Top Republicans and Tech CEOs Conspire At Anti-Trump Meeting to Do This

Multiple sources are reporting that GOP insiders, governors, donors, and tech CEOs recently gathered at two separate meetings to keep GOP front-runner Donald Trump from winning the party’s nomination for president.

One gathering was at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Park City, Utah. The governors were treated to a slide show purporting to prove that Trump could be held to less than the 1,237 delegates he would need to win the nomination outright.

The Huffington Post reported that a handful of tech CEOs also met the weekend of March 6 at an isolated Georgia resort with GOP leadership to derail the Trump juggernaut.

The meeting on Georgia’s Sea Island was reportedly attended by Apple’s Tim Cook, Tesla Motor’s Elon Musk, Facebook investor Larry Page, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan along with several other GOP leaders. The meeting was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute.

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol was especially concerned the meeting was haunted by the “specter of Donald Trump.” Here’s more of his remarks as reported by Breitbart:

“The key task now, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him. In general, there’s a little too much hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, and fatalism out there and not quite enough resolving to save the party from nominating or the country electing someone who simply shouldn’t be president.”

The group of leaders also discussed the possibility of a brokered convention and reviewed plans to keep Trump from gaining the GOP nomination.

This is, of course, far from the only time GOP insiders have tried to float the idea of a brokered convention.

Audio of Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan was leaked discussing similar plans to force Trump into a brokered convention and for keeping him below the needed delegate count ahead of the convention.

A brokered national political convention is rare. The last times they occurred were in the 1948 National Republican Convention that nominated Thomas Dewey, and the 1952 Democratic National Convention which nominated Adlai Stevenson.

Do you think the GOP establishment will attempt a brokered convention, even if Trump has the required number of 1,237 delegates? And if so, do you think they will succeed in their efforts… and who will they replace The Donald with?


  1. To me, it is amazing and ridiculous that the leading candidate for President has millions and millions of dollars spend on ads, etc. against him, paid for by his own party. Vote for Trump!!!

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          • My I Q is 145, so I beat you. TRUMP is 150 so don’t think he is attracting dummies. He has people of all walks of life, jobs, education , etc. as he is the man for the people like AB, Ike and Reagan. This is our only hope before America comes tumbling down just like BOTH parties want. They are using you !! Guess you like one world govt. or a bloody revolution as that is what will happen if we get a corrupt and evil president. We need TRUMP, as he LOVES America and will work hard to bring it back.

          • How did you get your IQ tested, I am interested to know?

            Why is Trump attracting “people who have never voted before, in their 50’s & 60’s [age]”??

            Why are the dumbest people in America, TEA Party, so enthralled with a huckster BIZ guy who will sell Manhattan Island to you if you believe him?

            How is he any different than the snake oil salesman of the 19th century? He isn’t any different.

            He has NO policy solutions, just bluster and one liner ” Believe me people, I KNOW” …What does he know about foreign policy? Nothing.

            So vote for who you like , but Trump is no Ike . Reagan was an “actor” who made people feel better. I sure don’t know why Bedtime for Bonzo makes people feel better, do you pal?

            I have about one thousand more questions for you if you’re interested in answering any of them, eh?

          • Why are the dumbest people in America, TEA Party, so enthralled with a huckster BIZ guy who will sell Manhattan Island to you if you believe him?

            How is he any different than the snake oil salesman of the 19th century? He isn’t any different.

            He has NO policy solutions, just bluster and one liner ” Believe me people, I KNOW” …What does he know about foreign policy? Nothing.

            So vote for who you like , but Trump is no Ike . Reagan was an “actor” who made people feel better. I sure don’t know why Bedtime for Bonzo makes people feel better, do you pal?

          • Why don’t you tell US what we should do to get back on track. You say YOU KNOW, so let us in on the solution.

          • I really don’t know what you mean by “back on track”? GW Bush ran the country off the rails. Obama got it fixed with the best economy in the World. What else do you want?

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      • Then you are as guilty as the crooked party leaders that plan Trump’s downfall by illegal tactics. Like them you do not care about the constitution, the right of the will of the people, nor do you care about having a moral president, even if he is not politically correct. Like the criminal element leading this immoral tyranny over this rigged race, you are also immoral for condoning it. This nation should insist on disbanning the republican party, and prosecuting all involved with this illegal conduct during an election process. As you can see a politically correct president brings more harm than good to the people, and a morally correct president can make this nation great, once again. PROSECUTE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY CRIMINALS, AND ALLOW DONALD TRUMP TO RUN A LEGAL AND MORAL CAMPAIGN ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!

  2. GO TRUMP! 100% full speed ahead!
    Shut the establishment down! All TRUE
    Americans are behind you! You are the
    one we need to straighten out the mess
    obama has made of our country!

  3. So the Republican establishment is essentially telling America that it can’t trust the voters, we know better, shut up and go along with who we appoint. If we want your opinion we will give it to you. This is not going to play well. The RNC and its alleged leaders must have s_ _ t for brains or their leadership are Democratic moles. Can there really be any third possibility?

    • Be careful here. Make sure you’re hearing what they are actually saying. I learned ages ago (during the Clinton years) just how to parse words. The GOP heavy-weights are suggesting (and rightly so) that the Delegates are the ones who select the Nominee. What they aren’t reiterating is that the Voters are the ones who select the Delegates. Perhaps, the Establishment should shove that into their collective pipe and smoke it.

      • There needs to be a rule/policy change and get rid of the delegates because they can be bought or threatened to vote for someone.

        They can’t do that to the voters. The voters should rule!

  4. Don’t eveN think of it. We the American people want and voted for TRUMP do not try and pull a Slick Willy on us,no ROMNEY HE found his words after he lost! only A WINNER WILL SIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE THIS TIME!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP NO P.C. TELLING IT LIKE IT IS !!!

  5. Trump was the first one to say control our borders. Given what happened today, his intuition was right. Now I heard Cruz say to stop the Syrian refugees from coming. Go Trump, the originator, not imitator! Down with all of the career politicians. We tried the rest, not try the best! Trump/2016

    • Hey Redman, You are probably a BLM supporter, the way you talk-cowards!
      Did you see the idiots being run over in AZ. Ha Ha Get off the highways or
      get run over, Fool!

  6. This is disgusting and exactly what’s wrong with AMERICA ! What happened to the PLEDGE? The “May the best man win? The LAW? Election is about voting ! The PEOPLE vote for the candidate ! NOT the GOP, establishment,and DONORS to campaigns. The constitution reads by the people for the people Not the politicians. Doesn’t anyone care about prosecuting these people for defrauding the public?Am I the only person that says this is wrong? Fixing the election so the candidate is already chosen by the establishment !

    • If they highjack Trump there will be millions of voters rebel against Washington and I will be one of them,My hopes is that we will all go to Washington and enter the whitehouse and through the who dame bunch of them out of the whitehouse including the idiots who live there,we should just tear the white house down,The Repubs will be ruined forever.Trump is a great man and would be a wonderful PRESIDENT ,We will not take this crap from the Corrupt JERKS.

    • These scum are NOT honorable men, and neither are they patriots. True Americans need to stick together and elect Trump and then start cleaning house.

          • Cruz and Trump! Cruz wife has worked for CFR which wants open border between Mexico, US and Canada – North American Treaty. I have hot heard Cruz has any connections other than his wife’s connections.

            Trump just released his foreign policy team and 1 has worked for CFR and another has worked for the Hudson Institute (a front for NWO). In the last debate Trump men6tioned he has gotten some of his foreign policy info from Richard Haas whom he greatly respects ( I googled him) found out he is the President of CFR.

            The only difference between them is that Cruz knows the Constitution and so far he has stuck to it. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has endorsed him and he knows the Constitution forward and backwards. He must trust him to endorse him. The rich in Utah do not like Mike Lee.

            What do we do now????? I know we need to investigate everything that they say.

      • Maybe if we make it known that we will write in Trump, or not vote for their chosen one, they will begin to take us serious and listen to us for a change. I have lost faith in the government since Obama was elected. Every day I read the news and get more depressed at the way things are being handled and what is happening to our once great country. I just want it back to what it was. The young people don’t give me much hope for that ever happening.

    • Lind, I’m right with you, this is no way to run an election! These people are running scared! They are going to lose their high paying, do nothing jobs, and the perks that come with them! Their free ride IS OVER!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!

    • No you’re not the only one that sees it we all do. We the people will get rid of them one by one if they do this to Trump.

    • That is the way it should be, but unfortunately, I’m learning that it is not. Maybe I was naive, or uninformed but up until the last few decades, I’ve believed the people chose the candidate and the one they wanted for president. Now, I do not. It has been said that the brokered convention will lead to someone being nominated that wasn’t even on the ticket.

      • OMG ! This is terrible ! I was so interested in this election ! I thought it was exciting! But now……. I’m so disappointed learning that OUR vote does not matter, that I’m not sure if I even want to vote !

  7. IF the Party that Trump supposedly supports doesn’t want him as YOUR candidate, then what does that say about Trump?

    He has NO government experience, yet he is the BEST possible choice to be President?

    Sure, no problem there LOW INFO MORON voters. Just stay in your fantasy world and the REAL World will do just fine without you. MORONS, one & all in TEA Time.

    IQ of 85 guaranteed.

    • That was rude. He does have experience running businesses, and since this country allegedly is a ‘corporation’ since around 1787, he’s got all kinds of experience as an Executive, which is what our president is supposed to be.

      As for I.Q., you’ve certainly shown us yours. Care for some Tea?

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        What do you think about that FACT imbecile?

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          • Martin Mull, what happened to your comedy routine pal? It was going so good for awhile, wasn’t it?

            When you have to answer questions, like Trump will get a LOT of media questions, then it gets a little tougher to be a TEA Party JERK off, eh Martin?

            TEA Party, the IQ of 85 group that complains loudly, yet has NO solutions to any of the problems you complain about. I KNOW Martin, “BELIEVE ME, I KNOW” . . . . . .

  8. Yes, I think they will. They do not want Mr Trump as a candidate under any cercumstances. Even if it means giving the white house back to the democrates. I don’t know who they will replace Mr Trump with. I know they don’t care much for Mr Cruze. This leaves the republican party without a candidate. I gues they would rather lose the white house by forfiture than backing Mr Trump or Mr Cruze. What they are really saying is that the people’s votes don’t count. Now you can see how the elite have washington tied up and can not afford to have some one come in and upset the apple cart. In the passed years many organizations have yelled and hollard loud enough, that caused washington to do something about it. These people got what they wanted. Why can’t the true Americans stand up and do the same? If we would stand up and yell and hollard loud enough, we might end up in jail as terrorist, then again maby not. That is how bad things have come.

    • I guess us old folks could go and protest, hollar and stamp our feet and end up in jail or FEMA camp and then if we kick the bucket, children could file a wrongful death law suite.

  9. The establishment is against Trump and all their double dealing and backstabbing is convincing voters to vote for Trump.

    • I truly hope they feel the BACKLASH. This whole conspiracy to derail our front runner is disgusting. I’ve been in such an emotional upheaval with all of this nonsense. I feel much better now that my vote has been cast. 🙂 The GOP has created a format for us to Caucus online. At first it kept messing up on me. I couldn’t get off the voter Authentication page. Turns out, I had missed a letter in my personal Voter I.D. PIN they had issued to me upon my online registration. I tried to copy and paste it in, instead. Kept getting an error no matter what I tried. It certainly didn’t help my mood to know that George Soros owns the company hired for the online vote. You can imagine what was running through my head, as I kept getting rejected, so to speak. At one point, it even changed a letter in my PIN. (All by itself, freaky much.) I went back to my original email and clicked on a link that offered help. Sent off an email describing my woes. Never received a response, but when I got back from dropping my little grandson off at school, I was able to vote. Have my printed receipt, too. Phew!

      • On line votes would be illegal soon I hope. There is no way it would be honest. How about getting an absentee ballot and then return it to where ever you can and have proof you voted???? If TRUMP does not get elected this country is over or we will fight in a bloody revolution.

        • I have proof I voted. I have a printout (hard copy, of whom I voted for and my Voter I.D. PIN on it). The trouble with absentee ballots is there is NO WAY, at this time, to truly verify just who cast the vote through it. Do you not recall how that campaign worker was caught with a box full of absentee ballots in their trunk! Pretty shady, worse than a computer. What needs be done, is for all States, counties, cities, et al to cull their voting rosters, yearly. Verify those who have moved out of the State, those who have died, etc. And there needs be a stricter watch over absentee ballots. Unless, and until, they setup a way for the person to place their thumb print on it, so identity can be verified, I will NEVER vote absentee.

  10. Hate to say it, but, it looks like there is going to be a battle. ’60’s all over again? The people are speaking and Trump is the potential winner. The establishment doesn’t like it because he can’t be bought. Trump wasn’t my first choice but, since my candidate is gone, I will support him. Any of the remainder, except ant-gun Kasich, will be better than Killary Clinton. Yes, Kasich is anti-gun and rubs elbows with Sorry Soros.

    • Even though a couple of Trump’s foreign policy advisors that he just released have in the past worked for CFR and the Hudson Institute (a front for the NWO) he will be better than Hillary. Let’s hope!

    • I can;t imagine what person you fell for before. If it was Carson I will forgive you. Anything else and you blew it, except now you are TRUMP…so all will be o.k. If TRUMP does not get in, America is OVER…one world govt. or a bloody revolution by the people to take their country back. I don’t death or blood so having TRUMP win should be our option.

      • You need to learn how to write, spell, and punctuate before you try to forgive anyone for anything. Even Cruz is a better choice than what the idiotic Libetards are running up. I guess they believe that the 4 that died because of her are of no consequence.

  11. It is time to name all these people. Let Americans see the ones who thin they know better what is good for us and country. Who are these elite who have the opnipotant knowlege that will save America? It seems they haven’t done too well so far. our government as well has the same spiel with every election that they can fix it, with only just a little more money. The script is always the same despite the party. They only change the date on the old document. They feel we are so stupid they dont even edit it to sound different. Two things that we are indeed stupid or are all suffering memory loss. The truth lays with the dependent who must support the party or face the perceived threat of loosing their support. With three or more generations that are voting it will be hard to remove the politician as usual from government.

  12. It’s time to do away with the GOP because there power hungry…if they think I’ll vote for a republican so they can pick who they want no matter what the people say they can kiss my ass…I don’t know who died and made them boss…they better wake up or there’s not going to be a republican party left…assholes…

      • Your probably right but I believe The real Americans in America can change it…I’m talking about the ones that want a free life and to earn a living…not the ones getting the hand outs…don’t get me wrong, there are many people who truly deserve it but there are more who don’t and are taking advantage of American worker…isn’t that something, where the disabled that deserve the benefits want to work but can’t and the ones that can work don’t want to…it’s backwards and that’s a part of what’s wrong in this country, too many freebee’s…

        • The only way this will turn around is if our military comes out against it if there is martial law. We have Russian troops here to help Obama carry out NWO. Do your research. Agenda 21, Bureau of Land Mgmt pushing ranchers off land in CO, Ut, NV, etc Unarmed rancher was murdered and others peacefully protesting thrown in jail. .There are roadblocks out there now stopping locals from going to the grazing pastures for feed cattle and they are in military uniforms with no identification and will not tell locals who they are with. One older couple said they had her husband on his knees with gun in his face. We had an incident here in VA between a farmer and EPA.

  13. The career politicians are uniting to save their sorry asses and their, do nothing but line their pockets, jobs. Now that we know how far they will go to circumvent the will of the people we all need to promote Trump and the “Get Out the Republican Vote” premise.

    It is a sad day in America when our elected officials turn on us this way. Using Romney, who blew a sure thing, to go against the “will of the American people.” We just need to make sure Trump has 1237 delegates when he walks into the convention. When, not if, that happens there will be no excuse for a “brokered” convention. And Trump can “Make America Great Again.”

  14. I agree that Trump will be no better than Obama. But, the RNC and the Establishment Elites need to cut off funding to Kasich and let Cruz meet Trump one on one. Of course, the RNC would rather have Trump than Cruz. Trump is a Washington Insider and instead of buying influence from the politicians he will be a seller. I get a kick out of the so-called conservative Fox News. Hannity has his head so far up the rear of Trump that it is nauseating. Hannity actually mouths that Trump is the man who brought the open border problem to our attention. Gov Perry tried for 14 years to get the Federal Government to secure the Rio Grande. Hannity claims that he is the only one who vetted Obama and yet he does not ask Trump hard questions. For example, Trump has said that we should withdraw from NATO and when Sen Cruz points out that withdrawal as the world leader is an Obama doctrine Hannity starts mouthing how Trump wants to waterboard Islamic terrorist as though Sen Cruz was too critical of Trump. Why doesn’t he ask Trump some hard questions like (1) How can we be the world leader if we withdraw from Europe and Asia? (2) Isn’t hiring a contractor who uses illegals the same as you hiring the illegals? (3) Who pays the 45% tariff, isn’t it the American people? (4) You say you don’t need to ask God for forgiveness since you have never done anything wrong. You brag about your adultery, don’t you think that is wrong? (5) You say John McCain was not a war hero, where were you in the Viet Nam War? These are just a few questions. I could think of at least 10 more. The truth is that Trump is the liar, not Sen Cruz. And he is lying his way to the Oval Office with the help of slavish worship from the so-called conservative, Sean Hannity.

    • I want to ask him why he is hiring a person that used to work for CFR and another person that worked at the Hudson Institute (front for NWO) as foreign policy advisors???

  15. if trump is prevented from being the party’s nomination by some under handedness,I will not vote,let the democrapps have it,hell the GOP is no better.

  16. If Trump is scammed out of the nomination I will Write In His Name and it’s time for a new Conservative Party that lives by the Constitution and maybe we can take out enough Democrats that aren’t Commies and do away with these Career Politicians.

  17. How can a party be the one that chooses who will win? Why does the party even need to have caucuses or primary voting, when it is useless, because they will just choose whomever they want to be the nominee, instead of the one that earned the votes? The republican party is something to be embarrassed about, seeing that they are sabotaging their own winning candidate, just because they don’t like him. I can see only one reason they even continue the process, and that is to be able to choose the party’s nominee, to become the one they want to be elected, and disregard the people’s choice.They are totally over ruling the will of the people, and I believe they should all be charged in the federal offence of rigging an election. Donald Trump should sue each and every person involved in the political sabotage, personally. Republican leaders of the party want to pick the nominee and not the support nominee that the people want. Donald Trump needs to call for a federal investigation into the party’s tactics, and be able to prove the party leaders are going to ignore the will of the people and, to rig the election, all of which is not even legal to tamper with an election process. I believe that all people involved in the bashing, of Trump, and the lying and misleading and manipulating of the press, and all people that willingly committed illegal acts to impede Trump’s campaign, and to misrepresent him in negative adds, and to slander and defame him should be held accountable in a court of law. All people involved in changing the distribution of the delegations of votes by the party leaders, to suit their own wishes,should also be prosecuted for election tampering. This is not the true and just way to get a nominee. I hope Donald Trump asks for an investigation into tampering with an election, over ruling the will of the people, obstructing the process of election, and down right rigging the nominee by delegate fraud. By the party leaders, donors and others giving the delegates to the nominee of their own choice, and disregarding, and the winner of the voters’ choice, I feel they have done Donald Trump a great injustice, and should at the minimum have to pay him back for all money he spent on his campaign, as they have interfered with his election process. The leaders of the republican party should just step down, and be prosecuted for all illegal acts they took to rig the election process, and thereby rig the election outcome. This is exactly why the nation does need a leader like Trump. I don’t care if he is not always politically correct, so long as he is morally correct, unlike those that wish to persecute him and impede his election.

  18. Trump. Please buy a newspaper or TV network. These people will not stop as long as they fear losing their goody bags. I can see “FAX News.”

  19. Simple answer to who the gop RINO liberals would like to replace Donald Trump: their comrade Jeb Bush. The people’s choice is obviously Donald Trump. Back in the old days our government used to be of the people, by the people and for the people but it isn’t that way anymore. Now the one political party running our country – the liberals – whether they are called democrats or RINOs don’t represent the will of the people and are only concerned about their own power and money.

  20. The Trump candidacy is finally showing transparency in the political scheme of things that have ramifications worldwide. The American people have awoken from their slumber and do not like what they are seeing one damn bit. Now that the money trail shows how the Repubcrats & Democans crawl in bed with each other and do the bidding of the world wide globalists. It is becoming more clear that Romney was led to take a dive because Obama would be of better use to them in fostering the advance of the New World Order. Trump played the game one time, knows how it woeks and is now interfering with their march to Global dominance. Oh, We the People can see clearly now.

  21. We should note that the last time(s) brokering took place nether of the two candidates won! I think that was a clear sign then and it will be again that the voting public is not in favor of the public choice in candidates being ignored in favor of a party chosen candidate. That is all the GOP has to do to insure Hilary’s election. Who’s side are they on anyway?

  22. They should have gone down that road when Obuma was running! Just LEAVE TRUMP ALONE. you bunch of whiney, chickensh**, over paid bastards! He WILL BE your next President, then WATCH OUT!!

  23. The pledge was turned into a 16 pound sledge: to wack the brains out of the week kneed lefties that turned into mush heads or republicans and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with all of the doors closed!!

  24. The Republican Party has just become a non-entity! I will write in MY selection for election to ANY office being sought by a Republican. That may or may not cause Democrats to be elected by default but there’s no real difference in the Parties anyway and at least we’ll be rid of one of them!

  25. This is dirty pool to say the least. How does the GOP actually think they have credibility after this? I am still voting for Trump and voting democrat to keep whatever assholes I can out of capitol hill politics.

  26. When the NRC solicited me for membership dues I wrote and told them that I first wanted to see what they do at the Convention. If they mess with the peoples’ choice then they’ll never see another penny from me. Hopefully, many others will feel the same way.

  27. If these EVIL corrupt group of Republicans win, this country is OVER. We will go into one world gov–new world order, OR the patriots will go into a bloody revolution with the government to save America. But if we get TRUMP this country can turn around. Wake up ..if you are for anyone but TRUMP you hate America. Check the facts for themselves. They do n ot want to give up power and corruption, and will do anything to control us and take everything they can away as they want us dead, not the muslims. ONLY TRUMP loves his country so much he is willing to go through this, use his money, etc when he could have an easy life..but he realizes America will be OVER and no one will be alive soon. So he is willing to do this.
    GOD bless AMERICA and GOD bless TRUMP.

      • THE REDMAN: Dem nutty white-folks in the Repugnican party must be suicidal. I’ve been reading your stuff on here for awhile, and this is the first time I REALLY AGREE WITH YOU. You should be an entertainer because you really crack me up. Seriously, as a part “redman”, black, and white American, I can sometimes identify with your “sarcasm.”

          • These days, the truth can be very elusive. People are so used to being lied to, the truth can sometimes hurt. Like Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”; “You can’t handle the truth!”
            I can handle the truth now, no matter what.

  28. These people all have their own agendas and want to elect a Puppet to do their bidding. They know Trump won’t do that. Yes, what has happened to – May the person with the most votes win? Who are they to think they are so important to overrule the American Public. Sad way this Country is going. The many “controlled” by the few. The sad part is these people keep getting voted in. Who does that?

  29. I like both Trump and Cruz. Both will make good presidents. Trump will create private jobs while Cruz maintain captured government jobs. Trump is more knowledgeable to improve the economic condition of the US.

  30. If the Establishment and GOPe continue on this road to plan on hijacking the convention, I GUARANTEE it will be the end of the Republican Party, and will most certainly give the election to Hillary Clinton. Are these politicians completely clueless? Don’t they see that the American people are fed up with the corruption in Washington? If they don’t cut out their scandalous bullshit, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL REVOLT!!! Their will be a second Civil War, and this time the country will not survive.

  31. Bunch of Dictating Idiots telling America what they are to do. Who will be reading the Weekly Standard next week? I didn’t know there were so many Crooked Deal Makers in the John McCain/Harry Reid/ Nancy Pelosi / Bill Kristol,/Rick Lowery/Loser Romney Rino Party! These Idiots do not stand for America. This is Communism/Marxism/Saul Alinsky/George Soros/ Deal Makers…

  32. Look, if Trump can get the delegates, he will be the nominee, period, so stop with the “fixing the election”! If he CANT, then he will have to deal with party rules as currently stated! This is the situation that having 17 candidates for 9 months, and people still on the ballot who are not running has created! This is just as much Trump”s doings as anyone else’s….he has used obfuscation and demagoguery to appeal to people feelings rather than the issues, and alienates everyone who actually THINKS, therefore, let’s see how that technique works! Trump loves it when he can bend the rules in his favor for his personal profits, but he doesn’t like it when other establishment characters KEEP their rules that exist? Boo hoo! The truth is that he’s only polling at 40% of the Republican voters overall, he needs to change if HES gonna win the general election, if he ever IS the nominee!

  33. So stupid! Trying to stomp out trump, brush him under the rug. Of course he’s a buffoon. BUT, Republicans should be looking inside to see what is wrong with the party that would allow this idiot to go so far. Oh yes, is Cruz a real option or another symptom of the disease pervading the party? This used to be the party of laissez faire. Now it’s the party of In-your-face “family values” and evangelical my way or the highway beliefs.
    Cruz is a liar when he says he uses science to deny global warming. What science? He’s in the pocket of the Oil billionaires.
    Trump and his wall is a fiction. Will it be a mile deep and a mile high? Ain’t gonna happen. These two clowns have forced me to quit the Republican party – what happened to the GOP???

  34. This is wrong for the RNC to do. If a candidate is the favorite of the people they have no right to refuse. The powers that be in this country are very happy to keep what is going in this country headed in their favor, losing our rights and freedoms. They wage war on the US citizen by destroying the Constitution and economically at the same time so over 90% of the wealth in this nation still goes to them and they keep making record profits while we keep paying the bills.

  35. To answer the questions, I expect those weasels to TRY anything, since honor is not their strong suit. And I expect them to FAIL, because America needs and wantsTRUMP!

  36. well, abe lincoln was once reported to have said…”one war at a time!”..there’s a civil war within the republican party..that trump has to win first..against the repub establishment who are desperate to maintain the status quo..only after winning that…[if he can!]..will he be able to take on hillary…who they may prefer over him….

  37. Whenever a candidate mentions a name or who he gets his information from, please research them. If there is an organization that you no nothing about google it. One on the finance team that has joined Cruz has worked for CFR (nwo) plus Crus’s wife worked for them.

    Trump released the names of some of his foreign policy advisors – 1 has worked for CFR (NWO and another worked for the Hudson Institute (front for NWO). I you tweet ask them about this. I am of the older generation and I don’t tweet.


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