What Sarah Palin Said To Wisconsin Republicans That Left Them Silent

Speaking on behalf of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin gave a speech to a Wisconsin Republican audience before the April 5 primary. Standing firmly on a platform of truth, Palin warned the mostly GOP establishment audience their decision to stand with deception in order to win an election meant placing themselves in a very precarious position.

The response from the audience to Palin’s brutal honesty was what’s customarily known as “the collective nervousness of deceivers.” 

Whenever anyone dares to tell people: ‘the emperor stands naked‘; it makes large groups of like-minded people uncomfortable. That’s exactly what Sarah Palin did to the Wisconsin audience.

The Conservative Treehouse reports on the responses to her speech:

“Such was the discomfort when Sarah Palin mentioned Senator Ted Cruz’s weak and opportunistic immigration position, and then contrast a real-life example of Cruz going to McAllen Texas in July 2014 to hand out “gift baskets” and welcome illegal alien families.

“You could hear a pin-drop as an entire audience sat jaw-agape in disbelief.

“When a fearless truth-teller stares down a room – the collective immediately need each other to retain their guise. Here’s an example of their initial response:



Maybe the reason the entire Professional Republican audience reacted that way was because they preferred NOT to know. Or, then again, it could be because the example Sarah Palin was giving was widely suppressed by the media.

Regardless of the reasoning for their disbelief, Sarah was simply telling the truth. There’s photographic evidence of Ted Cruz giving gift baskets to incoming illegals near McAllen, Texas.

Based on this evidence of Senator Cruz rewarding Mexican immigrants coming to our country illegally, do you still think he’s a true Constitutional conservative… or is he just another empty suit?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  1. White People WAKE UP

    Join With America’s White Nationalists

    America Was Established By White Men For White People

    Pledge Your Allegiance to Trump (Not To A Flag)

    Trump For Fuehrer

    Sieg Heil

    Make America White Again

    Only White Lives Matter

    Trump Is Our Beloved White Savior

    Without Trump The White Race Is Doomed

    One of the most destructive myths of modern times is that people of all races have the same average intelligence

    • Cut the crap and quit being childish. Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. Mabe these 1% of the total number of blacks, this criminal Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers as well as the Racist Black Congressional caucus believe this whole white privilege crock, but nobody else does. All that you need to know is that the root word of “DIVERSITY”, is DIVIDE. We are all Americans and WE all need to work together for the betterment of all. The key word there is WORK!

        • Sarah is honest and Americans best interest at her core. Trump couldn’t do any better than have Sarah Paiin. Just think how she completely flummoxed the Liberal defamation machine, made them look like fools.

          • We as a people rather black or white need to come together and realize this country is in trouble.. If you love America stand for what you believe. We that love America were betrayed by Obama and his cronies. He is still doing all he can to destroy our way of life…….. Stop arguing and seek God as to which is the lessor evil here and vote hoping we can have a president that believes in the American dream.. We need to come back to our roots putting God back in our schools. Rebuild our military and stop sending our men and women into these places that hate us.. Build a military to guard our shores and keep us safe. We need to build a shield that will protect our electric grid and not let Russia destroy our electricity… Obama has moved quite a bit of things we don’t know about into a cave in Yellow Stone Mountain.. He isn’t concerned about our security.. We need to read the Bible and we’ll know what’s coming. We need to come together and pray for our country.. So stop putting Sara Palin down.. She is a true American. She was right in everything she said. If it fell on dumb ears so be it……… We need an American as president.. Trump is the only one we can trust.. What you see in him is what we’ll get… As I said we need to vote for the lessor evil……….

          • I read about that HUGE bunker for the Elites under that mountain that will sustain them for many years when we get hit with EMP. They live and we die of hunger or at the hands of the criminals since we will be totally disarmed and nothing to protect us. That is the New World Order’s goal, to depopulate the earth, by wars and riots. Americans killing each other for survival. Lord help us…

      • Yeah. it’d be nice if somebody would let me, instead of giving all jobs to people who have no business being here!

      • You are a delusional moron and the establishment counts on you for your vote. The “work together” part begins with the fact that there are laws that make it possible to enter this country LEGALLY. If they break the laws to come in, they should have their asses hauled out IMMEDIATELY!! We are all AMERICANS IF WE ARE HERE LEGALLY!!!

  2. Cruz is a Globalist as are his supporters on Wall Street. He is also supported by The New World Order proponents G. Bush Sr., G. Bush Jr., and Jeb Bush. I wonder why that is?

    • If Cruz is a globalist, then why is he so against UN Agenda 21, the plan to make us part of a Communist one world government? Excuse is climate change. Cruz is the only one who has spoken against this!!! The UN is also behind gun control, I found a document from UNODA (office of disarmament affairs) the jest of it says “we must confiscate weapons from civilians so we can further implement Agenda 21”. Cruz fought for 31 states at the Supreme Court to retain the right to keep & bear arms & won that fight. I know he is passionate about our constitution, sovereignty & bill of rights!

        • How is “Cruz ‘defying’ the constitution” to promote his personal agenda’?

          Actual links please, from ‘credible’ sources.

          • Here’s your link, disqus. Google “The End of the American Presidency”. This is an article by J.B. Williams, an expert on the Constitution, regarding the “natural born Citizen” requirement in Article II that Cruz does not meet – and knows he doesn’t – but chooses to ignore to allow his own personal agenda to move forward. Further there is damning information here showing Cruz has been less than honest in seeking office in Texas and continues to obfuscate regarding his eligibility for President. This information may not fit your agenda, but if you want the truth on Cruz, here it is. And please, don’t attempt to disparage Williams as less than credible. His comments on the Constitution, Vattel and Cruz are a matter of record. If you don’t believe him, for one reason or another, check the record for yourself.

          • J.B. Williams Does NOT interpret the Contitution. Also there are other EXPERT that say he is eligible . So if there is a disagreement the courts decide NOT anyone else.

          • Wrong again smokey the constitution gives that duty to the congress to vet the presidents availabity to be president, in the case of Obama they committed treason when they allowed him to be President without even having evidence he was an American. Courts have no responsibility., the congress are so chicken they try to throw all their work on the Supreme Court.

          • You are correct and no thanks to Nancy Pelosi who cleared him. I now believe that the Democratic party which is now openly endorsed by the COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA AS THEIR PARTY, IS NO LONGER THE SAME PARTY AS OF THE 50’S.

          • That is if there is anyone left in DC who has the guts. We might as well fold our tents, we have been sold off by politicians on both sides.

          • Smokey, the answer to your question is: The Constitution contains no such “Article” nor even those words within an article. There is no definition in any form within the Constitution!

          • The US Constitution decides not the courts, nor lawyers, or judges, or pundits. ONLY the US Constitution. Anybody who could read, even at grade 1 level could understand a US NATURAL BORN, IS ONE WHO WAS BORN IN THE SOIL OF THE US, EXCEPT FOR THE MILITARY. AND WITH BOTH PARENTS US CITIZENS OR NATURALIZED US CITIZENS,

          • I can read at 1st Grade level but you can’t tell me where the definition is for a ” Natural Born Citizen” is? Who gets to define the the legal term if the definition isn’t in the Constitution? Natural Born Citizen is a citizen that DOES NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH NATURALIZATION now that make sense DUH!!!!! (http://harvardlawreview.org/2015/03/on-the-meaning-of-natural-born-citizen/) Trump ????????????sheep supporter should STOP trying to be lazy boy lawyers or scholarrs and stick to their daytime jobs. Like I said Trump should run a 3rd Party he will get 40% of the Republican vote and will lose and get a BIG FAT ZERO ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES cuz he will not win 1 state and HE ALLOW WILL BE RESPONSIBLE OF ELECTING A DEMOCRATE TO THE POTUS. He is dislike by 70% of all women 60% of all minorities he is toxic.


          • As far as my professor friend (a Constitutional historian,) there has not been any amendment to the law that changed the Constitutional description of what is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN., THE PURPOSE OF WHICH IS TO PREVENT PLANTED BABIES FROM OTHER COUNTRIES WHO MIGHT BE OUR ENEMIES..Thus it is still a baby born in American soil, with both parents American citizens at time of the birth. Cruz is not eligible if they follow the law. He is a Canadian citizen by birth and a Naturalized citizen when they moved to USA and his father became a US citizen by then also.

          • Just another expert opinion. I can find a expert to counter your professor opinion. So you know what they say opinions are like a**hole everyone has one. So there needs to be someone to decide which definition of “Natural Born Citizen” we will go by.

          • Hey disgusting. Exactly what ClarenceDeBarrows says, only I have many other references. Butt, First of all, let’s get a few things straight !! YOU ain’t telling me sheot, you can ask but you can kiss where the sun don’t shine if you think your going to demand from me. And that would have been about all the answer you would have gotten from me other than a few hints as to where to start stretching your brain. But since Clarence was good enough to get you started I will contribute. First of all, I was solidly with Cruz up until about 4 months before he declared, when I discovered his Canadian citizenship, which he had just recently denounced. Then I saw a speech given by his father. Where with a little more research, I became acutely aware that his father was a Cuban national fidel castro veteran that fought to install communism in cuba. That he was born in canada and his mother had to take action to retain his American citizenship. She did not, and, in fact chose Canada as his nation of birth. Interestingly enough I find that since he denounced his Canadian citizenship and I can find no record of him naturalizing to America, he is not even an American citizen. In fact he is a citizen of no nation, a citizen of the world. And that should fit in well with his NWO leanings. His self stated aspirations were to dominate the world, to become the world leader.

            The issues declared by Clarence are verified by other sources that may be credible enough for you. The SCOTUS rulings?

            Supreme Court Cases that define “Natural Born Citizen” as One Born on U.S. Soil to Citizen Parents –
            Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 (1814)
            Shanks v DuPont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 (1830)

            Dred Scott v Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)
            Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
            United States v Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)
            Perkins v. Elg, 307 U.S. 325 (1939)

            If that isn’t good enough for you get off your duff and go out and find you a good CREDIBLE source for correspondences made between the founders that wrote that document that you have such difficulty reading and comprehending. They discuss at length the reference to the law of nations, the reasons for the natural born phrase, the variations and reasons for them.


          • ok Rowdy all good points….the fact remains is he is STILL RUNNING FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND and no one is stopping him. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING. is the bigger question? just like when obozo was running. He had his records sealed after he got in….so why didn’t they vet him before he was elected….and with Cruz, heard he had his records sealed also….and again why is he still running? Why aren’t more Americans up in arms about this? why is Cruz getting away with all of this….and obozo…..I believe its called “follow the money”. BUT WITH CRUZ AND OBOZO the sadder question is WHY IS HILLARY CLINTON RUNNING….a known felon and a TRAITOR….and people want to make her the “commander in Chief”. OMG THIS COUNTRY IS SO SCREWED UP….we need a huge cleanings….major cleanings….which is not going to be pretty…

          • I think I can answer all of those if you want to read another three or four paragraph post, but honestly I think you’ve got it. It’s not politics, it’s a socio-economic issue of biblical proportions. A battle of good and evil.

          • Maybe no one listens to pee-ons or small fries like me. As a matter of fact, his campaign fundraiser admitted to me that he is not eligible. Early June, after he denounced his Canadian citizenship, a fundraiser called me asking for donations. I explained to the fundraiser that TED is not eligible. She blurted “So what OBAMA did it”. To that, I said, Two wrongs do not make it right. She hung up.

          • Because everyone in the “beltway” are puppets of the “Secret Society” Follow the money and see where their biggest campaign “soft money” is coming from and you will see the light. We tax payers are for sale and Not unless we replace everyone in DC with regular folks like us who are not beholding to lobbyists, campaign donations from large groups, unions and wealthy corporations, we might as well resign to the fact that we are nothing to them but their TAX WORKING SLAVES. RESEARCH WHO FUNDED OBAMA AND NOW HILLARY…THE BILDERBERG GROUP AND SOROS. THEY HAVE TRILLIONS, ALL WE HAVE IS OUR VOTES, AND THAT IS EVEN BEING MANIPULATED TO THEIR FAVOR. SO SAD.

          • I am toying with rejuvenating an old site from 2009 called http://WWW.GOOOH.com/ It was to form the base of a new political party. Something I think we may have use for soon. It was deactivated in 2010 but the owner Tim Cox evidentially is dedicated to the cause enough to keep the site up, even though parts are non functional now. There’s enough there to get a pretty good idea. If any are interested enough to check it out I would appreciate any input or feedback.

          • Thanks for your effort to educate the mediocre minds but it like the saying goes, you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. But do not give up, we need folks like you to educate the poor masses and the folks in denial.

          • It’s not just for the morons that are so difficult to reach, it is more so for those that may be on the fence and looking for real information that may find it and read. Anybody that I can present what I believe to be the truth. Could I post negative things about Trump? You bet I could, he is no saint, but I feel he is the best chance we have to save this country. Funny part is that now, Trump really is irrelevant. He has caused the establishment to stand up and say we don’t care what you people say we will put in who we want. I say NO you will not. What is interesting to me is how so many of them that we were not sure where they may have stood, stood up and said “Me too” That’s cool, got that down.

          • Because he was born in CANADA, a foreign soil.No need for links or proof. His authentic birth certificate proves that. He lies about his eligibility, period. He knows he is not eligible but continue to pretend he is eligible, just like OBAMA. He is not even a US citizen. He has not filed or applied for US naturalization certificate. Every foreign born person, has to file a naturalization paper to become a US citizen. TED CRUZ did not file. So what he is missing a documentation is not a birth certificate, like OBAMA, but a naturalization paper. His mom never filed a CRBA certificate either, recording that she just gave birth to a child, when she was a US citizen in a foreign soil. That is totally false also, because at time of TED’s birth, she is no longer a US Citizen. His mom is no longer a US citizen but a naturalized Canadian CITIZEN.
            So, TED is not a NATURAL BORN US citizen, that disqualifies him to be POTUS. TED is also not a US citizen, that disqualifies him to be a senator. Just like OBAMA, he defies the Constitution , Twisted an Turned (TNT) it to satisfy his own personal agenda, that to be POTUS, just like OBAMA.

            Another foreign born

          • Not since the adoption of the US Constitution has this republic elected a US president with documents that prove him to be born in a foreign country that was one of its citizens. All elected US presidents for more than 170 years have been born in the United States. Why would anyone defy America’s history and find it acceptable to elect a US president born in a foreign country they were a citizen of, NOW? How can any judge or court dismiss over 170 years of precedence and claim it to be merely a coincidence?

          • Thanks, but we can argue with these idiots until we are blue on the face and they will never accept the truth, because they are the blind followers of their party. They are in denial because of their loyalty to their party, and unfortunately they will be responsible to the demise of this country. History tells us that te demise of every empire or country is at the hands of the blind loyalists, the uninformed, the misinformed and the true stupid.

          • Unlike ‘you, I ‘did’ read the constitution. I found the evidence (which I POSTED) proving Cruz eligible. You don’t like it? STFU Sock!

            You shouting in all CAPS what you SAY IS FACT is not EVIDENCE.

            Here is the EVIDENCE, from Constitutional Scholars, Four Scotus Decisions, 7 dismissed Birther Law suits etc… disproving your infantile rant against me.





            Now once again, I am waiting for your links to dispute the credible evidence I posted from the myriad of Constitution experts, The full Text of the Vattel letters (included in the constitution( which if YOU read the the ‘constitution’ you would have known that), the seven dismissed law suits etc… all (UNLIKE YOUR RANTS IN ALL CAPS) credible ‘evidence’ from a myriad of ‘credible sources’.

            Again, I am not ‘angry’ with you. I am LAUGHING ‘at’ you.

          • Go on laughing, because one who laughs last, laughs the best. May you find your pleasure in insulting people and suffer a ton of remorse at your last judgement.

          • So speaks the hypocrite of the year.

            Yeah, I’m still laughing at you. Because you and your sock accounts have yet to dispute even one link I posted disproving your asinine ASSumptions.

            BTW still waiting on your links to disprove all the evidence I posted making you, and your sock puppets look like the imbeciles you have all proven yourselves to be.

            Speaking of ‘last judgments’ …either post the links to prove all my evidence wrong … or be prepared to be made a fool of over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

            You are a laughing stock, because you have made yourself into a joke. So keep posting, and I’ll keep laughing at you while (unlike you) staying on topic …and posting the links that make you (and your sock accounts) look like the fools you have all proven yourselves to be.

          • And still you have not one whit of evidence to prove the credible evidence I posted disproving your BS.

            Fact is you can keep SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS and acting like the laughing stock I took you for, and you are still wrong.

            Speaking of which Jokeboy, the LORD gives the last judgement not you! YOUR ARROGANCE is another reason why I am still laughing at you.

            BTW here are the links again which shows who is and is not (meaning you Jokeboy) READING the CONSTITUTION! (yep Joke boy I can talk in ALL CAPS too – the difference being – unlike ‘you’ – I stay on topic).





            And again ‘unlike you’, I posted the evidence proving Cruz eligible.

            You posted ‘nothing’, again (like your ‘sock accounts’) …that means you ‘are’ … nothing.

          • Did you not ‘think’ I wouldn’t read the link? I did. The only thing this is, is a opinion piece on the Ancestry of the Cruz family.

            It was exposed as a ‘opinion’ piece as soon as your so called investigative reporter said “If Cruz knew how so and so got pregnate … he’d call her a whore.”

            That is not evidence There is not one piece of evidence proving that Cruz is a Illegal Alien, has defied the constitution … or is a Establishment Republican.

            I asked for ‘real links’, and you post a ‘trash piece’ from a so called ‘investigative reporter’ …. with no more credibility than a writer for the “National Enquirer”.

            Again, Cruz has been proved Eligible to serve. Your hit piece can’t prove otherwise.




            Again, I am waiting on credible links … from credible sources. And you gave me a ‘hit piece’ that only trashed Cruz’s family.


          • I never said she was anything. I left it up to you to research her quotes. Here are a few more. These are directly from the Constitution. Read them and apply the facts to each. There are several references in the Federalists papers but they are not the law. They do explain how and why the founding fathers did come to some conclusions and are written by the founders but was never included in the Constitution. The power to declare one a natural born citizen was not included to give Congress the power to do so anywhere in any law.

            This is the 1790 Act of Naturalization (superseded in 1795)

            BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any Common Law Court of Record, in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the Constitution of the United States, which oath or affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such application, and the proceedings thereon ; and thereupon such person, shall be considered as a citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, That no person heretofore proscribed by any State, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an act: of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

            This is the section in the 1795 Act of Naturalization

            SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, that the children of persons duly naturalized, dwelling within the United States, and being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of such naturalization, and the children of citizens of the United States born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States. Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend on persons whose fathers have never been resident of the United States. No person heretofore proscribed by any state, or who has been legally convicted of having joined the army of Great Britain during the late war, shall be admitted as foresaid, without the consent of the legislature of the state in which such person was proscribed.

            SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, that the Act, intitled, “An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization,” passed the twenty-sixth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

            So now we have the 1795 Act removing the wording “…shall be considered as natural born citizens…” and inserting the word citizens without including the natural born.

            However, the requirements, to become President, were not modified to be just a citizen but, the person must be natural born.

            Now the 14th Amendment which was enacted to allow the freed slave to become citizens contains a few misunderstandings. First Congress was not given the power to confer “natural born” status to anyone. Look at a close reading of the introductory Section 1. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States…” now look at the “born or naturalized” the word “or” implies there is a distinct difference between them but also they both are citizens of the United States and both are protected by the Constitution. Further, Section 5 of the 14th states Congress has the power to enforce the provisions of the 14th Article. The only power over citizenship that Congress has is stated in Article 1, Section 8 which enumerates the powers of Congress reads “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.

            The result is that “Section 3 of the 1795 Act to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization…” is still the deciding factor on children of a citizen born outside the borders of the United States.

            Further, I could find no specific mention of citizenship being passed on through the mother alone. This is not to belittle women’s rights but just this particular situation has not been directly addressed to change the 1795 Act mentioned above. I am not an attorney and these are just my own interpretation of the laws as written.

          • Posting only the ‘parts’ of what you like in order to prove a false narrative … while ignoring the vast body of evidence which proves you wrong over and over and over again. Priceless!

            Again here are all the links (in their ‘full context’ that disprove your ‘erroneous conclusions’).









            Again, I will take the word of the constitution, the ACLJ, the myriad of constitution experts, the Seven Courts which have ruled beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cruz is a Natural born citizen (born in Canada to a American citizen parent) …before I ever listen to a copy and paste ‘guy’ refusing to read the entire text of the links that prove them wrong over and over and over and over again.

            FYI I do apologize for waiting so long to get back to you. Unlike ‘you’ I have a ‘life.

          • I could get into a discussion about my life…suffice to say I spent mine in the military service to this country and became 100% disabled in the process. But that is not the answer I am sending. My comments are directly from the constitution and not my ramblings. No court can offer anyone a natural born citizenship. The father of Mr. Cruz was a Castro supporter delivering pamphlets in New Orleans in 1963 and you may see the picture in the documents from the Warren Commission report pertaining to the death of John Kennedy. He (the father) was not fleeing from Castro he was an advocate for him. I suppose you also think he has not lied well this is an area where he did.

            To comment on your answer…the things you have said would be good if he would actually do them. I will give you one example of his thoughts in an area I do know something about, Social Security. For over fifty (50) years I was forced by the government to pay into the fund which when started was a totally separate fund.

            That the money the participants put into the independent ‘Trust Fund’ rather than into the general operating fund, and therefore, would only be used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program

            Under Johnson the money was moved to The General Fund and Spent

            That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

            Under Clinton & Gore … Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed.

            Now Mr. Cruz has stated this… Q: You’ve argued for raising the retirement age and reducing benefits for future retirees, but reducing any sort of benefits for the elderly has always been notoriously hard to do politically. When Speaker Paul Ryan proposed replacing traditional Medicare with federally funded private plans a few years ago, a liberal group responded with a commercial that featured a granny being pushed off a cliff.

            A. “CRUZ: Well, my Mom is here, so I don’t think we should be pushing any grannies off cliffs. And, you mis-stated what I’ve said on entitlement reform. What I’ve said is for seniors we should make no changes whatsoever, for younger workers we should gradually raise the retirement age, we should have benefits grow more slowly, and we should allow them to keep a portion of their taxes in a personal account that they control, and can pass on to their kids.”

            His use of entitlements is both wrong and degrading to every senior citizen who has paid many years into this fund. The Congress has even said there was no contract so no guarantee…if that was the case then we collectively should sue the government due to illegally collecting a tax on selected individuals which is not authorized and is called racist My point Cruz is not the all things for all people. You should read his immigration bill…It is too long here but available via the internet go here first and then to where his proposed bills are. http://www.factcheck.org/2015/12/did-cruz-support-legalization/ Have a nice day.

          • If you analyze the situations at the time of the votes you will find that his votes of defiance were blustering, for show. They were of no value and were cast in an environment that spelled the absolute opposite result of his vote, thus null and void. He spent two years in the senate, just like obama. he’s not a natural born citizen just like obama, only worse. He’s a constitutional attorney from harvard just like obama. Need I go on? I can, for quite a while.

          • If you actually read the link of his actual votes, you would know that you are incorrect.

            The actual evidence, from a credible site proves you wrong.

            You say I’m wrong? Navigate a website, and post the evidence to prove it.

            Oh wait, people like you only post bs and demand that it be ‘taken’ as fact.

            So much for ‘that’.

          • I guess that’s the way it goes. I don’t have to follow any links, or listen to other peoples interpretations,

            I watched the votes and the environment of the senate at the time he cast his votes. My opinion is just as valid as any others and more so than a lot of the communists whose view’s are distorted by political ambitions. My only ambition is the truth, freedom, and liberty.

          • Look at your description of Rowdy, he is staring back at you in the mirror….serves you right for being vicious. It is uncalled for in intellectual forum.

          • Again … you’ve got nothing, like “Rowdy” (who used vicious terms on me when the only thing I did was ask for proof) you are ‘nothing’.

            Thanks for proving what a hypocritical little Democrat stooge you are. Thanks for playing,…. hypocrite.

            Serves ‘you’ right … for acting the fool… yet again.

          • I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I choose the qualification of the person best suited for the office and best for America. I just wanted you to see yourself as you throw your insults to folks. There is o room for infantile immaturity in this serious forum. We are here to educated and help each other on what is going on with our leaders and our politicians, because our country is in big trouble. Our trillions in debt is unsustainable, and our politicians are spending like drunken sailors. Our security is flawed and our children’s education in public schools is down to 23rd in the world. We are in deep trouble and we should not be in denial but be pro-active in educating ourselves and have an open mind. Ignorance is not bliss, it is deadly to the country. Keep posting informative and truthful posts and stay away fro insults and vulgarity, you will be perceived better.

        • See my comment to disqus, above, Irene. The facts supporting the contention that Cruz is just another political poseur are there.

      • Schwarmy Cruz talks out of both sides of his mount. Like most if not all politicians, he says one thing, means another, and, never follows thru with his public promises if elected. He has not proven to me that he really loves this country, only being interested on continuing to be on the government payroll.

      • Cause Cruz is simply a sleeper cell. Look at his position on trade agreements. Those agreements sell out our national sovereignty. Basically a sneak approach to work government

      • If Cruz cannot be honest about his legal citizenship and his constitutional ineligibility, how are we to believe him on anything else he says? Besides, his wife Heidi was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and helped to draft the constitution for the proposed North American Union that would cede the Sovereignty of the United States to Canada and Mexico.

        • and another thing look at his fathers background. he is a born Cuban, came to this country in the 70’s to get his education in Texas. Then he went to Canada where he obtained a Canadian citizenship, where he met his wife, an American. Then came to America and became a citizen of this country in 2005. HMMM loyalty, how do you describe loyalty…hopping from one country to the next until you figure out which one will be the best? wonder what Cruz allegiance is to? CUBA, CANADA or AMERCIA? wonder where his money came from?
          and he supposedly sealed his birth records….another question for him to answer…

          • you got that one right. I feel that not one of our politicians allegiance is to this country and especially to the American people….
            otherwise there would be ONE OF THEM standing up for us and this wonderful country….

          • Now you got it too. Keep researching the NEW WORLD ORDER AND THE SECRET SOCIETY and see which of our candidates are members , then you will be scared. Gone is America as we know it. No thanks to the ignorance of folks and those in denial.

          • Correction: Ted’s father is yes born Cuban. He escaped Cuba during the US invasion of Cuba. He was working under Fidel Castro as an assistant, spreading or promoting communism. He escaped and ended up in TX where he met his first and second wife. They married in TX and immigrated to Canada. The wife is a petro tech in TX. They immigrated to Canada since the wife has a better chance of employment in petro rich Canada. They have to become Canadian citizens in order for her to continue her Petro tech career. Dual citizenship was not allowed in Canada, NOT UNTIL 1977. So both of Ted’s parents have to become Canadian citizens to avoid deportation. Besides they love Canada. They participated in Canadian elections for at least 3 years before Ted was born. They must be Canadian citizens at time of TED’s birth. There is no doubt that both of Ted’s parents were Naturalized Canadian citizens. This disqualifies him as NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, THEREFORE NEVER WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR POTUS. TED WAS BORN IN CALGARY, CANADA, IN 1971, FURTHER DISQUALIFIES HIM AS NATURAL BORN. SINCE HIS MOM DID NOT FILE A CRBA CERTIFICATE RECORDING THAT SHE GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. AND FAILED TO FILE NATURALIZATION PAPERS, Ted is NOT A US CITIZEN.


          • Thanls for your post. I hope the folks in denial will read it. It is good to share factual information like yours, to school the ignoramus’. Thanks again.

        • It’s been proven in court 7 times Cruz is eligible, he was born in Canada to an American mother, makes him natural born, same as my son who was born in Canada!! His wife is not a member of the CFR, she wrote a paper against it! Sure didn’t make her a member Cruz is the only one running who has already protected our sovereignty when he was Solicitor General, picked by Greg Abbot when he was Attorney General of TX. He fought against UN, Intl Court & even George Bush. A case in the Supreme Court where they wanted jurisdiction over an illegal who had raped & murdered a woman & sentenced to death. Intl Court wanted him freed but Cruz won that case. Another case he defended 31 states over the right to keep & bear arms, he won that one also. Many others protecting our constitution & bill of rights.

          • He is a “naturalized citizen” who was born on a FOREIGN SOIL WITH A FATHER WHO WAS NOT US CITIZEN AT THAT TIME. of his birth. My daughter was born in a US territory because my husband was stationed there during the war, and her birth certificate was issued by Washington DC to confirm her as natural born citizen as Guam is a US territory. My husband served during the Vietnam war. BOTH PARENTS MUST BE US CITIZENS AND CHILD BORN IN AMERICAN SOIL TO BE CALLED NATURAL BORN CITIZEN according to our constitution…..That has not changed, no law or amendment has changed that. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a Cruz supporter.

          • Nor does Congress have the right or power to change the meaning of “natural born citizen” or how to obtain that status. The only thing Congress can act on concerning citizenship, has to do with naturalization laws.

          • Thanks Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori. Good to know that Congress can’t even change the meaning of NBC, so the issue is put to rest on Obama’s and Cruz’s citizenship status’ . But then again the idiots will still contest this….so sad for the nincompoops.

          • Marie, it is my belief that our entire government is now totally corrupt from the top down. Also, I put a lot of the blame on our churches as well for their failure to speak out against the corruption as it was first manifesting it’s self. The worst thing the churches did was to accept the government’s 501c3 tax exemption, because that gave the government the opening it need to dictate to the churches what they could or could not preach or teach. I never accepted the 501c3 and I have always paid all taxes owed, so I am not beholden to the government, nor am I Politically Correct. I preach the truth and if people don’t like it, that is their problem. I can almost say with certainty that if Cruz wins the election and if we the people don’t rise up and force the government to abide by the Constitution, we WILL lose our country, our Constitution and all of our rights and freedoms in about four years time, and once it is gone, we will NEVER get it back.

            I know the Constitution well enough to know that the federal government has absolutely no constitutional right or power to be involved in education, our health care system or even to change the meaning of what constitutes a marriage. Also there are a whole multitude of things that the government has become involved in that they have no Constitutional right to be involved with, yet the people have allowed it to continue. I know of only way to get things back on track, but people don’t want to hear it and they lack the courage to do it.

          • You are correct Rev. but maybe they are all scared, because I read somewhere that the Federal government is sending some spies in churches which might speak about politics to enlighten their flock and if they are caught doing so, their tax exemption will be pulled. I do not know how true it is, but in my own parish no priest dare say anything about politics, we just pray for our leaders to be touched by the Holy Spirit and be blessed with wisdom. Of course. some people are in constant denial which Psychologists call Natural Bias. Some are so in love with their politicians that they justify with lies the wrong they have done. May God bless us all.

          • Since a lot of political decisions have a direct bearing on the moral and spiritual lives of the people, I believe that church leaders have a right and a duty to speak out on political issues. That is why I refused to take the 501c3. I also feel that we have finally come to the point where it is now far too late to save what is left of the United States, due to your last two sentences. . . “Of course. some people are in constant denial which Psychologists call
            Natural Bias. Some are so in love with their politicians that they
            justify with lies the wrong they have done. May God bless us all.”

            Yes, MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.

          • Wrong!! Whatever the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” is, it is NOT stated in the Constitution! Vattel; most probably, in TWO directly related paragraphs/sections. The Naturalization Act of 1790; maybe. The revised Naturalization Act of 1795; not likely, because the language that could have been interpreted as pertaining to NBC was changed in this replacement of the 1790 act. There have been at least 4 SCOTUS decisions that allude to or paraphrase the interpretations of the justices on the majority side of the cases being heard; however, there has never been a decision of the SCOTUS hearing a case specifically to define NBC.

          • Therefore it has never been changed and it is not up to the SCOTUS to change anything in our Constitution, as their job is only to interpret it. Congress has the power to amend it but none so far. So Obama and Cruz are not qualified, but our law makers are asleep at the wheel…..sad for America.

          • I AGREE. but this CRUZ SUPPORTER, IS “banking” on John McCains case. Ted could not qualify for that military exemption. His parents were never in the US military nor there is a US military base or installation in Canada. Canada never was Invaded or seceded to the US.

            Ted was a proud Canadian Citizen for 44 years. Then suddenly, by convenience and political reasons, he decided to denounce his Canadian citizenship in Feb 2014, and run for US pres All these eligibility twisting and turning (TNT) is in defiance of the US Constitution. Any judge, lawyer, court or pundit who sez he is eligible has been bribed, bought, blackmailed, (the 3 B’s of corruption) or just plainly could not read and understand simple English any 3rd grader can.

          • Having the case thrown out for no standing is far from a ruling in Cruz’s favor. If you want a court ruling maybe try the supreme court.

            Supreme Court Cases that define “Natural Born Citizen” as One
            Born on U.S. Soil to Citizen Parents –
            Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch. 253 (1814)
            Shanks v DuPont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 (1830)
            Dred Scott v Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)
            Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
            United States v Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)
            Perkins v. Elg, 307 U.S. 325 (1939).

          • Thanks for your information. I hope the idiots here can read your post and clear their brains. Our country’s demise is at the hands of these idiots. I guess they are all in government “dole out.” How else can they support the corruption that is going on, the economy tanking, our debt in trillions, our rights being taken away, invasion in all aspect of our lives…worst than any communist country, and most of all funding with our tax dollars the killing of helpless innocent babies and the right for seniors to be killed? We are worst than any communist country now.We take in terrorists as illegal immigrants, funded them and gave them green cards with no waiting, and let our veterans with PTSD & TBI die in the bushes. Don’t the left see anything wrong with what is happening? Denial is not going to change the course, only honest awareness of what is good for this country can, All we have is our votes and even that is now tampered with in some states, so until everyone is educated enough to be aware of the ramifications as it unfolds….we are toast. Hello New World Order, we the working slaves and they the ruling “ELITES.” SOCIALISM IS THE MICROWAVE OF COMMUNISM.

          • NO IT HAS NOT! So far two court cases were filed (one was right here in my own state (NY) and one in Indiana and both courts have refused to hear the cases, which is the same thing the courts did with the cases concerning Obama.

        • Now you got it: THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, keep researching all the very wealthy members of the SECRET SOCIETY, WHOSE GOAL IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Research them all and weep. We have nothing to fight them with but our votes, and Trump who is out of their beltway.

      • If he’s so passionate about our constitution, how is it that he is running for president? He is foreign born and I don’t care what some paid off judge says, he was born in Calgary, Canada and he is NOT eligible to be president, read the constitution. Anyone that thinks that Cruz is a nice guy, listen to the people who have known him for most of his life and went to school with him.

          • Please read the true definition of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, BORN CITIZEN AND NATURALIZED CITIZEN. There are three kinds of citizenship and folks are just confused.

          • Yes of course, natural Canadian born, not unless you the parents were both USA citizens and never denounced your citizenship and wee just there for a short stay, then he is a born citizen and can now have dual citizenship because Canada offered it in 1977 and so does USA.

        • No judge even gave him the blessing, because there was no ruling granted, his follower’s lies about it. The Supreme Court only enterpretes the Constitution and only Congress can change or amend the Constitution.

      • So that doesn’t change anything. He is still a GLOBALIST. And he still is supported by NEW WORLD ORDER PROPONENTS who are The Bush
        Family Career POLITICIANS. Both Groups mentioned above are not good for this country, unless you want one world Government.

      • You are correct Cruz did do those things, the problem is with what he is doing now. It appears that he is back tracking on all those things that he once stood for, so the question is why??? Could it be that he wants the presidency so badly that he is willing to sell his soul?, and if that is the case, then just what kind of conservative Christian is he? Well one answer is a hypocrite. We have a choice between a Bull in the China Shop, and a Sly Fox. I think I will stick with the Bull in the China Shop.

      • How could Cruz be passionate about the US Constitution when he is a bonafide Natural Born CANADIAN CITIZEN. And he knows it. He continue parading and campaigning since day one, pretending he is eligible, a NATURAL US born. .How could he be US NATURAL born when he was born in Canada , a foreign soil, WHAT A CONTRADICTION , IF NOT A TOTAL LIE.

        Lyin’ TED is just a natural nickname for Cruz.

    • You need to get out and Read more, The Bush’s don’t like Ted Cruz even though Ted Cruz worked for “W” in Texas.

    • Get over your Bush hate and BS. George Sr. and Jeb yes but, not Jr. get a life and learn real history and educate yourself.

  3. Ted Cruz is an illegal alien himself! What did you expect? Show me your citizenship papers Cruz! No, not the Canadian ones….. The AMERICAN ones….

    • I don’t know if Cruz is an illegal alien but he is not a “Natural born” citizen of the U.S.A. and, therefore, should not be allowed to run for President at all.

      • Their was some question about Cruz ever applying to become an American Citizen but to be honest I really don’t know for sure.
        You, my friend, are 100% right in your analysis of the situation but the courts are all backing out of making a decision just like they did with the HalfBreed. Just wait until the KiLLary’s progressive buddies bring their case against Cruz should he become the nominee. I think we’ll see a change of heart within the courts then….

        • I think you are right. If Clinton makes president, I am moving to another country. This one has gotten way to weird for me. And to think I served 20 years in the military. I certainly wouldn’t do it now.

        • They probably will use BO as a precedent to let Cruz get away with it. This could also be a way for the Republicans to dare the Democrats to question Cruz’s citizenship so they could bring out and challenge Obama’s sealed records. What a tangled web our politicians do to confuse the ever confused and used public…..we can do nothing but laugh….

      • ‘fraid not. “The Constitution directly addresses the minimum qualifications necessary to serve as President. In addition to requiring thirty-five years of age and fourteen years of residency, the Constitution limits the presidency to “a natural born Citizen.”1×1. U.S. Const. art. II, § 1, cl. 5. All the sources routinely used to interpret the Constitution confirm that the phrase “natural born Citizen” has a specific meaning: namely, someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth with no need to go through a naturalization ” [“On the Meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” ” Harvard Law Review, March 11, 2016]

      • It has been proven in court 7 times Cruz is a natural born because of being born to an America mother, same as my son who was born in Canada many years ago!!

    • He failed to file certain document to process his USA citizenship as he denounced his Canadian citizenship is what was in the current report. But then again look what we have now another sealed records which Cruz is following, hoping the voters are idiots, asleep, uninformed, misinformed and uneducated. Need I say more? Wake up America…..

      • I am not in Cruz’s corner now (I was in the beginning) but he doesn’t have to file US citizenship papers because he was born to an American mother while she and his father were working temporarily in a foreign country. There are no sealed documents that Cruz has hidden away. You have him mixed up with Obama. There are some facts that have arisen about his mother and father in the last few days but those facts have nothing to do with Cruz. If the National Enquirer piece that Marco Rubio’s aide posted on the internet is true, he might have some issues there but otherwise, there is nothing at this time.

        • Your opening statement is factually incorrect. Ted Cruz’s father and mother moved to Canada where his father (who at the time was a Cuban national) became a Canadian citizen. It is unknown if his mother also became a Canadian citizen. If she maintained her U.S. citizenship and wanted her son to have U.S. citizenship, then she would, as required by U.S. Law, file a Consular Registration of Birth Abroad-(CRBA), shortly after his birth, otherwise, by Canadian Law, Ted would be considered a natural born Canadian citizen. At that time Canada did not allow for dual citizenship. The CRBA would have been conclusive proof of U.S. citizenship.

          Ted Cruz has not produced the CRBA that would verify that he was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth and it is a known FACT that he was still a legal Canadian citizen up until May 2014 when he officially and legally renounced his Canadian citizenship. If Ted Cruz was registered as a U.S. citizen at birth, then the CRBA must be released, otherwise, one can rightly conclude that Cruz came to the U.S. as a Canadian citizen, perhaps on a tourist visa or, possibly, remained in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant. Since Cruz did not legally renounce his Canadian citizenship until May 2014, means that he actually did enter the U.S. in 1974 as a legal Canadian citizen.

          Rafael Edward Cruz has no Consular Report of Birth Abroad – if he does have such paper it would prove he is a nationalized citizen, NOT a “natural born Citizen, with a Cuban born Canadian father and an American mother (if she did not give up her citizenship), which means he is NOT eligible to run for president and therefore MUST be removed from the 2016 presidential race. Also, since he is not producing a CRBA and since he did not legally renounce his Canadian citizenship until May 2014, that means that he is not eligible to hold his senate seat and should be removed from the senate immediately. He illegally ran for and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, and was illegally sworn in as a senator in January 2013, all the while he was still legally a citizen of Canada.

          • Archbishop Gregori: You need to do your research more thoroughly. Ted Cruz’s Father came to the USA in 1957 to flee the oppressive regime of Castro. He arrived in Austin to study at the University of Texas and he graduated in 1961 with a degree in mathematics. He was granted political asylum in the USA following the expiration of his student visa. He married his first wife, Julia Ann Garza in 1959 and they had two daughters. They divorced soon after the last was born and Dr. Garza became a professor at California State University. He moved to New Orleans in 1969 and went to work for an oil company where he met who would be his second wife, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson, a computer programmer, and they married soon after his arrival. They moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada where Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970. They owned a seismic-data firm while there. Rafael Cruz earned Canadian citizenship in 1973 and in 2005 he renounced his Canadian citizenship and became a naturalized US Citizen. Eleanor Darragh Cruz never applied for Canadian citizenship because she didn’t meet the requirements of citizenship because they left Canada before she met the requirement of an American to live there for five years prior to applying for Canadian citizenship. Ted Cruz was born to an American mother in Canada and a Canadian Father. He had dual citizenship until 2014 when he renounced his Canadian citizenship. Canada has always allowed dual citizenship as does every country on this planet where at least one American or two American parents become the parents of a child in a foreign country. There was no form that had to be completed in order for Ted Cruz as a toddler to enter the United States because he was born in Calgary to an American mother who conferred US Citizenship to him at birth. He left Canada at 4 and his parents had never conferred Canadian citizenship on him and the Canadian authorities confirmed when it was inferred that he had dual citizenship that he really had nothing to renounce. He had always considered he was American and nothing else. He renounced the Canadian citizenship to be certain it was legal in 2014.
            You claim that all you have stated can and has been verified and much of what you have published here is incorrect and not published anywhere. All you have to do is search for Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson and Theodore Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz) and you will find the facts. All the information of the lives of Rafael Bienvenido Cruz and Theodore Rafael Cruz is contained in Wikipedia and the information about Eleanor Cruz is online. Rafael and Eleanor Cruz divorced in 1997. These are the facts and have been verified. I find it very curious that a most reverend Archbishop would publish information that is so incorrect.

          • What does anything you stated have to do with the FACT that #1: Cruz is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a natural born citizen? A citizen is NOT the same thing as a natural born citizen and #2: that he did not meet the Constitutional requirement for being a U.S. Senator?

            Try reading what is stated at:





          • You need to call your attorney and have him tell you that ANY child born in a foreign country to at least one American parent is a natural born citizen by virtue of being born to an American. The courts have spoken and if he wasn’t eligible, he would not be in the running now, they would have removed him. I DO NOT SUPPORT TED CRUZ because he has aligned himself with the corrupt GOP Establishment and the crooked Left Liberals to pull every dirty trick they can pull to have the upcoming election go their way. I did once support Cruz when I thought he was decent, moral, honest and a true Patriot but he has shown me what he really is. He knows our Constitution right, left and backwards but when you sell your soul to the devil, you lose me. The GOP lost me several years ago because of the same things I just mentioned along with their insatiable desire for power and unending wealth and their determination to retain their position into perpetuity or until they fall dead on the floor of Congress. Get over the eligibility issue because you are on the wrong side of that argument. Just don’t vote for him because he is on the side of the enemy.

          • What the Rev. was talking about babies born outside the Continental USA is true because my own daughter who was born in Guam which is a US territory went through the filing system and even when the fact that she was born in a US military hospital we still had to file it and the final birth Certificate was issued by Washington DC, as a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. My own sister had to petition her own son to be naturalized, because he was born abroad and they were not in the military.

      • Yes Marie, I had heard that he sealed his past away for prosperity. His Own! I think we’ve had enough of strangers in the white house. Just like with the HalfBreed, the courts don’t want to take up Cruz’s eligibility or the lack their of. They must be waiting for KiLLary and her modern progressive comrades to complain. Then the sparks will fly….

        • Don’t we wish that could happen so that the can of worms can be opened? Unfortunately, as things unfold, I no longer trust the two party system, because they seem to be in collusion to deceive all of us since no one is challenging the “elites” in control when they violate our Constitution.If you look back in our history the Democratic and Republican party were ONE party, against the Federalist Party who gave us our first two Presidents and the Whig Party who gave us four Presidents. The only time the Democrat and the Republican party split is when the Democrats did not want to free the slaves and the Republicans wanted them freed, (Civil War) as done by the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln, who was murdered because of that. Yet, today most Blacks are Democrats because of LBJ declaring a war on poverty to get their votes, by giving Welfare to almost every Black citizen that asked for it. Although the Republican party designed it in the beginning for only the disabled, poor seniors and single mothers with children. Now, 49 % of Americans are in government dole one way or another. We need economic growth to sustain all of these and only Trump has the business brain to accomplish economic solvency.


  4. It seems to me that Senator Ted Cruz didn’t even make the Constitutional requirements for senator. He is a Canadian that gave up his Canadian citizenship to run as a Presidential nominee. Requirement for Senator as stated in the Constitution: No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen. [U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 3, clause 3]

    • I’m not a Cruz supporter but he qualifies in all respects. Stop the Canadian citizen thing because he was born in Canada to an American mother which made him natural born. All babies born to at least one American citizen who qualifies under the Constitution in a foreign country have dual citizenship, American and whatever the other country is. Cruz and his mother claimed he didn’t know he had dual citizenship until 2014 when he renounced the Canadian citizenship. I don’t buy that but that’s his story. Ted Cruz has been a citizen all his life and his permanent home has been in Texas for a long time.

  5. Sarah Palin is the dumbest National level politician in our Nation’s history. That’s something I would want to tell ALL the world about TEA Party CREEPS…..

    Her speech fell on deaf & dumb people of the Wisconsin GOP. Not one person in the room cared what Palin had to say. That is the definition of irrelevance TEA Time intellectuals.

    • I guess you are a GOP Establishment/RINO/Elite Progressive creep because it’s the only other choice. The Tea Party is trying to save this country and those you worship are trying to destroy it, aligning with the Liberal Communist Party of Obama and Clinton. Are they padding your pockets too? They are certainly padding theirs. Ask them for their net worth ten years ago and today. You might be wondering why you have been giving them all the latitude they needed to get there. Obama came into the White House eight years ago practically broke and he is leaving a multimillionaire. Have you been able to become a millionaire in the last eight years. Oh, maybe you have with the support of the Establishment GOP.

      • Palin is a buffoon, as is her latest MAN crush, Donald Trump.

        Does Todd Palin have a job pal?

        What do the Koch brothers earn annually? Why do I care what anybody else makes for income, besides myself?

        You’re an under educated Texan fool pal. Go back to get your GED soon…. Imbecilic MORON . . … .

      • She’s the world’s worst cheerleader, that’s true. So why was she speaking to this group of GOP political types of people?

        For the comedy show CLEATS?

        You make less sense with every stupid thing you say to me.

        • Do you droolers even know why you hate so much anymore? Has your partisan indoctrination really reduced you to complete insentience? I realize you lost a career over substance abuse and have failed three times at rehab, in a vain attempt to get it back but, really, get an EEG.

          • OK CLEATS, she was a HOTT cheerleader in college where she took five years at six schools to get her sports journalism degree.
            Awesome MAAAAN!!!!

            Got food today CLEATS?

          • Not to my knowledge. I turned her OFF except for her comedy speeches, which are just about ALL of her political comedy affairs. Youtube any of her grand states person speeches CLEATS! ! ! !

            Got milk today CLEATS?

      • Sorry Marie, George Clooney & his wife Monique de Flambeau, Jay Z, Beyonce & Rhianna are the conscience of TRUE amerikaaners honey.

        Heil Hitler ! ! ! ! !

  6. Go Sarah go, tell those idiot GOP the truth, so they’ll realize that they are in the verge of losing the trust of the people. If they trash Trump that party is a gonner and a new party will emerge from this, the party of the people. Both Democrats and Republicans has lost their credibility in the eyes of the citizenry, None of them can answer HOW THE BIGGEST ECONOMY AND CONSUMER IN THE WORLD IS ALSO THE BIGGEST BORROWER, AND NOW IN TRILLIONS IN DEBT? Their mismanagement of our economy, and the TAX PAYER’S MONEY is so pathetic that made a successful businessman like Trump came to the plate to try to save it. He might not be able to, as the sand castle is now in it’s weakest foundation, but at least he will stop the bleeding and save our economy before we become like Greece.

    • On the verge????? The republican party lost me, many years ago, when they told conservatives to go jump in the lake and supported the RINO’S, now that is what I tell them. Their billionaire supporters will have to fund them, because I have give them my last contribution to a bunch of people who have no values, support and vote with the democrats more than they do their own party.

      • Your point is well taken on the RINOS. Do not give up, vote for the one that can help our country and not for the one who takes advantage of us. I vote for the person not any party.

        • You mean by helping our Country become great by verbally denigrating those whom you disagree? Idiots we are. Abiding with deception we are? Sure, that goes such a long way. But I digress, after all, I’m guilty of calling Democrats idiots.
          Politics is bizarre.

          • Sometimes, out of frustration we are all guilty of losing our cool and resort to insults, which mature folks should never do. That is our human weakness and hopefully we are also mature enough to forgive each other. After all we are all worried about the security and the economy of our country. Keep posting everything you learn that is truthfully documented to help each and everyone of us understand what is truly going on, that politicians are not telling us. Our focus should be what is good for the country and not necessarily what feels good for us.

          • As said earlier- Politics is bizarre. It is an endless rabbit trail or hole, or whatever/however people refer to it.

      • They don’t need money from the little people any more. Their big money donors are willing to buy their votes and the GOP is willing to sell them.

        • But WE THE PEOPLE OWN this country and we far outnumber them. We need to get out and get on the Trump Train and get every person we can to come aboard. We can beat those GOP Establishment/RINO crooks and criminals and their buddies, the Communist Liberal Left. We just have to get out and work every spare minute we have. Ted Cruz used to be on the side of WE THE PEOPLE but he decided that wasn’t going to get him in the Oval Office so he joined the Establishment GOP and Democrats. That tells me he would have sooner or later anyway and he cannot be allowed to pull any more criminal tricks like they did in Colorado and Wyoming and only God knows where else.

          • I suggest you research the “Secret Society” members and the global corporations and central banks controlled by them. You will see how scary it is for them to totally control the world of commerce and THUS COUNTRIES and implement their NEW WORLD ORDER. it will happen because of the folks in denial, the uninformed, the misinformed and the blind loyalists to their party. When the social ecology is self preservation, the country suffers.

          • The Old Daddy Bush was one who frequently made reference in support of the idea of the NWO. Yes. No doubt. Is there a “Secret Society” or better known as a “Shadow Government”? To borrow a phrase of Palin’s “You betcha!”. Indeed there is these you mention. Your reference about corporations leaves me to ask- are you a Bernie Sanders supporter not come out of the closet on it? Yes, various corporations are connected with the “Shadow Government” and the “Darkside”, just as the Mafia, the Drug Cartels, on & on it goes. Lucifer is the power in this world. So obviously the tentacles go far & wide. Let’s consider money for a minute: It is a MIRAGE. None of the money belongs, anymore, to individuals. The look of it is there, but the black magic connected to the LOVE/LUST of money means not a single one of us owns our money. Although, perhaps, if we have it is gold blocks, then yes. For how long? Don’t know. Money is not bad. Nope. However, as the Bible warns us, the “Love of money is the root of many evils” (depends upon translation you read as to how that exactly goes, but that is the essence of that verse). But then, let’s examine Trump a moment: Has he not had Mafia/Mob connections? Palin? Maybe there’s a dirty little secret there, too? There is a funky website out there with that link about her. It could be there is the sinister presence out against Palin, though, too. Politics tends to be an endless rabbit hole. Then there is the recent blip about Cruz — they say “Why can’t he answer for why his Dad is in a photo with the Lee Harvey Oswald?” Is that photo shopped? Who knows? You could ask…… so what about ALL THE OTHER people in the same photo? One could ask, how is it in the realms of the Muzz world they use “lying photography” often as a tool for propaganda? We know the answer. Are we in a stage of creeping Luciferian age? Probably. What with the Arch de Triumph in NY….. or rather accurately the replica of the Balaam Worship Structure. But then again, let’s never talk about “New York Values”. That’s bad. It locks one completely out if one talks about it.

            Let’s examine what the original article here posts:

            ((((Palin warned the mostly GOP establishment audience their decision to stand with deception in order to win an election meant placing themselves in a very precarious position.

            The response from the audience to Palin’s brutal honesty was what’s customarily known as “the collective nervousness of deceivers.”)))))
            What you & she is effect are saying is that the majority of these WISCONSINITES have ties to the NWO, THE SKULL & BONES, ETC. I urge you to look again. I AM A WISCONSINITE. Are you & Palin invitingly or unwittingly calling me & my fellow WI citizens the SHADOW GOVERMENT???? Dear, listen, SHADOW GOVERNMENT is just exactly that. You do not see them, you do not know them. THEY DO NOT, and WILL NOT mingle with ordinary public unless THEY ARE ON THE PODIUM.

          • I don’t know anything about WISCONSINITES, BUT ALL i KNOW IS MY RESEARCH ON THE secret society MEMBER GROUPS AND THEIR GOALS which to me is very scary. Yes, Satan is a very active spirit and a great deceiver, but if one has the protection of the Holy Spirit, one is safe from the evil one. No one should worship money. It is just a tool we use while here on earth. Most of us worry so much about our temporary physical life and we feed it with all the amenities of the world, but what are we doing for our ETERNAL SPIRITUAL LIFE? NOTHING, THAT IS WHY THE WORLD IS IN A MESS.

          • i AM NOT A SOCIALIST SUPPORTER NOR A DEMOCRAT. if you read my posts, I am far from being a Democrat. I am a conservative who believes in God and Jesus Christ our savior, and also in doing what is best for my country and not what is best for me. I have always been a self employed business owner and a community service oriented person who served in various charity organizations in my city and still doing so. I also teach Religious Education for more than 40 years in my parish. Does this answer your question?

          • Yes. No, I have not been following your posts. In fact this website is completely a new foray. Maybe being a self employed business owner is what’s best for you.

          • Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have always been a self employed person for 51 yrs.,from Insurance Brokerage, to Mortgage Brokerage to Real state and at age 77, I am now retired and just do church and charity work and mission overseas. I love my very healthy life both physical and spiritual, thanks to the Lord.

          • You are an amazing lady. You have been wading in very deep waters of this swirl of politics to be in such a business; let alone to have been successful. Tears here. No harm no foul meant. In these strange days a person, at times, feels at the ready to tell anyone off whether it’s really sensible or not. (speaking of self).
            Thank you & your bold stand for Christ.

          • p.s. On the situation about realty, realtors….. Here is a question: WHAT is it with the numerous cold case murders of realty agents? Seriously. I have no idea just how many in the USA it’s been. I am aware it’s likely into the multiples. What in the world? It is about as odd as the mysterious disappearance/murders of persons in State Parks. Peculiar, too, is the similarities the individuals had in those State Park situations. It is just….. something very crazy is afoot in this country. I don’t tend to be a conspiracy nut, but really, something peculiar is at large.

          • I am not aware of that problem here in California, because i have never heard of Realtors being murdered. Maybe because California is the leader in all States for total disclosures to both buyers and sellers of any defects and even natural Hazards therefore there is a total meeting of the minds before escrow is closed..It is mandatory for all of us to use DRE forms to make sure we are all in adherence to CA Real Estate Law. Full disclosures is the name of the game here, and even disclosure of one dying with AIDS in the house or child molesters in the area are disclosed. I think we have done a great job in California, thanks to our Dept. of Real Estate who are pro-active in policing our transactions for the safety of all parties .

          • Ok. Well, then that is how it is in California. As for Catholic all this or that or who, I’d have to say there is disagreement of theology about Catholic and those not. Oh well, that’s all a leap in another strange land of debate. Since I don’t really identify as Catholic then that’s another subject. We both know, too, that the situations of states is another complexity: Me Wisconsinite and you Californian.
            As it all stands— I wish you well.

          • Thank you for your well wishes, I need it for I am going to Spain and France the first week of May and be gone for almost a month so I won’t be posting anything here. I am not a closed minded Catholic as all of us have the FREE WILL on how we worship our God. In my book, no religion has the monopoly on God and how we practice our faith in Him. As long as we practice kindness and respect for each other, I think we will be alright. We have to honor God in our daily work towards our brothers and sisters, and to never take advantage of anyone in all matters. That is my tenet in life. Adios my friend and gracias.

        • I think both parties are guilty of that…remember the Bilderberg Group who backed Obama and promised Hillary to be next? We are no match for their billions in “dark money” donations to groups, to all medias and to the powers that be. All we have is our votes, which is now even compromised, with all the shenanigans from both sides. We are sold to the highest bidder.We need to clean up DC if we want to get America back from the clutches of the oligarchy. Wake up America….

          • Like the saying goes,”Keep your enemies closer so you know what they’ll do to you before they do it.” Donating to both parties is normal for all business people, because you never know who will win and if you did not support them, they could play havoc to your business. It is smart to give more money to the party in power just to normalize the playing field in commerce.

        • http://www.goooh.com/ Very Constitutionally founded, Is designed to move common people rapidly and efficiently through the political process and to election to office. exactly what we need right now. Get Out Of Our House. Replace all of them, NOW, it’s election time, let’s get started on it NOW. We the people can run it far better than the crooks. And I am approaching possibly reviving this party attempt from 2009. I need help, I need interest. check it out, give me feedback. Come on folks it’s just your country, your liberty, your freedom.

          • Start a People’s Party and I bet every patriotic American in all States will come aboard. Also write all the retired Generals in all the military branches to get a feedback and get some honest endorsements.

          • I’ve thrown that out there on a couple of posts. While I think the name is irrelevant many people will not. I’ve suggested the peoples voice, or the peoples will.

        • Go right straight to Donald Trump because he is for America and Americans and not for himself. He has funded his own campaign and has accepted no money from anyone so that he cannot be TOLD WHAT TO DO. He works for THE PEOPLE and has said it more than once. The Republican rats and the Democrats are in this for themselves. They want one of theirs back in the he White House so they can use them as puppets and they all lust for the power they’ve had too long, for the enormous wealth they have crammed in their pockets from the salaries we pay them and the raises the vote for themselves every year. For what they do they should be paying us to let there. But the major part of the money that pads their pockets comes from lobbyists that work for big business and special interests that want to be sure they get their legislation passed and everything they want from Washington. They also want to stay up there getting richer by the day until they drop dead on the floor of Congress. Donald Trump wants to partner with WE THE PEOPLE to take our country back and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and he will do every single thing he says he will and there is no one who can tell him what to do. Those scumbag GOP Establishment and Democrats are petrified of him because if he is elected, their playhouses are burned to the ground and they can no longer deceive and betray the American People, all for their own personal gain.

    • I agree with you completely, Marie Saqueton. These GOPs who are against TRUMP are committing political suicide. They know Trump will upset their apple cart and lose all their power and control. They have to fight him tooth and nail. Fight him no matter what. They know if he wins, they all lose. He is the choice of the people (except) those people in Colorado, who never had a chance to express who they want to be pres..

      The GOP or RNC, will self-destruct if they continue to fight TRUMP.
      TRUMP keeps on fighting them back in the hopes of keeping the GOP united.

      • I saw a video of the assigning of the delegates in Colorado and heard Trump’s name several times, so what did they do with his delegates? I know he got a least 3 that I saw. I also vote for the person not the party.

        • They removed them all from the list of delegates and replace them with Cruz delegates. None of the Trump delegates or Trump supporters were allowed in that so-called caucus which was nothing but a set up so that Cruz, the traitor, could have all the delegates. I haven’t heard what happened in Wyoming or these other states that are “all of a sudden coming up with Cruz delegates” when Trump won the state. The GOP is no better than Barack Obama so they might as well move over to that side of the aisle and I would throw them over there if we weren’t going to send them packing home or whatever the best place to get them out of our lives would be. I, too, vote for the person but I’ve voted Conservative for many years. I certainly wouldn’t have voted for Obama. I was leaning toward Ted Cruz in the beginning as well as Trump because I actually thought Cruz was a Patriot. He’s not…..leaning to the GOP Establishment and the Left. Trump has not pulled any tricks on anyone and he’s not a politician so he doesn’t deal in corruption, he loves this country and has sacrificed a lot to help WE THE PEOPLE take this country back and make her great again. He has my vote and I’ll fight tooth and nail to stop those scumbags in Washington who want to continue to deceive and betray us while getting more powerful and more wealthy.

          • Doesn’t this smell like the Democrats and the GOP are ONE again? Or just puppets of the Elites to do what they want them to do, cheat the people, that is okay, they are dumb anyway? See how they insult our intelligence? They think we will just let them get away with it, which will most probably happen if folks in Colorado won’t do anything about it. How about the ethics of Cruz, is this okay with him? Now, we know the core of his values and his true character. This will boomerang on them for sure.

        • The Colorado issue is a true evidence of total corruption. Are their elected officials not held accountable for it? Are they not ashamed of what they have done? The ELECTORS are supposed to vote for the people, what did they do to correct it? Are they all victims of the 3Bs…bought ,bribed or bullied?

      • Those scum GOP Establishment, RINOS, Elites and Progressives are going to have to be sent home, to Mars or as far as we can get them from here and we are going to have to bring our country back and replace all the GOP and the RNC with honest, decent, moral, ethical people instead of what is there now and make both of them GREAT AGAIN!!!! Trump can help us unite a Republican Party that is compromised of Real Conservatives and Patriots that love our country like Trump does and that believe in our Constitution as the law of this land and USE IT to govern this great country!!!!

        • I wonder if the GOP oligarchy will really accept Trump. They have done everything in their power to undermine and demonize him, but still he wins. That is people power and the sooner the puppets of the “Elites” realize that the sooner we can make them behave. Trump, I think was sent by the Holy Spirit to save America from the clutches of the “ELITES” WHO MAKE PUPPETS OUT OF OUR LEADERS. When I was in Switzerland, a Banker told me that the most CORRUPT politicians are in America, and they have all their monies in their Banks from lobbyists who pays them. He said, that they form family foundations. I argued with him and tried my best to defend our people, but now I am starting to believe that there is truth in what he said.

      • You are so correct. If they continue ignoring the people, the GOP and the Democrats will be exposed as one party again, like in the olden days when they were one. I think we are all being played. A third party “People’s Party” will be a great threat for all of them, and they won’t have the power to dictate to the people ever again. Right now, it looks like they are in collusion. Both sides are trashing our Constitution and with the death of the late Scalia we cannot even rely on the SCOTUS to interpret our laws the way it was written. if we do not wake up, Americans will be enslaved by the powers that be.

    • My my, we are “idiots” now? Let’s dump the GOP all together shall we? Is that it? re-invent a whole new class of Tories or something that ISN’T idiot?
      Politics is bizarre.

  7. Now the lies come out of Cruz’s mouth! After he did this then he changed his story to a wall………CRUZ IS A LIAR AND HYPOCRITE!

    • That’s why he does not have most of us voting for him, except the establishment #nevertrump people. He needs to win 98% of all remaining delegates to reach 2237, an impossible feat. So Pallin is right, he is a Wall Stree supported Washington DC insider pretending to be an outsider. Lyin’ Ted can never be TRUSTED!!!!!!!!

    • He certainly did do that and he was for amnesty also and when he found Trump was going to remove all the illegals, he changed his tune. Trump has said all the illegals can come back provided they do so legally and are not drug dealers, users or felons.

  8. He is a typical opportunist Politician, they go with what is popular, so you will vote for them, to get a millionaire life style. They are all liar’s and do What Israel tells them to do anyway. American Government is Israeli occupied territory, Zionist Jews hell bent on ruling the whole world. With the help of Rothschilds central banks of course, BUT you can only continue to rob the kitty for so long, before there is no more to steal. AH, BUT WAIT, THERE IS SOMETHING NEW, ELECTRONIC CASH, BEUTIFUL EH, CONNOT EVER BE CHECKED TO SEE HOW MUCH IS REALLY THERE! HAHAHAHA! YOU ARE ALL TO BECOME DEBT SLAVES WITH ILLEGAL MEXICANS REPLACING YOU, AS THEY TAKE OVER THE LIVES YOU USED TO LIVE! DONT THINK SO? BEEN HERE 5 MINS AND ALREADY HAVE IT BETTER THAN YOU? FREE HEALTH BENEFITS YOU CANT GET? CHECKS IN THE MAIL YOU CANT GET? IF YOUR STATE SENATOR IS UP FOR RE- ELECTION IN THE FALL VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY, THAT’S HOW YOU CLEAN OUT CONGRESS BEFORE THEY KILL YOU OFF! THEY CANT CHEAT ON THAT ELECTION.

    • Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Todd? We are all to become debt slaves to illegals that will replace us? That is already happening!!! Aren’t you here and don’t you see it? How about including yourself unless you don’t qualify.

      • what the f–k are you talking about ? are you retarded? you are already a debt slave moron! The Jews own everything, including the FEDERAL RESERVE! that’s were you tax payments go, to the Rothschilds and their Jew friends in congress, the whole thing is rigged! has been since George Washington days. didn’t you pay attention in history class? before you decide to chime in in an attempt to sound smart , make sure you know what you are talking about. every person surrounding the President is a Jew who is backed by a Jewish organization, i.e. GOLDMAN SACH’S. Thats were your tax dollars go , not to America infrastucture, not to our schools, that why everything is in shambles. educate your self on what is really going on, go to INFO WARS .COM, THAT WILL BE A GOOD START FOR YOU WAKE UP LEARN THE TRUTH!!

  9. If that is the TRUTH why would you not post that info for everyone to see, Sarah Palin’s mouth is not a Prayer Book. I don’t believe nothing she nor Katrina Pierson says. I worked hard in Texas to get that lying Katrina elected to office when she was exposed as an Adulteress sleeping with Doctors where she was employed at a Hospital in Texas.
    She tried to frame herself as a Tea Party person then but, I saw through her disguise and called her on some issues she had’nt given much thought to. I was utterly surprised to see her as a TRUMP spokes-person on CNN. I was glad she did not become a person representing Texas, there has also been some other things surfacing about her admiration of Louis Farrakahn. So like Trump That Conservatism Head keeps rearing itself.

  10. Cruz = Career establishment politician who has no experience at running anything, let alone a country. Talks good though! So did Obama if you recall.

  11. ​..

    ​Cruz is the most dangerous candidate ever, due to his pseudo Christian
    religion. His hidden agenda is his plan to restore “values” via this
    theology which is NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy! Check it out! It is
    scary! BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID! This would be a disaster for our country,
    for women, for alternative lifestyle groups, for Mormons, etc.
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK. DO NOT BE SHEEPLE! Google Dominion Theology and/or its
    alternative name “Now” theology!. Good bye first amendment’s stand on

    Cruz pretends to be a DC outsider but check his record. He has a closet full of sleaze.

    DC is so corrupt. We need an outsider beholden to no one to come in and clean house.

    The GOP establish is SO AFRAID that Trump is elected he will lock the lid on the cookie

    jar. Our government is a VERY BIG BUSINESS that needs to be run by a business man, not a politician. ​

  12. My response to Ms Palin’s declaration is to ask Cruz to explain his actions. You betcha, this could well be a turning point for me. Although not a one-issue voter, I put our national security first and foremost and am disappointed in Cruz whom I have long defended because of his strength in supporting all things constitutional. If Cruz could chastise Rubio for his actions in the Gang of Eight, why would we not respond in kind for this Cruz dismissal of the Rule of Law? A chalk mark in the con column for Cruz if we aren’t satisfied with his answer. Still remains a Cruz or Trump decision. Never a Sand-HIll.

    • Cruz has very recently said that he is considering naming Rubio as his vice-presidential running mate, if he is the nominee. Great, then we will have our second fraud president and our first fraud vice-president. Can we all say “Good-bye Constitution and Good-bye freedoms and rights”.

    • Too bad Mrs Palin didn’t get in in 2008. She would be the GOP nominee for Prez this year. So, Mrs Clinton is the beneficiary of the pentup demand for a woman.

      • Strong point there, Peter. She gave the McCain ticket value. Smart, savvy, and honest, Palin scared the living..daylights..out of the Left. So they tore her to shreds with their lies, insults, and cat calls; suckering the GOP Establishment and the fence sitters into buying their “un-electable” diatribe. Once again our fearless leaders stuck their collective noses in the air and she was left on her own to slug it out with the bullies. What seems a minor step, but would make a HUGE impact, is if she were to take voice lessons to get her voice lower and remove the high pitch. Very simple. Very effective in my book. She’s quite a dynamo, and she’s not finished.

        • They’ve been doing it a long time and we’ve been allowing them to get away with it. It’s time to take back OUR COUNTRY!!! I would love to see Governor Palin as a VP or cabinet member. She would be a definite asset to the President for sure as long as it’s someone we want and the options are getting very few.

      • Sorry all, NO women is fit for the presidency according to The Word of GOD! See Proverbs 31 It gives the ways that a women is to abide, and who she is to be in God’s eyes! She is NOT to usurp authority of the man, 1 Tim 2:12 KJV Now if you think otherwise and you get mad, don’t get mad at me, get mad at God, HE wrote that book and HE said what he said, I didn’t write that book, I just believe what it says! See also Titus 2:4 KJV It also give direction in that regard! The KJV Is the ANSWER, and people will not read it, so now you KNOW why this nation/world is headed into total apostacy!

          • So is it that YOU don’t care what GOD said or that you will just “Disannul” what He said so you can be right in your own eyes? I believe I gave you at least THRE verses from the KJV Bible that says GOD did say what I said, BUT to bring the point home: Let me tell you and write it here that in Exodus 18;18 to 24 this is the BASIS of our “REPUBLICAN” form of Govt, as it is also in Israel! The three branches are detailed in the verses here, but IF you see and pay attention to verse 21 it is said that Moses is to provide out of ALL People, “ABLE MEN” such as fear God, men of TRUTH, …..and place such over them….(READ the verse) That Verse says ABLE MEN, and IT never says woem, PERIOD! Able men does NOT mean women etc it means what it means and don’t blame me or get mad at me, YOU get mad at God/Jesus Christ and tell Him your problem said, he is well able to explain to you and or defend what HE said! No sir, I will NOT stop! But you had better START, and I mean READING that BOOK! IT will change your life and your thoughts and your prospective on matters at hand!

    • I am right there with you, Liberty. Start paying closer attention to Cruz. I have long defended him too. He is my state Senator. He is not the same man today as he was when he left Texas for the Campaign trail. I fear he has gone to the side of the GOP Establishment because he thinks that will get him the Oval Office when he really has little chance of doing it illegally. That is not the issue here for me. The issue is that we MUST take our country back, our jobs, our borders, our military, our veterans, our economy, our infrastructure, our industry and on and on and one. Ted Cruz is spending way too much time bashing Donald Trump and not addressing the issues by giving us an idea of his plan to correct our errors and undo the mistakes of Obama. He says the same things at every stop. Trump does too but he does give us an overview of what he plans to do. I don’t expect him to reveal the entire plan because he is a very good businessman and they would steal and implement anything he laid out in detail. He’s way too smart to do that. He has plans and he has people in mind and some in place to help him with the politics and foreign policy side. Trump knows all the heads of state abroad because he has done business in almost every country on this planet. With every passing day, I am seeing more and more I have to distrust about Cruz and more I like about the honesty and ethics of Trump but I always keep my eyes open and I will have my opinion but it will never be a done deal until I have all the information I can obtain and I walk behind that curtain and pull the lever.

      • I love what you say about what’s truly at issue, that we MUST take our Country back; and that’s what will have me voting for The R, regardless of who it is. Regardless! That said, could you help me with these questions, please: (1) “LIAR!” Why does Trump call Cruz a liar but not back it up any with reasons for that slur? Did Cruz get a reputation for lying when in office in Texas? (2) Who does (Be Still My Heart) Louie Gohmert endorse? (3) Has Cruz been oblivious to the tactics of his campaign people or is he hands on? (Starting with the Carson and Mrs.Trump incidents on down to those lousy e-mail subject lines that taint Cruz more than build him.) On a lighter note, a local farmer had me get a slew of Trump hats to give to his DEMOCRAT friends at their request! Now I’m looking for magnetic bumper stickers so he can fool with the Sand-Hill folks. I still have Cruz heading into the stretch, Trump a length behind, and a how-did-this-horse-qualify Kasich at a grass-grabbing trot.

  13. I would like to know why the media did not jump on this. It’s all because his last name is Cruz. Sounds Mexican. But born in Canada. With 2 parents that were both Canadian citizens. Denounced there American citizenship. To vote in Canada
    If trump did this it would be on all news stands across America. Sham wow
    Shameless we become. No wonder trump says the media is the most dishonest people alive

    • His mother was never a Canadian, her birth certificate is even on line! Ted Cruz was a dual citizen born to an America mother making Ted a natural born & it’s been proven in 7 courts! My son was born in Canada so I know what I’m talking about! And on top of that Trump is the big liar! One of the sites have him down for 110 lies he has told, I think it’s politifacts.com

      • She could have not stayed in Canada to work and to vote there if she did not denounce her American citizenship and became a naturalized Canadian citizen. Ted was born in 1971 and Canada did not offer dual citizenship until 1977 so both of his parents were still Canadian citizens. at time of his birth. That is why he sealed his records just like BO, because if exposed, they are both not qualified, but our politicians are asleep at the wheel or are subjected to the 3Bs……

      • To buttress your statement of “proven in 7 courts” it will be wise to post the case numbers, so folks can research it, otherwise you will just be perceived as a Cruz promoter. And explain why he has sealed his records? Because the normal perception is that, when one seals his records, he has something to hide.

        • His records have never been sealed! Even his mothers birth certificate have been on line! I don’t know the case #’s but just last week NJ court just came out again & said it was in Cruz’ favor. The reason I would like to see Cruz win is because he is the only one to speak against UN Agenda 21 which has been pushed since 1992, signed by elder Bush & pushed by every president since, especially Obama. This agenda will make us part of a Communist one world government. Excuse for this is climate change, even liberals that hear about this are against it democratsagainstunagenda21.com it will be the end of freedoms as we have known the!!

    • You need to look up like I did the Canadian law at that time when Raphael Edwards Wilson Cruz was born. It on the Canadian national register that both parents voted. In Canada. That mean that they could not have deul citizenship to vote in Canada
      It’s called act 1947

    • The biased, paid for and controlled media is also corrupt. Their goal is to DUMB the voters so that the man their puppeteer is promoting will win. Our country is for sale folks and need someone out of the Beltway to clean house. Go Trump go.

  14. This is why Trump calls him “Lying Ted Cruz”. He is like the male GOP version of Hillary Clinton. They both lie and pander to whichever group they need votes from at the time, then go on to the next group and change their stories. This is why I can’t imagine why anyone would consider either Rafael Ted Cruz or Hillary Rodham Clinton. In addition, Rafael Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and maintained a Canadian passport until 2014, at age 43 years old. If he was such a loyal American citizen, why did he maintain his Canadian citizenship that long? And, some people believe he is now qualified to be the next American president? Crazy. Go Trump!

    • He is a liar and is as corrupt as $hitlery. He will do anything and say everything in order to get the nomination. His actions along with those of the RNC will split the party beyond repair.

        • I think if they screw Trump and his name is not on the ballet I will write it in, I will NOT vote for Cruz, he would just continue OB’s goal to make our country a hell hole.

        • It’s never a done deal until the fat lady sings and what ever they do that is against the law or outside the will of WE THE PEOPLE, who happen to OWN this country (WE are the United States government), can be changed and WE WILL IF THAT BECOMES NECESSARY.

          • Whoa back. First of all it has been necessary for a long time but we don’t seem to be able to change anything. 2nd I find that I agree with every word you said, BUT your way out of whack here. The done deal I’m speaking of is that the republican party has killed itself. And I gave you a link to an alternative party system to the repukes. It’s called Get Out Of Our House. http://www.goooh.com It has a lot of GOOD ideas for a political party truly for and by the people. But it is an old site from 2009 when we were trying to put the skids on obama. The software is old and you may get an error message that the site can be easily hacked because parts are now non functional, like the security software, and some of the linked features. But you can get a pretty basic idea of the structure. It didn’t fly then, but I figured with the 8 years of obama and the current exposure of the corruption of our government and the political parties to boot, that people would be open to the move. So far no one even pays any attention.

        • It is great. Congrats Rowdy, I hope folks here will subscribe to it. I have sent it to my friends and contact. Thanks.

          • Whoa. Your still not getting the whole picture mam. There is no subscribing to it. It is but an artifact of previous attempts. A model to get an Idea of a good approach. Tell anyone interested to communicate with you and or me. If we can get any interest going then WE can approach Tim the owner that has said he will work with me on it. To reactivate the site and get the process in action. But it does take action.

    • Trump never does lie. Trump is a saint . Trump is another Obummer. It all about Trump. Trump is the savior of the country. That what the Trump ????????sheep believe.

      • He has more Congressmen supporting him than Cruz. That should tell you something. Is that what you want another president that can’t work with Congress?
        GO TRUMP GO.

        • Hitler had a lot of support too that doesn’t mean anything. He won’t win cuz he insults people for no reason. He won’t be able to unite the Republican Party that means 60% won’t vote for him right there. It will be cuz he can’t say ” sorry”. I will not vote for a liberal vs Liberal. The sheep will follow him no matter what he does or says. They can can be responsible for his downfall.

          • Keep on talking about Hitler, Liberal Troll. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY doesn’t want to be united. They want to keep the same bunch of lousy, slimy, sleazy stinking criminals they’ve had for way too long and as soon as we get a decent President in the Oval Office, all of them are going and going far away as soon as we can get out by being up for re-election or by recall.

      • Hillary is not his friend and you are a liberal troll!!! Cruz has moved over to the Criminal Left with the Democrats and the GOP Establishment/RINOS/Elite and Progressives. I guess you support them. Those scumbags DON’T WANT TO UNITE!!! THEY WANT TO CONTINUE wielding their power, padding those pockets with the millions the lobbyist from big business and special interest stuff in their hands to get all they want from Washington. That’s not to mention the salaries they get to do nothing because that’s what they have done the last eight years and they have voted themselves a raise every year. Did you get a raise every year the last eight years? You should be like the majority of the country who would have been lucky to still have a job the last eight years and if they do, would be lucky to have retained the same salary and not a pay cut. They want to keep their positions and stay there forever getting more powerful, wealthy and criminal until they drop dead on the floor of Congress. Is that what YOU WANT??? A win by You and your slimebag ESTABLISHMENT on both sides of the aisle will be a death warrant for the United States of America. WHAT DOES TRUMP HAVE TO SAY SORRY ABOUT??? Your slimebags in Washington are the ones who should be on their knees begging forgiveness of the American People but now it would be WAY TOO LITTLE AND WAY TOO LATE!!!!

        • We you can’t debate the issues the liberal start name calling. That what Trump and his sheep start too do. You and Trump are a good example of that. Trump will NEVER say sorry. Truth is I am no Liberal troll . I am a conservative that is not fooled by Trump. Trump says he is a Christian ask forgiveness Trump says he has no reason ask forgiveness that tell me me about Trump character. It doesn’t matter Republican will lose cuz they can’t unite. Insults don’t help.

    • Her campaign now goes by Hillary Clinton, not Hillary Rodham Clinton. Anything to fool middle America into thinking she’s one of us.

      I get yr pt about Cruz and Canada. On the other hand, I was thinking, if we invalidate him, that would mean children of illegal immigrants have a higher status than children of genuine U.S. citizens born outside of the USA.

      Loyalty to the USA is not a prereq for the office of the Presidency. You can see that no one cared that Bill Clinton dodged the draft.

      • It is if you follow the constitution, He would have been born hear or from an American father. Not mother as they say.

      • You are so dead wrong. Loyalty to the U.S.A. is very much a requirement, so much so that the natural born phrase in the Constitution is the result. Has nothing to do with the current state of affairs. I just can’t follow your trend of thought about paragraph 2 ? I assume that this is in concern to eligibility. By the Constitution, children of illegals, with respect to that, have NO standing whatsoever. And neither do the U.S. citizens born outside the U.S.A. – Unless they were born on U.S. soil = A military base, territory or province.

        • Rowdy: Sorry, I meant to say children of illegals born in the USA, who are automatically U.S. citizens, would have a higher status than children of U.S. citizens born outside the USA. Is that what the founding fathers wanted?

          • The founders are rolling in their graves that the liberal left communists have manipulated our laws and made a person a citizen just for being hatched on American soil, with no other qualifications. That approach to running our country is an invitation for infiltration, and I am sure done intentionally to aid in the destruction of our country. We have to get the issues (all of them) back to (COMMON SENSE) management of our laws and moral ethics. If we are successful in recovering control over our nation Anchor babies with be negated, retroactively. Bet on it.

  15. i was once for Cruz but after learning some of the things he’s done and reviewing some of the positions he has taken along with some of his votes in the senate—i have come to the conclusion that he also dances to the tune of his donors—special interests—he owes favors and i will guarantee you they will be favors that are not good for a lot of people.

  16. Cruz, a Bushie from the get-go, is running since Jeb proved to be a stupid lightweight. The November choice is to be one member of the Clinton/Bush crime family against another.

  17. Cruz is just another Puppet of the US Chamber of Commerce, Big Corporate donors and Bush New World Order agenda! Cruz is insider all the way. He is running a very deceptive campaign to pretend he is not the Washington Establishment!

  18. while cruz is giving to the to the Mexican and the other that is comeing across our boder mr trump is giving his help to the amercain people so which one are going to vote for the one who help the Mexican or the one who help the people here

  19. John Gruber is right most Americans are just plain Stupid. cant explain it, but they are!!! you go Sarah….love you! love anyone that tells and speaks the truth….
    cruz is a senator from Texas, but what border is OPEN…..the TEXAS BORDER….how does he explain that to those Texan’s? or better yet AMERICA!

  20. Nobody seems to be talking about his, and particularly Heidi’s ties to the North American Union (NAU) with open borders on both north and south! I guess Teddy wants to be the first Canadian President of it!!!

  21. the stupid punkass cheeseheads most likely didnt change their vote…GW Bush an B Obama HAVE PROVEN IT TAKES NO SKILL/ANYONE CAN BE PRESIDENT

  22. There is something about Cruz that gives me a uneasy feeling.hes going along with the no trump campaign.? Sometimes you know deep in your heart that he’s not trust worthy.on one hand he at the boarders feeding the illegal then turns around and say no illegal aliens.he runs off the no trump campaign.trump trump trump trump trump trump . He goes along with the media on bashing trump?

  23. Fearlessness always wins, because it takes Integrity to stand for principle. I have always appreciated Sarah for her Integrity, even in the face of daunting odds. She is a winner.

  24. I always knew he was a liar and traitor to the USA Just like Obama not a citizen of the USA just a piece of trash out to destroy our nation. He should be shot or hanged for treason and every illegal hanged for invading our nation and economic espionage . I am not a pc wimp I speak the truth just as when I state that Islam is not a religion but a terrorist origination. Read the Koran and it proves to be a terrorist manual not a religious text.. In my opinion every Muslim should be deported or hanged for being a terrorist. Every illegal is a criminal and the fact that they are here illegally is all the proof one needs of that fact> They have no respect for the law or they would have come here legally. They in my opinion all should be put to death for being illegal invaders. WHERE IS SAM HUSTON AND GENERAL PERISHING WHEN WE REALLY NEED THEM?????

  25. If one lies, he lies. However, we all need to know that there is only one liar and his children. Ted isn’t a liar, but he does lie. The lying is the Fruit of his Life, but when you call him a liar, you are judging his soul, and this is God’s business, not ours. So beware, lest you be found judging your own soul. WISDOM!

  26. I have to admit, I have problems with Cruz. I didn’t like the scuttlebutt about his participation in that tweet telling Carson supporters that the Doctor was pulling out of the race, and for them to come to Cruz’s side. Cruz, to his credit, did apologize. Later. But, the damage was done. Many people at the top are held responsible for those they’ve hired, why is he given a pass?. No, I think he was aware and just decided to let it slide for whatever reasons he may have had.

    Learning just today, that he was down on the Texax/Mexico border handing out gift baskets to criminals. Face it, they broke our laws entering this country improperly, which makes them criminals leaves me speechless. Just proves to me, that The Donald is correct when he calls him ‘Lyin Ted’.

    I’ve had more than enough of these shenanigans. Stick a fork in me, I’m so done.

  27. F*** Cruz. He’s a first time senator. We’ve already got one of those in the WH. Trump will bring business knowledge with him. We need this country run like a profitable business. We are always losing money on deals with others.

  28. After seeing how sleazy & politically ambitious Cruz is, I and many I know, lost all respect for him. He KNOWS he can’t get required delegates & Establishment won’t Choose Cruz, they just play him like a cheap fiddle to have a contested convention. Can you say, Hello Mrs. President (Hillary)?

  29. He is a total fraud. I looked at him and what I read, heard and saw made me reject him the same way I rejected BHO. Not in office very long but already knows how the game is played.

  30. Here are 4 things that have gotten this nation to the trouble and point of no return we are NOW in: 1. 1962 S/C said Prayer in schools was unconstutituional (forget that it was constitutional for over 200 years. 2. 1963 Bible study, which is commanded BY God in 2 Tim 2;15 KJV (ONLY) is now outlawed the same as prayer for the same reasons. no 3. 1970 The 10 commandments as in Exodus 20 is deemed Unconstitutional as above. and that same year, Roe v. Wade which said it was legal to stop a pregnancy and abort a LIFE in progress! GOD “HATES” the shedding of Innocent Blood. Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV and will require the payback of that shedding of the innocent bleed! That’s 4 things/incidents in the nation that have brought us to where we now find ourselves! IF you Believe in Jesus Christ: PRAY for a leader and MOSTLY, PRAY for The Lords Guidance…NOW!!

    • Yup, they gave more rights for criminals than an innocent and helpless baby. They RIOT on the streets for thugs, murderers and thieves, but not for the innocent baby….what an IMMORAL SOCIETY WE HAVE NOW. They teach UNNATURAL UNION (fornication) in public schools but not how to respect parents and authorities. The current MORAL ECOLOGY is disgusting and sinful.

      • It is called “A STRONG DELUSION” according to 2 Thes 2:11 KJV that they, the world, might believe a lie! They now believe that two men in a bed having sexual relationships is ok, and they believe a myriad of delusional things that were once outlawed and are now accepted! Woe unto them that call good evil, and evil good…Isa 5:20 KJV!

    • This is in no way a slam to you but if a person looks at the government they have already taken a stand on abortion. Just ask them if you can take a tax deduction for your unborn baby. They have put people in jail and taken a judicial stand in some cases but just try to get a financial stand and see their true colors.

    • We are fools to let them do as they please, just because they want to take God out of our lives, we don’t have to let them. I don’t care if none American are offended it’s our God. GO HOME IF YOU ARE OFFENDED. Leave my God alone.

    • I’ve been doing that a long time homer,1057 and you are right!!! Based on your beliefs, there is only one candidate that fits your values and mine and that is Donald Trump!!! Cruz claims to but he has aligned himself with the GOP Establishment and they don’t care what we say. They won’t defund Planned Parenthood.

      • I met Donald trump and the man may not be all he could be, but neither am I and yet, what I found about him was that when he was here in my state he was asked for permission to use his name etc to sell some article for an upcoming rally, and he said, sure don’t worry, I don’t mind this is a capitalist market, have at it, make as much money as you can! The man did not care about some license or whatever concerning his name and I had to respect that! Don’t have as good a thought about Cruz as I used to!

  31. If this is the truth it is not good! There is very very much deception going on in this country as the elitist Marxist sick to take over the world on 2017.

  32. Wow,this Is the first I hear of Cruz giving gift baskets to illegals. That is really defiant of what I believe the majority will accept as him being honest in what he’s been preaching. I will hope and pray Trump will make the difference in the direction this country is going.

  33. Sarah doesn’t know the truth. If she knew the truth she would not be hanging out with Trump. Trump know about the Constitution about as much as he know about foreign policy a BIG ZERO!!!
    Cruz will be tough on illegal better than Trump without all theatrics of Trump. No matter what party Trump runs under he will LOSE. Only 40% of Republicans will support him the other 60 will either stay home or write-in Cruz cuz I am one of them. Trump help elect a Democrate that he has SUPPORT the last 40 year with his $$$$$$$$. That 40% is Trump ???????sheep.

    • Please, learn the difference, grammatically speaking, between the use of singular and plural in a sentence and maybe you’l be perceived as having something cogent to contribute to the conversation. Until then …?

      • Maybe it is a free country which I help defended and I can write the way want. If you wasn’t so judgemental and I didn’t have problems with my brain from deployment then I wouldn’t have such problems. I shouldn’t even have to justify to you anything thing anyway I bet you are Trump ?????????Seep cuz you like to call and belittle people just like Trump does. It sound like you have nothing to contribute but ridicule. That is the TRUMP CLUB. #DUMPTRUMP. THAT IS MY CONTRIBUTION TO YOU!!!!!!!!

        • Smokey, maybe your deployment is affecting your judgement to the point that you can no longer see through the smoke and mirrors. You served your country so you took that oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. As such you also would be adverse to anyone who does not defend or adhere to that Constitution. Therefore you must find issue with Ted for not following the Constitution. Look back through this post for my comments where I lay out cold hard facts about the issues. Thank you for your service to this country SIR. And welcome home.

          • Don’t insult me and tell my deployments affect my judgement. I find that Trump , Hillary, and Obummer the ones not following the Constituttion. There is NO COURT that says he can’t run. It just a bunch of Trump ???????????sheep that say he can’t. I research it out myself be other Constitutional experts and I believe they make sense. So now that there is 2 opposing view points then someone with LEGAL authority needs to settle it. I guess that would be the SUPREME COURT or Congress to define it.

          • smokey. for a veteran I am confused where your loyalty is. Is it to the person named Ted or to the country you served and defended? My husband is a disabled veteran too from the Vietnam war but his focus is what is good for the country and not necessarily his love for the candidate. Like what the late JFK said: “ASk not what your country can do for you but what you can do for the country.”

          • My loyalty is to my country and Trump is playing the Vets. I really thought he was for the Vets until I did some research. Then Trump started shouting out insults that got personal to people. He can’t say “Sorry” so I went to Carson I figured he really didn’t have a chance to win. Cruz is a Constitutionalist and even Trump flip flop on Cruz eligibility when Cruz moved into 2nd place. That proves Trump a fake. I have principles I will be voting Cruz or None of These candidates all the up to the General Election . I will not vote for the lesser of the two evils.

    • I beg to differ with you smokey when you stated that Trump do not Know the Constitution nor the foreign policy. First of all he is also a product of an Ivy League school and as a businessman who operates globally, he must understand our laws as well as our foreign trade laws. A business person just don’t jump into a business endeavor before they can be convinced by their feasibility study that it will produce something positive. Their mindset is different from a politician, because what he gambles with is his asset and he would like a great ROI (return on investment) whereas a politician just jumps on anything and everything that will show they are doing something for their constituents, and when it losses great amounts of money, they don’t care since it does not come from their own pockets. They can always tax more, borrow more, and spend more until they leave the office as multi-millionaires. We tax payers are their CASH COWS. Trump has more brains than any of those running for President today, and we need him if we want to turn our economy around.I am happy with some of his rebutts when he is attacked, but then again that shows self worth and courage. I acknowledge the wisdom he has to offer and the people he will surround himself with and hopefully get rid of all the Muslims in the White house and Obama’s CZAR advisers. Since when did America need CZARs in the White House? Hillary too, see her assistant and her entourage, don’t we have Americans anymore? I just want America back, the way our founding fathers designed it to be a REPUBLIC GOVERNED BY LAWS.

  34. How the hell can you tell what this idiot even says, with all her incoherent rambling and incomplete sentences. Find a grade schooler with a better grasp of communication for a more reliable source.

  35. Did that basket have a drivers license, and tax payers dollars in it?
    The dude is a skunk, he stinks, he’s greasy, he’s a BS’er, and a cheater,
    lying Ted is a fraud, and bought by special interest groups.
    TRUMP, self funded, self built, straight shooter, a man with integrity,
    and most important, a natural born citizen, and true patriot.
    TRUMP 2016!!

    • If Ted loves America, tell him that those welcome baskets he gave the illegals could have helped some of our Veterans dying in the bushes with PTSD and TBI.

  36. About Ted Cruz; my daughter was born in Canada. My wife is American and all we had to do was to go to the Consulate General in Toronto and do the paperwork and she is considered an American Citizen. She is not a Naturalized Citizen as I am. Such are the provisions for children born to an American in a foreign country if the paperwork is done at the appropriate office in that country of birth..

    • Again, that is a BORN CITIZEN, NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN WHO MUST BE BORN ON american soil or territory, with both Aemrican citizen parents at time of birth. There are three kinds of citizenship: Natural born Citizen, Born Citizen and Naturalized Citizen.Each has it s own definition.

  37. Well A Few Years Ago I Thot “MRS. PALIN” Was ‘Bout The “GREATEST FAMOUS PERSON I’D EVER MET”!! I Still Have Much Admiration For HER, But Have A Hard Time Understanding How A “TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN” Can Be In Favor Of “TRUMP”!! She Must Know Something We Don’t Know, I Hope!!!! Jim

  38. The honorable, competent, constitutional minded Senator Ted Cruz would do a much better job of securing America’s borders, without the rancor, than loose cannon Donald “boom boom Trump ever could. The latest on Donald is that he is telling the people of Pennsylvania to bring back coach Joe Paterno to Penn State University. Remember Trump turns seventy this summer and is losing his mental acuity, fast.

  39. …having lived/worked in McAllen TX back in ’88-’91 (as a minority within my OWN nation) ANGLO as the affluent Mexicans termed me i found these people 180 degrees other end of the spectrum contrast to the ‘dirtball’ meXXXs within the state of Nevada SIN City type (whatever their contrast culture) ….. bottom line IS TEXmex is a great step ABOVE/BEYOND the typical Mexican found anyplace else on the border ……. GOT THAT SIN City (Nevada) LOL ! “putos” ? ! …… “nuff said”

  40. Ted Cruz is a mimic of what ever works , he stands on the Trump policy because it works for Trump , even Rubio questioned his stance and said that ‘s not true and his gang of eight papers show he is pro-amnesty and open borders .

  41. Much like Copernicus, I understand all to well and those of little insight vent their venom because facing up to the truth is too hard to handle.

  42. I knew from his first year in the senate he was more Dem than Republican. He is all show no action, that’s why nothing gets done in DC. we have to many RINO’s in our Congress. Cruz is one of the biggest, He is also fast tracking Obama’s one world Government, He hopes to be the first WORLD president. He is nothing but telling you what you want to hear, and most of the good he has picked up from Trump. LYIN’ TED. Thank you Sarah for enlighten the people of Wisconsin, Hope people look up his record in the senate, They will be able to see what a LYIN’ man he is. His only friend is Mike Lee, the other hate him.

  43. It rather appears that quite a bit of deception is required in all areas of politics. Politics is maybe the ultimate chess board of deception? Maybe? While Palin has been an outstanding lady in many ways, there is areas which will probably be a parting of the way. When Trump boldy states that “Nobody likes Lyin’ Ted” – Really? So apparently the “Professional Republicans of Wisconsin” are NOBODY? But wait, Trump is extremely witty & caddy with maneuvering. Give him A+ on that. He went & placed a former Walker manager onto his team.
    It has been in recent months a necessity for the word ‘establishment’ to appear for the sake of somehow making Trump look as is he is more NON-establishment. Frankly, most of them left standing seem quite knee deep or over in the matters of something or other establishment.
    “Professional Republicans of WI” is fine to say. They are, after all “nobody”. The “New York City Values”… well, that’s a clear no-no to say.
    Strange world is the world of politics.

  44. O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,

    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,

    Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

    O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?

    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

    O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,

    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,

    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,

    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,

    In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:

    ‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,

    A home and a country, should leave us no more?

    Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.

    No refuge could save the hireling and slave

    From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

    Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.

    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land

    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

    And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave![12]


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