Obama’s Legacy: Leaving the Democrats in Disarray

December 9th, 2016 | by Super Admin
Obama’s Legacy: Leaving the Democrats in Disarray

Our Make Schadenfreude Great Again! series continues apace, this time featuring a video compilation of media clips discussing the devastated state in which President Obama will leave his party. Obama was quite good at getting himself elected. Helping his party sustain a lasting majority? Not so much.

In fact, Democrats suffered historic, top-to-bottom losses on his watch, culminating with turning over the White House to Donald Trump. And where are Democrats headed next? More Nancy Pelosi, more Chuck Schumer, and possibly DNC Chairman Keith Ellison, whose (relatively little known, for now) sordid baggage could cause serious heartburn for his party. Via America Rising:

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source: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2016/12/09/video-democrats-in-utter-disarray-n2257655

  • george briar

    yeah 2018 lets vote the rest of them out and make them extinct they are just too corrupt and stupid to be allowed to be in office.

    • jsa


  • DonRS

    WHO CAN ARGUE? Everything this ARROGANT, ANTI-AMERICAN, Socialist/Communist/Liberal/Progressive/Atheist or Muslim/Democrat has touched has turned SOUR!

    Jimmy Carter thanks God, nightly for Obama lifting him up from his prior position as the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!

    • Kinneret

      I said your very words 4 years ago Don, to a bunch of Jewish Democrup in the Synagogue that I go to, and all of them were laughing, I think some of this hard core liberal knew that, but they never said nothing!

  • ReaperHD

    OBLOZO was good at keeping his HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS HAPPY and it was tough crap for the rest of the Country.

  • VirgoVince

    The legacy behind EVERY ugly sob pos alien useless worthless muslime terrorist nigger is DESTRUCTION!! It’s what they do BEST!!

  • Howleyesque

    Obuttma’s “legacy” sadly enough will be with us for decades to come. And that is? The DIVISIONS his “presidency” has deepened and widened. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ddf9fa89f59fb7801bd9eaca54ac710240ab58265c6985645f8fe346ff50b8e9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/576d9f41bb2f97cc4cf7d3dafba531615d9b147ca82be27ebeae00fc1bf4ac6f.jpg
    And BEFORE you black bigots and OTHER leftists START. We don’t despise him because he’s black. We despise THAT BLACK MAN for THE REST of what he is! In short, the measure of his CHARACTER comes up WOEFULLY short!

  • Jerry

    I have to say this president did nothing to help the regular US citizen, but neither has the last five or six presidents, or congresses. The DOJ, well that is another joke. I have watched the decay of my country for decades, our freedoms, rights,our way of life, the American Dream. Do not expect one person (Trump) to change the course this country is headed in, it can not be done by one person. We have to change it by guarding our freedoms, taking them back by what ever means necessary, even revolt and reinstate the Constitution as the law of the land.Do not think that the greedy 1% will roll over and give up. Look at all the crap that is going on after the election. The globalists have had their way to long now and are dug in like Alabama tics. They have bought and paid our representatives for decades and in the last election most all of them were reelected. We need term limits, we need to do away with their benefits, pay raise every year, their retirement plan and their medical plans that we pay for, and they get them for the rest of their life. There is alot of programs that need to be changed. One big one is welfare, it needs to be changed to a workfare program, that way we would not need alot of foreign workers to do the low end labor in this country, the IRS needs to be overhauled to make everyone pay their far share even the globalists and lift the burden off the regular US citizens. I could go on and on but I do not have the time. But I see my country going down and I am very concerned about the future of it and the US citizens future, please wake up and look at the big picture. Do not blame one party or the other, the problem is in Washington DC, Our representatives and the globalists.

    • Howleyesque

      Ole Chimp face was “part II” HOPEFULLY we have avoided PART IV!

    • Kinneret

      Absolutely, I agree with you 100% Jerry, we need to be like a watch dogs for all the coward establishment, as they don’t care about us, or about our country, all they care about is to maintain their career and their pockets!

  • dolittle

    I am not a religious fanatic but I do believe the bible and all this turmoil the turning away from Christ and all the destruction we see has been foretold and although those of us that believe will continue trying to turn this country back around to a God fearing nation we are not going to be able to until this nation re embraces God and his commandments we are doomed it will only get worse not better this country is imploding on it’s self there is no mention of a 45 th president of this country there was of 44 obuma so that and in of itself is a telling sign this country started going to hell in a handbasket when jfk was elected and every year since since ohara got the bible out of school and the so called justice’s allowed the unborn to be murdered and the courts raise our children it has gone down and I am very much afraid will continue to do so there’s an old saying money talks and honesty walks so went the usa

    • Charles Radliff


  • Charles Radliff

    I want the Democrat Party to go the way of the Whigs!

    • Osamao

      Almost there.

  • Patriot47

    Get one thing straight – skippy left the USA in disarray.

  • baitmando

    Good God Feb 20th can’t come fast enough.