Will This GOP Presidential Candidate Fight the Establishment More Than Trump?

Rush Limbaugh sent a clear signal to his radio audience on Leap Day, the eve of Super Tuesday: If you want to send a message to the Washington and GOP Establishment, Ted Cruz is your candidate.

Here are some of Rush’s remarks about the presidential race as reported by Newsmax:

“Ted Cruz is the only guy that was taking on the Republican establishment of all the Republicans in the race. And he was the only guy who had been fighting the establishment and he had done it to their face.

“He goes to the floor of the Senate, he calls Mitch McConnell a liar on any number of issues, from the budget, to amnesty, to Senate rules, and Cruz had made it plain he was the guy that was gonna take it to the establishment.

“He was such an outsider that even as a member of the Senate he was hated, despised, and that was always gonna be a resume-enhancement point.”

We like and respect what Rush has said and done to promote conservative values over the past 25 years. However, we’re not sure if most conservative voters will believe this about Cruz – especially this election cycle.

Last month Rush said that Marco Rubio was a “full-throated conservative, and disciple of Ronald Reagan.” But given Rubio’s stance on illegal immigration and amnesty – plus being part of the infamous “Gang of 8” who who the 2013 immigration reform bill – it’s hard to believe.

In the past 15-20 years, the word “conservative” has been so abused and misused, that the word doesn’t have much relevant meaning anymore. For anyone right-of-center to say someone is conservative, the words bounce off most people’s ears like water runs off a duck’s back.

It seems that the Republican establishment (and many high-profile conservative talk show hosts) are scrambling to find the guy they think can knock off front-runner Donald Trump. Granted, Trump hasn’t been the most principled or consistent guy over the years. But the anger and frustration with Washington has boiled over to such a high level that most conservatives and Republicans don’t care – just put someone in office who hasn’t been in Washington before.

Do you agree with Rush that Ted Cruz is the best anti-establishment Republican candidate for president?


  1. Apparently senility is settling in Rush’s Brain. Cruz is a menace to the country he’s as dangerous as Hitlery and Bernie.

    • Nonsense…you know little about Cruz except what you’ve heard from the Trump campaign and surrogates. Rush gave people the facts and Cruz’s true track record…only that which can be proven. He doesn’t make this stuff up and neither do I.

      • MK, well said. Unfortunately, you’ll get better responses by talking to a wall. Trumpateers are notoriously dense, but you gotta try.

          • I know for a fact your mother does. Word on the street is you spit, but just love it in the culo. And since you like BOYS, and I’m hetero, ……….. why would it matter to you, queerboy?

          • Ah Robert, so you think the initial post of TAM44 is okay? I am a Christoan, …….. But I’ll NEVER turn the other cheek. If you want to see the largest group of POS’s, just take a group photo of the Trumpateers.

        • As are Cruz People. Cruz and Kasich will not get the nomination all they might be Able to do is stop Trump. Which means Hillary or Bernie is the next President.

          • Uh, Robert, the ONLY candidate threatening a third party bid is your boy Trump. A third party splits GOP votes and assures a Semocrat as the next POTUS. Stop being an ignorant -ss!

          • Too bad you couldn’t couldn’t respond with a truthful counter assertion. But then, what I said is fact and all you have are Trump lies and fantasy fiction. Great combo BOB!

          • So you are saying the people that I have mentioned don’t work for Cruz, Wall Street People, CIA people etc. I guess they weren’t involved with the Bush family either?

          • Read the string of posts BOB. Exactly what “people” are you referring too? You haven’t mentioned ANYONE, Idiot! Wall people work for Wall St., PERIOD! The CIA answers to the President and Congress. Cruz is a Conservative Republican from Texas, of course they know and are involved with the Bush family, two presidents come from that origin. What about all the times Trump rubbed shoulders with the Clintons? By your criteria, are they “involved” with each other? I mean other than the fact they are both liberal Democrats. Did you find out how much money Trump and his businesses owe Wall St.? Cruz repaid his debt, Trump is STILL on the hook, BOB!

      • I don’t think rush speaks for me, I cannot stand cruz he’s not a conservative and he’s a dirty DC insider that has made millions. cruz is a liar and Trump called him on it.

        • More nonsense….I don’t know where you get all of that crap, but it’s “opposites day” in your world. Cruz (A-97%) is second only to Lee (A-100%)on Conservative Review, had to borrow money to run and is one of the most honest people to walk the halls of Congress. Also, dirty DC insiders don’t call their superiors in the Senate (Mitch McConnell) lying, crony capitalists in public for all to see and hear. I can prove everything I said…all you can do is quote the Teflon Donald, who can flip his positions on anything in the very same sentence.

          • Well that change my mind, NOT. ted cruz is not a conservative, but a liar you betcha. cruz holds a bible in one hand and spews out lies out of his bought and paid for mouth. cruz has made million while in DC as an insider, reading green ham and eggs does accomplished ZERO, oh, it did show his stupidity.

      • All you have to do is look at His Campaign people and his Advisers same people worked for Bush, Support New World Order, Globalists, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform also Known as AMNESTY pushed by GEO. BUSH Jr. and JEB and their Father.

    • “Please – just the facts. I have them on Killary & Bernie – but please define your “emotional” attack on Cruz. I use to think it was the Progressives that relied solely on hyperbole – but Trump & his supporters take the cake. “Destroy Lewandowski’s life by firing him?” “I’m not going to have people dying in the streets.” This emotional hyperbolic claptrap you spew – is insulting to anyone with half a brain (tied behind my back – no less)

      • Just Sour Grapes. Trump has over 700 delegates maybe more even if Cruz Catches him that will be over 1500 delegates not counting what other Candidates have they will probably Cancel each other out and we will be stuck with another Loser picked By the Rinos., maybe Paul Ryan.

  2. I agree with George E. LeFebvre…. Rush must be getting senile. Rafael (Ted) Cruz is a “New world Order” pusher. As well as a “North America Union” pusher. AND is a menace to this Country.
    AND I still think after looking at all the facts he IS NOT even eligible to be POTUS. (no more than Obama) I guess that is why he has ALSO had his records sealed. (sound familiar?) And don’t try to push that his Mother was American born, because she moved to, lived in, worked in, and VOTED in Canada.

      • I suggest maybe YOU look again.. you don’t have to believe me…Just google it. Back then, Canada would NOT allow “dual citizenship” SO Cruz’s Mother would not have been able to vote Unless she was “naturalized as a Canadian citizen. AND His father is a CUBAN national Read the Constitution (as it was written) NOT the way the “elites” are interpreting it for their own ways. We have one usurper in OUR White House already we DON’T need another to follow.
        ALSO, Finally Cruz gave up His Canada citizenship in 2014. Sorry… NOT “natural born” (like Obama) AND sealed his records (like Obama)

          • You are welcome! I just wish that more people would actually look into the “backgrounds” of who they want to run this country.
            Things are usually NOT what they seem. Check out the “North American Union” for more info. This is what Cruz and his wife want to push down our throats too.

          • Really? Who sealed your records? Yeah, that’s right EVERYONE’S birth certificate records are “sealed”. Even an idiot like “rrkeng”s birth certificate records are “sealed”. It’s the Federal Privacy Laws, you dipsh*t.

            And Ted & Heidi Cruz have NINE YEARS of their income tax returns posted on the Ted Cruz web site.

            What happened to Donald Trump’s income tax returns? Huh? Where are they? Huh?

        • I’m sorry, the case was already decided. DONALD TRUMP LOST.

          The Judge said that is ANY MEMBER of the Trump campaign staff said what you just said, he would issue a CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDER against Donald J. Trump and have him extradited back to his jurisdiction so that “the Donald” could begin serving his JAIL SENTENCE.

          • THAT is exactly what happens with PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL ACTIVISTJudges. MONEY….Talks, BS Walks. Welcome to Obamaland.

          • Because if he said Trump is Right then Obama Would be declared ineligible The RINOS and PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS would not stand for That.

          • Don’t count on it. Maybe he is another Judge Like the one in FL., who said Trumps Campaign MGR. harmed that women reporter in some way. Turns out he is a Hillary Supporter. Then I see on britebart sight Campaign Ads for Cruz, maybe that Reporter was another dirty by Ted Cruz Campaign, remember a lot of his people worked in Bush Campaigns.

      • Yep, Ted’s mother NEVER voted in Canada.

        I have a sister-in-law who IS a Canadian Citizen who says that the way Canada identifies ILLEGAL ALIENS is to use the Canadian Voter Registration Workers to go house-to-house and check people’s citizenship.

        It was a Canadian Voter Registration Worker who identified that Ted Cruz’s MOTHER was living LEGALLY in Canada, was NOT a CITIZEN, and was NOT going to vote.

        Sorry, “pappy450”, your FACTS are garbage, again.

  3. Cruz same as Kasich is a spoiler and is trying to produce a contested convention. No matter what Lyin’ Ted says that is what he is doing. If he wanted to help America he would get behind Trump now so that the focus going into the convention will be Republicans vs Democrats and not Republicans vs Republicans.
    TRUMP 2016

    • I will vote for Trump if he wins, God forbid the Beast Hillary. But I have looked hard and long at Ted Cruz and he is no establishment shill, He has fought the Establishment tooth and nail and I have seen him walk out of a Town Hall because the people would not support Israel. I know he called McConnell a liar to his face during a Senate meeting. Neither candidate is perfect but Cruz is a Conservative, Smart as hell, And has proven it time and time again. But I will vote for whomever is left standing because we the people must take America back!!. We are all citizens of this Nation and together we must win.

      • I agree with most of what you say but Cruz just has no accomplishment or management experience which is needed now. Should run for Governor gain some real experience then come back in 2020.

        • Edith he has far more experience fighting the Establishment and a heck of a lot of accomplishment fighting for us. His Senate experience and the fact that he is very smart gives him far more experience than any Governor in this Republic. He knows the Constitution and if folks would just investigate him, They might just vote for him.

          • Fighting and not winning is losing.
            If he knew the Constitution which he does he would not have sealed his records and would quickly put to rest his citizenship issue. As a Governor you learn and use management skills, you create jobs, you are held to a higher accountability than a senator. Not saying he’s not smart just needs some more experience else we get the other side of Obama.

          • Ted Cruz knew the law well enough to BEAT DONALD TRUMP.
            Yeah, Edith, Ted Cruz has already beaten Donald Trump ONCE this year. He beat Donald Trump in open court. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump like drum.

            And I do NOT consider someone who imported illegal aliens to build Trump Tower and then exploited their lack of legal status in order to NOT PAY THEM someone I want leading this country.

            By the way, did you notice that Ted Cruz has NINE YEARS of his Income Tax Returns posted on his web site. What happened to Donald Trump’s. Yeah, that’s right, Donald Trump’s Income Tax Returns are his most closely guarded secrets. Why? He doesn’t want Edith to know that while Ted and Heidi Cruz were paying $400,000 in Income Taxes, Donald Trump was paying LESS TAXES than EDITH.

          • Birds with the same feather flock together. You want a Canadian born President go to Canada, no place for either of you here.

          • Donald Trump, being out of the Beltway is being audited by the IRS, you know how that goes, nothing can be disclosed until after the audit. I guess the powers that be just want to find something wrong with his filing disclosures to demonize him again. They won’t stop until they get him for something. That is the name of the game in DC. The more folks are for him seeing the way he is being treated. If you are out of the beltway, you are toast.

          • Cruz is another Lawyer Turned Politician , The House and Senate is Full of them. They have done a great JOB for America and American Citizens. I DON’T THINK SO.

          • Cruz has released every record asked for Edith, don’t lie about “sealed records”, you sound like Trump, a habitual liar. What aboutTrump’s tax returns, when we see them?
            Trump leads the nation in business bankruptcies over the past 20 years or so. I’m sure he will just as successful as POTUS if elected. I mean it’s just the middle class tax payers that get F-CKED when he defaults the nation, right? Just like his bankruptcies, paid for by working stiffs.

          • All citizenship records for Ted Cruz are sealed unless and until Ted Cruz agrees to allow any such records to be released by either U.S. or Canadian agencies. This is a fact. Look it up before calling others liars. I will just call you mis-informed. Did you forget we are already 17trillion$$ in debt.
            Cruz is a spoiler just like Kasich he just has a few more delegates but can not win. But as a spoiler Cruz wants to produce a contested convention with thoughts of delusion that he will be picked as the nominee. Not as smart as most thought he was now is he. What makes him different from Kasich. Both are staying in just to stop Trump. Cruz and Kasich’s goals are eerily similar to the GOPe and Democrats goals.
            TRUMP 2016

          • His birth cretic ate is public record, as is that of his mother. He has natural born status via Ju sanguinis. The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 was the applicable law at the time of his birth.
            The current National Debt is $19 trillion, however, this is not relevant for the current discussion.
            Cruz could very well pass Trump in delegates by the time this is all over. He is leading Trump in several national polls. A contested convention bodes well for neither Cruz or Trump, I’ve known this fact all along.
            I will cast my vote for the only Conservative left in the races. The other three leading candidates are as follows: Trump, liberal Democrat; Clinton, progressive liberal Democrat; and Sanders, Socialist.
            F-CK ALL THREE, CRUZ 2016!

          • “One day after Sen. Ted Cruz released his birth certificate to the media, showing that he was born in Canada, he said he would renounce his Canadian citizenship.”

            You can not be a Canadian citizen and a Natural Born American at the same time! Just does not make sense.

            Lyin’ Ted knows this and most likely he was enrolled in school under the Canadian birth certificate which is why he has chosen to seal his school records. Only a professional Liar such as Obama and Cruz would choose to seal their school records. Should be something they are proud of so there must be information that is not in their favor.

          • US Law says differently Edith. Maybe you should try reading first. A child, born to US citizen parents abroad, is often the owner of dual citizenship. It depends on the policy(s) of a the birth nation. And Edith, yes you can be a natural born US Citizen and a Canadian citizen at the same time, sorry to say you’re very wrong.

          • Nope you are wrong. Duel citizenship makes you a naturalized citizen. What, you would have him to be a natural born citizen of both the U.S. and Canada? Now does that make sense? Makes more sense that he is a natural born Canadian and could even be a Cuban citizen by way of his father depending upon Cuban laws.
            With all your vulgar language used as your defense you sound more like a Liberal or GOpe. Just remember just because you say so does not make it so and if something does not make sense it is probably wrong.
            TRUMP 2016

          • No Edith. Natural born citizenship per the McCarran act of 1952 gives Cruz Ju sanguinis, or citizenship by the blood of his mother. Is that concept too high for you Edith? Cruz is an eligible NBC and will hopefully be our next president. Cruz 2016!
            Go ahead and vote for lying Donald, I didn’t in the primary and won’t in the future. I won’t need to, he isn’t gonna be the here for the general election in November. Get used to that idea Edith.

          • Yes Peter. Cruz like Kasich has no viable chance to reach 1237 delegates. If both cared about America they would unite behind Trump. IMHO Cruz staying in as a spoiler is going to hurt his political career and any chance of running for president in the future. Cruz is not thinking long term for a young politician.

          • With way things are going, neither does Trump. Add the fact that Cruz is a better man and a much better potential POTUS, and there you have it. The only way trump wins is if Cruz drops out and that won’t happen. Let me ask you this, if Cruz passes Trump in the delegate count, who is the spoiler that should drop out?

          • Hee hee hee.
            Just pass Trump you are delusional.
            Admit it Cruz like Kasich is a spoiler.
            The only thing Cruz and you want is a contested convention.
            The Donald says “I just want to be treated fairly” but have never heard Cruz say candidates should be treated fairly or ethically. But that okay we don’t except Sleazy, Lyin’ Rafael to be fair or ethical, How can we when Rafael won’t even use his given name.
            TRUMP 2016

          • Trump is going to the Cleveland GOP Convention in 2nd place in delegate count. Treat him fairly? Second place is the first loser. Better get used to that. Ted Cruz made a commitment to support whomever the candidate is, Trump says if it’s not him, third party run! It doesn’t matter where he actually finishes. Trump and his Trumpateers are losers. But I’m okay with that …….

          • You are delusional. I didn’t read pass your first sentence which is something you made up. Lyin ‘ Cruz has been trailing for nine months and will continue to trail. What is the difference between Kasich and Cruz? Like Kasich says nothing. Neither can win but both are spoilers and nothing can or will change that. Cruz is acting just like Delusional Kasich did after the ohio win. One win does not mean momentum this far in the race it just means the candidate is an egotistical delusional idiot.

          • Edith, you are an idiot. I’m not delusional in my statement about Trump and 2nd place, I’m confident that people will wake up to his lies.
            You say Cruz is and has been lying for months, name the lie and support it with facts. You can’t and you know it. If “Lyin’ Donald” finds out how stupid you really are, he may ask you to support someone else. You should also know that Cruz won three primaries early week, not one, DUMB-SS! Good little Trumpateer, dead from the neck up. LOL.
            And Edith, a couple more Cruz wins and “Lyin’ Donald” won’t be able to win either. Good luck at the Convention. You’ll be lucky to finish 4th out of three candidates.

          • shhhh….. Kasich won Ohio, so what is your point. Give reasons why I should switch to Cruz else STFU. Cruz is not leading and has never led in delegates since the primary began. Cruz like Kasich is a one trick pony. But vote for him and don’t change your handle so we can discuss after convention. You still remain delusional. Same as Cruz and Kasich.

          • Don’t worry about me Edith. When Trump loses, and he will, I’m going to let eat crow. I’ve ALREADY voted for Cruz, Edith. Truth be known, I’ve voted for him twice, once for the Texas seat in the Senate and in the primary. Edith, you’re not delusional, just stupid. I still haven’t seen any of your posting the “Cruz lies”. Don’t worry Edith, “Lyin’ Donald” still wants you, …… He needs ignorant followers to have any chance.

          • And only idiots such as yourself get all bent out of shape and fail to use proper English when confronted with the truth. You are a PERFECT Trumpateer, dead from the neck up and no thinking required.

          • Peter, you sound like a smart guy, so why resort to name calling especially to a woman? Just state your take on things but don’t go down to the level of intellectually bankrupt folks who can’t articulate without being viciously insulting. The perception of people about you will not be nice. Kindness binds love, always. How can we expect peace in the world when we cannot even be nice to each other?

          • I call ’em like I see ’em. You obviously haven’t read all of the responses and initial posts to me. I’m a Christian but I’ve never mastered turning the other cheek. I give what I get.

          • I do not have anymore faith with the “electoral college,” which I think is outdated because “slavery” is over. A few “electors” can be victims of the three B’s whereas millions of folks will be hard to contain and corrupted in a general election based on popularity votes. Someday our “electoral college” will be abolished and
            each and everyone of our votes will be counted as one. For now, do you even know who is voting for you? Scary, isn’t it?

          • But it is the means given us by the Founders. Are you saying they got it wrong. The only way to change it is a Convention of States. The Governor of Texas, among others, has already asked for a Convention. Has your Governor done the same?

          • Edith we cannot expect fairness or ethics from a liar who is not even a citizen of this country. If he is telling the truth, why not unseal his records? Because he has something to hide, just like BO?

          • what are your standards being that “cruz is a better man and a much better potential POTUS”. trump was/is a CEO and has executive experience. he doesn’t want your or my money to run for office. four bankruptcies?? a bankruptcy is a business tactic the rich can use, it is not the sign of a failure. trump knows what financial moves to AVOID to cut our debt, not increase it. he’s been there!!

          • So what John, is our NATION going to be our fifth Chapter 11? Donald Trump has received over $21 million in campaign contributions from persons and corporations. Don’t even TRY that lame “he doesn’t want or need our money…”, it only shows your ignorance. He has over $250 million in Wall St. Bank loans out currently. Some estimates put the number closer to $500 million. They own Trump!
            No, I’ll stay with the only Conservative left, Ted Cruz. Besides I don’t vote for liberals, Democrats, or socialists. That leaves Trump, Clinton, and Sanders out of the picture.

          • You love to lie, don’t you? Go to Canada with Ted, that is where he belong because he is not even an American Citizen as they said his Mom forgot to or did not file the CRBA form to naturalize him, that is why he sealed his records. The GOP are asleep at the wheel or victims of the 3Bs.

          • Okay Marie, post my “lies”. Post the Ted Cruz “lies”. You’ll need a lot of time I’m afraid, because I can support my assertions with fact. And Marie, there was never a need to file anything for Ted Cruz by his mother. By US law, Ted Cruz is a US citizen at birth, Constitutionally phrased as “natural born citizen”. No naturalization needed. Keep trying Marie, you ignorant, box of rocks Trumpateer.

          • Even when at time of his birth in 1971 his parents were Canadian citizens as they voted in their election there and the dual citizenship of Canada was not offered until 1977? His parents had to become naturalized citizens of Canada so as to work and stay there and evade deportation. and if he has nothing to hide why seal his records?

          • Marie, I am sure you have the proof of what you spew, RIGHT? His parents were not Canadian citizens, you are wrong. Also Marie, even if you were right, which you’re not, show me the US statute forbidding dual citizenship. You’ll be looking for a long time I’m afraid. Ted Cruz has “Ju sanguinis” natural born citizenship from his mother, a natural born citizen of the United States herself. The only way for Ted Cruz or his mother to lose their NBC status would be to go to a US Consulate and file papers renouncing US Citizenship. Once you have it, US citizenship, you have it for life. The Cruz parents worked in Canada under work visas Marie, stop being an ignorant -ss at least. You’ll always be a plain -ss. You never did answer my question Marie, what information did he “seal” that is so important to you? Inquiring minds want to know!

          • Be happy with your choice, because none of us will win any argument. As they say: “You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink it.” I liked Cruz at first until I found out about his father’s role, his wife’s role and his membership to a certain “cult.” which is against my faith. The fact that he was born in Canada, that did it for me. Our founding fathers did not want planted babies to occupy the White House, thus the defiinition of Natural Born Citizen opposed to Born Citizen and Naturalized Citizen was set up

          • The father of Ted Cruz is a Dominionist. Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist. Dominionism is NOT a cult. It is, for lack of a better term, the Christian far right. Is Christianity against your Faith. If so, exactly what is your faith? Buddhist? Muslim?
            It might surprise you to know that our Founding Fathers, the same men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, wrote, voted on, passed, and signed into law The Immigration Act of 1790. In the act, there is a section giving the criteria for a “natural born citizen. A child born on foreign soil to citizen parent is be of those criteria. Now at that time, only the father held sway. However with the advent of equality for the sexes, the mother’s citizenship would have been counted. Now fast forward to the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, and only o single US Citizen parent was required for a child born outside of US territory to be a born citizen or a citizen at birth. Ju sanguinis is the meaning of natural born citizen. You are so wrong, but then you also support Donald Trump, the White Obama. I guess you’re used to being wrong …….. Just saying ……

          • Whether I am wrong or not , that is my choice the same way you have your own prerogative. None of us has the answer for everything because none of us was given the monopoly on wisdom, but none of us should be out there hurting each other with insults or bad words, because that is non-productive and immature, not to mention it is against God’s law. i will still vote for Trump not because I like him personally but because he is what our TANKING economy needs. The focus of business folks is ROI ( return on investment) and with that he will create TRADE AGREEMENTS for us to win in global commerce.

          • Yes Marie, but decisions and choices made on falsehoods and lies are also inherently flawed. This is the most important election in our lifetime and could very well spell the rise or fall of our nation. Flawed decisions and judgement will not be to our benefit.

          • You can call all of us that do not agree with your choice all the bad names stored in your bankrupt mind, and all it does is make you look more pitiful in our eyes. You are over 50 years old and you should know better, but because you are a narcissist, you can’t stand folks who differ with you. Cool down and accept the fact that we are all entitled to our own choices in life, even God gave us FREE WILL. But to be cruel to others is not right.

          • Sorry Marie, stupidity is a very poor life choice. The fact that you refuse to open your eyes with the truth staring you in the face speaks VOLUMES. I’ll just chalk up my “conversation” with you as my attempts to educate. You have proven once again that you can’t cure stupid! Enjoy the bliss of ignorance Marie.

          • My ignorance to the world of NARCISSISTS AND SELF ABSORBED PEOPLE LIKE YOU IS A WELCOME status in my life. i just laugh it off as an attempt of a sick person (you) to inflict cruelty to others, which does not phase me. My financial success in life affords me to travel all over the world and when I get to Spain and France this May, I will light a candle at our Lady of Lourdes and Fatima for you, that the Holy Spirit will grant you some normal neurons in your brain so you can stop insulting people who do not agree with you or are not in the same mindset as yours. Peace be with you.

          • Mario, spare me your feeble attempts at martyrdom in this matter. I know when I’ve struck a nerve because you change the subject immediately. That being said Marie, your ignorance stands before the world for all to see, and it will is without question. Your OPINION about exactly who the NARCISSIST in this discussion is open to interpretation and judgement. Don’t worry about my Soul, Marie. For I have already been saved. And Marie, I’ve been overseas, didn’t particularly care for it. America is home and that is where my heart is. That’s good enough for me.

          • I live in the light goofball, I can see and accept the truth. You have problems in this area, so exactly WHO is really in the dark. LOL at Marie.

          • There are three kinds of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 used by consumers who have lots of debts, chapter 11 used primarily by businesses which was used by one of Trump’s company to keep it going and save all employees. This is allowed by law to keep the economy going, especially when victimized by a bad economic downturn, (no thanks to Obama’s economy) Trump did not even get government bailout and that is a genius for you,and chapter 12 used by farmers to avoid foreclosures. Please post informative issues you know and not lies just to demonize Trump, because it makes you ignorant.

          • please marie, I worked for one of his bankrupt casinos until this past NYEve. from 1990-approx 2000 when he owned it we were in bkrpcy 4 times but stayed open. I worked w/o raise since 2005. pls don’t try to explain to me something that you may, or may not, be totally unfamiliar. trump is still the man as he knows how to set up corps (countries) for belt-tightening. carl Icahn now owns the casino. the two are friends/in-laws. in fact I was there this afternoon. ps- to DEMONIZE trump, are you crazy?? he’s the man!!!!!

          • Exactly you just proved my point that his Casino filed chapter 11 and not a personal BK which is a chapter 7. I was mainly explaining the three kinds of BKs and a business bankruptcy which is chapter 11 is what his company did. Meaning the economic downturn caused your Casino to lose money that is why they were forced to file the BK 11. Blame it on the economy, because when it is down, no one wants to gamble. You cannot fault Trump on that, and I think I know what I am talking about because I have always been in business. Overhead expenses keeps going whether you have customers or not. Employees have no idea what the total overhead expenses are, other than the accountant.

          • What sealed records Marie? The only liar and deceiver I’ve heard lately is Lyin’ Donald Trump. A Republican? A Conservative? No and No, but a Liberal Democrat, oh yes. That is exactly who Trump is in truth.

          • Cruz could have been a very good Secretary of State if he was looking ahead, because he is charismatic and well educated. But he probably listened to the GOP controlling elites, and they used him. For all we know they wanted to ruin his career in Politics because he is a Tea Party favorite. I hope Trump can still use him, because he can be effective as Sec. of State, unlike Hitllery.

          • Okay Peter, you claimed that the McCarran Act of 1952 is a law which defines NBC to amend the old Constitutional provision for it. . Pres. Harry S. Truman was the Pres. then, from 1945 to 1953. If that was RATIFIED and became a law why is it not written in the highlights of his Presidency? It is a very important amendment afterall.He was followed by Dwight David Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961. Just to make sure, I checked his term also, just to see if the ratification might have been delayed. But it is not there either. So, who is the LIAR now? You have been throwing that insult to me and Edith, and it is just refreshing to throw it back at you….LIAR.

          • No Marie, the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 is one in a long line of Congressional acts meant to clarify immigration and US citizenship. The first was the Act of 1790. It was written by the Founders three years after the signing of the Constitution. It is as signed by George Washington. The 1790 act gave “natural born citizenship” to children born on foreign soil to a citizen parent(s). There have been numerous subsequent Acts. Some repealed the previous Act entirely, some only partially. The 1952 Act is historic FACT, that fact is s also UNDISPUTABLE. Calling a person a liar without the facts to support themselves is also the act of an ignorant, dead from the neck up, cretinous fecal encephalos. Look it up for yourself you stupid b-tch! You and Edith are one in the same, IGNORANT lying -ssholes. Insults? No Marie, FACTS. Facts you will never be able to dispose of. Enjoy you remaining short life of ignorance, I’m through with you IDIOT Marie.

          • You are SO WRONG, Edith.

            According to the INS of the United States of America, AND the Judge who reviewed Donald J. Trump’s COMPLETELY FALSE Order to Show Cause,

            “Senator Rafael T. Cruz was BORN A CITIZEN of the United States of America.”

            In point of LAW, Senator Rafael T. Cruz could have been born on the MOON, and he still would have been BORN A CITIZEN of the United States of America.

          • No one is saying Rafael was not born an American citizen. Just that he was not born a natural born American citizen. I believe they claim in as a natural born Canadian in Canada though.

          • just look at the meaning of your post: BORN CITIZEN versus NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, TWO DIFFERENT STATUS’.

          • You are wrong and you know it. You just want to be right and that shows narcissism…there is no cure for that. the prisons are full of them.

          • Your whole problem Marie is I am right. There is nothing you can post to disprove ONE thing iI’e posted and that pisses you off. Good, I enjoy proving YOU to be a loser.

          • If that makes you happy Peter, run with it, because a NARCISSIST can never be wrong, in their mind. I have no problem on whatever it is you are thinking, I have no control over that, in the same vein that you have no control over mine, period. Peace be with you.

          • I gave you free rein to PROVE me wrong Marie, still waiting. Probably for longer than I have left in this world, ……

          • The educational records of Ted Cruz are available, with some provisions. Just like about any one who went to college. Has A rump posted his educational records in total? Short answer, NO! By your standards, he’s “lying Trump”, just like you,”lying Edith.”

          • Well Peter Smith I will not call you a name as you are not running for office but I will call you uninformed.
            I have college records and there is nothing in my records that will have me to seal them. Only politicians who have something to hide seal personal records. Politicians such as Lyin’ Cruz and Traitorous Obama seal to evade.

            Trump 2016

          • Really? Edith, are you stoned or stupid? No other explanation works. Do you have all of “lying Donald’s” records? You never answered that question. What information would you like from the Cruz college transcripts Edith? Curious minds want to know.

          • So when you can not support your guys positions you resort to name calling. It is Lyin’ Ted and The Trump if you must call names.

          • Donald Trump = Head Trumpateer = Lyin’ Donald = Liberal Democrat Donnie = the White Obama = the wrong friggin’ man!

            CRUZ 2016!

          • We just have to ignore and forgive Peter. He is so much in love with Ted, he will insult anyone that do not agree with him. Poor guy has a very serious character flaw, and there is no cure for that. even Psychiatrists gives up on those people. It will take a miracle to change their approach to life because it is from childhood.

          • I have also noted the absence of “Cruz lies” with the proofs. Like I said earlier you and your attempted proofs are B-TCHES! Too bad Edith!

          • You just like to call folks names. Makes me want to change my views every time someone calls me a name. Because that is they way common core educated folks debate. No substance to your debate then resort to name calling. Okay…….

          • Common core? I’m 56 years old Edith, I was through school before some liberal like Lyin’ Donald ever even came up with the Common Core brain fart. I’m still waiting for the list of “Cruz lies” and the proofs of each lie. WELL! Oh, and since you want all of the Cruz educational information from his “sealed records”, please furnish Lyin’ Donald’s records, since you must already have them.

          • Edith, just give up on this guy because he seems to be narcissistic and self absorbed. There is no cure for that. They think someone died and made them God. Like the saying goes; you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink it.

          • Anyone with something to hide will seal their records. You are correct, but his supporters will never believe that. What do you think of his ethics now, what his supporters did in Colorado? If he is ethical, he will be the first to condemn what they did to the voters.His silence speaks a lot about him. Action speaks louder than words.

          • And is birth certificate shows him to be a citizen of Canada. Which he proved by denouncing his Canadian citizenship prior to campaigning.
            TRUMP 2016

          • Too bad Edith, he is also a natural born citizen of the United States and possibly the next POTUS. When he denounced his Canadian citizenship, his US NBC remained. Trump s-cks, Cruz 2016.

          • remember peter, cruz was not born in the USA, nor territory of ours. one, only, parent of US citizenship, he is INELIGIBLE. people mistakenly think that having one American parent you are eligible for presidency anywhere you were born. NOPE!!

          • Bullstuff John Flynn! Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen of these United States. He is eligible to be POTUS. The determination on citizenship at the time of the birth of Ted Cruz was bye McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. Try reading the act before making ignorant statements. And John, YEP!

          • Was the ACT approved? And can you publish the number because in some reports it was said that many cases like his was thrown out of the Supreme Court. If in fact he wins and has no problem with his citizenship he might make it because he is the choice of the GOP to dare Democrats about his citizenship and finally challenge Obama’s sealed records.

          • APPROVED? It was the law of the land for over a decade. It was amended in 1965 but the amendment just changed the way immigration quotas were counted. There is no court in the land that can deny the natural born citizenship status of Ted Cruz.

          • john we should just give up on poor Peter, he is brainwashed. Mediocre minds are easily brainwashed by the biased and paid M/M

          • And you’re just a lyin’, ignorant, dead from the neck up, little Trumpateer. I, on the other hand have 20/20 vision, a college education, and am in perfect health. Enjoy your ignorance Mary.

          • I am a 77 years old retired Insurance Broker, Mortgage Broker and Realtor. I owned and operated my own companies. I am not ignorant as you think I am ,but that is okay with me because you are a NARCISSISTIC FOOL. THERE IS NO CURE FOR THAT BECAUSE IT IS A CHARACTER FLAW. You will be hopeless even with the best Psychiatrist and will die a very unhappy and lonely man. Peace be with you.

          • Okay Marie, classify yourself then. I have supplied you with historic fact. But because it fails to fit and conform with your assertions, you continue to deny the historic facts exist or you imply improprieties on my part. I’ll wait for your personal classification Marie, this should be interesting. You assert i’m a “NARCISISTIC FOOL”, albeit I have repeatly given you historic facts. You deny those historic facts, IGNORANT is the correct term.

          • Edith, including the unfunded benefits like Welfare, Medicare Social Security, government pensions, the analysts said we are now more than $200,trillion in liabilities. That will take thousands of years from here to the moon and back if you stack dollar bills next to each other…WOW, how did we got here? POLITICAL MISMANAGEMENT, no thanks to the uninformed, misinformed and blind loyalists to their party voters.

          • Peter you are another ignoramus. Trump never had any personal bankruptcy. One of his corporations did a chapter 11 forced to reorganize to keep the company running and keep all employees. This is allowed by law for businesses who are victims of an economic downturn, no thanks to Obama’s economy. He also did it without any government bailout, that is a genius. He kept thousands of his employees employed to feed their families when he could have just closed that company and used it as a tax shelter for his loss. Instead of insulting and badmouthing him, you should thank him for feeding a lot of families. What have you done to help maintain employment?

          • Mary, you’re just an idiot. Where in any of my 3000+ posts have I ever asserted Trump filed personal bankrupcy? I’ll give you a clue, if you reach 1 in your count, you’re too high. Of the Trump bankrupcies, only ONE was based on the 2008 economic downturn. He missed a December 2008 bond interest payment of $53.1 million. Here are the FOUR Trump debacles. 1991, The Trump Taj Mahal. 1992, The Trump Plaza Hotel. 2004, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts. 2009, Trump Entertainment Resorts. And NO Government bailout? I will guaratee you Mary, the lender didn’t end up eating the loss, someone ended up paying.
            I bad mouth Trump because hs is the White Obama. He is a liberal Democrat/Trojan horse who will continue the destruction of this nation in the foot steps of Obama. And what have I done Mary? I have held a job for over 37 years since leaving college with NO debt. I have paid my taxes. I have raised my family and provided for them all. I have abided by the laws of this nation and been a Patriot of this nation my entire life. And I remain a Christian Conservative that loves this nation and am mad as hell as I see the destruction of this great nation by progressives and liberals. So I will continue to bad mouth every single one of them, including Lyin’ Donald Trump.

          • Good for you Peter. But I do not think Trump will continue the destruction of this country because he loves this country and he is looking at the future of his children and their children’s children. He would like to leave a legacy to their generation that he did something to save our economy from the BUBBLES that is at our doorstep. He is talking now about the BUBBLES, but it is too complex for mediocre minds to understand for now, until it hits their pocket books. I do not mean you of course. His business acumen and his knowledge of global economics, and the people he will surround himself with to turn our economy around is what I am for. I cannot go for empty political rhetoric that is nothing more than empty promises evidenced by what they have done in office. Sorry, Cruz just do not meet the criteria I set up for my candidate, for the good of this country.

          • Trump MAY indeed help our economy, true enough statement. Trump is a liberal in conservative clothing. His rhetoric is as empty as that of any other Liberal Democrat. You will find this out the hard way I’m afraid.

          • What did he accomplish exactly?? I live in Texas. Never protected the border and just recently he went to the border with Crazy Beck to pass out toys, candy and food and passed up thousands of homeless and poor American kids to do so. He will do absolutely nothing for us or our kids.

          • Mathematically, Cruz really can’t win either. Wisconsin will tell the story and the polls are all over the place. Hopefully, Trump wins Wisconsin and sails to the 1.237.

          • Many have been investigating him and won’t vote for him. No matter what he says He is a GLOBALIST and The Bush Group who are Supporting Him Are Strong Proponents of The New World Order.
            Why do you think that is. They know Donald Trump Puts America and American Citizens First. He is not a GLOBALIST and Does Not Support One World Government.

          • Name 3 of his accomplishments since becoming senator.
            Knowing the constitution means nothing as shown by Obama.
            TRUMP 2016

          • Our problem is our trillions in debt and our economy. No lawyer or politician will have the brain or foresight to understand the games in global commerce other than Trump, who has proven his success in entrepreneurship not just here but globally. He is a brilliant negotiator and is well respected in the field of commerce. We need him, whether you like him or not, the country needs his business acumen. Please vote for him and help save our country from it’s demise.

      • The only thing that stops me from supporting Senator Cruz is the Carson incident. I was a strong Ben Carson supporter, and was thrilled that he had so resonated with the people that, for a time, he was actually the front runner. Then to have the Senator, or one of his people, spread the lie that Dr. Carson was dropping out–especially considering his apology was too little too late, as the good doctor’s campaign never recovered–now I’m not sure any more. I LOVED his Purim message, but I can’t shake the thought that I can’t completely trust him. Again, the age old question–what did he know? When did he know it? Could he have actually righted the ship and given Dr. Carson a fair chance? Would he offer an olive branch in the form of the number two spot on the ticket? I will vote for anyone (including Socks Clinton) who asks Ben Carson to be his running mate.

        • Yeah, you are totally right. The Carson incident was totally wrong.

          When Donald Trump threatened to produce FALSE WITNESSES to accuse Ben Carson of being a Child Molester and then BLACKMAILED Ben Carson into endorsing “the Donald” for President, I lost all my remaining respect for Donald Trump. I didn’t have much to lose, but what I had was gone.

          • Donald denied all that garbage. the left did it to severe his relationship with Dr. Carson, but Dr. Carson knew better that is why he endorsed Trump. He knew how it is to be victimized by the lawless left.

          • You are totally misinformed. Try reading the Unbiased publications, the mainstream media is paid, biased and spit out lies for the benefit of their employers, and the oligarchy who pulls their strings.

          • I read the DONALD TRUMP ADS against Dr. Ben Carson. I read DONALD TRUMP’s comments from his OWN campaign.

            Are you telling me that Donald Trump’s OWN campaign is “biased”? Are you telling me that Donald Trump’s OWN advertisements are LIES?

            Well, you certainly have me there!

        • I love Carson also, I saw him speak at the prayer breakfast & with Obama right there Carson spoke against issues Obama was pushing & I really liked his boldness. But blaming Cruz over the Carson issue is wrong, it was reported by CNN that Carson was leaving the race & then repeated by Cruz campaign, not Cruz. I like the fact that Cruz is the only one to speak against UN Agenda21, the plan to make us part of a Communist one world gov. excuse for agenda is global warming/climate change. Cruz is committed to our constitution, bill of rights & sovereignty & this is what is at stake in this election. I found a document from the UNODA/office of disarmament affairs & the jest of it says “they must confiscate weapons from civilians to further implement agenda21” so the UN is even behind our second amendment rights!

        • Yes, Ted Cruz’s campaign staff SPREAD the CNN NEWS REPORT that Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.

          They did not make it up.

          They did not create that LIE.

          They did not spread something they knew in advance was untrue.

          They SPREAD a CNN NEWS REPORT.

      • There is another potential candidate for president – Retired General of the United States Marine Corps James Mattis. You might want to check him out?


      • And he also takes money from the GLOBALISTS on Wall Street.
        GLOBALISTS and New World Order Types want to run the world, They don’t give a Dam about any Country or its Citizens. They want One World Government. If you want One World Government vote For Cruz.

        • Ted Cruz is the only one to speak against UN Agenda 21, the plan to make America part of a Communist one world gov. Excuse for agenda is climate change which Cruz is against. He was solicitor general of TX. & fought for our sovereignty & constitution. One battle he fought for 31 states was for the right to keep & bear arms & he won! Another was a fight for sovereignty when the Intl Court wanted jurisdiction (Bush sided with them) over an illegal who had raped & murdered a woman, he was given the death sentence, Intl court wanted it overturned, Cruz won that. So don’t tell me Cruz is for the NWO!!!

        • Well, I’ll say this for you, even when you’re dead -ss wrong in your statements, you stay bought.
          Trump has borrowed more money from Wall St. than all the other candidates put together. I’m factoring in his businesses when I make this statement. Wall St. owns Trump, a.k.a., the White Obama.

          • That’s what the Democrats always expect you to do. They want you to do their homework for them. They WON’T do their homework on Senator Rafael T. Cruz because it doesn’t fit with their ideas about him.
            The idea that Ted Cruz was the ONLY person who had the guts to stand and fight against Obama, the idea that he has PAID his FAIR SHARE of Income Taxes, the idea that he did NOT hire illegal aliens to build his house and then refuse to pay them “because they were illegals and didn’t work hard enough”, that just doesn’t mesh with Robert and Edith’s beliefs about Ted Cruz.

          • They won’t do their own homework because they don’t want to prove our assertions that they cluelessly ignorant about “Lyin’ Donald” and Ted Cruz.
            I’m sure it is a sobering revelation when you prove to yourself that you’re stupid. I’m sure they’ll get used to it. After all, they’re Trumpateers.

    • I think you have that wrong. It should be “Lyin’ Trump”. At least that was what the JUDGE said after reviewing Donald Trump’s completely false Order to Show Cause when “the Donald” sued Ted Cruz.
      He said that Donald Trump’s Order to Show Cause had:
      – No basis in any FACT, verbal, written or otherwise,
      – No basis under the LAW,
      – No reason to have been submitted, period.
      The JUDGE, using a lot of flowery legal jargon said what came down to this, “DONALD TRUMP is a LIAR, and Ted Cruz told the truth.”

      • I see, since you didn’t like the Judge’s decision, you resolve to insult the Judge.
        That’s real mature.

        Since the Judge actually knew the US LAW, he must be a “progressive” or a “RINO”.

        Since the Judge actually reviewed all the FACTS, he must be “crooked or biased”.

        Do I need any more proof that the Trumpeters are BRAINWASHED?

  4. Ted Cruz knows, respects, and will be a Commander in Chief who abides by the Constitution. America is in trouble because the Federal Government is too big and is too out of control. Donald “boom boom” Trump is a loose cannon who is probably as acquainted with the Constitution as much as he is the Bible.

  5. Why does the republican party keep trying to defeat Mr Trump and arn’t happy with Mr Cruse? Is it because they want the democrats to win? Maby they feel that these two republicans don’t diserve to be in the white house, because their afraid they will crack the golden egg, causing a big mess. It’s about time all republicans pick the best of the two, then back him 110%. Republicans must stop defeating republicans. If they don’t, there will be the same B.S. in Washington for the next 4 or 8 years.

    • Well said, Grampy1! Your grandchildren are obviously blessed, as their “Grampy” seems to be a very wise man. God bless you, sir.

    • We are trying to prevent another Richard M. Nixon debacle.

      Donald Trump is a LIAR. He is a CHEAT. He is an exploiter. He’s a TAX DODGER.

      And if he is elected President, the Republicans will be blamed for every crime he commits in office.

      And I’m sorry “grampy” your grandchildren have an ignorant hillbilly for a grandfather. I will pray for them.

      • All BULL CRAP. Prove it or STFU. So that’s your reason for VOTING for CRUZ, your Religion. That’s why our Founders wanted a separation between church and state. Religion and Politics don’t mix. As far as being a Tax cheat
        you must be out of your mind, to believe the IRS wouldn’t go after Trump if he really owed Taxes. You are a Lame Brain.

      • Maby so, but at least he is an honest one. Why do you feel that way about him? I would like to know,maby I am missing something, and can you prove what you say? I try to eliminate the bias and listen to what he says. When he says he wanrs to make America great again, I believe him. He won’t know what he can or can not do until he is in office. He will have to surround himself with advisers that want to make America great again. If he and Cruze are knocked out and someone else is brought in, you might as well hand the election over to hillary, That is if she doesn’t have it allready.

        • Right you are Grampy. Trump will surround himself with economic analysts, actuaries, engineers, doctors, insurance analysts, scientists, accountants and all kinds of experts instead of what we have now, Obama’s Muslim CZARS as advisers. Since when did America needed CZARS? We are the biggest economy and consumers in the world and yet we are the biggest debtor in the world, because of mismanagement of our assets. 50 years of Democratic control of both houses brought us to trillions in debt. The Republicans do not want to do the clean up and get blamed for our economic demise, but Trump is not scared. He wants to save this country for his children, grandchildren and ours.

    • The Republicans really do not want to win because we are facing a very difficult time ahead and bubbles will be bursting in all markets including Real Estate again and even worst than the 2008 Bubble. They do not want deflation to happen on their term. Economic analysts are very scared, especially when the Chinese YUAN was accepted in the global “reserve currency basket” which will be in par with the dollar. There goes the velocity of our currency and the transfer of money all over the world, which will usher in DEFLATION FOR US. OUR DOLLAR TODAY IS NOT BACKED BY GOLD OR GDP, AND THE IMF HAS WARNED OUR POLITICIANS TO MANAGE THEIR SPENDING, BUT NO ONE LISTENS. OUR CURRENT POLITICIANS DO NOT HAVE THE BRAINS TO BALANCE THE BUDGET, because every time the Republican house tries to curtail Obama’s budget he threatens to close the government. Remember he closed it for 16 days when they tried to cut his budget. All the QUANTITATIVE EASINGS 1-2-3-4 AND STILL GOING IS DEVALUING OUR CURRENCY (money printing). Our debt is unsustainable and politicians are still spending our FIAT money like a drunken sailor. To them we are their CASH COWS AND THE FUTURE GENERATION CAN PAY ALL THE DEBT. We badly need Trump to at least put a stop to their massive spending and mismanagement of our assets before it is all gone. Ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly.

  6. I will vote for TRUMP, even if he doesn’t get the nomination; I will write him in on the ballot as my vote. This political establishment needs to be broken up and Trump is the only one running that is willing to do it for the American people. These others are only in it for them self, they want the money and the life long support they will receive after leaving office. Trump does not need the money or the recognition, he has it all already. Trump means what he says, and they all know it, that’s why these political hacks will try everything in the book to stop him from getting the nomination. They want a contested convention so they can perform their dirty work against the voters!

      • So you are disgusted with POLITICIANS using dirty tricks to avoid paying their Income Taxes and then refusing to show people their Income Tax Returns because it is OBVIOUS that they are TAX CHEATS.

        You are disgusted with POLITICIANS using illegal aliens to do their work for them, and then exploiting their lack of legal status to refuse them their pay.

        You are disgusted with POLITICIANS suing their adversaries over issues that are proved in open court to be OUTRIGHT LIES.

        You are disgusted with POLITICIANS blackmailing people into doing what they want by threatening to produce false witnesses to accuse them of such horrible crimes they knuckle under rather than have to answer the accusations.

        Oh, I’m sorry, Donald J. Trump has done all of those things.

        • You really need to wake up. Mr Trump is not perfect. He is a good person and means well. Now if you want to dump on some one try Hillary. She is a bigger discrace than all of the canidates put together. What do we have left? The lesser of two evils and that would be Mr Trump or Mr Cruze. Both want to get back to following the constitution. All the other side wants to do is spend more & more money. If you think the other side is so great, take a long look at the past 71/2 years. Our country has become the laughing stock of the world. I could say more, but must leave to for personal business.

    • Write ins are a great idea but a mechanism is needed to count, verify and include them. Machines cannot do it.

  7. What the GOP is doing is what they do best, self canibalization. Instead of getting behind Trump and making sure they get him into office, they’d rather destroy the party and hand the country over to Shitlery for a third term of OlBluegums policies.

  8. Cruz is just being used as a pawn to upset Trump and when we get to the Convention the Conservatives will stab Cruz in the back and drop him like a hot potato.

  9. Cruz is just another bought and paid for establishment republican who will be used by special interests before the american people. It is true that he has been seen as a thorn in the side of the Senate Republicans for about a year, but I believe that it was just posturing to make him more acceptable to be a presidential candidate. Let’s face it, Cruz has been working in government in one way or another for his entire life and surely knows the ropes to getting filthy rich from selling out to special interests. We really don’t need another self centered sell-out in the presidency. Our country can’t stand it. Besides, I don’t think that he has what it will take to beat the democrats.

    • Right, and Donald J. Trump is the DIRTIEST POLITICIAN since Richard M. Nixon.

      Oh, that wasn’t what you were gonna say?

  10. TED CRUZ is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President. Cruz is NOT a con artist like pathological liar Trump who hurls obscenities, hides his taxes from the voters, tries to seize property from elderly ladies under the guise of “eminent domain” in order to build a parking lot for his limos, and has his storm troopers grab female reporters, Phony Trump is a DEALMAKER. Ted Cruz is the REAL DEAL.

    • Ted Cruz – May 31 2013 “The underlying bill from the Gang of Eight provides for legal status for those who are here illegally. It provides for them getting a temporary visa initially, and ultimately being able to get a green card, as a legal permanent resident. The amendment I introduced would not change any of that, which would mean the 11 million who are here illegally would all come out of the shadows and be legalized under the Gang of Eight’s bill. It would simply provide that there are consequences for having come illegally, for not having followed the legal rules, for not having waited in line, and those consequences are that those individuals are not eligible for citizenship.”
      Real conservative.

        • No, but you appear to be. That was his statement as to why his amendment to the gang of 8 bill would allow it to pass. In case you haven’t noticed we are not Germany. Since Cruz is running as the only ‘constitutional conservative’ his statement shows he isn’t what he says. What part of granting amnesty to illegals don’t you understand? By definition they are breaking our laws and so should be deported, of course since Trump has stated that for his whole campaign Cruz has changed his position and now agrees with Trump. The only thing Cruz doesn’t do is tell people that he has changed his position.

          • He never changed a thing. He was just so much smarter than the Democrats, he put an amendment into their bill that KILLED IT!

          • You need to recheck things. He first said what I quoted, then after his amendment failed he said that he put it forth as a bill killer. Very disingenuous of him.

          • I see, so the Bill actually passed. MY MISTAKE!
            Oh? Gee? It DIDN”T PASS. What was I thinking!

          • I see, so the Bill actually passed. MY MISTAKE!

            Oh, it didn’t pass. What was I thinking?

            When the members of the Senate saw that Ted Cruz had a solution that was more ELEGANT than theirs, they all agreed to vote the entire thing down.

            Back to the drawing board. We can’t just COPY/PASTE the German solution. It would make us look inferior to the German politicians. We can’t have that!

        • Illegal alien Mexicans do NOT want to be “Residents” of America.
          The illegal alien Mexicans want welfare, Social Security, the Right to Vote. They want to be CITIZENS.

          If you make it so that accepting “amnesty” means they will NEVER get those things, they stop coming.

          That’s what happened in Germany. As soon as the Muslims / Turks found out that they were “second class” in Germany, the shine came off. There are still Muslims / Turks in Germany. They still run their vegetable carts and come around the neighborhoods, but they are a NON-ENTITY. They have no legal citizenship and NEVER WILL HAVE.
          Nobody cares about Muslim / Turks demonstrating in Germany. They AREN’T citizens! As I said before, they just take up space.

          PS: That isn’t what Barack Obama and the Democrats wanted, either. They wanted those Mexicans to be able to VOTE. So Ted’s amendment KILLED the Gang of 8 Bill.

    • Yep, Eddie, you are correct.

      Donald J. Trump is a fake. He’s been a Democrat for years, then suddenly amazingly he “converts” to be a Republican.

      He supported “reproductive freedom” (read killing babies) for years.

      He hired and then refused to pay illegal aliens to build the Trump Tower in New York.

      He tried to start a lawsuit to prevent Ted Cruz from running for President, but the JUDGE flushed his Order to Show Cause down the toilet.

      The Judge said that if ANY MEMBER of the Trump campaign staff tried to justify Donald J. Trump’s PHONY lawsuit, he would issue a CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDER against Donald J. Trump and have him extradited back to his jurisdiction so that “the Donald” could begin serving his JAIL SENTENCE.

      He BLACKMAILED Ben Carson into endorsing him for President by threatening to produce false witnesses to accuse him of being a child molester.

  11. Ted Cruz has no executive experience that I’ve read about. I would prefer someone with executive experience and more wisdom than a 45-year old. Cruz also refused to answer a simple “yes” or “no” question: “Have you ever cheated on your wife?” At least he didn’t lie about it.

  12. As much as Cruz is really NOT qualified due to his parental birth in Canada, I’d still like to see Trump/Cruz ticket and ram these B@$&@$*! out of this govt and out of control1 All they want is to run this nation into the ground to take us into the NWO and make us a 3rd world nation for their monetary riches! they want to keep their power and money and they don’t give a rats ass how they do this!

      • because they are not running! Vote for who you want and IT still won’t make one difference in the world! Jesus Christ sets men up and puts them down as he desires and for His purpose! So, maybe you ought to read the Book of Daniel and see! And maybe that’s the problem w/you as well as millions in this country, they just won’t or don’t read that King James Bible! IT will give you all the answers you need or want! It is NOT outdated or archaic etc It is so far advanced man can’t catch up to its wealth of knowledge! I’d invite and encourage you to read it, , if you don’t you’ll never have any answers that matter! How about that!

  13. cruz is a sissy/uses deception like most politicians..will not help correct America’s future rnc dishonest conduct keeps cruz/ kasich in the race..hope Trump wins cheeseland Wisc.. then correcting at that point can start..U.S.Army Vet here

  14. As a conservative I will never support Ted Cruz. And now, I no longer trust the Republican Party. They have made complete baboon butts of themselves. Their behavior is by far worse than Trumps. They need to wake up. This is a new world and their backward tactics will only rocket Hilary to the Whitehouse. And won’t that be sad.

  15. The American people no longer pick the people that they want to run our government; it’s the political establishment hack’s that pick the people for us. This is what I consider a tyrannical run government. We will never get our government back to the people if this is the way they are going to run the system of voting in this country, and they will take more and more of our freedoms away. I believe in one vote one person; we have the technology to do it, and need no one to speak for us. Perhaps we need to organize and start a strong third party that is “By the People and for the People” the way it should be and not let a few decide for the masses. Maybe we should call it the “American Party” and run against the Republican and Democratic parties, and take America back.

  16. Are you sure you want Cruz’s wife and Goldman Sachs any where near the National Collection Plate? Remember they learned their government financing in the Bush Administration.

  17. Not after he voted for the TPP and we found out about his wifes employment with Goldman Sachs. Also her involvement with the CFR. This man is for a NWO and I am totally against any other country or entity to try to control the U.S.. He has become to me un-trusTed.

  18. Hate to say it but your wrong this time Rush – Cruz is establishment – he is taking money from big money and that means he is bought and paid for to do their bidding just like all the rest of them except Trump who is being assaulted because they cant control or buy him.

    • If Donald Drumpf doesn’t go marching into Cleveland with 1247 delegates or more he will NOT get the nomination, I think that today is the end for him. Drumpf is not increasing he has gone level at mid 30’s to low 40’s …not enough . Behind the scene der party is already working the double super secret delegates of states with upcoming primaries . Koch brothers, Simon and LeGree, making Soros and his 6 mil contribution look like a grass roots donor with their ANTI HUMAN filthy coal cash, fracking francs and dollars for disease, $890,000,000 mil for a candidate who will support their evil, profiteering agenda and its not Drumpf, Raphael or Herr Weasel Kasich. I think Drumpf is da da da done. He has been part of a planned dumbing down of the riche wing base. The Right is too far right to win…this is not 1940’s Germany …yet. We live among WHITE SUPREMISTS and REVERSE CHRISTIANS where hate is the new black and those groups are owning the republican party incorporating mass propaganda for the ignorant and the selfish(Fascism).

  19. No, Hell No! This Canook born & bred in Canada is totally bought & paid for by The Establishment Ruling Elite, so they have 100% control of him so therefore he would be nothing but a New World Order Puppet, Period!

  20. Is Rush back on the prescription shopping kick again? Cruz is part of the establishment. He’s been part of the Bush cartel for years.

  21. Hell no, I do not agree that we should have a Canadian citizen as our President. let him unseal his sealed records, just like Obama’s sealed records. The reason our founding fathers required our President to be born in this country with both parents ALSO American citizens is to prevent PLANTED BABIES TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND RUIN OUR COUNTRY. HAVEN’T YOU GUYS LEARNED ANYTHING YET? WE ARE FOR SALE BY THE IDIOT POLITICIANS, IT IS TIME FOR US TO GAIN BACK OUR COUNTRY AND THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DO THAT IS AN OUTSIDER WHO IS NOT BEHOLDEN TO THE CROOKS AND THE LOBBYISTS. VOTE TRUMP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Wake up America.


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