RNC Chair Won’t Let Trump Do This, Even If He Wins the Nomination

Here’s more evidence that the Republican establishment really, truly hates Donald Trump.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is vowing not to give the billionaire’s campaign control over the party leading up to the November election, according to a report in the New York Times.

The Times said Priebus ‘has also let it be known that he does not plan to let the Trump campaign take over the party apparatus if he captures the nomination.

Here’s the report from Newsmax.com:

“At an off-the-record happy hour with reporters last week, Mr. Priebus said clearly that, regardless of precedent, he would not be layered over by Mr. Trump’s loyalists, according to two people present.

“If true, Priebus’ decision would be a stunning reversal of precedent and a serious slap in the face to the Trump campaign.

“In modern presidential campaigns, the presumptive nominee of the party, even before gaining the nomination, takes de facto control over the party and its apparatus.

“The candidate and the campaign takes the helm of the national campaign effort, with the party and RNC chair taking direction from them.”

Although Trump is the current front-runner, there’s no guarantee he’ll get the nomination – even if he has the most votes and delegates from the primaries. If he does get the nomination and Priebus doesn’t give Trump’s campaign the party reins, this would make for an awkward situation at best – and a Republican party civil war at worst.

What do you think of Priebus’ shocking statement towards Trump?



  1. Let’s all tell Prince Priebus that the party is over. Start representing the actual Republican constituency or vacate the party and make way for those who do. The Republican Party has from now until election time to actually show us they count by doing things that really matter to us, the tax-paying voters. You have control of both houses – start acting like it. Instead of sitting along the sidelines watching the Democrats ram home their agenda without interference, try ramming home a few things for our side for a change. You may loose, but at least we’ll know that you’re out there trying.

    • 1. Control of the senate does not constitute a VOTING majority, hence there is only so much you can do, especially w/ a dem president.
      2. He IS representing the GOP constituency, a MAJORITY of which opposes Trump, and a substantial number who will never vote for him, including myself.

      Your ‘we the people’ argument holds zero water with a candidate who hasn’t received a majority in even ONE state.

      • keep on voting for “establishment” CFR globalists like a schmuck. That’s what the traitors count on. cruz and kasick are NWO stooges, a miniscule amount of research would reveal that. Anyone who depends solely on CFR owned “TV” “news” is a schmuck.

          • No you’re a well propagandized fool. As as such, every bit as responsible as the Liberals.

          • You are a Trumpet using the Trumper’s tactics i.e. attack intimidate misdirect name calling etc.

          • You are a dedicated Trumpster who attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with the Trumper. He is better than Hillary or the commie but his attacking his Republican opponents has alienated me from supporting him during the primary season.

          • And you’re a candy butted Liperal unworthy of the rights you don’t hesitate to throw away because some politician tells you it’s in your own best interest. take a hike child. (PREFERABLY to North Korea, for a hard LESSON in the value of those liberties. )

          • You would be dangerous if you had a brain. Take a hike idiot trumpet because being a rock solid conservative I find the Trumpsters tactics repulsive and make me question his ability to be a president or just another Obama who will be a disaster for the country.

          • Don’t deceive yourself FOOL. The establishment… of BOTH partys is CROOKED and proving it day by day. By NOT backing Trump they AND YOU will INSURE “another Obama”. Which makes you? A BACK DOOR LIBERAL!

          • Never said I trusted the GOP establishment rinos. But your continuing to use invective and insults doesn’t make your point or encourage discussion Just as your hiel Trump doesn’t indicate you can think. Go peddle your invective elsewhere.

          • LOL Right, like this old combat vet is going to let you or anyone else dismiss me like some school boy. IF you think you’ve heard “invective” to this point… TRY THAT ONE AGAIN!

          • From one combat vet to another quit the name calling and we can discuss the virtues of Cruz vs Trump. Think we can agree Hillary or Bernie not acceptable. Not afraid of you been chewed out by drop and give me 50

        • Trump released his list of foreign policy names and 1 is past employee of CFR and another is a past employee of the Hudson Institute (front for NWO). He has also said that he gets some advice from and greatly respects Richard Haas ( I googled him), current President of CFR. Now what do you have to say?

          • Do NOT believe this! If Donald Trump was NWO all the Republican lackeys would be cheering him on – instead of doing everything in their power to stop him! IT just does NOT make any sense, Jaybird!

          • I heard him mention Richard Haas at the last debate and how he greatly respected him. When he released his foreign policy names I looked each one up.

            Is he not checking out who he is appointing or getting his information from? Great thing to do for a presidential candidate.

            I know about Cruz’s wife, and I thought people should know what I found out about the Donald..

            I just hope Cruz loves and follows the Constitution.

          • For someone who loves the constitution but refuses to show his family paper work for all to see if he is a citizen proves he loves himself more than the US constitution.

      • and your Rinos are behind one candidate who has not even won one state and the other who has only won 5—your post sounds so much like the rinos we want to get rid of because they can’t win elections and they can’t defeat the democrats !!!!

        • HEY! Trump could beat H. Clinton with one hand tied behind his back! (That’s if the nwo Republicans will let him. It seems more and more lately the “elite” Democrats AND the “elite” Republicans BOTH want HIllary to win in November – because She IS nwo and wilol do anything the one- worlders want her to do and she will LOVE doing it too.

          • Hillary is polling double digits over Trump & Trump polls worse than any other against Hillary. His supporters love him but the majority hate him. You really need to start looking a real data. Let me suggest RealClearPolitics – they do averages of credible polls & much more.

          • Nah, just a practicing physician & pragmatist….who understands polls, statistics, and doesn’t believe only what I WANT to believe.

        • Obama goes one way or the other. Go to RealClearPolitics dot com. You should get to know this site if you don’t already.

          Trump actually has the least chance in a general election.

      • Baloney!! If what you say is true, then Trump wouldn’t be winning nearly every state and Kasich would be on top not Trump. But Kasich is NOT on top, he’s ON THE BOTTOM and he’s going to stay there!

        That’s why your comment gets ONE like and KingDon has 22 likes.

        Go figure!

        • He is winning, but with a MINORITY. His average is 37% of the popular vote (and some aren’t even in the GOP). I don’t support Kasich.
          BTW, Cruz has won I think 12 states now after Wis.

          Trump has NEVER won a majority in even ONE state. The majority in the GOP oppose him, as exit polls show.

      • Congrats on being such an utterly worthless pile that you would help to elect another Liberal after the past 7 years. May Obama’s next wonderful illegals arrive in YOUR neighborhood… you’re either part of the solution or a part of the problem. SO, as you’re willing to be a good little sheeple, I wish upon you the same thing I do upon your equally childish Liberal brethren…. may happen to you and yours FIRST! Sadly, I fear that it WON’T (i’m a firm believer in justice, especially karma.)

        • Not at all. I think for myself, am likely more conservative than you, and am a registered independent (who typically votes republican – supporting the most conservative who can actually win).
          I oppose Trump BECAUSE I don’t want another liberal & believe you will find he hands the election to Hillary. His negatives are just too high with the general electorate.
          I believe their are others who are actually electable who would do as much as possible to secure our borders, which you will find one way or the other is not so easy, or as much as you may think can be done. More can be done to be sure, but less than you or I would want. You need congress on board for anything major.

        • Rather simple. He racked up delegates when the anti-trump vote was split between too many candidates. He won many early primaries with a smaller minority of only 30%.

          From the wins, the bandwagon effect takes on steam – an air of inevitability.

          He leads in delegates, but his average win was by only 37% to date. He has NEVER won with a majority (50% or more) in even ONE state.

          Bottom line, he leads in delegates because too many were running, but he does not lead in GOP support – the majority in the party can’t stand him.

          This is why conventions are so important. It prevents a hostile takeover by a minority which does NOT represent the majority. If you don’t get a majority of delegates, even if gotten with a minority of support, by the convention it goes to a 2nd ballot & the delegates decide what is best for the party & who can best win in the general. ….given there must be a reason that person never reached a majority.

          Hell, Lincoln came in with few delegates & won on the 3rd ballot.

        • Hey! Don’t be wishing someone like him on custodians. Janitors (at least the U.S. citizens, though I would question that of the illegal aliens and Muslims being forced upon us) are typically of much better ethics, honesty, and credibility than those currently in public office as far as I know.

        • Mr. Priebus feels he has the power to do his will and not the will of the People. They (Priebus and the GOP) should inform John Kasich and Marco Rubio they are in breach of the promise they made to support the running candidates. Kasich dreams of being the Third Party and Marco just wants to put a speed bump on those remaining in the race, by keeping his one win of Puerto Rico .

          • Actually, they all (Trump included) vowed to support the nominee. Then Cruz and Rubio (before he dropped out) started waffling on that vow when Trump’s numbers started climbing.

            ALL republicans should absolutely support WHO EVER gets the republican nomination and VOTE for WHO EVER gets the republican nomination! Period! The democrats will support a known child molester … and vote to have him babysit their children!

            We don’t need to be THAT loyal to the party, but NOT supporting our nominee (who ever it is) is just plain STUPID!!!

    • I look at it this way the Republican Party will loose control of both houses come 2017 because they would not do the jobs the people voted them in for they have been a waste of time for the last two years and will never control anything anymore good bye freedom hello communist.REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR2 2018 and that’s the way it is.

      • Their job ….fill the empty SOTUS seat, we may need 9 come November as with 2000 when Scalia elected Bush and to set the stage for his double secret buddies to execute their 9/11/war in Iraq/multiple fronts of conflict present day middle east Isis mess. Yes the court of 9 is handy when you own 5 judges to overturn the will of the people to profit from the sale of war toys.

      • Unless, we the people in every state back a challenger to everyone of the incumbents, that would create a new party out of the ashes of the G O P

    • The Republican Delegates did not support the voters when they got into Office. They passed Obama’s spending bill for Obama to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into our Country and had assured them we -The Tax Payer would support them as they invade our Country. The GOP will fall if they steel the votes from the People .

  2. I think the establishment needs to grow up and do what is right. Priebus better do the right thing or there will be millions of people leaving the GOP. If Cruz wins fair and square, I bet Priebus bends over backwards with his support. If Trump wins, I expect the same as if anyone else wins from him. America is tired of the same old things this party has been doing and supporting the current government. I have no respect for Priebus or the government anymore.

  3. The republican establishment is lined up along the edge of the Grand Canyon.
    The much larger line to the left are conservatives, with a pocket full of rocks

  4. Is there a point to our comments other than getting it off our chests? Is there an attorney on Constitutional law out there that is willing to get in this fight for America and can stop these unadulterated events taking place in our Government? Are these “parties” going to take America and Americans down without a fight by “us”? American’s know how wrong this is, and if there is such a person/persons out there who can make this right, please help America. I know Trump is willing to complete his goal to be POTUS, but he needs fairness and Americans too. This is a dumb request, but necessary to try to save America.

    • Anne Stromberg ·
      Owner at Ultra Race and Trail Run Apparel
      is the most dangerous candidateever due to his pseudo Chrisitan
      religion. His hidden agenda is his plan to restore “values” via this
      theology which is NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy! Check it out! It is
      scary! BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! This would be a disaster for our
      country, for women, for alternative lifestyle groups, for Mormons, etc.

      Dominion Theology and/or its alternative name “Now” theology!. Good bye
      first amendment’s stand on religion.

      • THIS is what finally turned me against Ted Cruz! He and his father are doing their best to get this idea across the nation, and they are NOT on our side! It is bad enough to have muslims working against us, but when someone whom we extended the hand of friendship is actively working to destroy one of our dearest, most important freedoms, the FIRST AMENDMENT and its stand on religion, it is just too much to bear! This is what Ted’s father, Raphael, is working toward! He has NEVER really shaken the dirt of Cuban Communism off his boots, and through his preaching, is spreading it!

        • leewacker That’s why Cruz is NOT ELIGIBLE to be POTUS! The Constitution’s interpretation is the father determines the “Natural born citizen” and Cruz’s father is Cuban. The founding fathers did not want the POTUS influenced by foreign countries. Now how smart were our founding fathers to predict that happening today, but some sleazy lawyers found it appropriate (including Cruz) to change the meaning of our sacred Constitution.

      • I have done my research Anne, Cruz belongs to 7 Mountains Dominionism (a cult) and Heidi is an officer in the North American Union and is for the New World Order. I know exactly who Cruz and Heidi are and you’re right. They are the most dangerous people and if he get in he will usher America in the toilet and goodby Constitution. And there’s more on this Creep Cruz, just not enough space here.

        • If that were the case, the GOPe would be all over Cruz, boosting him and supporting his nomination against Trump!

          They aren’t doing that!


          By your “research” they should be all over him pushing him against Trump, but they’re NOT, Why?

          • …..cause both Drumpf & “altar call” are very scary individuals, for the first time in 61 years I see the value in the fascist military …. in case we need to oust one of them. Hopefully, prayerfully the electorate is too smart for that.

  5. Priebus is a real loser! I guess that the Party does not smell him!!! He might have to get a job and work for a living when this is over~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Reince Priebus needs (as my Dad would have put it) to pull in his long horns and listen to the voters!! I don’t know how else WE THE PEOPLE AND VOTERS In the USA are going to get the point across to Mr. Priebus THAT WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER LYING, PROMISE BREAKING POLITICIAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!! For Mr. Priebus to deny We The People and voters of the USA our choice as nominee for President of the USA is unconscionable, and it WILL DESTROY WHAT IS LEFT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!! The Republican party made us all kind of promises in the last election, 95% of which HAVE NOT BEEN KEPT!! And Mr. Priebus wants us to trust him?? Mr. Priebus, I’m going to take my business elsewhere!! You’re just as bad as or worse than the rest of the Charlatans in the Republican Establishment!! Shame on you!!

  7. It sounds like this guy is democrat, not in support of free speech unless he agrees with what is said, and clearly demonstrating the same tyrannical attitude as Obummer. I’m not worried, Trump can run as an independent and I’m sure there are those in the Republican party who would vote for him.

    • I don’t care if they deport him from the country he is still getting my vote. It is the only vote anyone with a conscious can make. Trump that is. This is no longer about Trump. This is the will of the establishment versus the will of the people. I just worry that this will get Trump shot. They are not going to give this country up easily. They think they already own it.

  8. this iswhy we need to elliminate both partys.they are all corrupt democrats.the entire govt has been infiltrated and corrupted by the natzi liberals.time to erase and start over.

  9. Priebus and the GOP are just asking for a war. It is bad enough that he and the GOP apparatus ripped a page out of the DNC playbook by allowing three constitutionally ineligible candidates to run, and then backing the sleaziest one of the three for the nomination. Is there anyone else out there that feels that the United States is finished?

    • God, I hope not, But it’s looking worse every day

      I guess i will have to go down fighting but it’s looking kinda’ grimm.

      (Check my original comment posted at about 4PMt)

      • If anybody other than Trump or Cruz gets elected, the USA is done! ANY liberals (including RINOS) get elected, they will continue the hatchet job Obama has been doing to the country!! We’ll be the USSA by 2018 if that is the case!

        Trump 2016

        HiLIARy – LOCK HER UP IN 2016

        • Couldn’t agree more, But with the RINOs in the DNCs pocket the outlook is pretty grim.

          Looks like the RNC is doing everything in their power to throw another election.

          Can she still run if she is out on bail?

  10. Doesn’t he understand yet how angry the people are over the Republican party ? This is the end of the party. I hate the Democratic Socialist candidates but if the Republican “Party” does nopt listen to the will of the people than I will not vote for any republican party sheep.

  11. The RNC stands for ROTTEN NASTY COWARDS who has stabbed Mr. Trump in his back from day one and has shown us that we are nothing but tax payers who have no say in anything these closet democrats do. I have grown to hate the republican establishment as they are nothing more than traitors. I hope the do commit suicide and bleed the hell out, they don’t deserve to be anywhere near DC. GO TRUMP 2016

  12. Mr Priebus,
    You and your party of elites created Trump and Cruz. The establishment candidates don’t represent the conservative base. Business as usual isn’t working…We don’t want your help! Go away…

  13. Well, if the ‘Power Brokers’ who control the RNC continue to disregard the will of the Republican Party voters and crown either Cruz or Rubio or a combination of both and make either of them the ‘Official Candidate’ of the Republican Party, the RNC legal problems are just beginning! There is a group in Orange County, California that is setting up a ‘Legal’ challenge to the US Constitutional Eligibility of a non ‘Natural Born Citizen’ being made the party candidate for President…The RNC will be sued for not being able to ‘Certify’ the Constitutional Eligibility of their candidate and Cruz and/or Rubio not being eligible. This law suit can not be filed until an ineligible candidate has been named because this group will not have ‘Standing’ with the court until this happens. The main legal cause of action is due to the ‘Definition’ of a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as defined by the US Supreme Court on several occasions!…
    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) best explains the categories of citizenship according to Article II of the U.S. Constitution. They are:
    Original Citizen ‘Grandfather’ Clause (GFC)
    Natural Born Citizen Clause (NBC) The Natural Born Citizenship (NBC) clause status, per natural law and the law of nations, and relevant U.S. Supreme Court rulings, such as Venus (1814), Minor v Happersett (1875), and Perkins v Elg (1939), is determined by whether or not both parents were Citizens of the United States (via birth or naturalization) at the time of the birth of their child in the USA– (not where the parents were born.) Both parents must be U.S. Citizens when their child is born in America for the child to be a “natural born Citizen.” It is important to note that until recent times foreign born women gained naturalized status upon marrying a U.S. Citizen husband or upon the naturalization of the husband under the legal concept of citizenship fusion in a marriage. The Citizenship of the wife was always legally fused to that of her husband until more recent times.
    If neither of the above, Kerchner argues the person occupying the White House is Seated by fraud.
    Kerchner writes:
    “The natural born Citizen clause was placed in the U.S. Constitution in regards to eligibility for President by the founders of our nation and framers of our Constitution specifically to bar persons in the future with foreign influence and foreign citizenship on them at/by birth from ever becoming the Commander-in-Chief of our military after the founding generation had passed away. It was placed in the Constitution for future national security reasons. (Reasons we see materializing today with Obama.) The founding generation was exempt from the natural born Citizen clause in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution. The natural born Citizen clause only applied to future generations of those who would be President upon the passing of the founding generation. These facts were stated in writing in a 1787 letter from John Jay to George Washington, Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention.”

    Press Esc or click anywhere to return to Mail.

  14. Rence Priebus is one of the main reasons why I am leaving the Republican Party! Him, Karl Rove and most of the other turncoats within the party have shown me the door! I will NOT be a Republican after this election, I will NOT vote for the establishment’s nominee, I WILL write in TRUMP’s name, and I WON’T apologize for doing so!

    I am beginning to think, repulsive as it is, that this country might learn something if the people had to deal with full socialism or communism—lord knows we’re headed that way now! There is only ONE fully American, fully committed candidate in this race, and that’s Donald Trump! YES! I back him all the way—Kasich is nothing but a silly fool who doesn’t understand he’s only being played for the fool he really is, Cruz has been told by two judges he is INELIGIBLE to run, and why he insists on staying on the campaign trail is beyond me! I refuse to vote for him—or any of the establishment’s nominees—running the risk of either Sanders or Clinton becoming president! I know the risks, and I am willing to take them on to back my candidate, DONALD J. TRUMP!

    Yes, he is abarasive, Yes, he is loud, and against a lot of things, but those things he is against, I agree with! Somehow, someway, someday we REAL AMERICANS, those of us who can count our ancestors among the settlers who came to this country in the 1600s, fought in the French-Indian Wars, fought for freedom against the world’s greatest empire, and has done more for this country than one could ever imagine, somehow we WILL get OUR country for ourselves, something we have NEVER had! I am not against the early-day immigrants because they all had something to offer, I am against those who won’t or can’t do something in their own countries, and I will NOT accept “refugees” who are obviously battle-hardened invaders, and those who come over our borders for the “freebies” they can receive! And, I want ALL of them deported–either under their own power or feet first—either of which can be arranged—their choice!

    apologize for doing so!

  15. the RNC and you—Priebus–have no idea what you just bit off with that statement you just made—-that’s why you don’t win elections—listen up to WE THE PEOPLE—stupid or suffer the consequences !!!!!

  16. If the repubs don’t do what we put them there to do there won’t be a repub party we will all vote them out of office and they can go kicking horse turds down the road,we will have the dems and the indepentants.

  17. The republican establishment will never give Trump control of special interest money; thats what this is about.

  18. Republicans have run me out of the party. Haven’t voted for anyone but the Republican since 1957 until yesterday. Voted for the Democrat candidate for sheriff. Will never vote or contribute to Republicans again. Now am an Independent.

  19. If no one complains then expect nothing,but i suspect that Trump won’t take it laying down,he is just biding his time until the convention.

    • This bstd is no good. He will take in the refugees, open the border, do away with social security, this son-=btch will be just like Obama.

  20. I suggest we call leaders like Priebus by an appropriate name. We should stop referring to them as the “establishment” and place the correct nomenclature upon them–Status Quo Elites! What that bunch at the top of the GOP has done to Mr. Trump is beyond a disgrace! When all of this is over, I’m going disaffiliate myself with the GOP.

    • Undoubtedly. What party will you affiliate to? We need to make a mass migration to one party not scatter. United we stand kind of thing. But you know how that will work.

      • Rowdy, I guess I’m about partied out! When I was young, I was an Independent before President Reagan came along, and then I joined the Republican Party. There can be drawbacks with that approach, but I’m done with the RINO Party, or should I say the Party of Status Quo Elites?

        • Several years ago I took my part in a new party called GOOOH. (get out of our house) I was a Colorado state chairman woo woo, mostly helped write guidelines and recruit. It was pretty interesting, but the country wasn’t ready for a new party then as they are now. Lib, green, la raza, socialist, Constitutional ? ? I think the GOOOH party could possibly fly today. The structure and initial growth mechanism was very good and respectful of individual liberty. So much different than what I am seeing from the repukes today.

          • Sounds quite interesting. I know I’ve had it with the RINO Party! My guess is that an independent group of us are going to emerge from the Status Quo Party of Elites. To be candid, I really believe that if Mr. Trump is not the nominee, America is lost. That’s why I am going to write him in. It really doesn’t matter anymore.

          • That’s sad. I believe your right, but I will never give up on the country, as long as I am alive we are not completely lost. The nation is we the people not Trump or hitlery, or soros, or even all of them. If we love our freedom and have no other option left to us we could stomp them all down and go on. Yes as I have stated and will again. I don’t care if they deport him I will write him in, and my delegate vote will go to him. He is the only one that dares oppose the establishment / NWO. That’s all that counts. It’s good against evil, pick your side carefully and hope your not deceived. I pray he can survive it.

          • Rowdy, I will never give up on America, but there are powers in the world dead set on destroying this great nation. If we succumb to these evil people like Soros and his minions, we lose. The only candidate in the race at this point is Mr. Trump. He’s beholding to no one. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are owned by the donor class. In fact, George Soros made a significant contribution to Kasich, so what does that tell you? I, too, pray that Mr. Trump survives, because we need him. America needs him.

          • http://www.goooh.com/ There is a link to GOOOH. The site is still active but looks like nothing has happened since I was there last. I been telling people for a while now Trump should at a rally just say “Listen folks, I find the backstabbing from everywhere except the people to be so repugnant that I am just dropping out, you folks have a safe ride home and may GOD bless and keep you and our country”. Then disappear for a couple weeks and then announce he has established a candidacy with say the GOOOH party. I need everyone that loves this country and dares to support me for president to go to your county clerk(as soon as you can get in) and change your party affilation to the GOOOH party. We can show these people what the peoples vote really is. Then watch the rep party go into convulsions, and the dem party develop a severe rash.

  21. oWhat a crock.

    If the GOP establishment tries to pull this dictatorial coup against Trump or even Cruz I will definitely be one of the demonstrators outside the conversion and even though I have been a life long Republican I will leave the party and either go over to the Libertarians or just register as an independent. I am quite sure I will not be the only either.

    As an independent I won’t be able be able to vote in the primary but what the hell, Like they wonderful patriotic demo-crap says, “What dose it matter?” The party will just run whoever they want anyway so why bother to vote at all?

    Not even too sure about staying a Tea Party Patriot. Joined 7 years ago but they are not looking too good anymore either.

    I am a born Cleveland East sider and have gone to Stefaniic’s Barbershop on Superior since 1970. We were talking and he asked me, “Back in 1966 would ever believe this country would have ever ended up like it is today?” I said NO WAY!

    That was like 6-years ago. Last week i was in and said “remember when we talked about how we couldn’t believe the shape the country was in?” I then said “We didn’t know crap, did we?” (Crap was not the word we used, but you get the point)

    Mit-Witt purposely threw the election 7 years ago and now the GOP Prince of huberious is trying to do it again. Face facts. The RINO controlled GOP has no intent what so ever of winning the presidency. They have obviously showed they have the opposite in mind again,in fact. We probably all got AIDS from what they have done to us.

    Like Trump or not, he is not the enemy. That crooked princess of lies that left good men to die on a roof in Benghazi and that out and out communist are the enemy. (The commies actually tried to kill ME in Vietnam. Now there is one who may possibly end up in the White House because of MY party. WTF? Over.) Looks like it’s time for me to rethink my party affiliation)

    I just don’t get how in the hell these fools would rather loose to the enemy then band together behind the the guy that most in their own party are voting for. They are doing nothing but giving ammunition to the Democrat Party,,,,,Or is that what they have had in mind all along. Priebus’ statements sure sound like that.

    There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Trump and that I didn’t like about Kasich but I voted for him for governor, and he did a very passable good job. (just for the record, I did not vote for Kasich in this republican primary.)

    Think about what that right to vote cost and you will be as pissed off as I am about them ignoring our choice. (If any of you don’t know what the cost was take stroll through Arlington Cemetery some time)

    This was one hell of a country at one time, wasn’t it? It’s survival is very much in doubt now.

    Maybe the Royal Exulted Bomma will solve the whole thing for us and declare himself dictator for life. BERRY HEIL! BERRY HEIL! BERRY HEIL !!!!

    • Losing their power.

      What they’ve lost sight of, is that it was NEVER their Power to begin with! It was and always has been the PEOPLE’S POWER!!

    • Do you really not understand or is this a joke? Would you really hand the key to nuclear weapons to Mr Drumpf or Cruz? How unstable can a candidate be and still get your vote ?

  22. Nothing short of civilians uniting with the military surround the castles and make citizens arrest from the very top to bottom but Americans think they are better when actually dumbed down by the political correctness of the lowering of standards to pacify incompetence and the false mindset that the now corrupt government is too big to fight or fail and the blind following of people of a corrupt government [both parties] by false patriotism to a corrupt Washington d.c. Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES especially government propaganda LIES that breed FRAUDULENT elections and race and gay bait articles for their profits and ratings. Popular votes do not count only electorate which can easily be manipulated with corruption. Washington elites and politicans get rich from taxpayers while screwing you Americans over by loopholes of taxes filter to their pockets. They know they can get away with this because Americans are too dumb down, lazy and apathetic to resist by any means necessary!

  23. American politics are a joke ,both parties are butts of the same cheeks, They can print so much money to grease politicians hands to do whatever they want in this case keeping a democrat in office! While getting away with it because of you the people of America still believe in the hypocrisy of democracy in a supposed Republic! Americans do not have what it takes as their fore-fathers had to fight Domestic tyranny because it goes against their false mindset of Patriotism to a corrupt government and that government is too big to fight or fail! Next time ALL candidates ought to run on any ticket besides the established corrupt two Repubs and Democrats!

  24. Sooner or later, the RNC establishment is going to find out that they are now irrelevant! They have NO ONE to blame except themselves – they’ve been ignoring the people for FAR TOO LONG NOW!! The People are tired of it and aren’t going to follow along like sheep anymore!! The sooner the RNC figures that out, the better for all of us!!

  25. The gopRINOs are democratic liberals. Donald trump is an independent conservative. The gopRINO liberals have always done everything within their power to destroy conservatives within their party. Donald Trump should have never trusted the RINOs because their words are promises are worthless. The RINO leaders are working with the democrats in a effort to destroy Donald Trump’s chance of becoming president. I believe Priebus is doing everything possible to assure that hillary Benghazi clinton becomes the next president. When that happens the gop should be eliminated.

  26. How dare that wimp thinks he controls he republican party. We do. It’s time their gravy train stopped and we took control or we’ll start a new party. Say maybe call it “The Done With You Party”.

    • Dear Mr. Kasich

      I would like to know why you are still in the race for president and so would all the voters. We the voters all know you have no chance of being elected, What you are doing is preventing Cruz and Trump of reaching 1237 delegates. Your tactics are no different than that of a liberal democrat and it has voters in a up roar and if you succeed in causing a brokered convention you will be denying the peoples choice. You sir are a disgrace to the American public and I hope you fail and if you do succeed that will be the end of the republican party and you will see revolt like you never seen before. Why do you think the American people are so frustrated at the politics of Washington D.C. and why do you think the majority are voting for Cruz and Trump, don’t you and the rest of the RINO’S understand. From all the voters I have talked to the number one issue is illegal immigration and you sir are very weak on the subject. We want our borders closed and start deporting illegal’s. Americans are so tired of our tax dollars going to support these illegal’s through our welfare system, that money should be used to help Americans. I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.


      C Bujan

  27. Regardless of who the front runner is in the end, should it be Mr. Trump, and he does not get recognized, I would say that it’s the end of the Republican party. I don’t know who Mr. Priebus thinks he is, but he will suffer the backlash from this election. He seems to feel he’s more important than God himself, and will find out at the convention that it isn’t the case.

    • Thankfully the bosses are willing to lose ’16, in ’20 they will have a list of the new dumb that Drumpf pulled out of the hedges and byways which is a planned effort to dumb down their base to increase #’s.

    • The whole system needs flushed. I know there are plenty of loyal Americans to do those jobs correctly. Look how many were willing to give their lives to defend freedom. From some of the things I have seen from some of our legislative masters. My dog could do a considerably better job.

        • Aha. That is why I have been espousing my recovery program for seven years now. The people form a national panel and panels in each state. These panels are given authority to test any person for loyalty to this country. And to log indictments. Clean all subversives out of our country. Maybe then we would have room or concern to except new carefully vetted immigrants.

  28. Everyone’s expendable Priebus. Even you can be replaced, so you’d better NOT screw with Trump’s republicans!

  29. As a conservative, I do not in any way support any democrat ever holding any public office anywhere in the U.S.A. However, as a citizen, I believe that the fraud, manipulations, organized deceptions, and other shenanigans committed by the Rinos and the GOP leadership to backstab both Cruz and Trump are totally reprehensible; especially when these republicans are so willing to backstab the U.S. citizen voters by neutralizing all our votes through the contested convention while supposedly being involved in helping criminals, illegal aliens and as I understand it Mexico recruited non-citizen voters to rig the elections, neutralize American citizen votes, and create a situation wherein the next president of these United States of America would be effectively appointed to office by the political elites on behalf of their true foreign masters as opposed to being lawfully elected to office as per the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. As such, I firmly believe that not another GOP member should ever be elected to any office within these United States ever again in any capacity into any community, city, state or even into any federal government office anywhere. Without the rule of law and adherence to our U.S. Constitution, the citizens of this republic no longer have any voice within our government and all governance by those in power becomes tyranny devoid of credibility or lawful authority to govern. Through arrogance, criminality, outright betrayal, and by providing solid proof of their duplicity, culpability, collaboration and their total willingness to render the combined will and voice of the people moot, the GOP, Rinos, and DNC have all proven they can no longer be trusted in any capacity to govern our nation. Personally, I would not even trust a single one of them in any position of authority all the way up to the White House, nor even as so much as a dog catcher or sanitation worker; though I hasten to add that I personally believe that many who do currently hold such jobs are of much better character and honesty than those currently serving so abusively now in office. Good Job One and All!

  30. I think this snotty goody two shoes needs to get knocked of his perch. Just because Trump may not be the nominee of his choice. Just who does he think he is. So far all I see is someone who has no respect for Citizens voting their choice of who they want to run for POTUS.

  31. Corruption at it’s finest. What are they worried about Maybe Trump will clean house. I for one will do everything in my power to see to it that Trump gets enough delegates. Help, everyone, lets get him nominated

  32. WELL I would venture to say that PRIEBUS and the RNC have beenBOUGHT by the same people who PUT HUSSEIN OBAMA in OFFICE

  33. princess needs to be fired immediately. He is not an adult but a rino piece of snake dung throwing a 3 yr old temper tantrum. Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way princess!!

  34. There could be a high price to pay if that’s the way he feels after the election. All Donald Trump has to do is go to the people and get them on board. President Reagan did it and he got a lot accomplished. The RNC Chair could find out real quick just how inconsequential he can be. I hope you read this Preibus.

  35. Sadly, it’s pretty much what I had expected, just enough PUBLIC lip service to make it APPEAR that the GOP WILL uphold it’s end of the agreement they signed with Trump while in reality doing all they can to make winning as nearly impossible as they can. Face it folks, both parties are rotten too their core, eaten up from the inside by decades of corruption.

  36. These idiots wonder why Trump is gaining more and more support in spite of their threats and the all out assault on him by our biased uninformed progressive communist media!! The RNC needs to pull their heads out of their posteriors and realize that Trump and his supporters are fed up with the status quo!!!

  37. Who is Priebus anyway? I have not met 1 person in my lifetime with that name, not even previous Presidents nor any books or publications. If he has total control over the RNC I have to re-think my party affiliation.

  38. If Donald Trump wins the nomination and then goes on and wins the presidency Priebus will have no choice and will probably be out of a job.


  40. These people out to get Trump within the party are cutting the throat of the Republican party and they are either too STUPID to see it, or it is their plan. Either way, it is sickening.

  41. I think Priebus is an anus orifice. I also think Trump should be the nominee …. IF … he gets the 1,237 delegates, or … IF … his is able to go into a contested convention and WIN a sufficient number of state delegates to his side. I don’t believe the rules should be changed on the majority (not plurality) requirement.

  42. I think REINCE Priebus is a DISPICABLE S.O.B. He represents the DISPICABLE, reprehensible, selfish, self-centered, greedy and grubby ESTABLISHMENT. It’s high time We the People place these arcane hypocrites into the dust bowl of history to rot.

  43. Prince Priebus, you are lighting the fire that will put the old GOP out of business. The GOP is outdared with old (in thinking also) representatives. You and your cohorts are so far out of step with the rank and file that you fail to understand. That a look at yourself in the mirror, that image staring back at you is one of our problems. We tired and we are angry. You may get away with stopping our man Trump this time, but in the future elections coming up watch out. I for one will not vote for a single republican for reelection.


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