What Hillary Just Did To These Texas Supporters Is Appalling

When you think about Hillary Clinton, the term “unlikable” probably comes to mind, as the Democrat front-runner constantly shows just how out of touch she is with regular Americans.

The former secretary of state’s arrival in Beaumont, Texas, on January 20th showed (once again) that the candidate thinks she is above regular common-folk – even those who may support her campaign.

Here’s the report from the Washington Free Beacon:

“When just six people showed up at the airport to greet the former secretary of state, she snobbishly refused to stop to say hello or take any pictures with the small crowd.

“Clinton was in the small southern Texas town for a private fundraiser. Admission to the fundraiser started at $1,000 and if attendees wanted to get a picture with Mrs. Clinton, the price was $2,700.

“‘People get to see the candidates a little closer than normal, makes a better experience, I guess. Makes more people want to vote too, that would be a good thing,’ said David Wright, a local resident.”

The 18th century French queen, Marie Antoinette, would be proud of Hillary – not bothering to meet with a small group of modern-day peasants.

This incident is further proof that Mrs. Clinton really doesn’t care about most Americans, even if they donate money to her campaign.

Do you think this event will contribute to sinking Hillary’s campaign… or will she shrug it (and a possible federal indictment) off and go on to the Democratic nomination?


  1. Committed Democrat socialists—whether of the communist or Nazi type—and ignorant women, welfare ghetto Negroes, and the Marxist Media will vote for Hillary regardless of her obvious flaws. Hillary will never be indicted and will win, too, unless the GOP will nominate an honest, ethical, and anti-establishment candidate to oppose her. Five to seven million Americans will not vote for President in 2016 if the GOP nominates someone similar to McCain or Romney, which is everyone except Cruz, Carson, or Trump.

      • Just tired of all the screwin’ and NO kissin’ from lying professional politicians————————–time to get a business man!!!

        Vote TRUMP for 2016 !!!!!

        Vote Hitlerery, aka Killary, for Prison—2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The NRC will nominate the individual they want, not the one the people want. They haven’t a clue what main-stream Americans want – nor do they care! The NRC is just a private, members only, club. They’ll tell us who to vote for. In their eyes, we’re just not bright enough to make such a decision. They’re very much like the Progressive/Socialists in that respect.

  2. Another liberal idiot that thinks they can do nothing wrong and the people love & believe her anyway. There truly are a FEW morons that idolize her, but if she got into the WH they would receive the same treatment whether they contributed or just voted for her. I hate to think that some Americans can really be that dumb.

    • Hillary, like slick Willie, are american taxpayer teat suckers.

      Greed and corruption are their idols————————–

      Read about the clinton foundation———————–

      Read Federal Law, Title 18, Section 2071———————-the lying bitch is not eligible to run for federal dog catcher !!!

    • Why is it, Hillary, Bill and Obama are untouchable? They believe they are above the law. Hillary and Obama both said they are above the law, they are the law! No one is above the law. What’s going to happen when Obama appoints himself the next supreme court judge? Obama knows zero about the law and nothing about the constitution. Time has passed to arrest Hillary, Bill and Obama.

      • I know it’s very hard to write what you really want to say when you know you would be deleted if you wrote what you think. All I can say is: GO TRUMP. No more corrupt politicins.

      • I’ve been deleted many times here, especially when i call hitlery a commie bitch, lying sack o’ shit, marxist cunt, etc etc…

      • YOU CAN BET that Nixon had his fingers crossed on both hands when he stated that lie! ~ Too bad he didn’t unwittingly hold them up like he always did with his double V’s!!!

      • No, she has been a communist since her 20’s and was fired from supporting a candidate as an aide by lying, cheating, etc. Don’t blame Nixon because vs. Obama and her and Sanders, he did very little to hurt America and actually did a lot of good. No one is perfect, but these 4 are evil to the core.

    • Helen and all interested parties: please post this article on your favorite social media. WE need to keep Hillary from winning the nomination! We certainly won’t get any help from the mainstream media.

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  3. I don’t see Hillary as much of the problem as much as I see the people who would vote for her as the problem. How do we fix that?

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          • That is sad bullying is not a sport. I am not black William, white Anglo protestant , of sorts. Here’s to Paul Chew wherever he may be and to all the other Paul Chews in the world. Peace.

          • William, please get control of yourself. This person gets a little sick thrill when you lose it and talk like that. Somehow, he seems to feel like that means he has somehow won. Stick with logic and facts, and calmness. That will make him crazier.

          • Thank you John, my thought exactly, the point of my posts to William Burke Jr. as well. Sometimes we all forget that we are all humans with human feelings and emotions, real people we are dealing with here. The other response that I made to you was not really to you, duh, I didn’t notice until it posted that I wasn’t talking to William Burke Jr but to ‘John’…..for whatever that might be worth to you, but John I promise you that I don’t do anything because it makes me popular, I make an effort, like you in most cases, to offer words that will encourage thoughtful reflection on issues from another prospective. Unfortunately veering from the drum beat of the masses makes one a magnet for the angry and ignorant, I offer a place for others to vent that frustration and keep them from beating the kids or the kitties. About The Redman, you may be correct but I don’t think its about winning as it is just fun for him, some of us just like to poke the dog with a stick and he certainly does that , I get a kick in watching him manipulate these folks into rage, as they call him ignorant he is smart enough to prod the truly ignorant to loose control, he serves the same purpose as I but without attempting to include some modicum of relevance. I apologize for calling you a William Burke Jr, you’re not one. Peace to you John!

          • Peace to you, HM. If what we had was just a matter of a failure to communicate…. oh, well. Thank you for explaining. Hitting the wrong target ( metaphorically speaking ) is just an oops. I have done the same thing myself.

          • Yeah, you’re right, John. Funny thing is I went to a high school where there was only one black kid in my class, and I had lunch with him every day. He was a hell of a nice kid, but there were
            some guys in my school who weren’t too nice to him.

          • I guess, being a Navy brat, I was raised colorblind. It worked well for me in my own military career. I was also taught that all my Marines were green on the outside, and red on the inside. That is a Corpsman joke.

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          • Wow! HAHAHAHA, you’re just a little bit more classy and sophisticated version of redman, but deep inside, exactly the same thing. You too crave negative attention and find pleasure in it! Wow! The things you see on the comments…

          • I don’t crave negative reactions Mom. I see ridiculousness and offend it. I came on the 4th and 7th rays. That 4th ray is apparent in that it is about ”harmony through conflict”. I am a Scorpio which makes me hard to move being a fixed sign but gives me the interest in politics which is an occult science. It also explains my stamina and desire to serve humanity. Born into a situation where I was ‘the little diplomat’ at home constantly working for peace between parents gives me an understanding of both sides of an issue. I bet you are a good mom, that’s so important. Peace to you and your family.

          • Wow! Yeah! So I see we are complete opposites, yet we are having a nice conversation. Peace from God to you Sr. as well and best wishes.

          • Actually astrology is the second oldest science next to numerology. Just a couple of examples to ease your mind, the 3 astrologers were following the stars to Bethlehem. In ancient times the second son of a king was the only one to be taught astrology so that he could advise his older brother when ascended to the throne. Hitler used it and found it to be such a great tool that he forbid the common man from its use. I am not an atheist and astrology fits perfectly with any religion as it is a tool of self discovery and understanding, I have been known to use it from my Southern Baptist pulpit. There is nothing ungodly about what has been created, each star is placed and held in the heavens in that place or orbit by what? The God energy, love of course. Perhaps you need to learn of what you speak , those who you honor from your Bible certainly used this tool for the betterment of the soul and guidance of the people. Astrology is an EXACT science my friend. Peace to you on your narrow road. Why travel on gravel when there is a plan for you to take the highway?

          • With just 12 “signs” for instance, are one twelfth of all people going to win the lottery on a certain day?
            “Exact science” LOL!

          • You may be correct although it is not a tool of fortune telling it can guide you to the most probably period to play the lotto it is a tool for personal growth but yet I know astrologers who can come very close to telling you when you will next need the bathroom. I have seen amazing things and perhaps you have not. Your judgement of “fools an stupid people” is certainly not a Christian act yet you proceed and so will I and the study of myself through astrology and by the way you might want to share with the governments of the world who all employee astrologers that only stupid fools still believe. It is a miracle of the mysterious universe and I am sorry that you do not find the spiritual joy and connection that it provides. I need to tell you that many great psychologists use this tool to assist patients in knowing themselves and understanding why it is like it is. Fascinating stuff and a blessing beyond understanding it just is what it is. Do you attempt to explain the miracles of the Bible? No you just accept and I cannot explain how astrology works but it most definitely does I just accept it as it accepts me.

          • Ya, right that’s why all astrologists and numerologists are fabulously wealthy from playing the lottery?

          • First there is no such thing as an astrologist they are astrologers. Now let’s see here I said to you, “it is not a tool of fortune telling” but it sure is an accurate science of probabilities. I’m thinking that you need to experience and learn something about the what you attempt to have a conversation about. At this point this topic is just masturbation for you to hear yourself type. You have obviously no knowledge of this subject, it is a laborious process that takes a few years just to get comfortable with the language and the basics and many more years to become proficient. I was blessed with two very giving teachers, Rev. Elaine Clarke and Rev. Shirley Srogi as well as many hours with Dr. Raymond Buckland, after 30 years I am still constantly learning new things. Its difficult for me because I am not very swift at math. You come back in 3 years and we’ll talk after you do some home work. Get yourself a good set of basics books, “The Easiest Way to learn Astrology” is good and the standard beginner in 3 volumes and a copy of the Ephemeris. Good luck in finding yourself, a peaceful journey to you.

          • So… then you are a multimillionaire from all those lottery wins?

            You call yourself a “christian” and use language like that?
            Don’t bother to contact me again, I wont read it, or answer you!

          • Big loss, you couldn’t discuss the topic you chose. What is with you and astrology and the lottery, I don’t see any connection. In a lottery the odds are affected by need as the universe will not allow a void. The danger of not winning the lottery has to be greater than the danger created by winning. I don’t play the lottery although I have a golden horse shoe in my chart and everyone says I should gamble, I don’t need the money so let someone else have it. Many blessings my judgmental friend. “Judge not”. You call yourself a “christian” and judge like that? Don’t bother to contact me again, I wont read it, or answer you….nah nah nah nah boo boo!! My prayers for you will continue, love and light to you.

          • Numerology!
            You do know that ‘study’ is BANNED by the Bible!

            They were “Three Wise Men from the East”, not astrologists in the Bible that came to see Jesus and brought gifts to Him.

          • You need to translate the original Greek to English they were astrologers, the wise men. Numerology banned? Did you tear out the book of Numbers? The study of numerology is certainly the reasoning of the many meaning s of 7,12, 3 and 40 that permeates the Christian Bible but don’t bother to research that for yourself. Somethings that we are taught are just not true but are used to control the masses, perhaps a long study of the relationship of the early church with the pagans or wiccans would help you it was at first a very comfortable situation which of course is where Christianity got its holidays all usurping on pagan festival days. The universe is based on numbers and there is nothing evil about that. All that glorious Christian music that you listen to is based on numbers. You would I guess declare that mathematics are evil and those who teach them. You are a wise man and I know you share that which you know to be true, dig a little deeper than what you have been told not just in you r religion but in all things. Peace many blessings.

          • DUH!
            What you are blathering about is not what is called “Numerology”

            Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

            Despite the long history of numerological ideas, the word “numerology” is not recorded in English before c.1907.

            The term numerologist can be used for those who place faith in numerical patterns and draw pseudo-scientific inferences from them.

            Deuteronomy 18:9-12
            “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

          • Yes I know all of this I do Numerology as well it is also a great tool for self discovery and your mind is so filled with propaganda that you should probably just leave all this alone before you discover that there is nothing evil about either numerology or astrology except someone labeled it that to control the people. Wow I haven’t run into this duh huh kind of thinking in a long long time. I send you prayers for healing and ask for an opening of your heart and mind that you can know spiritual truth. Many blessings.

          • If you are interested in astrology and claim that it fits perfectly with any religion, what do you say about the fact that the Bible condemns it? Read Deut. 18,9-13; Isaia 47,12-13, Gal. 5,20 and others. This makes Astrology incompatible with Christianity. Think about the following: Man is the height and pinnacle of all the creatures that exist. There is no other creature that can think, imagine, have free will, reason, invent, create, speak, express in different media thoughts and emotions, etc., etc., Considering this, how can anyone say that man’s destiny is controlled by an object made of dirth and minerals and gases, billions of miles away like a star? How can, in the order of creation, man be controlled and guided by some thing infinitely lesser than him? You mention that God is an energy called love. That is not compatible with the God of Christianity. The God of Christianity is a person, Jesus Christ. There exist in history people that were able to see Him, touch Him and hear Him speak. Energy is a very abstract concept not visible in itself, only in the effects it produces. Energy is a thing, God is a specific Person.

          • Don’t waste your time with Redman…..he’s/she’s probably a paid troll….either that or someone who escaped from a looney bid who enjoys baiting normal bloggers. Maybe if we ignore him he/she/it will give up and go away. Replying to he/she/it just encourages continued lunacy…

          • I don’t know who you are or where you are. But it really breaks my heart that you can not even speak so you can be understood. I have no idea what your comment meant. I am serious about encouraging you to go to school. You have a desire to do something, you just don’t know what. Go to Church, find a good mentor, someone that can lead you the right way and help you out of where you are. I will pray for you so you pay attention to this counsel for your own good. Who knows, maybe a few years from now you can look back and be amazed at the better person you have become.

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          • “We owned slaves, serve Jesus”…..interesting. We are all slaves. Is this what Jesus is about, I didn’t know.

          • At least poor redman has a chance because he is very ignorant and his misery is exposed in his rants for all to see. You on the other hand, suffer the same spiritual illness of satan: pride and selfishness. It is very sad because, wether you like it or not, you have an inmortal soul inside of you. Unless you change for the better, you better dress very lightly and carry a fan with you when you die.

          • At least we know who our Baby Daddies were. Blacks have to ho on Maury Povich Show to get DNA tests to find
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          • Wash, rinse, repeat……lie, spin, repeat….like a good little William Burke Jr. Lie, spin, repeat or do you have some actual documentation to prove what you say? I bet if you do some research and independent thinking as well as walk 2 miles in their shoes(2 because 2 in their world is 1 in ours), may lead you do understand the quagmire in which we find ourselves as well as those to whom you talk about like dogs in the street. What we have is what WE have created.

          • The perpetual victimhood of the black folk. Their perils and sufferings are always the fault of somebody else, these mindset will never help them. I am a Mexican by birth and came to live in this country only 10 years ago. I can tell you that the Mexicans blame the imperialist yankees for all their troubles, that’s why they will never get out of the third world, despite the enormous natural resources Mexico has. Look at the vietnamese community (it is very big where I live) they have thrived, very hard working people toiling in dry cleaning businesses and asian food restaurants to send their sons and daughters to college. Many black people (not all of them, granted) do not like to work or complicate themselves, they rather extend their hand.

          • I’m sure that in many cases you are correct but I feel that you can only beat a dog just so many times before he either gives up and lives in fear or takes our arm off. I don’t agree with looting which works against one’s cause but at the same time when down trodden what makes the difference if you take from the local Walgreens that won’t hire you ? I can’t imagine being in a color minority but I have always stood with those who seem to draw oppression form those men who cannot seem to see others as they see themselves. I bet you have had an uphill climb and your accomplishments are to be commended. You have overcome the ‘manifest destiny’ of American hatred which is still the direction of the right wing of our political processes. In the time of that idea’s creation the plan was to take the west at all costs(terrorism) abuse Catholics and Mexicans, who were considered barbaric at the time (Trump agrees) as well as blacks, if it wasn’t white and protestant then it was scum(what a 2016 thought). I regard you and all men as equal to myself deserving respect unless, on an individual basis, they prove otherwise. There is much oppression out there and you should know that better than I. I have never had a roadblock in life, white, male, middle class, protestant. I have walked through any door that I ever wanted to walk through with no resistance. If you understand ‘manifest destiny’ you maybe need to question yourself about your political affiliation. Congratulations on your stamina and determination. Peace to you.

          • Could be Rx7pj or 2Deep4u using yet another alias. Hes
            No red man because no proud native American or indigenous person would use such a racist name as sn ID.

          • I believe you are correct about the two mentioned above. There is another name he uses, but can’t think of it. They all make useless comments.

          • He is a homeland terrorist who goes by several alias’s and is being tracked for making terroristic threats against whites. Those that are tracking him know his IPC and they are trying to get a fix on his location so that they can pay him a visit.

          • LMFAO !! I think those who are supposedly “tracking” would spend their time visiting those who come here to this site and bad mouth our country and threaten our President in open forum rather than track down someone simply holding up a mirror in which most of you cannot look. The Redman is a mirror of the lies and unfounded statements made by idle parrots, lost in the world and looking for someone to blame because you don’t have the money to join the bowling team or make your weekly visit to the Walmart store. He is holding up the mirror so that you tea people can hear what you sound like to the rest of us, holds the mirror for you all to see and feel the hate you spew and the ignorance and the profiling(judging) that you take part in as you do nothing to help others but act and speak out of fear that daddy won’t get you an ice cream along with the rest of the kids. He holds the mirror so you can see your ugliness. The Redman is you in reverse. Suck it up.

          • Bad mouthing someone and making threats of physical harm to someone are two different attitudes. You are a misguided moron to actually think that folks in the comment sections that make threats of physical harm to another person wether it be to another commentor or to those in leadership positions in this country aren’t being monitored and tracked because they are. Your friend that you wholeheartedly support made a veiled threat to me just three days ago and I’m not taking it lightly, he is being tracked and his comments are being gathered just as yours may be for being his “yes” man/woman whichever the case may be. With that being said you may now carry on with being delusional and naieve as that is the usual case with you.

          • You folks and your constant insinuation that The Redman wants you to think that he is an Indian, did you ever stop to think that it may just the brand he chews? Maybe he just likes the color red. Perhaps, doubtful from his intelligent comments, that he is a red neck? It is possible that he drives truck and The Redman is his handle. Likewise you assume he is black, why? He could be a she, a drunk or a college psychology professor. You don’t even know for sure that the words that he chooses to share are his true thoughts, you may just be a sociology study for him. I just call him a great puppeteer. A manipulator of all you William Burke Jr.’s of the world. He may be a fan of the Naziatti Reds….Go REDS!!

          • You display cowardice by hiding behind the anonymity of the Net. You lack the guts to say any of this to anybody’s face. There might be negative consequences, and you could not stand that.

          • Gee, i thought pinkies referred to commie-pinko a–holes like you, Pink Man. Another of Frank Marshall Davis’s bastard kids….

          • To show that you have a brain swettie and you can use it. You know, just like George Washington Carver,Ernest Everett Just, Mary Mainard Daly, Ben Carson, Allen West, etc., all great African-Americans? Why do you choose to portray yourself like an ignorant hoodlum (I’n not saying that you are)? You should think better of yourself. Do me a favor kid and look up a movie called “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” (amazing black neurosurgeon) and watch it. I tried to find it in youtube for you but is not there anymore. Here are some excerpts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z50IXLstrDY enjoy and be inspired.

          • Wow! How about considering the fact that, against many odds, he was able to go a prestigious University and become one of the most famous neurosurgeons that has ever lived? Did you know that he was able to operate and separate conjoined twins by birth? Isn’t that amazing? He was not robbed of anything, other than his dad was an adulterous drunkard. But he overcame that and became something great. It is what you make with your life what makes the difference.

          • Yeah-yeah-yeah, all dats good. but, 98% of the white-folks in the u.s. will still hate on him jes 4 the fact dat he’s a man of color. and dats jes the way yall R. most of U R deep rooted haters 4 no good reasons, and when I mention dat, the 1st thing out ya snake-mouth is;——————————————————.U know

          • Pooh, pooh, pooh, William Burke Jr., that sounds like a good conservative name huh Redman? Sound like he gots a corn cobb in that special place. I think I will start using his name as a demeaning way to say someone is a fascist lovin’ money mongering republican hawk, you know like this…. “man you are a William Burke Jr. dude, what the F is wrong wit yo head? Yeeeaahhh!

          • I guess I’m just not hate filled enough to climb the heights to which you have ascended in the up vote competition. Until now I didn’t understand that there was a prize at the end. Popularity has never been a measuring stick for correctness. I will certainly strive to say more bigoted, racist, ignorant things as I aspire to find a seat at your trailer’s fold out table/bed. I promise to be more vile, nasty and moronic as you are now my hero …..you’re such a William Burke Jr. ! I suppose goose stepping with the crowd is one way of making no point or of having no original thoughts and would certainly be a natural act for such a Nazi William Burke Jr. as you. I certainly do not want to be considered a ‘loser’ by the William Burke Jr. party so I promise to repeat more lies and steal more personal rights and launch more tirades on my fellow man. I promise to live in fear with all the other over reactors who run out to buy guns and who hate for no reason other than lack of consciousness. I swear to be more of a William Burke Jr. I may become so devolved that I will attain the acceptance of the William Burke Jr.’s everywhere ! Thank you for your inspiration. Peace and blessings to you.

          • Wow! Such a talent going to waste. The fact that you can articulate does not mean that what you articulate contains any meaning or substance. Liberals like you will die out a few decades on simply because of your toxic ideology based on egocentrism and communism and where it has lead societies to: death. We simply have to suffer you like the bad israelites that were extinct in 40 years, so the faithful could enter the Holy Land. Conservative freedom loving, God fearing Americans will prevail, simply because He is eternal and those who trust in Him will not be abandoned nor dissapointed.

          • You are way off base here mom, my liberalism is based on ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ and the ‘Beatitudes’, Buddhism, Gandhi, MLK, John Kennedy and the Tao. Christianity is the truest form of commune-ism but that ‘ism’ is a dead soldier and has been for many years. Conservatives are freedom loving? I learn something new everyday, “States rights” is code for loss of personal freedoms which is what the right wing has always stood for, stamped out clones all with tight sphincters and judgment in their hearts, living in fear and unbending to change or growth, supportive of war and those who chose to participate. Liberalism is the march for equality, personal and varied rights for ALL, peace and justice and we will prevail simply because He is eternal and those who trust in Him will not be abandoned nor disappointed, and the lion will lay (not conquer)with the lamb and there will be peace in the kingdom. Peace.

          • I was a protestant for 23 years than converted to Catholicism and have been a Catholic for 4 and a half years. I can see that you judge Crhistianity from the outside. Christians believe God is eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent and Allmighty. There is only one God, the rest are demons, the Bible say. For 2000 years the Church has taught that Our Lord Jesus Christ can never be on the same footing as Buddah, Alla, the red pumpkin, etc. Only He is God. Christianity has nothing to do with communism because communism is an ideology that requires no belief in God at all. Christ was not a communist. Communism nullifies free will and takes from some to give to all, wether they like it or not. God gave us all free will. Just look at history, all countries and governments that have defined themselves as communist throughout history always claim to be atheist and they immediately and brutally supress any form of belief in a deity. Cuba, China and North Korea are communist societies and they have made very public their atheist stance and crack down on believers of any kind. The same thing happened under Soviet Russia and Vietnam undet the vietkong. I see that you have taken a little bit of everything and made your own coctail. The problem with that is there is only one truth, truth is objective. 2+2=4, the sun always comes out from the east and sets on the west. Your relativism can not be applied to real life, as Christianity can. Just try the experiment of having a group of people interpret a red light at the same time as different as any of them chooses to. Yeap, utter chaos. Relativism leads to chaos. The order you can observe in nature, is also meant for the lives of human beings.

          • Right you are!

            Jesus did not provide unlimited FREE sustenance for the LIFE of the 5000, nor did he take anything away from hundreds of thousands OTHER people, who did not participate in the meal!

            Atheists and other idiots love to twist the words of the Holy Bible into things that were never meant, nor ever thought of before around 1950 and later.

          • Mom I attended and graduated the Southern Baptist Seminary in New Orleans, I assure you that I do not look at Christianity from the outside. I learned there that “the Bible says” is no defense at all, but hearsay at best. You have missed the first 33 years of the life of Christ when he was in the Far East learning form the Buddha and there is little difference between what the Avatar Christ taught and what the Avatar Buddha taught. In the Tao you can find many of the 81 verses that are later directly transferred to the Bible as the Tao was written 2500 years before the Bible; i.e. Verse 39 of the Tao is word for word the same as Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. In some ways I agree with you about the cocktail but here is what I have personally found to be true, there are threads of truth that run through all religions and if you cling to those golden threads of truth it seems to provide a firm foundation, on the other hand religion has caused much death and suffering since the beginning of time a thing that nature does not have to deal with, religion. I live as I see nature live, trusting and yielding to the situation. Water does not have an ego, it does not know its own power nor its great value, it moves with the earth and gives to all along the way not knowing it even has a purpose it just ‘is’; water is unaware of itself. God doesn’t kill people, people with Gods kill people. We can most likely agree on this “God is love”, love is the energy that holds the stars in their place, allows singing in the park and the laughter of children. it is the glue that holds all things together and overcomes ALL the adversities that we will ever face so what else do we need but that one verb and to put it into action all around us in every situation? Mom, I always wanted to be Catholic but haven’t taken that step as yet. I love the pomp and ritual of it all. From the time I started driving many years ago I have always attended Christmas eve mass and it never fails to inspire me. Pope Francis is a true man of God and I have the utmost respect for him. Our government’s act of “Manifest Destiny” and those responsible makes me wonder why you are a republican as the party seems to still carry that attitude, that thinking created much suffering for Catholics and people of color, not much Godly about that. P.S. My first Astrology teacher was a Catholic, God rest her soul she was amazing.

          • I only simpathize and find echo with what is good in the Republican Party and what are my own values. The respect for life from it’s conception to natural death, their stance on marriage between one man and one woman (It’s in the party’s general platform), the Second Ammendment of the Constitution, etc. I do agree with you that the party has also bad aspects. I do not find anything in the democrat party that appeals to me, quite the contrary. I believe that the best society is the one where all men submit their wills completely and voluntarily to Our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, but we are not there yet so I try to find the best situation. In the Catholic Church every Holy Father (except for Francis) has condemned communism and taught that is incompatible with the Catholic Faith. Waht you mentioned about the avatar Christ, and the first 33 years of Christ is only speculation, there is no evidence whatsoever about that. On the other hand, the New Testament speak very clearly about it. Cosider the Following: 1) Mt. 2,23 “He went to live in a town called Nazareth and was called the Nazarean”. Because He lived as a humble carpenter hidden in that little town alonside His mom and dad. 2) He is rejected in His own land, and his kin say “Isn’t this one the son of Joseph, the carpenter?” Mt.13,55 and Mc. 6,3-5. He is rejected because those people had seen Him for 33 years daily working in the wood shop and asisting at the local synagogue. Why does He claim to be the Messiah? Luke2,40 says the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him. 2,41 each year the Holy Family wentup to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover and Jesus continue doing that in His adult life, until He was crucified. All of His followers, the Apostles and the First Fathers of the Church (first 600 years) teach He grew up into adulthood in Nazareth, surrounded by His kin, until He was 30 years old and began His mission. I rather believe in only One Allmighty God that in many little god-men, created by men. Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

          • Yes, resurrection and reincarnation are one in the same, except the Christ returned in familiar form for the benefit of those who had eyes to see. We return to the source to relay what we have learned and that information goes into the achashic (sp.)records for the availability to all mankind and then we return are resurrected to gain more experience for which we will be held accountable to share with the all. Do you consider communing with saints to be communing with the dead or the living disembodied?

          • Using “his/her/its” would probably be more accurate as a possessive pronoun when referring to “The Redman” other than that minor correction you are probably 100% correct about him/her/it!

          • Rowland little boy. There are more rich demonrats in Washington than Repub. Look how much Hitlary screws people out of her speaking fees. What fkng moron would pay that much to hear a bunch of BS lies coming from that witches mouth

          • Well now if it isn’t old Redman our resident pink eyed commie hypocrit racist bed wetter, whom finally learned how to spell the word “enema”.

          • I have a very good “clue” about white-folks like U. yall ruined america 4 everyone. long-face-john-boy.hahahahaha

      • Redboy the frog pronce speaks the truth. Hitlary is a bold face liar. Remember we are under sniper fire when in fact a pic of a little girl giving Hitlary flowers after they landed. Must have been some sorry ass snipers. They didnt connect. No go drink your Hitlary koolaid and hang your Hitlary poster above your bed. That way you can dream of the wicked witch of the USA

      • racist because she’s white? HAHAHA. If you are playing the race card, it means that the truth is not with you and you have no arguments. Even democrats don’t like the witch. She is stealing her way to the nomination and Bernie the Looser will not dare do anything about it if he does not want to end up in her body bag list. The witch has a pathetic looser for a husband that the only thing he knows how to do is chase skirts, he is plagued with scandals and rape allegations. The witch has a subpoena and a very possible federal indictement, they are for abortion (which is completely targeted towards the black population because Margaret Sanger the fouder of Planned Parenthood was a true racist and could not tolerate the black folk) sodomy, pornography and every unimaginable vice and corruption. Bill’s friendship with pedophile millioraire will come back to haunt them sooner or later. They are the modern version of Bonnie and Clyde. Is this the people you want to associate yourself with redman? Be careful, crime statistics do not favor black males.

      • What do you mean by that ignorant comment? It seems to have nothing to do with anything. You just use that word because it is the nastiest you can think of, when nothing said here is racist….except for you, for using it.

      • If you would be a nice girl instead of such a William Burke Jr. Madame President might rent you a U-Haul and send luggage(foreign aid) so you can escape.

        • Hillary will never carry Texas in the general election. I’m happy here thank you very much. Believe me, I’m being very very nice to her, taking into account that she is a criminal and carpet bagger and one-woman gestapo to persecute and harass all the women her husband messes with. Besides, she was very rude to her own very small group of disfuctional texas fans.

          • “Hillary will never carry Texas in the general election.”
            Don’t be so sure – she has Soros – maker of all those voting machines in her pocket, and anything can happen! Remember those places where not ONE vote was received by Romney?
            I think we should start now and be very vocal about having a paper trail (along with voter ID) for every single vote. That way, if something is contested, we could go back and count the paper.
            I think this needs to be a major issue! We need to demand and be very vocal about it. This is OUR country! I think obama forgets that!

          • True, that’s what my husband says. Ther are videos on youtube on how the machines change the vote for you despite choosing a candidate, the machine records another one.

          • She won’t not going to happen. Texans are conservative for the most part, and don’t like socialists, or psychopaths.

          • I doubt that Secretary Clinton is counting on Texas, the mindset there is so 19th century and tiny, smaaalllll. I would imagine if you look to the Bush family you will find criminals, gestapos(especially Prescott who funded and supported Hitler). I imagine that the ‘fans’ that you speak of were not noticed or not announced to her,; presidential candidates are moved around the board by handlers who keep things moving and also keep the appointment books. If she knew they were there then that is a different story, she missed a grand opportunity for a photo op and a news story. i.e. “Secreatary of State Hillary Clinton today spent time with 6 Texans at the airport there. Having expected more supporters she took the time to share with those who came to see her. The 6 supporters were elated that they were the only ones in attendance and instead of seeing her they actually got to spend time with the Secretary.” …. I wouldn’t have missed that juicy op, I bet she wouldn’t have either. This article is a classic example of the right wing MO; lie, spin, repeat.

          • HAHAHA, I live in Texas and I love it. Though not perfect, everything is really big here. I find your comment on the 19th century mindset interesting, obviously I don’t share it. Tell me something, what do you think of the concept of Natural Law, as defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a body of law derived from nature and binding on human society? The fact that the sun always comes out from the east and sets on the west, the fact that hurricanes spin always in the same direction, the fact that spring always follows winter and day always follows night, etc. etc. are examples of this.

          • I had a lengthy period when natural law was my personal study … what you send out comes back to you; as a man thinketh so it shall be; the rocks and stones themselves will start to sing!! I believe in, and if at all possible I function under natural law. Life’s hardest struggle is not to struggle. Allow life to happen rather than waste energy manipulating events or people. Everything is in its place happening just as it should I just have to constantly remind myself to keep my hands to myself and allow, allow, allow and so much magic happens when we take our hands off the wheel and go with the natural flow of life. Let go and let God in more common verbiage. That is faith. Mom if we had a world that understood natural law and lived it what a garden this place would be! Yes? What is true is that we are not in control of our lives and we never have been when you get on a bus you relinquish control to the driver(faith), that is natural law and we would be better served to relax like a cat on a summer porch in the face of ALL things. Never try to teach a pig to sing it just frustrates you and annoys the pig. We have messed up the natural order of things and until we turn back toward the natural law, God’s guidance, not the human use of it to control others and events, not to use it to judge one another but to live in the natural flow of the day we are doomed in the quest for peace in our world and in our souls. I’ve never read the dictionary definition thank you for bringing it to my attention it is an interesting idea. Hey mom, did you hear about he lady peanut walking through the park? ……….She was a salted!
            Many blessings!

          • But you eastern and Californica liberals sure are beating a path to Texas for the jobs and to take advantage of our no state income tax. I could go on with more but I won’t waste my time.

          • Me? Headed for Texas? I think not , no job is worth that not that I need a job, I’m not a wage slave. Those liberals who move there are doing so just to turn that desert blue, its a conspiracy Rick so don’t leak this information. Shhhh. Its kind of like when the republican party moved Mike Pence of Texas to Indiana to be our Governor, it was a plot but he is the Governor with big political problems here. I wish he would go back home, funny most Indiana residents don’t even know who he is or how he got here they think he is a native of the state…..some just don’t do the research, because they don’t we wound up with a real sick puppy in Indy.

          • You are so typical of the liberal establishment, by which I mean that your ramblings are so ridiculous that they are laughable. But true to form you are flaunting the liberal creed for all to see and that is “If you can’t baffle them with your wit then dazzle them with your bull-shit !” is so exemplimatic of the party of blue that is represented by candidates that are short on wit but long on bull-shit.

          • David we may not be on the same team but I would like to know, find out, why only 6 people were there, ya know what I mean? If this was a scheduled and advertised appearance as the writer of this article would lead us to believe then Madame Secretary better hang up the spikes round third and head for home! I still have to wonder if it was known by the Clinton team that these 6 folks were there, it would account for her passing them by rather than just being ‘snobbish’. The group was headed to a planned meeting and may not have known, I think that’s fair to think. Dude, who in their right, or left, mind would want a job this badly? It doesn’t pay that much and it is one constant headache, trying as you might to do a good job only to be in the wrong in someone’s mind. I mean look at what President Obama has had to endure, he has been attacked in an orchestrated way by the right since day one. These candidates for president run non stop for almost 2 years they have to be exhausted most of the time, beat up and beat on, someone watching your every move. I can see some candidate just waking up on a plane after trying to get some sleep and walking past press and people in a haze, I do it every morning right here at home!! These people are lead around like dogs on a leash and told in which corner they need to make dooty. I would be asking every few minutes…”where are we again?” Gluttons for punishment, all of them.

          • Don’t let “h m rowland” get your dander up. He/she/it is just a left-wing nut troll who/which should be ignored!

          • Conservative agreed. He she it is just another liberal lunatic troll puppet. Have a blessed day conservative and a safe one

          • It is easy to turn your eyes away from the truth and easier for you to stare straight into the face of the delusion of right wing spin and lies. Sucking on the Cock brothers? They are sucking on you and yours, You are surrounded by right wing games and ploys and those who would make obstruction the norm. A bunch of evil jack assed fascists blinding the ignorant by pushing the buttons they know will stir you, abortion, gays rights, non cimate change, and the bullshit gun in your hand, but that not being their true agenda of war,manipulation, money for war toys and the continuance of Cock coal intrests. 1962, the year before the far right wing coup d e’tat in Dallas, wow you have been a fascist for a very long time.

          • Since when was the communist Lee Harvey Oswald the assassin in a “far right wing coup d e’tat in Dallas” or for that matter what “far right wing” individual came to power because of the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
            If you want me to believe Lyndon B. Johnson was a “far right wing” President you need to examine your sources of information!

          • Well hello! I thought I was to be ignored and you wouldn’t respond. So, welcome. First I have to say I haven’t heard anyone tell that ‘official story’ in so long that I had almost forgotten about it. First we know that Lee Oswald was not a communist, we also know that there is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that LHO had any involvement in the murder of John Kennedy. Lee Oswald was only involved in part ll not part l. Part l- the assassination/coup. Part ll- the coverup of the assassination/coup. No I am not going to tell you that LBJ was far right wing in his social agenda, but in his pocket and in war he was. No one person benefitted from the coup but a group of military men and their hardware salesmen and the CIA, this is common knowledge. Who came to power because of the coup? Well, your boy and Prescott Bush’s lap dog Dick Nixon who the CIA unseated with the Watergate, then came Gerald Ford who sat on the Warren commission, George Bush who was a part of the coup according to FBI letters from Hoover, and the CIA put their Chief, GHW Bush in the White House with Reagan where he watched over the Iran Contra deal and involved in cocaine distribution in the country. Then came Dubya who was there as a front for the two villains who watched over him, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Dubya just discovered when Jeb backed out that when you don’t get the votes then you can’t be president. Any questions? Do you realize that the republican party has not won the white house since 1928 without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket? Hmmmm. Trust me 62 I have been examining my sources since I was 12, that was in 1969.

          • Your bias is evident!
            We do not “know that Lee Oswald was not a communist”! While it has not been proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was a communist the probability is that he was. For a comparison, O.J. Simpson probably murdered his wife but it was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
            Most of your “facts” are rehashed “conspiracy theories” that have been around since the mid 1960s but have never risen to the level of probability, much less being proved.
            Do you realize that the Democrat Party has not won the White House since 1892 without someone on the ticket who called for the Federal Government to be some form of instrument to take what has been earned by some to give to those who have not earned.
            As for trusting you, I’ve been around long enough to have been swindled before you were old enough to talk! A few of my High School classmates have sons & daughters your age!

          • What we know is that Oswald was CIA and FBI with connections to Naval intelligence. There is no evidence against Lee Oswald, it is impossible to disprove hits innocence. If you have some evidence I can direct you to a gentleman who give you one hundred thousand dollars for it.
            Regarding your comments concerning helping your fellow man all I can say is it is an act of strong character and compassion.

          • Re: Your first paragraph, Prove it!
            Re: Your second paragraph, I made no comment concerning “helping your fellow man” only about ripping people off to support alleged “Government Welfare Programs” that foster dependence on the program instead of helping people to become self-sufficient!
            When you can show me that you, like me, contribute at least $1,000 more to private charity than you pay in taxes then & only then will I listen to a lecture from you about “character & compassion”!

          • you should know. Hillary’s had her eyes turned away from the truth her entire adult life. She is a political whore who allowed her “husband” to shame her and the office he held for her own political gain. Shame on you for being so naïve and unwise. SHAME,SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hm rowland Ill bet you dont have enough balls to go to Texas and talk crap about that state to locals. Texas is a great state. They have real Americans not the panty wearing little liberal pukes in blue states. Why dont you go to Texas and talk smack. See how long you last.

        • Oh we know all about that state of red balls and necks. I’ve been there several times to see where the men of Texas assisted in the overthrow of our government in 1963 with that big Texas attitude and ego and now you bitch about the condition of the country which has passed you by mentally and in ways of understanding and compassion. I talked smack when I was there and those boys just shuffled their cute boots and looked at the ground. Texas is the reason that truth and important issues never make it into the nations text books as Texas buys the preponderance of these items, y’all must use ’em to prop up the trailer because it is quite evident that you don’t read them. Perhaps they end up in the out house, I don’t know. Texas, the land of big oil and selfishness toward the earth and its people, we have fought wars to fund these guys, we are in conflicts thorough out the world for the sake of the oily pockets of billionaires who terrorized the peoples to take the land to steal the oil, to propel war, to insure population control and destroy the earth. Ahhhh, Texas the land of small minds and tiny little eenie weenie infinitesimal weenies. I just love the way your hat matches those cute boots and that gingham shirt and matching saddle bag OMG! is that a Dior? And honey the way you have that accessorized with that ooooo great big belt buckle just above those socks in your Walmart jeans is very nice, and a black paten leather holster and gun which shows us that you are afraid of everything around you.( You know my friend a good psychologist could help you overcome the fear and give you freedom.) If memory serves me right I saw your drag show at the Carousel in Dallas one night loved that little Tammy number you lip-synched, “Stand By Your Man”….a classic!

          • Hey rowland I dont live Texas but live in the south and would not want to live anywhere else. You sound like a liberal panty wearer. You jackasses talk about the south but where do you asses retire too. The south is getting over run with snowbirds and oanty wearing liberal duchebags trying to push their screwed up liberal way of thinking. I take it you’re an amti gun conmie by your comment about people exercising their 2nd amendment rights. The lip synching you saw was your girlfriend rrying to earn a dollar. Dont like the south then feel free to stay the hell out. If you love thise cute boots you sound like you have a little sugar in your tank. Have a nice day rowland.

          • The only sugar in my tank is for you and you alone snuffum baby.Naziatti is as far south as I go and that’s just for Red’s games, don’t worry yourself . First spring training game is March 1 !!! Get the radio dusted off its baseball sesason!!! Baseball every day till a week into November …ahhhh I can’t wait, there is only two season you know…winter and baseball.

          • Yep thats what your boyfriend said you were a sweetie. Typical from yankees. By the way freaky I cant stand baseball and we have all 4 seasons here in the south. The best time of the year is deer season and football. We have get snow about as much as you people get National Championships in football. I dont think you could handle living in the south. People are more friendly than the northern asses. The women are by far the most beautiful in the country and they are not fake and plastic like a lot of states. We believe in the constitution and a person’s right to protect family and friends unlike a lot of those commie states and cities that have the toughest gun laws but also have the highest crime rate in the country. Gave a nice day loonie liberal clown

          • I should have known you would respond with fuuutbaaallll. 16 pussy little games a year, wow. Boring, yawn. The stuperbowl only has one significance…it means that there is only 7 days till spring training begins and spring is coming and its a new day. Baseball is the march of American history down through the ages never failing always there marking the passing of time. Newt Gingrich once said, “baseball is what we were and football is what we have become.”, continuing to explain that we have devolved from gentlemen to barbarians. Beginning in 6 days spring games will start and I will be by the radio, enduring the psycho babble on the Naziatti AM radio station WLW 7OO, run by Bozo BIll Cunningham the biggest propagandist in the surrounding Nazi area, from 3 in the afternoon until midnight or after listening to Reds talk, pre game, game, post game. Ahhh sitting on my porch sipping a cold drink and chatting with the passers by with my score card in hand. There is nothing so joyous, from March – November life is sweet….then winter comes and I watch out the window, waiting for the boys of summer and life to be refreshed. Its just a beautiful game. Here I am surrounded with 4 AAA, 1 class A baseball teams 4 MLB teams within driving distance and a mile away is a Prospect League team, its a way of life, a soap opera for men day in and day out, its history passed from father to son over and over again, well, by good fathers anyway. Much more fun and humane than shooting unarmed deer, I love to drive by those spots in the country where I can see the trucks and tracks of hunters and lay on my truck’s power horn that I purchased for just such situations. I get a kick out of that!!….and so do the boys. But by all means, enjoy and be uplifted by your football…have a sweet tea on me !! Peace.

          • Sorry rowey dont drink sweet tea and all I watch is college sports. Dont care about pro. Just a bunch of over paid thugs. Baseball is ok. Used to play it just not enough excitement. To each his own. Careful about blasting your horn. Some of those hunters will shoot at you

          • I understand snuffum, sounds like you are conscientious about how you react with nature. I admire the fact that you eat in a very natural way. I have been a vegetarian for around 25 years, mostly because I don’t trust the food supply particularly meat. I have seen guys in this area, Indiana Ohio border, shoot a buck take the antlers as you say and leave the rest behind, sick and sad, they give guys like you a bad name. My dad used to take me hunting when I was a kid, or try, but it didn’t work out like he planned, I couldn’t, wouldn’t shoot at an animal and it drove a wedge between us for a long time, it just wasn’t in me. I still see meat and wonder what that animals children are doing without them. I love the eyes of the cow and as I told my dad, “that rabbit didn’t do anything to me”, and a deer is so gentle and trusting, It was/ is just what is within me but I don’t judge others about an issue as old as the Bible itself. I have seen my horn as some protection for a few helpless deer. LOL, you maybe right, I have never been shot at but now that you mention it……

          • Yep keep your head down and hunters that take just the antlers and leave the meat are not hunters in my book. Im like you dont trust grocery stores on meat anymore. My wife kids grandkids love deer meat. If we didnt eat it I probably would not hunt. I only hunt what I plan on eating. Dont eat rabbit squirrel so I dont hunt them. I do a lot of target shooting. Something about being able to hit a target at 600 yds plus is gun. A lot of guys are just trophy hunters. I have one on the wall that I got with my bow in 06. Its not cheap having a mount done. Average is 500 bucks now. 500 bucks goes a long way toward something else. I was tooting for the cubs last year since its been forever for them

          • Forgot to tell ya about a T-shirt that I have, it reads….”Its ok if you don’t like Baseball its really kind of a smart persons game” by Café press. Not trying to be an ass just think its funny. I would say it is a ‘thinking’ persons game but I didn’t make the shirt.

          • To each his own sorry but no excitement in baseball. Ive been to a pro game cubs and pirates. Wasnt much to it.

          • I prefer pro games on TV rather than live. I can’t handle all the confusion from the people around me who don’t know what they are watching. Most of the action in baseball is in the mind, its not just a raw experience for the eye. Statistics and probabilities that accompany each and every pitch and that just doesn’t fit everyone in our fast food world. I know, yet don’t understand, how anyone can miss even one pitch of one game, I would never get caught up if I didn’t check every box score, everyday, statistics for every team and every player changing every day for the haul. Baseball is a way of life not just a game you watch one day a week and go on with other things. You can’t do that with baseball it follows behind you like a cat. Mostly I suppose I was attracted to it by the history and then as a sport. To really be a part of a game today you need to know what came before; 1869, 1919,1939,2OO3 what the players did in those years and their stats by which you measure the guy at the plate right now. Its too much for most modern people, there just is an inability to concentrate and focus for long periods of time, everyone wants every thing fast or faster; dedication to anything is for many is not possible ,they allow distractions. I’ll relax on my porch and enjoy those moments of non action between pitches filled with anticipation of the next offering and where in the strike zone will it be, what pitch, who’s the batter, how does he normally do against same pitcher, where does he hit what pitch, what’s the count, who’s on base and how fast are they…silent moments in the action but crazy measuring happening in the mind. No sweet tea? and you are in the south? Well whatever you like snuffum, have one on me! peace.

          • Rowland I used to drink it but stopped. Now its unsweet or half n half. Stop drinking soft drinks too and alcohol dont smoke eithet

  4. ONLY 5 TYPES of people would vote for Hillary Clinton:

  5. Just think she THINKS she is above the regular people and she is SO right!! You see the regular people have CLASS which is something she does NOT have. These people who back her need to wake up and realize she is nothing but the scum of the earth. People think Obama is bad but what they do not realize is she is 100 times worse. That goes for the people as well as the country for she cares ONLY for herself and her female lovers. What I do not understand why people still want to vote for her as she has NOTHING to offer that is any good. Do these people read what she is doing and has done and she does NOT care for she thinks she is another one who is ABOVE the LAW?? Have they not learned anything from Obummer?? What drugs are these people taking to thnk she is worth ANYTHING??

      • Obummer is her guarding angle because if he doesn’t then she will bring him in too. If she wasn’t gay I bet they would make a great couple 🙂

    • As a female and an Independent, I cannot figure out how other females could even think of voting for her! She pays less to her female staff than the male staffers. She berated and really and truly tried to do terrible things to the females Bill seduced/raped and blamed them! She has no class, no accomplishments beyond stealing from us and taking bribes from everywhere, can get a cogent talk and then only is well overpaid and she asked for it, no one offers. Often wonder where colleges get that kind of money rather than getting good patriotic Americans to teach, and decent educating courses for the students? In other word, she is evil incarnate and nothing of value as a human being.

  6. She’s a classless, corrupt, useless, worthless liar. It should bother us ALL that she has the support base that she does. It shows how deluded and reckless people are about who they would have as leader of the once free world. I hope that the GOP nominee pummels her over the head with every one of her lies and scandals. Furthermore, I hope they indict her for her lawlessness.

  7. Let’s just hope and pray that she will be indicted by the FBI, because the ignorant, uneducated, low-information liberal Democrats will vote this lying bitch into office. Problem is, those idiots will vote for anyone representing the Democrat Party. They don’t realize that the new Democrat Progressives are Marxist-Socialists determined to turn our once beautiful country into a Third-World Islamic cesspool.

  8. she’ll shrug them and all off and go on to the nomination and people will still vote for this Fricken lier because she is a woman

  9. this is the federal law Title 18, Section 2071 so how and why is she still running she should be in jail.

    (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

  10. Even if no one but just a mere handful voted for her, the way that the DNC has the delegates vote rigged, she’ll still get a huge chunk towards the nomination anyway!

      • Haha!
        Well, it’s like Clint Eastwood said, “….they blew through just about $700 million to create a healthcare website to cover 330 million people when all they had to do is give each person about $2 million or so to cover themselves with…”!
        The elevator just doesn’t make the penthouse where these “brainstormers” are concerned!

  11. Yet, her sycophants will vote for her in spite of all the negatives she carries around with her. She has no soul and hence no compassion but greed, lying, bribing or taking bribes, cheating, hoard big bucks and charging big bucks for a 30 min. talk when she has nothing to say that is worthwhile. Her voice is terrible, and having Bill and Chelsea have done her damage but a cover-up to her fainting, confusion, and brain not functioning well. She is a communist since her 20’s so people are merely objects to rule! She has had a mild stroke (I will never believe it was a concussion and why is she on coumadin?) and we can only hope for a change in her suffering another but serious stroke before being nominated candidate. Sanders is in the same mold but dumber because he has been an independent, socialist and communist so whatever the wind blows, AND he never had a job until age 40 so he likes freebies but lacks the math to see how to pay for them and college, and, and, and, AND he wants 90% of any wage you get leaving you with 10% to survive (I don’t say live because in today’s world nobody can LIVE on 10%). The DNC has nothing better and we need a man, Trump, to take control of the WH and negotiate with Congress and the world and get OUR America back along with our Constitutional laws and rights.

  12. It’s a fact that the more we know about this witch, it seems the more her supporters will praise her and ignore her disdain for anyone and everyone that doesn’t worship at her feet. Do we want 4 or (God forbid) 8 more years of the continuation of the O’Bumbo legacy?

    • Actually because those voters have decided they are willing to renounce their rights and responsibilities for her One World Order slavery to the state agenda. And still believe that mankind can make on the earth an utopia even after the major dictatorial players in such a promise have failed in the modern era after less than 80 years on earth, or begun to use the capitalistic form of business to suck off as they have to do to exist even for a short period.

  13. Google – Larry Nichols and the Clinton’s. Google the Clinton Chronicles 2015. Things you did not know about how widespread the corruption is.

  14. nothing unusual for all that has known since the 1970’s water gate crimes that she is a troll of deceitful actions to line her pockets and ego of greedy whims & ways of a dictator … !

  15. For the life of me I cannot see any reason why anyone would vote for this CRIMINAL (Hillary Clinton). Google “The Clinton Body Bag” and or “The Clinton Chronicles” and you will see why she should be in the Big House NOT the White House. There are 100 good reasons why she should be in prison.

  16. Hillary Dillary Dike thinks she is a queen and everyone else her slaves, anyone who would vote for her would have voted for Stalin, Mao or Hitler and they get what they deserve, eat cake.

  17. Hillary should be in prison and NEVER allowed to run with Benghazi, her emails and server questions and the apparent intelligence compromises coming to light because of them. She is and always has been by performance RECORD: a total incompetent and an aristocrat. She cried poor mouth about the Clinton Foundation and her “BROKE,” campaign! Where then did $150 million in assets come from? Where is the answer to THAT valid questioning concerning her financing, WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS? No one with half a brain and an IQ of over 100 should believe ANYTHING this witch speaks! I agree 100% with The_Frog_Prince; and I am from sickeningly liberal lunatic MASSACHUSETTS!

  18. you people in texas, that are for Hillary, maybe you better rethink who the best candidate would be because, Hillary thinks you are dog poop under her shoe. wake up you fools!

  19. She is just a C U N T, and would cut out anyones heart that gets in her way. She has never been without grew up in Park Ridge a very rich suburb outside Chicago. Ive read things she has said to the people that are protecting her and makes me sick. She once said to a secret service agent if you want to keep your job you better get your fucking ass over here and pickup my bags!!! He is suppose to keep both hands free to protect her, she is not a nice person.

  20. SO DID ANYONE interview these six ‘snubbed’ Hillary supporters to see if they have awoken from their deep ‘trance’ and have come to their senses that this evil woman cares nothing for them?!!!

  21. If her “supporters” haven’t yet figured out just what a shrewish hag this lying stool sample actually is, they deserve the derision she shovels onto them. Unfortunately, dumb as they are, they still get to vote. They are the epitome of the people of which P.T.Barnum made his fortune.

  22. Every little bit helps the slide into oblivion for the candidacy of one wretched person, let alone a woman whose is given a great chance to show quality of character to others following in her footsteps. In that endeavor she is failing miserably and whose untrustworthy qualities disqualify her as a proper role model.

  23. As I see it, if she is elected it will be by the same people that voted for the present POTUS. That will mean several more years of the same down hill slide.

  24. Astounding how the Democrats elected to the presidency continue to decline in their efficacy, integrity, substance, and character — a long, downhill slide from Jimmy Carter to the fragile, insecure Empty Suit. Now voters want to elect someone by virtue of her plumbing? If that happens, this country and several others (Taiwan, Israel, Kuwait, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia) will cease to exist.

  25. The Lying Bitch of Benghazi is confused and mentally challenged. She truly thinks she is Royalty however she and billy boy the debaucher are just rich low life scum.

  26. Sorry to say democrats don’t care how their candidates act as long as they can win, so no this action will not bother anyone especially Hillary.

  27. This bitch should not even step foot in our state nor any of her supporters. She is a liar and so proud of herself and thinks she is above the law. She knows she has the protection of Obama and all the liberals because she is their only chance to survive. I absolutley despise the Clinton name. It stands for crook, liar, murderer and huge ego. It absolutely annoys me that any Texas would even think about supporting her. SHe has called us the terorists. She will have a special place in hell along with Obama and his other followers. Hope I get a just a little glimpse of her falling into the pit of fire!

  28. Remember women vote with their female genitals and want a woman, no matter how bad her credentials are showing her corruptness, dirty laundry, skimming off the top of the tx (fee) on airline tickets to fund the Clinton Health Institute alleged campaign against HIV. Thar is a scandal in itself. We women are so fanatic about a woman president she knows we will all vote for her. Number one reason she is not the kind of woman I would want in the White House representing the United States. Ir would remain the Rainbow house. Her shoddy character and lack of guilt certainly doesn’t represent a woman of quality, but plain trash. Her mouth spews out trash all the time. Plus, if any one is following her health issues, she could drop dead any minute and according to her physician her brain was injured when she hit her head and had a concussion. Is Chelsea going to be her vice president?

  29. That what they get for supporting her Period what do you think she would do for them if elected and she will fight for them like she fought for those in Bengazi Whaaaaaaaaaaaat

  30. This article is just more right wing flatulism. Trump fights with the Pope and Cruz has advisor preachers on his team that want to kill gay people, Jeb admits that he is supported by the military industrial complex and Boobio has a Cock brother in his mouth and all this writer can come up with is Hillary missed 6 cowboys in Texas? Wow, I should get a job here in article development

  31. Hello fellow American’s! This is the tip of the iceberg.


    Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House. [type into your browser]

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal. [type into your browser]

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secratary of State? [type into your browser]

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list. [type into your browser]

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people. [type into your browser]

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father? [type into your browser]

    7. The Benghazi shuffle. [type into your browser]

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debait. [type into your browser]

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. [type into your browser]

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 illegals and muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christans can’t do it, you do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.

  32. It won’t matter one bit. Dem’s just want to win and if they think she has the best chance it won’t matter if she is a felon or not.

  33. .My god, will you people stop responding to Red Man, I don’t know if he is white, black, red, or shit colored, but I do know he is just baiting you guys and laughing his butt off. Just ignore the bastard like he doesn’ exist.

  34. It’s so sad how insulated she is. If there was actually a shred of decency left in the Goverbment System, she would be indicted. However, She is a Clinton and surrounded with too much control and money in the right places…

  35. It’s all about the MONEY with her.. $2700 to have a picture taken with her. She’d sell her grandchild for money. She hates big business that are so called big money, unless it’s HER BIG BUSINESS GRABING MONEY.

  36. Beaumont has 100,000+ population and is around an hour and a half from Houston, the land of Al Green and Sheila Jackson (Lee?) . . . front-runners in the race to oblivion.

    • Shelia Jackson Lee, stellar public servant but the only jewel of Texas is gone….Gov. Ann Richards. How I miss her golden voice and superior humanitarianism. I think Madame President got out of the plane and realized, “hell no one here can understand the words”, and got back in the plane.

  37. The witch did not want any photographs of her with such a small crowd, it would be bad for her image.
    Just like the MSM did not show an entire football stadium full of people at a Trump rally, just near close-ups!

  38. Hillary had not lied once! And I stand by that statement.
    But I do understand why she is not welcome in Texas.
    It is because she has lied MANY, MANY times!


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