Hillary Mocks FBI Investigation, Says This Will Never Happen to Her

There’s been no shortage of controversy about whether or not Hillary Clinton will face an indictment for having a private e-mail server handle her online communications when she was Secretary of State. The bigger question is whether she’ll be arrested and put in jail for what appears to be numerous federal crimes that she’s committed.

But Hillary doesn’t seem to be too worried. In fact, she laughed off that possibility during an interview with Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today show, as reported by Western Journalism:

“LAUER: Do you know what I hear a lot? [Republicans] are clinging to the hope that the way they’ll be able to deal with that, is that at some point between now and the election…

“CLINTON: [cackle]

“LAUER: They say this. They say this. That they will get to see Hillary Clinton in handcuffs.

“CLINTON: Oh my goodness!

“LAUER: That there will be some kind of political perp walk based on your private server. 

“CLINTON: That is not going to happen. There is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen. I think it’s – it’s a security review. It is a security review and there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. And you don’t hear about most of them. You’ll hear about this one because it does involve me. So that’s why it gets so much attention.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News legal analyst, didn’t seem to agree, arguing she’s sending the wrong signals to the FBI.

It is a perfect storm of legal misery for Mrs. Clinton. What she has done for the umpteenth time in public, sent a dog whistle to the FBI – a signal to the FBI. She forgot they were watching. She knows it’s a criminal investigation. She knows she’s the target of the criminal investigation. She knows the government has an extraordinary amount of resources investigating her and she’s laughing at them. Not a good thing to do.”

Hillary and Bill have been masters of avoiding legal problems in the past. However, her arrogance about the FBI’s investigation seems to be tempting fate.

Do you think Hillary will receive an indictment from the Department of Justice?


  1. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!!! Here are reasons to vote for DONALD TRUMP:

    Obama is against Trump
    The Media is against Trump
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    • Extremely WELL SAID. Why are they all against TRUMP. Because he WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Hope most of those against Trump can exit through plane, boat, rocket ship. They will do their darnest to make Trump’s life miserable now and then….But I believe he is an honest, patriotic American and will do what he is telling everyone…the RIGHT THING (that most politicians and certainly not Obama, nor H. Clinton – against their religion (if they have any, could be
      Muslim…wait, that isn’t a religion)…guess they don’t have any religion.

      • Remember, Muslims are bound to Allah to kill infidels in order to gain entry to heaven! That means everyone except those who are Muslim. That would be like asking the Pope to kill all non-Catholics in order to go to heaven or a Protestant to kill all non-Protestants so they could gain entry into heaven.

        • Revelation 13, The Lamb that has Two Horns (Horns are Power) and speak like a Dragon=(Satan, Devil, Serpent), the Two Horns are the Catholic and Protestant Churches of Christianity. Oh how Satan has deceived the Whole World with his Political Beast and Religous Beast, and the world does not SEE.

    • Gee Jackie, I believe I have read that some place before. No matter, it is so true, spread it around as much as possible.

      • You are correct. I read it somewhere also, but cannot remember where I read it or I would have credited it to that person. IT IS TRUE!

    • Tomorrow (19th of April 2016) ! I’m Voting for TRUMP !!!! We cannot afford someone like Ted Cruz who would steal the votes from the people of Colorado and feels that was just good tactics. He used Mail Fraud in Iowa and gets away with it, fires his Volunteers who did the Robo Calls both in Iowa and then in Florida , again gets away with it. This is starting to sound like Hillary and her shared Values of the ” Above the Law attitude”. Nothing happens and Cruz will say, ” God Bless America”. The God I know does not like a liar and a cheat.


    • Of course the N***R “Racist lives Matter” will hate anyone that is not a African. They are less American than other groups of people in the USA. Reverse Slavery” send than back and let them Hate each other like L.A. street gangs do. And for Neo- Nazis can be put into combat in fighting Only ISIS but not allowed in Israel. Remember they hate so so-call rag-heads. The Demo-Communist shall not ruin America Nor shall the Racist Lives Matter ,K~K~K , Neo-Nazis, or any other Hate group. I call for peace on Earth and good will toward every Man , Woman or “two spirited” person. In God We Trust for in his name with his Son WE shall be a great Nation. And i am NOT talking about the love of money.

  2. No way. She committed no Federal crime. She may have committed ac security violation only if she had documents on her server that were MARKED TS, Secret, etc, or they can prove that SHE removed the markings (not one of her aides that sent them to her). Even if she did commit a security violation, the penalty for that is a REPRIMAND LETTER, and perhaps retraining. Otherwise 5 million Americans who work for the Federal Government or its contractors would be in jail, because every one of us had at least one security violation in their career because of casualness in handling classified documents (e.g., leaving a safe open, taking classified documents on a trip without proper courier authorization, disclosing information to an unauthorized person, taking documents home, etc.). In 50 years of handling thousands of TS/SCI documents, and interfacing with thousands of people who also handled them, and reviewing over 50 of my employees who had security violations over the years , no one was ever arrested, indicted, or prosecuted for a security violation – why? BECAUSE THERE IS NO FEDERAL LAW REGARDING SECURITY VIOLATIONS, ONLY ESPIONAGE, THE DELIBERATE PASSING OF CLASSIFIED MATERIAL TO A FOREIGN AGENT, which is clearly not the case here.. This is just another smear job by desperate Republicans who will soon be out of a job come November.

    • First, they don’t have to be MARKED to be classified. Second, there is an email from Hillary to her staff instructing them to REMOVE THE CLASSIFICATION MARKINGS and then email the documents to her on her unsecured email. She has emails on her unsecured server detailing the movements of senior officials, TOP SECRET, revealing security means and methods, TOP SECRET, and discussing negotiations with foreign governments. If this is the level of supervision you provide you are totally incompetent. No surprise if you support Clinton.

    • You are evidently a Liberal Democrat. What about Bengazi…She and OB are DIRECTLY responsible. THEY ordered a “stand down”, so 4 American soldiers and an Ambassador LOST THEIR LIVES, because they were “DENIED” help from US GOV/aka Obama and Hillary C. She lied about that and admitted it. Her biggest crime is that SHE EXPOSED HER E-MAILS, marked security or not, she put ALL AMERICANS at risk because the entire world could hack and read her e-mails. She was the SECRETARY OF STATE. Her job is to PROTECT AMERICANS. She was EXTREMELY irresponsible because she believes she can do no wrong. She is unreliable and untrustworthy. She has no business even thinking she could run the U.S. of America. She has committed many other crimes and escaped….She should be arrested for any or many of the crimes she has committed and not been arrested…And now, Obama is protecting her because if she goes down, he may well get into DEEP TROUBLE…

    • Paulette Williams keep dreaming you liberal lunatic fool. The FBI is investigating not Repubs. Poster child of the month fir illiterate demonrats. Paulette Williams

    • Hillary is unfit to be president. Even Obama admitted that she was “careless”. What does that say about a person wanting to be Commander in Chief. Plus, she did such a lousy job as Secretary of State, that she should be indicted for her lousy job alone. I have never worked a job where my boss said, “it’s okay to secure private company documents on your own personal server”. What agencies have you been working for that have said that was okay. Hillary is the only government employee I have heard that had her own personal server and held information pertaining to national security on her personal server. Even well after she was out of office. Ridiculous.

    • Sounds like you and other “Government Officials” weren’t doing their jobs! If something “governmental” is classified as “top secret” or “secret” does that really mean ‘let your best friend and neighbor read it before you pass it on’? I can just imagine in your “government” office, when a document came across your(or any gov., tax funded position)desk, it was “hurry everyone, gather around so everyone can read this “Top Secret” document! After all, it didn’t hurt anyone!! Oh, and why are you/they still on the job anyway???

  3. Lots of corrupt white-folks wit money get pats on their evil pink heads 4 crimes committed. dats how they ruin countries.

    • There are a few – many other colors-folks who have evil heads 4 crimes committed..don’t just pick on white-folks….country is full of corrupt all-kind-of folk, not folks…get your dictionary…don’t forget, just about all politicians, just about all Washington (one of the richest cities in the US – wonder how and why??!!.

        • Yep we ruined America by bringing those worthless blacks here but hey we bought them from blacks who sold them in to slavery. Damn thats a screwed up race

          • Blacks built the un-united states, and crooked, hater, greedy white-folks ruined it. what a bunch of stupid inbreeds.

          • Hahahahahahaha damn thanks for the laugh. No wonder shits falling apart. Dumbasses can’t even run a McDonalds. No wonder buildings are falling apart.

  4. This is yet again a reason Hillary should never get close to the Oval Office. She is so corrupt that she thinks she is untouchable. If she is right then we have truly lost this country to the treasonous criminal left.

  5. She won’t be indicted because the FBI are just a bunch of bought and paid for shills in the pocket of the liberal Democrats. Everybody knows that FBI stands for Fumbling, Bumbling Idiots..
    Oh well.

  6. Obama is going to make sure she don’t go to prison,then it would involve him and Loretta Lynch already said she had a plan to get her out if the FBI charged her,nice going for all the crooks in Washington,and all the worms that wiggle hell awaits that you can be sure of

  7. Thank you Jackie, for being an arm of the Trump media blitz! We should TRUST Trump, not based on what he has done and said in the past, but based on what he NOW says he believes, but that he can’t give a clear DATE when he changed his mind! Great strategy! Trump will build a wall based on his incredible ability to make things GREAT! Just like Trump University! Just like his ability to not be prepared for Colorado, and Wyoming, even though all he had to do was to actually put some of his incredible BEST people on it and make it happen! Even though the rules had been set for at least 6 months, he NOW points at everybody else as the problem, and not his lack of planning and leadership! Trump is the greatest communicator since P T Barnam! Come see the tiniest man on earth! Come see the man with eight legs! And the people line up! Trump/Barnam will save us! He said so! Don’t look behind the curtain! Pay attention to Trump’s voice! He said “GREAT” 10 times in the last sentence! He said “HUGE”, twice in the last 5 minutes! How can we NOT trust a man who uses those words, continuously! We need more people to say “HUGE” and “GREAT” as many times as we can! Who cares what Trump MEANS by those words, just believe that when Trump says HUGE, and GREAT, he really means those words in whatever non-binding, way that his followers fantasize about! Praise Trump! Praise Obama! These great leaders that promise EVERYTHING, and yet THEY really define what that actually means! I’m convinced GREATLY, in a HUGE way, as I’ve got a really good brain, and I would know! Thanks Jackie, Go Trump!

  8. She is probably correct. Nothing will happen to her. Nothing ever has. BUT it would be better than 3 Christmases to see her go to jail. I wonder if what the media “gets out of it” is worth seeing her ugly face.

  9. People just don’t go back in time with the Clintons…..well…..they should follow the track record of both Hillary and Billie. Up front is the fact that she always wanted this “front and center” for herself and only used Billie to get there. Files missing – Whitewater people dying – Lybia people dying – hidden emails – foundation money…..come on USA…..you didn’t vote for Mafia people – why in the world would you vote for Hillary?

  10. She will get away with it. The Clinton’s always do. Obama will pardon her or Lynch won’t pull the trigger, of the FBI will cave in
    She will get off

    Sad but True

  11. The question is really “should Hillary receive an indictment”? And the clear answer to that is “yes”. Whether she will or not, unfortunately, is another matter, thanks to the Obama Administration and their goal to protect Hillary. If the FBI recommends indictment and the DOJ refuses to indict, the American people should be very unforgiving of both Obama and Hillary because it will show them to be the lawless people that they are. Why should any of us be required to follow the law if Hillary is not required to follow the law?

    • Yep, unforgiving! We should all just refuse to forgive them. That will hurt their feelings so much … and is no doubt the one thing they fear the most … as they laugh their way to the bank.

  12. Look she’s a Clinton # 1 they are above the law. She’s a democrat and a democrat prez
    is NOT going to let that happen. # 3 Obama has already gotten the State Dept. to drop it
    # 4 the democrats probably already have the votes counted adjust ready to go through a
    dance that looks like a legal election. And besides Cloony won’t let her be indicted and will have a giant “million dollar a seat” fiesta for her. She’s got it because the whole thing
    is rigged and no more free than an election in the old USSR !

  13. I certainly hope so,She would look Mavrolous ( Spoken with the “Billy Crystal ” Accent )in Jailhouse Orange !! I would pay to see the Administering of the cuffs and the Miranda Rights

  14. Hildebeast keep laughing. The more you piss off Comey, the harder he is going to come looking for you. Damn witch.

  15. She will be given Immunity from prosecution then the whole thing will disappear. No prosecution no foul, plus “O” will also get away scot-free at the same time. If the administration is willing to cover up reports for Saudi Arabia, this will pass.

  16. She’s right do you realize how many people she could take down? nah ain’t never gonna happen! This government is so corrupt, what we need is a thorough CLEANSING!

  17. Hillary has a good reason to laugh at the FBI, and spit on all law enforcement officials, laws etc.
    The reason she can do all that is because the Justice Department is run by Loretta Lynch a complete and total loser. It is the lawlessness of the Obama administration, and the total disregard for the rule of law and the constitution that makes Hillary feel so smug.

  18. Of course she isn’t worried and of course she mocks! She doesn’t just “believe” nothing will (ever) happen … she KNOWS nothing will ever happen!

    The Clintons probably have more crap on 98% of the people in DC … INCLUDING the Department of Justice … than the Mormon genealogy archives! She will NEVER be prosecuted … or even reprimanded … no matter WHO gets to be president!

    She will NEVER be seen in handcuffs, nor will anybody ever see her indicted for anything! And most of the dumb-ass morons in this country would rather shoot that kid that “leaked” the fact that our own government is spying on us than to even think about embarrassing, or even humiliating Hillary.

    Every time she opens her lying mouth she is giving this whole country her middle disgusting stink-finger! And the author of this article hit the nail on the head describing her insidious laughter as a “cackle.”

    Her nauseating cackle would gag a maggot on a sh*t wagon!

  19. The butcher of Benghazi skates – The FBI will revolt in mass ! The fallout will either cause a real-life revolution or at the least an indictment of the entire corrupt Ovomit administration ! Period – ole stymie do like saying period !

  20. This is the arrogance of this bitch. She think she’s above the law because she’s owned by the establishment that being the one world order. And if anybody is reading this it works for the FBI one of the 45 goals of communism is to get rid of the FBI in the end so don’t be surprised. If you back hurt your back and your demise .

  21. I pray to GOD the FBI turns around and bites Hillary right in her ass for the next 50+ years sounds about right mike

  22. ….this ‘simpleton’ BROAD should ALREADY be in an ORANGE jumpsuit (which would find her incarcerated within a THIRD WORLD nation) where this ‘criminal’ belongs !!! ’nuff said’

  23. The Clitons tell the FBI or CIA what they are gonna do and then they will get away with it. Even Hitlery telling her aid to take Top Secret out of the Subject Line and then resend the email.



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