unchallenged and stopped.

  • Donald Clark

    Some useless bastard has already taken out my advice to kill the censors. I offer that as proof of a conspiracy. Semper Fi

  • KellyG

    A MUST SEE VIDEO, Don’t be a mindless Sheep… Live, learn and pass it along!
    Know the TRUTH about those behind the REAL Money and Power!

    Never let anyone deprive you of TRUE knowledge or power!

  • Robert Waddell

    We can talk about if, we don’t do something! We can talk, about the second amendment! Time for talk, is over! Obama isn’t playing by the rules, Muslims infiltrated the White House, and they are calling the shots! Talk isn’t going to save us! Action will.

  • the kev

    Whatever ovomit takes or gives away, our next president will take it away or give it back.

  • D Zack

    The time has come brothers. We have the evidence of a corupt government that is no longer and institution ” for the people”. And now their actions can only discribe them as nothing less than traitors to The American people AND everything the United State represents. IT IS OUR DUTY TO PROTECT GHE CONSTITUTION AND TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT. OBAMA AND HIS CRONYS ARE TRAITERS AND TERORIST. Obama has opened up our borders to allow ISIS onto American soil. This is Obama’s army. And ghey are already here waiting to attack. The time is Now to join our forces and fight for our freedom. Once Obama and his administration disarms the American people it wilk be like taking candy from a baby with his hugh weaponized army to inslave ghe American people and wage wage war on any country whom aposses his new world order. ARE WE GOING TO SIT BACK AND SLLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? OR ARE WE GOING TO UNITE OUR FORCES AND FIGHT?

  • Our Government’s first job is to make sure that we have more and larger (when taken in the aggregate) enemies than our Government.