Rush Limbaugh Reveals Real Reason Liberals Forcing Men to Use Bathroom With Girls

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has a fascinating theory about why the left is so against so-called “bathroom bills” that deny people their choice of gender when using public toilets. He thinks it’s part of a leftist attempt to eliminate morality.

On a recent show, Limbaugh said that the culture war was no longer about right and wrong, but about the left trying to eliminate the very idea of right and wrong itself.

Here’s the report from the Conservative Tribune:

The whole point of the us-versus-them battle has been to obliterate the whole notion of morality. Just wipe it out, on the belief that nobody has the right to define it. Nobody can write laws that are based on morality and have them apply to everybody, because your morality may differ from mine, and there isn’t any universal morality; there isn’t any universal right and wrong.” 

“You don’t have to go back very far – I mean, a year, certainly five years = and the whole idea of anybody being able to use any restroom they want and be applauded for it (and not having any ability to speak out against it) was unheard of. But it’s just one of many things, folks, that illustrate what many believe to be the cultural decay. Others believe it’s cultural evolution.”

Limbaugh added that the culture war has devolved into a leftist attack on what they see as the “oppressive majority.”

“I don’t think the culture war has been about right versus wrong for a long time. And people haven’t figured that out. They continue to fight it on a  moral or a morality battlefield, but that’s not it at all. In fact, obliterating morality has been what the culture war is all about, not asserting it and not having it triumph.

The whole point of the culture war is an us-versus-them framework now, and then ‘us’ is all of the disparate minorities of the world versus the ‘them,’ which is people they claim to be the oppressive majority.”

Rush clearly has an excellent point. Anyone who mentions morality in America today gets shouted down immediately.

This isn’t a game, it’s time to start playing the culture war for keeps – just like the liberals do.

Do you think these transgender “bathroom bills” are part of pushing a larger non-moral agenda?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



      • You may change the needle once in awhile. But the record is always the same.

        It is amazing to me that some never tire of being wrong. But I can definitely give you high points on consistency. You definitely have that skill honed.

          • Whither U except it or not. white-folks have been running and ruining the u.s. for a long time. everything going wrong has lead up 2 what they’ve been doing for so long.

          • This simply isn’t true and I think you know it. But, for some twisted reason, you get a great deal of joy repeating it every chance you get. Or, I suppose you could be willingly delusional.

            That would put you in the same category of those who blame the Jews for everything. Or the Communists, or the blacks, or whatever other deviant world view one might choose.

          • Let’s face it Red. White folks have done all of the world’s exploring, made all of the worlds scientific discoveries such as electricity and nuclear fission, composed the world’s greatest music and poetry, built the worlds greatest civilizations, and invented the very concept of our great democratic republic. So who else could possible be more qualified to run the U.S.?

            Why lawdy, lawdy! Them white folks even created all of those great sports so that your folks (at least some of them) could make a lot of really good money … without having to actually work.

            You should be down on your knees thanking what ever god you pray to, expressing your undying gratitude for white folks.

            Oh, I’m sorry Red, I am running out of space here … you’ll have to look up that word “gratitude” on your own.

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      • Maybe. But its youre argument is null in void since you wont accept the fact that 85% of all rapes and crime in general are commited by blacks you racist idiot. By the way Im offended that you call yourself redman when that is not your race to claim. Its mine. Get the hell out of the country that belongs to us Native Americans or get scalped.

          • So, Red … You have finally revealed your fixation for butt-parts (your words, not mine). Now that you are out of the closet or, in your case, out of the woodpile … perhaps you will feel better about yourself now. Because none of us will.

      • you are a freaking idiot!! all you have to do is look at Africa . every country that was taken away from white people and returned to blacks have went from riches to rags

  2. Communists promote promiscuity and perversion as normal and natural. Those that agree with men using the ladies room are the useful idiots Lenin spoke of (I think it was Lenin). Without morality the communists can kill with impunity. 53 million dead in communist USSR and these dems don’t see anything wrong with that. Ask any Bernie supporter.

  3. It is cultural decay. It’s disgusting as most of what the left does is disgusting. Look at what they have done in other countries and tell me it’s not disgusting.

  4. Rush is right, but he didn’t go far enough.
    The left’s push for public bathroom access, LGBT “rights”, gay marriage, and everything Anti-God is all about SEX. Free sex for all and any way you want it. The left doesn’t push for eliminating prostitution laws. Why? Because the prostitution business is all about making money, sex is just the way they do it. So that type of sex isn’t free, you have to pay for it. The left hates that. Everything should be government provided and free, according to them. Nothing should be in the way of that free stuff and free sex requirement.
    If moral people don’t stop it here and now, it won’t be stopped ever. This isn’t just about your daughter, but your son well being peer pressured into sex with someone else, and it doesn’t matter what gender that someone else is. The left movement is already geared towards eliminating child sexual abuse. Why? Because the LGBTs can only recruit into their lifestyle, no one is born gay. Sexually recruiting children is the only way they can expand their numbers, and satisfy their sexual appetite.
    Morality stands in the way of those goals. Morality is the glue that holds civilization together. Without morals, we are just savages.

    • So few people are gay so to have more future sexual partners they need to indoctrinate kids while theyre young and confuse them. Gay guys love straight men but straight men only want real women and thats why gay guys hate women.

  5. This is going to get a innocent father or mother in jail for life because he/she will do a killing number on any man that is in the bathroom with his/her sons and daughters.. I do not care what you call it, but most decent people see this as a mental illness and for nasty people to take advantage over the innocent ones just for their sexual lust evil ways.. This is leading more and more people into believing that the Government is doing this because of Michelle Obama and l leave that with your own thoughts and let you figure it out…

          • No, it is the Blacks and muslims who rape the people… And how can you go on with your sickness like this ??? I really think the websites should report you as a person for the FBI to keep a close eye on.. , you seem dangerous

          • U R A deep-dark tramp. white-folks R some of the worse terrorist in the world. and even U know it while in denial. dirty-fay

          • The Redman … Yep, it’s really easy to understand why YOU would think white-folks are the “worse” terrorists in the world. You live in constant TERROR that those white-folks, are going to force YOU-FOLKS to get a job!!!

          • Seems to me that with all the black children being born to single mothers some might assume that rape and lust are the mainstays of the majority of black men who abuse their women and rarely support their own children.

          • Abandoned girls with no spouse nor support is a Democrat thing. Give that little girl her own free home, free food for her, free food for baby, free phone, free shopping, free medical … can’t afford to marry the fool … and can keep tuning out innocent babies as if they have no meaning. Thank LJB and the Democrats!

          • The irony is that blacks link with the same Democrats who voted against the Civil Rights Act. Heck some of the Democrat congressional members were leaders in the KKK.

          • I at least know who my father is – I suspect you don’t.
            With all of these unwed black girls (70% latest statistic) applying for welfare benefits and refusing to give the babies fathers name I sometimes wonder if they are hiding the possibility of their own
            fathers impregnating them? And perhaps, Redman, you might well be a result of just such an evil act and your low IQ leads me to suspect you were raised in the same social sewer?

          • It’s apparent that Redman is black. No American Indians I have ever known (I knew alot, I used to run an Indian bar in Dallas,Texas) EVER ONCE cried how the government owed them. Not a one. Blacks scream how whitie owes them yet not a one EVER mentions how it was their own race that put them in chains and bondage and sold them off to the white man for gold. Their own race managed and sold slaves. They STILL commit crimes against their own race,and blame white,and especially white cops. Yes, there are quite a few dirty cops out there and the majority are under 40 years old. In the countries of Africa, it is still Blacks attacking other Blacks,and putting them into slavery. Blood Diamonds, need I say more? So why are the blacks who expect everything handed to them and scream they are owed, not contacting the different nations in Africa and demanding payment too? Their own kind,after all sold them into slavery. Then the Chinese, they were slaves here once too. Well, I guess they did find a way to get us back. Made in China,labels for one thing. Need I say more?

          • blacks don’t call it rape if their child is over 8, muslim & muslim blacks don’t have an age limit.

        • “The Redman” is a well-known leftist troll on conservative comment blogs. Judging by his typing skills, not too intelligent either, with deviant sexual obsessions. What a dirtbag…

      • Well now if it isn’t old Redman our resident pink eyed commie bed wetting pedarist. It’s not good seeing you you abhorrant reprobate but as usual I see that you still like talking about child porn.

      • Porn — wow I sure wouldn’t admit it….sick oh—would that description fit you? GOD will tell you that; right to your face, a milli second after you finish with your life down here that God gave you………

    • America is at war with itself. The opposing sides become more extreme in a feedback loop, and there is no middle ground left. On one hand, we have Traditional American Values and the rule of law, and the Constitution. On the other hand, the liberals are wannabe dictators who want to impose their ” values” ( or lack thereof) on everyone else.

      • There has never been a middle ground. There has only been right v. Wrong. Rush is correct. The Left seeks to make wring right.
        Semper fi

        • John, I have spent my adult life defending what is Right, and traditional values. Those that espouse perverting them, or those that allow them to be perverted are NOT doing good or right.

          • Of course not. They are doing the Devil’s work, willingly and wilfully. They know full well what is right, and CHOOSE wrong.
            Semper fi

          • John, I have a need to stand by my convictions, as I see what the liberal Left/ wannabe dictators/ wannabe aristocrats/ statist/ socialist/communist want to do, and none of it is GOOD.

          • As a teenager, I believed what JFK enjoined. During 26 years of active duty, I believed it. The only difference now, is that I believe the Warsaw Ghetto concept of resistance against the statists.
            Semper fi

          • And that, my friend, is why the Left is so antigun. Yes, I believe you made your positive contribution, and have more validity to what you say than any liberal politician, or academic, or lawyer.

          • My late Husband who was 45 when he passed from cancer was a Marine vet. haha It took a Marine to straighten this Flower Child out and keep me that way. haha I’ve been alone since losing him. Too many over 50 ,hell over 40 that are looking for a sugarmama,with an endless bank account who is a slut in the bedroom and a nursemaid,so I think I’ll stay here alone and as long as I have Yahweh here,I’m ok. Semper Fi to you too. Oh, when I took the test to go into the Air Force I scored so high,I would have gone in as a high ranking officer. I’m terrified of heights so there went that idea. haha I became a wife of a Marine Vet and Mom instead and NEVER regretted being a housewife and mom,not once.

      • I believe we’re in this mess primarily because of trying to find that middle ground. It’s called compromising your principles. How has all that worked out for us? We’re witnessing the end results!

        • Mike, good point. I don’t see the libs doing much compromising. Maybe we do indeed need to draw a line in the sand.

      • You said on one hand…..what is so Extreme about traditional values, rule of law and the constitution….?? This nation WAS Indeed founded upon Christian, Judeo values which hail STRAIGHT from the Holy Word of GOD. NO matter what Barque Hussein Obama says…!…btw…this ‘war’ is also right from the prophecies found in the Holy Bible which happens in the beginning of the End of Days…….kinda like right on cue…

    • And guess what party affiliation these perverted sickos identify with? Yep! These sickos are all democrats, everyone of them!!!


      NEVER vote for another democrat, fore they will fight tooth and nail for their perversions.

      • The Democrats now stand for communism,and they have ALWAYS stood for more government having control. This is why when the Parties came to be and they approached President Lincoln he became a Republican. They wanted to abolish slavery,and the Democrats did not. Yet, look at all those yelling about the slave days and how they are owed. The ones who are registered to vote,,,All Democrats.

        • Now to get the black community to wake up to that fact. The black community, if they had any smarts, would turn on the democrat party for all the suppression of their collective dignity and make the democrats pay for their retribution.

          • Actually there are some Blacks Waking Up, just slowly. Because they are after all slow learners. I met a Black young man once about 32 years old at a Tea Party meeting (4 years ago) which he Was the Speaker that night. He had flown in from a north eastern State in America (Not paid by the Tea Party for they are very poor, but an organization). This guy belong to the Tea Parties and he survived living in the Ghetto to a prostitute mom. He said he could have taken the road to destruction so easily of course living in that neighborhood but decided to join the Military and attended College. He was ‘curious’ to THAT UNKNOWN that he Never new and didn’t grow up with in his home, neighborhood and schools, but saw on TV. When he was in College he attended, he was part of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s speeches and was able to be back stage with them. He asked them “WHY do you speak different in front the Black audience then the White audience?” He was told by both of them pretty much in so many words (he quoted their EXACT Words, I just don’t remember) “The Blacks are too dumb, to talk about policies, etc., you need to tell them what they want to hear to get their attention and backing”. This was so revealing to him, he decided to go to the City library (not College library) and start reading and studying American History, the parties etc. to try to find himself, where he stood on this, was he really a Democrat and did he want to keep supporting the Democrats, who’s lying to him, etc. Well he did find out, after approx. 3 to 4 years he became a Republican and NOW he tries as much as he can to give speeches across the US to groups and mostly Blacks to inform, educate them, etc. He’s really a nobody that I’ve never heard on the news but he says he has met other Blacks doing the same thing and they are trying to inform the Blacks how they are being lied too. So there are BLACKS that are Waking Up! Hope it’s just Not to late.

          • That’s encouraging news, Dana. We can only hope the black community does wake up and take back their collective DIGNITY!!!

          • Too many voters will follow their bellies, and vote for whoever promises the biggest free lunch, and there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, like Heinlein said. Somebody, at some point in time, pays for it.

  6. its the difference of being safe and not being safe….OBVIOUSLY with the company TARGET, they would rather have the PC crowd take control, then to protect the smallest customer they have, the CHILD….WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE….this country is getting sicker and sicker by the minute….and it needs a good cleansing…a real good flushing of the stench that this government has created.

  7. I say we kill all these NWO jerks and be done with it. There’s only one way the NWO will work and that’s if America is no longer around to stop it. That’s the goal.

  8. It is pushback against morality and more. They are immunizing use to accept anything without question or rebellion. It seems to me they want a world where there are no distinctions: all people have the same house, car, clothing, food, education, personal income, etc. In short, they are pushing us to accept the same life as is currently found in North Korea.

    • How about pushing back against their “pushing”? I wrote above my comments. We can complain or do something about it. Especially if it hurts their bottom line!

    • And what exactly are we, on the right, doing to stop it? Absolutely NOTHING!! We can gripe and complain all we want, but it will do no good. The days of inspiring any one with mere words are OVER. The “millennials” are way too self-absorbed and couldn’t care less about what the older and wiser generation says, wants or needs. The “millennials” lack empathy or respect ( self-respect and respect for others), they only care about what they want, what makes them feel good, and they want it all given to them and they don’t care who has to suffer to get it. To them, life should just be one big, on-going party of sex, drugs, drinking and earbuds crammed into their skulls to drown out the rest of the world. Maybe, just maybe we could inspire them if we,the ‘old farts’, got up off of our wrinkled butts and took to the streets, not in peaceful protests but in open rebellion against the spreading evil. As Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) once said; “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  9. Rush is nuts as usual. With his audience disappearing he is grasping at anything to salvage some sponsorship. His time is past.

  10. Leftest ideology leads to tyranny and chaos. Rules that bind a culture for success go out the window with them. They crave victims to push their agenda.

  11. I think it’s a form of conditioning by our Government in our schools and now in our private lives. They definitely have an agenda with this sh!t. Total dependence on the Leaders for our existence and thoughts.

  12. The Left always makes false moral equivalents to manipulate you. They will equate a bad thing with a good thing to convince you that the two are equally good. Soon there is nothing good left. No child should be exposed to this type of danger.

  13. Lack of respect, decency and faith, when you have no moral compass you have no credibility……..the libs exhibit the crudeness of man and use it to beat down any kind of aspiration……This is a dangerous thing the left has done and it will be a mark on them…

    • You Again!! Redman,take your “hip hop” ebonic speaking bullshit,and go pester other people,who are as annoying as you,and go smoke em’ peacepipe somewhere else,and stay off these forums,boy!! better yet,lace it with some crack,and lose another piece of your brain,,but please,little ghetto man,spare us!!

  14. I am disgusted as to the effforts of asinine individuals who want to push their sexual preferences on the majority of people, or others to promote such a thing! Whether it be in schools or business establishments, it is creating an issue on moral grounds. Homosexuals may have issues with their identity and that is a psychological problem in my opinion. That has nothing to do with creating the ability to enter the other sex’s bathrooms. This could be used by anyone whose passion is to leer at that sex using homosexuality as their reason. I don’t know if this is a mental problem or truly a physical one, but it should not be foisted on others. The rights of the individual is not just to the one that needs to be catered to on the basis of their sexual orientation. And let’s be real! Two men would be able to go into a men’s room. The same for two women in the women’s, regardless of sexual preference. Women are not built to use urinals and both restrooms have regular toilets.
    What about the perverts who might choose to “pretend” they are homosexuals? Do you think that they would not attempt to pretend they are to gain entrance; especially the woman’s restroom? This is, again, the acts of the leftists to foist upon all people their acts of destroying what was God’s to create; not man’s!
    I’ve taken the act of telling those stores that I shop in; that I will not do business with them as long as they are being directed to follow instructions. I’ve gone to the store that I would shop in and spoke with the manager. I also contacted their corporate offices. Which is more important; keeping their customer’s or losing them and the profits from not buying their merchandise? If enough of us do this, I would venture the money thing would win out! I will do the same with every store I find that is planning to allow such plans. Some say that money is the root of all evil! I bet the lack of it is a greater one!

      • This thing is not a white, black or red issue. It’s a human one. You can blame any group but the problem exists where your rights and choices are taken from you. Homosexuality is an illness and it’s not limited to any one race! But then that’s not your view is it?

          • A handful of “whites” may belong to the ACLU, but I bet there are other’s that are not “white” there as well. You seem to have a problem with that part. Is it just that you hate whites and want to blame them for everything? Is Congress and the Executive Branch made up of just whites? Why don’t you aim your issues at them? There are a lot of whites there too. But also blacks, hispanics and who knows whom else! Possibly Native Americans too. Obama is not a white man.

  15. LGBT rights are as macabre as it gets-like something right out of the Bizzaro World,or something,to that effect! but this business about Transgender men,using women’s restrooms,is unacceptable and ridiculous! the whole Gay/Transgender rights movement
    simply asks for the impossible-and why they have to be our business everyday,24 seven,really escapes me! but when their movement becomes a threat to my Freedom of Speech,or my Christianity,which both they and the liberals hate and loath,and dictate to us about how they need to be treated and respected,,then that arrangement works both ways! why is their self chosen lifestyle the business of other American people? why do we allow their insane movement to divide our country,or to force their bogus equality rights on those,who have a right to disagree with them! because so far,everything going on here,tells me something different,because i don’t see where equality fits in their agenda-i see many of them,using that as a smokescreen,so that they can dominate other people,when their supporters get all PC on their critics,or the Christian Americans,who oppose and deplore them,on spiritual grounds,,but their self chosen way of life really doesn’t belong anywhere else,but in their homes! we can respect them as people,,but we can also tell them that we are not in agreement with their same sex values,,but when we use honesty on them,they call us Bigots,haters,ignorant homophobes,and a whole host of PC names,when we don’t see eye to eye with them,or their intimate behaviors-and when they use Race to sell their movement,then that becomes a war of opinions-and words,because the color of one’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with their self chosen sexual orientations,,not related! but when they go around our country spreading lies about how they’re born this way,,or Gay conversion therapy failing them,or the ridiculously absurd notion of science and genetics,or comparing other forms of life that they claim supports their perversions,then that’s where we part company! if one wishes to defy reality,then they’re free to do so,,but often,what happens here,is that they don’t get very far,and that’s where the Gay movement is at,because while they’ve let the public know about their terms and conditions,they also have to know that not everybody is on board with these people-and using the liberal media to sell their values and rights will always hit a brick wall with the divided public out there-always!!

  16. I recently watched Dennis Michael Lynch on NewmaxTV, and DML said that if one of his two young daughters was in “the ladies room” and some guy walked in on them, he would follow him in and “put him on the floor.” He said he might lose his TV show over the resulting assault case, but it would be worth it, because nobody messes with his daughters. What a breath of fresh air! More conservatives need to stand up to the leftist idiots or we’re finished. Like the above article says, we need to play for keeps, because the stinking Left has been for some time.

  17. Would somebody please explain to me how it is that 1.9% of the population is steering this here bus? We have them surrounded, and they are still running the show. Whiskey Tango Fox??????

  18. this is hate against striaght people. Would never be allowed if the country bowed up and said hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I think the division between common sense and madness came to a boiling point when Obama proved he and his executive branch cabinet heads are above all laws and rules, the defenders of left wing ideologies and those with the power to crush political opponents by illegally using the government. A false prosperity bought with massive debt through borrowing. The idea that the individual is more important that the future of the nation and our future generations. There is anarchy in the streets, police and law abiding citizens are fearful of the wrath of a brutal mob. An executive branch that openly destroys evidence to continue criminal activities.

  20. If it’s morality this is all about, why not just pee outside by a tree or bush. Or squat in the grass. If it’s about unisex restrooms that would cure the problem and then nobody would go to prison. If we’re going to act like animals then go outside and get rid of restrooms.

  21. We need to start being the squeaky wheels. Because the only way they will hear us is to really stand together and people are going to have to protest in proportions like no one has seen all the churches need to join and bus folks to where ever every church able should take as many as they can to Washington. And camp out.

  22. Do you think Obama would like a registered rapist going in the bathroom with his daughters. I bought it. But you know this would never happen because he lives by the do as I say not as I do theory.

  23. Rush is saying what has been apparent to those who know the history of ideas in general, and the conflict between Christianity and Atheism specifically. As Dostoevsky pointed out, and Voltaire echoed, “If there is no God, everything is permitted.” The problem with atheist assumptions such as, “There are no absolutes,” is that that assertion is self-contradictory: it is an absolute statement they are trying to enforce everyone else to accept as a priori that it is not.

    But, such self-contradictions are not an obstacle to those who have overthrown reason itself in their pursuit of total depravity. That is where the Left has always been. That is the mental illness that has now permeated the Democratic Party fully, and has made quite a few inroads to the Republican “establishment.” It is the world view that has been taught in most of our public school systems and universities for more than 60 years.

    So, if the Left has its way, as seems a fait accompli now, and we are to accept the assertion that anyone who espouses standards of behavior that restricts theirs is a bigot, racist, homophobic, etc., etc., then, there are no restrictions on behavior. Murder, rape, incest, lying, patricide, stealing, abortion for any reason, or no reason, or any other misuse of our God-given sexuality is permitted. In fact, such behavior is to be rewarded. Those who seek to maintain what were not long ago considered normal, ethical behavior are to be punished.

    Of course, if their premises are correct, they have no ground on which to stand to criticize those who oppose them. It is chaos. But, that’s what they want. Welcome to the “Transformed United States of America.” Soros, Obama, Al Gore, the Clintons and the rest of the Gramscian Socialists trained under the influence of Saul Alinsky have been successful beyond their wildest dreams. And, the American people have voted for this mess twice in 8 years, and are about to repeat their choice.

    PS: Another thing that needs to be cleared up in all our thinking is the mis-application of Marx’s term “capitalism.” In the discussion of economics, all societies, whether based on liberty and free enterprise, the proper term for what our system was, or fascism, which is a form of socialism, and not from the Right, or on communism, have two kinds of goods: “consumption goods,” those things we use, eat, etc., and “capital goods,” those things like farms, factories and businesses that produce the consumption goods. All socio-political economic systems, therefore have capital goods. The real question is, who owns and controls those goods determines the relative amount of liberty or freedom we have.

    So, from the 1930’s onward, the entire debate in the media and in our so-called schools of higher education, have been misrepresenting the entire argument. Even Rush and Levin don’t use the proper terminology when describing the battle. It is between private enterprise with, private ownership and control of capital goods, and the greatest Liberty, and fascism or communism, both of which have varying degrees of State control and ownership of capital goods, and therefore, decreasing degrees of personal freedom and Liberty.

  24. HOW does 3/10’s of one percent of the population get to decide which restrooms a person gets to use??? BECAUSE the LEFT says so!!!

  25. For thousands of years this hasn’t been an issue why now? What a bucket ‘o crap Rush…go snort some more pills jackass.

  26. At the end of the day, it’s rebellion against Gods values and morals. All rebellion at its root is rebellion against God. You can’t sow corn and exspect to get wheat. We sowed these seeds long ago, not just 5 years ago. We are reaping that harvest. This is what you get when you train a generation that there are no moral absolutes.

  27. To clear this up a little more, morality and ethics are the issues and the relative moral/ethical value of a policy/law/agenda is determined by its effectiveness in the area of survival potential. When a strong high-survival group or nation proposes laws or policies that enhance the survival of this theoretical group then there is your morality/ethics agenda and this is the measure of the rightness or wrongness of policy and law. This can be broken into four parts: (1) individual survival, (2) survival of the family and the nurturing of children, (3) survival of an ethical group and from there to (4) survival of our species. None of this is immoral or unethical. Those policies and laws that undermine the survival of any decent, high-survival group are immoral and unethical. To make this a little more clear, on the surface of it, ISIS would seem to be very survival oriented. It’s program of conquest and subjugation appears to be going well. It is slaughtering it’s enemies (enemies that have no quarrel with religious beliefs that differ from their own and want only to live their lives) and marching through the Middle East quite effectively. BUT, its actions have attracted the attention of an appalled world which includes many nations with the power to obliterate ISIS. This situation that ISIS has created is counter to its own survival and will ultimately rain down an horrific response from the more civilized states of Earth. So ethics and morality are synonymous with survival and where they are warped into countering survival they are unethical and immoral.

  28. Does not fly. I remember getting dirty looks for holding the door for women in the 70s. Now, the table is turned and women liberalism is actually supporting this! America had transgender restrooms for centuries. NYC port authority (bus terminal, trains et al), Jack Kerouac wrote about it in the 50s, men and women in the same room. If it didn’t work when people were better mannered, what makes these nuts think it will now that they’ve destroyed so much? How many rapes will take place now? Its the same with military, gays were excluded because of gay rape and kids committing suicide because of it. Dems lie and people die. It’s that simple. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa

  29. We gotta remember that the democratic party was the KKK party down south and ruled the south. Republicans freed the slaves not the democrats. So, why are we surprised, terribly surprised that the democrats have no morals or ethics or don’t care what others want, afterall they killed blacks with a white hood over their heads so they wouldn’t be identified. Has anything changed with them, they have just gone down the hole further, that’s all.

  30. Not by a jury of their peers! It would only be done by a jury of their QUEERS! No grand jury will ever indict a mother or father who were protecting their child from indecency ( THATS still a crime!) corruption of minors ( THATS still a crime!) or any sort of behavior that can be defined as molestation (THATS still a crime!)!!! What will end up happening is people boycotting Target stores (REALITY CHECK!) and fathers accompanying children to bathrooms and threatening bodily harm to someone violating their moral code! Hey queers! Go insist that Bruce Gender must be able to use a woman’s bathroom in a Muslim restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan, and see how quick Brice gets a little off the top, AND a lot off the bottom! Yeah…….that’s the ticket!

  31. I was once told (be a Very Wise One)…when in Doubt; Think like a Detective. Soooo 2 ‘What ifs’. ONE if I was a ‘pedophile’ n’ wanted More access to girls; I would ‘dress up’ kinda like a lady-and see what RR or BETTER yet-LOCKER, SHOWER, ROOM and see if I could find a girl…….TWO….If I was just a regular ‘guy/who was more of a ‘sickie’ than anything else’—hopped up with; hormones, Porn, and Constant need for ‘sex’…. would ‘dress up’ kinda like a lady-and see what RR or BETTER yet-LOCKER, SHOWER, ROOM and see if I could find a girl……. PS there could be MORE of these SCENES but here are two that Quickly COME TO MIND!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP SILENT QUIET STILL NON-TALKING AMERICAN!!! SPEAK UP WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I have always seen it that way only in simple terms.My view is that the far left doesn’t recognise sin as sin as in there is no such thing.

  33. All this is is (D) pushing to gain more (D) voters. They will use ANY ONE & use ANY Reason, to gain more ‘power’ to their ultimate goal, which is to have complete control over We, the People. I’d really like to know what the (D) obsession is with sex.
    WHY do liberals insist on using people for their own selfish gains? And why do these people allow themselves to used?
    Those of us with Common Sense, something else the liberal loons lack, KNOW opening Women’s bathrooms up to men WILL give the sickos more options to do their evil upon Women & Children.

  34. I don’t hang in the churches,and probably have a much stronger faith in Our Father Yahweh than alot of church leaders have. They have us doing christmas which is pagan and easter which is another pagan ritual and is a fertility ritual praising Istar, the queen of the heavens,and she has nothing to do with Our Father, but is of the devil. You can see how they were incorporated into the churches, just look at Halloween. They are now celebrating that at the churches when they have no business participating in it at all. The Bible says in End Times the earth be become as dark as it was in the days of Noah and Lot. Look around. It was the gays that Lot offered his daughters to because the Angels at his home with him and Noah were males and the gays were pounding at his door demanding to KNOW the men there. To Know a man or woman back then was to sleep with them. To have fellowship with them was the same thing,although they would have you think they just wanted to be friends. NO! They wanted to Screw the male Angels. Then it talks about What is Bad will become good,and what is Good will become bad,and how men would turn their lusts onto eachother and away from women,and women will have a big hand in them doing this. Well, look at the feminists.Now making girls register for the draft and fight in combat. The Bible says only a man of 21 or older is to go to war. You aren;t an adult until you are 21 and that too is in there. It also says how there will be all these Self Proclaimed Magi;s Wisemen but you put them all together and the amount of Wiseness they have you can fit on the head of a pin and STILL have plenty of room left. Every bit of this is in the Bible. It also speaks of the Great Whore the whole world will lust after and following her will surely bring on death to it’s followers. This Great Whore once had no people and then people appeared,and it is across a Great Sea. The Great Whore the Bible talks about is none other than the Good Ole USA. We have free will and the right to make our own minds up when it comes to right and wrong and even having love for Our Father Yahweh,all up to us. He doesn’t force us to do anything we don;t want to do. Don’t want to believe and trust in Him, it’s up to you. Love cannot be forced,and when it is, it isn’t love it is fright, and Our Father wants us to Love Him freely,and would never force us. It is the so called “Preachers” who force us. They aren’t supposed to Preach anyway,they are supposed to TEACH. This is why people don’t care to hear about the Bible. Preachers are no more than Motivational Speakers,and I can do that. it doesn’t mean I am qualified to lead a flock. The Methodist church forces their leaders to retire at 73. If you are teaching Yahweh’s word, you can never retire from that. I know I do have much stronger Faith and Trust in Our Father than alot of church leaders and alot more who will be sitting in those church pews Sunday for sure. I talk to Yahweh all the time here. I lost my husband in 2004 to cancer,he was 45. Sometimes I wonder if Yahweh wishes He would never have vaccinated me with a Victrola needle. haha Yes, I will ALWAYS stand up against evil for Our Father Yahweh. Oh, for those who don’t know, Yahweh is Our Father;s name in Hebrew. The word God is a generalization. Look at all the other “Gods” out there. Do they not have names? Have you never wondered about that? You must call Him Father, or Yahweh. So many are worshipping so many other gods, that we MUST make sure Our Father knows it is Him we talk about,and not another. To some, an xbox is their god, to others, it’s a label and for others, it’s money. They spend more time watching TV than they do even saying hello to Yahweh. Then this nation has the nerve to say God Bless America. well which god? Our Father Yahweh Blessed this Nation greatly,and what have the people done to thank Him for that? Look around, and I will end by saying, Need I say more?

  35. I think if these stores are going to agree on transgender bathrooms(Which grosses me out) then they should bear the expense of building a separate bathroom for them( where they can all be forced to go together, as they seem determined to force it on us! Everyone is involved, it is called kiss Ass liberalism and they are not all white!

  36. I agree with Rush Limbaugh 100%!

    The primary objective of Communists, Socialists, Liberals and Progressives to take control of the people, is to undress them, mentally, and socially from any previous decent, moral and christian values they had, so that they can “impose their sick ones” on all of us…

    America must fight back against these Social Gender and Racial Thugs, and put them back places… Their tirades have nothing to do with “Constitutional Rights”, but with their wicket and poisonous Agenda to destroy our Society!

    Stop all misguided Tolerance and Help Rescue America: VOTE TRUMP!


    Semper Fi.

  37. Alex Ferguson: And pray tell what was the GOP’s Southern strategy. Make sure you use language that my state certified college degree understands; and, by the Grace of God I am not poor Anna in any way.

  38. Places should just build a “transgender bathroom” specifically for theses individuals to use!!!! I also say that this ability to use any bathroom that one feels comfortable using
    will encourage sexual perverts to take advantage of women and children!!!!! About the time a sexual pervert rapes someone’s child all Hell is going to break loose and someone is gong to be killed!!!! What in God’s name has this Country become coming up with these cocamamie (sp.) ideas?!?!?!?

  39. Democrats are the real problem in America. Ignorant, lazy, lying, thieving crooks called Democrats. Best to STOP feeding and supporting these maggot scum. Be Diligent!

  40. This is a very astute observation. But it has been coming since America has deiced God is not real. As long as America continues to refuse to accept God, and the righteous living, America will NOT be blessed again.


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