The Republican Establishment Has a Crazy New Plan to Take Down Trump

The Republican presidential primary has taken another unexpected turn. Now a group of well-to-do donors is preparing to draft a retired general to run for president and take down Donald Trump.

Here’s the truth-is-stranger than fiction report from the Washington Examiner:

“A group of wealthy donors is preparing to draft retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to run for president and taken down Donald Trump, according to reports.

“Nearly a dozen donors are willing to throw their resources behind the former head of U.S. Central Command. The group has delivered six memos to Mattis outlining how he could win the race in the hope that it will encourage him to run, the Daily Beast reported.

“The game plan would be for Mattis to win enough states to keep Trump and Hillary Clinton from getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. The House would then pick the president, and supporters believe lawmakers would support a former general widely seen as an American hero.”


Mattis served in the Marine Corps for 42 years, including as the head of American forces in the Middle East from 2010 to 2013, when he retired. He now serves as a Davies Family Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

The former four-star general is best known for his blunt speaking style and colorful quotes such as: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

Here’s what a former national security adviser to Jeb Bush said about Mattis:

“He’s a man of character and integrity. He’s given his life to his country. How do you ask someone like that to leap headfirst into this toxic mud-puddle of a race? It’s damn hard. But Trump is a fascist lunatic and Hillary has one foot in a jail cell. That means the lunatic can win. I’d be first in line to plead with the general to come save America.”

Despite all the support, Mattis has said he’s not up for the job and doesn’t “have a broad enough perspective” to be commander-in-chief.

Although Mattis doesn’t seem to want to be president, this tactic by the general’s supporters could be carried out to benefit someone like John Kasich or Paul Ryan to win the Republican nomination.

How likely do you think this scenario is, and who would benefit to be the GOP nominee instead of Trump or Cruz?


  1. We are not voting for anyone that the establishment picks. I always thought that Trump or Cruz would be whom I would vote for. I now wonder what Cruz is going to owe these establishment Rhinos for endorsing him and helping him win. Has to be something.

    • Right, we need someone NOT owned by any big money corp, ie; Wall Street, Lobbiest, etc. and certainly not a career politician, Look at Cruz’s working records, assoc. with DC most of time. TRUMP< 2016

  2. I firmly think the RNC is offering a complete disrespect for the American people. They are so afraid of losing their grip on power they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to maintain the current and past methods. They as well as the public know the stupid method of delegates electing who they want as opposed to the people selecting who they want is not needed today. Further, why do they assume they can select more delegates individually than we as voters get to select? Those who are funding this destruction by initiating this proposed scheme is suspect of we want to rule and become more wealthy and powerful. It has nothing to do with the people and America. Perhaps these cowards should come out on national TV and face the people directly and state why they want one they can control in as the President.

    • Money, Money and more Money, both Dems and Reps, take BIG MONEY and promise this, that or the other in exchange, it’s gotten bigger and bigger in the past years, neither party wants this to end and to he77 with the people they are suppose to serve. I am aghast as to how some of these delegates are selected, I agree with Trump, it is rigged and changing rules willy nilly is reprehensible, sure does not show Government of the People and by the people. Looks like it’s become Government by the Party for the Party.

          • Maybe not “poor” in the sense of having a minimum wage job if you work at all but you are certainly poor in having a very poor education as evidenced by your very poor grammar and your very poor thought processes as evidenced by your one track mind. You just can’t get off the thought that “white folks ruined America” and the fact that all you can do is twist other commenter’s names around to try and make fun of them and then laugh hilariously at yourself for thinking you are being “clever”. That only proves you are extremely weak minded and not “clever” at all. Go on now, make some joke about my name and call me an “inbred snake mouth” and then laugh at yourself again. That’s all you got! Never any originality, Nothing to ever contribute to the conversation. You are merely pathetic and I’ll waste no more time with you!

  3. The GOP is really a scum organization. They are just as much scum as the Democrats . You cannot tell the difference between the 2 scumbag parties.

  4. Just because they do not want a free nation does not mean we the people want to give it to them. I respect the General for his service but he knows as well as I that once a star is given and Washington starts to notice him he must start becoming a politician or he will go no higher unless we are in an all out war and fully committed. General you should tell them to suck it up and accept what the people want.

  5. Just how stupid does DC think the American Citizen is?????? They have to be totally ignorant, they probably are not even qualified to do their job or draw a pay check. They all need to be sent home. If this “person” wanted to run he should have started last year. TRUMP ALL THE WAY!!!!

    • But Mr. Trump could call on the general for insight into the Middle East. It would make sense to at least talk to him as he has been there and done that. That would give him another leg up on Hildabeast who says she knows everything. As a Director of the State Department, she was the worst who looked after herself and the Clinton Foundation donations.

    • DC thinks that EVERYBODY outside of DC is a complete moe-ron!! Everybody outside of DC thinks DC is the moe-ron! The majority have it!

  6. The people have spoken. You better quit messing with the people or your consequences will be worse than just getting thrown out of office. Here is an alternative party system to the repukes. It’s called
    Get Out Of Our House.
    It has a lot of GOOD ideas for a political party truly for and by the
    people. But it is an old site from 2009 when we were trying to put
    the skids on obama. The software is old and you may get an error
    message that the site can be easily hacked because parts are now non
    functional, like the security software, and some of the linked
    features but it is safe to check it out. You can get a pretty basic
    idea of the structure. It didn’t fly then, but I figured with the 8
    years of obama and the current exposure of the corruption of our
    government and the political parties to boot, that people would be
    open to the move. Check it out and give me some feedback.

  7. Mattis, the fine gentleman that he is, has chiseled out a reputation for himself that is above reproach and second to none and something to be proud of. He is not about to throw that to the wind and entertain the self serving elitists that have no interest in his stalwart character as long as they will get him to do their bidding for them. This General didn’t rise to the status he has obtained by willingly crawling in bed with the global elitist cartel.

  8. One thing I want to share with everyone. I checked with a few local RNC chapters and their answer was the same (maybe worded different). The RNC is a club and as such they can change their rules anytime and in any way. It is not a part of the Federal government and each state chapter of the RNC may choose how they want to select delegates. Thus redistricting a state can grossly alter the distribution of delegates and in many cases the delegates do not follow the state wide voters pick if they get to vote.

    • Thank you, Bob. Your comment is very clarifying and appreciated. I’m new to the process even though I have been able to vote for years. I was under the impression that my preliminary vote counted but apparently, it doesn’t.
      The chairman in Colorado, Steve House, decried those who were not happy about not being able to vote for a preferred candidate, only for unknown delegates, during the caucus and the governor said that next time (too late this year), Republican voters will be able to vote even if the state had to pay for it. But Hickenpooper will be out as of 2017 due to term-limits so we will see. I’m not holding my breath.

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    • If you are making fun of Black men/women, it is not funny. If you are making fun of white men/women the too is not funny.

          • At the return of Yeshua, yes I believe we who believe in Him will finally see true peace. But until then all we who believe will see hate.
            Shalom <

          • It was white-folks who brought the words of the Bible 2 what is now called, “america”. and it is white-folks who R trying 2 take it out. 98% of em ruined america

          • I have added you to my list of people I pray for. You must feel you have a great reason to HATE us white people. That is your choice to HATE. My great Grandmother was Native American. She had a reason to hate ……….. But she chose to forgive. She fell in love with my White great Grandfather. Love and Forgiveness overcomes HATE. I’ll pray the Lord will help you to learn to forgive and to learn to love. This is my last post to you but I will keep you in my prayers. Shalom <

          • Y is it dat all of U white-folks tend 2 B kin 2 Indians. white-folks-(98%)- ruined america. U need 2 pray 4 dem greedy evil white-folks.

  9. BREAKING: Trump Gets Shocking Messages From Sanders Camp, This Is a Game Changer

    In a stunning interview with Breitbart yesterday, Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said that she’s been receiving messages from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ camp that the Vermont socialist’s supporters would come over to Trump if he wins the nomination.

    Pierson’s remarks were part of her argument that Trump was the only candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

    “I’ve got Sanders people sending me messages — it’s surreal — saying that if they steal the nomination from Bernie they’re voting for Trump,” Pierson said. “So he is definitely the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.”

    • This is GREAT NEWS! Let’s get everyone on the TRUMP TRAIN!
      We should do all we can to shut down the Clinton Crime Machine!
      GO TRUMP!

    • Yes! I’m one of those supporters. I think that is a great idea. Bernie is an Independent, and not beholden to the DNC. I plan to vote for Donald Trump after the DNC screw Bernie over. And, Bernie is aware of what the DNC is doing. Trump and Sanders have much more in common, both being anti-establishment, than Bernie and Hillary. I for one could never vote for Hillary. She is too corrupt and too establishment. She really should be indicted, but I doubt the Obama Administration will allow that to happen. So, I think Bernie should endorse Trump if the DNC screw him over. Go Bernie! Go Trump!

  10. Are you trying to destroy the GOP well that’s what your going to do. You will not hear the last of this. You try this. It will start ww4 with the party. U will all lose your jobs if you keep this up. People wake up now or its all going to a new world order. And it won’t be either party. But the globalist

  11. If Mr. Trump does get the required votes to win the Republican nomination for The Republican ticket and the Party doesn’t chose him, but instead nominates another Republican, then the Party would lose All respect from the majority of American who have voted on the Republican ticket and the Democatic Party will be getting the majority votes for the next couple of decades. They ask for Mr. Trump to pledge that he would not run on a third party ticket, yet, if he wins the Republican ticket, they want to choose someone else instead, WHERE IS THEIR HONOR! If the Republican Party hearchy does, choose someone other than the person who first wins the required votes, then any official that is a member of the Republican Party will never get re-elected for any kind of public office. Their loyality, to we the people is being tested!

    • The GOPe screws Trump out of the nomination in any way, shape, or form and they are DONE!

      They’re liberals – there IS NO HONOR!

    • They have NO HONOR…it’s all about the GOP elitist…they are the choosers, they are the ones who pull the strings…We the People mean nothing to them…They want us to just bow and say…”Yes, masters you know what is right for us pea-brains! WE THE PEOPLE ARE RISING UP AND STANDING OUR GROUND TO THEM…THEY ALL SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

  12. A recipe for total disaster !! These RHINOS ARE SO AFRAID OF LOSING THEIR HOLD ON POLITICIANS which is EXACTLY what Trump had said!

  13. They will try any thing to stop trump! There not listening to we the people. The media/ our dictator king obama/ hillary/ the Republican children looking like fools on this stop trump game/The Hollywood loony tunes except a few . What a joke. Money talks .

  14. No matter who they want to be POTUS, the American people will not put up with it. We need another 1776 right about now.

  15. Let me just say if the Republican Party messes with the will of the people, I personally will resign from the Republican Party and never come back. The corruptness of the system just blows my mind.

  16. These GOP elitists are just plain STUPID! You will definitely lose with that strategy. And, they should recall that in 1992 when there was a conservative third party candidate, Ross Perot, George H. Bush lost to Democrat Bill Clinton. Even though I was glad for the outcome, what makes them think that by putting up some obscure candidate most people never heard of to compete as a third party candidate against Hillary and Trump that the outcome would be the third party candidate. Silly. These fools with all of this money to spend would be better off creating some good paying jobs for people before the election so that you can motivate them to your side. Many of the people who are currently unemployed or underemployed would love voting for whomever you would like them to vote for if you paid them well. Since this elections is all about big money, I would rather the money be spent on a practical use of paying citizens of this country to maintain a middle class lifestyle then to keep throwing it away on foolishness.

  17. I have a solution..women, blacks and Latinos do not vote, no exception. That would be the only way to get a fair election.

  18. This story is three weeks old! many things have changed in those three weeks! I wonder if the desperation within the RNC has grown since this story was first released? Many stories since have stated that the RNC is starting to accept Trump. I guess they are just keeping the water muddy!

  19. The Republican establishment should rethink their current position before there is no Republican Party. I would consider cutting off my nose to spite my face and I believe I’am not the only Republican that feels this way. The RINOS need to wake up. PERIOD

  20. Yea, Trump is so logical, and prepared to lead with his HUGE, GREAT, principled, conservative, mindset, that he clarified for all of us idiots that Transgendered people should be able to use SNY bathroom they choose, even though it’s not an issue that should be approached ONLY as a public safety issue! Yeah! Let’s let sexually, deviant, men dressed in woman’s clothing, urinating and defecating next to our daughters! Trump is SOOOOOOOOOO smart! He can’t even figure this one out! It’s REALLY basic, and his political instinct is to stand up for THE WRONG SIDE! Is that the judgement we can expect out of someone who would appoint SUPREME COURT JUSTICES? This is the SOUND JUDGEMENTS we can expect out of Trump? RIDICULOUS! If you are a REAL Christian who actually believes CHRIST, reject TRUMP, THE TRANSGENDERED, BATHROOM, DEFENDER!

  21. No one will attain the position of next president without God allowing it to take place. Since God despises the boastful and immoral; Donald’s ascendancy would not bode well for the United States.

    • GOD works in many ways and through many kinds of people. Do you honestly think that Trump can get elected w/o GOD’s support? Your GOD is not very powerful then, is he alive?

      I think Donald is GODS choice, but we’ll see who gets elected or what happens (it may very well be that NOBODY gets elected – Obama just takes over due to the “divisiveness” that HE and his Administration have caused). HiLIARy, Bernie, or ANY RINO gets elected we wind up with Obama V2.0 which is NOT acceptable and the country will likely melt-down! People are tired of the political crap that has been going on for far too long now!

      Trump or bust – 2016

  22. We american citizens are tired of the corruption in D.C.. It’s time to put someone in our house that will work for the people.

  23. The GOP and the DNC are private non profit agencies to furnish a person to run in the election in November for President of the United States. As it is now the GOP has Trump as the leader which the GOP don’t want but the good people of America do. If Trump should win on the first ballet and the GOP should pull some sort of crap to replace Trump the GOP will be history.
    When it comes to Hillary nothing but halfwits and the uninformed will vote for her. All of those who are supporting Sanders don’t want Hillary and they will vote for whoever the GOP comes up with.

  24. It is not a feasible move nor a good one. The implication here, is that the establishment could get voters from eight states to switch their votes for Trump and Clinton, or just rig the election like they have been accused of doing. It is an asinine idea.

    Mattis would be a hell of a good Sec. of Defense though.


  26. America you need to start thinking before it is too late. If you take a look at history and dictatorship (in its many forms from the Russian czar to the Roman Senate) you will find there are only three things that need to be done before taking over a country.

    1. First get most of the people dependent upon the government for their basic needs such as food, shelter, health care etc. We are there.

    2. Next you need the money used in the country to become virtually worthless. We have printed so much money not backed with anything and gotten so far in debt that we are there.

    3. The final item is to disarm the public. We are not there yet. But, the present government is working night and day to disarm the public it should be scary to everyone in the country, no matter what your stance is on owning a weapon. When only the government has weapons you will be a subject not a free person.

    We the people are in the final era of losing our freedom as envisioned by our founding fathers. We also need to realize these same founding fathers were criminals in the eyes of the prevailing form of government at the time which was English rule. The only (in)famous person in the founding circle of dissenters who believed in the then current government was Benedict Arnold who was a turncoat general in the (American) Revolutionary Army.

  27. A bunch of idiots if you me. Trump has as much a right to run and win the Republican nomination as any body else. Into only proves that they want to kill the Republican party.

  28. …… other SOB (military or NOT) besides the “DONALD” …………. i would rather it be Larry KING (if anybody) if not the “DONALD” ………. any further Qs ?!

  29. The establishment has gone crazy. Their desperation is so deep they’re trying everything to keep Trump from getting the nom. What they don’t get and never will is the people chose Trump to lead our country in the direction in which our founding fathers intended. We trust him to right all the wrongs that Obo imposed on us and we trust Trump to help our country heal.

    Hey corrupt establishment, get off the backs of the American voters. We are furious!

  30. The “establishment” are the CFR globalist traitor members from BOTH “parties”. This includes all media CFR owned, banks, even the aarp and afl-cio. We’ve had 11 straight elections of CFR v CFR with 20 years of CFR bush/clintoons. How’s that workin for us?

  31. The elite oligarchy will benefit, because they again will have a puppet serving their will and the people be damned.


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