Neo-Con Kristol Announces This Potential Threat to Donald Trump

Neoconservative political operative Bill Kristol announced May 29th that an independent candidate will enter the presidential race to challenge both Donald Trump and the Democratic Party nominee.

Kristol, the editor of the Weekly Standard, has been trying for months to find a third-party challenger since his preferred candidates lost in the Republican primaries to Trump. Now, just weeks after meeting with Mitt Romney to talk about a third-party run, Kristol hinted on Twitter that his plot is coming to fruition.

Here’s the report from

“Kristol made his announcement on the same day that Gary Johnson locked up the Libertarian Party nomination for president. However, the Libertarian Party is not an “independent” ticket.

“Kristol has floated names including Mitt Romney, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio as potential third-party spoilers to run on his ‘Latter-Day Republicans’ ticket. He recently met with Romney in Washington, D.C., to talk about the idea.

“The Republican National Committee has already condemned Kristol’s third-party scheme as ‘helping to elect Hillary Clinton.’

“Kristol’s attempt to get retired Marine Corps general James Mattis to run failed when Mattis turned him down.”

This seems to be a Don Quixote-like mission on Mr. Kristol’s part. Conservative and Republican voters have resounding rejected establishment politicians – like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio – and Kristol wants to run another similar candidate, and as an independent?

These kind of candidates didn’t even pass muster in the Republican party, and we doubt they’ll be more popular to unaffiliated and/or Democratic voters. This looks like Kristol wants to run a “revenge candidate” because Republicans and conservatives didn’t select an establishment man for the presidential nominee.

Do you think Bill Kristol will actually get an independent presidential candidate launched – and on the ballot in time in all 50 states?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


  1. Kristol is not a neo-con, if that means new-conservative. He is a neo-Fascist, not far removed from the Fascists in the Democrat Party. He would sell America down the rotten river of socialism where the rest of us would drown.


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