The Unexpected Good News About Hillary’s Win in South Carolina

You probably saw that Hillary Clinton routed Bernie Sanders last week in South Carolina. It’s not the news we wanted to hear.

However, in spite of Hillary winning there is some good news to report in regards to the upcoming election season.

Judging from what’s taking place at the polls right now, the GOP is poised to thump the Democrats in November.


Because Democratic voter turnout is really, really low; and Republican turnout is at record highs.

Here’s the report from American Patriot Daily:

In South Carolina’s Democratic primary, where Hillary Clinton scored a big victory Saturday night, just over 367,000 people turned out to vote – a 30 percent decrease from 2008, the last contested Democratic primary, when 532,000 Democrats voted.

Just a week earlier, when Republicans in South Carolina went to the polls, a whopping 738,000 turned out, over 20 percent more than the 603,000 Republicans who voted in 2012 in the GOP’s last contested primary.

The same thing happened in Nevada.

Their primary saw an equal 30 percent drop (as in South Carolina) with turnout falling from 118,000 in 2008 to just 84,000 this year.

Guess what the GOP turnout looked like? Hint – it was much more favorable.

Republican turnout was an astounding 75,000 this year as compared to a horrific 33,000 back in 2012 the year Obama won the election.

The same trends occurred in the New Hampshire caucus, where Republican turnout was up by 14 percent over 2012 (284,000 compared to 248,000). In Iowa, 186,000 Republicans caucused, a more than 50 percent increase over 2012’s 121,000 GOP voters.

Why is this happening?

Because Republicans are fed up with what the Democrats are doing to our country.

And the Democrats are disillusioned and believe that because Barack Obama is president, their next candidate is a shoe-in.

The GOP has more candidates to choose from; the Democrats have only two candidates running, and they’re not very good.

Nobody wants to “hold their nose” and vote for a party’s nominee.

This is why turnout has been low for the Democrats and why it’s unlikely they’re going to win in November.

Do you agree that higher Republican turnout will hold the key to victory in November?

Sound off in the comments section below.


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    • Admittedly the Republican primary is more interesting (a street fight is always more interesting than a real policy debate!), particularly to the old-line union (low information) working class voters. So… many Dems are crossing over to vote either for or against Trump, depending on their feelings about him. And some who are very pro-Clinton or Sanders are taking Republican ballots and voting for Trump on the supposition that he is so outrageous that he will be the easiest one to beat in November. While this may be a mistaken supposition, you can bet that a significant % of the crossover vote will be back in the Dems camp for the general election.

      • not this time. If it was politics as usual you could very well be correct, you could also be correct if the nomination goes to Cruz, as there seems to be a programed fear of Bible quoting evangelists, but even that could be different this time. The bottom line this time is that a Hilda-Beast, or Commie Bernie win is not in the cards. There is the 20% hard core left-wits, then there are the 80% of Democrats, that speaks for itself.

        • You appear to be ignorant of the spectrum of political views. Clinton is not even close to being “hard core left”. She, as well as her husband, are right down the middle centrists. Why do you think there is such debate between her and Sanders?

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  2. Just watched video of a female voter asking Hitlary why the big spike in Obozocare premiums and deductibles. Hotlary’s comment shop harder for a cheaper plan and she bragged about her plan to shut down cosl and coal mines if she wins the Presidency. Is this the type of wacko you want for potus? Me HELL NO

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    • all these hatred talks and name calling and denial and obstructing approach in the conservative media in last eight years only fueled a faked conservative candidate like Trump

  4. Yes it could mean a great victory in Novemer! That is if our own party stops with the demise of our front runner.!!

  5. America needs to stop voting by party, vote for the person who you feel will do the most good for YOU an AMERICA, there are CRAPPY CANDIDATES, an GOOD CANDIDATES, in many elections, vote both sides of the isle , THE HELL WITH THE PARTIES, these parties have NO FAITH to you, so why have any faith to them ????, be your self, vote for the person, but these political parties are corrupt, just take a peak at who, is in the running of them, yep crooked as the day is long. VOTE FOR THE PERSON, NOT THE PARTY , but by all means VOTE , hope we will have a FRAUDULENT ELECTION.

  6. although Democrat voter turnout is lower they may prevail for at least 2 reasons: 1) the GOP is in disarray and too spread out; 2) the Dems will rely on the “gimme the check” numbers to carry them to victory!

  7. The Republicans stayed home in the 08 and 12 elections and you see what the results were. Let’s not repeat the same mistake in 16. This country cannot withstand anymore progressive liberal socialist leadship. The enemy is within our government and it’s past time to turn this country around and reinstate liberty, the constitution and the representative republic. This is the most crucial election in my lifetime and I was born when Eisenhower was president. This is our last chance to return America to its greatness. The country cannot withstand the likes of the Clintons or Socialist Sanders. So come election day this November be a patriot and a hero and do your duty to save America, VOTE for the Republican nominee. Get to the polls come hell or high water. Turning out in masses is the key to victory for all that is America.


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