National Poll Reveals Good News for This GOP Candidate Against Hillary

Almost from the beginning of his campaign, critics of billionaire businessman and GOP front-runner Donald Trump have dismissed him as the party’s nominee due to the widespread belief that he would be creamed in the general election by presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

While most national polls show Hillary with a lead over Trump, that lead has been steadily diminishing. It’s reached the point of being a statistical dead-heat in a recent George Washington University Battleground Poll.

Here’s the report from the Conservative Tribune:

“That poll showed Hillary leading Trump 46 percent to 43, falling just inside the 3.1 percent margin of error.

“To be sure, Hillary still maintains a roughly 8 point lead, 48.8 to 40.8, in the most recent Real Clear Politics poll, which combines and averages many of the various polls across the nation, but as stated before, that lead is growing smaller by the day.

“The poll also revealed that the overwhelming majority of respondents are following the presidential primary races ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ closely, and that more than half of them feel the highly charged rhetoric and language being used by all on the campaign trail is nothing short of ‘repulsive.'”

Before the 2016 election cycle started, Hillary was presumed to be the Democratic nominee, and merely needed to go through the motions of a primary campaign. It looked like a coronation and media-assisted cakewalk through the general election on her way to the White House.

That isn’t at all what’s happened though, and the news for Hillary continues to get worse by the day. On the other hand, Trump has gone from an easily dismissed afterthought to the party front-runner, now to the presumptive nominee threatening to beat Hillary in the general election.

Do you think that Donald Trump can beat Hillary in the November general election?

Give us your take in the comments section below.





    • Absolutely. H2H polls while the field is full are all skewered because opinions are jaded by who a person is pulling for early on.

      When it comes down to two left, Trump vs Hillary, people will find out how much Trump will cream her.

      • Not only that, but the Dems are heavily weighted, to dampen the GOP vote. The media always make it seem hopeless for the GOP, in order to lessen their participation. Any time there is a high GOP turnout, the Dems lose. Of course, we have seen in the past few election cycles, that the Dems have used voter fraud to insure they don’t lose every race.

          • They won’t allow that because they couldn’t use dogs, illegals and dead people to vote. Or repetitions of the same voters.

          • Exactly. Its a common sense law to those who want a fair race. Those who are complaining do so because they want to cheat.

        • “The Dems are heavily weighted”! That is because way too many of them sit on their fat lazy a$$es, living off the gov’t teets!

        • Vote Republican period. We are too picky. We have too much to lose and if Dinald Trump doesn’t get the nomination we must pick the lesser of the two evils, an establishment Republican or a Marxist Fascist Communist non leader like the one we already have. This nation and humanity can’t bear even another four years of this insanity. But we cant always have everything we want. Please vote!

          • For the first time in over 100 years we can take this country back this is our chance rest assured the political elite will never give us this opening again. You are 100% correct in your assessment we half to get a Republican in office I don’t like Donald Trump but I like what he stands for American interests American freedom ! Hillary will grease her behind for the Muslims just like Obastard has! TRUMP 2016!

        • I hope Trump isn’t too mean. That could damage him. He needs to slam her gently. Be tough but tender. No horrible name calling. You get the picture?

          • I respectfully disagree. If this woman has put herself in position to possibly be the comander-in-chief, she had better be prepared to take whatever Mr. Trump can dish out. The rest of the world leaders are tough as hell.

    • That’s closer to reality! Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton will be dragged through every mud-hole and cesspool in which she has ever waddled!

  1. Yes, I do and pray that this country will wake up and recognize their need to get on their knees before God and repent!

  2. Let’s hope there are more Americans with common sense that are not parasites on entitlements that realize Trump may very well be the decisive non political leader that at least can attempt to save our dying country.

  3. Yes Trump will beat out Hillary by a landslide vote. It’s dang near in the basket already. Trump 2026 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

  4. Might not happen. You always have to remember that the Democrats have the RNC solidly in their camp as well – both are doing their best to crush Trump, regardless of who the voting public wants as president. I’m not a Trump stump-er, but what the RNC is doing is disgraceful. They’re fighting against their own constituents to maintain their little power empire.

    • The establishment DNC and GOP are in the laps of traitor media, like the pig Soros. That’s why we need Trump…..

      • Has balls? Then why did he dodge the draft, writing in his book how he was out chasing women while other fools went to war. Also filing all his bankruptcies that screwed his vendors out of millions and now claiming he will bring back jobs from China while taking Chinese money to finance his latest building project. He’s a CLOWN, no doubt about it.

        • Im sure I could make up all them same stories about you too,anyone can talk shit,If a person has many bussinesses they all cant make it and will have to file backrupsy when needed which is legal.I bet your a Demorat just like Hillary,what abour her will she be in prison before being elected?or after?

          • Never. She won’t go to prison. She is surrounded by the media, and all Democrats. And probably the judges.

          • Everyday. because since day 1 in the office its been a war wit dem stupid hater white-folks.

    • They better not pull any rabbits out of the hat and let the people’s choice stand. Things could get very bad if they try to derail this election.

      • A brokered convention where they attempt to stuff one of their own puppets into the process would be a very great mistake. Unfortunately, this seems to be the direction of their thinking.

    • Mr. Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States, despite the dishonest media, GOP elitist status quo, RNC, DNC, Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, Lyin’ Ted the egg-sucking dog, Goofy Governor “Yawn” Ka-Sick, George Soros, other progressives, socialists, and communists. The is going to happen, because We the People will no longer tolerate business as usual.

      • One thing’s for certain. This election is a loose-loose for the RNC. In spite of party wins for the past 2 elections, they’ve refused to address the concerns of their constituents and earned the total disrespect of the voters. The only thing that could save them at this point would be to somehow pull off some spectacular political event prior to election day. Not much chance of that though. Preservation of their party politic is far more important to them than representing their constituent’s wishes. You must remember, the RNC actually created Trump. Instead of addressing the issues of their constituents head on, they did the ostrich thing and buried their heads in the sand. All Trump had to do was publicly voice those concerns and he grabbed the attention of the voting public. Can he actually do anything about all those concerns? Who knows. They created this whole situation – let them try to figure a way out.

        • In my opinion, this is more than just a RNC thing. It has far greater ramifications. Essentially, there is very little difference between the two governing bodies. The GOP status quo have become far too comfortable with their power and money, and the same is true of the Democrats. Neither of these parties give a damn about We the People. Folks want to slight Mr. Trump as a Republican candidate, and yet, look at what the Democrats are going to put up–Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton–one of the most evil criminals to ever hold office in this nation! Mr. Trump, though far from perfect, is our only hope of someone who just might make a difference. At least he’s not in it for the money.

          • No disagreements with your statements. I was merely saying that the NRC may have finally dug their own grave at this point. Respect, trust, and a winning record are what the public wanted from them and they’ve pretty much thrown all of that out the window in an effort to maintain their little club.

          • It is amazing just how rotten, greedy, and power hungry human beings can become, but the RNC is as bad as if not worse than the DNC leadership. Back in the day it was like the Mafia and the police, it was hard to tell the difference between them. It seems to all be about power, control, and money.

  5. It depends on whether the voting machines are rigged , illegals vote, dead people and dogs vote, and Chicgo votes often and early

    • The GOP candidate will never win the rigged hellholes, but if they carry the earners, and producers will win. We can’t have over eight million potential voters sit out another, like happened in 2012…..

    • True. When John “RINO” Boehner from Ohio, was Speaker, there was a district in Ohio that had 175 percent voter turnout, all for Obama.

  6. I have a feeling that ultimately it wont matter what the American people want. Seems to me its all up to the electoral college anyway. Moreover, we have had 2 fraudulent elections in a row, there is nothing to say that we wont have a third one.

  7. Now, if the jerk from Ohio would tuck his tail between his legs and go home, Trump would become the clear leader, and will stomp hillbillery into oblivion. C’mon John, if you have any loyalty at all to the GOP, step aside – or are you actually getting paid by the left to be a “spoiler”?

    • John Kasich is also pissing me off ,I am from Ohio . He is my Governor , I voted for him . I Thought he was a good guy , not no more !

      • I am not from Ohio (PA – all the way), but I suspect that “head in the fog” John has not only shown the entire nation what a jerk he is, he probably has lost the confidence of most of his Ohio constituency and has sealed his chances against ever continuing his political career.

    • He took $207K from Soros – obviously that was so he could stay in the race and block Trump to some degree. Then he took another $700K from Soros – same purpose. So Kasich is actually being paid by the left to stay in the race.


    • It would be nice after the Trump inauguration to get out the tar, feathers pitchforks and stocks and teach the RINO’s and Dem’s the true meaning of their failure. If that fails to reform them drawing and quartering is always an option. Once upon a time the penalty for treason was death.

  9. If the Trump and the GOP can’t beat a Hillary in a General election ,we have a problem . Hillary is under a criminal Investigation by over 150 FBI agents . Because of her illegal server while she worked as a Government official , which is illegal . Plus deleting 30,000 government top secret documents . Plus Hillary failure to protect a United States Ambassador , and 3 other Americans die in Benghazi . Hillary will always be known as the Butcher of Benghazi .

        • I don’t believe in White Privilege. I believe in “White Work Ethic” Get over it! Move off the reservation and start taking care of yourself..Nobody ever gives you enough or all you want. and absolutly nothing for the road.

          • He’s a hit and run paid troll from the depths of the Dems low intelligence group, making his rounds. He makes a bunch of insults, then runs somewhere else. Maybe if enough people report his offensive comments, he could be thrown off the site. Then again, he would probably come back as another name and do the same thing. Best thing to do is to ignore him.

          • Is that the reason he is the front runner and he will be our next Pres,I think most of us think you are wrong,I guess your Demorats like Hilery the prison gal.

          • Don’t fall for his remarks. They are intended to get you upset so you will argue. ignore him.

          • Thanks for your input, you will see I told him were done as he is a Troll. Only engaging in Insults and Contrary Posts, and I will not be insulted and continue to interact. You can see by my “Stuff” that I know What’s What. Thanks again for the Heads Up!

          • You sound like you’re black, with all of your anti-white rhetoric! If you are an American Indian, as your sign on name “Redman” suggests, then you are a disgrace to the American Indian, much like the niggers within the black race are a disgrace to the rest of them!

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        • White Privilege is paying your taxes and paying for all the worthless folk that can’t wrap their mind around the concept of an alarm clock. Also paying for their school breakfast, lunch and after school snack and their textbooks, their Section 8 housing and we even buy them backpacks and clothes, yet they can all afford tv’s, cellphones and 40 ounce beers and they have the gall to demand reparations.

          • And drive nicer cars than whites with after market parts and sound systems( although it sounds like crap). Or some have 20 yr old cars for $500 and spend $3000 on the sound system. So low class.

      • Sad, but true! Look at the IRS, VA, and EPA since democrats got power! Yet some people don’t care and will do anything, for “FREE STUFF!”

          • What a STUPID comment! This is about issues and bringing back jobs. Making the government once again to be: For the people, by the people. Not about

          • “Perceiving themselves wise they make them self a fool.” You certainly proved that scripture to be true; Redman. By the way if someone is reading this for you, okay; but if not and it is taking you a while to understand, don’t forget to breathe. I can honestly say:”The Redman is “DUH MAN!”

        • And so many are just uneducated. Or they have been brain washed in our universities. Actually been brain washed since they entered pre school. Parents work, put them in school where the teachers have been taught how to train them to be future liberals, make boys into pacifist girlish children. Won’t let boys be boys. It’s very sad.

      • Oh Redman, why don’t you write a decent remark. All those Mexican/style words are boring because you probably don’t know how to spell or write.

      • wrong answer, asshole. it’s corrupt bureaucrats and deceitful socialists like Obama, Hillary, and Carter that have made this country what it is. a complete and utter wasteland full of fraud, scandalous mishap, blind communism, and bullshit lies. if you ask me, Trump is the only candidate capable of restoring this country back to what it was when Washington first took office.

          • yeah, well, it’s gullable morons like you that fall for Obama’s “everything is free” speech. look at him giving away obamaphones, free tuition, and bragging about his failed Obamacare website; everything about him makes him look like a Nazi. might as well put a mustache on him and call him Fuhrer.

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    • Definitely we are in trouble. 47% are for certain liberals, and they are registering many illegals right now to grow that number. This might be the last election we will have a chance, because the elderly that are staunch conservatives, which includes the greatest generation, is dying off and will be gone shortly. Sorry to say most of our young people have fallen for the kool-ade. Hate to think of what will happen to us when they take over. Communism will be our government then.

    • At 3 am Hillary was sound asleep and nowhere to be found. And then she had the audacity to blame a video no one in the area had ever seen. Those animals bring RPG’s to a knife fight.

    • I agree, but I don’t think Comey, FBI Director, will allow anything to move forward until after the general election. If she loses, and she will BIG TIME, it is possible that Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton might get indicted. She is bad to the bone!

  10. If these are our two choices an old commie woman VS. an old limousine liberal conman I guess I’ll be voting third party this year for the first time.

    • Sorry rayhause, people that hide their picture and real name shouldn’t attack any of the candidates. I’m a fair minded person and I’m not afraid of using my real identity. If you were really as smart as you pretend to be you would do your research and present the real facts instead just ranting. If you had you would know that our career politicians have done nothing to help our country or listen to what the people want. They have destroyed our industry; take a good look at Detroit. Have you really thought about why both parties want to stop Trump? It’s because Trump is the only one running for President that is not just like what we have now and have had for the last 30 years. Any smart person would know that if what you have tried for over 30 years and it didn’t work, then it’s time for something new. It sounds like you want to keep on making the same old mistake by electing another career crook that don’t listen to the people and is only interested in getting RICH. If Trump gets elected, they won’t be able to get rich stealing our TAX MONEY. WAKE UP RAYHAUSE, we are just one election short of losing control of our government.

      • Amazing, I had one sentence and it was ranting. Also, that is my actural name, wont run from it.
        Mr. Schwartz, you obviously are like the electorate of 2008 who really didn’t care about the facts of Obama and was elected. The same scenario is playing out today in the case of Trump. Lets see who has done his homework.
        1) Trump supported Planned Parenthood and even contributed to them.
        2) He spoorts Single Payer Canadian Health Care.
        3) He supports gay marriage and Gay rights movement.
        4) He supports Partial Birth Abortion.
        5) In 2013, he supported Amnesty for Illegals.
        6) He supports Eminent Domain.
        7) He donated 350,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
        8) He went bankrupt 4 times and defaulted on 4.5 Billions dollars, how many companies went broke and employees lost their jobs and he goes around touting how many jobs he created, BS.
        9) He supported Hillary for SOS.
        10) He enthusiastically supported Obama in 2009.

        Mr. Schwartz, that is a start, I have more but I hope you will get the message that some of us are taking this election seriously and are checking the candidates.

        • Very good Ray, you have done some research. I can see your reasoning but this is how I look at it. Trump is a businessman and he knows how important it is to stay in good graces with the politicians, If there was someone running that was even a little better than Trump, then I would change the way I think about Trump. As a doctor I’ve sometimes had no choice but to except the lesser of two evils. I’ve seen what the politicians have done to our country and the fact that both parties are really just two parties working together. Trump’s a very smart man and he knows that if he don’t do what he says he’s going to do as our next President, he can kiss his Trump empire goodbye when he leaves the White House. As a businessman he needed to say what was best for business, but as the President I have a very strong feeling he stick to has word and build a strong military, stop all the countries that are ripping us off, bring industry back, stop the muslim immigration, give the our military a free hand in destroying ISIS and secure our southern border. So you see Ray, I really don’t think we have any other choice, Hillary are cruze will just be the same old obama crap. We’ve tried all the political bullshit and it didn’t work, I really don’t think that Trume could possibly be any worse.

        • No I’m not ignoring anything. When you’ve lived as long as I have you learn that most people lie, no matter what color they are. But when it comes to politicians, they all lie all the time. I’ve been following all the politicians for over 40 years and none of them keep their word. This is the only reason I’ve decided to vote for Trump, it’s because he’s a very successful businessman and not a politician. The politicians have failed us so I’m willing to try something new. We can’t blame Trump for doing what he had to in order to get along with the politicians. The way I figure it is Trump has no choice but to keep his word because if he doesn’t, it will destroy his business empire when he’s out of the White House. We will only have two choices, Trump or Hillary. Hillary is a career politician and has been in more scandals than any politician in our history. Trump just might be our last chance to save America. So what are you going to do Ray, take a chance on Trump that just might keep his word are would rather vote fof hillary who we know is a total lie and will fill America with muslims.

  11. Abulltly, Trump can and will win, I’m for Trump. I have Never seen a Politician do what they said to get Elected. The US of A is a Business and needs a Business Person to run US. Make the country Better and Richer, than any Politician ever could. Who is an Immediate Expert on Everything as soon as they get in Office.

  12. Trump will drive her azz into the ground we don’t need another LIAR in the WH first time as first lady and then as POTUS……. FBI get off your butt and put this LIAR in prison.

    • Yeah real woman like Mike Tyson’s rape victim who trump tried to destroy in order to try and keep Tyson out of jail so he could continue to line Trump’s pockets.

      • You mean like the real women Hillary tried to destroy in an effort to protect her womanizing husband who abused his power while serving as POTUS? You mean like the mothers of the soldiers who died in Bengazi whom Hillary has called liars? Hlllary does not care about women. She just panders to them. She’s a disgusting excuse for a woman and doesn’t deserve to be POTUS. I’ll take TRUMP over Hillary any day!

  13. Trump is the only chance the American people have for a president who’s not going to be merely a puppet like her old boss or boob husband were. She will follow the same game book as oblidiot running this country into the ground while populating it with illegal aliens and “Christian Family refugees”. Scares the he** out of me.

  14. Trump would never got into this race to lose against Hillary . Trump don’t like to lose against anyone . Trump is a fighter , he will fight for America too ! He like most Americans are sick of losing ,sick of Politicians getting bought out by Lobbyists . That send our jobs overseas . America has closed down thousands of factory jobs , politicians were bought out by Lobbyist . That sold the American people out NAFTA was a bad deal for all Americans . Bill Clinton signed that Bill into law . Hillary Husband screwed American workers .

  15. Yes, I do believe Trump can beat Hillary in a general election. Particularly as more focus is made on the issues and not just that Trump is “racist” or “sexist”. Trump has been the only candidate I’ve seen so far who has even addressed the national debt issue, and talked about making cuts to the government, and stimulating the economy to improve job growth. We have been stuck at less than 3% economic growth since Obama took office, and our national debt is unsustainable. While Hillary and Obama try to distract the public with nonsense issues, people will get tired of the rhetoric and want to focus more on issues that directly affect them. Trump started his campaign talking about immigration, and even the thug protesters in California waving the Mexican flag want to keep that issue as their primary focus. However, most Americans likely agree with Trump that if we do not secure our southern borders, we are opening ourselves up for terrorist attacks, more drugs, and more illegal immigrants. It’s our porous southern border that brought us El Chapo, who was able to freely go back and forth between America and Mexico to visit his grandchildren and distribute drugs all while “under the watchful eyes” of the US and Mexico governments who reporting at the time that he was one of the FBI’s most wanted. Right. Yet, Sean Penn was able to find him and take pictures with him, and El Chapo’s daughter was able to confirm that he made several visits to see her and her children. Yes, sounds like we are secure. Right. So, what does that say for ISIS? Does our dumb government think for a second that ISIS has said, “Hey, if El Chapo and little children can cross the American southern border, why do we need to waste time flying into American airports. Leave the TSA to frisk 90 year old grandmothers while we just run across the southern border and we’re in”. Makes sense to me. So be careful of the ignorant rhetoric that we are being too hard on the poor illegal immigrants. Nonsense. There are thousands of people trying to get legal visas or citizenship for this country and have to wait years. We should not be rewarding people for entering the country illegally, and we also need to make sure our borders are secure. That’s just common sense. Trump 2016!

    • Yes, yes. And…there is a silent majority of legal immigrants who support a wall because they are sick of the illegals stealing their jobs. They WILL be voting for Trump.

      • Don’t forget, in some Primaries, you can only vote for the party you are registered to, this leaves out Independents and voters who may not like their parties candidate, POLLS CAN BE WRONG DUE TO THIS.

  16. It is difficult to imagine why any intelligent person would vote for Trump.

    The problem is, he has taken conflicting positions on nearly every subject. So, what exactly is there to vote for?

    Do his followers wish to be more or less involved in international conflicts?? Trump has taken both sides of this.

    Do his followers want to negotiate with China? Trump wants to convince China not to compete with our businesses, while also convincing them to take a hard position on North Korea.

    Do his followers want to build the wall and make Mexico pay? Really? Only a fool would believe that.

    Do his followers want to improve American’s image in the world? Donald Trump?? Yikes!

    Or perhaps they support Trump because he “tells it like it is,” except he doesn’t. Here is just one of dozens of articles documenting his repeated lying:

    Or perhaps his followers want a brave war hero — except that Trump escaped military service because of “bone spurs,” which now mysteriously have disappeared. And as for “brave,” he was so frightened by Megyn Kelly, he refused to show up.

    Or perhaps they think he’d make a good president because of his international experience — of which he has none.

    Or do they like his business acumen — except his daddy had to rescue him from repeated business disasters and finally give him $100 million to bail him out of repeated bankruptcies.

    And, of course, women appreciate his repeated slurs against women. And undoubtedly he has the Mexican, Muslim, Latino, gay vote.

    Trump probably is the least qualified Presidential candidate in recent history.

    And then, there’s his experience in dealing with Congress — of which he has none.

    But there always will be suckers who fall for the carnival barker’s assurance that he will show you the “GREATEST show on earth” (as in “Make America GREAT again.”)

    There is a sucker born every minute. Just look at some of the responses to this post.

    • When the Left claim those who don’t agree with them lack intelligence they only display their own lack.

  17. white-folks ruined america so bad until everything has went wrong 4 everybody. white-folks make most all other countries hate the u.s.

    • Oh puuuleeeeeease! Get over your racist white-shaming and get off the apology tour. Get on the Trump Train.

        • It’s time to stop living in the past my friend, we’ve had a black President for almost 8 years and he hasn’t help the black people at all. Have you took a close look at Detroit and Chicago? They both used to be big industrial cities with lots of jobs and well to do blacks. All the cities run by the democrats under obama have failed the black people. Obama has pitted the blacks against the whites instead of uniting us as one people working together to build a strong America. It’s time to start building and working together, unity is the answer to a great America.

          • Yep. its time 4 yall white-folks 2 “stop” living in the past. the u.s. has had a “black president for 8 yrs” and all U nutty white-folks have done is hate and whine. it was the white-folks who took all the jobs out of the cities, and “pitted” hate as always because of yall greed. the u.s. has never been a “united” country. idiot.

          • Sorry my friend, you have too much hate and lack the research to learn the truth. You need to start reading the Bible and except the fact that we are all the same. As long as you keep thing like you are now, the hate will destroy you. I have lots of black friends, I wish you were one of them, it doesn’t sound like you believe in God, you are still worshiping hate.

          • Nah, jimmie-bo. I’ve been in tune wit “GOD” all of my life. but, most white-folks tend 2 go deep in 2 denial when confronted about their black hearts. I don’t hate anyone, but, I dislike stupid people who lie when the truth is being told 2 dem

          • Well well, maybe we do have a lot in common my friend. I to hate people that lie, and when you’ve lived as long as I have you learn that most people lie, no matter what color they are. But when it comes to politicians, they all lie all the time. I’ve been following all the politicians for over 40 years and none of them keep their word. This is the only reason I’ve decided to vote for Trump, it’s because he’s a very successful businessman and not a politician. The politicians have failed us so I’m willing to try something new. The way I figure it is Trump has no choice but to keep his word because if he doesn’t, it will destroy his business empire when he’s out of the White House. We will only have two choices, Trump or Hillary. Hillary is a career politician and has been in more scandals than any politician in our history. Trump just might be our last chance to save America. I was raised in the south and my best friend was black. I even set in the back of the bus with my friend where all blacks had to set back then. When we grew up I went to medical school and my best friend got married and moved to Detroit and worked as an engineer in the car industry. After the democrats destroyed all the car industry he lost his high paying job and his house. Later I helped him move to California because I had another black friend that gave him an engineering job. This is why no one can tell me how hard it was for black families, I know because I witnessed it. And when it comes to black hearts, it’s not just the white folks. I’ve learned a long time ago that it’s HATE that makes the heart black, not the color of their skin. Jesus was crucified and died on the cross and still loved everyone. Hate has never united anyone, only time and love for your follow man. All my black friends blame obama and the democrats for starting the race war, it’s time to put a stop to it and all work together black and white to rebuild our industry and put a stop to all the so called peaceful muslims that want to change America to a muslim country.

          • Yet, in the end, U still live in denial of how white-folks ruined america. it was white-folks who caused yo black friend 2 sit in the back of the bus. it was white-folks who sent the jobs 2 other countries. and in the end jimmie-bo, it was white-folks who wouldn’t work wit their black president 2 “change” their broken wheel wit the hole in it. U R A typical white-folk

          • Sorry Redman, but it’s just a waste of my time trying to talk to someone that thinks all white folks are bad and are the blame for everything. You’re still living in the past, the blacks are no longer slaves, they can achieve anything they are willing to work for the same as the whites. Obama proved that, so blaming the whites for what happened a hundred years ago is stupid. My people were slaves in Egypt but I’m not blaming the Egyptian. You seem to have forgotten that the Muslims had black slaves for hundreds of years, why aren’t you also blaming them? Hitler enslaved and killed six million of us Jews, should I be pissed off with Germany and blame them for our troubles now? If you would study your history you would know that the slave business has been going on for thousands of years. If you really want to blame someone you should blame the black and white Democrats, many black Democrats got rich in Chicago and Detroit from project money that was for the black communities. My best friend lived in Detroit for over 20 years and he seen all the crap that was going on because of all the politicians. If you’re going to keep on blaming all your problems on white folks, then we don’t have anything more to talk about. I really don’t want to waste my time discussing history with someone that never studied it. I feel sorry for people like you that live with all that HATE, I like everyone as long as there a good person, I don’t care what color they are, I like them for who they are, not what they are. And I don’t call people an Idiot like you called me, I respect everyone because I was taught better. Goodbye Redman, I’ll say a prayer for you.

  18. This what faced Eisenhower against Taft. The people wanted IKE but the GOP wanted
    Taft!….Same scenario but the PEOPLE refused to back down. We need to do that today.
    Come on all you grass roots people, make your voice against the corrupt DC bunch
    heard!, And while you are at it check out Cruz hidden agenda. He wants to restore
    values but whose values. He claims to be a Christian but he follows his pastor/father’s
    Dominion Theology which IS NOT CHRISTIAN! it is heresy. Google Dominion Theology.

    Because of this Cruz is the MOST DANGEROUS CANDIDATE RUNNING!

  19. In 2008, the DNC thought hiLIARy was “Polarizing,” and had to much baggage (WOW, wonder what hey think now?) In Polls not media biased, 80 percent of men who consider themselves Independent, to Conservative, said, they won’t vote for her! 50 percent of all men said they won’t vote for her. 37 percent of women dislike and on’t vote for her. The math does not add up for hiLIARy to win, despite the endorsement from Big banks, media and Wall Street. This will be just another failure to be chronicled in the life of Hillary “The Liar” Clinton!

  20. If these polls were taken by true patriotic hard working US voters, Trump would win in a landslide. Every woman I have asked: Do you like Hillary Clinton? All have said HELL no. I asked: Why? She is a example of what is wrong with our government. She will promise us everything and give us S..t. She is a liar and a criminal protected by her political cronies. She thinks she is above the law just like Obama. Many have said simply: I don’t like her.

  21. Trump has a 67% DiSAPPROVAL rating
    even including Republicans polled.
    The seasoned, informed, Clinton wil lcream him in the debates,
    assuming the loser doesn’t find a way to wiggle out of them – like he did to FOX.

  22. Trump is dynamic, forceful, and shrewd. We need a kick-butt- when- needed president to get the economy working at home for Americans. Our allies will know they can count on us and we will with their aid defeat any threat to Western nations and our culture.

  23. Hillary is not well, she is very sick, just look at her, this is why they won’t release her her records, her health is declining

    • You are right, any medical person can tell you by looking at her skin color when she’s not in stage make-up, also, she uses too much Botox. Another sign is her forgetfulness, remember the Bathroom incident, the fall and “blood clot” incident, I am willing to bet, she had a TIA, (mini stroke), there are other sins as well.

  24. We ALL (liberals & conservatives & independents) better pray Trump wins because otherwise OUR country as we knew it is DEAD and will be taken over by the mulims/Mexicans.

  25. Remember Johnson, there is a pretty good resemblance between Johnson and Cruz. Too bad I can’t paste pics here.

  26. Why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? The only reason she is a poll leader is that she was the “Selected Queen” of the Liberal Media. If Hillary wins and the country goes to Pot, we can blame the Media.

  27. We want a landslide. He’s got my vote when I read he will stand for the second amendment. That is crucial right now. I hope he can undo all the damage Obama and California has done against it.

  28. Donald Trump is the only one who could stand against Hillary and win. We do not need nor do we want another Clinton in the White House; we have had enough socialism and perverted moral values these past many years, and it is time to get this country turned around. We have let the “liberals” prove that they cannot govern, that they are truly dictators and we cannot continue to allow them to sink another country, especially our own.

  29. The Donald will beat Lyin’ Hillary like a baby harp seal. Have you ever seen how tomato starts respond to increased CO2 and rain water?

  30. all of the polls predicting Clinton as winner are fraudulent—from day one this criminal (clinton) and the democratic party have rigged every poll that was and is published with her being ahead—remember folks the marxist democrats are pros at two things—committing election fraud and rigging poll numbers in their favor—they can’t run a fair government or business but they are pros at doing the above !!!!!!

  31. Trump will kill her in any debates….Hill is a “progressive socialist” and it must be brought into the light…..she is a habitual liar, cheater, blames others and is and was an enabler….she couldn’t face the truth if it slapped her in the face.She has no values or morals and will say whatever it takes to get votes….than do as she pleases……FLAT BROKE? When? ….owns how many properties and never pays to fly anywhere because that is stolen from donation money from their foundation….so who exactly benefits from these donations? Her history is disgusting! And the FBI MUST hurry with their conclusion because it effects the outcome of America whether she wins or loses…….Hill belongs in prison, no mild sentencing because she is a oast first lady, she must get a sentence that fits the crime….no one is above the law!

    • Rapist/wife-beater* tRump is gonna get his empty clock cleaned by Madame President-to-be Clinton. Donald tRump has NO debating skills–you’ve seen him!
      *as attested to in SWORN TESTIMONY

      • where do you get off calling Trump that? Liar , liar just like Hill and Bill, and I didn’t realize Hill was “your” Madame……if you can’t tell the truth than do not comment more democratic lies!

  32. If the screwed up leftist liberal media was honest about
    Hitlery, she wouldn’t have even attempted running for
    president, because she would be in prison for her crimes.
    TRUMP 2016!!

  33. I sure hope Killary or Bernie doesn’t get elected. If either does adios peace, freedom, and Christians/all people of non muslim faith. It will be Nazi Germany all over again. And another cival war. Possibly WWIII. Pray for America and all unbelievers and left wingers in the Savior. For they will suffer the consequences too once they see their mistake.

  34. As the Primaries linger on till November, I think more and more people are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate Hillary’s scandals, lies, inapproachability, and general coldness to the average America. And they are slowly changing their minds about her fitness and electibilty to serve as our Commander in Chief.

  35. Donald tRump—the rapist/wife-beater* who says he’d love to do his own DAUGHTER—-used his fraudulent Disabled Veterans Charity to STEAL money from out wounded mercenaries——-and you want tRump to win? Never gonna happen…….
    *as attested to in SWORN TESTIMONY

  36. Trump stated in a speech about 8 months ago that he knew knew stuff on billary clinton that has yet to be talked about. Trump is not like anything this woman has gone up against,in any election. He will attack and put her on the offensive. Her people are saying they are already gathering information on Trump that will hsrm him. My thought is they need to remember that the blade can cut both ways necause Mr. Trump has not yet turned his complete attention on Hillary Clinton. She has a darn sure more things to be worried about than Donald Trump could ever have. Her own law firm she last work wiuld not even give her a letter of recomendation for any employment stating she was totally dishonest and corrupt and they refused to give her one. Mr Trump has always hsd the ability to beat this corrupt hag. It is the news media that is run by the communist Democrat party that is attempting to keep painting this picture that he cannot win but if you look at the amount of people thst come to his rallies, the numbers just do not match what the news media is trying to portray anout him.
    He could wipe the floor with her if he just plsys his hand well. When Bernie Sanders looses to Hillary, you watch and see if those supporters of Bernie Sander dont jump ship and start supporting Donald Trump.i wantvto see Hillary Clinton beat so hard she will never try again or die while Trump is in Office. He will wipe the floor with her and go over her life with a wire brush.

  37. Of course, Trump will beat the hag Hillary, HUGELY!
    I’m wondering if Donald Trump will be asking Bobby Knight to be his VP running mate. That would be so very cool!!

  38. America when are we going to realize a government that has so much power can do what they want to us. Donald Trump is giving us an opportunity; an opportunity that the political elite will never give us again if we do not take advantage of it now! Does our country have to be reduced to the level of the hunger games before we listen? They have already proven that they cared nothing about our opinions or choices! This is our only chance to have a bloodless revolution if we lose this country it will be our own fault. this is our chance. TRUMP 2016!

  39. We can certainly hope and Pray he does! This country CANNOT STAND another four years of the same, or Worse, Obama policies!!! That would be DISASTROUS!!!

  40. I don’t care what the margin is, I do not want Hillary to leave the reservation, as she is not a quality person, has been constantly surrounded by scandal, all she is looking for is the power, as she is a power monger, I don’t want serfdom to become the normal standard for the American People

    • History has proven that democrats will use every dirty cheat that they can, study your history if you really want to know the truth about democrats. History is filled with all the racist things they did. The problem is that very few people bother to do their research. All the great achievements in science and medical breakthroughs were achieved because of research, not by lies and deceit. Knowing what you’re talking about is what separates you from the FOOLS. The thuth is that both parties are afraid of anyone that is against change, they want the same old bulls*#t politicians that we’ve had for way too long. Common sense tells us if something don’t work, Ir’s time to try something NEW.

      • Sorry Squappie, people that hide their identity shouldn’t attack anyone. If you were really as smart as you pretend you would use your real name and do your research. If you had you would know that our career politicians have done nothing to help our country or listen to what the people want. They have destroyed our industry; take a good look at Detroit. Have you really thought about why both parties want to stop Trump? It’s because Trump is the only one running for President that is not just like what we have now and have had for the last 30 years. Any smart person would know that if what you have tried for over 30 years and it didn’t work, then it’s time for something new. It sounds like you want to keep on making the same old mistake by electing another career crook that don’t listen to the people and is only interested in getting RICH. If Trump gets elected, they won’t be able to get rich stealing our TAX MONEY. WAKE UP Squappie, we are just one election short of losing control of our government.

      • History also shows that racist DEMs became racist RUEpubliCONs after the civil rights era, so take your faux history lessons and shove it. Arsenic is new to me. Do you think I need to try that?

  41. I don’t put much faith in the polls because they don’t take into consideration all the people that have never voted and the ones that are changing their vote to Trump because their fed-up with our career politicians that don’t listen or care about what the people want. This will be the shot that will be heard around the world. The American people want change and it want be cruse or hillary, they want to take back our country from all the corrupt politicians. All these politicians fighting Trump will NEVER BE REELECTED.

  42. History has proven that democrats will use every dirty cheat that they can, study your history if you really want to know the truth about democrats. History is filled with all the racist things they did. The problem is that very few people bother to do their research. All the great achievements in science and medical breakthroughs was achieved because of research, not by lies and deceit. Knowing what you’re talking about is what separates you from the FOOLS.


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