Conservative Columnist: Hillary Presidency Will Make US a ‘Banana Republic’

Conservative columnist Mark Steyn on Monday said that “nominal Republicans” who say they will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for president are acting “insane.”

Steyn, guest hosting on The Rush Limbaugh Show, was especially disappointed with two of his friends, satirist P.J. O’Rourke and Max Boot, who was Steyn’s editor at the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s the report of Steyn’s remarks from

“Hillary is the embodiment of corruption and, therefore, the death of the republic. 

“To decide for someone on the take from Saudi princes, someone’s whose managed to deliver 20 percent of U.S. uranium into control of the Russians, someone whose husband has been credibly accused of rape and flies around with a known pedophile, and yet Hillary to these guys is who they’re going to be supporting in November.

The Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency will be the death of the republic and the complete descent into banana republic status.” 

Harsh words from Mark Steyn, but unfortunately, we can’t disagree with him. Corruption is the hallmark of third-world banana republics in Central and South America. And the Clintons have over 30 years of documented corruption in Arkansas and Washington D.C.

Do you agree with Steyn’s take that a Hillary presidency would make the United States a banana republic?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


    • While I totally agree with Mark’s comments about Hillary, the same things can be said about Trump. They are two peas in a pod; either one could bring about the downfall of our nation. What a deplorable mess we got ourselves into.

      • Hey, Zitsky! You’re great with the name calling, but woefully ignorant to the point of being unable to provide facts….i.e., you’re a typical liberal. Go play in traffic while the adults discuss reality here, sans the schoolyard insults.

        • sox,
          I am an ex-proud, South Side Chicagoan, life long SOX fan and ex-Democrat!!
          You are so right!!!
          PS. I was at the first game of the ’59 World Series!!

    • The morons that voter for her will be the death of this nation. It has been truly said that a people get the government that they deserve. Wake up people.

  1. Agree completely with Steyn. The Clinton’s have been allowed to commit their crimes because our criminal justice system is fixed to protect those in high places.

  2. Thanks to Ogayboy, and his muslime minions, we are already damn close to a ‘banana republic” voting for cankles the liar,will finish the job.

      • You must be a anti–Mmerican killery-loving a-hole if you can’t understand. Or a MUSLIME-loving a-hole too. I guess Communism is your preferred choice. I feel sorry for you…..maybe YOU should move to a Country that will accept you, and leave we-freedom-loving AMERICANS alone.

        • …freedom to hate? Freedom to discriminate, shoot down innocent people in the street; ruin nature; create wars/murders for economic stability and have a state religion ? Maybe freedom to build a wall instead of just granting citizenship? Freedom to regurgitate what ever fascist FOX whispers in your ear? Freedom not to think.

          • That sounds like you have the SCUMOCRAT playbook down pretty pat. Go ahead fool, VOTE for Killery and watch the Country go further down the crapper with the rest of your “progressive”/commuinist/Marxist buddies. As said in this blog anyone that would even THINK of voting for HER is a MORON. a damn FOOL. or just plain ignorant..

          • Go ahead, fool and VOTE for your Best Buddy CLINTON. TRUMP is all that stands behind you and the women wearing burkas and sharia law in a town near you. Hope you like socialism. NO vote for TRUMP is a vote for CLINTON , so be a stubborn ass and stay at home.

          • I would and do love socialism, since I was 9 yrs. old. I learned it in a Baptist church from the teachings of the Christ, Jesus, particularly ‘the Sermon on the Mount’ . I bet you love it too since your life is surrounded by socialist ideas . Since the first tax dollar went to fund a fire department, pig department, public schools; street department; highway department; food and housing allotments, your Governor’s pay check; museums… have been in a socialist society. In socialist countries they celebrate tax day because the money is used to better the quality of life for the people unlike here. If our knowledge of the world ends at our borders then we deserve what we have but if we look beyond we discover that the boogeyman isn’t real. Trump is an insult to intelligence, compassion and American ethics, a fascist.

          • If YOU DO love your “socialism” Use one of OUR many freedoms and move your socialist BUTT OUT of MY Country…Perhaps CUBA where you can get a taste of how your “beloved” socialism/communism really works. Maybe after you give up all you own and earn to the “government” (that basically own everything) and the military dictators you just may change your tune FOOL. (ever wonder WHY Cuban are floating over here on anything they can find?) maybe so they can actually get a bite to eat that isn’t regulated by those “socialist” dictators you seem to be so FOND of.

          • Socialist countries are ether broke or getting there. See the riots going on in Venezuela? They ran out of free stuff and they’re the 6th largest oil producing nation in the world. You invoke Jesus Christ, he believed in a hand up not a life time of free stuff. People that are too stupid to exploit capitalism for themselves want socialism. Capitalism works #Trump2016!

          • h m rowland, Jesus did not come to earth to advocate a political philosophy, but a personal responsibility. NOWHERE in the New Testament did Jesus OR the apostles advocate that government should act like Robin Hood and “take from the rich to give to the poor.” Incidentally, our system of government does not advocate that the government should be in charge of the means of production (“Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production, as well as the political ideologies, theories, and movements that aim at their establishment.–Wikipedia, “Socialism”). Our taxation allows money to be pooled for social works, but that is far different from the political doctrine of Socialism. Most people who advocate “Socialism” only do so as long as the government spending is for these peoples’ pet projects, but no so much when government spending is for projects they do not like. Of course, there is always that wonderful quote from Dame Edith Thatcher: “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money”. The secondary problem with “Socialism” is that in most countries that espouse this political and economic philosophy, it is not the rich who pay (whose money is often in land, or who can afford to otherwise shelter their income, and who often have great mobility–they can afford to pick up and move to another country with a less-burdensome tax structure). It is the middle class, who cannot afford the tax shelters or the tax attorneys, cannot afford to move, and must bear much of the tax burden. You might want to read “Atlas Shrugged”, by Ayn Rand.

          • Freedom to do, say, and be what you want within the CONSTRAINTS OF THE LAW(Constitution not PC) There will ALWAYS be discrimination because some people always want to carry things to extreme within the norm, Create wars/murders? As for wars, you got that backwards, we should protect not create, as for as murders, again people carry things to the extreme either for attention or unaccountablity for their actions. State religion?? Please!! try no religion!! Yes, build a wall to keep out ILLEGAL DRUGS AND PEOPLE! As for as freedom to regurgitate what fascist Fox whispers in your ear, go to work and turn the TV OFF!! Freedom not to think? That’s what got us into the problem we are now in!!

          • I agree with some of what you say. I appreciate that you are a thinking and thoughtful person, a rare trait and refreshing change from the ignorance which is the norm on this blog…thank you. That said, the wall is not gong to happen. Illegals, according to the 14th amendment do not, can not exist in our country. “Illegals”, if you fact check pay in more than they take out of the system and commit single digit crime numbers. Sadly President Obama has deported more people than any other president . I believe in ‘you want to be a citizen you are a citizen’ …period. As far as drugs, well if you look at history the’ illegal’ GHWBush was bringing cocaine into the country, you remember “Irangate’. The government/CIA has more to do with drugs than neighbors without citizenship. The drugs are used to help decrease population and to feed the privatized prisons (a ridiculous system )for contributions . Just to ease your mind I don’t have a TV but I know many who spit back what they hear on FOX like it carries some sort of weight in a conversation of legitimacy . Ex.– a friend said he watched a program on FOX called ‘Terrorism Up Military Funding Down’…and we were in tears with laughter as neither is true. But stupid manipulative propaganda is sucked up by rubes. This TV tunnel vision, as you know, makes it impossible to have intelligent conversation with a large percentage of the populace. Peace to you Karen . In great societies the people care about and stand up for the needs of their neighbors .

    • Actually if you ‘factcheck’ your statement you’ll discover that per 1000 words Secretary Clinton lies or misrepresents 26% ; while Mr. Trump is at 59%.

      • Maybe you had better “factcheck” your facts Hitlery has been LYING for YEARS. From Arkansas to carpet bagging to N.Y. state to Washington DC . (and never stopped) Kinda hard top beat THAT record no matter HOW HARD Trump tries. ALSO I guess you believe that that “video” caused the attacks and deaths In Bengazi??? HUH?? Wise UP.

      • If you where to check the “Factcheck” you would also find out that if you take into consideration the years she has been lying (just lying and not “misrepresentations”) you might not be surprise that it’s more like 98.7 % versus less than one %. Besides, her lies have cost lives. Many lives.

        • Old dude I did ‘factcheck’ and presented those facts but I forgot that you pretend conservatives (rubes, gun tottin’ rascist homophobes and tea baggers) don’t understand the meaning/definition of the word ‘fact’. If you can break away from your Saturday night family circle jerk please document your presented numbers .

          • Will most certainly follow your asenine suggestion as soon as you promise to reduce your intake of kool aid.
            Don’t trust me ? Just look at the fact: how is your feedback from readers on this site. Don’t like the site ? Just go to where imbeciles are welcomed.
            Should’nt be that hard to figure, but if you need help, do not hesitate to call Hillary.

          • Then explain this Mr. all you just called Old One. If in fact the Clinton’s are not racist, why is there a sign coming into Hope, Arkansas that is behind Welcome to Hope Arkansas Home of Bill &Hillary Clinton that “SPECIFICALLY STATES” (and I quote)
            “Don’t let the Sun go down on your black ass”?
            And don’t dare deny it to me. I have the picture from a visit there!

            They are liars to the marrow!

          • Agreed. But being used to lie as often as they open their mouths, the Clintons do not know, do not want to know what the meaning of the word is. Being delusional is only the minor part of their trait. It’s the cunning and the murdering that happens around them that is frightening. Now, I’m not saying they are responsible, because I cannot prove it, but few others in the US would have dodged (not only the draft) by jail, pure and simple. BUt yes you are correct, let us not feed the Troll.

          • Only to the ignorant, I have the same problem everyday when I am forced to deal with fascist Indiana rubes, but not by the intelligent empathetic thoughtful human beings. Being thought to be silly only tells me about you and that you’re not exactly phi beta kappa and that you probably think Harvard is just a type of beet. But thanks for your opinion .

          • Semi- retired engineer and you’re not only ignorant, but playground bully insulting. And, yes, you still sound mostly must plain silly.

          • Well congratulations on your employment. Its strange to me that I, and others , make opinion and in return get called foul ugly names and then get called more for responding . This manipulative blog is no idea exchange but is certainly an interesting sociological study. It is fascinating that a high percentage of these folks only want to hear their own voice and voices who say the same; after many years of pondering the question “what is the sound of one hand clapping?”…now I know. I have little understanding of those who have so little desire to digest thought different from their own . Many just post lies and disinformation and do not want to be challenged or corrected, thinking and debate are unwanted mental exercise which is sad. Ignorance without substance is mostly the situation found here and I just can’t pass it by, I admit my weakness and inability to just allow stupid to pass but stupid is a great danger to our society. I may be a bully I will consider that . I am not upset by the few who respond in intelligent form and have interesting talks exchanging ideas but I have a strong intolerance for ignorance and lies. I don’t call names on a personal level but push buttons on a group level, yes. Your response is not understanding of the personal attacks I receive let alone the ones upon my dead mother who has nothing to say on any of these issues and you seem to condone that as you have never stood up for me when these arrows are flung. The actions and words don’t bother me but the closed minded idiocy fires me up, there is NO, ZERO EXCUSE for bigotry, ignorance or perpetuating inaccurate information. Repeating lies and spin of those with a propagandist agenda is infuriating and pointless. I admit I enjoy poking a sleeping dog with a stick and inciting stupid to be stupider(excuse my intended misspelling ) seems to offer this manipulative Scorpio nature reason to dance. There’s the honesty . Manipulation is a game, one that I have nurtured through fine art, advertising, baseball, politics, writing, teaching, cooking, music and from the pulpit. I was born on what the great intuitive, Alice Bailey, would define as the’ 4th ray ‘….harmony through conflict, that certainly has proven to be true over the years, its an hourly occurrence even when I’m alone, its my nature, my MO. Trust me, I totally understand Mr. Trump and his control of the media and of the ignorant masses. I loathe Trump’s weakness. What’s that he said, “he started it”. I have a good, big heart, generous to a fault and a loyal friend, manipulation is just pitching the ball to see who swings and at what . Thanks for swinging, you reached first on a passed ball. Peace to you and to your world.

          • You are indeed unique and exquisite. And slightly full of yourself. Some might say, a legend in your own mind. Have a great day. I’ve work to get done.

          • That’s not all I’m full of, I’m sure you’ll agree. I shared honestly with you however. Honesty is still a thing, right? Many blessings .

      • You must have dyslexia, which means you get things backwards. Hitlery is a known Pathological LIAR who Lies most of the Time. In fact, she was Fired off the Watergate Commission by a Democrat Prosecutor for continuously LYING, Apparently you Don’t know about her Lying when she was on the Watergate Commission, or you just Condone Hitlery’s Pathological LYING. Have you forgotten her LIES about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia when everyone saw the News that showed she was greeted by government people with flowers, there was NO sniper fire. Did you forget about her LYING about Benghazi when her Emails showed that she knew it was a Terrorist attack and not caused by some phony You Tube video. So either you have dyslexia or are aBrain Numb robot.

          • Apparently your Pea Size Brain with an IQ of a 2 year old can’t understand English. Just Keep Denying the Truth and why do you HATE America A##hole?

          • I don’t hate my country, did I say that? I do not agree with selfish fascist right wing goals if that’s what you mean . I was asking for a restatement of your post because it made no sense, still doesn’t .

          • Hey Moron, Fascism does not equate with right wing Patriots, It is the half brother of Communism, Socialism, Nazism are all Left Wing Anti American Sc#mbags. Apparently I am going to try and educate your Pea Brain with NO Common Sense. If your Pea brain can’t comprehend my post showing the Truth about the Pathological Liar also known as Hitlery Clinton then you are Dumber than I thought. Why do you still Hate America?

          • As reported by the New York Times early at the beginning of the “Ignorance Project”(the fascian party primaries ) “78% of republicans polled do not know one “ism” from another.” Not hard to see considering the fascist right attacks on education specifically civics, history and science; not to mention the most important, theatre, music, art and literature. Matt Lewis,( right wing strategist), in his book “To Dumb to Fail” Mr. Lewis reveals the plan to “broaden the base by attracting the stupid” since 2012…enter Donald Drumpf or Trump as he calls himself. You can find Lewis ‘s book on amazon or you can google a map to your local bookstore. When asked by Bill Maher how he thought the targeted group would react to his book he said, “The don’t read, we’re counting on that .”

            You missed some memos my friend such as the financial support of Hitler by American Nazis such as Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, Rockefeller, DuPonts, G H Walker, Brown and Harriman and other right wing industrialists. J. Edgar Hoover closed down Prescott’s bank for his actions . Then you have the far right wing fascist coup in “63. The murders of Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, Sen. Paul Wellstone and JFK Jr. factor in Vietnam and continuous war since ’63 and you’re staring into the face of…fascism-a government which bases its economy on going to war. Look into the right wing think tank “Project for a New American Century” which, thanks to their manipulation in the 2000 election, let’s call it a sub coup, with their buddy Scalia elected a president . It had to be “W” a dummy bobble head in the White House so the fascists in that group could pull off 9/11, the pretend war in Iraq, the Patriot(like you)Act and subsequent plan to “create conflicts on many fronts simultaneously ” . You may recognize some members ; Wolfowitz , Cheney, Rumsfeld and Jeb, not dems Iwo. History won’t show you anything though, you are afraid to allow that, but you have plenty of company. On a social level we are socialists, you know like things tax funded for the collective good; Street , Fire , Police Departments, the military, public housing, the mayor’s pay check, food allotment and schools . The fascists are not about collective good but center on ‘me’ and ‘mine’. he mayor’s pay check and schools . The fascists are not about collective good but center on ‘me’ and ‘mine’.

          • Hey Moron, where did you get all this BS about Fascists being Republicans? Guaranteed, it came from some DemocRAT NAZI Anti American POS. First of all the Gulf of Tonkin resolution came under LBJ and the DemocRAT controlled Congress. Apparently your Pea Brain can’t comprehend that Fascism, Socialism, Nazism. Communism, are almost Identical, They come from the same Mother but different Fathers which makes them half brothers. You are nothing but a Brain Dead Nazi Socialist LIAR who is run by the Anti American DemocRAT Party. Why do you still Hate America?

          • LMFAO! Not much on knowledge but you’re strong on der herr da herr. You’re a good dude and very funny, peace .

          • It seems that your knowledge of the Real Truth is Limited to only DemocRAT talking points which is nothing but Fake news. As a registered Democrat for over 50 years and having seen the Real Truth, I need to try and impart the Real Truth unless your Pea brain will not accept the Truth. Why do you hate America?

          • …’Democratic’ talking points would be the proper form of the word Democrat in this situation. I’m not sure if it was FOX fascist news or Quaalude Limbaugh but someone has many of you changing proper English in this same manner. I guess the Fascican powers that suck out your brains don’t want you to equate Democrat with democracy or democratic, silly, but whatever it takes it seems. I heard Ann Coulter, the fascist blonde bimbo bank teller, on Bill Maher’s show last week use the same improper form… and she calls herself a writer. Do they make you say ‘Republic’ talking points or ‘Fasci’ talking points? See? ‘Democrat’ refers to ‘one’, the singular form as you used it in your second sentence, good boy! Thanks so much for switching parties.

          • Your Idiotic Blog shows everyone that you are a Complete Total Moronic Left Wing Nazi Fascist POS. The word is and has always been Democrat aka DemocRAT Party. When it comes to brains, all you Anti American Left Wing POS’s have NO Brains since you Sc#mbags all have Pea size Brains encased in a Cement Head. You and your Ilk have NO Common Sense and just sit in your Basement in your underwear and Play with yourself. Get a Life and Quit Hating America you Anti American Nazi Fascist Sc#mbag

          • A Democrat is A member of the Democratic Party who may attend the Democratic Convention and help decide the Democratic platform for Democrats. I know that three forms of the same word is difficult for you and that it’s mind boggling. The Republican party kept it simple for their base. See Dick run. Run Dick run you are a Republican . You and Spot are Republicans. Run Dick , run Spot to the Republican Convention. Look Dick, Look Spot the Republicans are at the Republican convention nit twits.

          • HEY A##HOLE, the DemocRAT Party only started calling themselves the Democratic Party about a year ago since they were tired of Patriotic Americans like myself referring to them as the DemocRAT Party which as you can see the emphasis is on RAT which fits Vermin like you and the rest of your Ilk. Your Idiotic blog is Dumber than Dog Sh#t which shows that you and the rest of your Anti American Left wing Nazi Fascists have Sh#t for Brains. Why do you hate America?

          • Ahh, I see you put a picture of yourself online. As for homes, mine is bought and paid for and worth over 200 thousand. You need to go get a job and get out of your mommy’s basement and quit playing with yourself you POS Sc#mbag America Hater

          • h m rowland, I don’t want to insert myself in the midst of this discussion, which I have been reading with some interest, but the word “Fascian” does not exist in any of my dictionaries, my encyclopedia, or on the internet. Could you direct me towards where you found the word “Fascian”?

          • Ah! OK. “Dawn breaks on marble head…” (as we used to say in Massachusetts, where “Marblehead” is a town 18 miles north of Boston that I used to frequent occasionally).

          • Apparently, you hate the US Constitution, America, the Bill of Rights, and what they stand for. What you are attempting is the same thing Hitler and his Third Reich were doing.
            All you have to do is raise your intellectual level from less than your shoe size and you could understand exactly what iwojimafan stated. But then again, what can you expect from True Fascist Illiterates?

          • haa haaa LMAO! You folks are so easy! I’m no fascist illiterate, I’m not republican. Although, I would vote republican over the current corporate fascst offering who is being hated, feared and laughed at around the world, they think were not stupid enough to do this to them …but we are . Cutting our own throats .

          • If you do not understand the truth in plain American English. Then maybe you should be deported back to Idiotsbad, Afghanistan! I’m sure they’ll love you there with you Baaaa baaaa!

          • Then explain this Mr. all you just called Old One. If in fact the Clinton’s are not racist, why is there a sign coming into Hope, Arkansas that is behind Welcome to Hope Arkansas Home of Bill &Hillary Clinton that “SPECIFICALLY STATES” (and I quote)
            “Don’t let the Sun go down on your black ass”?
            And don’t dare deny it to me. I have the picture from a visit there!

            They are liars to the marrow

        • We’re gonna “fact check” U molester-mac, and C jes how long U molested yo tramp daughters B 4 they ran away from home 2 get away from U, boy.

      • It doesn’t matter who lies and who tells the truth, If you’re not doing your job it doesn’t matter what you say. If you have cost our military lives, it doesn’t matter matter what lies are told. If you are responsible for the decline of America it matters. When you’re at fault, you are at fault and should stand up and take the blame. Hillery should be hung publicly so all can all see she can do us no more harm.

      • Sorry, it’s the other way around. There is nothing to “factually” verify the Donald Trump has lied. Though he has been “misquoted”.
        Hitlery the Hun has been known (as well as Slick Willy) that every word from their mouths (even IF) is a blatant lie. Besides some adverbs, nouns, adjectives, etc etc, everything except vowels from the Clinton’s are lies!

      • According to Garp maybe? Who is Garp? What is Hillary Clinton? She is certainly not the embodiment of an American woman who cares about her country. She is cow manure! And, that’s a compliment!

        • Secretary Clinton has spent her entire adult life in service to the people and you were doing what? You’ve been sitting around cutting up and name calling those who accomplish so you feel better about your own existence ?

      • So it boils down to we only have the choice of a liar selected by one of the two political parties. Ain’t that just great. Is this what we have devolved into?

        • That seems to be the sad truth, the one with the fewest lies wins. I was hoping that some intelligent blogger would find the deeper meaning behind that post, thank you. I’m not sure that its devolving as much as a continuation. We are a society built on lies, it is the reason our shaky foundation. I think its been worse since the coup in ’63 and even more lie based since 9/11. They figured if we would swallow those big lies then we’d buy anything …we are the enablers of liars, thieves and murderers.

  3. And what is/was the agreements to be as lop sided as the Iran fiasco?

    Liberals all need a pimp to keep their brains polluted so their bodies will function!

  4. What do you mean, she will make us a banana republic. Obama already has the train heading in that direction and it’s picking up speed daily. Her responsibility is to complete the job for him when, and if, he leaves office.Not sure what the objectives of the Republican party are any more, but the progressive/socialists are all in lock-step on their objective. Too bad the conservatives, what few remain of them, down at the RNC can’t do do the same for our side.

  5. I remember conservatives saying that electing Bill Clinton might represent the end of the American Republic too. Instead, we got eight of the best years of economic growth and peacefulness of the past 100. When Bush seized power in 2000, after failing to get elected by the people, then, the economy crashed in a big way. Conservatives are wrong so often that I’m surprised that they don’t get lost on the way to the bathroom.

    • You forgot Bill was riding on Reagans coat tails. When it started to come apart with his interference the economy went to hell in a hand basket. Clinton, as long as he was guided by Newt Geingritch things were fine. When he started deviating towards the end of his term things started going downhill. Remember the dot com and the housing down turn …that was Clinton. You liberals don’t want to remember what really happened.

      • You mean the murderous CIA coattails of ‘read my lips no new taxes’, ‘poor George … he was born with a silver foot in his mouth’ GHWBush not the union busting(why wages stay flat)Reagan.

    • every positive thing Bill did was because of the Republican Congress led by Gingrich; otherwise he would have been another Obama failure.

      • BS…total BS. you probably don’t know this since fascist FOX won’t tell you President Obama’s job approval has gone up every month since January and is now at 54%, 45% higher than any potus at the same point in their term. He’s been a good president, an adult serving the people and the office with grace and dignity.

    • Zinsky (putz),
      1. The ’94 elections saved Clinton’s presidency. He moved to the center and enacted many of the “Contract for America” policies authored by Newt.
      2. The tech boom of the 90’s was also a major factor in Clinton’s economy.
      3. The 911 attack on our nation hit the economy to the tune of one TRILLION dollars in the first month after the attack.
      4. Bush and Congress lowered tax rates in 2002 and record highs in the market were realized. Unemployment went down to 5%….despite the tremendous hit on the economy from the 911 attack. The economy didn’t “crash” until 2006.
      5. The economy tanked after the 2006 DEMOCRAT takeover of Congress AND the sub-prime mortgage fiasco mostly brought on by DEMOCRATS.
      Your turn……..

  6. How anyone can vote for Benghazi Clinton is beyond me. Even the worst Republican is a hundred times better than she is…

  7. Banana Republics have been a mainstay of Central and South American Countries, it explains the mass exodus Northward to the U.S. for 7 decades. If she becomes President for more than 24 hours we too will be condemned to the same rotten existence as the ones that sought to escape to Freedom and prosperity; only we do not have anywhere to escape to now, and like cornered rats should fight to the death resisting that outcome.

  8. tell me some thing i do not already know she is only a bigger communist than obama and like obama she only wants to destroy the constitution and make the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west a completely communist country

    • It was her and the Cabal she belongs too that put Obama in office. Remember the election of 2008, when both of them disappeared for a weekend after strong adversity against each other on the campaign. They went to a Bilderberg meeting after which they returned and Hillary was to be Sec. of State after ceasing all resistance to the Obama nomination. Now I worry that they are moving on Trump; I say this because he is meeting with Kissinger who is one of the Principle Nazi players of that group.

  9. If we’re not going to be a banana republic by the time Obama leaves office, then she will definitely finish the job!! Mark Steyn is 100% correct.

  10. The Clintons are probably the most corrupt, the most diabolical, politicians around, certainly In the history of our country. I wouldn’t vote for her for the position of catcher of rabid dogs. The dogs deserve better.

  11. Mr. Steyn is on the mark with his opinion. Ms, Clinton would be worse than Obama and a disgrace to the nation’s integrity. We must just say “NO” to Ms. Clinton!

  12. The OWO will fix the election for her and as soon as she goes for the guns , her term will be very short lived as I hear it every day . She will cause a civil war and many of those who are stupid enough to vote for this lying murder will be caught up in the war and hiliarys SS will kill them just like the rogue Ss(FBI) that shot the unarmed man in an ambush with his hands in the air in Oragon a couple of months ago! No one in Obumbo’s SS went to jail !

  13. If I thought Obozo was going to allow elections I’d be worried but, not going to happen as this new male Hitler would give way to a female Hitler as they only steal and rob the dumb, stupid and blind robots of the left.

  14. I completely agree with Steyn. Neither Hillary Clinton nor her husband (I love to get sex in the Oval Office) Bill Clinton can be trusted. Donald Trump is an excellent negotiator, can
    close a deal, and actually get things done. I want a strong person in the White House like Donald Trump, if he have trouble with Putin or North Koryea. Clinton is a wimp.

  15. FLASH to the conservative columnist—-we’ve been a banana republic since 1963, duh. Trumptard and his mama will be thrilled about the bananas …

  16. As opposed to a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, liar, sexist, multiple bankruptcies, multiple business failures, immature, the response control of a child, cheated on two of his wives, two divorced, had one business bailed out by a Saudi prince, vain, complete clueless when it comes to both domestic and foreign pilicy. Yeah, you’re really giving us a sterling example of a choice. Let’s not forget that he’s a 69 year old running around with a spray tan. He also thinks that because he attended a military themed high school he knows what it’s like to serve in the military. So tell me again why you’re opposed to Hillary.

          • I learned from the Libs. I was in Chicago in ’68 do you remember the Days of Rage? I do. Come and get me ASS HOLE I WILL TAKE YOU OUT

          • That was a great summer Charlisse, I had just finished 7th grade and saw every minute of those old school conversations and those great riots … human beings against the piggies, ahhh, those were the days ! Orioles vs. Tigers in the world series Mickey Lolich won 30 games and Denning McClain won 31. Hubert Humphrey won the vote of the people and Tricky Dick Nixon became president, “Prescott’s lap licker” at my house. The great Senator Robert Kennedy was murdered by Reich wing fascists Troublesome times.

  17. i doubt she will leave us better off than guatamala obama’s junta cannot prevail or we are lost,and some version of idi amin will be barbecueing goats on the whitehouse lawn and it will be shamefully re-named the ”outhouse” by the locals in all probability

  18. I doubt it for Obama has already made it a Banana Republic. Hillary might try to make a Plantain Republic and then take out the Republic out of the equation.

  19. Wow!!…That’s so right on target it’s scary….the kool ade drinks that just want a woman should have been stunned by her annoucement to put Bill in charge of the Economics ….but goose steepers just don’t get it…

  20. Clinton’s ties o Islam are clear to anyone with open minds. Her closest staff member is an Islamic with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In her time as S of S she did nothing for the plight of women in Muslim countries or any other. She mocked a child while defending her rapist. She has mocked and slandered women defiled by her husband. She has made it clear she would cede much of America’s control to the United Nations thugs and thieves. Of which she is one, siphoning funds from “her” charity as she please, attempting to remove items of value when leaving the WH. On and on her list grows and we must NEVER FORGET HER ROLE IN BLOODY BENGHAZI!

  21. The “death of the republic”? Really? Mark Steyn is clearly vying for a position in Donald Trump’s cabinet- Secretary of Hyperbole.

      • h m Rowland- Thank you for your response. “fascist weasel”? Really? I’m originally from Alabama and no fan of Jeff Sessions. He has demonstrated exceedingly poor judgment during his time in office, but after all, he is a conservative Republican and that goes with the territory. But I wouldn’t call him a fascist. Do you know something about him that you would like to share?

  22. Yeah, those eight years of Bill Clinton as president really turned us into a “banana republic”, didn’t they? The economic growth and job creation made St. Ronnie Raygun’s presidency look sick. Conservatives couldn’t recognize good governance if it jumped up and bit them in the nutsack!

  23. One thing that Hillary has proven is that the Clinton Clan is above the law. Well, at least when it comes to being prosecuted for known criminal activity and high treason.. For some reason there is not a single federal prosecutor who will indict any of them for their crimes. I fail to understand how anyone can drag a trail of over 60 suspicious deaths around without someone opening a few of the cases. One, for instance, is the suicide of Vince Foster and there being two bullet wounds in the back of his skull. More recently the Clintons have been connected with the sale of over 20% of mined uranium in the US to Russia and also the receipt of some $100 millions from Saudi Arabia to their ‘charity’ Clinton Foundation. Last I will mention, but not the least is the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi while Hillary was Sec State. Their level of corruption and criminality is beyond belief, but they all lie about lying and expect us all to take their word as gospel. Some people are so far beyond evil they are satanic.

  24. Hillary gets in we will stop being a banana republic and go straight to a communist society.Obama has all the tools and laws in place to rule with force….

  25. Hitlery wont make it to the primary Joe Biden will replace her I am positive of this she’s finish .Base it on the IG report every discovery is a felony .

  26. Yes, Killary will finish destroying our country. She will continue Obummers policies and the Supreme Court she picks will destroy our constitution, bill of rights and 2nd amendment. Only an idiot will vote for her.

  27. unfortunately he vis right. any one voting for Hillary, are traitors, they will be responsible for the crash of the leading free country left. all because they are ignorant. I am concerned that there are more of them then us..

  28. Hillary is going to be president…I know because she’s already changed the votes to be in her favor. She’s won by 3 million….

  29. Conservatives turned Cuba into a TRUE banana Republic for about 53 years now.

    When will Congress remove the economic sanctions, embargo of Cuba, TEA Party Troglodytes?


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