Fox News Legal Expert Destroys Hillary’s Legal Defense

Fox News spoke with their Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano regarding Hillary Clinton’s comments to “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

During the interview, NBC anchor Chuck Todd asks Hillary Clinton if she has been contacted by the FBI for the purpose of conducting an interview.

Clinton has long said that she would be happy to sit down with the FBI and answer any questions they may have for her, certain in her innocence no matter the development.

Judge Napolitano highlights that this public promise from  Hillary is the very thing that could be her undoing. Napolitano points out that, in almost all circumstances, it is a roundly rejected idea for an attorney to allow their client to speak voluntarily with the FBI.

The American Patriot Daily gives Judge Nap’s explanation why:

“The FBI will basically call up her lawyers and say: ‘We have a lot of information we are about to present to a Grand Jury and much of it involves your client. Would you like your client to chat with us?’

“She can say yes or she can say no. It is a very, very difficult choice she doesn’t want to make. She doesn’t want to make the choice because the standard operating procedure if you are a criminal defense lawyer is never, ever, ever let your client talk with the people that are investigating your client.

“That is the mistake Martha Stewart’s lawyers made. She told one lie to one FBI agent, in one conversation and she went to prison.”

Napolitano continues to explain that what Hillary has done with this posturing has put her in political jeopardy. If her lawyers are at all competent, they will strongly urge her to not speak with the FBI about her case. However, this would force Hillary to break her word that she is more than willing to meet with them and vindicate herself of any wrongdoing.

While this could be Hillary’s legal Achilles heel, there’s no guarantee she will face an indictment.

Do you think her arrogance and carelessness could lead to her downfall?


  1. Hillary is above the law. How could anyone question her veracity. She is second only to mother Theresa and Bernie Sanders. The FBI wouldn’t dare question her!

      • Ha, what are you smoking? She has the angles figured. Can you imagine the ego this thing has? And, she is a thing because if she were human she would have already ridden off into the sunset. She thinks we’re a bunch of idiots.

  2. Your headline for this article is totally and intentionally misleading. Judge Napolitano is not destroying a legal defense, He is properly offering his view on how best to defend a client under this particular circumstance. Your journalistic prejudice is glaring.

      • Rx7bj go vack to your hole you crawled out of you liberal blood sucking leech. You are a pathetic excuse for a submongrel. RX7 car of the fairies. Your opinion has no merit with the rest of us Americans. You are a big mouth liberal jackass who thinks he she it can insult people but can’t accept insults back. Go suck on a big one and let real Americans disgus

        • SNUFFUM:

          I am sending you some more garbage from Rx7pj:

          Wake up and get off you hate mongering for a change. She did NOT give away anything especially secrets.Rx7pj > JAKEJACOBY • 11 minutes ago Avatar Share › •Reply•Edit•3 △ ▽ JAKE JACOBYBased upon all of her past behavior, Hillary is NOT qualified to be President! Can you imagine our President giving away all of our TOP SECRETS? WOW!!!!JAKEJACOBY • 2 hours ago Avatar

          • She violated multitudes of various Federal laws!
            She destroyed 30,000 emails after a subpeona had been issued!
            She lied to the people, and the parents, about the terrorist attack
            in Benghazi.
            She had Susan Rice go on national TV repeatedly and lie to the
            American public about why 4 Americans died in Benghazi.
            In violation of Obama’s specific order, she funnelled weapons to
            rebel forces in Syria fighting Assad, Ambassador Stevens knew
            about it, which is probably why he was allowed to die in Benghazi.
            Even though many other countries have designated the Muslim
            Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Hillary Clinton is aligned
            with them, and enjoyed the “Arab Spring” in Egypt to the Muslim
            Brotherhood could replace Mubarak and gain control of that
            crucial country in the Middle East!
            She created utter chaos in Libya, leaving it a terrorist stronghold, by encouraging the downfall of Ghaddaffi.

            Due to severe strife between different factions of Muslims, and their tendencies toward barbarism, Democracy cannot work in Muslim countries, nor do most Muslims care about democracy. 70% or more prefer living under 7th Century Shariah Law. But they aren’t satisfied living under Shariah Law in their own Muslim countries. Due to unbelievable rates of reproduction, their own countries quickly become overpopulated, so they start to spread out into non-Muslim countries, creating strife and bloodshed.
            There is really only one solution to the Islamic problem. The trouble with Western Civilization is that it’s too civilized to do what needs to be done to save Western Civilization from the hordes of 7th century barbarians which are overrrunning them.

            Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders would stop the flow of Muslims even to keep America from being completely overrun. We need a leader who is strong enough to say “Enough!”

          • She was in the middle of selling illegal weapons to the enemy. And was caught. And then gave up location of guess who. When he was trying to bug out to safety. She caused those peoples death.

      • We’re talking about her setting up an illegal server in her private home. She admitted she had one and deleted e-mails she deemed ‘personal.’ As secretary of state and only using this server ALL her emails could have been hacked. And, if she was doing her job many of her emails HAD to be sensitive information.

      • Rx7pj——- Look at Bengahzi and WHITE WATER where about 37 people died as results of being attached in some way to that fiasco. Bill and the MURDEROUS one should be EXECUTED.

  3. She committed no crime. She may have been careless in using bureaucratic security procedures , but this is not a Federal crime. She did not willingly and knowingly give classified info to an enemy of the US, or any unauthorized person, which is considered to be treason (like Gen. Petraeus did). in my 50 years of handling TS/SCI documents in my employment as a Defense contractor, I never heard of anyone criminally indicted for being too casual with these documents, and I know of dozens of employees who had much worse security violations – they took them home out of a secure SCIF, took them on travel without a courier authorization , left safes open, even lost them in an airport – they usually received just a security reprimand, and were “retrained” on the security rules. There is no evidence her server was hacked, and evidence will show she never knowlngly stored MARKED CLASSIFIED documents on her server. If they were unmarked, she had no way if knowing they were classified, and classifying info after the fact is an old trick only the security bureaucrats do. If her subordinates deliberately took the classified markings off of documents before they sent them to her,or abstracted classified info and put it in an email to send to her, they will be the ones punished, not her. She is willing to talk to the FBI because she committed no crime, and she should do so.

    • She did commit a crime. She’s a careless POS that let people die in Benghazi and has “LIED” about classified info on her “PERSONAL” Server….. You Dolt…..

      • Garbage, she did NOT let people die in Benghazi and there is absolutely NO PROOF of ANY wrong doings nor that she lied about anything.
        All these are just asinine accusations from the right who just can’t get past their hate mongering.

        • Rx7bj you diseased jackass. Hitlary the bitch and Obozo the muslim pig both blamed the deaths on a fkng video until it started getting too hot for them then they changed their story. You are a prime example of why abortions should be allowed

        • So, I guess you thing the families of the victims are all lying about what she told them happened even though it is on record? That POS lying C U Next Tuesday is also FULLY responsible for the birth of Isis. If you had even 2 brain cells you would know that she is indefensible on those counts. It’s going to be AWESOME when they REALLY start dragging that worthless, murdering POS through the mud using all her misdeeds. She’ll look like the runny turd she was born to be, just like you.

    • I am a retired full Colonel and have held high security clearances. Being careless in the handling of classified material is in itself a crime. Maybe you need to be investigated?

      • I agree with you Colonel. Not only that, it does not matter if they are stamped Confidential, Secret or Top Secret, it is the contents of that document.

      • Boy, I’ll say so. He surely does need to be investigated. Paul Williams sounds very negligent and very unworthy of his position and should be fired! To willfully shirk his responsibilities in bringing the corruption and graft to light, is just inexcusable.

      • NONE of the materials in questions where classified as secret or any other higher classification until AFTER she left office.

          • You are very lucky you are sitting by your little computer somewhere in seclusion. Don’t get to public with your insults!

          • H m Rowland has already established himself as a ‘wannabe liberal minded moron’ that has NO CLUE to reality. Don’t mind him. Just take him with a grain of salt and relax!

          • Do some research with an open mind and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Hope your doing well Ms.Franie as always I wish you the best !

          • Heeey heeey Davey J how are you girlfriend? ! You still doin’ drag at that cute little bar? You were really ssspecial and sssexy, sssislin’ sexy girl! I just love that Streisand song you did last time we were there and that deep pink number you were wearin’…ummm ummm, good to talk with you again Star Queen keep me in your huggie wuggie on facebook giiiirrlll! xoxoxo

        • Content alone is the measure of required secrecy. There is also very clear evidence that Asian groups tape this email! Every time a computer goes out… should get virus scanned…..then the same coming back in…..usually the device has been tapped….Hillary was almost certainly advised against this handling……and just chose to ignore the advice. Compared to other matters in the past the pattern of behavior is consistent! Not much in the way of presidential material here!

          • HARDLY!! coming from Park Ridge, IL, as Hillary does, you’d think that she would have SOME gravitas in conducting a viable rise to her ‘preconceived throne’.

        • That’s the same defense the POS Shitlery is claiming but, that makes her just a stupid, unaware moron who is incapable of discerning what should be top secret from scheduling yoga classes with that buck tooth trash she calls her daughter. How would she be as president if she can’t tell the difference? Only the delusional morons like you can’t tell the difference.

      • John Siemens. Nope Pauly Williamson shouls be tried for treason then shot by a firing squad. John thank you sir for your service sir. I salute you

    • She DID commit a crime Paul. Put your ass in her place and see just how long it will take for you or me as common citizens to be in jail. It is incredibly frustrating to see people like you being so naive and gullible. Listen to yourself Paul… “She may have been careless in using bureaucratic security procedures”, really?, putting the security of this nation at risk? hillary KNEW what she was doing Paul, just like her accomplice hussein obama, breaking the law and pissing on the U.S. Constitution to further their socialist / communist agenda. YOU and people like you WILL be the down fall of this once great country of ours Paul, time to wake up! oh, and by the way, hillary and obama in lower case due to absolute lack of respect to them, I by far have more respect and consideration to a dog than those two bastards! Good day sir!

    • OMG!! So it’s people like you who have royally screwedup our country and how it’s suppose to ‘work’. From the sounds of it, you have negligently looked the other way, shirked your duties to faithfully call attention to those numerous violations, etc. what? Did you say you didn’t want to become involved in doing the right thing? Shame on you for contributing to the willful downfall of our great nation.

      AND, oh yes, her server had been hacked. Don’t you keep up with the breaking news? Hillary gave explicit instructions to not mark those documents as classified, I don’t know quite what you’re referring too.

      If you think Hillary is as clean and pure as the white driven snow, think again. That woman is not only one of the most evil and corrupt female politicians in history, SHE IS THE MOST CORRUPT AND THE MOST EVIL POLITICAL HACK this nation has ever recognized or acknowledged. We the People will pay dearly, and I mean DEARLY, if that screaming and cackling criminal ever achieves anything but what she richly deserves….and that’s her own private and secluded prison cell, complete with her favorite pantsuit in bright orange!!!

      • She directed that classified markings be removed from a document. A document cannot be declassfied until the originator of the document declassifies it. The personal analog of this would be to speak publicly about something someone has told you in confidence before they make it public. What foreign government – or division of our own government – would, in the future, entrust to Hillary any information they wished to keep in confidence? If elected, how much would never be revealed to her because of her history?

        • Dear Francisco – Yep! Spot on with that assessment. I wholeheartedly agree. Hilliary would be a disassterist comment on the total and complete takedown of our great nation. She’s absolutely disgraceful and highly deceitful. If We the People can’t trust her, why would anyone else in the world want to work with her? Hillary’s reign as a potential candidate for the highest office in this land, would absolutely be the very end of this nation as we know it. There will be no more freedoms, no more choice on anything (i.e. look at Obamacare), our cities will disintegrate into anarchy (some already are), totalitarianism will set in and no one will be willing to set goals and achieve their dreams. We will thus be RIPE for an enemy takeover…ISIS. And guess what? Because of Hillary, most people will be totally demoralized to the point of submitting to our enemy rather than fight this present day ‘Trogan Horse’.

      • Did you stand by and watch or take to the streets during / after the coup d’ etat in 2000 when Scalia elected our president in opposition to the will of the people?
        He placed his evil buddies in the “Project for a New American Century” into power giving us 9/11, Iraq(and those pesky ‘weapons ‘o mass destruction), and the numerous conflicts simultaneously in the middle east to which we are still enslaved while its members continue to profit financially . Were you enraged or a sleeping dog on the porch?

        • You’re definitely on the WRONG track here Rowland. Your thinking is sooo skewed. There is NO getting thru nor around that liberal, biased, ignorant thinking.

          This is the difference between Left and Right, Wrong and RIGHTeous!

          • Well I Franie says I’m wrong I must be wrong. How could I dare trust facts over self REICHeousness? I beg forgiveness .

          • 3 hundred 60 degrees Franie …look around, sometimes in this world our heroes are villains. That was my point. When we say those in our government get away with murder we’re correct, they do…all sides. I guess we being human want to believe in white hat black hat but its delusion in most cases its two black hats. Peace.

    • Mr. Williamson, your statements are simply not true. Either you are deliberately misleading people or your 50 years allegedly handling TS/ SCI documents is untrue or was completed many years ago. Petraeus was retired and showed classified documents to someone else who had a security clearance. The documents were not posted on the web, they were in his possession at all times. He was indicted and convicted, but his sentence was reduced. He is not allowed near classified information ever again.

      Hillary, in at least two documented instances, in writing, requested subordinates remove classification headers and transmit information as unclassified. Those acts in an of themselves are criminal. As anyone who has worked with classified documents should know, no documents are ever marked “classified”, they are marked with the highest level of classification (secret, top secret, etc). That alone makes me wonder whereof you speak.

      Finally, even if she isn’t indicted (which will be serious enough), no one who has been indicted or convicted or plead out is ever allowed to work with classified documents again. However, if she is completely exonerated and is permitted to work with classified information again then that will be have historic consequences for the security of documents and data. It will show those that have to protect such documents and defend national security that Hillary’s gender security is more important to our leaders than National security. That is how societies decline and fall.

    • I see you live on mars yoyo . The laws have already been cited on national Live TV several times so your butt is so wrong you should go with her. Your incompetence qualifies you to be her lawyer insuring Slick Willy brings a cake with a file inside.

    • You are very wrong! In fact if she skates it will be a incredible black mark on the FBI and the USA… a former colonel, it appears people are jumping to Hillary’s defense……with absolutely no knowledge of the laws on such matters!

  4. Mr. Williamson,
    Among other things it is clear that Clinton intentionally had an aid change the classification of at least two documents so they could be forwarded to her over an un-secure modem. Emails from her to those aides specifically gave them instructions to do so. That is in itself a Federal crime.

  5. She won’t talk to the FBI. When or if they want to talk to her, she will say “my lawyer told me not to talk to the FBI. I want to, but they won’t let me”.

  6. And to think that she studied law?? Any idiot that would say such things in the media certainly does not deserve to be president.

  7. Nothing has ever or will ever bring hillary Benghazi clinton down. She is way too shrewd and has a long, long history of getting away with murder. Check “Clintons death toll documentary” on line and read “Ron Brown’s Body” by Jack Cashill.

  8. Nope, Shrillary will skate again because B’Ob the “unknown” will do her CYA in order to protect his own butt………

  9. Poor Hillary is caught in a bad situation. On one hand she has to try to minimize this subject for the electorate to see while she also should be trying to limit any damage she might make with those public statements. I suppose that’s where her legal training should be helping her, but it should have also made her realize she was doing wrong earlier. Even if she isn’t prosecuted for anything here she has at least made it clear again that she is incredibly inept. But she had already proven that for anyone who wanted to see.

  10. IT wont matter if she talks to FBI director as she is already toast. They don’t use and pay for 147 expert FBI investigators to find a white lie? ALL that is needed now is her preference Orange suit or old fashion stripes, ball and chains. or hand cuffs. The expert judge Napolitano who studied this issue I have seen myself two or three times on FOX news citing her definite known crimes and the specific laws she broke.

    Not only is thee the email issue/Benghazi, there is illegal campaign contributions and illegal foundation contributions not following USA rules.

      • Are you kidding me Bill Maher really? fact 147 FBI experts have dug deep into her sinful crimes and soon the FBI director will reveal findings and recommendations which if not followed will cause certain defeat to Dems in 2016 and will embarrass the Clintons showing what a liar and true idiot she is.

        • Ed ! Ed ! wake up….you’re having a nightmare ! It’ll be ok, if all else fails we’ll run Bill(42nd) or Chelsea or Al Gore(43rd) they all poll higher than Drumpf, now get some sleep honey . When you get scared just remember that the REPUBLICANS HAVEN’T WON THE WHITE HOUSE SINCE 1928 without a Bush or Nixon(Prescott’s Frankenstein)on the ticket . The only trouble ahead is if we NEED the SCOTUS to DECIDE ANOTHER ELECTION like the COUP IN 2000, now get some rest. Night night.

  11. Based upon all of her past behavior, Hillary is NOT qualified to be President! Can you imagine our President giving away all of our TOP SECRETS? WOW!!!!

      • PLEASE, stop showing your sheer ignorance. You know, it’s out there for all the world to see. You have to be a sheer moron with NOT a single cell in your brain, to conclude anything else. Hillary is THE MOST CORRUPT AND THE MOST GUILTY political hack to grace the horizon. Hillary is the ultimate in shear evil and deceit, albeit, Obama can pretty much can hold his own in that department too. The coronation of this most evil, most deceitful, conniving, debilitating POS to grace the possible ‘throne’ of power in this nation, IS FRIGHTENING!!!

      • Then why won’t the POS C U Next Tuesday open the books to her “foundation” for full scrutiny? Why won’t she offer the minutes of the speeches she gave to Wall Street? If she has nothing to hide she should be happy to offer the information. The fact is that she is nothing more than a corrupt, conninving, cheating POS liar and idiots like you refuse to see her for what she is because you just want to hear that she’s going to give it to you up your ass for free.

      • And how do you know that, Rx7pj? Are you an FBI agent with top secret clearance that has personally read all those 52,000 emails? Or do you personally know an FBI agent that has told you that? Do you really think the FBI would spend millions on building an air tight case against her because they have found nothing? Come on, Rx7pj, level with us so we can have the real facts. Or you can just admit it’s only wishful thinking so your hero won’t go to prison for 20+ years! I’m betting on the FBI!

      • How do you know? because she says so? were you there personally holding her hand when she was attending to her email??? Rx&pj what’s this trying to show us some rocket science??? It doesn’t take one to know she is and has been lying to the FBI.

  12. Makes no difference, the very fact that she was Sec of State, by definition means that she received and sent classified and higher messages, period. The fact that she used a private server in that capacity is incriminating. I don’t understand why examples have to be found. Her job called for this info, ergo, she is guilty.

    • And Shitlery is nothing but a lying, cheating, scandalous POS left wing delusional criminal. Only brainless morons like you believe her lies.

  13. Google Hilary scandals and deaths, this woman has a deep pocket with loads of special interests especially big pharm to keep everyone paid off.

    • Google…Prescott bush Hitler ….and….g h w bush jfk ….George w bush jfk jr , also with sen. paul Wellstone….jeb bush PNAC….GLASS HOUSES AND STONES. Its good to be a watchdog but make sure you watch in 360 around the tree.

  14. I do not agree with Napolitano that Hillary put herself in jeopardy through her consent to talk with the FBI. In declining the opportunity she can always say that she was willing, but that her attorney strongly advised her otherwise. Thus, on this matter she will be exonerated.

  15. Why, oh why, do we not simply switch all the secure e mails to regular online servers. If has Hilary and Obama claim, no damage has occurred, then, surely, if it is ok for Hilary, then it must be ok for all other employees at the State Dept. ?
    Anyone ??

  16. we will find out if any kind of posturing has any impact..attitude somewhat matters to a jury..question becomes facts an evidence matter in all cases in discovery..arrogance?an attitude?so what..dont care..Cruz attitude bugs me more..Im voting/supporting Trump


  18. Her defense doesn’t need to be all that spectacular. All she has to point out is how porous the State Department Servers were before during improving to some degree in recent years. Given logs showing that her Server was not breached she has a completely valid claim that she acted in good faith to protect secrets – in accordance with the rules.

    From what little that has been reported about the documents that were retroactively classified it sounds like on closer inspection the new classifications for some of them WILL NOT STAND UP. Mostly they were classified to cover for silly expensive ventures undertaken by parts of the Intelligence Community. Under the current rules those documents do NOT qualify for classification. According to the current rules a Document cannot be classified to cover up a stupid act or prevent embarrassment.

    As a person directly delegated the power to classify (or declassify) documents she has latitude that most people who are entrusted with classified documents do not. Also the alleged number of people working on this investigation does not prove that there is a smoking gun. Given the immense political cost of indicting her after the Democratic Convention they might have staffed it enough to complete the investigation before Convention season.

    She can easily satisfy her claim to be willing to talk to the FBI. She can take the fifth on any question she doesn’t want to answer but she sat down with the FBI. Her Lawyers might even be able to get the list of questions in advance so they know which ones she will refuse to answer saving everyone a lot of gaffe. If you hear about her taking the Fifth in a private conversation that is an instant and complete get out of Jail Free card – they call it prosecutorial overreach. Remember the Pentagon Papers? Daniel Ellsburg violated his oath and contract (and was willing to go to prison) but the Nixon Administration was so aggressive in their pursuit that he got off.

  19. I have a really hard time with her arrogance and her “I’ll never be indicted” attitude, If anyone deserves to go to jail,,,it’s her. She had put out whole country at risk because of her stupidity. This is also the reason this woman should never have been allowed to run for the presidency. Between the emails and Benghazi….SHE AND OBAMA ARE TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY. She needs to go to jail and Obama, needs to be sent to Russia never to step one foot in Our Country Again.

    • Heads of wood are lovely but they don’t understand new information. 11 hours of testimony, cleared on Benghazi yet you can’t see it for what it was …wasted time/tax payer money, just another Reich wing attack. The email issue the same. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY , isn’t that the American way ? Innocent after being proven innocent needs to be the American way as well. Don’t be a blockhead,

  20. Hilz was SOS for 4 years and send and received, by her count, 55,000 “biz” emails and some 20,000 “personal” emails. Wrong. All of her emails were business, as they were generated “on the job.” State Dept policy, and federal gubmint policy, and federal law, states all emails sent or received by employees are property of the gubmint. Even if the email was about her yoga class, it was federal property. When Hilz staff, met in the basement, on a Sunday, to go thru the emails and decide which were , “private” and which were “business”, they knew or should have know that ALL OF THEM WERE PROPERTY OF THE U.S. GUBMINT. Hilz has admitted she sent and received emails from her lawyer Sidney Blumenthal, and he retained some of them and some were about Benghazi. Since some of these discussions contained happened before and after 11 Sept. ’12. Since the actions of a Ambassador, traveling abroad, would be of import to many people, those must have been at least Confidential, the lowest level of classified documents. Hilz was given a class in ’09 when she became Secretary she was apprised of her responsibility in generating documents, as some documents are “born” Secret. She was supposed to know the difference and as a lawyer she know more then her staff.

  21. RX the proof is all over the world in the news media, even the liberal media. Fbi has a lot of proof, ObAMA is shiteing in his pants right now. Not hard to figure out when you allow the crack to clear out of your brain. She will go down, so will Barack, because Hillary will not fall on the sword alone. She has more scandal on a daily basis than any candidate I can remember since Baracks 2nd term campaign. Judge Andrew has been spot on since the onset of this, so has Tom Fitton who has persued this case to bring it to spotlight.

  22. The Hilda-Beast will not receive anything more then a slap on the wrist, or a well laid out sympathetic admonishment.
    They will not prosecute a former First Lady, they will not prosecute a former Secretary of State. The “pipe dream” of seeing her arrested, let alone prosecuted, then sent to prison is just that, a “pipe dream” or a “wet dream” that turns into a nightmare.
    Trump said that he would go after her if he becomes president, hopefully that happens, but then again, what will be the out come???

  23. She will get away with it because she always has. There are powerful people protecting her because she is their puppet like Obama is their puppet. Why would democrats and old goat republicans do everything they can to smear and stop Trump? He is not owned by the One World Order. I was going to vote for Cruz, but after seeing the involvement his wife has in setting up the North American Union, no way! This means taking away our nation’s sovereignty. That’s why no one wants to close our southern borders!

  24. If any individual (such as a radioman) in the military that worked with classified material that took it upon his/her self to declassify said material (like Dillary did) would have been arrested and tried for Treason. Declassifying sensitive material without proper authority is grounds for Treason.

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