Newspaper Alleges Ted Cruz Has Stunning Relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald

It seems there’s no shortage of scandals surrounding the candidates slugging it out for the White House. The most recent allegation comes to you courtesy of the National Enquirer – and it’s quite a doozie.

This involves Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, Lee Harvey Oswald and Fidel Castro.

Here’s the incredible report from the Conservative Tribune:

The Enquirer published a 1963 photo of Oswald distributing pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans and alleged that one of the men with him in the photo is Rafael Cruz. The photo is one of several released by the U.S. government during an investigation into John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Oddly enough it would not be the first link between the elder Cruz and the communist dictator. The Texas senator admitted last year his father tried to join Castro’s guerilla army in the 1950s. However, he couldn’t reach Castro and moved to Texas, where he later renounced Castro. No other links between Cruz and Oswald have been established.

“The Enquirer claimed photo experts compared images of Rafael Cruz from the same time and suggested that the similarity between the two men is uncanny. The Miami Herald published those photographs. The man in the left photograph was never identified by the FBI; the man on the right is Rafael Cruz marching at a pro-Castro march.

“Mitch Goldstone, president and CEO of ScanMyPhotos, told the Enquirer there was more ‘similarity than dissimilarity’ between the two men and that they looked to be the same person.”

Predictably, the Cruz campaign brushed off these allegations. Alice Stewart, communications director for the Cruz campaign, denied any connection between Cruz and Castro. She said:

This is another garbage story in a tabloid full of garbage. The story is false; that is not Rafael in the picture.” 

While the National Enquirer isn’t the most highly regarded print publication, it has a good track record of accurately reporting political scandals. One example is John Edwards affair and child born out of wedlock; another is then-presidential candidate Gary Hart’s affair with actress Donna Rice back in the late 1980s.

And while the Enquirer’s story about Ted Cruz’s alleged extramarital affairs hasn’t totally panned out, it hasn’t been totally discounted either. If this story were totally false, Cruz could have sued the Enquirer into bankruptcy, fully funded his presidential campaign and be financially set for life. While Cruz has publicly called the story “garbage,” he hasn’t filed a libel suit against the Enquirer.

These latest allegations via the Enquirer make us wonder whether Ted Cruz is really the “Tea Party outsider” he claimed to be in his 2012 campaign for the US Senate.

Does this story affect your opinion of Ted Cruz and whether you’ll support him if he’s the Republican nominee for president?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. I wouldn’t line my bird cage with the enquirer for fear my bird would catch something. as for Senator Cruz suing the enquirer, there’s plenty of time for that after the election. Don’t forget, Senator Cruz tried many cases before the SCOTUS and WON! He is a calm man with a measured temperament, and when he sues the enquirer for publishing these lies, you can be sure Senator Cruz will win! He’s the best man to lead our country for the next eight years. There is NO doubt in my mind and in my heart about that.

  2. Since Cruz has backed out, it’s a moot point. However, I’m with A. Cole.on all points. I was for Cruz, as well, and am sorry he’s no longer in the race. Trump has too many liberal big buddies, as in Pecker of the Enquirer. Considering the Enquirer is a smut rag, does that name crack anyone else up? So fitting in more ways than one.

  3. No the story does not change my opinion of the only real Constitutionalist that was running for President. Even if Cruz’s dad did support Castro at that time he would not be the only one. Batista was just as bad, but Rafael got educated and renounced Castro. My opinion of Conservative News Room has changed with this article based on innuendo and gossip.

  4. ALWAY TED CRUZ and shame on you for promoting this garbage. You have no business calling youself conservative. You promote Trump who is the BIGGEST CON IN THE WORLD. And oh by the way maybe I should sue the N E for harming my candidate and deying me my President.

  5. Totally false headline. Ted was born at least seven years after the cited event. Aside from relatives, I doubt if I even know any associates of my father from seven years before I was born. Hey, one of my relatives was President of Cuba! My grandfather told me the family relationship, but I was probably too young to even understand it. Or see any importance in it. There are photos of the two of them together. I, personally, never met him (nor could have by about a decade). Or Castro. And I am in no way responsible for any of it. Stunning relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald, whom he could not possibly have met? Based on an unidentified person in a photograph from seven years prior to his birth that somewhat resembles his father?

  6. Okay, news unfolds fast – Ted Cruz has already ended his campaign. That being said, even if Cruz’s father did support Castro before Castro became a dictator, it was only after he gained power that he admitted that he was a communist. If I remember my history, didn’t the US government back Castro while he was still a guerrilla fighter opposing Batista? Still, this story is not very convincing.

  7. And I thought it was liberals who were incapable of long-term thinking.

    Much of what has been posted so far indicate to me that if the presumptive nominee for the presidency is not supported, there is really no reason to have a Republican Party. So, where do we go from here. The Democratically controlled state legislatures will mostly NOT approve another “Conservative” party leaving those states a one-party ballot to offer to the voters.

    You saw how a few “delegates” can get to get together and completely nullify the opposition. The same thing can happen without a strong Republican Party. Like or not, Trump has a better chance ot thwarting what nasty Democrats night attempt to do in the future.

    Our nation is on a fast-track toward a NWO. Trump has a chance of slowing it down by not allowing the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) from becoming law. That, along with other policies he will enforce, will cause overseas manufacturing plants to return to the USA. Many of the current welfare programs will come to an end at coming economic collapse and hopefully, many ot the current 30%+ unemployed will have jobs to return to.

    I appeal to clear thinking Americans to put aside your personal pride and give Trump the opportunity to; “Make America Great Again.”

    • What I do not understand is why the Republican Party would support one who is NOT a republican and as late as today 5/4/16 Mr Trump said he is going to be a Populist President……So let him start his own party. Let the Republicans who stupidly allowed him to run under the Republican Banner re-do the candidacy!

    • Sonny, Thanks for the post.. Just an additional comment…Trump also stated that he wanted to consolidate several of the government agencies that have redundancies, in order to reduce the size of government, thus reallocate those monies to infrastructure work in the country, as well as a reduction in the national debt!!!! I continually hear the pundits asking for specifics from Trump..I’ve heard specifics early on in his campaign,they must be tone deaf!!!!

    • Try this for nonsensical B.S.– He claims not to be an insider, yet he took campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and others on Wall Street and wife(Heidi) is a managing director at Goldman Sachs, and was there in 2008 when there was (insider trading) going on..We the people had to bail Goldman Sachs out to the tune of $1.3 Billion.. Both Ted and wife are involved with The North American Union and The Council On Foreign Affairs, both are open borders and NWO advocates,yet again, TeddyBoy claims he is for closing our borders!!! Can’t have it both ways!!! SO Michael, I suggest you research both of their backgrounds thoroughly,and find out the relationship between the Bush administration,the NAU ,the COFA, NWO, NAFTA and the Cruz’s.. Good critical reading might give you a better perspective on the candidates…Ever wonder why our borders remain open to illegals even after our citizens object????

      • Thank you for the information, definitely will look into your comments. Glad to receive informed comments and not rants and rude remarks..
        Much appreceiated

  8. Just heard that Romanian hacker “Guccifer,” told Fox News he has hidden two gigabytes of info too hot to release, as it involves America’s national security. No comment from Clinton. Hil should be done now, and it will be an unbelievable debate if she ends up on the stage with the Donald!

  9. I agree that if these stories were totally false, then Rafael Ted Cruz, as an Ivy League educated attorney, would surely have filed a lawsuit against the Enquirer. Ted Cruz always makes vague statements about the stories being “garbage” but then steps away from them without proving the stories are false. Papers like the Enquirer know that they can be sued with these kinds of stories, so they typically have enough evidence to justify the story before they report it. And, there have been rumors that he paid off Carly Fiorina $500,000 and the VP slot for her silence on Cruz having had an affair with one of her staff members. I believe that there is truth to that. So, Cruz may not have had affairs with all of those alleged, but just enough that if he pushed that the story was not true, someone could have pushed back and called him a liar. So, I think in the end, there is some truth to this story about his father being in the picture or at a pro-Castro rally, and either way, Cruz does not look good. Trump 2016!

    • Your ignorance of the law and lawsuits is evident . Lawyers are the only ones who make out in these type of lawsuits. The Enquire will not just open there check book. Even the wronged are dragged through the mud with more lies in the court process. The stress to family and faith are tested. Then you have to rely on a jury. Then if you win the case you may never get paid. The Enquirer will appeal and appeal. All this takes more time and more money. I’m confident Cruz knows all about the justice system.
      Also remember someone said only a fool defends himself.

      My experience comes from winning a big judgement but having to settle for a fraction of settlement. This process took over eight years. So you see the Enquirer doesn’t care about the truth. It plays the numbers and percentages. Truth to them is of no importance. The damage they can do to a person or family is of no concern. All about selling papers.
      So if you wish to invest your time and faith in such a garbage media outlet then that’s your right.I will ask you one question . How many peoples reputation has the Enquire got wrong and harmed innocent people and families.That often happens with papers like the Enquire.

  10. More prize winning journalism. Cruz doest have the time or money to sue every media outlet who writes this stuff. However, there is a statute of limitations and time for Cruz to sue if he wishes. Let’s talk about Trumps past and hold him accountable. You know where is trumps tax return? Why is the media not talking about Trump hiring illegals to this day. Those are important stories the f__king media leaves alone.
    This is media character assasination at its worst. Trump is just a flip flopper who has voted democrate his entire adult life. Now that is easy for the media to fact check! Do your f__king job.

  11. Mr Cruz should not have been so hard on Mr Trump Ted Cruz’s background is sketcy with Cuba and Canada there are ?’s We know Mr Trump was born in NY there is no ? There.

    • They have been answered in Court 5 different times by 5 different lawyers……How many times must he be declared a NATURAL BORNAMERICAN CITIZEN BY THE COURTS would it take you to get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Natural born citizen does not actually mean born on USA soil it is a different case if you are running for the USA president there are different standards it can be challenged in the courts but is does not matter anyway Mr Cruz could not win IN so it does not matter any way but he was mean to Mr Trump a lot!

      • TRY THE SCOTUS,DIPSHIT!!!!!! (The Publius Huldah)(Kris Anne Hall)(… IF your able to read, try reading and comprehending,for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth is a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ok, so this story was debunked yesterday as nonsense. Here go see if this one flies a little farther.
    Ted Cruz’s real father is Lyndon B Johnson, former President of the U S A. Photos of Johnson at Cruz’s present age are available. The resemblance is uncanny. The ears are the same, the nose is the same, even the chins are similar as well as they eyes, and other facial features.
    The above nonsense has a better chance of being believable because if you do go and look at the photos of these two, you will see that there actually is a resemblance between Cruz and Lyndon Johnson.
    Maybe the Enquirer can go play with that, and add in an extra-terrestrial alien to boot.

  13. Anything!! Just anything to dis purge a good man! Probably came from a Trump operative. He’s the only presidential candidate low enough to use a rag like that!

  14. Newspaper? They fabricate stories; cure cancer every week; the professional wrestling of journalism! Give us a break (or were you just trying to make us laugh?)!

  15. have you heard of the word “Karma” What goes around come around. Don’t be so sure that Donald Trump would make a good Prisondent

  16. rafeal ted cruz is guilty of Treason. Our fake P.O.T.U.S. is an identity thief and cruz , like the others is in violation of their oath to the constitution. He knows as do the others, hence the fear of Trump.

  17. Here is an update on Ted Cruz.

    There is a new book out called, “Fire, Fire, Cruz on Fire”. The author points out 72 inconsistencies about the things Ted and his father have been saying since Ted started his presidential campaign.

    We have been told by the One to, “Take heed that you are not deceived”. The deception coming out of D.C. (such as what we hear from Hillary Clinton) seems to know no bounds. The greatest deception of all is the New World Order which is nothing more than Communism is disguise. The Bush family is part of that conspiracy and Ted Cruz, along with his wife who is a member of the CFR, was brought into the “family” to further the NWO plans.

    As for Trump, I don’t worry about his “unfavorability” ratings. No one has ever had higher unfavorability ratings than Jesus of Nazareth. Yet, he demonstrated wisdom and discernment that was embraced by the entire world. Trump should not be underestimated regardless of his personality. He wants to make America First! Once that is understood and the implications of it, it will defeat all the “hate America” rhetoric that has been coming out of our colleges and universities. It also means that “right thinking” Hispanics and African-Americans will have a greater influence upon those in their communities to cement Trump’s winning ways.

    A miracle you say. Hmmm. our God is a God of miracles. Give him some room and watch him work.


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