Hillary Says Something about Abortion & Religion that Will Make Your Blood Boil

Hillary Says Something about Abortion & Religion that Will Make Your Blood Boil

May 8th, 2015
1st Amendment

You’ll hear a lot from the Hillary Clinton campaign about how religious she is, because no one can get elected in America without having that in common with the public. But what they won’t emphasize is how she thinks your religious beliefs have to be changed in order to accommodate her insistence on abortion and other left-wing policies.

Here’s part of what she said at a recent Women in the World Summit on April 23:

“Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice – not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” 

Hillary-speak translated: “Access to reproductive health care” is abortion, and freedom to practice your religion in America is OK – as long as you agree with my principles.

And we all know that isn’t freedom at all. It’s yet another example of the big-government, socialist policies that Hillary Clinton wants to impose on Americans.

Do you think that most liberal Democrats agree with Hillary on her quest to change America’s conservative religious beliefs, or they’ll just vote for her because she’s a Democrat and a woman?

Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Gomer Wumphf

    If she is gonna change religions let’s hope and pray she starts with Islam. That would REALLY be fun to watch!

    • Franie

      Naw, she’s going to eventually change Christian religion into the tenets of sharia law. That way, all the women can wear burkas and the men will have free reign to mutilate and rape their women, just like Muslim men do today and have been doing for hundreds of years. That’s called COMPLETE CONTROL of the population.

      • Gomer Wumphf

        Well … ya gotta admit Hillary WOULD look better in a burka.

        • Franie

          Good one! Pretty funny there, Gomer.

        • Bob Roller

          If I blended her face and a bulldog’s ass I could tree the devil.

        • Frederick Bowers

          I would like the part where her face would be covered ! I can’t stand to see her face. We need to get her a new broom and send her on her way !

        • MrJackpack37 .

          Gomer, Hillary would look even better in a coffin.

  • Christopher Tabin

    shes just as bad as her lying, cheating husband bill. personally, I would’ve loved to see both of them get shot in the head, but now, I’d rather see a bomb strapped to their chests!

    • nunya

      Christopher nah dragged them behind a boat out in the ocean for the sharks to feed on. nah the sharks might puke from the stench

  • Doc

    “reproductive health care” is democrat speak for baby killing.

    • Franie

      And we have the democrats and their ‘abortion culture’ to blame for not having a larger generation in this country to contribute to the economic base to help support the aging generation. Why do you think Obama and company are paying for illegals to flood this country? Why do you think he has refused to close the borders?? Seriously, does anyone think for just one moment, that these illegal invaders are going to contribute to the tax base to help support the abundance of social welfare recipients??? Hell, no!!!

      • wsurfs .

        Obama’s illegal imports are for the Dems voting purposes…..they want the United States to have a one-party system..!!!

        • gomurr

          Truly, it’s already a one party system.

        • Merle Dickey

          He is moving them into red “states!! Just so they will try to over come the republican voters.
          This has all been planned for years . Thanks to the freeloaders and communist democrats!!!!!

          • wsurfs .

            That’s right…very sinister..!!

    • TAM44

      deomcrats loves killing innocent babies and support evil 100%.

      • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

        TAM44====The same people that support killing babies, condemn Hitler
        but they stand more guilty before God.

      • daveveselenak

        They are now satanic communists that worship the devil and it is too bad that over half the nation somehow is not able to see this.

        • Blazingcatfur

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    • Janet Julien

      Too bad we don’t have 4th trimester abortions for Liberal Politicians

    • automaticjan

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    • BelmontStakes

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    • Paul Joseph

      Yes it is

  • nunya

    Hey Hitlary why don’t you go suck on the end of a shotgun barrel and pull the trigger. you would be doing this country a great favor

  • hangman57

    Who does Hillary sound like ? She sounds just like Obama . Attack Christians on a regular basics . Having Hillary for President ,would be like Obama never left office . She is just another Obama ,a lair ,someone who hides the truth from the American people .

  • hangman57

    Having Hillary for President ,would be a disservice to America . Just Like Obama has been ,for the last 6 years .


    There can now be no doubt that this blood-stained bribe-stuffed hag intends to outdo her Afro-Indonesian muslim mentor, and to use the police power of the state to impose Marxism and atheism by force. She is an existential threat to our Constitution and to our way of life greater than George III, greater than the Kaiser, greater than Hitler or Tojo and greater than the Soviets and Mao. If we cannot stop her in 2016, only a Franco or a Pinochet will be able to prevent communist transformation.

    • Col. William Dexter

      I don’t feel we will need to stop her in 2016, I believe her Afro-Indonesian muslim mentor ( I like that description) will completely put a stop on her when he declares martial law, most likely in September or October. I also feel we will be living in a pro muslim facist state and not in a communist arena.


        Thanks Colonel. I think you’re right. Please see my other post (RE 7 days in May).

      • malcolm7172

        Col, I also agree with you and Miles E. Drake. When the SHTF so many people will not know what’s going down. We already have a Facist State and from here on out it will get worst.

      • Jackie

        Yes, I believe martial law is on it’s way! To quote Thomas Edison who put it this way… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Those who voted the second time for BHO is in this group! Semper Fidelis

        • Ken V

          If martial law is implemented. Obama and Hillary will be one of the first casualties

          • Jackie

            Good to hear someone “out there” is listening.

          • jjmcl431

            @Ken V…..that will be a great pleasure and benefit to this country.

          • TAM44

            Let us hope so, as they are anti God, America our Constitution and our military. Both should be behind bars waiting for their trials to begin.

          • Janet Julien

            Why waste time with a trial? Set them out in the middle of the Atlantic in a leaky rowboat with all the rest of their libtard cronies. The ONLY problem I have with the notion is that PETA would object to us giving the sharks a case of indigestion.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            Can you imagine, a fat white whore (Hillary) and a skinny black Queer (Obama), in the same boat ? The sharks would swim away!

          • DrRisk


          • Ken V

            Yea, they don’t ear sh*t..

          • Gary Bush

            Hillary n Obama r full of the devil, they will get their judgement from God!!! The holy word of God says there will b a martial law or military state in America!!! People get right with Jesus, Jesus is coming soon!!!

          • Sharon Bauerle

            I don’t understand why it hasn’t yet happened. Especially to POTUS. Traitors are usually shot to death.

          • MrJackpack37 .

            Lee Harvey Oswald, where are you now that we need you?

          • Sharon Bauerle

            I’d settle for an ex Navy Seal Team.Or better yet, a Mossad agent.

          • Paul Joseph

            Lee was a set up patsy; LBJ and the Mafia conspired to assassinate John F. Kennedy

          • Paul Joseph

            I would hope so.

        • DrRisk

          “Insanity…” That was Einstein, not Edison.

          • Jackie

            You are correct. I had Edison on my mind, not Einstein. It was Albert Einstein. Thanks for the reminder.

      • MrJackpack37 .

        COL, just to let you know, I am locked and loaded to bear, just waiting for
        that scenario to unfold. I served my country proud and will gladly repeat and follow my oath again, if need be.

    • wsurfs .

      Completely agree with you….BUT….You left out International Money-Grubber…!!! Hillary Obama is worse than Barack Obama is that is even possible..!!

    • Yes. But thank God that she won’t be elected. And I doubt she’ll be even nominated.

      • cab

        Yes and she probably will cry bout it to just like the last time tears could be seen filling her eyes. She probably cried a ocean of tears when off camera

    • 1mikejanz1

      How do you really feel Miles? No sense in being shy about it! LOL

    • wjozier

      ONG, Miles, such extreme and vile doomsday rhetoric. How sad that apparently normal Americans could sink to such ugly ranting. You would actually wish to bring in the fascist Franco and Pinochet? Perhaps you would be more comfortable in such uber-right regimes and their anonymous hit squads.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    I hope she smokes turds in Hell

  • BigC

    EVERYTHING Hellary says makes my blood boil!!!

  • believe


  • Doug R.

    She is nothing but a political whore selling herself for power and money!! Sorry for giving whores a bad name!!

  • jeannemartin

    I am appalled! Who does Hillary think she is?
    Does she actually want me to change my beliefs
    because she thinks her way is correct?
    No one should ever try to change our beliefs
    or our values. They are a part of us which makes
    us who we are!
    I don’t believe in abortion and I do believe in traditional
    marriage. If Hillary wants us to think differently let HER change
    her beliefs, not mine!!!!!!!

    • Al

      Well stated jeannemartin.

    • Leslie Buster von Arnswaldt

      I don’t believe Mrs. Clinton ever said she wants anyone to change their beliefs or their stance on abortion. She has, though, said that she believes that no one should legislate their beliefs on anyone else, and that every woman has the right to make decisions about her personal self. From your statement above, I believe you were saying the same thing, yes?

      • Robert E Boltz

        Leslie guess you are a supporter of Hillary because she is a woman and understand women issues, she will lie and do any thing to get elected, and many will vote for her based on it is time to elected a woman!.

        • Leslie Buster von Arnswaldt

          I am not a supporter of Mrs. Clinton, but I will call out a liar when I see one. I have read the transcript of her speech at the Womens World Summit and she did not say what is quoted in this article. I do not vote on the basis of gender, but on the basis of my perceptions of who will be the best person to lead this country, regardless of party affiliation. Nor do I vote on the bases of religion, ethnic background, or wealth. I do my research on every candidate and try to work my way through the labyrinth of information presented before me. I work hard to make sure my precious vote is not based on lies.

          • Jack Magurn

            I didn’t read the transcript but I did see the video. Funny how it differed from the transcript!

          • John Doe

            Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States.” Leslie, I cut this out of the transcript of her speech. Now who is calling out a liar.

        • Jack Magurn

          Leslie just wants to insure she has a remedy available in case she makes a bad decision!

          • Robert E Boltz

            Leslie Thanks for your reply from your research you do you should be able to pick a good one , with this said you probably will choose one who fills you bill for issues you deem important! I do not feel that Hillary is the best choice concerning Her past HISTORY not telling the truth and the lies to cover up dealing and wheeling and out and out dishonesty. This is my opinionHave a nice Day

          • Robert E Boltz

            Jack  Thanks for your reply, think you are right! Have a nice day

      • wsurfs .

        Abortion is murder…!

        • Leslie Buster von Arnswaldt

          So, don’t get an abortion.

      • Jack Magurn

        An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Every woman has the right to make decisions about her personal self so long as those decisions don’t affect anyone else (including the unborn)!

      • wjozier

        Leslie, yours is the first sane, coherent comment to Ms. Clinton’s comments. She’s not asking anybody to change their values/beliefs, just stop trying to legislatively impose others’ values/beliefs on everybody else. BTW, thank you for displaying a vituperative-free comment, unlike the sorry, full-of-vile comments from virtually everyone else.

        • John Doe

          See my post above.

          • wjozier

            John, sorry, I missed your also coherent – and accurate – comment. So many were just plain ugly.

          • John Doe

            Thanks. Being on line seems to embolden many folks to say things that they might not say if not hidden behind a keyboard. So far as legislating values/beliefs on everyone else, the left has no problem doing that (abortion, homosexual marriage as examples).

          • Paul Joseph

            Yes they do. Al Gore made threats global warming deniers.

          • John Doe

            Gore’s a climate change billionaire. Its all about money and gov’t. control.

        • jeannemartin

          Do you know how to read and interpret what was written?
          When Mrs Clinton says, “Deep – seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases must be changed,” what do you THINK she means???
          She means we have to follow her philosophies and abandon ours!
          Whatever her religious beliefs are or whatever her cultural codes are and whatever her structural biases are I don’t really care! I don’t respect her as a person or as a politician! But it’s as plain as the nose on your face that she expects the people who
          don’t think the same way she does to change and come around to her way of thinking!! I’m telling you and her that I am NOT going to change so she better get used to living in a world where different views are going to exist.
          If she can’t accept that, she will not make a good president but I never thought
          she would make a good president anyway, any more than Obama has!!!

          • wjozier

            No, jeannemartin, she (Hillary) means that you don’t get to impose your, “Deep – seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases.” on everybody else, but feel free to practice all of that yourself as much as you want. Remember that the First Amendment was meant to provide freedom FROM as well as freedom OF religion. The American government was envisioned by ‘the founders’ as a secular state, not a theocracy.

          • John Doe

            Bull crap. It doesn’t mention freedom from religion. It says Congress can’t establish a national religion. Why is that hard to understand. We now have an established religion in this country, atheism/secular humanism and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

          • wjozier

            John Doe, if the First Amendment doesn’t mention freedom from religion, why does it say, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” at the outset? Perhaps you skipped American History in school? Why did many of the pilgrims come to America… to get away from being forced to join religions in which they didn’t believe. Duh. As for atheism/secular humanism being an established religion and it being UNCONSTITUTIONAL, what in God’s name have you been smoking?!

          • John Doe

            I am not going to justify your totally ignorant by replying. Have a great time in your little secret world where everything is exactly as you say.

          • wjozier

            Just quoting the Bill of Rights, First Amendment., John Doe. It stands on its own rights, unlike your own ramblings.

          • John Doe

            Exactly, it stands on its own as written w/o any left wing rewrites. If it means as you say, why did it take 180 years to figure that out?

          • wjozier

            Like I sid, in simplest terms, freedom of and freedom from religion, meaning I can worship or not however I like, and you cannot impose your religion on me. The pilgrims had had enough of religious oppression in England and Europe and wanted to worship as they wished. Hence, freedom of and freedom from religion. Anything else is, as you said, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

          • John Doe

            The left has no problem forcing their ideas on me, so why shouldn’t I force mine on them? These folks came to worship GOD as they pleased, you forgot to include that part. The restriction on Congress was so they couldn’t call Methodist, Baptist, Catholic etc. a national religion. They in no way meat to exclude God. Read their writings.

          • wjozier

            They rejected state-blessed theocracy, having had enough of that. What and how people choose to worship is no business of the government. You apparently have difficulties understanding plain english. John Doe.

          • John Doe

            It seems you have a problem with learning anything. Look up the founders and see what they wrote and said. If you are afraid to do that I understand, that is the left’s way. If your not willing to do that don’t bother to answer me again, because it will be ignored.

          • wjozier

            John, since we were talking about the First Amendment and you mentioned the founders and what they wrote, you might want to check out Roger Williams’ role in the founding of Rhode Island and his subsequent role in drafting the First Amendment. Williams first coined the phrase, ‘a wall of separation between church and state’ and, in 1802, Jefferson used it in a letter to the Danbury Baptists. The phrase does not appear in any other founding documents.

            It is sad that you feel the need to cast aspersions instead of facts. But isn’t that the way of the intentionally ignorant Right?

          • John Doe

            You do realize the so called wall between church and state was meant to keep the state out of the church’s business no the other : way around. Typical liberal mantra: We think it means this; we want it to mean this; this is what it meant. Now either find out some thing about the founders of this country and who they were or hush. BTW, Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island and the first Baptist church. in America. Sound to you like someone who wanted religious influences out of the public eye as the left and atheists think today?

          • wjozier

            You do realize you are acting the fool. Read the first words of the First Amendment. Try all you like, you can’t change their meaning, ‘no theocracy.’ Yes, Williams founded Rhode Island and the first Baptist church in America. And he did so to remove himself and his co-believers from the theocratic over-reaching of Virginia.

          • John Doe

            I wondered when you’d get to name calling. Have a nice life as a Communist. I probably won’t live long enough to see the left’s complete takeover and destruction of the American system.. You lefties refuse to listen to anything but your own ramblings. We are never going to agree on anything, so. it is time to stop this waste of time.

          • wjozier

            No, John, I just described your behavior. As for your not living, “[L]ong enough to see the left’s complete takeover and destruction of the American system,” what system is that? Rampant racism? The skimming of trillions of dollars by the wealth class over the past three decades? The out-of-control military/industrial complex? The warmongering neocons? The embedded climate change deniers? The homophobes? The old white men who are scared to death of women? All of the above, John?

          • John Doe

            You do realize the richest people in America are Liberal Democrats, aka Soros, Buffet etc. The richest members of
            congress are Liberal Democrats. le Reid. Pelosi to name a couple. Surely you don’t think Communists and Socialists are conservatives. If so, you have soaked up way too much of the Liberal Kool Aide. I long for the day when kids could play out side after dark safely, let alone in the day time. When even small towns didn’t have to have a police force nearly the largest employer in the area and folks respected the ones there were. When everyone didn’t have to have alarm systems and triple lock their doors to walk to the mailbox. When you didn’t have to lock your car every time you got 3 feet from it. When people respected the Flag and God. When perversion wasn’t considered “normal”. When a person could walk down the street and not need to look over their shoulder. When folks didn’t need the government to tell them how to spend their money. When a child could write an essay on “his” favorite person in school and name Jesus Christ and not get a failing grade. When the left win wasn’t bringing in illegals and signing them up to vote in hopes of turning this country into a one party nation. As I’ve told you before, we aren’t going to agree on much, if anything. You’ve never answered one of my questions, just keep saying the same thing over and over. Well, guess what, no matter how many time you say the wrong is right, it doesn’t make it so. So I guess we should agree to disagree before you come and shoot me for being a Christian. Oh, that’s right you don’t believe people should have guns as stated by your Monarch, Obama. The system I’m talking of is being free to live my life w/o gov’t. interference. You may need Obama and Sharpton, etc. to tell you how to run your life, I don’t.

          • wjozier

            John, what about the Koch bros, and that billionaire LV casino owner and Trump. Aren’t they effectively telling us how we must live? And please don’t wave your ‘I’m Chtistian’ flag at me, so am I. I haven’t locked my car, a ’77 280Z, for 37 years. I’m not going to shoot you unless you break into my home uninvited and threatem my family. As for the illegals, didn’t Bush 2 push hard for comprehensive immigration policy? Oh, you forgot? What about women’s rights, do their rights threaten you? and what about the Right’s major efforts across the country to suppress the votes of everybody that might be inclined to vote liberal? Are they resorting to that because they know that their own policies are hostile to the elderly, the youth, the underclasses in general and wouldn’t fly if all Americans were allowed to vote?

            Get off of it, John, and be honest. Fortunately, the youth of America are waking up to the corrupt, unAmerican policies of the Right and are rejecting them, including the greed-driven worship of the wealth class and their phony Christian values. Most of the Christian right is much like the so-called Christians of my youth who hypocritically paraded their Christianity on Sunday while worshipping Satan the rest of the week.. You’re right, we should just agree to disagree.

    • Robert E Boltz

      j Martin, Bill and Hillary have no religion , they lie , steal , cheat, and they con people out of their money. sell out the country for their personal Benifit

    • TAM44

      I’m against abortion also, but I curse killery clinton’s father for not using a condom, and her mother for letting him impregnate her with this evil vile witch.

      • MrJackpack37 .

        The best part of Hillary, dripped down her mother’s leg.

        • TAM44

          Onto the floor of some seedy hotel.

  • Stephen Paraski

    I thought she was Jewish?

  • Stephen Paraski

    It looks like the choice’s we will have in 2016 will be Bad or Worse.

  • lildebrarae

    So Hilliary says neither Jews, or Christians fit into her Libstapo fascist narrative. Nice..

  • Jim Slater

    She’s another politician on her knees doing what she has to to get elected to a job she’s unqualified for.

  • Leo Sebastian

    What is really astonishing how people who actually not so smart thinks they have the power and rights to change “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs ” .
    Frankly Hitleri is very stupid , uneducated ( we cannot count her college degree as educations ) old and unpleasant granny with sick power lust . And people who likes her really brain damaged .Like obviously retarded George Clooney who licks clintons rear ends really hard .

  • Franie

    The low info voters will definitely vote for Hillary as most of them are void of any religious belief system, quite apparent when you see freeloaders on the dole. As for the rest of the dimwitted democrats voting in lockstep, yeah, they too will vote just because it’s “Hillary’s turn”. Little do they, the dimwitted democrats in this country, understand that to vote for ANYONE whose belief system goes contrary to the laws of God, ie. abortion, homosexuality, etc., they too, will be judged just as harshly as if it were their own idea or belief.

    What’s that old saying? “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are”. Evil is evil, not called out, you will be judged just as harshly as the evil itself. It’s in the Bible, look it up!

  • Gomer Wumphf

    Personally, as a Conservative, I fully support birth control and abortion for “progressives”. Consider:




    After all what’s not to love about a Democratic Party comprised of those who are biological dead ends, those who kill off their spawn, and folks who’s biggest problem is their young men killing their young men?

    Oh and BTW about 35% of all US abortions occur in the ~13% of the population that is black. Is … is … is that racist?

    • John Doe

      As long as liberals continue to abort their babies and men keep marrying men and women keep marrying women, they will soon die out.

  • mike bartos

    The woman is sick in her head. Liar thief and liberal of the worst kind. She is.done in politics


    Can’t speak for others but for faithful practicing Catholics (read traditional) Hilary Clinton and her ambitions have a vastly greater impact for Catholics. She (and Bill Clinton) proved they have no regard or respect for religious freedom as well as religious constitutional applications when years ago they dared to take the body of Christ at a catholic mass in South Africa.

    Not to say the priest there who gave communion to the Clinton’s was not in grave error by abusing the sacrament too, because it is mandatory for communicants to be in the state of grace. It’s abundantly clear that the Clinton’s were not faithful Christians (any more than Obama was or is now), much less catholic. For Catholics the state of grace is a serious salvation issue.

    If Hilary Clinton does not respect that what makes anyone think she would respect others who do, never mind the constitution? Ditto for BHO who I’m sure will soon declare Catholics as well as the Catholic Church a terrorist organization.

    I should add that before BHO declares martial law, maybe our American military command should wake up….a la “7 Days in May”. Even though that movie plot involved slightly different conditions and circumstances it nevertheless suggested a serious executive betrayal of judgement as well as national security and interests.

    God help us.

  • william g munson

    I wonder if she has ever heard of having no SEX OUTSIDE of MARRIAGE huh and if they sin then they will want to do more sin and more sin but no REPENT WHAT!

  • georgethorvat

    Does anyone out there know where I can get those rolls of toilet paper with Hilliary’s face on them? That’s about all she’s good for.

  • J. Ernst

    Absolutely correct Miles. yet Godzillary IS the tip of the NWO agenda against U.S.
    She is allowed the leeway and leverage of Biiig MONEY, INTERNATIONAL DONORS because these people are just doing what their handlers WANT them to do!
    As I have mentioned numerous times, We, the People, DO NOT HAVE OUR OWN LOBBY and the MAJORITY of representatives NO LONGER represent U.S.!!! The FEW that do TRULY attempt to represent U.S. are easily seen…BUT NOT in the controlled media’s.

    BOTH the NWO representatives and the TRUE AMERICAN representatives can be vetted by what THEY VOTE FOR! It doesn’t get any easier to see what “they” stand for…just LOOK IT UP!!!
    This NWO label is just a “newer” label…a more contemporary slant of DOMINATION OF PEOPLES by an elite group!
    BUT ANY self-respecting, educated, TRUE AMERICAN easily “sees” fraud and deception when confronted by the same.
    Anyway, back to the topic, Godzillary’s BROAD SWIPE at “religions” is yet another vague and hazy application of simple-speak to the simple-minded, read between the lines with personal imagination-type population she is targeting. Sadly, we are surrounded by “them”.
    Yet Chesty once said, “MEN! We are surrounded! We have them RIGHT WHERE WE WANT THEM!!!”

  • Abinadi

    Religious beliefs are given to us by our creator. Those laws cannot be changed. Oh yes each one of us can choose not to follow them. Satan will be very happy with everyone who chooses not to follow Christian teachings. That is our choice, that is why we are here to see just what choices we will make. Best choices to you all.

  • brabbie2002

    Oooh, look! More libtard bull-s–t from the walking advertisement for retroactive birth control! That old haggy-baggy hilarious will find this old lady will NOT change her religion for any group, price, or punishment. So take your “change your religion” and stuff it where your muslim lover (aide) puts that dildo!

  • Alan

    The only religion the Clintons believe in is the church of the almighty dollar.

  • paulrph1

    So she now wants the government to control religions also. Free speech, gun control, what next? She should learn to control herself first. If she would learn to control herself we would have no problem. She is the problem not the people. It is her, Obozo, Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Putin, Lenin, Castro, Mao. None of them, it is just them controlling others.

  • Al

    Wow.. She is really something.

  • Ken V

    Hillary is a suspected murderess, a proven liar, a tramp and a part time lesbian. Why should we even consider nominating a person like this?

  • Christianity is based on God, not Hillary. She will hit a brick wall if she tries anything to alter Christianity. So far the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of abortion. Therefore I see no need for any further attempt at enforcing abortion. But for Christians abortion is murder, period.

  • Susan Redeford

    Hillary Clinton does not have a religious bone in her,If anything I would guess that she worships satan has her one true God like Oboma. Someone needs to lock her up and BURN the key!!!
    They’ll just vote for her because she’s a Democrat

    • Janet Julien

      Better yet, how about taking her up in a helicopter over Mecca and dropping her off, Stark naked, in the middle of their big pilgrimage. The Moslem men are supposed to kill themselves if they see the naked body of a woman other than that of their wife and ISIS would probably execute her for being both female and American. That would take care of two problems at once 😉

      • Susan Redeford

        Good one !

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Jesus said his sheep would know his voice and follow him. Hillary does not even know
    who Christ is, so how could she be a Christian?

  • wsurfs .

    With ALL her evilness, I don’t know how Hillary isn’t ashamed to show her face in public…!!!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Is the Hilda Beast really that stupid?? Possibly, because this sounds like so much more Left-Wit clap-trap. She wants those Christians with strong religious beliefs to change their beliefs, keep in mind there are some democrats with strong Christian beliefs too. Then at the same time, in true Left-Wit fashion, she ignores Islam, as the Left-Wit must be tolerant, or over-tolerant, to-wards Islam, a so-called religion that makes far right Christians look like, over-tolerant left leaning “liberals” How convoluted, up-side down, and insane is that?
    Islam is against abortion period, no ifs ands or buts, and yet “liberals” are most likely to get the Muslim vote, but they don’t understand the real reason why. In my opinion it is simply because they see “liberals” as foolish, weak, easily manipulated, due to their perceived over-tolerance, feeeelings, and love of political correctness. This could backfire, and maybe that is what the Hilda-Beast and her minions want to happen. By pushing Christians with strong beliefs, she will also be pushing Muslims. This could cause these two groups to unite, and eventually create a new religion. But, just a second here, isn’t that opposite of what the “liberal” politicians are against. Sure it is, but only in the short term, and as long as it suits their agenda. Do you really think that a socialist Marxist commie fascist really cares about peoples rights. They care more about power, and control, and this could be a great way to get it. Sharia for lunch, anyone, or perhaps Sharia light.

  • CQQL33

    Isn’t it strange the ‘Left’ believes that life ends when your heart stops beating but life doesn’t begin when your heart STARTS BEATING ??? Now I fully understand what is meant when people say that someone is as “smart as a box of rocks” !!!

    • Janet Julien

      Nawwww, when dealing with the Libtards, sometimes a box of rocks is SMARTER!!!

  • 4USA2

    Gee, there are laws regarding taking foreign money donations. That should be the first law she “stands behind”. And there are laws about government officials conducting all their government work on a personal server. That should be the second law she “stands behind”. Four men died in Benghazi and it “does matter”. She deleted 4 entire weeks of what she was doing in Libya and she should EXPLAIN TO ALL AMERICANS “WHY” she wiped those e-mails totally clean!

  • 1mikejanz1

    First off, abortion is not by any stretch of the imagination a principle, it is the murder of an innocent child!
    Having said that, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion nor the free exercise thereof!”
    It seems that Hillary wants to take us from the “Audacity of hope,” to the ” Audacity of stupidity!
    Se can try and squelch free speech concerning abortion issues, but she will never change the hearts and minds of those that believe that abortion is evil!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Is the Hilda Beast really that stupid?? Possibly, because this sounds like so much more Left-Wit clap-trap. She wants those Christians with strong religious beliefs to change their beliefs, keep in mind there are some democrats with strong Christian beliefs too. Then at the same time, in true Left-Wit fashion, she ignores Islam, as the Left-Wit must be tolerant, or over-tolerant, to-wards Islam, a so-called religion that makes far right Christians look like, over-tolerant left leaning “liberals” How convoluted, up-side down, and insane is that?
    Islam is against abortion period, no ifs ands or buts, and yet “liberals” are most likely to get the Muslim vote, but they don’t understand the real reason why. In my opinion it is simply because they see “liberals” as foolish, weak, easily manipulated, due to their perceived over-tolerance, feeeelings, and love of political correctness. This could backfire, and maybe that is what the Hilda-Beast and her minions want to happen. By pushing Christians with strong beliefs, she will also be pushing Muslims. This could cause these two groups to unite, and eventually create a new religion. But, just a second here, isn’t that opposite of what the “liberal” politicians are against. Sure it is, but only in the short term, and as long as it suits their agenda. Do you really think that a socialist Marxist commie fascist really cares about peoples rights. They care more about power, and control, and this could be a great way to get it. Sharia for lunch, anyone, or perhaps Sharia light.
    Could it be possible that the Hilda-Beast is even a greater liar, then the POS, who is presently in office.

    • John Doe

      I don’t see Christians uniting with Islam and creating a new religion anytime soon.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        Any time soon, Either do I, what I did say was “could” not would. Stranger things have happened, especially when people are forced to push back. Odd, and strange, but with reason[s] Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are now allies. New Saudi King, tells Obama to go to hell, and won’t be at the Camp David meeting.

        • John Doe

          I don’t think real Christians would. That would require renouncing Christ.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            No it would not, Jesus is mentioned about 32 times in the Koran, as are other Biblical personalities.
            We have to educate ourselves about that book, and it’s origins.
            For example, we are told that Mohamed wrote that book while he sat in a cave, sure thing, and maybe that is why they like caves so much. It is far more likely that he and his administrators put that book together.
            We need to learn the truth about Mohamed. He was no prophet by any stretch of the imagination. He was a conquer, a control freak, a ruthless murderer, extortionist, blackmailer, sadistic s o b, and a pervert. He made Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun look like choir boys. He was also one really smart dude. He had a vision, but he needed to secure and control everything that he and his armies had conquered. So he looked at Rome, it was not called the Holy Roman Empire for nothing. He learned well. He also realized that he could not conquer it, and he knew that he did not want to be perceived as a threat to Rome. So, he created/invented Islam, hence the Koran.
            Mohamed basically plagiarized from the then known Christian Bible, The Torah and other Hebrew writings, then added in his own stuff in order to justify his actions and perversions. This made him, and Islam acceptable to Rome, so that those that came after him could carry-on his vision, and build in strength.
            Mohamed said that one well placed agent is more effective/affective then an army of 10,000. That is still true today, we see it all around us. The Koran teaches that it is permissible to lie, cheat, steal, kill, or do anything else that may be necessary for the advancement of Islam. His “play” book is actually brilliant So yes, it could happen, in a very sly, con-artist way, and not to the end benefit of Christians, atheists, Jews, agnostics, or anything that is not Islam, or Islamic. The biggest losers in this would be the so-called “liberals” but they just can’t or don’t want to see that. The other big mistake that we in the west make, is that we tend to make excuses for Islam, we tend to give Muslims an “out” We like to give them the benefit of the doubt, we coddle, we appease, we placate , and then we are seen as weak, and stupid. And we are. We have to wake up to the unpleasant fact, that it is all Muslims who place us at risk, not just a few. ISIS, Al Kaida, Boko Harem, and whatever else, these are not terrorists, these are Warriors of and for Islam. Yes they kill each other, but they are fighting to see what sect will rule, when that is done, then all the so-called peaceful quiet Muslims will fall into line. What fools we are.

          • John Doe

            Jesus is mentioned in the Koran, but not as the Son of God. That’s a big difference to me.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            Yes your right, he is referred to as a messenger of god. Which by the way, got them a pass from Rome, which in turn permitted them to grow into a military power, a political power, ruled by a theocracy. Nothing has changed since 632 ad, the time of Mohamed’s death. Just a good thing that there was a lot of infighting within this group of lunatics
            Just type into your search window. Jesus in the Koran you will find a slew of information, a couple of the sites are very pro Islam, some are there to help you convert. I did not bother with those.
            In my opinion, the information provided has been some-what sanitized due to political correctness, but if you look through it, you can see how it could be used. Just another con job.

  • Dan

    Let her and Jeb Bush have a death match for president. As soon as one wins, let them know that it was just a joke and schedule the second match with Obama. At least we would have two out of three horrible people gone forever.

  • Kevin

    Hillary Clinton can go to Hell.

  • Harold Sammons

    Hillaries main religion is separating the American public from the mighty dollar: many disillusioned voters think that they are going to profit from electing this charlatan and that life will become all sunshine and roses: keep on dreaming , but your worst nightmare is about to run for election; and right behind her, running second is the Islamic, horde of sick minded, sharia law, women degrading, child molesting, butchering, stoning, just about every inhumane action against life as we know it; is here festering and waiting to gain a foothold and spread their vile sickness!

  • Drake Travis

    sounds like Jezeb-ail has hit the campaign trail

  • bhndr

    First, when no martial law cimes about, I am sure you guys will be the first to admit that you were wrong won’t you? There’s no martial law coming and its only those who are soft in the head that think so. Of course thinking is not the strong suit of the GOP which HATES INDIVIDUALITY and education.

    Second, you wiil only change your beliefs if YOU WANT. Of course your not talking about belief but about your desire to discriminate against anyone you want and to hide behind excuses… hate blacks then claim religion and discriminate, hate women claim religion and discriminate, gays, ummigrants, handicapped, left handed, tall, fat, smoker, drinker just claim religion and that makes it alright… Its BS of course but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can be as bigoted as you want and the laws be damned.

    Get a life people and quit whining because you can’t be assholes at will.

    • John Doe

      Neat, a talk about individuality from a liberal sheep. I don’t have a problem with liberals, they are fun to play with. Its funny how they preach tolerance and then call anyone who disagrees with their agenda a bigot and/or hater.

  • barbarakelly

    We do not need the likes of Hillary, hell no. She will be bad news for all of us. Haven’t we had enough of obama. I don’t want anymore like him or her. We need time to recover. and heal our country. We have so much on the plate now to turn this around.!!!

  • Mys77

    Hillary the Hun…does not speak for women, she speaks for hatefilled women who want to be men.

    • retona4

      Who’s that?

    • Mys77

      Retard rettona believes she is satan…

  • simmss

    Hillary can get away with pushing democrats and intimidating republicans, but I guarantee you she will not get away with trying to change God’s word. Read Rev. 22: 18-19. Woe to her.

  • Bigmanuger

    i guess Chelsie should feel lucky the Hilebeast didn’t abort her.

  • phil62

    Many will call upon my name but few will be chosen. That is not verbatim but it’s close. All of these fools that are re-writing everything that God told others to write are exactly the ones that God was/is talking too. He said ‘do not take away from or add to these words’, and that is exactly what the VAST majority of so-called Christians are doing, This puts them in the same mix as the liberals, atheists and sex deviants. The Clinton’s paid for their space in hell many years ago and the clock is ticking. She will have a lot of company: people like the drunken Pelosi and da Rev Al Sharpie will be there to cheer her up. The MAJORITY of people in this country want to eradicate Christianity as it has been for over two thousand years and they are getting their way, but there are still MILLIONS of us that will go down fighting for God and our Lord and Savior Jesus – count me in please Lord.

  • Usunder

    Sure hope this is enough to see her for the Loser she is. Get out and vote her out of office. She can call killing innocent babies reproductive health care or any other name it’s still the democrats way of saying it’s “OK to kill innocent babies.

  • Jay Williams

    Since day one Hillary has been a liar, deceiver, and a supporter of murder by choice. She should be in prison not politics!!

  • Joan Ward

    There is no such thing as women not having access to anything pertaining to their health or anything else. It is a democrat thing, lying to get votes. Perhaps a lesson in being chaste would help them. Why do women want sexual freedom so much, that they would kill an unborn child to have it. Whatever happened to waiting until you marry? Sexual relations were not intended as a social event every time a woman and man date. The purpose is to have children. Not to have a thrill whenever. Wait. Save the unborn. Respect your bodies, don’t give them away for the purpose of sexual endeavors. Their are repercussions from birth control pills, birth control shots, abortions. It will come back to hurt a woman’s body. And, when you want a child, you may not be able to have one, as a result of your previous birth control habits. Your thrills should come from giving birth, if that is what you want, not reaching a climax. If you don’t want children, then just don’t have sex during your time of the month when you could conceive. I lived in the era of waiting until marriage and I am thankful for that. Just keep in mind, the pharmaceutical companies are making money, the abortion clinics are too, all because they want you to do the wrong thing. And because politicians use it as a way to get votes. Wake up. Take care of your bodies. Save them for marriage and knowing you did the right thing. I did. I have 4 children. And I never used my body to get a man’s attention. If that is all they think about, then they stink. Joan the wife of John

  • Fearlessfred001

    Mothers murdering their own children is another example of the bad genes in many women on the Left. Maybe it is better that these children carrying these defective genes are murdered in order to keep them out of the normal gene pool. In time, these Leftist genes will be killed off and the normal Human race will get back on the right track.

  • JIM


  • Tony

    A vote for the most evil woman in the world, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a vote for Communism and the United Nations, a corrupt and useless world organization. If you desire to see the USA regulated to third world status, vote for her and the Democrats. In all her years in politics and leadership roles, her accomplishments add up to zero, and her scandals increase every month. The only thing she has accomplished is to grow a bigger posterior than Michelle Obama and a penchant for lying. She is not only inept, incompetent, and prevaricating, she is treasonous. She and her lecherous husband, Bill “Sick, not Slick Willie,” will be disastrous for the United States. I’d rather vote for Satan, “the Prince of Darkness.” Don’t be tricked into voting for this woman—she spells ruination for the USA. Don’t pay any attention to the evil pundits of the MSM.

  • JuneV26

    This woman is dangerous. I pray that she will be out of the race, because our country does not need someone like her running it. She’s just another branch of Obama-ism.

  • Greg Day

    the blind sheeples will follow the herder…