Is Republican History Repeating Itself With This Movement?

Mark Twain said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Today we’re hearing a familiar tune from the Republican establishment, who really doesn’t like the front-runner for president, Donald Trump.

This reminds political historians of 1964, when the establishment ignored the prairie fire of grass-roots support for Barry Goldwater, who systematically grabbed control of the GOP by scoring precinct meeting state caucuses, delegate conventions and ultimately the big California primary.

Here’s the rest of the report from Breitbart:

“By the time the GOP insiders woke up, it was too late, but they launched a furious last minute attack on the Senator from Arizona. He was a “warmonger,” “not fit to be president,” “a bigot,” “a racist,” “mentally unstable,” “would push the nuclear button,” and his supporters were “Nazis.” Does any (or all) of this sound familiar?

“In 1964, the kingmakers hoped to stall Barry short of victory on the first ballot and euchre him out of victory on a subsequent ballot. Then, as now, there was a short list of ambitious pols anxious to emerge as “compromise” choices of a brokered convention: Pennsylvania Governor Bill Scranton, Michigan Governor George Romney (Mitt’s dad), Nelson Rockefeller (damaged by his California primary loss), and the ever-available Richard Nixon.

“[And] the press weighed in. Columnist Drew Pearson wrote that ‘the smell of fascism has been in the air at this convention.’ Not to be outdone, Daniel Schorr of CBS News simply made up and reported a story that Goldwater was in touch with the neo-Nazis in Germany. The London Observer, usually a sober publication, found ‘disquieting similarities’ between Hitler and Goldwater. Does this sound like Glenn Beck, David Brooks and Stephen Hayes, all of whom have equated Trump with der Fuhrer in the last two weeks?”

It looks like Republicans and conservatives (at least from the 1968 through 2012 election cycles) have been given the illusion of true political choice. To paraphrase Henry Ford’s saying about having a Model T in any color (as long as it was black), GOP insiders have told conservatives: “You can have the choice of any Republican candidate you want – as long as they’re approved by us.”

Do you agree with the Breitbart article that all this anti-Trump hysteria has been whipped up by the media and establishment because he isn’t their chosen candidate?

Sound off in the comments section below.


  1. It is difficult to gauge hysteria over Trump. The Media has failed to report any of Trump’s specific plans when he has made them clear. The Media also consists of Democrats, some of whom are genuine Marxists. So we do not really know what Trump stands for or what he would do as President. However, we do know those things about Cruz. He has even shown consistence in practice in the U.S. Senate, opposing the corruption of that corrupt body time and again, emerging as one of three or four ethical and honest Senators. We do know why many are hysterical about Cruz but not Trump.

    • True, but what we need is a businessman. Trump due to his age will probably only serve one term. He can get a lot done in four years, re: world trade, jobs, the economy. Cruz can continue to do what he’s doing in the Senate for four more years. Trump may back Cruz then on another run for President.

    • All you have to do is gauge the crowds. This is something media fails to do accurately. Trump is averaging less than Sarah Palin did and Cruz is averaging a little better than McCain. But McCain always had less than Palin. But this was never reported or even shown how big the crowds were or how little. Sarah averaged 3-5,000 in small towns and cities she was often booed. McCain averaged around 500 people on a good day –most often less.

      One day the media said there was 10,000 out to see Trump and another said that was false only a crowd of close to a 1,000 was there. Media does not show all the people at the crowds as they don’t want you know how many people really showed up and media should stay unbiased and do honest reporting only.

      As for protesting at these rallies it should not be allowed at all. This is a election time and all candidates should have the right to do their speaking and protesting should be forbidden when any of the candidates are speaking. Protestors and hecklers do not belong in these placed when candidates are giving their speeches.

        • frankspeak, yes, he has, repeatedly. He has been on One America News Network almost every time he has spoken at a rally. He has been on numerous shows including Hannity, and has answered questions specifically, as well as given speeches. He has given victory speeches and have seen them in entirety. They have been amazing, funny, self-depricating, and congratulatory to the other winners. He is articulate, when he chooses to be with an excellent vocabulary; yet he can also street speak if needed. He has NEVER supported violence. He is excellent, frankspeak. TRUMP 2016!

      • You are absolutely right. The media is controlling what most people know about Trump which is sad. Back when McCain / Palin ran the only reason NcCain got my vote was because of Palin. She had more courage and stones than McCain ever did. The way he treated her after the loss was shameful. McCain loves to call himself a maverick but in his case it means old lazy Rino. I will support a Republican as long as it is either Cruz or Trump but nobody else. It is then “write-in” time.

    • Before you get too pumped up about Cruz, I suggest that you go to YouTube and type in ‘Ted Cruz – wolf in sheep clothing.’ I just saw this last week. A real eye opener. Ted WAS my second choice, after Dr. Carson, but not sure now.

      • Cruz is ineligible. He is not a natural born citizen. The definition of a natural born citizen is someone born IN the country of citizen parents (PLURAL). This definition has been upheld in five U.S. Supreme Court decisions: It is not subject to interpretation.

        • But don’t hold your breath: The definition equally means that Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, and Obama are ALL ineligible, but you didn’t see anyone disqualifying Obama, and no one will push it now about any of the others, afraid of tainting [even more] BO’s presidency, signatures, executive orders, etc.

        • It’s funny (NOT) that Obama’s father was not a citizen. He was Kenyan. This is not even disputed. So how is this working out for you?

          • IF what you say is true, both parents need to be U.S. citizens at the time of birth, why wasn’t there an uproar about Obama? You elected him twice when he was illegal.

    • Do you find it interesting that only Cruz has attacked supporters for another candidate, calling them low information people. The way he said it I believe he meant just plain dumb. So now he thinks people he dissed in such a way will ever vote for him? I think not.

      • Lois, how about we look into your past? Have you done everything perfectly? Do you still do now and believe now what you did as a younger person? My only constant is my religion. Other than that, politically, I’ve changed my mind. Issues? I’ve changed my mind. So has Mr. Trump. He is a successful businessman. That is why I want him as POTUS. He has been a success, a true leader. That is what we need – a true leader. He is not a miserable, lying politician as all the other candidates are. TRUMP 2016!

  2. I remember well what was done to Senator Goldwater by the media and the Johnson campaign. The same d— thing is going on now. Look how many gullible zombies are marching in step to the tune of the piping media and democratic/rino republicans. History does repeat itself.

    • Maybe Trump should stop selling wolf tickets. Read Tale of Two Cities It talks about controlling the mob. Trump stirred the mob now he can’t control it

      • Yes and I researched and found Trump still lackng. He is a bigot and hater. I did not like his angry power tactic it is going to get someone killed because it is being used against him.

          • I am voting for Cruz since it is the only chance to get Ben Carson elected. Carson was the only non establishment left after Carly F left.

          • Lois, what? Where did you get the idea that a vote for Lyin’ Ted would get Dr. Carson elected? You need another drink – or maybe, you’ve had too many already.

          • Petty simple DOC. If you want more of the same and more vote for Hildabeast or Sanders or a Rino Republican. Oh, staying home and acting like a petulant child will guarantee one of the above scenarios.

          • DOC, am just a tiny bit younger than you, and have also voted in every primary, local and presidential election since I was 21. Please, please, look into voting for Mr. Trump. Is he perfect? Absolutely NOT! But then, neither are we. All the other candidates are insiders; each and every one of them has or is holding a government office, thus they are politicians. Look at the government…is it working? NO! When it works does it work for us? NO! These politicians have lied to us repeatedly over and over and over. To me, the only one I think can make this government change to work for we the people is an outsider and that is Mr. Trump.Of course, we also have to vote out all the RINOs to help him. That is why they are all afraid of Mr Trump-he will stop the gravy train and do away with status quo of going along to get along. No more! Read his policies. Watch One America News Network – it’s a family-owned station and is not beholden to any politicians. It tells it like it is. As for us, after searching and changing horses like when Dr. Carson dropped out, rethinking and watching, we decided to vote for Mr. Trump. He loves America and that is his only hope, to make America great again. He is self-funded, will hand over his businesses to his children and the managers of those businesses and will not take a salary if he wins POTUS. Who in their right mind would put themselves in harms way, be scrutinized, turn their lives upside down, fly here, there, everywhere to garner votes for delegates with the RNC, the DNC, the elites, the inside-the-beltway pols, the media, George Soros, Rove, Romney, Hatch, McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Graham-all the RINOs against them? Only someone who truly loves America. DOC, I invite you to vote for TRUMP 2016!!

          • Being from Jersey City I have heard this BS before. Starts that I am not a politician so vote for me. REALLY but thanks for the advice.

          • Trump bought politicians and should not get vote so we can get someone who does not participate in vote theft

        • Lois, I beg your pardon, Mr Trump is not a hater. He speaks the truth with no hate. Facts are facts, like it or not. The borders must be closed and all illegals must be deported. No moslems should be allowed into this country until we get a handle on the terrorist situation. A great, big, HUGE wall should be built along the southern border to stop ILLEGAL INVADERS/IMMIGRANTS, as well as human trafficking and sex slaves. Mexico SHALL pay for the wall, maybe not in a check form, but there are other ways to make them pay. Tariffs, trade favors them and we are at a $58 million deficit, equalize that and it’s paid. Welcome all legal immigrants, as we historically have. Renegotiate all trade agreements. There is no hate in any of that. It is fact. If all illegals leave, our young Black kids will have a chance at getting jobs. By changing the tax code, manufacturing will return to the USA and our 13 MILLION unemployed will also have the opportunity to find jobs, as well as our college grads. Our economy has “grown” at a measly 1.2% per year since 2009 under OWEBama’s terrible economic plan. Under Reagan, we had grown at 3% annually and under Bush 2.5%. Under OWEbama, each and every person has lost $4,714 per year because of poor economic growth. Multiply that by the number of people in your home to see what your family has lost each year for the past 7+ years. Now, multiply $4,714 per person in the USA times 7+ years and you will see how much our economy has lost under OWEbama. He has no business sense, no common sense. There is nothing hateful in Mr. Trumps statements, Lois, just facts. TRUMP 2016!

        • Maybe you should do your research somewhere other than MSM. There is plenty of information on Trump written by journalists with integrity. Check out what he did for the Marine held in a Mexican prison for about a year. That’s a story that the MSM won’t dare put out. This is the Marine that Oblowhard didn’t lift a finger to help while trading 5 terrorists to get back one damn deserter.

      • Mr. Trumps not selling wolf tickets, there’s not a dimes worth of difference in both parties. They are just a bunch of over paid corrupt piece of obama squeeze. The establishment has let obama break our laws and has more respect for the law breaking illegals than they do our vets and our citizens. everything obama does they let happen and no repercussion from either side, cruz is an insiders to and he holds up a bible with one hand and spews out lies from his mouth.

        • I remember Governor George Wallace, at a 1868 rally, uttering the same words you did, “there’t not a dime’s worth of difference in the two parties.” It was true then, and it’s true today!

        • When you say I want to punch them in the face that is a wolf ticket.If you get arrested I will pay the fine that is agitation all fall under selling. I am a vet and they started taking our benefits way before Obama. AS far as breaking the law and lying they all do or have done that. So get off your soap box. And they all get religion and wave the bible. And your boy Trump did the same thing. They all suck.

    • I have to admit that I was sucked in and voted against Goldwater and I’ve lived to really regret it. This article mentioned what Mark Twain said. Ben Franklin said it better. “If we don’t study our history we’re doomed to repeat it.” Our history has been ignored time and again through the years and is now happening again. And so many don’t have the common sense to understand. I haven’t voted for a Democrat since that mistake and have no intention of voting for ANY Socialist , be it so called Republican or Democrat. My money is on Trump even though the RNC bigshots have already said they plan to steal the nomination from him. Not their exact words but means the same thing. What ever became of GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE? I feel without Trump our country is totally lost and will be eventually become either a Communist or Muslim nation.

  3. Looks like the New World Order, Globalist Socialist Elites have been playing both ends against the middle since the Russian Revolution and getting filthy, stinking rich off of it.

  4. History does repeat itself because people fail to learn from it and more importantly is people fail to change nor want to change.

  5. The Republican machine created this problem for themselves by considering themselves to be a higher order of being than the voters, free to lie and deceive to gain their ends counter to the desires of the peons. They did a King John in the 2014 election, performed a 180° reversal on their campaign promises and it came back to bite them. The comparison of Trump to Hitler is valid insofar as he’s created a cult following based on personality, and a strong reaction to a failed Wilhelmina society. The same could be said of Obama, even of Hillary and Bernie, and it’s worth recognizing that they’re all making fantastical promises. The Republican machine is now on a “convince the Voters” campaign with Ryan getting very loud about what he will do and what he won’t permit the Obama administration to do, how he’s going to strangle the funding, cut the budget… We’ve heard it before – only a couple years ago. To the significant disadvantage of the Republican machine, we know from painful experience that they lie. We don’t know that – or at least haven’t fully recognized it – in Trump. Cruz may be far less suspect – but he isn’t making the extravagant promises that the masses want. And that was what made Hitler successful.

  6. I. ended up in Viet Nam because of the fix that was created and the rest doesn’t need to said. These establishment that run both parties caused Goldwater to loose and Kennedy in the ground, so war monger Johnson could send us to Viet Nam and if you were there, look what a mess these so called brains of the establishments made out of that. So you know, my unit (3rd Bat, 27th Marine Reg) was air lifted and sent there. Good intentions don’t always out any better!!

    • Me too,

      Central highlands Army Combat Engineer – Class of 68.

      Love to get my hands on Robert STRANGE McNamara and his wiz kids for a lot of reasons. (For one sending the M-16 in without ANY development or field trial time. Many names on the wall because of that one.) — And we were not even old enough to vote —

      Good ol’ Willie Westmorland too. “SEND MORE GUYS !!!!!”

      The Republican AND Democrat establishment sure got us good that time and it looks like they are at it again,,,,

      Arn’t the “disrupters” using the same commie tactics of attempting to silence the opposition that Chairman Mao was instrumental in developing? ,,,,Hey arn’t they the ones we were suppose to be fighting against back then ??????

      • ABSOLUTELY and AMEN, Lois. Without our military, many of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, we would not have our freedoms. Another reason I am for Mr. Trump. He supports our military and our law enforcement officers. TRUMP 2016!!

  7. It is time for all good men to be held responsible for his actions period. First no more corporations for profit, no more immunity, no more commercial government, no more Rothschild banking slavery system and they all go to prison for crimes against the American people and humanity. All government agents are held to there oath and de-jure system is restored asap collapse all cestue que vie slave trusts and Unum Sanctum claims of the Vatican Capiche? you are the bankers and there scum bag crime mafia holding the birth certificates no doubt plenty of rooms club fed baby.

      • Couple of great places for you to go where the white man is not in command. Pick just about any place on the west cost of Africa. You will love it there,,,,or maybe not.

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  8. There’s absolutely no difference between the RNC and the DNC. Their believe-ability ranks right up there with professional wrestling and TV reality shows. They’re all just a bunch of self-serving empty suits. Trump is nothing more than a result of their own inaction to their constituents wishes. They’ve gotten away with their crap for so long that they can’t understand the concept that the voters have finally had enough and are showing signs of revolt. If they ram one of their own into the final dash for the presidency, they’ll drive the last nail in their coffin. Heck, they might actually have to go out and get real jobs!!!

  9. It is quite obvious Trump is not the establishment’s chosen one. Who cares? This is not the day of the go along get along good old boy candidate. It is the day of the non politician who owes not one of the establishment a damn thing. Go Trump. And I liked Goldwater, he was a good man too. Damn liars, cheats and thieves are just slinging mud and outrageous lies to smear the man. Anyone the establishment is for is not going to be good for us, the legal constituents of this country.

  10. Wow, that DOES sound ridiculously similar. This whole election cycle is causing me a lot of grief. If by the end of this cycle I DON’T have a nervous breakdown, it will be a miracle. Didn’t help me at all to learn that the new GOP Online Caucus in my State is run by a company George Soros owns. :O This year was going to be my very first Caucus experience, too. I came from a State that holds primaries. The fact that the caucus happens in the evenings held me back, so I was enormously grateful to find out I could cast a vote online. Now, I’m dubious.

  11. The so called establishment are RINO’s who have been getting rich off our tax money and don’t want someone to mess that up for them.

    • perhaps they are the real enemy…and their destruction..the goal of the trump candidacy…a worthy achievement in and of itself!

  12. I thought we had a two party system until the last seven years and few month proved it was just one big party. They have let barack hussein obama break our laws and ruin our triple AAA rating. obama has cost us tax payer trillions in new debt and has slapped the American citizen in their faces and gone to foreign countries to run American citizens down and call us arrogant, and say we are not a Christian nation. obama has shown his love fro his mudering muslim brotherhood and he is beholding to them and he’s also has seen fit to let Iran get their nuclear weapons, obama and kerry gave Iran such a great deal they bragged about it. They said they wanted to annihilate us and Israel and obama gave them 150 billion to get them started on their dream. No one in DC has done zero to stop obama and his destructive path against America. our borders are open and not only are law breaking illegals coming into our country, so are terrorist from all over the world. there is also diseases coming here to and they are all to willing to pass them along to your children and you too. I’m voting for Mr. Trump and you can have these over paid liars who took and oath to protect this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic,they have fail miserably.

    • President Obama’s approval rating as of 3/15/16 is 53%, 47% higher than the other modern presidents at the same point in their term.

  13. It looks to me like the GOP and the media are interfering in lawful elections and are probably complicit with the Democrat party also.

  14. Heck, YES! STOOPID Republican non-leadership is NOT interested in WINNING, only “being in ‘control'” (of their own demise) — because they can’t/don’t “lead.” But “they’ll show ’em” (Trump and everybody else) . . . they’ll be “in control” as the GOP battle wagon sinks in the Atlantic, or Pacific, or . . . .

    Hillary and Bill are just laughing their socks off — the 12, 16, 86?, dumb GOP Presidential Candidates have written a hundred Dumbocrat radio and TV commercials for them, FOR FREE! All Hillary’s minions have to so is use this intro: “Fellow Americans, here is what REPUBLICANS think of THEIR candidate for President:” . . . [insert ANY idiot Republican candidate’s audio or video attack on any OTHER Republican] . . . “So, WHY would YOU want to vote for him/her? VOTE FOR HILLARY!” Case closed/election lost.

  15. No doubt about it! And while they’re quibbling who to actually choose. at least will not nave a seat in the new Pres’ Congress!!! And Many others wil loose theirs in subsequent Congressional elections. We’re tired of the RINOS NOT representing the will of the people!!!

  16. I see it differently. The worst president we had (until Obama) was Jimmy Carter. The person who ultimately ran against him was also not someone the establishment wanted. He ultimately won though and went on to win the most lopsided presidential victory ever. Here again, we have now, the worst president ever, and we have an anti establishment candidate leading the pack. The setup for the lopsided victory is again in place. The establishment this time though is a lot more vitriolic then with Regan I only hope they are not successful. I think Trump is the more capable of effecting change. Cruz would be a acceptable second choice, but you notice the “establishment”, the idiots who created the problems we wallow in at the moment are the most vitriolic against Trump but haven’t endorsed Cruz either. Kasich has now moved into their “darling” position. You can judge a man by his enemy’s, and one can only assume that if the power brokers who have and are ruining this country are so anti a candidate, then maybe that candidate is the solution to the damage wrought by the establishment.

    • Kasich’s sole function is to help the RNC empty suits derail Trump. Aside from Cruz, who they are also busy poisoning the voters against, they have no other alternate viable candidate who represents the thinking and wishes of non-progressive voters.

  17. trump would do much better in the general election..unlike goldwater….his constituency is different..and more broad-based…he might even win!..

  18. I’m to the point of being tired of the Repub Party and ready to write Trumps name in if he is scammed out of the Nomination.

  19. See, that’s the big difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party today. Those lock-step, robotic talking points, sloppy, dumb Democrats are overtly corrupt, while those nice, soft spoken, well-dressed, highly intelligent Republicans are covertly corrupt! IMHO

  20. Breitbart is absolutely correct. But it far worse than just this cycle. The GOP Establishment have been SUBVERTING the American election process for decades. If that were not the case we would have seen a least a few changes in government but as everyone knows there have not been any changes beneficial to the citizens of this country. Congress is responsible for that $20 trillion dollar debt. Since 2014 when Republicans took majority control of both chambers, as they claimed they needed in order to change things, not a single positive change has taken place. Of course both parties are to blame for the current state of our nation because both parties work together in the Kabuki Theater performance they call government. There is only one solution to this problem and very little time left.

  21. No question that these two situations are quite similar; however, this time, the nominee Mr. Trump, will become President. I look forward to his inauguration January 20, 2017!

  22. I don’t know that the media should shoulder all the blame but they don’t help by giving every whiner a platform even when the are no facts to back it up. As for the Republican Party leader they don’t maker the decisions, the behind the scenes money oligarchs do and since Donald Trump is not taking their money they cant control him and that scares them.

  23. Goldwater and Trump are both products of the very smug GOP leadership who seems to think that if a candidate calls him or herself a Republican that is all good – gaining a majority in Congress, even if in name only, seems to be the goal. I was attending classes at UC Berkeley when the GOP convention was being held across the Bay at the Cow Palace in Daly City, and was very offended when the people at the convention booed Nelson Rockefeller when he spoke, so friends and I saw the protesters there and decided to join them, and this experience turned me into a real ‘new-left’ radical, because I had just gotten out of the USMC at nearby Treasure Island about 3 years before, and he was sure not advocating for what was best for the troops who had taken my place insofar as Nam was concerned – he wanted to Nuke Hanoi. Now we have The Donald.
    I have always thought that we needed a viable 2 party system composed of elected representatives who not only represent the interests of the people in their districts, but keep in mind the best interests of the entire US population. However, what we have seen develop, largely because of gerrymandering, and too many secure seats in the house, is that the really idiot fringe of Conservatives, who, although they are a minority, actually control the Congress. Then, as now, these politicians seem to be ‘developmental’ failures in that they seem to be stuck in the ‘terrible three’s’ which is all about them with the best interests of even their own districts falling behind their own interests in just staying in power.
    I attribute this rise of the idiot fringe to the members of what was the ‘loyal minority’ to screen out these totally radical people from the ballot – even if that means losing seats in Congress. Now, it is really too late for them to stop the Trump nomination, which leaves them with the only choice of running spoiler candidates, just to keep him from winning the election. Were it not for Ralph Nader running on the Green Party ticket in Fla and taking votes away from Gore, the ‘hanging chads’ would have made no difference, and we would not have our countinuing optional wars being fought on the credit card, and the rise of the too wealthy for their own good wealthy elite who act as powers behind the throne just because of their wealth.
    The lunatic fringe has already captured the GOP, so that will mean that those who have always thought of themselves as being Repulicans will have to bite the bullet and become a third party movement – something like the Progressive Conservative party in Canada, that is always ready to compromise. But that is only if the nation manages to survive – The Donald has already promised riots in the streets if he is not nominated, and from the behavior of his supporters at his campaign events, this is now a distinct possability, with the same to follow if he does not win the election, leaving the question of whether we will even hope to have a smooth transition, and have an innaguration outside much less an innaguaration parade. Now the perfectly legal mass voter fraud of denying people the vote because of the voter ID laws, which favor the radical minority, along with the expectation that we will have intimidation by their ‘poll watchers’, we may have reached that tipping point where the US has become totally ungovernable, and all that goes with it. Except for my child, her children and grand child, at 76 – after have of my HS classmates have died, I really should not be that concerned, but, I am still ready to take to the streets if necessary to try to save what I can of what I once thought was a great country.

  24. I do remember that time and again the GOP handed the election to the liberals just like they did the last two elections. We the People CANNOT let them do it again because if they succeed in putting in their choice for President instead of the voters’ choice, it will be the end of America and we will be just another hell hole third world communist country. Our only chance to get our country back is Donald J. Trump and the GOP is trying to get rid him even though they forced him to sign a pledge to back the favored GOP candidate. Well, the favored candidate is Trump and now the GOP is doing everything they can to get rid of him and put in their choice which is jeb bush or mitt romney. Either of those would hand the election to hillary and the end of America.

  25. The GOP better remember that we choose our President not them. They’ve screwed the pooch for the last time. If we decide we want Trump then that’s who should get the nod not another progressive in GOP clothing.

  26. I can’t stand the liberal “mainstream” media OR the entrenched, blue blood, status quo Rhinopublicans. But I also do not necessarily care to see Trump as our next President. We already have a pRESIDENT who has degraded the Office of the Presidency more than just about any other before him. We don’t need a repeat from our side of the aisle who will do the same. The word conservative ( for those of you who have forgotten ) means to CONSERVE what made this country great. I’m not totally convinced that Trump can do that despite what it says on his hat. I will vote for him IF he is the nominee, but I’ll hold my nose at the polls when I cast my ballot.


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