Rush Asks 1 Brutal Question That Leaves GOP Establishment Speechless

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh presented his listeners with a question that should leave the GOP in Washington ashamed.

In his radio program, Limbaugh pointed out that while the GOP announced a “100-day plan” to take out Republican front-runner Donald Trump, they have yet to come up with a 100-day plan to take out Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

He referenced an article in the New York Times that reported the Republican establishment “adamantly” opposed Trump and was preparing a 100-day plan to deny him the nomination, should it come down to that.


“Where was the GOP’s 100-day plan to take out Obama? Anybody remember that plan? Where’s the GOP’s 100-day plan to take out Hillary Clinton? Anybody heard of that plan?”

Limbaugh attempted to address this conundrum by saying that Trump winning the nomination, much less the presidency, would upset the current “club” mentality among Washington politicians – a club in which, regardless of what side of the aisle they’re on, they are taken care of.

“They’ve got each other’s back. Behind the scenes all there is is scheming that is designed to protect what they’ve got. That’s more important than the party winning elections.”

He went on to say that what the GOP was trying to do to Trump proves that the party wasn’t interested in winning the presidency. They were more concerned with securing their jobs and positions than listening to voters.

An outsider like Trump or Senator Ted Cruz presents too much of a risk to the status quo and, according to Rush, that’s a risk they simply cannot take. However, it’s that very status quo that has voters so fired up.

If Limbaugh is right about the GOP establishment – and it looks like he is – they should be ashamed of themselves for betraying conservative voters in this way.

Do you agree with Rush that the establishment only cares about its power and status, and not about the future of our country or even electing a Republican to office?

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  1. I agree! This BS has gone on way too long!
    Time to clean house.
    It does NOT matter which “Party” side they sit on, while they play their solitaire games, & snooze, it time to drain the swamp!
    They are not doing their jobs that the American people voting them into office to do!
    FIRE them !!


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