Every Conservative Needs to Read What Tim Allen Just Said about Trump and the Clintons

A conservative-leaning celebrity has made a great analogy of what Bill and Hillary Clinton are to the American political system. Actor and comedian Tim Allen blasted Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in a recent and extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss his new sitcom, Last Man Standing.

“When you watch the debates, on both sides you see clowns who say sh*t that ain’t ever gonna happen, but lately one party is the free sh*t party. When you say you’re going to get free education, free health care, free brown loafers – of course everybody’s going to say yes to that.

“But you don’t mean it. That’s how you rack up debt, and debt is killing us. Whatever party is going to get us out of debt is my party. Bernie Sanders, a nice a guy as he is, none of that sh*t is going to happen.”

Allen goes on to criticize – and praise – front-runner Donald Trump:

“… (Trump) can’t send everybody to Mexico or whatever the f–k he said. But give that guy the roads, bridges, infrastructure, power grid – just have him fix that sh*t for four years. He’s good at that.

“And he’s a businessman so he understands how debt load words. Forget the stupid sh*t he says about immigrants. That’s just ignorant. But he might be able to do the stuff that really needs fixing.”

When asked why the writers at Last Man Standing have skewered Hillary and not Trump, Allen compared the Clintons to a venereal disease:

“We have a very liberal writing staff, so I’m surprised they haven’t taken a shot at [Trump]. But we’re not sure he’s going to last, whereas the Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they’re gone, they show up again.” 

That’s the best – and most accurate – description we’ve heard of the Clintons in a long time. Bill and Hillary’s lust and pursuit of power continues to drive them, even after a majority of Americans appear to not want them in office anymore.

Do you agree with Tim Allen’s takes on the Clintons and Trump?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


    • Jerry, it’s pretty simple, really, using the Bernie Theorem: We take high taxes from the rich, so they can be passed on to the poor, with just a little to pay the government employees who do the work. Then, since the formerly poor are no longer poor, actually they’re rich, and the formerly rich are now poor, we take from the now rich, and give to the now poor -with a little deduction for the government people who do the work of it. After this program has gone on for a while, everybody is the same—-POOR! (except for the government workers, who now have all the money. They now being rich, they get to stay that way., because they can’t be fired, or laid off.) Simple, no?

    • I guess if you go to a mechanic that has a great track record and is referred by many customers, and he knows he is a great mechanic and that he can fix your car right the first time and he is boisterous, and says that you should let him fix your car and, since he has been so successful in his craft that he will show you he can fix your car and that he will do it for free, all you have to do is let him, I guess you will call him a narcissist and pay a different 2nd rate mechanic fix your car, just because the excellent mechanic is, according to you, a loud mouth bully.

      • mcgyver35, that’s a pretty good analogy. I’ll only add that there are many Trump haters out there that don’t understand the difference between being confident, loving our country and speaking out for what we all think versus narcissism. You can’t compare Trump to Obozo because Obozo hates America and has been trying to destroy us for 7+ years now, as proven by his actions, not his words!

        • His words (OBOZO) is that our world is just peachy! NOT ONE thing in his SOTU was truth! OH WAIT..him going on a world tour was right! (who does he think he is a rock star or something?) We foot the bill and he just keeps on asking for more and Congress bows down to him every time! This is plain crazy! WHEN are they going to give Hillary her new home? I just KNOW orange is her favorite color! The bars on the windows is for her protection too LOL

      • Perhaps for Obama..THAT I GO FOR! oh and also dangerous for Hillary too! We need a strong leader! someone people will KNOW he means business! (the dangerous part would be to not be a puppet and do as for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and actually balance our country’s finances too! I want that and to make America Great Again for my future grandkids and kids!

    • They differ somewhat in ideology, but both are populists. They buy votes by telling their followers what they want to hear – followers whose ideology, though different, blinds them to reason. As Trump said about murdering someone without losing votes… It’s more religion than reason, like AGW. Their God, be it Obama or Trump, could flood the planet and kill everyone, they’d still worship him.

  1. Sure Trump gets things done – with just as much disregard for the Bill of Rights as any other two-faced progressive. People… how do you have such dismissal of Trump’s shady past and alliances to the left when it suited his egomaniacal crony plutocratic bent?

  2. Thank you very much, Tim Allen, for your very clear and concise assessment of our political climate. The truth is that there is one candidate who very genuinely and passionately promises something he can and will deliver, if elected. Dr. Ben Carson has a brilliant history of working with very complicated problems with huge and very high-esteemed team members worldwide, in medicine yes, but in other arenas as well. He is a a brilliant leader, a sincere team member, and understand that the only way to beat these many problems that our country faces today is to work together as a team and incorporate all the most valuable contributions made(Dem, Repub, or otherwise) and ‘beat the real enemy—THE PROBLEMS’. Thank You!

    • Another blind and uninformed Carsonbot! Carson is an idiot. He’s riding the “white guilt train” to be POTUS. He has already established that he doesn’t believe in the second amendment, and believes in forced immunizations. Where was your “great” Carson when Ovomit was running for his first term? Where was Carson when Ovomit was running for his second term? Carson only became outspoken when Ovomitcare was going to affect his medical profession! For all we known he voted for Ovomit both times just like Powell did! Additionally, he stood behind the thug, Trayvon Martin, a KNOWN criminal, and at Zimmerman’s acquittal, stated “he should have been convicted of something…”. Carson is no leader, he’s another closet nigger telling you what you want to hear so he can get elected.

  3. I think Tim got it right on both sides. Clintons are like cancer. Let’s get it (them) to go away. I am behind Trump 100% but he could clean up the language a bit.

    • She has no intention of going away. Bernie may have a lot of young people and some others too but Hildebeast had the delagates before the game began. The only surprise here is she never contemplated Bernie doing some serious butt kicking out on the road. I am too old to become a socialist or a communist.. Go Mr. Trump.

      • Hillary will win it all..she already talked to her super shooters! Got Scalia out of the way and a few others before him! she is worse than a black widow..HEY Billy watch out now! LOL

  4. Donald Juvenile Trump has enough baggage from a lifetime of Democrat
    ideology that it would take a Boeing 757 to lug it around. At 69 plus
    years of age Donald has yet to even vote in a Republican Primary
    Election. In a telling quote from the 2004 Daily News Donald says, “All
    of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or
    unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” In his much hyped book Donald
    brags of habitual adultery. This election cycle may be remembered as the
    year of the scam. Ted Cruz on the other hand has the character and
    resolve to be a great president!

      • the last almost 8 years was not a white man for president..well he was part white but he denounced being that! He doesn’t deal with laws or rules so why would he deal with reality?

        • U R A tramp from the word go. U white-folks-(98%)- R so vague and shallow. white-folks had stole America in 2 ruins long B 4 Obama. inbreed-mills. the u.s. will keep falling because white-folks love 2 rape their own children, and live in denial of their evil black hearts.

          • That’s funny. I heard it’s the blacks that rape their kids. Lots of incest in black families. Not all but a lot. Ive’ talked to young black girls and boys that were sexually abused in their own homes. Mostly by boyfriends of the mother.

          • U R somewhat an idiot, huh. she/he-ron. a “boyfriend” isn’t a father, like yo white-folk pappy who raped U and the dogs in the “green” hut dat yall lived in.

      • No actually Black folks that have no desire to be intelligent or rise abvove the rest have ruined it by causing everybody to be brought down to their level in the gutter…….comon lets here it whats your ignorant public school lack of intelligence going to come up with that is totally irrelevant and or stupid.

  5. Yes, that IS the most accurate and concise description of the Clintons I’ve ever heard! Somebody once said that the basis of humor is truth. I’d say they (whoever they were ) are right.

  6. The “Donald” started out in a mode that fit Teddy Roosevelt’s assessment of a good politician. He said: “The best politician is the one who says what the people are thinking, and he says it out loud.” Trump did that. Over time, however, he devolved to the childish rhetoric of the schoolyard and has yet to propose what he would actually do to fix/change the problems we face with the overreaching government, etc. I’ve become very suspicious of him because of that. Ted Cruz is now my choice. I would vote for a sock puppet, however, over any Democrat the tyrants in our midst could put up. Bernie is a Communist fool and Hiltery is a screeching harpy tyrannical bitch who has no idea what the office of the President actually stands for. She just wants to live in the White House again and steal more silverware. As far as the people of this country are concerned her philosophy is “let them eat cake”. On top of that she, and Bernie are both anti Constitution. I only trust Cruz at this point as I view the rest as tyrants in training.

    • You may be correct, but I think differently. I think Trump,is a visionary, being able to form an opinion and abiding by it. For instance, his analysis of the situation in the middle was/is correct. Now the USA HAS ITS BACK TO THe wall. Russia now has a naval base, an airfield, and a supplied Army on the Mediteranian coast. We are trying to kill ISIS which are helping Putin. Our expert war trained candidates, with the true rank or of a politician, state that they would start a war over this. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we sold F- 16 fighters to Packistan who now uses them to shell the Kurds, who the political candidates want to arm. To further my argument, we now have been scrambling Canadian and Air Force jets to counter Russian Air Manuevers on the Canadian & Alaskan borders. Then comes the latest. Justice Scaliea was murdered by Clintons and Obama. We need a good leader at this time of our history more than ever.

    • Why won’t Cruz show that paper stating he is an American then? He was a Canadian up until 2014! He is supposed to be an American for at least 14 years and still he isn’t a Natural Born American! His mother was Canadian once she married his father! She voted as a Canadian so how can A Natural Born American be born in Canada and yet be an American (still no papers to prove it) for only 2 years be Natural Born American? I KNOW HIS MOTHER was born in America but she became a Canadian and can only vote Canadian if you are Canadian! For Presidency you cannot be of two countries. He would not be loyal to America then!

  7. Yes I think Tim Allen has hit that just right. Clinton’s are so much scum they are not worth the time of day. we have the communist ISIS loving FBI being paid off by them now. She killed people for power and she is walking the streets running for President. The entire federal government is ISIS and they have no Idea that the ISIS they are supporting can not hardly wait to cut their heads off in the public square for they have nothing to do with back stabers of their own

  8. Absolutely agree with his views about the Clintons. But he is wrong on his views about Donald Trump. Mr. Trump knows a lot more than he is being given credit for. He isn’t just blowing smoke like Bernie Sanders and promising free stuff. He is a more Honest candidate than any of the others and yes, we can get rid of a lot of these illegal immigrants. America should have done that years ago. Too much money has been wasted on giving away Americas wealth and welfare to illegals and to our enemies. Mr. Trump is the only one with the balls to say it and mean it .

      • Hey, fake-fay. answer dis 4 me.–Y do so many white-folks love 2 rape their own Lil snake-mouth children, and den call em kids, and den give em guns 2 go out and shoot up schools. huh

  9. I’m on board with herpes description of the Clintons. Glad I wasn’t drinking coffee because I’d have choked on it laughing.

  10. I have never been a big Tim Allen fan, but he is right on the money with this one. Best description ever. It will be hard for someone to top this one.

  11. So TOOL time Tim knows who won’t be a GOP nominee. If he’s so insightful, who’s his pick in the GOP?

    Nice try TEA Partite Troglodytes…

    NO GOP nominee can beat either Bernie or Hillary , but you can spend all the time you’d like in fantasy land along with the somewhat RACIST and profane TV superstar Tim Allen.,

    Limbaugh, Glen Beck , Hannity and the once GREAT Gov Scott Walker of WI are all not college educated MORONS.

    Did you know that? Add Timmie , the LAP dog boy to that list…. IDIOTS . . . . .

  12. Tim is at heart a comedian. He is in it for the laughs and he is getting lots of them at the Clinton’s expense. He is also a conservative with values commensurate. Put the two together and you have one great personality who handles his level of humor with great fences. Keep up the good work Tim!

  13. i agree with tim allen clintons and bushes both are a disease we cant get rid of trump might not do all he says but atleast he will try peoplr are sick of being screwed over by people like clintons and bushes we need someone in the white house that will give us a fighting chance to survive in this cruel world

    • The deal is that they probably wont go back to mehico. If they are considered criminals in their home country and escaped to America to keep from going to prison there they started almost fresh here except for that illegal invader part. You can count on them to do other illegal acts here so no job is needed.

  14. AAAAHHHHhhh Thanks Tim. Sending the illegals home is not imposable. If you make the penalties great enough if caught, then most will leave on their own.

  15. Tim Allen hit it right on the money. Trump is a belligerent, vindictive bully who throws temper tantrums like a petulant child, and he flies into a vengeful rage at the drop of a hat. Anyone with attributes such as that simply cannot be trusted with Nuclear Football. And Hillary? Everyone of us would already be in jail for her shenanigans with a private server in her bathroom that much higher than Top Secret info passed through. Not to mention the Influence Pedaling she did that proffered her and Bill and Chelsie a few hundred million dollars in the “Clinton Crime Foundation”! Hillary is just another crooked lawyer in politics with friends in high places. Then Bernie the clown,” I will give you Free S—, and loads of it”, for anything you want ! And people wonder why most of us have such a low opinion of the world of politics….

  16. That’s right tool man we need more power with Trump, dam right !!!!! More power and it will take a business man to help put us on our feet once more to become a great nation once again oh yes!!the Clinton’s are unmentionables to be discarded or lock up !!!

  17. Memory is too short for most people. Clinton sent 11 million illegals home, Bush, 10 million, so I believe everything that Trump says and believe that he can do it, now with the crappy establishment that he is going to have to fight to get it done is another matter and as far as Clintons being like herpes??? I love it! Perfect!

  18. Tim is truly the last man standing in my opinion. He said it the way it really is. How the people do not see it is beyond me. The Clintons are a scab on our society that needs to be scraped off.

  19. I have a feeling that this site is being played by the postings of Redman. One would have to work very hard to come off sounding as ignorant as he dose. It has been suggested that he is a cancer of sort and in that I would have to agree. His intent is to agitate and ferment a hostility against a race of people which I doubt he is even a part of. That is indeed the act of a cancerous and deceptive mind which is seeking to mislead and cause nothing but trouble.

  20. I agree. Tim is pretty much on target all the way around. I don’t care so much for borders — I think it’s only political rhetoric to get people built up emotionally and that’s OK. I get Trump. What I do think he should push though, and would be a much better solution than a wall, is replacing our failed, outmoded, broken, unfair, unfixable communistic income/IRS tax system with the much better FAIRtax. And I would call for a repeal of the 16th Amendment along with it. That way I don’t care who sneaks across the border — they will end up paying for our Social Security system when they spend their money over here; and we can deploy all the former IRS agents along to border to apprehend the illegals who actually commit crimes — there’s no group I know of who strikes more terror in the hearts of a population than IRS agents. I just wish Trump would get educated about the merits and benefits of the FAIRtax. It’s absolutely the best thing he could do to get the economy moving and solve half our financial and social problems. The Cinton’s? Tim is right again — they are like a disease that keeps going around. In fact, that pretty much describes socialism, too. Only way to kill it is to beef up inoculation of each generation with a good dose of free-enterprise education and training in how to think and be responsible self-reliant citizens who resist the idea that government has any of the answers they seek.

  21. With the GOP on immigration, the only real solution is amnesty with a path to citizenship and all that they are ever talking about are the 50% or less that came from the South, and not the majority who came from other places. With the refugees, not to accepts a fair share of them would violate our NATO obligations which are a good deal more than stationing troops and supplies in Europe, and they seem to forget that both Manning and Snowden had security clearances so the vetting that The Donald wants will not work. Never quite understood that anyway – how do you investigate people from an area which has no government?
    The GOP debates are just public mud fights, which none of them can ever win, so they are playing the other reality show of ‘The Biggest Looser’. With both Hillary and Bernie – what has happened is that over the past 6 years the GOP has been just raising the same old issues to hurt Hillary’s chances, which they have done, and now they will probably get Bernie, who seems to have the greatest appeal to both young people and the elderly – who make up a very large percent of the electorate, while none of the GOP candidates have even mentioned the issues that these 2 groups consider important. With us old people, we have first hand knowledge of what will happen if there are any reductions in SS, and also know that just to stay in our homes, which is the cheapest way to age, we will need more money and services, not less. When was the last GOP Rep around to clean your gutters or shovel your sidewalk?
    What could people with too much student debt do with the money that the are paying it down with? How about starting families, buying houses, etc – not on the GOP list of talking points. Meeting these goals will mean an overthrow of the current Congress and probably the nuclear option when the next Senate starts to get rid of the fillibuster and the right of any Senator to block any presidential nominee without giving a reason – right now there are over 1,000 nominees for judgeships to the lower courts which will never be heard by this Senate, and who in the hell wants a solid Conservative Judiciary – no one when it comes down to it except the minority conservatives. Woody Harelson’s dad took a Reagan appointee off the bench over 20 years ago, so will we have a judiciary by assination?
    On the VD part, Herpes does go active and then return to not being apparant, but they are working on the cure, but there is no cure in sight for the dementia that seems to be prevalent in the GOP. Spent a month a few years ago in a nursing home for rehab after a minor stroke, and saw those with dementia in various forms, who did not know who they were or where they were, and it was a blessed event when they left on a gurney covered by a sheet. With at least some of the Conservative posts, the writer seems to have early onset, or maybe more advanced – no thought of the consequences of his or her actions, and have just reverted to the age where all they can do is call people like me who disagree names and not contest the ideas.

  22. Guess I won’t be watching ‘Last Man Standing’. Tool time indeed with the biggest tool being Tim. Without Johnathan Taylor Thomas Timmy is nada.

  23. He got a lot right but also got a lot wrong. Don’t think the mescans can be cleaned out of America? Let me run the process. About two months, but watch your step close to the border, you might get ran over by the stampede trying to get back across the border.

  24. Considering Killary as a candidate for president of the United States is the same as trying to decide which Sexually Transmitted Disease is right for me.

  25. The Clintons and the Obamas are both cancers that cannot be cured. So we need to “flush them down the toilet” which is really called prison.

  26. Yep, Tim’s got Bill & Hill pegged right….and primarily, Trump, too. But I think Trump has enough business savvy AND “GRIT” to clean up ALOT of garbage in DC while he’s at it. The whole place needs a MAJOR HOUSE CLEANING!!!


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