WSJ Editor: Trump Deserves This So GOP Voters ‘Learn Their Lesson’

The Republican establishment still doesn’t get the message that voters have sent this primary season, and here’s another example.

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria May 29, Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens says that he wants Donald Trump to be the “biggest loser in presidential history,” so that his brand of “ethnic conservatism or populism is so decisively rebuked” that Republicans will “forever learn their lesson.”

Here are more of Stephen’s remarks as reported by Real Clear Politics:

“I most certainly will not vote for Donald Trump. I will vote for the least left-wing opponent to Donald Trump and I want to make a vote to make sure that he has – that he is the biggest loser in presidential history since, I don’t know, Alf Landon or going back further. It’s important that Donald Trump and what he represents – this kind of ethnic quote ‘conservatism,’ or populism be so decisively rebuked that the Republican party, the Republican voters will forever learn their lesson that they cannot nominate a man so manifestly unqualified to be president in any way, shape or form. So they have to learn a lesson in the way perhaps Democrats learned from McGovern in ’72. George Will said let’s have him lose in 50 states. Why not Guam, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, too?”

Sorry Bret, it’s not Republican voters who need to “learn their lesson,” but tone-deaf elites like you. Conservatives were told we had to “hold our nose and vote for the nominee” in 2008 and 2012 when John McCain and Mitt Romney were nominated. Even though they were far from conservative, none of the establishment said that voters shouldn’t support them in the general election.

But when an outsider like Trump looks to have won the nomination, the elites howl in protest like scalded dogs. The Republican establishment seems hell-bent on keeping Trump out of the White House, even if it means the party’s self-destruction.

Do you think that Mr. Stephens and other elites protesting Donald Trump will backfire on them and cause the GOP to lose registered voters and influence?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


  1. Here is an alert for Bret Stevens, American traitor: If the Democrats win in 2016 there will never be another Republican Party. Most of us will form another party—that is, those of us who don’t leave the “union” or take up arms against the Fascists and Marxists in charge of the phony United States.

    • Let’s say anti-American traitor. If Trump loses, America is going to shit. I am with you on all points. If it were the 1960-70’s arms would have already been used. If that is what it takes to save the America we know then so be it.

      • We can all help get Trump elected. Send him a campaign contribution. We cannot afford to lose this election. Hillaryand the Democrsts are going to do everything they can to steal this election. If they do it’s Adios, America (as Ann coulter so succinctly said). There IS no re-do, no second chance.

      • The only answer is a rope, a firing squad or a needle!! I don’t
        want to see taxpayer money spent to keep these traitors alive!!
        They have already pissed away enough taxpayer money on

        • The “needle” is the easy way out for these posers. The “firing squad”, maybe. I like the “rope” idea best!

          • I’m happy to supply a large number of reuseable ropes. They get better the more they’re used. To enhance their longevity a short drop is preferred.

      • Taxpayer money should not be used at trial or to keep these traitors a live longer than a trial, after which execution must follow.

        • A better idea would be to round them all up, take their wealth/property and then ship them to places like Afganistan, Lybia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey ect.. Let them find out what it is like to be on the other side with no help in sight.

          • Then take helicopters to round them up for a tour of active volcanos, using a trap door when over the volcano.

          • Too fast, to easy and no time for them to think about how they ended up in that situation!!

          • Yeah, it is final, but I still say it needs to take time for them to come to the realization that no amount of left leaning BS person will rescue them!!⏳

          • Great idea! Here’s how I put it:The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

            Anyone from the “establishment” preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton are probably crooks trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

            To see what my husband and I really think, check out the blog

    • And when Trump wins, and they put hillary in jail, and all the other radical liberal loons are either dead or removed from government, the nail in the coffin of liberalism will be done.

      • Don’t count on it. Vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, and the zombie horror phenomenon is modeled after the liberals of the dumba$$ donkey party. Like the ubiquitous cockroach which has been around since the beginning of some, so too shall the lowest life forms among us survive Armageddon.

    • Treason is strictly defined in the constitution. It does not include refusing to support the candidate of any partner.

      • We dare not call it “TREASON” but to keep the criminals in charge is worse than treason! The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

        Anyone from the “establishment” preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton are probably crooks trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

    • Agreed! Here’s how I put it: The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

      Anyone from the “establishment” preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton are probably crooks trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

    • The people are speaking and we are tired of right wing fascists and the attempts to hinder our personal rights, hate and divisive oppression, ’08 & ’12 were steps away from that deceit…a BIG beautiful step. United we stand, divided we fall, stop dividing we need you.

    • I’m NOT really concerned about saving the Rep party….I am concerned about who it takes to save our country and that is only Trump. If Hitler-y wins, by hook or crook, then the country will really be a third country being run by the muslims that have already stated that they are going to take over our country.

    • It won’t be the same-old Republican Party once Trump re-makes it into his own populist image. That’s what the Establishmentoids are P-ing in their pants about…which is fine with me, The same-old, same-old GOP doesn’t deserve saving, as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Trump didn’t get to where he is because he’s a loser. And in many of his primary victories, he didn’t just squeak by. There were a few where he only picked up a few more delegates than his opponents. But he pretty much creamed the competition in most of the primaries. Donald Trump is a direct result of the “victories” in 2010 and 2014 being anything but. These talking heads sit around and speculate on why Trump is where he is. But they don’t go out in the streets and ask the people who vote. THAT is where they need to get their info

      • I think a lot of those who got voted in in ’10 and ’14 are gonna be toast, anyway. They’ve proven themselves to be nothing more big, fat rino’s.

        • There is very few of the new republicans that were voted in in 10 and 14 that turned into RINO’s. It is the Rino’s that were in there and we did not get them out that is causing most of the problems

          • Most of the problems are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell! The young Republicans are being bullied by the two guys mentioned!

          • neither of these two sissys have accepted the fact that the American people have finally got a man in trump who says what they think and all these leaches in washington are out of touch with the working class

          • If you mean diarrhea of the mouth, you have got it right. What kind of idiot, in an election year, disparages a member of the judiciary, born in Indiana, because he is of Hispanic heritage? No one, Jew or gentile, claimed that the Rosenbergs had not received a fair trial, in the A-Bomb case because a Jewish judge presided. The last thing we look forward to in the Commander-in-Chief is a loose cannon.

          • Trump wasn’t after him because he was of Hispanic heritage. It was because the judge was pro La Raza.

          • If Trump had not already succeeded in alienating every Hispanic-heritage voter before, he managed to do it this time, no matter how many tacos he eats on camera as proof of his love for them. And I think that may be true of the female vote as well, regardless of the distaste many of them have for Hillary.

          • Wrong again, Genius. My wife is originally from a Central American country and here legally. She and most of her relatives are pro-Trump. Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true.

          • It is because THEY are afraid of the ILLEGALS taking their jobs. Now maybe you can understand how the natural born American citizens feel.

          • You moron… said your wife was from Central America and was pro Trump. Maybe your WIFE can now understand…….duh

          • Are you prepared for your wife to be sent back? Don’t think Trump won’t do it. He hates Latinos.

          • Go back to smoking your meat pipe. My wife is here legally and she’s not going anywhere. Dream on girly boy.

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          • Funny how science backs me up. I’m a professor, remember?

            The majority of perpetrators of sexual violence are men. Studies of sexual assault against children and young adolescents report that more than 97% of perpetrators were male. Despite popular belief, most male perpetrators identify themselves as heterosexual and often have consensual sexual relationships with women. One study notes that 98% of male perpetrators self-identify as heterosexual. Source: Male Survivors of Sexual Violence, state of Michigan

          • Never underestimate an opponent. I am an opponent. You are not a professor. You are a liar, and not a very good one. You have no self esteem, no dignity. In effect, you are nearly subhuman. And that’s by you’re own admission. The things you rant on here only give me reads on you. Psychology, and the study thereof, is a very interesting thing. Kinda like playing poker. The card came. Not the kind you’re accustomed to.

          • I am a professor.
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          • Dance for me puppet.

            Heterosexual males are so easy to manipulate. Sometimes it gets boring. Naw….. I never get bored of humiliating a heterosexual male.

          • Yes you are indeed an opponent. But you seem to have quickly forgotten who won the culture war and who lost.
            I’ll remind you:

            We gays won.
            You heterosexuals lost.


          • I see you are violent by nature. It’s in your screen name. How many times have you driven your Mexican to the battered women’s shelter? Be honest

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          • I’m sorry you’re defective and a heterosexual male. It’s not your fault. You were born with this defect.

          • I’m well aware that Indians are violent people and have a tendency to be drunks.. I was trying to be PC by not bringing this obvious fact up. One of my forefathers was an Indian. He was also a drunk and ran off and left his wife to raise the kids. Honest to god truth.

          • Is Choctaw one of those tribes that historically had same sex marriages? There were many that did. Or did you go straight to the liquor bottle?

          • Wait a minute: I’m not the one who has problems with liquor. I don’t even like the taste of alcohol.

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          • See you can tell heterosexuals aren’t too bright because they didn’t know that when they tried to bash gays using the ballot box it would backfire on them and lead to nationalized gay marriage. I saw this coming in 2004, and nobody believed me. You people are stupid. We won a war you started. Hahahahahahahaha

          • I would never overestimate you. I can see you’re uneducated, clueless, lack common sense, lack logic and you lack humanity and manliness. You’re nothing but an average heterosexual loser who has done nothing with his life and had to marry beneath him. I get it….I’ve only begun to tell you of my accomplishments in life.

          • So what’s up with your obsession with boys? I take it your bittch’s Mexican hole isn’t tight enough?

          • The World Health Organization backs me up:

            heterosexual intercourse is now responsible for 80-90% of all HIV transmissions worldwide. The current likelihood of male to female infection after a single exposure to HIV is 0.01-0.32%, and the current likelihood of female to male infection after a single exposure is 0.01-0.1%. These estimates are mostly derived from studies in the developed world. However, a man or a woman can become HIV-positive after just one sexual contact.


            By the end of 2005, 63,500 adults aged 15 to 59 were estimated to be living with HIV in the United Kingdom. This figure includes diagnosed people and 20,100 who were unaware of their infection. Infections acquired heterosexually have accounted for the much of the rapid rise in the numbers of new HIV diagnoses (4,049 in 2005 compared to 840 in 1996). Just under two thirds (2,571) of heterosexually acquired HIV infections diagnosed in 2005 were in women


            Up to 60 percent of orphaned children in Africa are orphans because they lost both parents to AIDS. Africa is home to only 14 percent of the world’s population, yet has over 70 percent of all HIV infections. AIDS is primarily a heterosexual disease worldwide.


            From the UK: Infections acquired heterosexually have accounted for the much of the rapid rise in the numbers of new HIV diagnoses (4,049 in 2005 compared to 840 in 1996). Since 1999 the number of new HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals have outnumbered those among gay and bisexual men.


            AIDS was introduced to humanity in Africa as early as 1930. It was not recognized as a distinct disease until some gay men became infected in the West a half century later. That’s because the symptoms are generic and often match symptoms of common diseases in Africa. Without the courageous activism of the gay community, there would have never been any treatments developed and the continent of Africa may well have been wiped clean off the map. African heterosexuals owe a debt of gratitude to gays in the West.


            It is now documented that AIDS came to North America via Haitian heterosexual immigrants, who were infected in Africa. This happened in the late 1960s, and it took a further decade before any gay men were infected in North America. It is believed the virus was largely confined to South Florida, but made its way up the East Coast via bisexual Haitian men. This article documents it well:
            AIDS Virus Traveled to Haiti, then USA study says, National Geographic News, Oct 29, 2007

            It is a myth to say that gay men introduced AIDS to the USA. This is absolutely false, and verifiably false.

          • You justify your behavior by using statistics that were bought and paid for. You are quite the pansy. But we knew that, didn’t we?!! The WHO is a joke, but your educated a$$ knows that. Simple minds. LOL

          • You are quite a retard with very low education and I knew how to push your heterosexual buttons and get you violent. It took about five comments.

            Heterosexual males are so predicatable. Losers…..

          • The CDC is a bigger joke. They actually think the gay population is less than three percent when studies in Europe confirm it is over eight percent. Eight percent of all male sheep are exclusively homosexual. That’s nature.

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          • Conservatives are such dimwits. You’re too stupid to see that Trump is a liberal Trojan Horse and you idiots bought it hook, line and sinker. Stupidest people on this planet.

          • Sorry your wife has no meat to please you. That’s why you think about gay sex so much. If I were your wife, I’d be packing my bags if Trump is elected. He doesn’t like her kind. My husband’s half Nicarauguan and feels the same.

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          • He was born in San Francisco. His dad was from Brazil and mom from Nicaraugua. He’s a hot man. You’re not.

          • What’s your level of education? I would guess high school. Am I wrong?
            I have a Ph D and have taught at four universities. I have four published books. That’s what education does to you: it makes you liberal. That’s why idiots like you fear professors like me.

          • What makes you liberal is queer. They call it progressive. But it’s queer. And no sexual orientational connotation intended. This time. It’s your mindset that anything goes. But not everything is supposed to go. It’s why we used to follow the rule of law. But that’s slipped away now, as well. HRC is an about to be criminal, as well she should be. Her negligence with the handling of top secret emails, not to mention the fact that 4 men died on her watch in Benghazi, IS enough. She isn’t competent enough to be the POTUS. But you boast about her being our next president, and tout your education. IF you’re that educated, then it’s a testament to how doomed we actually are. It boils down to rule of law. And when that’s gone, so are we. You haven’t played me, as you state/brag. You’re much too high on yourself. And I am educated at the collegiate level, as well. I’m kinda sorry for your disease, but apparently you’re quite proud of having it. That’s queer. I’ll close with this, I’m no idiot and you’re no professor. I’m sure of both. I had professors in college. And they were men, just as I am.

          • You didn’t go to college, liar. People who go to college are liberals. Conservatives fear education and hate professors like me.
            I apologize for making the drinking comment. I know that’s a touchy subject with you Indians. I was in an Indian town in Alaska and on a cruise ship and they wouldn’t allow anyone to have any liquor. Your people have issues with that. I always say there’s two kinds of Indiana: Quickie Mart and Liquor Store. You’re the latter.

          • I’m extremely proud I was born homosexual. It’s a biological a gift:

            Homosexuality is a biological gift.
            Homosexual males have superior cognitive functions
            Homosexuals have superior spatial memory skills
            Homosexuals have superior verbal skills (read below for proof)
            source: wikipedia; biology and sexual orientation)
            Homosexuals earn more money
            Homosexuals have more education (read below for proof)
            Homosexuals have better sex more often (read the frustrations of the heterosexual males on this thread)

            I’m sorry you hetero-losers lack this gift. Not my problem.

          • Yep I’m a professor. Are you proud of the fact your people are violent and prone to alcoholism?!?

          • And you’re proud to smoke a meat pipe? I’ll take a few beers any day. You can keep your disease.LOL

          • You couldn’t be MORE WRONG. Hispanic people who are here legally LOVE him, its the illegalls and law breakers that hate him. You have NO IDEA how the women feel!! TRUMP 2016!!!

          • You don’t win many friends, supporters and votes by stepping on and pissing on people……Trump has NEVER learned that lesson.

          • It’s so….and they both have few, if any real friends but a lot of “yes” people that they buy.

          • First of all there are many more women who like Trump than you think. As far as the Hispanics if they are upset over what Trump said then they have a problem . They are not American because we have to protect OUR border, that simple. What gives any of them the right to just walk across our border? That is an ILLEGAL act. If they don’t understand that concept then it’s time they learn. It has nothing to do with one’s ethnicity it just so happens its Mexicans. They have no legal right to walk into the country. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, too freaking bad. Come here LEGALLY and we’ll welcome you with open arms but until then you’re not wanted and you have no right being here.

          • Trump could have said “I believe that national security requires, and I will implement, an active control of our borders and vigorous enforcement,” but instead, he puts it in the most inflammatory, racist terms- “They’re bringing in drugs, they’re rapists, well some of them are good people.”(God bless you Donald for making that distinction). Then he goes on to describe Mexico as “cunning”, “”Our leaders are stupid, our politicians are stupid, and the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning, and they send the bad ones over.” You’d never guess, reading this, that when it came to providing jobs for manufacturing his clothing line, he have them to…(drumroll)… foreigners!

          • What he says about Mexico is correct. The bad people are coming over, if you don’t believe that you’re completely foolish. Same as what happened when the Cubans came over in the early 80’s, the majority sorry to say were criminals. That is a fact. While some were actually good innocent people there was a high percentage of criminal element. Tell me why is the Mexican government so outraged over what Trump said? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about their own citizens who seem to be fleeing from their country? Screw the Mexican government. If that offends any Mexican or Hispanic then why are you here in the United States? You have no right to walk across our border and enter this country. NONE. You are illegal and that is a criminal offense.

          • “They’re bringing in drugs, they’re rapists, well some of them are good people.” None of this statement is racist! Did he say white people are better that these people? did he say the white race is better than any brown race? NO! If he did then that would be racist.

          • If he would have said that he would have been just like any other candidate and we would not have known if he really meant it. By saying it the way he did it most of the people realized he was serious and not just saying it to sound good

          • So, he’s right!!! Never did he say all Mexicans or Muslims!!! Wtf are you people idiots. Stop the satanic p.c. burning the American flag and you’re defending them? This is who we’re talking about. Where the fuck is the housing and jobs for these invaders??? The fucking coyote is in cahoots with the traitors Bush’s Obama Hillary Bernie to have them set up with jobs, housing and you’re defending the enemies of the United States of America!!! Trump for president.

          • Exactly, good for you. Every family that is ruined because their babies are dead ! 25 Americans killed a day by illegal aliens!!!!!!!! And all you suppress this are
            Cursed. .

          • That’s not quite the truth there Esqualido. There are many Hispanics supporting Triumph. Not as many as he’d like, but there’s still time. They support Trump because he is for the Legal citizens of America. So please stop trying to lie to the voters. It is a little frustrating when people like you spread lies and think the American citizens are stupid and would believe you.

          • He’s just following the lead of senior jurists in setting and influencing policy through litigation on behalf of the left. We are NOT a nation of laws any more. The IRS specifically targeted conservative groups during an election. When branches of the government are weaponized for politics, all bets are off. The only difference is conservatives are repulsed and fail to employ similar tactics to roll back the left agenda, so we continuously sink by degrees.

          • Please tell me you didn’t say this…….do you think an Anglo would be a member of La Raza?

          • Moron….the JUDGE is of Mexican heritage and is NOT an anglo and I can’t imagine an Anglo being a member of La Raza. Seems to me that you need to learn how to read and COMPREHEND.

          • Read what you wrote, you idiot. I don’t give a flip what you “can’t imagine”. This judge is a joke, which is becoming typical. The fact that people like you defend those types is typical, as well. Just don’t expect me to accept it. I won’t. My comprehension skills are in order. Your literary skillset is a bit deficient, which is driving our communications issue. So, for the second time, GFY.

          • STILL struggling with comprehension Tomahawk? Comprende’? Oh that’s right, you don’t like Mexicans…wouldn’t that make you a xenophob? Tomahawk I have forgotten more about writing than you know……trying to use “big” words doesn’t help explain your gullibility.

          • An American, born and raised in Indiana and of Hispanic heritage….it is all over the net and the national news.

          • um your an idiot the judge is hispanic and it is a fact that he is a member of la raza.

          • Um, you are the idiot that apparently can’t read and comprehend the English language. Judge Curiel was BORN in Indiana which makes him an American and of Hispanic heritage. Comprende’? And you know, I bet Obama is a card carrying member of the NAACP….who also happens to be an American of Kenyan heritage. I wonder if the Kenyan’s have ah organization?

          • it doesnt matter where he was born ya dumbass hes still has hispanic in him and a member of laraza, he couldnt be a member if he wasnt. and Obama is part white too dont forget , or rather thats what they claim. all ur bullshit stupidity doesnt change the facts. facts are facts whether you want them to be or not. the Lawyer is also a Hillary supporter who has given her large sums of money. Anybody in this country with money can file a suit for anything whether they have proof or not, proof means nothing just to file the suit. People do it every day. Look at the bullshit they trotted out about Herman Cain that went nowhere once he dropped out, dont you think that if they had actually had anything on him they would not have gone for his jugular?? It should be a law in this country that if somebody files alaw suit against you and looses that they pay for everything and pay the person they a large compensation. that would stop so many of these bs law suits.

          • Another Trump xenophobic moron……with the vocabulary of an eighth grader. You might think differently if Trump had stiffed you because he could…..

          • You have trillions of cancer cells ready to explode ! Bernie Madoff Sanders Hillary Clinton’s lesbian Hillary Merkel Obama ebonics Bush’s war= voting for all the wars, Bernie Madoff Sanders and bathhouse Barry didn’t vote for last Iraq invasion only. You are complicit in the deaths of millions of people! You’re a satanic pos. 25 Americans killed a day by illegal aliens cockroaches!!! Puke on you.
            Trump for president.

          • Step back from the edge Richard…….slowdown, you don’t have to jump. Remember…..”The sun will come out tomorrow, So you gotta hang on til tomorrow, come what may! Tomorrow, Tomorrow…….”

          • You sewer rat! Fuck you and Mario boledo=Mexico is taking back California and whitey go to Europe! Jose Gutierrez said kill all the gringos ! Why don’t you join the cockroaches so we could piss on your treasonous corpse.
            Trump to dump American and foreign garbage.

          • You really are sick, twisted and angry Richard….perhaps you should seek out help with “anger management” because you seem to be slipping over the edge and can’t control your foul mouth. You also seem to be a bit racist and xenophobic……

          • Reporter, foul mouth ??? While your satanic whores kill millions in the middle east and you’re worried about profanity + you Trump haters are the most profane. You cocksuckers faggots desecrated the graves of every American killed by these illegal alien cockroaches. George Bush Durbin. Fuck you, come to Cleveland and watch the civil war. I have seen a power thatccould wipe out this whole world in a blink. Hey, we set a launcing board on the golden gate bridge,
            Jump you treasonous weasels. Mommy mommy xenophobia xenophobia cries the faggots of hell.
            No more from you……..

          • As much as I hate to say it Richard… may be beyond help. It appears that you have already lost it and could snap at any minute. PLEASE find a straight jacket…….save yourself man.

          • I told you enough ! I’d punch you in your faggot mouth mother fucker. Come bring it fucking on to Cleveland, watch the production of hell die mother fucker!!!! The bdvelugma, revelation 17= whore Babylon, that’s you, bathhouse Barry, Cruz cult of domination, Sanders voted for war, Bush cocaine trafficking, Obama ebonics rapefugees, Clinton’s Rodham Hillary Merkel.
            Fuck you. Trump will fuck you cocksucking devils up !!!!! These cockroaches Gonzalo curiel and his corruptor mario bolede are enemies of God and country. You write me again you cunt and I’ll have you banned from disqus… Come to Cleveland!! You’re a n abject cowardice cunt, bdvelegma, Greek definition is, menstrual blood, puke, fecal matter, urine, that’s what exudes from the whore Babylon. Jim and Tammy, Jimmy swaggering, Billy Graham, pope Benedict Arnold Satanist…………

          • OK…’ve convinced me Richard you ARE beyond salvation and have been completely lost to depravity. You HAVE indeed snapped and gone over to the evil side….you are just burning in rage, anger and hate. Your vocabulary speaks to just how perverted and twisted you have become……I just hope no one gets in your way or we will be hearing about you in the MSM.

          • I swear what we need is a damn civil war against u you fucking idiot liberals, so we can get rid of your dumb asses once and for all. And since you dumb asses dont believe in owning guns, it shouldnt last long, oh wait thats why u want the guns so u can push more horseshit down our throats i forgot. Well be aware we are about to the breaking point. If you dislike America so much why dont you people get the fuck out?

          • You wouldn’t know a liberal if you fell over one and……can’t even write a cogent and complete sentence without an expletive.BTW – I believe in the second amendment moron.

          • Bathhouse Barry and Hillary and Bernie Madoff Sanders and Bush’s cocaine trafficking Satanist lesbian Hillary Merkel, revelation 11:5 you satanic cult die you f&&_# whores.
            Trump to dump American and foreign garbage.

          • Only a vile millennial white trash punks and black lives matter and illegal aliens l.a. raza supporters from hell don’t understand this. Idiots don’t even know who la raza is!!!
            Bret Stevens is a scumbag sewer rat.
            Trump for president.

          • Trump has NO grounds to have the judge dismissed and his high paid attorneys aren’t even going to make the demand. They know better…

          • Richard you have a way with words you retard…….get your head out of the garbage can dude and take a look around you. Hillary Clinton appreciates your ignorant support of Trump that will hand her the keys to the White House and would like to invite you to her House warming party next January. Now you can put your head back in that garbage can…..

          • No, no, no. Dumb ass, what states will the lesbian satanic witch win ? Trump definitely wins Ohio, Florida and I think he’ll win New York. You vile Trump haters ” always ” evade the issues. 25 Americans killed a day by illegal aliens, rapefugees all over Europe and p.c. lesbian cunt rag Merkel blames the German women !!! La raza cockroaches are the enemies within and they have to
            Clinton’s pedophile excursions to orgy island, Jeffrey Epstein! Pukes of Satan… I have stood in the presence of the supernatural !!!! Revelation 11:5 God hating treasonous perverts.

          • I would URGE you seek professional help Richard……you’ve become delusional and have lost all ability to reason before spewing your rage, hate and anger. You are in total meltdown mode Richard….just step back from the edge and find yourself some help. Just remember…….”The sun will come out tomorrow…….tomorrow, tomorrow”

          • Is that green worm eating your brain ? Idiot Sanders Rodham whores… Every one of you scumbags are under the new world order curse…. Even after Orlando you defend filling America with this shit… Trump for president.

          • Well if they tried Julius and Ethel today, the left would award them a Nobel while every lawyer in the nation would be clamoring to represent them pro bono. Blame the left for inflicting their social and ideological viewpoints on the nation by fiat. Get outside of the liberal enclave where you dwell and meet the rest of us sometimes and you might understand.

          • ” Get outside of the liberal enclave where you dwell and meet the rest of us sometimes and you might understand.” I consider myself a fiscal conservative (i.e., one who is not liberal with other people’s money) and a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights (some would label me a liberal for this), which sadly, both Trump and Hillary would grind under their heel with Executive Orders barked out by the dozen. Neither one has much respect fo the Constitution, IMHO, Trump with his “I’d bomb the shit out of them” (forgetting or never aware that the power to declare war rests with the Congress, and in Hillary’s case, in thrall to Big Business and having no problem with one undeclared war after another is just waiting for the opportunity, as C in C to bellow “Damn the deficit, full speed ahead!”

          • I don’t think Donald would use executive orders any more so, than Obama has. If you are a true blue conservative, I don’t see where we have any choice but to vote for Mr. Trump. If you think Obama

            was so great, & you want 4 more yrs. of him, then vot for Hillary, but don’t call yourself a conservative.

          • Guess you missed the part where he is a member of the San Diego Hispanic Lawyers de la Raza…closely affiliated with La Raza.

          • It is about same as if Obummer was presiding judge over Killary’s trial!! The final verdict could be predicted BEFORE the trial!! The trial would be a waste of money and time. A non-partial judge should be found to preside over the Trump University case as well as Killery’s unsecured internet server FBI investigated case!! (As hard as this may be)!!

          • I am a staunch supporter of Trump, but I think he went too far in criticizing the judge. I do not know what the Donald was thinking. I have learned since he came out with the criticism of the judge. that he has reason to be concerned, with me I think he just took it to far. I look at it this way, what has Hillary said about bringing back jobs, fixing our border, cutting spending, What will she do to bring back the American dream. Thousands of young people have graduated or will be right away. What will she do to try & see to it that there are jobs for them. Where was she when the brave young men were calling for help & help never came. I haven’t forgotten that. I hope she never comes within miles of the oval office. She is not fit to be POTUS. Esqualido, I rather have a somewhat “loose cannon” than a liberal, marxist/socialist who is trying to change the country into something that will destroy us as a Great Nation. SOCIALISM is a failure, Go back in history & look at Cuba, NK, Valenzuela. I think Trump has the capacity to win & turn this country around. I will stick with him, I don’t have any other alternative.

          • esqualido, this particular judge is a member of the San Diego La Paza Lawyers Association andof the nti-White Hispanic Group. And Trump was right to suggest he might be for the “students who said they never leaned anything”, remember that old saying: you can lead a horse to water BUT you CAN’T make him drink. So you can send a kid to college but you can’t make him learn.

          • Unfortunately for you and Trump you only represent 5% of the total electorate….that isn’t going to win the general election.

          • George You are full of crap. 5% do you have your head in someones butt. Wake Up !!! you and people like you, will be the reason Hillary will destroy this country. Get over it Trump WON.

          • You need a laxative Marlin……speaking of crap! It is called facts, numbers and statistics Marlin, they don’t lie fool. Try going to wikipedia for the results of the Republican primaries. The total vote in the 2008 Presidential race was 131,313,829……it was 129,085,403 in 2012. Trumps total votes received through the last primaries is 13,445,461….do the math Marlin. That is ONLY 44.2% of the Republican votes cast……which means that 55.8% of the Republican votes cast were AGAINST Trump. MORE people voted AGAINST Trump than for Trump and that is why Republicans are asking for better options. SO, it is gullible morons such as yourself that are going to give Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House in January. Hillary appreciates your support and vote for the “orange one” and would like to invite you to the White House lawn for her House warming party.

          • There were 17 candidates going in, with votes going in that many directions. Only one coming out with the party win. Statistics are a funny little thing right up until the end. This has already been proven many times, but Reagan was a classic example. So keep running your head. Your stats don’t mean squat. People were laughing at Trump from the time he announced his run, until Cruz suspended. He got the job done, like it or not. And November is what matters.

          • Dumbass….the votes and numbers will count in the end……Clinton, Obama and the DNC are going to hand Trump his head. Once again Hillary thanks you for your gullible support of the “orange one” and giving her the keys to the White House. You are invited to her White House warming party in January.

          • I’m gonna repeat two things I’ve already stated. November is what matters. Your a freakin idiot. That’s two.

          • Step back from the edge Tomahawk……that’s what I said, the numbers, statistics and votes will all count in November. The end. And I’m sure that Hillary’s inaugural address will be broadcast on the liberal progressive MSM so you won’t have to go to DC for the House warmimg party. Hillary appreciates your support……..

          • George George, LOL. I can write a profile of You on Wikipedia. They let anyone write on there. Trump got more Votes then Hillary, Romass, or Mccain did. It was the primaries, not the Prez Vote which is in Nov. So you just showed how much you know, which is nothing, you are a talking head, but it is stuck, in Hillabeast butt. That will be your fault if she gets the office.Keep following little sheep.

          • Your very response speaks to your ignorance, arrogance and just how delusional that you are Marlin. You know NOTHING about wikipedia and how their information is collected and correlated and checked against known sources for their validity. Stop talking out of your ignorant backside and get and education. ALL of the Republican and Democrat primary results can be found on other government sources online fool. Check for yourself or are you too lazy and need to be spoon fed? Once again Trump received 13,445,461 votes through out the primaries as compared to the 16,946,768 Republicans that voted AGAINST Trump. Better yet the “Big Cheeto” was beaten by Clinton 16,015,681 Democrat votes in the primary and she defeated him two to one in his home state of New York. Believe me Marlin, I have forgotten more about politics and this race than you even know. You really need to take your head out Marlin….it has to be getting pretty nasty up there. BTW, Hillary Clinton appreciates your support and vote for the Cheeto, giving her the keys to the White House and would like to invite you to her House warming party next January. RSVP Marlin……

          • You are so correct, Rev, Speaking for myself I am SICK, SICK of business as usual. I am sick of sending someone to Wash., & when they get there they join right in with the rest of the RINOs & you can’t tell them from marxist/socialist/democrats. I have heard & read of a lot of people who think Trump is a “loose cannon” well, maybe that’s what we need. Like he says, Hillary is the last person we need in the WH & 4 more yrs. of obama. I do not comprehend how anyone who knows anything about our culture & way of governing. could possibly support this communist. There’s no way Trump could do worse than obama or Hillary.

          • The satanic new world order shills are obeying their master Satan. 2Thessalonians 2:6,7, katexon, Greek definition is, occupation, possession, English erroneous says, restrain, oidate,Greek, swelling, oidema, English, ye know, arti Greek, artitios, completely, integral, Greek, arrangements new born. So ,when you see the occupation swelling completely newly then out of the midst comes the lawless one.
            Trump for president.
            Jesus Saves.

          • 2 Thessalonians 2, 6,7, katexon, Greek definition is,occupation, possession, English erroneous says, restrain, oidate, Greek, swelling, oidema, English says, ye know, arti, Greek dictionary, artitios,completely, integral, artigennethe, newly born, English says, just now. So when you see the occupation swelling completely now then out of the midst comes the lawless one.
            Trump for president.
            Jesus Saves.

          • And Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan’s fellow henchman, and John McCain. They need to be defeated.

          • There at least 10 rinos that definitely need to be ousted ASAP. Don’t leave the little whiny POS like graham and mccain off your list.

          • Two we need to remove (there are MANY more) are Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain. Both frauds and RINOs.

            Paul Ryan has a challenger, Paul Nehlen who is endorsed by both Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin. If you’re able send him a campaign donation and we can rid ourselves of the gutless Ryan who refused to impeach Obama and gave Obama everything he asked for – over a $ 1 TRILLION budget. We get to pay for that.

            John McCain is being challenged in the primary by Kelli Ward. She has a great chance to defeat McCain but could use our help. McCain has been THE BIGGEST RINO in the Republican Party for decades yet the “establishment” loves him. He’s a fraud and so are they. If you can, send Kelli Ward a campaign contribution and we can get rid of McCain once and for all.

          • Trump has never voted on a single issue yet so he is no Rino in my eyes. I will bet you any money you want that he will not be a Rino like McCain, Graham, Collins, Bonhead, and many of the other Rino’s. A lot of his comments are off the Cuff and when he has to make policy he will use much more conservative ideas to make those policies.

          • You apparently have no idea what the mission, principles, platforms and policies of the Republican party are and have NO idea when you are listening to a true Republican that stands up for the policies and Trump who has used the party to run as a Nationalist Populist saying simple things that fools like yourself buy in to. Trump does nor stand for or represent the majority of the parties principles and policies and IS a Republican In Name Only candidate that has used the party to spread HIS lame agenda with NO details. You truly believe that he can build a “wall”….guess again, as president you won’t have the power to have in built. Make the Mexicans pay for it….guess again. The president doesn’t have power over foreign, sovereign countries. Cancel foreign trade treaties….guess again. The president does have the power to break legal and binding contracts. Come back when you know something about what you are talking about.

          • Your full of yourself. Trump was not my first choice. Ted Cruz was but I stand by my statement you replied to. I have been a Republican party PCP in Oregon for 25 plus years and know full well what the Republican platform is. I still say Trump will stand up for those principles more then the Rino’s we now have in the Congress. I suspect you yourself are a Rino or a very unintelligent person.
            I am not saying that you are completely wrong in what you say about Trump having other views at different times but his heart is in the right place and his governing will be what is the best for the country and not what is the best for himself only.

          • Sorry David, I’ve been an active Republican twice as long as you have been and forgotten more than you know. Trump himself isn’t saying that he stands behind the Republican platform and that is why he finds himself at odds with Speaker Ryan and the party leadership. I can assure you that I am not only more educated than you, but obviously older, more experienced and much wiser. Trump is making the number one mistake of over promising on issues that he would have no control over and can NOT deliver. The wall….will never be funded by Congress and built. Make Mexico pay….NO chance. As president he would not have the power and authority over a sovereign country. Renegotiate trade treaties? NO chance…..they are legal and binding international contracts. And the list of his unattainable promises go on and on. But there are always gullible people that will buy his Nationalist Populist campaign….and apparently you have taken it hook, line and sinker. Trump is a fast talking huckster………..

          • I am not so sure you are older and I know you are not wiser and as for education that is questionable too. Exactly how have you been active in the Republican party other then just voting? Do you belong to the Party organization of your State like I do or are you just shooting your mouth off??
            As for the wall how do you know the Congress will not fund the building of it unless you are one of those Elites Republican party RINO’s. They will fund it if Trump pushes it with the American people just like the American people where able to get the Republican RINO’s to back off their push for Amnesty. As for getting Mexico to help pay for it that is completely attainable too through a lot of means such as cutting aid to the country, stopping money being sent to Mexico by family members working here, and just many other creative ways to get them to pay their share or we could make their life much more miserable then it already is. Most all trade agreements have expiration dates and have means of renegotiations so exactly who is trying to BS who here??

          • The fact that you are an Oregon Republican speaks volumes. Not exactly a conservative bastion. And I am an active Republican in my county and state and have followed politics for years and as I said forgotten more than you know. And it is apparent that you, along with millions of other Americans have NO clue what goes on in the House and Senate and pay no attention who has controlled Congress over the past seven years. I’ve watched Congress long enough to know that Congress will never fund “the Wall” and would never allow the president to put tariff’s on foreign countries without their approval… there goes Trump’s Wall, another empty promise. Surely as the knowledgable Republican that you claim to be, you sure are naive and gullible as to what the powers of the presidency are. You mentioned NO creative ways that would not have to be approved by Congress and funded by the House and NO expiration dates to existing trade contracts, so now who is BSing. You are putting way too much faith in a bombastic politician that is easily selling you a bill of goods that he can’t deliver. Being the experienced Republican that you claim to be, you SHOULD able to hear when you are being played. Apparently not…..

          • You have followed politics for years. Well I have followed it for over a half century. You just say your active but that means nothing to me. I told you I have been a precinct committee person for over 25 years in District 4 which is more conservative then the average of the State. I go to meetings monthly and work on fund raisers and work phone banks. I also have sent my Congress members hundreds of e mails and made hundred of calls to their offices tying to influence their votes on measures. How are you active other then following politics and voting? Just because I am from a State that has been overrun by liberals from other States you can not hold that against me. They come here after getting tired of following the laws they got passed in their liberal States. Then they vote to make Oregon more liberal. I don’t understand the mentality of liberals.
            Read my last entry again and you will see that I know a lot more about how the congress works then you think.. The Rino’s run Congress until the people make enough calls to force them to change their votes. I know if the Rino’s get enough calls they will do whatever Trump or in this case what the people want and they want a wall.
            Are you so naive that you don’t think contracts can be broken or renegotiated? All you have to do is find where the other party has not done everything they were suppose to and that usually is not hard to do.
            I am going to rub it in your face when Trump gets elected and then totally surprises you with how he pushes conservative principles. You and others just have misread the changes Trump has undergone and is fully committed to, Instead you and the Trump haters just put us down as if we don’t know how to think and analyze. Well I say it is you and they who do not know how to think and analyze.

          • Sorry David, for all of the political experience that you claim to have, it seems that simple logic, facts, numbers and votes escape you. You represent ONE of 13,445,461 that support and have voted for Donald Trump which represents less than 5% of the total American electorate. In fact 16,946,7678 Republicans voted AGAINST Trump in the primaries. 55.8% of the total votes cast. Those are the numbers, statistics and facts that count. I actually have taken the time to watch for myself what goes on in the House and Senate and in committee meetings and know who the movers and losers are in Congress. To puruse government and Congressional filings and politicians votes and government statistics and the positions of our Representatives and Senators. I’m afraid that your conclusion that the “RINO’s” have run Congress is jumping to an unfair judgement, drawn from a lack of knowledge about what has actually gone on over the past seven years. And the shame of it is that it is right in front of you to see for yourself. It is just easier to jump on the bandwagon and follow the other uninformed voices out there. It makes you all feel better about yourselves…..Trump, change? Haven’t you heard that tigers can’t change their stripes and Trump is Trump and can’t change the VERY shallow, flawed person and politician that he is. You have to be a fool to think at 70 years old that he can… is in his DNA. You are going to be VERY disappointed by the landslide loss come November, so prepare yourself now.

          • Again no actual involvement from you into actually doing something constructive for the party. Just tear it down. If you want to make a point at least use #’s that mean something. More people voted in the Republican primary then ever before by a wide margin. It was all because of Trump getting new voters out. There was 16 candidates running at first so yes Trump did not get that many votes. In fact I was not one of his votes. I voted for Cruz as did my wife and son we will now vote for Trump in the general election like most other Republicans who voted for one of the other candidates. It is people like you who will not even give someone a chance to prove you wrong and instead will either not vote or waste your vote on a none viable candidate. Even some of you Trump haters have said they will vote for Hillary instead of Trump. I fail to see how she could ever be better then Trump !

          • David I have been active and involved in Republican party politics longer and have forgotten more than you know. I’ve seen some REAL losers for candidates and Trump is right up there with Barry Goldwater. It is Trump that has torn down the Republican party because he is NOT a Republican, but you know so little that you can’t see or hear it. I have NO problem with Trump as the Nationalist Socialist that he is instead of deceitfully hijacking the Republican party to support his agenda and dabble in the parties pool of voters for his support. He has SPLIT the party and brought a lot of non Republican, low information voters to the race that will end up voting Democrat in November. Try going to wikipedia for an education David because in the end it is going to be TOTAL numbers that count. Trump’s percentage of the vote DID NOT go up as his Republican candidates dropped out of the race. In fact he didn’t receive anywhere near 50% of the vote until he got to his home state of New York and the northeastern states. He only garnered 61% of the vote in Nebraska running UNOPPOSED and has yet to receive more than 70% of the remaining primary votes since Indiana running UNOPPOSED. Trump’s 13,445,461 votes in the primaries is barely 5% of the TOTAL of the American electorate and ONLY 44.2% of the parties vote. I can’t remember a presumptive nominee ever being as combative and disliked by not only the opposing party but the majority of his own party, Trump has shown at least 55.8% of the Republican party who he really is and they aren’t going to sell their souls to vote for a fraud that has more in common with Hillary Clinton than the Republican party. You have to be naive AND a fool to believe that he can accomplish much of what he promises, after all the president isn’t the CEO of a closely held family corporation. Hillary won’t have any problem destroying Trump because she has the liberal progressive media, pundits, the DNC and the filthy Clinton machine behind her and Trump himself has given them reams upon reams of negative ad material to smear him with. The Democrats have no morals, ethics and values and will get behind Clinton no matter what…especially if Trump is the Republican nominee….he has made it easy for them.

      • This race ended when Trump announced his intention to run. Donald Trump is his own worst enemy and he doesn’t seem to get it. His big mouth has gotten this far but it has also been his undoing. So Trump and the Republican party WILL be the losers in November.

          • Hillary Clinton really appreciates your support and vote for Donald Trump, that will hand her the keys to the White House next January. She would like to invite you the White House lawn in January for her House warming party.

          • You’ve got to to stop sleep walking Marlin… are missing the presidential race.

          • Your the one sleeping, Wake the hell up!!!! Your talking out your butt, I served this country for 21yrs. To listen to a jerk like you, talk crap. I helped keep your right to not listen, and vote like a dumb donkey. BC that is what will happen if you don’t vote for Trump. Any third party, has no chance, so if you vote for them, you just threw your vote away.

            Simple as that. Go ahead show us your dumb as a box of rocks, HARDHEAD.

          • I’m afraid is is too late for your boy Marlin….he is busy talking his way out of the party nomination. Perhaps you can help him with his third party campaign…..he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth and be a leader. One way or the other, Trump will NEVER cross the door jam to the White House. Once again Marlin take your head out and get some fresh air… will all be over soon.

          • if she wins evil will be or reward, she has already let it be known she will be the next Hitler when she said conservatives need a fun vacation, she was referring to FEMA camps, so i guess you are a left wing fascist who would not mind killing innocent people!

          • You really should get some help jimmimac….you have very serious delusional issues. Perhaps a padded room would help ease your mind.

          • I see your out of an intelligent response so now your reverting to typical hate mongering left wing assault, which proves you have a low IQ, which is typical of the left wing low information voters like you!

          • Seriously jimmimac…..get some help. It is impossible to have an intelligent discussion with a delusional person that is filled with anger and hate.

          • really! did you see Trump supporters attack those Hillary or Bernie people!! I have no anger you are the liberal so my advice to you is to read Dr Savages book, Liberalism A Sickness An Illness A Disease and find out why you need help!! because yoy do not have the ability to have an intelligent conversation we will wish you the best with your shrink hope he can help you!!!

          • There has to be some mental heath facilities in your area that can help you jimmimac……you are slipping away.

    • Exactly, depaz!!!! Trump voters are LOYAL to him because they see the frustration with the way the government is running things, and he has promised to fix it, because he sees what we see, and wants this country to prosper!!! He dont want it drug through the mud like killary followers want to do, because if she gets in there, you wont be able to change underwear without her knowing it!!!!! THIS COUNTRY WILL GO TO POT WITH HER IN CONTROL!!!!!

    • Trump didn’t win ANY of the primaries by 50% or more votes until he got to his home state of New York and the liberal northeastern states. Trump only garnered 61% of the Nebraska vote a week after Cruz had dropped out of the race and he had NO opposition. He has struggled to garner 70 to 80% of the votes since Indiana running totally unopposed. There are still MILLIONS of Republicans that will NOT support or vote for Trump in November as a result of his slash and burn, win at all cost primary campaign.

        • NO…..the count will be in the millions because they know Trump is NOT a Republican and has already lost the race with his BIG mouth and childish, petulant behavior. They don’t want to be embarrassed to have him as our president. Trump’s supporters can’t even be called RINO’s…..they don’t know any better.

  3. America is in the Toilet. Broke’$. This by A Majority GOP in The house Who Spend Like Dumbocrats’! They Did Nothing to Stop The Illegal Alien From Mexico And Latin America To My Country America. They set Aside money From The budget To Take Care of ‘Illegal foreign Nationals in America’! This Is Not Leadership’! But Genocide On Americas Majority Taxpayers”! The Anglo. I’ve Had it With Pandering Phony Neo-Con Republicans I Want MAJOR Change”’! That Man To Me..Is Donald Trump”! GO TRUMP””! Kick Ass’!

    • You must be in an alternate universe or see positive as negative . John Miller would be a change, you’re correct, …a very ugly negative change.

  4. One question for Bret Stevens, and the Republicans in Congress. Y’all did not get elected because of your supposed Good Looks! You were elected to put a STOP to that traitor in the White House. Where in the name of Andrew Johnson, is that Damned Bill of Impeachment ? Doesn’t releasing those combatants from Gitmo and putting them back on the battlefields to Kill Americans, fit the definition of Treason in the U.S. Constitution? Y’all exempt yourselves from the onerous effects of Obamacare and expect us to be docile! Your complete ignorance of your sacred trust has caused the Rise of The Donald. Y’all ought to be swept out with the garbage of the present administration.

    • Absolutely correct, what they don’t get is that we the people elected you and we the people can take you out.

          • The best thing to happen to the USA is that the stupid libs have been killing their babies in the womb. Sadly, they have been bringing in a flood of illegals to vote for them. We need voter verification and ID’s NOW!

        • Someone roll Mark Kirk over the cliff with Ryan–both tremendous disappointments. At least we’ve always known that Lindsay Graham was worthless. The others are pretenders.

      • People like Linsey Graham do not speak for the people of South Carolina thar voted for Trump but when they come up for reelection I will vote for anyone runnin against. He has been there too long and thinks he is also above everything. Where has he been for the last 8 years

        • Please, as distastful as it is, if he is the repugnant on the Nov ballot we have to keep control of the Senate. Keep that in mind.
          I hope you have a Republican alternative. Then again, maybe he will have a heart attack or else his gay activities will do him in!

          • We in Arizona are about to give McCain the boot. The only thing that can save him is demonRATs crossing over to vote for him. We have a terrific conservative to replace him.

    • There is one big fly floating around in retiredsgt’s Tea Party cup of tea. That fly is the undeniable fact that the Tea Party has elected too many Democrat Senators by nominating disastrous Tea Party candidates to run on the Republican Ticket. You don’t have the votes to pass a Bill of Impeachment and if you don’t have the votes to Impeach a sex pervert at a girls slumber party. This is because of the losses that people like retiredsgt have inflicted on the GOP. Remember folks, politics is the art of the possible and not some coven of witches standing around mumbling over a boiling kettle of magic brew. If retiredsgt is keen to see who is preventing Congress from first passing a Bill of impeachment and then convicting Obama (which BTW requires 67 Senators voting to convict) he should open his eyes when he shaves. Bret Stevens is talking about Americans like you sarge who are unmitigated disasters when it comes to being patriotic Americans !!!!

    • Unfortunately, based on a 1926 Supreme Court decision, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” is only treason in time of war, said war having been declared by Congress. Since Congress has not formally declared war since 1941, his actions, however despicable, are not treason. That’s also why that Marxist c*nt, Jane Fonda, who should have been hanged 40 years ago, is still wasting oxygen that rightfully belongs to my friends memorialized on the Wall..

    • I’m glad you Dare Call it Treason, then explain why! The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

      Anyone from the “establishment” preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton are probably crooks trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

      • It seems that Drumpf, Trump, John Miller(whoever he may be today) has been lucrative in his criminal activity.

    • I think Stevens and a lot of the liberal writers, i.e. Washington Post, New York Times, and most of the US newspapers are all in the same Benedict Arnold Socialist Society. Need to vote them ALL out and get in new blood. Maybe we can find someone that is honest and greedy for power and big bucks only.

      • We need someone in office who does not promote the insane idea that accumulating wealth is an evil thing. This country was first settled by those in search of wealth. This was followed by those seeking religious freedom. Except for a small number of religious sects, none forbid becoming financially successful. This is what made America grow. While the majority of Americans never did make it as far as the upper tier of the wealthy, most did manage to make it into the financially stable middle class. And, of course, some never did or ever will.

        The objective of the current administration would seem to be to eliminate the middle class altogether and eliminate any in the upper class who do not bow down to the feet of the politically protected elite. And that includes the members of both political parties who support the socialist/communist agenda.

        • Certainly is. The Wall Street Journal is part of Wall Street who pays Hitler-y millions for a speech which she declines to reveal to the public. So what do you think or is it just me?

  5. I’m just an eldry old person and I’ve seen a lot of elections in my life, so I feel I have the right to put in my opinion. This election is going to be whether the good old U.S.A. is going to survive or not. I believe if Hillery is elected it will not. I tend to like Mr. Trump but he needs to tone down his talk in his speeches. Thank you.

      • Hi WVF, hope you’re well and at peace. Things here better, ya can’t hit a homer if you don’t go to the plate. I’ve found the plate, the pitches aren’t coming and I don’t have a bat, but one step at a time. I see that we still see with different hearts my friend. With respect I say that I don’t understand a man of your intelligent nature supporting this Trump. Knowing the power of words as you do I would think that John Miller would repel you; perhaps his word games are your attraction. I recommend a book by right wing strategist Matt Lewis titled “Too Dumb To Fail”. Its an interesting read about republicans and communications. I want to read one of your works next time I’m rich! Trump on !


      • Joseph, I really don’t worry much about my self as I am an ole coot that earned this grey hair or what is left of it. I am past the time that our Lord allotted for us. So am on the slick downhill side of life. The ones I worry about are my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I so very much regret the state of my country and our world that my generation is leaving for them. I just hope that as a generation we have and take the opportunity to correct many things before we go to meet our lord.

    • Well said, and thanks. Your perspective with life’s lessons over some decades is more valid than most folks’ !

    • Trump stated the truth about the Judge. Read the whole story not what the media reports. Then decide do you want him to start with the political correctness or stick with the facts? If we ask him to start filtering his speech so he won’t offend then what’s the point? Not one thing will change.

      • Trump may say it crudely, but he always seems to have TRUTH behind what he says! The judge is a Mexican activist, even if he was born in the USA! When the judge tossed out the original “claimant” in this suit because she “was not defrauded,” he had an obligation to toss out the entire matter. However, as a political activist, with a La Raza bent, he wanted to keep this legal matter going in an active manner during the election cycle. If he tossed it out, those that wanted to appeal could do so, but it would throw it to far past the coming election! Pretty obvious, eh!
        The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

        Anyone from the “establishment” preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton are probably crooks trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

    • Like you I’m and elderly person as well. If clinton is elected, we will see a civil war. I hate the thought of seeing the death and destruction with will be brought upon the US by the democrats. Our only and last hope is Donald Trump, maybe he can postpone the war for a few years, until we are gone. It is refreshing to hear someone speak the truth after all these years of political correctness.

  6. Trump cannot keep his mouth shut, even in his teleprompter speech of last night.

    If he goes off script, he ends up with THE Mexican Judge criticisms in his Trump U (F * * * U Students) FRAUD trial.

    What sane individual would bash a Federal Judge before a FRAUD trial, AFTER his possible election to the Presidency?

    NO ONE WOULD, except for the Supreme NARCISSIST Trump….

    Bernie Sanders aptly described Trump’s ego & narcissism as ” he’s a pathological liar”…TRUTH HURTS TEA Asphodels every day.

    And the TRUTH Won’t STOP until Nov 6 of 2016 *****************

    • The pathological liar is Hillary!! Bernie
      Is missing quite a few brain cells, which
      is why Hillary kicked his ass!! Trump is
      the only one can get Americs back on
      the right track, wipe out ISIS, stop the
      Illegals from coming into our Country
      and get rid of the murdering illegals. He
      will also stop the insurgency of the
      refugees who have been infiltrated by
      ISIS, by their own admission, and throw
      out the Sharia Law!! Get your head out
      of your ass!! Hillary the BITCH has already
      claimed more than once that she will
      continue with Obastard’s policies and
      that will finish AMERICA once and for all!
      It sounds like you are not happy with our
      Country, so my suggestion to you is “GET
      THE HELL OUT!!!”

      • Explain Trump’s GREAT DEAL economic ideas and policy statements for me.

        I’ve not heard much, other than international trade should stop with China & put HIGH tariffs on foreign goods. Do you think that’s going to HELP the US economy , which is 70% powered by consumer spending?

        ISIL is getting pounded appropriately now & the noose is gradually closing. Trump’s bombast would not be listened to by even one US Military Joint Chief…..

        I hope that great illegal immigrant export business goes well for you. Deporting 11 million or more should cost taxpayers WHAT???

        Good luck on getting that one done….

        The WALL is fantasy World stuff, but tell me how much that ineffective symbol would cost US taxpayers ???? How did El Chapo escape the “HIGH SECURITY” Mexican prison, not too long ago?

        A nice tunnel with lighting and a handy motorcycle to zoom away. What will illegal smuggling cartels do to get immigrants under the GREAT Wall? Think about it PAL . . .

        • You ought to think about your responses PAL. Trump is a very successful business man and will do a hell of lot more for our economy more than any crooked politician would ever do. The 18 trillion dollar deficit is proof of that. The noose is nowhere close to being closed as evident by the many terrorist bombings going on today. 11 million illegal immigrants being here are costing the taxpayers how much?? Allowing them to stay here, for free, will continue to cost taxpayers how much? Maybe the wall is a fantasy but in the end something has to be done to keep the illegals out of here! What does El Chapo’s escape have to do with America? Mexico screwed that one up! You won’t have tunnels with lighting and handy motorcycles if we increase the number of border patrol officers and/or use the National Guard at the border. The reason there are tunnels now is because there are not enough border patrol officers! You are typical of people who only go so far with their thinking process and never see the whole picture.

        • One of hill-billy`s butt buddies with all the answers maybe your fag ass should be on the campaign trail.Take a long walkon a short pier,moron.

  7. When did the WSJ ever know what they were talking about anyway! This upstart dares to scold Republicans because we don’t agree with him. BS (really) go sit in the parlor with Romney and the other old guard turkeys!

  8. Trump didn’t screw up the GOP the establishment jackasses did. GOP screwed the TEA Party movement long before Trump got in. Thereby losing their base. GOP has earned every bit of whatever death befalls them.

  9. Trump may be crude and rude but that is what it is going to take to get America back from the liberals.

    • You are correct, Thomas!!! I am tired of the Repubs pussy footing with these evil left wing loons. If it takes being rude, so be it!!!!

  10. Obama is a racist.Whats the first thing he did in office?He called a white police officer stupid.What did he say before that?I don’t know what happen,I don’t know any of the facts.Racist comments while in office and these hypocrites want to critize MR TRUMP.All you hypocrites both republic and democrat can go get …….you fill in the blanks.

    • Don’t you know!….Black people cannot be racist! If you are black, you are exempt from racism… So, blame whitie…. He is always to blame for anything that is negative in this country. Be right, be black!……sarcasm intended.

    • You can put his stupid racist wife in that category too. Anybody who wears a $15 wig half down her head and complains to a NYSU graduating class that she hates everyday getting up in the White House because it was built in 1792 by slaves who were taught a skilled woodworking job has to have some marbles lose.

  11. The difference between what the gentleman said is that Trump does not intellectually meet the standards of true conservatives . And he is right. People flocking to Trump aren’t doing from an intellectual stand point. They are flocking to Trump because he appeals to their lowest base emotions . Their racism, their bigotry, their misogyny and their hatred of others not like them is what Trump is appealing to.

  12. For Paul Ryan’s remarks he should be hated by all Republicans.Trump should not go onto a convention with an ass in control.

  13. This idiot is so blind. We just experienced the worst president in modern times. Only difference is the other know it all establishment elected him. Now their pushing Hillary. We have had it with the GOP elites. The GOP would run a donkey in the Kentucky Derby if they liked him…
    Wake up and change teams!!!# Do something other then make yourself a punching bag here……

    • If Trump gets in, we will have the white man’s version of Obama! The man has dementia, I don’t know why people can’t see it, when he talks he can give opposite opinions of a view point & the biggest liar on the campaign trail!

      • Do some research and quit listening to Clinton News Network (CNN). Trump already has money, power and fame which are the reason most people (especially Hillary) want to be president. He has grandchildren. And he must be doing something right because the elites are scared. Scared to death!

        • That buzzard senior 74,he has chased to many parked cars,he is what you call a leaker,his brain is oozing out the side of his head.

  14. The disdain the Repuicans show for Trump is remarkably self-serving. And it also reveals the ends to which they will go if in any way it appears that they will lose any power, prestige, or privilege. Apparently, they have wrapped their mind around the idea that their getting richer, having more power, and supporting Obama is the only way to “help” all Americans (if they so decide) and we should all be grateful they’ve decided to “run.” I’m surprised they haven’t changed parties. I guess they don’t want to take a chance of upsetting Hillary.

  15. Just another crying whining mama’s boy, who can’t
    take it when a real man shows some backbone against
    the elite and crooked media like Wall Street journal,
    I’ll bet his father is a true candyass.
    TRUMP / NEWT 2016!!

  16. Stephens it will Back fire just like rest don’t get there way cry like jeb .. Jeb and family shoud be kick out .. There all crybabies .. They been talking to hellary to make jeb ambassador to her hometown hell .Be in charge keeping the fire going ..Trump gets my vote because he’s the only one that’s got any guts …Kasich , Rubio ,Ryan ,graham,McConall,have no guts need to get out . Ted could have made good VP. Learned a little something But sold out …Trump 16 ……rest shut up. Hellary helped some vets protest money trump to give to vets what a crook ..she will do anything
    We need change it won’t come from hellary ……… Trump 16 The cry baby’s don’t want To listen to voters

  17. American Women should be embarrassed that HRC if pretending to be their standard bearer! It is not her turn, nor does she deserve “it” plus anything else I would say would be deleted. Trust me Benghazi Killery does represent anything I stand for in this upcoming election assuming we actually get to vote and our vote will be counted!!

    • Well she is not my standard bearer. She scares me to death – her close association with the Muslim Brotherhood is way too cozy, and her close association with her Muslim Aide is worrying. God only knows what American secrets the Muslims now have in their possession due to this alliance. That, in and of itself should be enough to scare anyone to death. Add to that the email scandal, the Boys in Benghazi, selling Uranium to the Russians, and the list goes on ad nauseam.

      • Amber, I have to agree with you 100%! She is truly something to be feared, especially since she has no morals and no conscience!

  18. I have NO need for establishment politicians to tell me HOW or WHOM to vote for…they are the ones who screwed this country up so bad and the working people of this great country have to bail it out…time for a huge political change and this means NO insiders like Killary,Ryan,or any of the other elitists.The talking heads are scared because their gravy train is about to come to a halt and the people who really made this country great will be where they are supposed to be….the workers will be able to vote for someone who loves this country as much as we do who only ask for our share.

  19. Whine! Whine! Whine! That’s all these losers do! Mr. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States! Get used to it!

      • Not to worry, when Mr. Trump exposes the Clintons for what they have been and what they are, Mr. Trump will win in a landslide!

    • I hope and pray you are right!!! I am so scared they will steal it from us again. You know you have it real real bad when it is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the mornings, and the last thing you think of when going to bed at night. Yes, I have faith that Donald will win, but I also know how dern crooked those liberals are and the shenanigans that Obama can pull for Hillary too!!! Scary scary time!!

  20. I don’t understand how elite republicans can be down on Donald Trump when we are down on them because they didn’t do anything we sent them to do in Washington and we plan to change that and get someone in there that will maybe make a difference!

  21. Mr Stevens, You are missing the point! Americans are angry. They are frothing-at-the-mouth angry. We have been betrayed on every level by our elected officials. We do not want The same old “business as usual” politicians. Trump is what we want. Someone who isn’t afraid to step on a few toes, or hold up a mirror for the ‘elitist’ to see themselves. Is he God come to walk among men? NO The fact is, he couldn’t be much worse than what we have had for the last 8 years. The LIES, THE DECEIT, THE BACK-STABBING, AND TREASON BY THE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY should be enough to make everyone want someone else. If they elect Hillary, it will be the same thing as we have now. I am not wild about Trump, but I will vote for him. He is the lesser of ALL the evils with which we have been saddled

  22. n short you blind hypocritical garbage don’t actually a tinker’s damn about this nation… only WHAT YOU WANT! News flash ASSHOLE, we the people don’t give a flyin’ RATS what YOU WANT!

  23. It always back fires.. When they attack Trump , then some dirt come out on them.. Trump knows a lot of dirt on those in power.. They all gossip on each other behind their backs..
    It is why Trump even talk to our enemies , he is learning people’s dirt. Who would have ever guess the Judge that is to trail Trump case was more loyal to Mexico then USA, and he had ties to La Raza and supported by Soros.

  24. Hey Stephens there is only one other candidate, the BITCH, who will finish
    Obastard’s work of DESTROYING AMERICA!! So, what you are saying is
    that you will vote for her!!! You are a complete MORON!!!!

  25. Bret Stephens is another editor trying to sway the people to Hillary.How can this guy even think that Clinton who has broken mre laws caused more deaths and stolen more money including furniture when they left the whit house before should be President.

    Obviously people like him can only lie and report unfair and with bias. I never read the Wall Street Journal or watch CNN and this is the reason why.. Unfair and lying two face reporting.BASED ON THIS ARTICLE ALONE I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP!

  26. A Hillary Clinton vote is a vote for Obama on steroids! A further move to One World Order & the death of the America we once knew.

    How very sad these imbeciles hate this country so much. Why don’t they all move to another country then

  27. Since all the cheating by Democrats in 2012 has been documented, the only way Hillary can win is by cheating. I hope some of the problem areas have cleaned up their voter lists and got rid of their insecure hack prone machines. It would be best if the whole country had to use paper ballots, which are first counted by machine, but serve as a backup for any contested votes. That is the only honest and secure system. It is also imperative that states require voter ID so we do not get a bunch of illegals voting, I also like the purple finger idea from Iraq so nobody can vote twice.

  28. Why do I have to learn a lesson, I see right through this guy, anyone who disagrees with him will pay, he’s a con man and he doesn’t have a clue about running our country. All he does is talk, actually it’s called double talk.


  30. First of all, America is definitely 2nd world status and just about 3rd world status in many ways. Why has Trump succeeded and turned the Republican party on its head? Well, the Republicans have done nothing for the good people that voted them into office. Unemployment is through the roof. If you throw a rock anywhere in this nation, you will hit a shuttered factory or a foreclosed home. “Free” trade is a bad joke and Trump and the average person know it. It’s a shame the Dems are almost as bad when it comes to free trade.

  31. No, they still don’t get it. At least Trump is a political outsider as opposed to the Billary felons recycled by the dems. Don’t waste your vote on either – vote Libertarian !

  32. You leftist whiners can vote for the hillercow, but my vote will be for Trump.
    I will NEVER forget the that leftist bitch’s comment about Benghazi
    “what does it matter now?”

  33. It is now America which will be the loser! Bret Stephens is himself already a big loser… he wants to pull us all under! When he is surrounded by those who take over the USA and destroy it he will find out what side he backed. It is morons like this who lead the way for our media (progragandists) to lead the way to destruction. We are being sold on why we need to abandon the country. Absolutely disgusting! The seeds of revolution are being sown very quickly these days.

  34. Stephens you are an idiot! After suffering through the last 7 1/3 years with the great deceiver you have the audacity to say the Don Trump is not qualified to run this country? Put yourself into the Donald’s shoes for one business day on the decisions he has to make to run a “BILLION” dollar private company and you would wilt on the vine. Trump is a no nonsense straight up guy. You know where he stands and that is for “The United States of America”. I think the only way we know where Hillary stands is when she urinates.

  35. I don’t know who Brett Stephens is, but I couldn’t disagree more. How ignorant are YOU, Brett? A comment that is deemed racist is worse than a woman who has put our national security in danger? Seriously, get a clue. This is the first time in history that we have ever had the opportunity to have a businessman be in charge of the country. It is long overdue. Stop being a hater.

  36. What an unbeleiveabe asshole, I’ve been a republican all my life and can’t believe what assholes they have become. They are afraid of the Trump train will derail their graft train.

  37. the cry babies are crying fowl because donny is gonna cut off the sugar-tit flowing into everyone’s pockets,he is changing the fabric of the their political environment they will have to learn a whole new way of ”dealing”if they want a seat at the trough

  38. Once again if Trump wins so goes their gravy train, but if Hillary Hitler wins than nothing will change for their graft train and they will live happly ever after, Ha Ha, so they think

  39. Unfortunately there will be only one winner in November. That regrettably will be clinton. By the time all the booth numbers are corrupted, the plane load of soldier overseas votes are burned up, and all of the dead people cast their vote, hillary is unbeatable!!!!!!!
    Oh, let’s not forget that criminal group otherwise known as the electoral college.

  40. Zakaria you need to go back to whatever sand hole you came from and I’m so F%^KING TIRED OF CAREER POLITICIANS you can take them with you butt wipe.

  41. Read the comment below from retire deft. It says it all. You people need to LEAVE and American honesty standards and honor need to come back. I’m sick of the lefts bs. They all belong in a mental ward and you people belong in there with them!!!

  42. I just get tierd of hearing about the consertive purity…They worship the ground that Reagan walked on. Have they forgot Regan was a radical, have they forgot about voodoo economics. They thought that Reagan was crazy until his financial policy worked.

    If they think that history will be on their side…does the name Benedict Arnold ring a bell.

  43. Another damn insider Bret Stevens trying too shame me because I support Donald Trump. As depaz says below, Donald Trump got to where he is today because he is NOT a loser. The Lindsay Grahams of the world are the losers, pissing away THE opportunity here in 2016 to make the Senate veto-proof and even bigger gains in the House because they’re scared to death of being labeled ‘racists’ by the media and their Democrat lapdogs. The people gave the GOP huge wins in 2010 & 2014 to fight Obama, tooth & nail. Instead, they cowered when it mattered.

  44. Oh my, oh my, oh my. What are we going to do. This “very important twit” disagrees with us about The Donald. Whatever shall we do? Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo. I think we should all vote twice just like the Democrats do and have all our deceased relatives vote too.

  45. I think that these ignorant elite establishment members are to stupid to know that they are stupid, the base elected Trump and they will back him all the way to the White House as for losing that is a liberal demented dream, Hillary president means America will be a 3rd world nation and the base is not buying it!!!

  46. It’s going to be a landslide for Trump and I hope all the liberal pieces of shit make good on their promise and leave the country.

  47. These twits think we care what they say . If anyone listens to these people they need their head examined . Lindsay Graham is a homosexual and he wants to get this agenda passed and he’s out there calling for Trumps removel .I am from where this pervert is from and know a great deal more . He didn’t win to get in the Governor put him in when Thruman died and now it’s like this idiot writing the article we will have to pry their cold dead hands like the Clintons / Bushs / Obama out of the country I say let’s teach these people a lesson . They all want to punish us . Who do they think they are ?

  48. Always thought the only reason Trump entered was to trash the real serious issues.
    Is surrendering to poison from writers like this the lesson learned?
    More people have seen the poison at work and taking a closer look at the truth.
    A worthwhile lesson that will receive greater attention if the Donald loses.

  49. First of all, you better hope to hell that Trump doesn’t quit in any form because you’ll be putting a gun to your head to end the misery that the USA has placed itself in because of the poor administration just in the last 8 yrs. We definitely don’t want to go lower yet. America needs to be made great again not sent to the gutter!!!! You better hope on your hands and knees for greatness and have this man pull us out to greatness.

  50. The Republican Parry has self-destructed already, Bret; when it failed to call Obama and the Democrat Party on his ineligibility for the office. Meaning, essentially, that it failed to be able to read plain English with even a modicum of comprehension.

    “The natives, or natural born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…” That is the definition of a ‘natural born citizen’ as understood by the constitutional Framers, for which there is overwhelming historical evidence. (From E. de Vattel’s definitive tome of the day on such matters,’The Law of Nations, Or Principles of Natural Law,’ Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212.) And that eligibility requirement for that office – and that particular federal office ONLY; attesting to its special nature, whose occupant also then becomes as well the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces – still stands, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

    Which both current major political parties actually tried to enact; when between 2003 and ’08 alone they tried a total of 8 times between them to get just such an amendment going through Congress – proposals including this particular issue as their common denominator – and failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue. So: THEY KNEW. And have known, the truth about this matter. And will go down – both of them; on RICO-statute charges – when the Truth outs. As it will.

    As – it – will. And Justice will prevail once again in the land.

    This sorely put-upon land, by venal politicians, and their masters behind the scenes. All of whom are heading for a very big fall. As this nation is SET BACK TO RIGHTS. To, that is to say, its founding rights, and vision. Of a free and independent people. Not subjects to a master. Whether that master be royal or cleric or oligarchy, or despot.

    Which latter category fits the Usurper to a T. Who will go down for his crimes as well. And maybe – just maybe – arrogant erstwhile masters will learn their lesson:

    Hands OFF a free people, scum.

    • Can we round up cruz and rubio and remove them from a FREE Society for their attempts to UNDERMINE THE CONSTITUTION in exactly the same way the democrats did?

      Neither are Natural Born Citizens.

      And there is some doubt that either are even Citizens.

  51. … a writer for the wsj has an opinion I’m supposed to consider as “valid“?

    His cookies don’t crumble like normal cookies do they?

  52. Stephens should be ashamed to call himself a Republican!! His policies will result in the destruction of this country as sure as HiLIARy is a LIAR!!!

    RINOs GOT TO GO!!!

  53. The envy and malevolence is highly noticeable in Stevens comments. What a pity that he is the face of disunity. We the people … will show you Stevens that you are a total jejune for your lack of patriotism.

  54. Every body stay focused Trump is the only answer he’s a man the liberal media in the GOP establishment are still trying to take him out ain’t going to happen he’s going to win by a landslide and we’re all going to make him and get him to that point I myself am sick and the liberal controlled media all the crap that they’re throwing out and just cracks me up go Trump go Trump what he said about that Judge was 100% spot-on and I’m sure he was 100% right. that judge was appointed by Obama what the hell does that tell you and who gives a crap what that idiot thinks stayfocusd everybody get out and vote I mean everybody needs to get the voting don’t sit at home the media will have you think in the trunk does not have a chance and that you should not waste your vote but get out and do it we’re going to see the biggest landslide in American history and we’re going to make America great again ! this is not a communist country this country was founded on God and religion and our constitution to hell with the Liberals and all their sick and twisted bull shit if you’re coming then vote for the commies if you are a God loving Constitution Loving American get out and vote for Donald Trump !!! and as Forrest Gump once said that’s all I can say about that !!!

  55. Ahhhhhh ha ha ha, yup, too bad he’s not like Presidents McCain or Romney, right? Ooops, um, uh, that’s right, your picks didn’t do so well, did they? Just sit back, relax and STFU!!! We got this. Trump2016!!!!! #NeverHypocriteHillary

  56. Put them on a scale – Hillary on one side and Trump on the other, I will fill up the Hillary side and you can fill in the Trump side:
    -Cattle Gate
    -White Water – prison for Clinton’s friend but not Clinton’s
    -Bill as a sexual predator and rapist (and maybe a pedophile)
    -Illegal use of IRS to harass Clinton enemy’s & Bills female victims
    -FBI Filegate
    -Chinagate -treason
    -Pay to Play – sold trade missions to wealth donors
    -Renting out Lincoln Bedroom for donations (collected $5.4 m)
    -Travelgate tried to take over – Hillary was found to be lying
    -Death of Vince Foster (cover-up) at all levels
    -Pardongate – released criminals, terrorists, & others for money
    -Hillary’s defense of child rapist (the girl was 12 years old)
    -Benghazi – 4 dead Americans
    -Clinton Global Initiative – money laundering
    -Cocaine smuggling & Bill was an addict as Governor and President
    -Clinton Foundation-taken in over $2 billion-$10 m given to Haiti
    =Negotiated deal that gave Russia 50% of uranium mined in US
    -Hillary took over health care reform ($200 m loss for US)
    -Hillary gave order to attack at Waco (she had no authority – was not an elected official) 18 children died.
    -Death of 2 boys on railway tracks & 4 more associated with incident.
    Murder of Gerry Parks – had records of all Bill’s activities.
    And there are more but there is only so much space. Wonder were the scale ended up?
    And just one more Hillary’s favorite saying “When are they going to get those f—ing ree-tards out of here?!” in reference to a group of handicapped child on an Easter Egg hunt.

    Now what is on the Trump side?

  57. I think the WSJ editor is in for a surprise. The GOP was going to die before Trump came on the scene. He is the first Rep candidate to bring new people into the party since Reagan. Yet the WSJ will allow Obama to lie and lie. I am so sick of these hypocrites.

  58. WSJ is no friend of the US, workers unless they are illegal, middle class Americans. Actually, WSJ doesn’t care about anyone but WSJ.

  59. A lot of this comes from the fact that this babbling idiot wants to scream racism over Trumps accusations about the messcan heritage judge that are totally justified!
    Not only was this judge a member of La Raza Lawyers, he was a member of the Hispanic Judges Council, another organization that promotes amnesty for wetbacks. Bear in mind that this mess started in San Diego, and the law firm behind the initial class action suit are heavy Democratic contributors who have paid the Clintons around $650,000 in “speaking fees.” One of the original partners of the firm can no longer practice law in California, as he was convicted of fraud and spent some time in prison. What did he do? He paid people to be participants in class action lawsuits when they had no standing. Class action lawsuits like the one his former partners filed against Trump. So, you have a Democratic activist judge, nominated by Obama and confirmed by a Democratic Senate, who is a member of at least 2 groups who promote amnesty for wetbacks, overseeing a lawsuit filed by Clinton cronies who have paid the Clintons hundreds of thousands of dollars. But Trump is a racist for mentioning it.
    Someone ought to tell these brainless peckerheads that “Mexican” is not a damn race.

  60. South Carolina needs a recall of Graham. A recall of “Songbird” McCain and gunboat Kerry would help also.

  61. Just watching CNN with Basil Smikle saying that Bernie supporters will back Hillary – why, Hillary represents everything that the Bernie supporters hate. Corruption in government and big money donations and lobbyists buying and owning government officials Why should Bernie’s supporters lower themselves to that level? It would take them 180 degrees from where they are now.

  62. I’ll bet that this clown will hire armed bodyguards when Killary-Billary, the Benghazi Bitch comes for his guns… violating the Second Amendment… then reading his subsequent, Clinton-negative emails… and forcefully grabbing him from his home, to be put in prison, without habeas corpus… violating both his First and Fourth Amendments… Good luck, you PC pussy.

  63. If Trump looses the voters will be taught to demand hand counting of votes and demand the abolishment of the Electorial College and that primaries are not about selecting a candidate but about who gets the most delegates. We need to go back to the hand counting of votes, even though it takes longer and having the popular vote count, which it now does not. If you are unfamiliar with how the Electorial College works, research it out and you will quickly find how much your vote does not count. Also see how those who are members of the EC are chosen. They are supposed to be elected by WE THE PEOPLE and are on the ballot, but never are they vetted nor do people pay any attention to these candidates

    I highly resent when the pundits , Commentators, Hosts of Political talk show and/or their guests. talk down to WE THE PEOPLE and want to tell the viewer or listener how to think.

    Many people do not vote in the primaries as they have filled in party preference. This was certainly brought out here in AZ when only three parties are on the ballot. Without a party preference is not denoted, the voter only receives a ballot which lists the issues upon which to vote. To do a write-in one must apply for a write-in form before primary selection of numbers of delegates day.

    We the People are tired of being ignored and are taking actions to return the US to the people. Elected officials are going to see more demands for impeachment, recalls or demands for recognition. They are going to demand the elected officials be punished for their illegal actions. Enough is enough. People like Bret Stephens who has the opinion that he so above WE THE PEOPLE that he has to tell us how to think. Personally, I am tired of politicians known illegal actions and nothing is done about them. Killery is a good example. McCain is another one, plus H. Reid, etc. There are so many past and present politicians and backers of politicians in Washington, District of Corruption, that should be tried for treason, convicted and hung from the nearest tree, there would not be enough trees. These people are constantly stealing from WE THE PEOPLE.

  64. Bret, did the demos’ learn anything in 2008 when they elected a well qualified community organizer. Guess not since they elected same community organizer in 2012. Not a very good track record it seems to me. If that demo nominee was so well qualified for the job. Then I would suggest that Trump is at least 10 times more qualified. I wont even bother to mention Clinton. We already know she doesn’t answer her phone at night. Too many dreams of sugar and spice and all that is rotten. Are you qualified to run the WSJ???? Hmmmm or is it your duty to piss off the subscribers?? Heck I better check. Lets see.. can’t hear much, can’t see well, no teeth and no shoes. Damn I fit the profile for demo nominee for president or newspaper editor. Darn, cant believe I used I and demo in same paragraph much less same sentence. Woe is me.. I have a headache
    Trump all the way

  65. This jerk has got it backwards…Hillary is going to be humiliated and the demonrat party is going to be anniliated. Fu you stinking low life liberals.

  66. So okay – Trump is somewhat different from other candidates, but it is going to take a very different man to unscrew this country from the mess it is in now. Trump is the only candidate running who came anywhere close.

  67. Too bad for the WSJ, that will not happen, as a matter of fact just the opposite. Clinton will lose badly and go home crying for her mommy. I honestly cannot stand the liberals, all willing to disregard major criminal activity, all verifiable and being investigated right now. There should be a law that states ANYONE under a Federal investigation cannot run for political office. If Obama endorses Clinton like he says he will be doing, he is essentially tying the hands of Dir of the FBI and the DOJ which is absolutely wrong, he should stand clear until it is completed and let the chips fall where they may. Problem is that he sent some Top Secret emails to Clinton on a clear line, that is also illegal. Maybe that is his way of clearing the way for her, if they don’t indict then he is cleared also. Such a shame.

  68. Nobody can lose as bad as Mondale. Carter came pretty close. Reagan taught them the same lesson twice and Trump will give them a refresher.

  69. Trump resonates in the hearts of real Americans – not the globalists, not the foreigners, and no one in their right mind would want Crooked Hillary in the WH

  70. If the GOP someway nominates anyone no named Trump, several things will occur, 1. Trump will run as a 3rd Party Candidate, no fines, no rush to qualify as he has already won the requisite number of delegates and States to qualify. 2. A new permanent Party will be established utilizing the very people who voted him in. #. Last but not least, the GOP will become a dying dinosaur. So I don’t believe the GOP can afford not to support Trump regardless of what a few RINO’S want or believe.

  71. Funny that no one is talking about this judge’s connection to La Raza (“the race”). Wonder how they’d feel if a KKK or Black Panther member was judge? Oh wait….Progressive Rule #1: only whites can be racist.

  72. I for one plan to vote for every Republican candidate who is NOT currently in office. I absolutely will NOT vote for any incumbent. Stephens needs to spend a couple of months in a communist country like China and find out what it’s really like to have to live under someone who is much worse than Trump. Trump is the most honest candidate we have had in either party since God knows when and he is just what we need to put these pompous GOP and Democratic establishment people back in their place and remind them that they work for us. WE DO NOT SERVE THEIR COMMANDS AND WHIMSIES! And I will NEVER, NEVER vote for the same candidate twice for either the senate or the house of representatives again. We need to have term limits for these greedy, selfish God want-to-bees and make them as humble as they think we should be.

  73. Seeing what the establishment pukes have brought this country and how much more they sympathize and join ranks with the leftists, I’m not sure that them “not endorsing Trump” is a bad thing.

    If the filth of the Earth dont like you…..then you must be doing something right.

  74. The WSJ is moving further and further left. Soon they will be no better than the Washington “compost” as Levin calls it. This Stephens guy should of been dismissed a long time ago. He is an insult to anyone with any political understanding of what this election is about. Trump will win, and he will win big. Stephens is seems would prefer a progressive like HC who is responsible for the Libya fiasco including the murder of our Ambassador and all four SEALS. She plans to give citizenship to illegals (criminals who broke the law), allowing them to take jobs away from Americans; will do away with the 2nd amendment and put in far left Supreme Court judges, and so much more — none of this concerns Stephens. We subscribed for years to the WSJ but will be cancelling after reading the latest trash from Stephens.

  75. The “Elites” are looking for any reason they can find to not back Trump. The problem the “elite” is having is that the unemployed American citizens, (all races, colors, and creeds), are looking for full-time jobs and U.S. Border protection. This is something the “Elite” hasn’t got around to addressing, and Trump has. Go Trump/Sessions 2016!!!

  76. What’s up with the WSJ? If the GOP loses this election, America is gone. The whole World can’t afford for Hillary to win!

  77. The dimwit at the WSJ would prefer to have an avaricious, mean-spirited, self-absorbed, highly scripted but uninspired, unaccountable, leftist, Muslim sympathizer/U.S. Military hater as our Commander in Chief? If this fellow is representative of conservative mainstream media, then we might just as well fumigate every journalism school in the country because it is further proof that our media is entirely incapable of rational thought.

  78. For a journalist, Stevens is exceedingly uninformed and misguided. It is shocking how sheltered the left has become. If Trump does not win this presidential election, American values, culture, economy will disintegrate before our eyes. It is not something I want to witness or participate in. As such, my husband and I are voting Trump and, Mr Stevens, we remain recalcitrant in that regard. If Clinton gets in, the country will soon realize that we should not have nominated a WOMAN “so manifestly unqualified to be president in any way, shape or form.” And a very painful lesson this will be. VOTE TRUMP!

  79. This is the time to dump all those RINO’s who refused to control the likes of Obama who they allowed to become the first dictator of the US. Well Time to replace RINO’s with true Republican statesmen instead of cheap do nothing politicians !

  80. The more I read recent posts the more I have hope for our country. Hopefully our “lower class voters” will stand together and vote. If so, Trump will win by a landslide and start putting our country back together. We must secure our borders, provide jobs for our people, remove the criminal element that has been welcomed into our midst, and change some attitudes. There are several generations in America (born Americans) who have no respect for others, or for themselves. I know it can’t be done overnight but gotta start somewhere. I believe now is the time and here is the place. If enough of us vote intelligently in November maybe it wont be necessary to take up arms against the crooked leaders. Stand together – stand tall – stand strong – it will be enough if we ALL stand.

  81. The only way to keep Trump from being elected is to call off the elections.
    Even if he quits or is eliminated, we will still vote for him. He is the only honest spokesperson that we have!!

  82. The Wall Street Journal is very anti Trump. For one thing, they are completely for wide open borders and unlimited immigration. They claim to be conservative, but I doubt it. They want open borders no restrictions on trade or imports, low pay for workers, and keep the money flowing to our enemies. They don’t like Trump because ne is not a insider who would change nothing.

  83. Wish I was prescient but alas I am not , but knowing the public that voted for 8 years of obama I am not optimistic they will have learned anything and will vote for more of the same.I am strongly thinking of changing parties as this Republican party has certainly left
    me.We will loose this election again if things don’t change and “those” who are the most vocal against Mr, Trump will be the reason.

  84. If Trump loses, it will be because of the fact that we sent in the Republicans to stop Obama and they wasted their opportunity to prove to the American people that they were listening. We are so fed up with the “politics as usual” mindset and want our voices heard but we are being ignored. I will NEVER vote for Hillary as she is only out to fill her own pockets and does not care about anyone or anything except herself. We gave them a job and they failed to do it. Vote them out and replace them with those that will do what we want them to do. It’s long past time we shout from the rooftops!

  85. Wow, what an immensely pompous, arrogant jerk. Real republicans do not need to learn any lesson.
    We do however desperately need to teach a few. To the imposters who have betrayed us to begin with. To people like this idiot next. Who believe they know ANYTHING about us.

  86. The GOP voters have already learned their lesson. Our answer to that is Donald J Trump and we are proud of it!

  87. i’m done with both parties,i’m voting for trump because he says what he mwans,not what people want to hear,i had my ass full of pc bullshit!!

  88. And to make sure Hitlery doesn’t become the next dick-tater (the current one’s been enough of a bane on the country!), please, please, please, vote ABSENTEE (this way there’s a record of your vote, so it can’t be switched by those magic, George Soro’s manufactured electronic voting machines). Too honest to lie about your whereabouts? (unlike the liberals who vote 5 or 6 times, admit it and aren’t prosecuted?)…just make a doctor’s appointment out of county that day….see the dentist….you can always cancel the appointment later, of course…..

  89. Yea , Trump is a real looser . Look how badly he lost to Republican establishment dearest : Bush , Rubio , Kasich . Oops , he didn’t . Looser Trump also TKO few more candidates .
    I’ve got news for you , little Bretty : Trump will do the same to any ” less left-wing opponent ” . And I would like to TKO you , moron . To bad it’s will never happened .

  90. The last time Republicans knocked-it-outta-the-park was in 1984, and we’ve waited 28 years for another Constitutiinal conservative. I hope Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are real proud of how they talked-up Trump, and threw the REAL outsider, Ted Cruz, under-the-bus. I only hope we still have a country to save in 2020, should Senator Cruz attempt another run.

  91. These whining conservatives and the GOP elite need to shut the hell up and throw their support behind Trump!!! They are the ones who need to learn a lesson!!! They grossly under estimate who Trumps supporters are!! We come from every walk of life and we are sick and tired of our voices going unheard by many of our elected representatives while we are sold out to the UN and the One World Order wack jobs!!! We support the Constitution and what it stands for and we expect our elected officials to honor we the people and the Oath of office they made when they were elected!!! It is to late in the game to bring in a new candidate and if they do not support Trump its a vote for Hillary Clinton and rubber stamp for the radical lefts totalitarian communist goals for this country!!! Wake up people the signs are all there!!!

  92. I think Stephens forgets that he is speaking about millions of Americans who will stand for Trump no matter what the little minded elites say or do! Donald Trump has more wisdom and common sense in his baby finger than Stephen has in his whole pea brain! Come November everyone will see that Trump is the choice for America and there is nothing that can stand in our way! If there were REAL MEN in the White House over the last 20 years, instead of a bunch of weasels, America wouldn’t be so bad off! Donald J Trump IS THE MAN WITH GREATNESS WHO WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  93. Stephens, the GOP elites, the establishment, and the neverTrump people are all jealous morons. They’re all voting for the lyin’, crooked monster. You all can go to hell.

    We, the Trump supporters will get the last laugh when Trump becomes president.

  94. So many of these newspaper editors are pure democrats and sometimes they talk and write like old time communists. I don’t buy these papers any more since when I saw the flower children doing drugs and having sex with everybody at “concerts” and I saw how the newspaper editors loved these people and started to do anti-American talk, thanks to them I assumed I was alone and stopped doing things like buying their papers, just our local paper for local news. As TV starting talking like the newspapers and pushing homosexuality and silencing doctors, etc. who weren’t allowed to tell nurses if patients they operated on had AIDS and the hospital I took my Father to for heart survery said in order to sneak around this gov’t imposed order “And, oh, when we do blood tests of donors, we check for everything from A to Z and beyond, so you don’t need to worry about your family member receiving any disease going around.” I became an anti democrat because I loved my Father and we all had a right to know if the damn blood contained some killer disease that homosexuals were giving us non-homosexuals. I knew than I couldn’t trust our gov’t agencies or the media and now I know we can’t even trust our republicans in offices because they are democrats in disquise, rhinos. Yes, these editors do not get it, Trump and I so hope I am right, he is speaking for the silent majority and we are no longer the silent majority.

  95. Hillary and Bernie both want open borders. They like the way it now is. They say there are 11 million illegals in this country. Nobody knows who they are, where they are or what they are doing here or how many there is. I’m sure the border patrol didn’t count them as they crossed the border. There may be twice that many, and more coming every day. They want to give them the right to vote even if they have to give them amnesty. They think they will get their vote. After all, getting re-elected is their number one priority. Nothing else matters.
    The establishment republicans are no better. They have had a bill in Congress to build the wall for years and done nothing.
    Trump is scaring them to death. Very few of them want him because they know he will do what he says and will tear up their little world they have built for themselves. The Trump supporters don’t care about the judge. The media is having a field day with it. I think you will see people like Paul Ryan ,Lindsey Graham and most all the others who are so mad about what Trump said (they didn’t want Trump to start with) changing their minds when they wake up from their stupor and realize that the people will boot they out on their rear if the people want Trump and they don’t represent them and support Trump. That’s the reason Ryan changes his mind like the weather
    They need to get behind Trump and do everything they can to make sure Hillary is not elected and this country goes to hell.

  96. Trump is a willfully ignorant blowhard who is totally unqualified to run for President – no matter how many primary voters he has deluded. Trump is a national embarrassment who will drag down the entire Republican ticket dooming the USA to permanent left-wing Democrat rule. The only hope is a revolt at the Republican National Convention and replacement of Trump with an electable candidate.

  97. If the Republican party screw`s us out of, having Trump as President. Will give the house and senate back to the Democrats.

  98. The loser Repugnant establishment will be very surprised when Trump creams Hillbilly with or without them! If the Party does anything to interfere with Trump’s victory this November there will never be a Republican Party again! The remnant of rich idiots can take a long hike off of a short pier. If they want Hillbilly so bad, just change their registration to demonRAT, and sit there with the rest of the scum going down with the Clinton Crime Family’s ship!

    Anyone preferring Hillbilly (2 for 1) Clinton is probably a crook trying to perpetuate their lucrative criminal activity!

  99. This editor should read Buchanan’s article on the Trump/Judge controversy. Whoever is interested here it is:

    Trump is right to criticize judge,s

    By Patrick Buchanan.

    Before the lynching of The Donald
    proceeds, what exactly was it he said about that Hispanic judge?

    Stated succinctly, Donald Trump said U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is
    presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, is sticking it to

    And the judge’s bias is likely rooted in the fact that he is of Mexican

    Can there be any defense of a statement so horrific?

    Just this. First, Trump has a perfect right to be angry about the judge’s
    rulings and to question his motives. Second, there are grounds for believing
    Trump is right.

    On May 27, Curiel, at the request of The Washington Post, made public plaintiff
    accusations against Trump University — that the whole thing was a scam. The
    Post, which Bob Woodward tells us has 20 reporters digging for dirt in Trump’s
    past, had a field day.

    And who is Curiel?

    An appointee of President Obama, he has for years been associated with the La
    Raza Lawyers Association of San Diego, which supports pro-illegal immigrant

    Set aside the folly of letting Clinton surrogates like the Post distract him
    from the message he should be delivering, what did Trump do to be smeared by a
    bipartisan media mob as a “racist”?

    He attacked the independence of the judiciary, we are told.

    But Presidents Jefferson and Jackson attacked the Supreme Court, and FDR, fed
    up with New Deal programs being struck down, tried to “pack the
    court” by raising the number of justices to 15 if necessary.

    Abraham Lincoln leveled “that eminent tribunal” in his first
    inaugural, and once considered arresting Chief Justice Roger Taney.

    The conservative movement was propelled by attacks on the Warren Court. In the
    1950s and 1960s, “Impeach Earl Warren!” was plastered on billboards
    and bumper stickers all across God’s country.

    The judiciary is independent, but that does not mean that federal judges are
    exempt from the same robust criticism as presidents or members of
    Congress. Obama himself attacked the Citizens United decision in a State
    of the Union address, with the justices sitting right in front of him.

    But Trump’s real hanging offense was that he brought up the judge’s ancestry,
    as the son of Mexican immigrants, implying that he was something of a judicial
    version of Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

    Apparently, it is now not only politically incorrect, but, in Newt Gingrich’s
    term, “inexcusable,” to bring up the religious, racial or ethnic
    background of a judge, or suggest this might influence his actions on the

    But these things matter.

    Does Newt think that when LBJ appointed Thurgood Marshall, ex-head of the
    NAACP, to the Supreme Court, he did not think Marshall would bring his unique
    experience as a black man and civil rights leader to the bench?

    Surely, that was among the reasons Marshall was appointed.

    When Obama named Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, a woman of Puerto Rican
    descent who went through college on affirmative action scholarships, did Obama
    think this would not influence her decision when it came to whether or not to
    abolish affirmative action?

    “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her
    experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white
    male who hasn’t lived that life,” Sotomayor said in a speech at
    Berkeley law school and in other forums.

    Translation: Ethnicity matters, and my Latina background helps guide my

    All of us are products of our family, faith, race, and ethnic group. And the
    suggestion in these attacks on Trump that judges and justices always rise above
    such irrelevant considerations, and decide solely on the merits, is naive

    There are reasons why defense lawyers seek “changes of venue” and
    avoid the courtrooms of “hanging judges.”

    When Obama reflexively called Sgt. Crowley “stupid” after Crowley’s
    2009 encounter with that black professor at Harvard, and said of Trayvon
    Martin, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” was he not speaking
    as an African-American, as well as a president?

    Pressed by John Dickerson on CBS, Trump said it’s “possible” a Muslim
    judge might be biased against him as well. Another “inexcusable”

    But does anyone think that if Obama appointed a Muslim to the Supreme Court,
    the LGBT community would not be demanding of all Democratic Senators that they
    receive assurances that the Muslim judge’s religious views on homosexuality
    would never affect his court decisions, before they voted to put him on the

    When Richard Nixon appointed Judge Clement Haynsworth to the Supreme Court, it
    was partly because he was a distinguished jurist of South Carolina ancestry.
    And the Democrats who tore Haynsworth to pieces did so because they feared he
    would not repudiate his Southern heritage and any and all ideas and beliefs
    associated with it.

    To many liberals, all white Southern males are citizens under eternal suspicion
    of being racists. The most depressing thing about this episode is to see
    Republicans rushing to stomp on Trump, to show the left how well they have
    mastered their liberal catechism.

      • Get your head out of your rear and look at what you will have with the wicked witch of Washington . You are surely a mental patient that deserves to be put out of our misery. Take your troll butt somewhere like Iran where they would love you . At least he is the only one that even speaks about American . Your are jealous because he gets better attention than you . Your Hillary cheeks are showing . Get lost.

  100. That’s why you’re a deputy Bret you have no common sense you would rather work and report on Hillary’s communist regime instead of reporting on the fresh and revived the America the way it should be. You either have not been paying attention to the way Obama and Hillary are dismantling this country or you’re just plain stupid. Trump may not be the best candidate but if America has to choose between a socialist Communist liar and murderer and a patriot I believe the patriots will win every time. Brett why don’t you tell me why American schools have stopped teaching American history why don’t you report on that or want your bosses let you ? Do you remember the amendment that gives freedom to the press ? I do not believe it states freedom of the press to report what your bosses tell you report….. If I have to point this out to you obviously you’re not a journalist. You should be embracing trump at every turn only then will you get the chance to be a real reporter.

  101. simple truths are not in fashion – experts and heros in their own minds have to simply die out , nobody will notice that they are gone – good night indispensable experts !! I will miss you – not !!

  102. …… stephens can KISS my OLD ‘white’ CULO ……….. that SOB …… and tell him i stated such !!!

  103. The WSJ is represented in this years Bilderberg meeting, therefore they should not be listened to by any liberty loving American, indeed I suggest a boycott of them, due to this heinous un-American activity.

  104. Much more likely that Hitlery will be the biggest loser in US presidential election history! I wouldn’t be surprised if she failed to carry a single state! (except maybe Illinois….and then only if the dead vote twice!)

  105. TRUMP 2016
    we’re still voting for him no matter what get over it we’ve gotten him this far and we’re sticking with him

  106. What this “idiot” editor does not understand is that Trump was the only candidate that brought new voters into the party, as well as building an ardent and loyal base. Trump’s base was created because the majority of the GOP voters were sick and tired of the “RINOS” – especially after the “non-performance” of the Senate after the 2014 elections. We were not going to stand by and watch a Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio lose another election. Should Trump lose, the GOP will slowly “disintegrate”.

  107. This is undoubtedly the motivating factor in all of government and financial manipulation of the USA economy. “The rich get richer, and the powerful get more powerful”. Unfortunately the progressives tipped their hand, “The little guy pays the total freight.”

  108. As a life long Republican it is an embarassment that Trump is even thought of being President. Can you picture this man being in the Oval Office. This is not a TV show. He is neither a Republican or a Conservative.

  109. To those who think Trump is “the messiah” for those who want the Nation to be recreated in the image they wish, how do you reconcile the fact that he has pissed off so many people on all sides of the political spectrum? The Messiah might have been able single-handedly to deliver the Jewish nation, but I don’t see lower case the messiah (trump) being able to single-handedly do the same for the Conservative nation.

  110. These fog horns who try to correct a blooming case of damnation, need to be chopped up and used for fish bait as the case may be!!………..CUZIN ERN

  111. , Her first actions in politics were to lie to her boss, then try to hide a ruling on legal representation for the POTUS. It has been deeper and dirtier from that point.

  112. Typical response of a “bona fide” GOP RINO who feels threatened by the loss of power as kingmaker in presidential elections. Hoping instead enough flyover folks flock to the polls and show the loud liberal elite that enough is enough. All the current madness underway is being conducted with the sanctioning and support of too many career “GOP” Washington folks. Many of them should be sent home to live inside the world they make for the rest of us.

  113. There is a final judgment Mr. Editor but then you probably don’t recognize that variation in life. Maybe you will be taught a lesson even before that time.

  114. The public has finally been given a prime opportunity to play its Trump card…..

    The one party system, the Ivory Tower Party, stand down….We are tired of non-candidates being placed before us by the elite. I am proud that the Don has place his personal resources at risk to try and make a change for those that want real reform, not socialistic demise. This may be our last chance to turn back towrds a constitutional republic from which we came.

  115. If the RNC, elected rinos and other republican crooks in Washington don’t back Trump, there will be no republican party for me and all the Trump supporters in America! If Killery is elected, were are doomed anyway!

  116. I think Stephens’ remarks will backfire on him and cause more voters to vote for Trump. Trump may not be “conservative” enough for WSJ’s editors, but one of the reasons he’s gotten to where he is is because he’s talked about issues the Republican establishment has ignored–for instance, the issue of illegal immigration. Plus, those “establishment” Republicans say one thing and do another. They get into office wanting to rein in government and then vote for everything President Obama has proposed because they don’t want to shut the government down. Finally, nobody is asking the folks who go into the voting booth. We regular folks are the ones the press should be talking to.

    • REPUBLICANS have voted for virtually NOTHING Obama has supported. In fact, while refusing to vote for anything supported by the White House, they have set all time records for fewest bills passed & most filibusters ever by one Congress.

      Get the record straight, people are mad because Republican leaders have not only supported nothing The White House has proposed they have refused to pass anything at all.

  117. DJTJ is reprehensible, the most detestable person I have ever seen. He is an egomaniacal, bombastic, bullying, infantile, dishonest, disrespectful, prejudiced, low-intelligence, low-literacy excuse for a human being. He is allergic to thinking before he speaks, morality, consistency, and any understanding of world affairs.
    The one thing he could do to please me is to go back and never have been born. This is a situation in which I would strongly support abortion rights, and if his mother had exercised them, she should not have been punished but instead she should have received a Great American and Worldwide Humanitarian award.

    As to a candidate palatable to Bret Stephens, there is Libertarian former governor Gary Johnson, a good, honest, knowledgeable but humble man who is always respectful. His party is the only one besides the two major ones that is registered and on ballots in each of the 50 States. If ever there were a time to vote third party, this would be that time.

    If the media would even mention Johnson, much less give him equal time, millions of people would breathe a huge sigh of relief and our next President would be rational and decent.

    All disaffected Republicans and Democrats, as well as independents, should surge to vote Libertarian in the general election. Otherwise what we would get would be one of two law-flouting, unprincipled, prevaricating egomaniacs.

    • are you, per chance, one of the delegates (SC, I think) to the gop convention. you are defending the GOPe and that is just another part of the NWO in our political system. individualism bothers you, huh? but America is built on individualism….

  118. Check out the issue of Sports Illustrated, the one with Muhammed Ali on the cover. Just inside the back cover, is an abridged story written by Ali when he was still Cassius Clay. it sounds very much like Trump, and for those that think Trump is nothing but a blowhard, well, maybe so, but he get’s the job done.

  119. Very disappointed in Bret. That is just a stupid position to take. Our country is at stake, and Hillary will further destroy what Obama has done. Not a Trump fan myself, but God knows he is the better alternative. Come on, wise up!!!

  120. If he thinks any of the illegal immigrants or refugees will be future WSJ subscribers, he has zero street sense. We need someone to change the direction of this country. I assume Bret believes in freedom of speech unless it’s contrary to his parameters of thought. Justice Sotomayor openly professed ethnicity matters to her in decision making and she’s on the Supreme Court. Why shouldn’t it matter to non Latinos?

  121. Donald Trump is NOT a Republican of any stripe and certainly NOT a conservative and his Nationalist Populist platform has very little in common with the Republican party. I have NO problem with Trumps desire to run for the presidency, just be honest and do it as the third party candidate that he is. Trump has hijacked the Republican party much as Sanders has the Democrat because the parties offered them structure, campaign information, PR and a voter base to draw to their Nationalist and Socialist and Socialist causes. We have FOUR parties running in this years election with Clinton the Democrat, Sanders the Democratic Socialist, Trump as a Nationalist Populist and at this point the Republican party, which has NO candidate in the race to represent the concerns of loyal Republicans. The RNC should declare the convention open and contested and let the elected delegates nominate a candidate by consciences. Trump may or may not win the nomination….that would then be up to him to either align with the party he said he represented or declare as a third party that he should have done all along. More than SIX MILLION Republicans voted in opposition to Trump during the primaries and caucuses than actually voted for him….that is a majority of 53% of the registered Republican voters. Trump is not being supported by Republicans but Nationalist Populists. The split WILL result in a Goldwater landslide loss for Trump in November because Republicans won’t support or vote for him by the millions.

  122. The last vestige of conservatism in the daily print media has just shown its true colors. Good-bye WSJ, it was nice reading you.

  123. Another RINO at the WSJ? He must really be doing wonders for circulation. Also really good for the paper’s cred.


  125. A great article by Ann Coulter:

    Stunning New
    Development!!! Media Calls Trump Racist

    By Ann Coulter

    June 9, 2016,
    7:00 am

    Annoyed at
    federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s persistent rulings against him in the Trump
    University case (brought by a law firm that has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars
    for speeches by Bill and Hillary), Republican presidential nominee
    Donald Trump said that maybe it’s because the judge is a second-generation
    Mexican immigrant.

    The entire media
    — and most of the GOP — have spent 10 months telling us that Mexicans in the
    United States are going to HATE Trump for saying he’ll build a wall. Now
    they’re outraged that Trump thinks one Mexican hates him for saying he’ll build
    a wall.

    Curiel has
    distributed scholarships to illegal aliens. He belongs to an organization that
    sends lawyers to the border to ensure that no illegal aliens’ “human rights” are violated.
    The name of the organization? The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association — “La
    Raza” meaning THE RACE.

    Let’s pause to
    imagine the nomination hearings for a white male who belonged to any
    organization for white people — much less one with the words “THE RACE” in its

    The media were
    going to call Trump a racist whatever he did, and his attack on a Hispanic
    judge is way better than when they said it was racist for Republicans to talk
    about Obama’s golfing.

    Has anyone ever
    complained about the ethnicity of white judges or white juries? I’ve done some
    research and it turns out … THAT’S ALL WE’VE HEARD FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS.

    The New York
    Times alone has published hundreds of articles, editorials, op-eds, movie
    reviews, sports articles and crossword puzzles darkly invoking “white judges”
    and “all-white” juries, as if that is ipso facto proof of racist justice.

    Two weeks ago —
    that’s not an error; I didn’t mean to type “decades” and it came out “weeks” —
    the Times published an op-ed by a federal appeals judge stating: “All-white
    juries risk undermining the perception of justice in minority communities, even
    if a mixed-race jury would have reached the same verdict or imposed the same

    In other words,
    even when provably not unfair, white jurors create the “perception” of
    unfairness solely by virtue of the color of their skin.

    Project co-founder Barry Scheck’s entire career of springing criminals would be
    gone if it were generally accepted that we can’t question judges or juries
    based on race or ethnicity. Writing about the release of Glenn Ford, a black
    man convicted of robbing a jewelry store and murdering the owner, Scheck
    claimed that one of the most important factors in Ford’s death sentence was the
    “all-white jury.”

    On the other
    hand, the evidence against Ford included: His two black friends telling police
    he’d shown them jewelry the day of the murder, another Ford acquaintance
    swearing he’d had a .38 in his waistband — the murder weapon was a .38 — and
    the gunshot residue on Ford’s hand. His conviction was overturned many years
    later, on the theory that his black friends had committed the murder, then
    framed him.

    So we know 1)
    the “real killers” were also black; and 2) any jury would have convicted Ford
    on that evidence.

    Here’s how the
    Times described Ford’s trial: “A black man convicted of murder by an all-white
    jury in Louisiana in 1984 and sentenced to die, tapped into an equally old and
    painful vein of race.”

    I have approximately
    1 million more examples of the media going mental about a “white judge” or
    “all-white jury,” and guess what? In none of them were any of the white people
    involved members of organizations dedicated to promoting white people, called
    “THE RACE.”

    Say, does anyone
    remember if it ever came up that the Ferguson police force was all white?
    Someone check that.

    I don’t want to
    upset you New York Times editorial board, but perhaps we should revisit the
    results of the Nuremberg trials. Those were presided over by – TRIGGER WARNING!
    – “all white” juries. (How do we really know if Hermann Göring was guilty
    without hearing women’s and Latino voices?)

    The model of a
    fair jury was the O.J. trial. Nine blacks, one Hispanic and two whites, who had
    made up their minds before the lawyers’ opening statements. (For my younger
    readers: O.J. was guilty; the jury acquitted him after 20 seconds of
    deliberation.) At the end of the trial, one juror gave O.J. the black power
    salute. Nothing to see here. It was Mark Fuhrman’s fault!

    In defiance of
    everyday experience, known facts and common sense, we are all required to
    publicly endorse the left’s religious belief that whites are always racist, but
    women and minorities are incapable of any form of bias. If you say otherwise, well,
    that’s “textbook racism,” according to Paul Ryan.

    At least when
    we’re talking about American blacks, there’s a history of white racism, so the
    double standard is not so enraging. What did we ever do to Mexicans? Note to
    Hispanics, Muslims, women, immigrants and gays: You’re not black.

    Other than a few
    right-wingers, no one denounced now-sitting Supreme Court Justice Sonia
    Sotomayor for her “wise Latina” speech, in which she said “our gender and
    national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”

    But Trump is a
    “racist” for saying the same thing.

    Six months ago,
    a Times editorial demanded that the Republican Senate confirm Obama judicial
    nominee Luis Felipe Restrepo, on the grounds that “[a]s a Hispanic,” Restrepo
    would bring “ethnic … diversity to the court.”

    You see how
    confusing this is. On one hand, it’s vital that we have more women and Latinos
    on the courts because white men can’t be trusted to be fair. But to suggest
    that women and Latinos could ever be unfair in the way that white men can,
    well, that’s “racist.”

    The effrontery
    of this double standard is so blinding, that the only way liberals can bluff
    their way through it is with indignation. DO I HEAR YOU RIGHT? ARE YOU
    please don’t bring up everything we’ve said about white judges and juries for
    the past four decades.)

    They’re betting
    they can intimidate Republicans — and boy, are they right!

    The entire
    Republican Brain Trust has joined the media in their denunciations of Trump for
    his crazy idea that anyone other than white men can be biased. That’s right,
    Wolf, I don’t have any common sense. Would it help if
    the GOP donated to Hillary?

    The NeverTrump
    crowd is going to get a real workout if they plan to do this every week between
    now and the election.

    What do
    Republicans think they’re getting out of this appeasement? Proving to voters
    that elected Republicans are pathetic, impotent media suck-ups is,
    surprisingly, not hurting Trump.

  126. You know it was the Huffington Post that first accused the Mexicans of being rapist. They reported this well before Trump was even running for president. When he first made that statement Mr. Trump said to read the Huffington Post article. The Post article was written on 09/12/2014 09:27 am ET | Updated Sep 12, 2014 by Eleanor Goldberg it was entitled “80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.”

    Maybe Trump didn’t say it eloquently but what he stated was fact. people don’t like the truth especially when its told bluntly into their face. So cry he’s a racist, which he is not, he has been speaking the truth and the truth makes the left tremble.

  127. All these people are Rino’s and we need to get rid of them.They just don’t get the revolution that’s taking place in this country.They all cow towed to Obama and gave him everything he wanted now we will take the peoples house and Senate back and the Presidency


  129. So, they’re going to teach the American people a lesson like they did with Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney? In other words these less than Constitutional establishment types put their own interests ahead of the established Constitution and we the people. Got it. They’ve apparently all been in bed together for far too long.

  130. The WSJ editor, Bret Stephens says he wants Donald Trump to be “the biggest loser in Presidential history”. Imagine that, another liberal, elitist, anti-American Clinton supporter that wants “Republican voters to learn their lesson”. I wonder just who this Bret Stephens thinks he is and what makes him believe he has the power to teach anyone a lesson. Sounds to me like he is a braggart that has decided to appoint himself to be the ‘Savior of all the stupid Republicans’. I will take a stab at enlightening Mr. Stephens to the fact that the GOP voters are what stands between him living in America, the land of the Free or suddenly finding that America is under the rule of a Tyrant that cares nothing about people like him. Mr. Stephens was useful in creating angst, promoting divisiveness, hatred and encouraging blindness to the ‘taking of America’ by those that want what we have worked hard to create, handed to them on a silver platter. What Mr. Stephens does not understand is that it will be all the people like him, who will gag at a gnat but swallow a camel, believe in fairy tales and think they are better, smarter and more deserving that ‘average Americans’ that the NWO ruler will want to dispose of first. Persons like Stephens will no longer be useful and everyone knows what happens to people who know just enough to make having them around risky. Rather than using his bully pulpit to make derogatory remarks about GOP voters or others like myself, with no party affiliation, he might want to try listening to what Donald Trump has to say. I am impressed by the fact that when Trump speaks he says leaves no wiggle room in exactly what he means to say. He is bold, blunt and unafraid of the Media trolls that like to think they are in control. The foremost reason my family has decided to support Trump is the fact that he is NOT a politician. Talk about people who need to ‘learn a lesson’. Our old, stale batch of ‘career politicians’ need to be relieved of their titles and sent home with their heads bowed low, in shame of what they have done to America. As for Mr. Stephens and all others of his ilk, here is some food for thought. You might want to refresh your memory of the ‘Clinton History’ of what happened to so many of their friends, supporters and any who got in their way. I can’t suggest that he go talk to these people because they all seem to have met with unexplainable accidents and are no longer amongst the living.

  131. So an ordinary person cannot be a president if smart enough to be and wants to be? If that be the case then all those becoming presidents could not have become presidents either, but they did. It was only education that gave them the presidential ability -nothing else. All started out as babies. It had to have been learning and people giving them money that got them where they were and are.
    This means an ordinary person, and even Donald Trump with more money than the ordinary person is totally capable -despite the WSJ Editors ideas. That editor would not even be editor without education.
    Therefore Trump is totally capable of being president!

  132. I myself think the only lesson to be learned here is that if these assholes that claim to be conservative do not support Trump and help get him defeated that the next revolution probably wont be at the ballot box.

  133. I’m with depaz totally. Republican voters facilitated majorities in the house in 2010, 2012, and senate in 2014. And for our loyalty and hard work what did we get? Benghazi nada. Illegal immigration, nada. Obamacare repealed, nada. Spending freeze, nada. Tax cuts, nada (they were increased).

  134. It never ceases to amaze how a F faced puke like this Stephens continues to be so delusional that he would continue to believe the feces that drivels from his mouth. What a waste of human flesh he insists putting on public display. That wasn’t an opinion, it was an ill conceived diatribe.


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