Anti-Trump Protester In Wisconsin Makes a Shocking Confession

This year’s Republican presidential primary has been the most unpredictable, volatile and entertaining in the past several decades. It’s looked more and more WWE’s “Wrestlemania” or a reality show instead of presidential politics.

At a recent Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, a 19-year-old anti-Trump girl claimed she was “groped” by someone and started yelling at a 59-year-old man. Video from multiple angles showed that the man didn’t do anything, and put his hands in the air to prove to her that he meant no harm.

After the teenage feminist ran her mouth for a little while, Allen West reports what happened next:

“… [the protester] got a face full of pepper spray after she apparently punched an older male Trump supporter in the face. Naturally, the media was quick to pounce all over the man for his actions.

“However… courtesy of Gateway Pundit, this longer video shows more detail of the incident and captures the protester seconds after the spray admitting ‘I deserved that.'”

It’s good that the college-aged feminist realized she was in the wrong, and funny that she got pepper-sprayed immediately after throwing the punch.

While Trump supporters and Trump himself have been accused of stirring up violence, it seems that the anti-Trump protesters are more violent ones. Videos at rallies across the country have proven this time and time again, no matter what the mainstream media – or anti-Trump conservative media – have claimed.

Tell us your views or first-hand experience on the campaign trail: Are the pro-Trump or anti-Trump people more violent?

Sound off in the comments section below.


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