Crown Prince Says Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% of This U.S. Political Campaign

The news from this year’s election cycle just gets curiouser and curiouser. The Middle Eastern Petra News Agency published what it described as exclusive comments from Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They included a claim that Riyadh has provided 20 percent of the total funding to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

FYI – it’s illegal in the United States for foreign countries to try to influence the outcome of elections by funding candidates. This doesn’t appear to have stopped the Saudis, however.

Here’s the quote from Prince Mohammed as reported by Zero Hedge:

“Saudi Arabia always has sponsored both Republican and Democratic Party of America and in America current election also provide with full enthusiasm 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election even though some events in the country don’t have a positive look to support the king of a woman (sic) for presidency.”

According to the Federal Election commission, Hillary Clinton has raised just over $211.8 million in campaign cash. 20% of this sum is $42.4 million.

The report was published (then mysteriously deleted) on the eve of Prince Mohammed making an official visit to the US. The Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday the senior royal was due to fly to Washington where he will meet officials to discuss US-Saudi ties.

Links between Saudi Arabia and the Clinton family, including with Hillary’s campaign, are well reported. In 2008, it was revealed that the Gulf kingdom had donated between $10 and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, a charity set up by Bill Clinton. 

It appears that our “friends” the Saudis have had (and are having) more than a little influence in American elections. Any country, company or individual who supports a candidate with such an extensive history of corruption as Hillary Clinton isn’t someone we should trust.

All political money comes with strings attached and favors owed. We wonder what favors the Saudis would want if God forbid) Hillary Clinton would get elected President.

What do you think are the main reasons the Saudis are (allegedly) giving Hillary so much campaign cash?

Give us your take in the comments section below.


  1. I really hope she doesn’t flip this off, and she will have some excuse. Yes, she and Bill are into corruption big time, again. What about the law stating candidates CANNOT have financial support from other countries, they cannot influence voters…maybe Muslim voters. Heaven must help us…there will be some “ruling” or something from Obama to change that law…Plus L.Lynch issued a statement saying they are taking out any reference to Muslim Islam Terrorist, I am sure an order from Obama. How long is Congress going to let these criminals operate???

    • Much longer, I’m afraid, autry. Corruption is rampant in DC, both parties. Blackmail, bribery threat, etc, all rule the day. Pitiful

      • And you can be sure she will “eliminate” all those in the WH and Congress who have supported her because they are not trustworthy – worked with so many other “strange deaths” via the Clintons. They that support her will make America and its citizens suffer and wonder why they have to suffer too for having supported her. Dumber than dirt and dangerous as heck.

    • Forever, Paul Ryan is lining his own pockets so fast he doesn’t have time for stuff like the Clinton’s.

    • You mean the same Republican congress that is backstabbing their an insuring a Clinton election. You mean the same congress that lied to you that they would repeal Obamacare. You mean the same congress that has done nothing with the murders in Benghazi. You mean the same congress that gives Obama more money in budget than he asks for. Obviously you missed the type of people that will vote for Hillary Clinton. They are looking for handouts and abortions. Eff Hillary Clinton. And, as the “Reverend” Wright would say…..

    • Hell it is already on his desk in final form and cover any and all crimes committed
      since she first entered politics. Just waiting for his signature to insure she is
      the party choice regardless of who they have to stomp on or what the voters
      actually want.

    • I understand the Clinton Crime Family just landed another 16 million dollars from some secret Muslim country. It is like the song that never ends.

  2. What part of illegal is not understood. Of course AG Lynch, Loretta doesn’t believe in the law or Constitution unless it is Obama’s dictorial law

  3. Obviously, the Saudis want to make Sharia Law the Law of the land in the United States.
    But that’s not going to happen. We the People of the United States of America will not allow Hillery Clinton to become president, we will not allow Sharia law to circumvent the United States Constitution. Period.

    • Damn right we won’t. More illegal acts in our country with elections. Buying and selling votes from people who are not Anericans us a felony act. An act of treason in both parties from representatives in all states and all three branches of federal government. Gather our generals to lead our military against this POS regime.

      • do you honestly think anyone will go against the Obama regime? if so we all have another think coming,almost eight years and nothing has been done except evil and corruption from him and his leaders and the voters that put him in office for his corruption and they still let him get by with all his agenda’s and the Martial Law is coming and the dictator will not leave office.impeachment should have been done over four years ago guess his legacy will live on that he has torn America all to h…. and back with whatever he chose to do and have a dictator in America to tell the people what they can and can not do so far he has anyway but his plans is all the way.

        • Why do you think Obama fired some of our high ranking military people. Afraid they might march the military against him. He needs something like that to happen to him maybe he will wake up from his delusional dream.

          • Just because they aren’t in the military doesn’t mean they won’t lead an army against obummer and the government! If they were forced to leave the military that could be reason enough to lead the people in a revolution against our government.

        • Yes I do we the people will go against the Obama regime and the military will back us up. They know that our so-called commander in chief is just a traitor in chief . we have the finest fighters in the world and unfortunately we may have to deploy them inside our borders to keep Hillary from stealing this election from Donald Trump. Our forefathers fought and died to create the greatest country in the world I for one will die for my country to have future generations live in it!

  4. No surprised there, they have bought and paid for their pet slaves to do the masters
    bidding. Hildabeast will look cute in a harem costume and especially with the vail over
    her face. If you want to be overrun with radical Islam and live under sharia law then
    she is the obvious choice, but remember the Islamic solution to homosexuals and
    how the treat women and all who do not submit to their bastardized cult from Hades.
    Food Stamps, welfare, public housing would all disappear overnight and you either
    work to pay for what you have or starve, they do not care. Look at how they live in
    the middle east.

    • There is nothing funny about your post. Trump is having to fight both the Clinton’s and the Republican Clique. His campaign finances are in trouble because of this. You are correct, unfortunately!

      • I agree completely…there is NOTHING funny about it…sadly there are so many muddled-brained creatures that still support Hillary, so every once in a while, I reduce myself to snide-ness. I tell you, if the people in this country do not recognize the enemies of liberty, then I am certain that we will lose it.

  5. You Hitlery will lie, cheat,steal, or sell her own daughter for the Presidency.
    I really do not know who is worse-HER or ovomits!

    • The whole cabal hates us and our country, so she is just the latest and worst hater with eyes gleaming to own our wealth!

  6. Let’s put our heads together and try to figure out why so many people are dead set against Trump and what we can do to correct it. God help us is Hilary becomes president.

    • Most are against Trump because they will lose their honeypots of almighty donor dollars and other citizens because they don’t want to be responsible Americans and not live on welfare. None of these realize they are all EXPENDABLE if she or any other DNC candidate is in the WH. The DNC plans have been in the works since the early 60’s and slowly but surely have cooked the lobster (name is America citizens who don’t know squat about how our country came to be and the freedom we were given by our Founding Fathers). The elites via One World Government/New World Order will take America and us over and that means we will be their slaves/serfs. Are we that dumb? In many cases, yes!

      • Think you nailed it. In many ways I think todays Republicans are much like the Democrats of the WWII era and the Democrats are out and out socialists who want to control all aspects of our lives.

          • Just keep talking people we can do this this is our country Hillary cares nothing about and for that matter neither does Obama. I want to see them both hang for their treasonous acts with holder Lynch and the rest of their cronies watching to see what’s going to happen to them next. These idiots have tried to dismantle one of the strongest countries in the world for money and power. Before they are executed we must extract as much information as possible to find out who is behind the New World order and then we will go after them with military force as well as financial penalties!

    • Obviously paid assassins to destroy the Trump machine…foreign money given to Hillary to disrupt opponent campaign or buying disruption directly….many ways so to do and reason enough to start a war against to middle east perpetraitors which of course won’t happen with traitors in the whitehouse and congress….time for revolution and civil war people!

    • For starters, we should let the Republican Clique (inner gang) we will rebel against them and vote AGAINST all their people trying to get re-elected. In other words, the Republican Party will cease to exist!

  7. Hillary is owned and if, God forbid, somehow she lives long enough to get the WH, the Saudis own her. Another reason NOT to vote for her or any other DNC candidate. Hillary had sold her soul long again, but we do NOT NEED HER to continue selling America.

  8. There you go the Federal Government is a Terrorist they have covered the payments from other countries to corrupt the government of the United States such as the terrorist family the Bushes, Obama, Hillary, Kerry, lynch, Biden,McConnell, Ryan, Congress and the Senate

  9. I was just watching an article on CNN regarding Trump’s campaign and the guests seem to think Trump himself shared some of the responsibility for not generating enough campaign finances. Am I to believe Trump should break the laws of our land like Hilary has done to obtain Muslim campaign funds. The Clinton Crime Family has been receiving campaign and personal money from many different Muslim countries for special favors from our government. This has gone on for at least 4 years. How can Trump do this stuff when he is not the Secretary of State and controlling the favors that were discussed in the secret e-mails that vanished thanks to Obama!

  10. Why does the House of Saud support the Hillary campaign? Because they have already bought her and if she’s not elected they will not get the value returned for her cost.

  11. I quote: “FYI – it’s illegal in the United States for foreign countries to try to influence the outcome of elections by funding candidates. This doesn’t appear to have stopped the Saudis, however. ”

    And obviously it certainly has not stopped Hillary from accepting it either!

  12. Are political candidates allowed to take money from foreign governments and corporations to get elected? I do not think so. there are no other people more corrupt thatn Hillary and Bill Clinton. Not only corrupt, but criminal and belong in prison for a long time for espionage, giving away CIA names of agents, letting 4 people be slaughtered at Benghazi, passing free trade agreements to take away American jobs, defending women’s rights when corrupt Hillary takes money from Arab countries that demonize women and torture them, initiating the start of IsIS by getting rid of Ghadafi, backing the Muslim Brotherhood with Weiner’s wife, giving weapons to Al Qaeda which became ISIS (also involved is Obama, McCain and Lindsey Graham), breaking apart Iraq and Syria leading to the flow of refugees into Europe and US. Is Hillary a feminist as she wears pants all the time? Corrupt, criminal, terrorist, murderer, liar. I could go on and on but that would take forever.

  13. We all know that obama is under the saudi’s thumb, and that they claim to have proof of US involvement in the 9-11 attacks. So it will continue to be if the clintwins are allowed to roost in the W.H. once again. They want to see how far they can drag the middle class down, all the while amassing a monetary amount so large from the saudi’s and g.clowney that it dwarfs the US debt which increases at the rate of appx. $100,00.00 every 10 seconds

  14. Lets see, if campaign funding from Saudi Arabia is “illegal” why is Hillary still running for President? Is someone going to sue her or the DNC? Were these donations to the Clinton Foundation or to her campaign? Can the courts rule without the AG being part of it? Clearly she is biased and must recuse herself anyway.

    • No one does anything about it because the whole rotten pig sty that we call Washington is filled with those no better than she is, and maybe even worse, if such a thing can possibly be?

  15. This has been common knowledge for quite some time! Do you think the 500 million dollar gift to the Clinton charity was for good will? If they are admitting 20% what should we assume the real total is? AMERICA PLEASE WKE UP!

  16. I guess that I must have missed something – isn’t it illegal for a foreign government to fund any political candidate in the United States? Oh, maybe I just forgot, the crook Hillary doesn’t count, right? I think that it is like, if you are already a criminal it is okay to continue your criminal activity? I only hope that our citizens who vote can see the disaster that a Hillary President would be for this country.

  17. Well the clinton crime family is, breaking the law again, I,ll be she put out some BIG PROMISES to the oil barons. maybe the prince can tell us a few for the 42 million $$$, just one or two,

  18. No surprise. Hellary has been receiving $$$ from the Middle East for a long time through the Clinton Foundation. No wonder she wants us to increase allowing muslim ILLEGALS into the U.S. by 550%. When will she be wearing (a) hijab, (b) niqab or (c) a burka? Does it mean Bill will take 3 more wives?

  19. That should be of no surprise as most everyone knows by now that Hillary has had a very close Muslim female advisor for many years. She along with Obama is very pro Islam.

    • “o” wants us to have to depend on the ME for fuel, as opposed to shale oil, pipelines and offshore drilling for our own sources. my understanding is the US has more oil in our shale than the ME has in their dwindling oil wells

  20. ONLY way to regain our Country & Liberty is making TRUMP the next President. Can’t take much more Democrat-Socialist Party corruption.

  21. For all the Democrats and the few republicans that are thinking of voteing for the CROOK! BLIND LEADING THE BLIND, AND WHO WILL SUFFER OUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN!!! OPEN YOUR DAMM EYES!

  22. Let’s not also forget the close ties the Saudis have had with the Bush family. Let’s not also forget that a certain Saudi prince bailed Donald Trump out twice on failing business ventures.

  23. If you want to get big money out of political campaigns you need to do two things:
    Overturn Citizens United and term limits on the house and Senate. A president can only serve two four year terms. The same should be true at the federal level as well as at the state level. Those two actions would help a lot

  24. I have a problem with the Saudis and think we should bomb them back to the stone age. They are stirring up terrorism all over the world. We don’t need their stinking religion.

  25. First thing that came to mind is, why would they announce this?? They seem to be bragging to the world that they can circumvent our laws and get by with it!! I’m very confident that the DOJ will investigate and prosecute hilgabeast for all her transgressions. This wasn’t a leak! They released this information on purpose. Why?

  26. Is this ever going to be resolved? Candidates are not allowed to accept campaign contributions from foreign sources. That’s about as fundamental as it gets. Will Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton ever be held to account?! I know, that was a stupid question, I apologize, because she will never have to obey any law about anything!

  27. First we have an ANTI-AMERICAN that is in contention for being president of a country that she hates,like Obama.Then we have a whole bunch of bottomfeeders that have never had a patriotic thought in their diminutive,freeloading,anti American small minds.Time to make this country great again.NO,it is


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