This GOP Candidate’s Home State Wants Him To Drop Out of the Race

It looks like more people have had enough of John Kasich staying in the Republican presidential primary. A new poll reveals nearly half of all voters in Ohio believe their governor should call it quits.

Here’s the report from Newsmax:

“A Public Policy Polling survey released Monday shows some 49 percent of voters in the Buckeye States believe Kasich should end his quest for the White House, with just 38 percent saying he should stay in.

“That finding is a far cry from two months back when just 34 percent thought he should bid adieu to the race versus 52 percent who believed he should keep going.

The poll also found that 49 percent of Ohio voters believe Kasich’s presidential bid has ’caused him to pay insufficient attention to his Gubernatorial duties,’ with just 31 percent saying he is giving enough attention to them.

His approval ratings have also headed south, with 46 percent of voters approving of Kasich and 40 percent disapproving. That compares to the 54 percent approval rating and 36 percent disapproval rating he had in March.

Update: It’s better late than never – Kasich finally agrees with the growing number of Ohio voters. On May 4 after Trump’s big win in Indiana, CNBC reported that Kasich has decided to suspend his campaign.

Do you think this is the last presidential run for John Kasich, or will he give it another shot in 2020?

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