Conservative Rocker Says Patriotic Americans Must Do This or Die

Legendary rocker Ted Nugent had a wonderful 2015, filled with good hunting, great loving and amazing rock-n-roll. However, not even these great experiences were enough to distract him from the “abject rot that runs amok in our government, media and academia” – or from the fact that unless we fight back, we could soon lose our country.

Here’s what the Motor City Madman wrote in a heartfelt column published on New Year’s Eve (emphasis in the original) as reported by

With the sheer number of horrors too long to list, perpetuated by an out of control government in 2015 still stinging deeply, I pray daily to God Almighty that more and more Americans wake up to our we the people duties to raise hell and demand accountability from our elected employees.

That Paul Ryan, a Republican for God’s sake, can stand with the rest of the soulless politicians supporting the continuing economic destruction of America with a spending agenda rife with fraud, deceit, dishonesty and defiance of any meaningful accountability is tragic and heartbreaking.”

This need he mentioned to “raise hell or die” grows more urgent everyday, as President Barack Obama and his army of corrupt “leaders” – from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to race-baiter Al  Sharpton – “continue to get away with their constant lies, blatant infringements and America-hating outrage.”

We can’t describe the current state of political affairs in America any better than Ted Nugent just did. Both the Democrat and Republican parties in Washington are corrupt as any third-world nation. While it may be uncomfortable to consider that Americans may need to “raise hell or die,” law-abiding conservative voters are running out of political and legal options to turn this country around.

Do you agree with Ted Nugent what needs to be done to get accountability from our elected officials?


  1. I love this Guy! He truly loves God, Country and Guns, and is a true Patriot and don’t mind telling it like it REALLY is! The people that WE put IN to RUN our country are there for one thing, to fatten their pockets regardless who it hurts or even kills! We are a ticking time bomb but these appointed continue to take us and their jobs for granted, and agreeing with every Unconstitutional move that Obama makes. They can’t get it through their heads, that without We The People that they seem to want, there is no THEM! (establishment) GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  2. I agree with Ted! This is ,undoubtably the worst administration I have
    witnessed in my lifetime! I knew when we put that worthless muslim in
    the White House it was the wrong thing to do! This man (?) has absolutely
    no respect for our Constitution and our sorry Congress goes along with
    him 100% of the time! I guess BIG MONEY is hard for them to turn down!
    I have told my representatives NOT to expect me to vote for them to be
    re-elected! They all NEED TO GO!

  3. Ted is a true American hero and patriot. There are millions of us out there that have the same feelings as he does. “When injustice becomes law, then Rebellion becomes duty!” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or
    adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than
    five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be
    incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ John F. Kennedy

  4. Is this guy another of those great patriots who could not pour piss out of his boot with directions on the heal, or what? They have just discovered a virus in the US that causes a few symptoms sometimes to women, but if they are pregnant, the baby will be born with micro cephally – in old terms a ‘Pin Head”, so where is he with his guns to shoot down the mosquitos that are carrying it? The reason that there are no vaccines for this, and probably will not be any, is that according to former Rep Bachmann, is that they cause mental retardation, and being anti-choice will mean that we will have many more potential conservatives, because pin heads, at maturity, do not have enough intelligence to register, just like the current ones. Like Parrots, they can learn words and phrases, such as ‘government waste and fraud’ but never know the meaning and so can never recognize it. Take the Congress, does this idiot that they make $200K a year for actually working liess than half time, and when Congress happens to be in session, these great Conservatives fly home every weekend on the taxpayers dollar to ‘meet with constituants’ – but only those who make large campaign contributions. Real federal employees, about whom he is bitching, have to put in 40 hours a week for at least 50 weeks a year, just to get their full pay. Is voting for repeal of the ACA 63 times with no hope of it passing the Veto really a very productive use of the taxpayers money.
    That is a DAV thow in back of me and my cat – every once in a while they send me a replacement since I am a life member with a 100% disability, who has had to wait for more than a year to get dentures, which I could have gotten locally in less than a month, because Congress wastes so much money on vet healhcare – as a real Patriot, would he do the same? Would he take a cut in his disability pension to pay for the repeal of all inheritance taxes (over $200B) for the .1% – I and many others will do this because of the ‘Ryan’ plan, because raising the taxes on the really wealthy would violate the Conservative pledge not to raise taxes.
    Willie Nelson, one of those damn Liberals, held ‘Farm Aid’ Concerts to help Conservative Farmers survive when the government would not. Would he hold an ‘Old Folks Aid’ Concert to help us stay fed and warm – hell no – there is no profit to be made by giving away your concert money! If he were a few years younger would he have gone to the USMC recruiter and said, “As a patriot. I wand to go to Iraq or Afganisan’? Hell no, he is too important.
    Why does he not go to OR to be with the Occupiers who seem to have rewritten history, so that this wildlife refuge that was dedicated in 1908, had been taken from its rightful owners, whoes ancenstors probably did not get there until after it was dedicated, and now they are showing that they are just a cell of iSIS, which has made its money by taking antiquities and selling them, and they are doing the same with native American antiquities that also date back 6K years, driving stolen vehicles, using the taxpayers electrictiy and probably propane – if they do the same things as terrorists, then that would make them terrorists, not the Patriots that the claim.
    This time, instead of repeating Waco and Ruby Ridge, which made martyrs of those involved, the Feds are just waiting them out and will pick them up somewhere else, and put them in the slammer so that they can be with their idiological buddies – the white supremicist skin heads that they really are.

    • Hahahahah. U’re crazy. but, if white-folks don’t ever come out of denial of how they R the 1’s who have ruin America, it’ll only get worse. Obama is only 1 person dat can’t do anything without congress. mostly white-folks.

  5. I agree with Ted. I wish more rockers would come out a speak the truth. Too many in the entertainment industry fear losing money. They put their personal bottom lines before the country. I guess they don’t think Berney Sanders won’t come after their wealth.

  6. I find it sad that our Reps and Senators have become so immune to what is happening to the people they are supposed to represent! They have lost touch with the reality of the lives of the ordinary citizens while living in their insulated world of DC!

  7. Im white Redman my best friend is black LET ME REPEAT black your not black but indeed an Uneducated individual that don’t deserve to live in this country you are infact the type of person who is the racist ,if you think we are the ones who destroyed this country your right because we brought over a bunch of individuals like yourself to take advantage of our country and elected a president who is in fact a piece of sh———it yea hey lets give another 150 billion to Iran what color is he half black or a black Caucasian your not welcome on this site every one needs to not acknowledge this worthless individual

  8. You may dislike the way he speaks sometimes, but he says it how he sees it & most the time his analysis is correct. Americas is being ruined by politicians and their enablers; black & white.

  9. Eugene, I am one who would say O is in violation of this code, Islam has definitely declared war on the US and he welcomes them in anyway

  10. I agree with him 100,00 % and have been shouting this ever since Barack Hussein Obama took office. I knew from the beginning that he is a muslim, a communist, a terrorist mole, that he hates America and our citizens, that he would destroy our Constitution, destroy our culture, destroy our way of life, put all of us in the poor house and make us his slaves, divide our nation with the race card, the inequality card, with democrat hate to manipulate us into hating our own family if they are not a democrat and turn as many of us against each other as he possibly can by bullying, by intimidation, by hate (divide and conquer), spend us into oblivion, including his and mochelle’s extravagant spending with vacations, food, clothes, living high off of our dime, sending billions upon billions of dollars on his muslim brothers, stabbing us in the backs, lecturing us on how bad America and our citizens are, fundamentally transforming us into a savage barbaric Sheria 7th century war zone that he grew up in and loves so much, that he would take God out of our country because he is NOT a Christian, he’s a muslim, that he would turn us into a Sodom and Gommorah gay utopia that is his passion, because he is NOT a Christian, that he would infest our entire government with more terrorist moles and that he would colonize and flood our nation with his savage barbaric muslim terrorist brothers and flood us with millions of the most diseased and heinous barbaric illegals south of our border, and that he would turn us over to our enemies, because he is one of them.

    I don’t put anything past this muslim lizard. He will do anything that brings us down, and you can take that to the bank, that is, if we still have a US banking system or a monetary dollars system by the end of 2016. Obama is the devil incarnate and he has pulled the wool over every American’s eyes with his Pied Piper, snake oil lies, and the ones that voted this devil in that is killing our country and that has killed many of our citizens already, will soon be the benefactors of their most incomprehensible nightmares. Between the lying lizard jihad bama, ole traitor commie hillary the hun, lunatic nancy, mobster boss harry, commie sanders, debbie the commie dumb bell, greedy al gore, racist al sharpton, racist jackson, and all traitor demonRATs, traitor liberal MSM, RINO John B, RINO McConnel, RINO Ryan, RINO, life as we know it is about to come to a screeching halt.

    And we ALL just sat back and did not question one lie, did not care that they lied, and believed every lit they spoon fed us, and let them take everything we have worked our entire life for, what our parents worked for, and everyone before them worked and died for, and we didn’t give a flip.

    This will be on America’s tomb stone, “This is what happened because American citizens didn’t give a damn”

  11. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!

  12. we really dont have a government by the people and for the people any more. The government is setting up a huge battle to come. That is the reason they are allowing these thugs so called refugees into our land. They need a reason for the government to declare marshal law. Then OBUMMER our HITLER can stay in power. It is going to come down to the people to drag his lame ass from office. Their is true corruption running amok in our government. Those in power need to be VOTED OUT OR DRAGED OUT.

  13. I’m getting nothing but older every day and if it’s going to happen, sooner the better.

    Tired old men might just be the first wave.

      • As a kid, the famous pitchfork painting always appealed to me. “American Gothic” Grant Wood, 1930.

        “Wood’s earliest biographer, Darrell Garwood, noted that Wood “thought it
        a form of borrowed pretentiousness, a structural absurdity, to put a
        Gothic-style window in such a flimsy frame house.”[5] (wiki-the-pedia)

        So much to say…. and do. Maybe we’ll meet a lot of other old men if it’s to happen.

  14. PEOPLE in all walks of life are speaking out against the corruptness in various levels of government. The ways these governments impose their dictatorial rules, regulations, codes, laws is evident even down to individual school principals. Many rules, regulations, codes or laws are misinterpreted or made up on the spot. WE THE PEOPLE can no lounger go about our daily lives and accept these dictatorial mandates. I agree it is time to raise hell or die. WE THE PEOPLE, unknown to many can refuse to obey any of the above it they are unconstitutional.

    I observe Agenda 21 being slowly creeping into our lives with concentrated urban housing and fields once used for agriculture are not houses. Common core teaching children to become good little sheeples, while the elite make sure their children are taught how to dictate. there appears to be many mentally ill people in our governments. Either that or they are so brainwashed and have also received a dumbed down education, they can not comprehend any of the above. Only by raising hell and STANDING OUR GROUND and refusing to abide by these dictatorial, police state dogma, will the American people be able to take back their governments and Rights. We do not need SCOTUS or POTUS being the lawmakers or interpreters. The SCOTUS has never been as corrupt as it is today. More prominent people need to speak out and not be like those females on talk shows that spout out propaganda garbage.

    If all the patriotic site members were to join together, it would be a very formidable force to take physical action to stop the implementation of any law that goes against WE THE PEOPLE and puts power into the hands of the corrupt few who are not after just monetary gains, but the worst greed of all, power over the masses. Theses corrupt officils and lawmakers who doing the level best to control the average citizen keep the pot boiling with smoke screes such as diversification, race wars, religious wards and government take over of peoples property from police illegally confiscating ones belonging, to allowing China to have eminent domain over every bit of land in the US. Nixon and Kissinger did us that favor. Also the turning of all national monuments over to the UN. Few know about the above two items that were lost while Nixon was president..

    If one were to study the Revolutionary War, he/she would find that most of the colonist were willing to stay under King George’s dictums. Only 1% were revolting against the. It was only after the battle began that others joined their forces. We have the same situation to day, it appears. One cannot keep putting things on, let us say, Facebook about the corrupt government and not do something to bring back the power of WE THE PEOPLE. There is a uniform voice there, but not uniform action to remove every corrupt elected, appointed or hired official or employee from their seat of power. It is evident from the many comments on various articles that WE THE PEOPLE are becoming more and more aware of their plight, but let the corruption continue.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to fight back as they are doing in Oregon. Whether you agree with what is going on up there or not, at least they are doing something active to take a stand against the corrupt BLM.

    For many it is impossible to attend School Board meetings, both the district and the State, City Council meetings, Board of Supervisor meetings, even State Legislature committee meetings as these are held during the day when the few lucky ones are at work. If a person is not working and physically able to attend these meetings they should, plus make sure you know the agenda for that meeting. Get involved. If these official thought they would be removed from their cozy chair, they would pay more attention to the voices of WE THE PEOPLE. With so many out of work for one reason or another, there again is a formidable force that raise hell. Do not accept their decisions. Remember, it is your taxpayer dollar that basically paying their salaries.


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