Cruz Affair Story Wasn’t From Trump, Here’s The Real Source

A bombshell report published on Friday revealed that allies of GOP presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio played a pivotal role in candidate Senator Ted Cruz’s affair scandal and were likely, in fact, the real source of it.

According to The Daily Beast, anti-Cruz operatives pitched details of the alleged scandal for months to various prominent news outlets, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, Breitbart and the National Enquirer.

Here’s the report from the Conservative Tribune:

“An insider at Breitbart told the Daily Beast that someone specifically associated with Rubio showed his boss videos depicting Cruz and one of his mistresses walking out of both a restaurant and a hotel together. The paper rightfully chose to reject the potential lead due to the lack of concrete evidence.

“‘We got it from a Rubio ally,’ the source said. ‘It was too thin, so (Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matt Boyle) decided not to run it. There was no way to verify the claims.

“Of course, the National Enquirer, known for publishing fabricating stories, decided to run it anyway, and thus a scandal was born and the blame game began, with Cruz immediately pinning blame on ‘Donald Trump and his henchmen.’

“The claim by the Breitbart insider suggests otherwise, as does evidence procured by The Conservative Treehouse.

“Investigators at the blog uncovered a litany of tweets from Marco Rubio supporters, including GOP strategist Rick Wilson, that made mention of ‘The Thing.'”

“In one tweet, for instance, Wilson urged ‘media outlets in possession of The Thing’ to upload it to YouTube and have interns accidentally ‘discover’ it.”

Once again, it appears that Trump was correct and his detractors were wrong. Rubio’s camp planted the seeds of this story long before it hit the pages of the National Enquirer.

Do you think this story will hurt Cruz’s chances for the Republican nomination?


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