Senior GOP Official Has Shocking News For Voters and Delegates

Even if Donald Trump earns the required 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, he still may not be the party’s nominee for president. .

Curly Haugland, an unbound delegate from North Dakota, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on March 16 – the day after Trump rolled up more big primary victories – that political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees:

“The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here.

Haugland, who’s also a Republican convention rules member, also questioned why primaries or caucuses are even held. He’s one of 112 Republican delegates who are not required to cast their support for any one candidate because their states and territories don’t hold primaries or caucuses.

Even with Trump’s huge projected delegate haul in four state primaries Tuesday, the odds are increasing that he may not ultimately get the 1,237 delegates needed to claim the GOP nomination before the convention.

This could lead to a brokered convention, in which unbound delegates, like Haugland, could play a significant swing role on the first ballot to choose a nominee.

Most delegates bound by their state’s primary or caucus results are only committed on the first ballot. If subsequent ballots are needed, virtually all of these delegates can vote any way they want, said Gary Emineth, another unbound delegate from North Dakota.

“It could introduce Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or it could be the other candidates that have already been in the race and are now out of the race [such as] Mike Huckabee [or] Rick Santorum. All those people could eventually become candidates on the floor.”

If this wasn’t confusing enough, here’s another twist. Haugland said he sent a letter to each campaign alerting them to a rule change he’s proposing, which would allow any candidate who earns at least one delegate during the nominating process to submit his or her name to be nominated at this summer’s convention.

Haugland added:

“The rules haven’t kept up. The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That’s just the way it is. I can’t help it. Don’t hate me because I love the rules.”

Translated: It’s our party and we’ll choose the candidate we want – regardless of what the people think.

This year’s election cycle has been nothing short of unpredictable, volatile and enlightening. Both Republican and Democratic party leaders have shown voters that they run rigged games, and not for the benefit of the American public.

Conservative Republicans around the country are already beyond angry. If party leaders manage to steal the nomination from Trump, this could be the beginning of the end of the (formerly) Grand Old Party.

Do you think party leaders are willing to commit political suicide in order to nominate the candidate of their choice?



    • They are going to do it, have no doubts about that. The GOP are mostly Rhinos and want a very liberal candidate. So they will make sure the right loses and let Hilary win. The GOP is totally out of control. Well our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is out of control. We are now living under an Dictatorship.

      • That’s wrong! The GOP is NOT mostly RINOs, the GOP LEADERSHIP is mostly RINO’s and THEY’VE given us RINO candidates to LOSE Presidential elections!

        NO MORE RINOS!!

        TRUMP – 2016!

    • I understand everyone’s feelings on this issue, and no matter how distasteful it might be to do so, a vote for anybody else, no matter how you do it, except the Republican candidate, no matter whom it is, will be a defacto vote for Hillary! If enough voters do that to “get even” with the GOP, then she will win and I don’t think that anybody responding here wants that to happen!

        • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that enough Republican voters will jump ship and elect Trump as the third party candidate! No 3rd party candidate has ever won a presidential race, and this won’t be the 1st time. Trump is no prize either, you know. Trump talks the talk, but nobody really knows if he’ll walk the walk? I sure hope so, because if push comes to shove, I’ll be voting for him, all the while holding a barf bag, because I’ll need it!

          • Not voting for a party selected candidate again. Been there and the choices are always bad or worse. If they lost the primary in votes, they lost and if the GOP does not listen and does their selection per their elite pea brained rules, they, the party, will lose. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! I voted McCain, I voted Romney and it got us BO for two terms. NOT AGAIN PERIOD!

          • There was also MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD BOTH TIMES Obama took office.
            Two Programmers went to prison for writing the programs that switched the votes of people.

            Romney did win…he came back a few days after Obama was announced as POTUS…and stated, “It was out of my Control.”

          • I hate what the establishment GOP did to us all in the last election. We gave them the power they needed to make great change in our government and they let us all down big time. It’s hard to think of voting for them again, but the alternative is too scary to think of. I wish that Trump was the man for the job, but mark my words – he isn’t! However, he is worthy of the gamble, and my vote (but it has to be on the Republican ticket), if the alternative is more of the same, and RINOs continue to prevail. As a third party candidate – HELL NO! In order for a third party candidate to prevail, there has to be as many Democrats as Republicans that will jump ship and go to that third party. That will never happen with Democrat voters! The Democrat voter base is anybody who stands to gain by paying nothing for it. It’s the party of “FREE” stuff, so why should any Democrat leave the party? Nope! All a third party does is to split the Republican vote, and that is to elect the Democrat candidate!

          • You may be right. However, never have so many people been so angry! Dems, Independents, non-voters, etc. We have all fell in line as one big, angry voting block! That’s power like the Elite haven’t seen since the first Revolution!

      • Every one says that and quite frankly that’s not true.. We have such a low voter turnout that it’s disgraceful. If the turnout were higher, I’d agree with you. Get the people off the couch and to the voting booth.
        I will cast my vote as I see fit, you can do the same. The entire lot of them no longer represent me. If they would have spent the same money and energy fighting for the conservatives they represent, since they gained control of the Senate and Congress, as they have to defeat Trump, we probably wouldn’t be in the position we are today.
        They have gone too far “Left” for me. Apparently they can still travel more Left and you’re OK with that. At least you’re involved.

        • Whether or not you like it,just as we’ve put up with B.O., they represent you, and me, because that is all there is! The only left that I am is left of “ultra conservative”, and right of “middle of the road”!

          • I’m not attacking you. We probably agree on more than you may think. I’m saying that I got more tired of the establishment much sooner than you have. I’m conservative enough that these people in charge are running this country down a rabbit hole that I don’t like. This country drifts farther and farther from the way I see things every day. To me, it’s to the point that I’m in search of that 3rd party. I spent my time in the Navy because I love this Great Nation and want it to continue. Every day, the elected officials find more and more ways to remove our Liberties and I’m tired of it. Tired, Tired, Tired… PERIOD. Stay true to your beliefs and have a Great day

          • Me too, been fed up for some time and this crap they are pulling now with the rules has put the final nail in that coffin.

        • Haven’t you been watching the news? Several states have already reported record voter turnout during the primaries. Other states are reporting dramatic increases in turnout compared to previous elections. General elections almost always have more voters than primaries. The people are definitely making their voice heard!

      • screw them all..i’ll vote for hillary and move out of this stupid country. and let them all die at the hands of muslims. that’s what she wants !!!

        • This planet, the way of existing life, may end sooner than you think. I know, I know, people do not want to hear about the Bible but predictions (or whatever you want to call them) have come true. When you see Russia attack, south of Russia, know that the end is near. It says so in the Bible. It also says due to the war people will be buringh the dead for seven years and if anyone find a dead body to not touch it but to put up a post. People clothed for this mission (maybe atom bomb) will bury the dead

        • The only thing, I think, is that if 100 were going to vote republician and 90 Hillary, and Trump had to have write in votes that did not total more than Hillary she would win. Is everyone going to right in Trump so he will have enough to beat Hillary. I did not like her from the time I first heard of her. I understood she was not living with Bill but when he started running she came home. I felt it was so she would be first lady…….thus I do not think she cares for the country, just the prestege and clout of being president

      • In past elections I would agree with you. However, this time the political climate is totally different. The people want Trump. I believe the people want him so much that they will vote against the GOP establishment. Also, the GOP establishment knows its days are numbered. A Trump win, even as an independent, will accelerate the demise of the GOP.

    • This is exactly what needs to happen! Not staying home as they no doubt hope we will. EVERYONE…WRITE IN DONALD TRUMP if the Establishment tries something funny!

      • Remember! Democrats do not stay home. Staying home means Hillary wins. Vote Republican whether or not you like the nominee. The alternative, Hillary, will be much worse.

  1. We do not go against the will of the majority. That would prove that America is a fascist country…not free. The majority of people in this country are suppose to decide who rules them and if that doesn’t happen then America is corrupt and no longer exists in reality.

    • Actually, Mark, the majority vote has NEVER elected the POTUS! NEVER!
      If an elected candidate happens to get a majority of the votes, it is pure coincidence! The voters only purpose is to decide which way a state’s electoral votes will be cast. The electors aren’t elected – they are political hacks. By population, each state has so many electoral votes. In the end, they are cast, by the electors, supposedly for whichever way the state voted – everything done according to a set of very confusing rules, of course. The founders established it that way so that no hick voter base would ever really elect the POTUS. That we continue, as a general misconception, to believe that nonsense is a mystery that only education can ever eradicate. Since our population is basicly ignorant in so many ways, the proof of that statement being that a major national political party is putting up either an elderly, relatively unknown, socialist, curmudgeon, or a bitchy, unindicted felon, against the anti establishment probable opposition of a populist candidate from the other major party. This is proof of how far we’ve strayed! We no longer want politics to be run by politicians! As for America being corrupt………..where have you been?

      • The system is set to prevent ‘mob rule’, so the people are protected from a villain with a personality and no substance and/or negative agenda. Those on the inside have the power and responsibility to protect us from ourselves.

    • I don’t disagree but am constantly amazed at people just catching on to our fascist shadow government, the CIA/military which has set policy for 54 years now since the coup in ’63 Dallas . Folks always whining about one president or the other. JFK was our last president those who have followed merely front men for power. In ’63 these agencies wanted war with Russia and Cuba. John Kennedy understood world nuclear annihilation as did Khrushchev. JFK was working towards peace, “a world with no armies” it cost him his life, cost the will of the people to choose our direction. Fascism-a government whose economy is based on going to war…except for the Carter years when he refused bullets and bombs we have been in conflict, Carter was victim of character assassination for not compiling. 54 years of fascism.


    • Third party is not the answer. Taking over an existing party IS the correct answer. This is the successful strategy Liberals used to take control of the Democrat Party, starting in the mid-fifties and ending that takeover with the election of Jimmy Carter to the presidency in 1976.
      We need to support the TEA Party as it gradually takes control of the Republican Party. I believe that takeover will not be complete until 2020 or 2024, but I also believe TEA Party candidates will make large gains towards that takeover in 2016: the largest ever in a single election.

  2. What this should reinforce is that this country is not a country of the people or for the people. It’s all about political power and money. As time has gone by democracy has fleedted away due to power and money. The Communist part has been working this agenda for over 50 years to break dow and change America from the inside and their agenda is working. I shouldn’t even have to list each and every area as they are all obvious if you open you eyes. Say goodbye to the freedoms of old. They are all nearly gone already.

  3. Well I guess all the people for Donald Trump should vote for him if he goes 3rd party or vote Democrat screw the Republican Party.

  4. People it’s now time for a REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR2 to happen this is the only way to get AMERICA back an return her back to GOD.

  5. The Republican Convention in Cleveland will make the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago look like a Sunday School picnic.

    The Trump Repubs will be shooting at the establishment Repubs.

    The police will be shooting at the Trump Repubs.

    And the Dems should sit back and watch the violence on TV.

    There will be no need for the Dems to be part of the insanity.

    The political result will be a split of the Republican party.

    Cleveland should ready their jails, hospitals and morgues.


    • I do not understand much about the government but once Obama was elected I suddenly realized that both parties probably got him elected; not we the people. i understand the founding fathers were Free Masons, not Christians, that Free Masons is a cult. That is what I have heard

  7. This is pure leftist propaganda, If I tell you something enough times believe it too be true BS. Trump is going to win the nomination with delegates or there will be hell to pay. Trump is going to beat the Democrat nominee which most likely will not be Hillary but even if it is Hillary, Trump will be elected president of the USofA in November. Any other scenario is delusional or supported with low information.
    TRUMP 2016

  8. There will be hell to pay if Trump gets the required delegates but not the nomination. The people have spoken and the establishment is not free of responsibility of what might happen. There is such a thing as a write-in on the ballot and that is what I will do.

    • There are already rumors/warnings that if Trump has the required number of delegates but is not the nominee, there will be rioting on the convention floor.

      • I have heard that. I would hate for that to happen but so many people have worked so hard for Trump and We the People are made as hell and don’t want our votes taken away from us and the GOP sticks in their nominee who will most likely be jeb bush or mitt romney. If that happened I would have to write in Trump’s name on the ballot and I have seen many others saying the same thing. This is about the most important election this country has ever had and we can’t let it be stolen from us like the last two elections.

  9. Curly also said, “Democracy is pretty popular, but it’s simply not the way we do it.”

    Welcome to the Republican party.

  10. YES…They are not only arrogant enough to believe that they would survive as a viable political party if they commit this act of betrayal, they actually don’t care. They PERSONALLY will survive…that’s ALL that matters to most of them. And PLEASE spare me the line about “not voting for whomever the RINOs nominate will be a de facto vote for Hillary.” I’ve heard that too many times from too many establishment-types to buy their BS one second longer. The elite of BOTH parties form one exclusive club closed to political outsiders and plebeians like the rest of us. Members of this club just take turns running the club for a few years, and elections merely decide who gets to put their side’s career pols into committee chairs, thereby gaining the power to skim the lion’s share off the pig trough (translated: our tax money) until the other side gets their turn. Donald Trump terrifies all of them. That alone is enough to earn him my vote!

  11. I’m sure they are. BUT! I am equally sure if Trump runs third party he could also win the presidency. Since he would not owe his election to the republicans he will owe them no favors.

  12. The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic. The Electoral College actually chooses the president. We keep saying we are a democracy but we are only in that we have one person, one vote. We do not elect the president per se.

  13. Trump is #1 on the list of the “SPECIAL INTERESTS” he claims can’t buy him off because he won’t take their money.

    Up until 1987 Trump was a Democrat
    1987-1999 he was a Republican
    1999-2001 he was a Reformer
    2001-2009 he was a Democrat
    2009-2011 he was a Republican
    2011-2012 he was an Independent
    2012- now he is a Republican

    Based on his record, Trump will be a Democrat at the end of 2016.

    How can Trump be trusted?

      • The Republicans work for the rich, they have the government giving 97 cents out of every dollar profit to the super-wealthy, which the super-wealthy deposit in offshore banks.

        Trump is invested in companies that have over 1.4 trillion dollars in offshore banks.

        Trump says the actual offshore number is well over 2.5 trillion dollars.

        This offshore money is removed from our economy, which hurts no one but the poor and middle class.

        Trump says when he’s President he’ll give the people with the offshore money a big tax break so they’ll bring the money back to the country where they made the money.

        The Democrats work for the common good, which is what ALL of our politicians are supposed to be working for.

        The common good includes food, water, shelter and health care.

        The US is the greatest country on earth and it should provide more for its people than other countries, not less.

        • Sounds like a socialist view to me. I started with nothing but a h.s. and trade school education and succeeded with what i had. You sound like someone that has a problem with that and expect the Govt. to be a nanny state and hold your hand and wipe your runny nose. People need to provide for themselves and the Govt. needs to get the h… out of the way. If people fail that is their problem not everyone elses. I wont even bother to correct you on the offshore money thing but you should research that a little more.

          • Please, correct me on anything you think I got wrong, with credible evidence, of course.

            And I don’t have a problem with anyone succeeding in life.

            I wish we all could be so lucky.

            And I do expect our government to help people survive who aren’t so lucky.

            I expect everyone has relatives who fall into that category.

          • There are jobs out there that even without a h.s. diploma and at least 21 y.o. someone can within 3 yrs can be making 60 thousand a year or more or somewhat less. While I could educate you on the offshore money it would be much better for you to actually research it yourself. Part of what you said is correct but you are missing some important points. As far as the Govt. helping people who are not lucky they already had access to a free to them education which they and their parents failed to embrace. That is no ones fault but theirs. I am not a bleeding heart. I have known plenty of people with their hands out and no amount of handouts can make them help themselves.

          • Over the road truck drivers. Some trucking companies will even pay for the training. After a few years either become an owner operator or get into a local company working local.

          • That’s it?

            One “over the road truck driver” job?

            Come on, give me five more sixty thousand a year jobs.

          • I said jobs, there are thousands of trucking company’s in the good old usa. Also there are jobs in north and south dakota working the oil fields that pay substantial. I can see from your reply the liberal mindset is why there are so many people with their hands out not taking responsibility for their lives. Thanks for proving me right.

          • And those trucking companies already have drivers.

            And those oil field jobs in the Dakotas don’t exist anymore due to the decline in the price of oil.

          • There are plenty of truck driving jobs in our local paper help wanted section. Also the concrete and paving companys are getting ready to fire up for the season all looking for drivers. Delivery companys are hiring. Most of them are good paying jobs. So sad people want to complain and not actually want to work. Hand outs are much easier.

  14. STOP THE SCAM PARTY SYSTEM, IT IS NOTHING BUT A CONTROL GIMICK. Where in the orginal constitution does it say the these poticital partys have control ? If they are a corporation, We the people can sue them and make sece and distance all activity reguarding our vote. Sorry my spell ck will not work on this site

  15. The RNC just likes losing I guess that they all, what ever they are, are going to vote for HilBilly in November. But I am also writing in Trump.

  16. Someone should inform this elitist CROOK, that when politicians and the butt kissing cronies IGNORE the will of their rank and file… said rank and file RETALIATE IN THE VOTING BOOTH IN THE GENERAL ELECTION!

  17. Deer..what did the Repubs do in the last election last yr ?..what if the do it again but in spades ?..maybe you dont understand what Trump might walk but at least we know that Hitlery wont walk any walk at all…at least with Trump you know he isnt a politician..he cant do any worse than Obummer did..and I bet his business smarts will help America get back on its feet..looking at anyone but Trump is a vote for the guy who will do ?…NOTHING

  18. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    Ronald Reagan

  19. Should the GOP attempt to do this , they will cause their own demise the Conservative people will rebell and have their own convention where the new Constitutional Conservative Party will start and take 82 % of the GOP voters, 2q3% of the Democrats, and 78% of the independents which will give them the win and the GOP and Democrat party will be shoved into oblivion. The political rupture will extended into the Senate adn House candidate run as they too will be defeated as new people will step forward to capture the movement of massive political change. It will be either become part of the essential change to rid the country of the political corruption, manipulation and entitlement leeches or you are the problem and will feel the end or your reign coming. The New American Revolution is going to happen this Fall and through the next 8 years.


  21. I can tell anyone up for reelection from my state, If they go along with this, I will not vote for them and I will contact everyone I know and ask them not to vote for a rino. I’m a retired woman and I can’t stand what the republican party has come to, as I have seen many changes. I think, We The People, should elect our president.

  22. Do you think party leaders are willing to commit political suicide in order to nominate the candidate of their choice? Yes, the stupid asses!!!!

  23. No worries. Trump will have about 1,400 delegates. So North Dakota and the rest of the CruzBOTS can do whatever they want.

  24. Curly can go graze with the many cattle and sheep that live in North Dakota. He’s been isolated from civilization too long.

  25. Now you know why our founding fathers didn’t want political parties! Wherever money or power are sought corruption follows soon after.

  26. If the GOP Establishment aka Washington D.C. Cartel attempts to sabotage the voters choice for the GOP Nominee, the Republican Party will face two huge consequences. 1. The death of the Republican Party 2. Knowing they are responsible for a betrayal that destroyed not only the GOP, but America. I am fed up with the once wonderful Republican Party. It has turned into something I no longer recognize. It has turned into democ-RAT light

  27. While Trump is not my first choice, he played by the established rules. Then when he is winning the GOP wants to change the rules. That’s not right. I’m so disappointed that this primary election has turned into such a cluster f—.

  28. The GOP would rather have Hillary than Donald. They have already bought Hillary, but they can’t buy Trump. If Trump is gypped out of the nomination, I too, will write him in.

  29. I will write in mr. trump name he will win no matter what the rest of them do and I wont to remaind the sentor when they try to run for the sentor again they wont get ther seat back because we are the one who elect them so make up your mind do you wont back in the sentor or do you wont to loose trying to keep mr. trump out

  30. Yes, I believe the party leaders are willing to commit political suicide by nominating a candidate of their choice because as far as they are concerned having Trump as the nominee is itself political suicide, so to them what difference does it make?.

  31. Like Haglaund says, “voters don’t count.” What’s the use. Guess I won’t waste time and gas to go vote when it doesn’t even matter. The rich, fat pigs have all the control. We mean nothing, even if there’s a riot after the convention, we can’t do anything and they’ve got what they want. Hmm, smells of communism, we are already there

    • The process is built to protect us from ‘mob rule’ . I think there should be testing before citizens can register to vote. A set IQ # and a specified level of understanding of history and current issues needs to be implemented. In his book, “Too Dumb to Fail”, republican strategist Matt Lewis shares the plan of party bosses to bring the uneducated(you know, those with only high school or less), into the fold through propaganda to create anger. This direction began in 2013…it seems it backfired.

      • I agree, I also like Matt Lewis. Seems the “un” and “under” educated are more informed because they are not as indoctrinated as the college grads. Or should I now refer to college students as daycare brats. Maybe the riot that may ensue at a convention where they want to pick their own nominee, might not so easily be controlled as they think. This time, the bite they take will be much larger than trying chew it, and it will just make them choke. Personally, if they choke and somehow we get who we want in and not who they think is best for them, I’m not willing to help them cough it up.

        • LOL! I can appreciate your position on this, I have felt the same, twice. In ’68 as an 8th grader I did local work for HHHumphery who won by the vote of the people but lost in electoral votes to Nixon and the dark forces. Again I felt as you when I worked full time with the Ohio campaign for our 43rd president Al Gore . As you know Gore won by vote of the people and lost by decree of Justice Scalia, who never helped the common man and had ties in scary places . In 2000 the scary place was Bush, Fla. Jeb as Governor , W for president , Sarah Harris the Attorney General who got a big promotion a few months later for her part. A man’s silence can be bought and sold when the man has no integrity. Jane, … come closer … shhhh, just between you and me….I would not be at all surprised to see Jeb drafted @ the convention. ..its gonna get interesting for sure.
          Politics is a sport with secret plays like the hidden ball trick at first base. Donkeys vs. Elephants. Games and entertainment, a reality show with a script. C-span is political reality, but few bother to tune in because it is cerebral rather than sense oriented . This whole Trump, 16 candidates, protesters, the wall, system against him etc. could be just a stolen base waiting to happen. I think that if the party uses some delegate trick to oust Trump things will get crazy because many of his comrades do not know squat about our process, evidenced by reading many of the posts found here, I’m sure you would agree(no disrespect, they have just not yet learned) . I hope that you will pray with me, that, we as a people will choose reason and respect over hate and ugliness …are we a CIVILized country or a barbaric tribe? We’re about to decide . In many places political opponents shoot each other in the street, will we allow the shadows in our government to push us to that point, stirring conflict where there is none? I don’t think its worth all that. Peace Jane

  32. As long as I can remember, our choice has been the Devil or his Brother. Not since Carter vs Ford have our “Choices” been so dismal.

  33. Time to end my association with the REPUB Party and will go a Constitution 3RD Party, time to end these Politicians that make politics a life time job. I will either stay home or WRITE IN TRUMP if his run is not treated with respect.

  34. The establishment wants to block Trump because they all stand to lose a lot of money. They rather have Hillary than Trump, it would be business as usual and both parties will still pull the wool over our eyes with backroom deals making them richer, and we will be paying for it, Vote Trump 2016! Lets vote for the person who will serve the American people.Lets Make America Great Again! God Bless America, and its people.

  35. We need to dissolve the GOP in its entirety. The government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. and for the people. NOT BY THE GOP ELETISTS.

  36. Party leaders do not care if it ends their own political careers, as long as THEIR candidate is nominated. This means we could see Trump running, and winning, on an independent Republican ticket.

  37. The RNC I call them the ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS for constantly stabbing Mr. Trump in his back. They have done zero to stop barack hussein obama from breaking our laws and lying day after day and and supporting these terrorist in Iran and saying what a great deal it is. Forcing us to take in terrorist from Syria and just letting anyone come across our borders is fine with the GOP as they bend over backwards to kiss obama butt. I just hope if Mr. Trump does get the number needed to win the nomination, then they pull some crap and denies him the win, I hope they cut their throats and bleed out as they will be known as the GOING OUT PARTY.

  38. The gall of these people. The party chooses the nominee. The country belongs to the people yet the parties are private and when an independent party tries to emerge the private parties do everything they can to kill it. Does this sound like a representative republic?


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