Trump Responds To “Fauxcahontas” Warren’s Attack With Race-Faker Slam

Donald Trump has never shied away from making controversial statements that other candidates might be afraid to. His latest target was Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Hill reported that Warren went on a Twitter rampage in which she called Trump a “loser” and a “serious threat” to America’s national security.

Trump, who never lets anyone attack him and walk away unscathed, quickly shot back. When a reporter asked Trump about Warren’s comments, his response was classic:


“You mean the Indian? Who’s that? The Indian?”

He was referencing Warren’s infamous claim when she was running for Senate that she was a Native American. There has been no proof to back up her outrageous claim, though it didn’t stop Harvard Law School from playing up Warren’s Native American claims as proof that it hired a diverse faculty.

Trump continued:

“The problem with this country right now is it’s so divided. People like Elizabeth Warren really have to get their act together because it’s going to stay divided.

“That includes Hillary. And that probably includes me.”

Trump has recently toned down some of his rhetoric blasting the Republican Party. He’s apparently recognized that, should he become the GOP nominee, he will need to bridge the very wide gaps between members of the Republican Party to win the Oval Office.

This quick one-liner and accurate comments about how our country is divided shows that Trump has been under-estimated by political insiders and the Establishment. He’s a much more formidable opponent than most people thought when he started his campaign last year.

Do you like Trump’s comments about Elizabeth Warren and the state of our country?

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  1. President Trump is basically the only person to have the courage to provide clear responses to the Democrats. For the past 60 years of so, liberals have had the freedom to say and do virtually anything they want without being called into accountability. Now, that President Trump is calling them out they act mistreated because it is not the same as these past 60 years–they are correct, it is different–they now face some accountability. It is long past due that someone in high national profile stood up to these progressive, communist/socialist fabricators. These far left libs are highly effective prevaricating fabricators and deceptive individuals with very low moral quotients despite their verbiage!


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