Virginia Governor Refuses to Recognize Concealed Carry Permits – How State Legislators Are Responding is Perfect

There’s an old saying: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Now a Democratic governor may find out if that’s truly the case.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has long hated guns, and recently his attorney general decided to stop recognizing concealed carry permits for millions of law-abiding Virginians.

Many Second Amendment supporters were outraged, and now Republicans in his state are considering defunding his security detail so he won’t have to be around those “scary” guns anymore.

Here’s the report from the Daily Caller:

“Virginia Republicans returned fire over the state Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring’s move to halt recognition of concealed carry permits from 25 different states.

‘Our General Assembly has already identified who can and cannot conceal handguns in Virginia, and we cannot have that decision undermined by recognizing permits from other states with more permissive standards,’ Herring said when he made the announcement last week.

“Republican state legislators could strip Virginia Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe of his protective detail. Virginia Sen. Bill Carrico told The Herald Courier last Tuesday he plans to propose a budget amendment during the State Senate’s January session that would defund the governor’s protective detail.Β 

“‘A lot of the governor’s power is deferred to the General Assembly at that point and I’ll be getting with my colleagues to circumvent everything this governor has done on this point,‘ Carrico said. ‘I have a budget amendment that I’m looking at to take away his executive protection unit. If he’s so afraid of guns, then I’m not going to surround him with armed state policemen.'”

This is a brilliant political move by Senator Carrico to make a common-sense point: If guns are bad for law-abiding citizens to have, then they’re equally bad to be protected by policemen with guns.

Do you think this proposed amendment was a good move on Senator Carrico’s part?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


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  3. If a Governor, Mayor any other elected official objects to having responsible crime-free citizens from carrying concealed weapons, it only makes sense to deny him and his associates from also carrying concealed weapons. If no unelected citizen is denied the ability to defend himself or his family neither should the elected official. I approve the action that would allow the Virginia General Assembly to deny funds for the Governor’s Protective Unit if the denial of recognition of other States concealed weapons permits is allowed to stand.

    • Put a ” Gun Free Zone on the Governors lawn and see how long it would take for him to change his mind and then lets ignore him, like we have been ignored.”

  4. Good start! Let’s take away the protection details for Obama, Biden, all the senators and congressmen, all Democrat governors pushing for gun control in their states, and especially holier-than-thou idiots like Bloomberg!

    • They are also using the Police to drive them around, at least that is what I hear. For all of those places that want to sue our Police. We should pull the Police out and tell them we cannot afford to protect them, cause of the lawsuits that would of normally had paid for their Protection can no longer to available to them. The Police should not have to go where they are not wanted. Especially in Chicago .

  5. Yes! Finally a senate with balls! If politicians were actually doing their jobs they would not need protection. If they have to walk in fear as the rest of us do maybe they will stand for more common sense legislation as opposed to dollars and cents!

  6. Very smart move ! Love it ! Liberal leaders love controlling others with health care ,guns taxes etc. HOWEVER not one socialist run government lives by the rules they mandate for their minions .THIS is true also in the good old USA. Remember how our congress exempted themselves from Obamacare.

  7. My Right Ball is bigger than the Govs Brain…but hey growing uP in the Ole Dominion I realize 1 thing that My Home state was full of Punks & Drunks…Especially a Punk like this whom surrounds Himself w/Va State Troopers 24/7 take away his little Contingent of Pet Squirrels he’s just another Mere Peasant but 1 that’s a Dem Chicken Chit have a Wonderful Sunday Sic Semper Tyrannis

  8. I have said this for a long time. You can’t swing the constitution in which ever direction you choose,, just to suit you. I might want to come to Virginia and as a law abiding citizen with a CC permit in wisconsin, never having committed any crime, I should be able to carry concealed in any state I choose. As Long as I follow the rules and regulations of that state. I’m no cowboy, I don’t want to brandish or try to scare anyone but why should I take a chance of getting robbed or worse, by a criminal in your state, without the ability to defend myself, just like i would do in my own state? I agree , If you are so afraid of us law abiding citizens, be them Virginians or Wisconsinites, carrying to protect ourselves and executing our second amendment rights, then you do not need to have armed security around you at taxpayer expense. I would tell any Mayor, or Government official, the same thing.

  9. virginia governor if you or anti/gun then we the people want you to give up any armed guards you have,and if you own any guns give them all up.and finally we will put up gun free zone signs for you in your front yard,and gun free zone stickers for your home and car windows,and allow us to take photos and show the world that you governor or anti/gun,so people will know you really our against guns and your anti/gun signs mean you our a men of your word.

  10. This is a perfect reaction to an overextended middle finger to legally armed citizenry. The precise logic behind this is a sign that in our Country at least, WE take our rights and privileges seriously, and if denied, then corrective action is for all to see.

  11. Great Move! It’s about time we (The People) convenience our law makers that our constitution is the law of the land. Not, some made-up law or rule made by a flunky executive!

  12. Ever notice that the Republican candidates speak of preserving Life? Contrast this to the Democrats. If a few lives are taken, the Democrats rush in. proclaim all the changes they will make to protect life, get a few pictures made of themselves consoling a grieving wife/mother, and leave. Democrats are guilty of supporting groups that destroy life. Democrats are Murders, have murdered more people than the Nazis of WWII, Democrats dispose of victims by a method more terrible than gassing and then burning – some which are not dead. How can you proudly state you are a Democrat? You should be ashamed to show your face in public. To make matters worse, Democrats are now supporting communists for America. Wow, how much lower can they become?

    • That goes for Michael Bloomberg as well, he is hell-bent on denying individuals their right to own firearms for self protection. The midget should have to give up his “cannons” as well.

  13. It is about time that we show these idiots who don’t like guns what it feels like to be unprotected from criminals and mentally impaired people wandering the streets. Any politician who is against guns should not be protected by police or private security companies who carry guns. If they are absoluted sure guns don’t protect anyone, then they certainly don’t need any protection either. Now lets see them put their money where their mouth is! You hear that Hillery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. This go for every Governor, Senator, House of Representative, Mayor, Presidental Candadate, etc. Watch how quick they change their stand on the 2nd Admendment!!!!!!!!

  15. I think it’s a wonderfully funny and creative way to deal with the problem child running the state. And, as Paul says, I think it should apply to ALL anti gun politicians from the top guy on down.

  16. It is about time. Mayor Bloomberg felt the same way, but if you tried to get within 5 feet of him you would find out he never has less than 5 heavily armed Security Guards with automatic weapons. Same goes for the Mayor of Baltimore, MD who stated, ” Let them have room to destroy”. Well why should she worry, when she never goes anywhere without her security team. Funny why does she not say, ” Let them burn down my house and car jack my car, only to latter burn it. “

  17. When political officials thumb there noses to those they represent and try to deny them their Constitutional rights, then by all means they should be shown and shuffler the consequences for their reckless behavior…. Let him carry a sling shot

  18. Sounds fair. Let’s see them actually take away his security detail first, then pass out the accolades. Saying you’re going to try to do something isn’t an accomplishment, it’s just a plan.

  19. that dumb arse doesn’t need protection he should go back to DC and get with dumbo or call miss billary to protect him since he is good friends with them

  20. Now THERE ya’ have it, finally some common frigging sense being applied !!
    Was just on another thread, discussing basically the same thing…and that being that these tyrannical, robed clowns MUST BE held accountable for their totalitarian BS “rulings”….then, and ONLY then may they “reconsider” their stance!!

  21. You better believe it’s the right thing to do. If the people who pay his salary can’t protect themselves then why should they pay to protect him. What comes round goes around. Hillary, your next !!!

  22. the one that are against gun should not have any one around them to protect them with those nasty gun if people can not have gun to protect them then they should not have gun either

    • They think that they are above us & that we peasant Americans are for them to walk all over.
      “the government is the SERVANT
      the people are the Master
      the people MUST always be well armed,
      less the Masrer becomes the Servant”
      _Our Foundong Fathers

  23. You go Senator,, I cant vote for you, but I can thank you. Now if the dum-/as- republicans in the Senate would do the same to obozo we may get our country back.

  24. People should read the book, ‘Animal Farm’. What we are seeing today is all in there. I hope the Republicans can make this stick. Not because they are Republicans. But because finally, someone has both the right idea and the guts to do it.

  25. Well, is having tens of millions of responsible permit carrying concealed carry gun owners boycotting Virginia; and taking their vacation dollars elsewhere. Is that a “good thing” for Virginia? Your move, Virginia !

  26. I hope they’re not all talk. Take his security detail away and lets see how long he refuses to recognize concealed carry permits. Damned Democrats would disarm the citizenry without hesitation to promote their progressive agenda. Once the guns are gone we become no better than subjects.

  27. Absolutely. If a governor, president, any legislator bans guns then they are no better than the citizen. I have no problem with felons not having guns but everyone else ok.

  28. Absolutely I think it’s a good idea to de-fund his security unit. I think we should also de-fund Obama’s Secret Service Protection too, along with Hillary’s, she is still protected by the Secret Service because she was first lady. Like my mom always said, “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”. And that goes for all these movie stars too with their security details. About time someone did something with some common sense.

  29. I like that idea I think we ought to do it for all public people from the pres to to lowliest cabinet member etc, etc…!

  30. They want to disarm the American citizen, but demands to have a security force to protect them. A case of what is good for the goose IS NOT good for the gander.

  31. This is a brilliant move by Senator Carrico. I can’t tell you the last time i felt so proud of a politician. This country needs more smart law makers like Senator Carrico that have this kind of common sense. I am telling everyone i know about Senator Carrico’s spanking of these elitist Democrats.

      • Who are these people living in peace that you speak of?
        What did my comment have to do with everyone carrying? Typical left-winger knee jerk reaction.

        • Ur a PsykoKlown dude. They should rename the republican party after you especially after the Cold War attitudes flying around the stage. Many of us live in peace, its a choice.

          • Only if you live with your head in the sand. The war your president has wrought upon us is all around you, yet you refuse to recognize it for what it is because it hasn’t affected you personally…yet.

  32. Each state has the right to honor licences from other states or not, except for the driver’s licence. Will VA accept a medical license from AK or any other place. Just to transfer a barber’s licence from state to state is a real pain, and then there are plumbers and electricians, so why are concealed carry gun permits so different. In some places in CO, all one has to do to get a concealed carry permit is to be able to fog up a mirror, but in the urban areas, it is far more difficult – more background checks that are in depth, like complaints about domestic violence, interviewing neighbors, and the whole works. My family has lived in CO for about 165 years, and there is no record of any of them needing a gun for self defense, except the first miner who had to protect himself from claim jumpers, and after he and others had filed their claims with the Clear Creek Clerk – before CO was a state, they had law enforcement. I would like to invite as many gunners as possible to my planned circular firing squad – the digging of the mass grave will be on me.
    Heard that VA had another mass shooting today or yesterday, but doubt that this will ever appear on any of these gun sites.

  33. Any politician that is in favor of gun control by dismantling the Second Amendment should not feel threatened by the presence of guns in their proximity, therefore, their armed protective services should be removed.
    In addition, any future wars or military actions, both here and abroad, should not be conducted without the presence of the entire Congress on the front lines.
    The choice to be armed is to be decided by each individual.

  34. When these “willy-nilly” political policy makers end up with a law that will effect them personally they being taking things much more personally. This principle when applied at the state level makes great sense and would make even more sense at the federal level.

    • At EVERY level the morons of the Cook County (think SHITcago) Board are wanting to go the illegal taxation route by REQUIRING Liability insurance. I live down state and I have insurance to pay for a lawyer if I have to shoot some low life but…

  35. DO IT! DO IT! Just don’t talk about it. This maverick Governor is afraid of guns. Why are they continuing to surround him with all those armed police officers? As a veteran law enforcement officer, I fervently support this move! Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has already committed treason by failing to uphold his oath of office; for he swore on a holy Bible to defend the U S Constitution from ALL enemeis, both foreign and domestic.

  36. Exactly what ALL gun grabbing ‘lawmakers’ should have done to them the SECOND they rail against our Constitutional Right to KEEP and BEAR arms…which is really the only ‘permit’ we need. They should be the FIRST to feel powerless because they are OUR employees.

  37. That’s that communist piece of dung Mcullif who if the people were smart and they get hurt in any way, where they could have protected their self with shun Mcullif and any go t minions who stood with h should be SUED for their PERSONAL wealth !

  38. ;yes its about time Good thanks from all of us i dont own a gun but if truble comes my way ii hope person next to me has gun again thanks don

  39. An excellent response, Senator Carrico! If Clinton Clone McAuliffe is so anti-gun, he must be positively terrified when his security detail surrounds him should he deign to mingle with the ‘little people’ who elected him and pay his salary. Damn politicians think they’re God Almighty once they get in office, immediately forgetting the people who put them there and only listening to the big money boys in back rooms.

  40. McAllife is another obamaite who believes his own opinion is more valuable than everyone else’s. They both must be taught the error of their flawed thinking. Since they are obviously afraid of what they themselves would do given access to a firearm all firearms should be kept away from proximity to these clowns. It logically follows that if they themselves realize they can’t be trusted with a firearm they certainly can’t be trusted with any other power they can damage people with. Remove them from any position of responsibility.

  41. You dumbshits, he doesn’t want to recognize out of state concealment. But then you aholes never do read anything or if you do read you add your own BS in the article.
    This is just another sinkhole of ignorance and bigotry.

  42. It thrills me to see this article. This senator’s solution to the governor’s attitude, and
    unconstitutional actions, is absolutely perfect; and, it should be done, for all politicians,
    who have the same attitude, toward guns. I just love this senator.

  43. Excellent move by us common sense Republicans. We can play the Democrat game better than they can. As Forest Gump’s Mama always said; “Stupid is as Stupid Does”.

    β€œThe very presence of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference; they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.” ~ George Washington

  44. I’ve seen positive actions to protect our liberties from both parties…in the past; however, the last decade has shown that a party that follows a jackass as a mascot and refers to itself as G.O.D. more times than not finds the biggest issue is cleaning up all the jackass’s shit on themselves and anything they touch.

  45. Yes, I think the proposed amendment was a good move by Senator Carrico. Governor McAuliffe should lead by example. Right now, the governor is being a hypocrite: Do as I say, not as I do.

  46. I love this solution. Hope they carry through with it. I suggest we do the same with obama. He hates guns too and doesn’t believe anyone should be allowed to own them. So let’s take away the guns from his security. Sounds like a perfect solution to me.

  47. I think that was the right move, I mean if he’s that afraid of guns, he should not be protected by men with “GUNS”…

  48. Personally, I applaud the action. Too often the elected politician forgets why he serves and for whom he serves. Governor Terry McAuliffe is to represent the people of Virginia. Not some of the people, but all the people.

  49. DANGER exposure to injury or evil; peril; hazard; jeopardy.

    ENRAGE to fill with rage; to provoke to frenzy or madness; to anger immoderately.

    Migraine severe headache often accompanied by nausea.

    OBNOXIOUS offensive; objectionable.

    CONTRADICT to assert; the contrary of; to deny.

    RILE to anger; to exasperate; to irritate.

    AWRY twisted to one side; crooked

    THREAT declaration of determination to harm another; menace.

    SOCIALIST an advocate or supporter of socialism.

  50. The sleeping lion will only take so many pokes with a stick before it wakes up and causes absolute f****** carnage against the b******* in our lands that are secretly working towards our demise.

  51. Boy what a common sense idea, about time these progressives come down from the moon they live on and give up their own ability to protect themselves. I’d love if Obama had to give up his bullet proof limo and all his secret service protection, I don’t thnk he would be leaving the White House very often, sorry Obama but your such a hypocrite.

  52. It’s one of the best ideas that anyone has ever come up with, you won’t catch McAullife running around in the ghetto trying to get people to vote for him!
    You probably won’t even see him outside the Governor’s Mansion!
    Now if we can get a burglar to enter that mansion and terrify the governors family like they do Joe citizens family, maybe the moron will begin to understand the reason why it is so important to be able to defend your family!
    All states should recognize the concealed carry permits issued by other states, just like we’re forced to recognize so called gay marriages from all states!

  53. Yea !!!! this Grand mother says do it. I agree with the 2nd amendment. Let’s pull there security and take their guns…. Whether you are White or Black you are being had .. we are all in the pot together. We keep losing freedoms and the right to carry a gun is a right that is being taken from us by the Democrats… if you can read- do it and learn what is happening. Get the race chip off your shoulder a lets fight this together.

  54. I was totally surprised when the people of Virginia supposedly elected this corrupt to the bone liar and thief McAuliffe. Then again, knowing the demonrats, maybe they didn’t. Just maybe there was massive voter fraud here. I’m talking ballot box stuffing, four legged voting, dead people voting, and demonrats voting six, seven eight times and more. I don’t put anything past the left in their ceaseless search for total and absolute control of our lives and minds.

  55. Virginia dumbbell politician who thinks he’s worth protection, but regular citizens r not worthy. We need to start from scratch. Inexperience looks better for leadership, maybe they’ll learn the right way not the protocol politician.

  56. Terry and the AG need to read McDonald vs. City of Chicago (SC 2010) which made the 2d Amendment “fully applicable” to ALL States by incorporating the 14th and 2d Amendments; the “Gay Marriage” Law stated that is one is “granted” a License in one State, it is good in all other States, and must be recognized…if its good enough for same-sex marriage, it must apply to the fundamental, individual right for Self-Defense–THE “central component” of the 2d Amendment (McDonald, supra.) and the States can NEVER over ride ANY Bill of Rights guarantee. Too bad, Terry.

  57. Recall the moron, American don’t need stinking lowlife’s like this in any office, why do they vote for these dirt bags to begin with. There is nothing American about this moron.

  58. Brilliant move! JUST GO AHEAD AND DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take away those SCARY GUNS, please!!!!!! I beg of you! I HATE THOSE THINGS!!!!!


  59. heck yeah do it , if they want to undermine our rights to gun ownership ,the he doesn’t need any security detail ,and on top of it they need to impeach old AG Mark Herring .all he is ,is another Bloomberg .


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