This GOP Candidate Paved the Way For Disney’s Anti-American Employment Practices

Almost all Americans love Disney.

A trip to Disney World and The Magic Kingdom is the dream of all American parents with young kids.

Except Disney treats its American employees like disposable toys.

And guess who helped Disney make it easy to fire its American employees and replace them with lower paid foreign workers?

None other than Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Here’s what reported on how Senator Rubio sold out his fellow Floridians who used to work for Disney:

“In 2015, Florida Disney laid off scores of Marco Rubio’s constituents and replaced them with low-wage foreign workers brought in on H-1B visas. However, before terminating their American employees, Disney forced Rubio’s constitutents to train their lesser-skilled foreign replacements.

“Shortly before the Disney workers got the axe, Rubio introduced legislation in January of 2015 to massively expand the H-1B program. Rubio’s 2015 Immigration Innovation Act would have tripled the number of H-1B visas.

“Interestingly, the bill was endorsed by Disney’s CEO Bob Iger via his immigration lobbying group, the Partnership for a New American Economy. According to Open Secrets, the Walt Disney Corporation is one of Rubio’s biggest financial backers, having donated more than $2 million.”

If Rubio’s immigration policies can’t even protect Disney workers in his own state, how can we trust him to protect ALL American workers?

Or do you think the junior senator from Florida will be a puppet for a corporation who’s given him $2 million?

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  1. Both Rubio and Cruz are a total sell out group as both voted for bills that allow illegals into the country, time for real Change and not from freedom to slavery like Obozo wants.

    • The Fox, Really? And what specific bills did Ted Cruz vote on that would allow illegals into the country? Put up or shut up. Cruz has been fighting to secure our southern border, Cruz fought against the Gang of 8 while Trump FUNDED THEM.

      • Trump followers are exactly like Obama followers, they only listen to their Trumpmaster, and say things they have no way of backing up. Look up the list of Bills sponsored by Cruz, you may all be impressed.

        • You may not be when you find out who some of the people around him supported before him. How about Geo. Bush Jr. and the Amnesty Plan he pushed his whole second term, others who are his advisors also worked on wall street, also supported the war, also were in the CIA. Check it out.

      • Cruz is for Comprehensive Immigration Reform= Amnesty no matter what they call it. Check out some of his advisers who have connections to the BUSH family.

          • Saber, I can’t help but get an image of you as a Bobble Head. “….come in out of the shadows….” was NOT a path to citizenship. People who quote out of context without understanding the actual facts not only look stupid – they ARE stupid.

        • Ted Cruz is NOT and has never been in favor of Amnesty. So, Robert, who exactly are “some of Cruz’s advisers who have connections to the BUSH family?” Ted Cruz fought against the Gang of 8 – while Donald Trump FUNDED THEM! Ted Cruz has never been in favor of granting citizenship for illegals. He is opposed to Obama’s DACA program. Since at least 2012, Cruz has been a proponent of building a wall across the entire US/Mexican border, and he supports a requirement that businesses use E-Verify.

          If you’ll recall after the 01/28/16 debate, Megyn Kelly interviewed Cruz and admitted Cruz DID NOT and DOES NOT support legalizing people who are here illegally.

        • When a politician uses the word comprehensive it really gets my attention because it can’t mean anything good for those of us who live here. By that I include those who took the trouble to come here LEGALLY. Cruz has proven himself to be a liar of the highest order. And look at the dirty little trick he pulled on Ben Carson in Iowa. Carson probably wouldn’t have been at the top of the heap but what Cruz did to him virtually destroyed his campaign and it never recovered. And what Cruz did also stole that state from Trump. I could go on and on but we all know what kind of person Cruz is. The way both he and Rubio have carried on, it must just be the Cuban way. Would either of them give amnesty to illegals? Your damn right they would.

      • People sure do leave out IMPORTANT INFORMATION and make blanket statements that simply are not true:

        This is who Trump Donatd $ to

        2.3 Million and change

        1.3 milltion to republicans

        .950 million to Democrats.

      • Go out and read the whole story of the H-1B visa program. That is all the documentation you should need. If that isn’t enough talk to some American I.T. professionals that lost their jobs to the H-1B people. Those are the only people who really know the truth about H-1B.

      • No need for documentation Rowland, when people allow themselves to become dependent on government freebies such as food stamps, welfare, subsidiaries etc. etc. than you become a slave of a socialist government, and that IS what 0bama has done, and sure enough, people love it.
        People like it so much that most won’t let go and want it on a permanent basis, think man, get out of the box!

        • Versus being a puppet slave of corporate/military controls. Corporations need to get off of welfare, pay a living wage and lowering the entitlements costs. Compassion in government above all else .

          • Actually, the living wage is now $15.00 an hour. I went into Wal-Mart and they have had to lay people off because hey can’t pay ev everyone $15 an hour. There were only 3 employees working.

          • Sam Walton may have not seen a ten or five dollar bill since the ’60’s. The fact is that the Walton’s are the wealthiest in the country and got that way on the backs of slaves, like plantation owners of old. Low pay for slaves who then qualify for food stamps and Medicaid for their children. Its time for Walton and every other money monger to take a pay cut on their profits and take care of those who create their wealth not lay them off . Walmart should be embarrassed and ashamed. Its time for big business to get off the welfare system and lower their personal and executive earnings and pass the cash to their farm hands.

          • Walmart didn’t do that to ruin their business…they aren’t the ones who decided:
            Will the U.S. raise the minimum wage to $15?

            The “Fight for $15” faces a heck of a fight.

            The labor movement on Tuesday staged its largest rally to date, holding 270 strikes and demonstrations across the U.S. in an effort to win support for a nationwide minimum wage of $15 an hour. So far, the Fight for $15, which is backed by the Service Employees International Union, has hit upon a successful strategy of targeting cities and states where workers are struggling with high costs of living.

            The next step — the battle to raise the federal minimum wage — could prove more challenging. The debate has stalled on Capitol

      • His religion is in favor of that, read the Koran and find out what Obozo believes in. Also disarm the citizens is a clue as Hitler did the same and he has followed Hitlers plans from day one. John Adams was right “A armed person is a citizen, a unarmed person is a slave”. A wise man and knew more then you left wing trolls and robots.

    • Go to any search engine: How many Mosques in Florida.
      That is Rubio’s State. Wonder how much $ he was given to allow this?

  2. I would have thought the article would have said “Trump” since he employed 500 H-1B foreigners at his Mar-a-Lago Club in favor of Americans who sought the jobs of waiters, waitresses and housekeepers. Of the 300 Americans who applied, Trump hired only 17.

    • Go out and read what the H-1B Visa program is all about. It is NOT for the hiring of waiters, waitresses and housekeepers and gardeners. It is for highly skilled careers like Information Technology, Engineering and Advanced Science.

          • Robert, Trump is hanging on Cruz’s coattails on the H-1B visa. While Trump employees foreigners using that visa, Cruz wants the government to cease issuing H-1B visas for 180 days while reported fraud and abuse in the program is investigated. If companies are bringing in low skilled workers, if they’re firing American workers, if they’re perverting the program those companies would be suspended from participating in the program, and any company that has violated the criminal laws would be prosecuted.

          • We need to do away with the H1b visa and trump said he would.
            We have kids coming out of college that can’t get a job, due to H1B visa hires. They do not hire the STEM kids coming out of college. They hire cheaper labor , and it takes 3 Indians to do a job an American will do for a good wage. My son was an IT worker and could not get a job due to H1b hires.

          • Sandi, there are some instances where H-1B visas are necessary. You can’t expect a kid right out of college to do a job that requires a high degree of skill and expertise that only comes with experience. Cruz feels the only H-1B visa jobs should go to those with advanced degrees such as a master’s or a PhD. Salary minimums should be $110,000 to prevent bringing in low cost foreign workers and replace American workers with them.

          • O.k. But the degrees that the Indians are getting in India are not high degree, they change the code on Software so that they are the only ones that can understand and then it has to be changed back, some of the high tech. jobs they get here are in software. The company that is supplying the Indians do not make sure they fit the job.

        • I understand that because I have many highly skilled former co-workers that were irreparably harmed by it. If you dig deep enough like I did you can only come to one conclusion it was meant to be an easy way for many big businesses to get what they wanted from government. American workers were thrown under the bus as always.

    • What’s your source? So you are telling us, all the other Hotels in the country weren’t doing the same thing, its not against the LAW. At least he admits it and says it should be changed. Why do you think all the Big Hotel Chains owned by Global Conglomerates hate TRUMP, if he succeeds in Changing that Visa Program it will cost them money.

  3. Now that Rubio has been rejected by his very own state of Florida much more will be exposed to show just what a disgusting liar and Rino he really is. And the people probably didn’t know anything about his connection to Disney and the liberal socialist Iger. Well done citizens of Florida.

    • maxx, thank you. We have refused to go to Disney and to buy anything Disney for about 10-15 years…they are no longer a family oriented organization. But appear to be everything anti America, anti family, anti God, etc. Sure, they put on fantastic 4th of July shows but it is all show. When it comes down to their core beliefs and their films and what they support, they are not for family, not for God, and not for America. So, we have boycotted them.

      • I can see Walt rolling in his grave over what has happened to his dream.. Walt Disney was a very good man of extremely high morals. He was a very strict disciplinarian towards his employees. I remember hearing or reading how at age 15 or 16 he volunteered for the Army. Luckily he became an ambulance driver and not an infantryman but the point was he was a real American for what he did as a young boy and later in his life.

  4. I really love most of you I talk with here even when we get hateful with each other. Politics is such a divisive sport these days, sadly. Hopefully in reality we all wish each other well and work towards what is best for all. If we could look to each other we wouldn’t need so much government, took care of each other it would stand the system on its head. If we looked as hard for reasons to get along and find our similarities as we look for fights it would change our world. They want us to fight each other. The first amendment is a great thing but should only be used if it follows formulated thought, not for repeating what the TV says. Words should edify not diminish. Peace to you all.

  5. Cruz did not vote for any such bill. You should get your facts straight. He was the very one responsible for stoping the gang of eight bill. If not for him it would have passed. He has fought to defend the constitution for twenty years. Why don’t you check into Trumps record on defending the constitution. Like his stance on freedom of press/speech or personal property that he just so happens to want. Maybe his support for the Brady bill and sociallized medical care. Yea he’s a real winner for small government constitutional minded people. Oh and he also supports using foreign workers. Check it out.

  6. Well, in a sense, this is a moot point since Rubio is now out of the Presidential race–and good riddance! On the plus side, having this info OUT THERE will mean that whoever doesn’t want him elected even DOGCATCHER in the future can throw THIS info out to the voters–and face-to-face on camera to HIM! Save this page, Floridians!

  7. Another rino backstabbing his constituents but in my view Disney is just as bad. Boycott disney anything. It is no longer an american company. It wants your money but does not want to pay labor costs fairly. And our congress allowed this fiasco. Boycott disney and disney products and vote out the rinos and dems in congress supporting this New World Order, these awful treaties that are so poorly negotiated and increased visas as noted. The whole H-1B program is a scam. It is not managed at all by DHS, it is a backdoor into this country of alien hordes to take our jobs. The government is heading towards socialism and an oligarchy. It is long past time to clean the trash out of DC. Rinos and dems need to be removed and then just vote em out after one term if they stink like Rubio and two if they are good. No more dynasty or life time politicians. They all have to go. McConnell, Pelosi, Reid, Rat Ryan are prime examples of there too long. Long past time time to put em on the curb for delivery to the refuse pile!

  8. Well there goes the plans to visit Disney world or Disneyland, or to buy any more of their products; there are other amusement parks willing to hire American citizens and accept our money; they need business too!

  9. Both Rubio and Cruz are sell outs and are of the establishment repubs who are for the ones who will and have sold out America. They are both illegals and should have never had the right under The Constitution to even run for office. Cruz is just like old John Cornyn from Texas who will do anything to keep their jobs even lie to “We The People.”

    I am a true Texan and will never vote for these scum bags.

    I am a patroit and totally stand up for The Constitution every last word……..
    nuf said

  10. Rubio is almost as big a slime as Ted Cruz. Marco didn’t have a problem when lowlife Ted tried the Ben Carson left the campaign vote for me trick. However when dirt bag Tried it on Marco it was a different story. Now he belongs out off the race.

  11. I think the voters of Florida told Rubio what they thought of his anti-American actions by not voting for him in the primaries against Trump. All of the politicians like Rubio supporting having these H-1B workers replace American workers should all be replaced themselves. Now that Rubio’s down, how many more to go? Go Trump!

  12. I live close to Disney in Florida but never go because this is one of the most liberal horrible companies in this nation. Because of Disney the homosexual agenda has been pushed to new highs. They were one of the first major companies to give same sex couples health insurance, they allow a disgusting display of harmful homosexual practices once a year when the entire park is decorated with homosexual propaganda while they have ‘celebrity’ acts and speakers spouting the lies of the LGBT radicals. Disney also pushes the homosexual agenda via their television shows and movies. As a Conservative and a Christian I will never support Disney with my money, ratings, or viewership. Now finding this out about Rubio and his help with Disney to plot against American workers is another reason in the long list of why NO one should support Disney especially anyone who calls themselves a Conservative and or a Christian.


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