Limbaugh: This Is Why the Brexit and Donald Trump Are Popular

Rush Limbaugh said the Brexit vote represents a nation of people rising up against the ruling class and elites.

The conservative talk show host said that while economic issues were important, the dynamics of the vote reflect the power of nationalism, mistrust of political elites and the fear of uncontrolled immigration. These are common threads of both the British and American political scenes.

Here’s what Rush had to say as reported by Western Journalism:

“People imbued with common sense cannot understand why, either in Great Britain, or in Germany, or in the United States, the people that run the show would want to leave the borders wide open and allow the nations to be flooded with people who are not going to end up advancing the nation.

“They don’t understand why the elites and the cronies would leave the borders wide open in such a way as to actually do damage to the nations where this is happening.”

Limbaugh said that tough economic times have eroded middle class faith in the ruling class.

And it’s taken a while, but people have finally figured out what Trump is talking about, that things are rigged. This is a nation of people rising up against the ruling class and the elites and – make no mistake about it – cronyism. By cronyism, I mean EU leaders in bed with each other and powerful forces within all the member countries to great the skids for their own existence, to make sure they are protected and taken care of economically at the expense of everybody else.” 

As he’s done many times before, Rush hits the nail on the head. Middle class Americans and Britons are tired of their elitist rulers letting a flood of Muslim immigrants into their countries, and passing legislation to take care of their big-dollar donors instead of millions of working-class citizens.

The Brexit vote and popularity of Donald Trump prove Rush’s premise right. Millions of voters are tired of political “business as usual” and being ignored by their elected officials in Washington D.C.

Do you agree with Rush about why British and American voters are rising up against political elites?

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  1. It serves the interests of the ruling class to have 3rd world people flooding into the civilized world to keep wages down and chaos up. Everywhere I look, the system is bashing Trump, and even some leaders of the Republican party are endorsing Hillary because she will keep them in power. What they don’t understand is that we may not play along with Hillary and her agenda. The media doesn’t tell us anything approaching the truth. Truth is that if Hillary wins, this country will come apart at the seams. Criminals like her never get enough of other people’s productivity.

    • Absolutely! Look closely at Hillary and you will find that she believes she is entitled to everything. And….yes, the country will probably come apart at the seams. There may even be civil war.

  2. The diabolical main stream news media, in cahoots with their morally bankrupt polling apparatus, are trying their darnedest to skew their numbers directed toward a specific goal namely trying to convince Trump supporters there are heavy negatives against him. You can’t leave out the corrupt establishment having a hand in it also.Sure the numbers climb when in you ask a Dimwitcrat if they are negative toward Trump in order to pad their self serving numbers.

  3. Rush is right on the button..and Trump has been right. So glad the Britts finally woke up. It is time the US woke up, all over. H. Clinton is a lying, unreliable, greedy, criminal. She should not have ever been allowed to run for the highest office in the land, the leader of the free world, USA. Nor should Obama ever been allowed, or pushed in by Democrats, or frauded in by Liberals, all over US. Trump will get this country back to the real USA.There was a law passed in 1952 where Muslims were not allowed in the US(Obama has never mentioned it). As I have always believed, true Muslims believe in Sharia law (they are trying to get it passed in US), and you CANNOT be a Christian and be a Muslim. Get educated on Sharia law and the Koran which demands “Death to the Infidel”, meaning those who do not believe in Mohamed, the Koran, Sharia Law…but more important, it means US, meaning us !!! Obama has an entire cabinet of Muslims, they advise him, if he ever listens to anybody, it is them…he does not listen to Military advisers, 10-20 years experience, thus, he is the worse commander-in-chief EVER, and the worst president EVER. Now let us see if Loretta Lynch is going to arrest us for saying anything about Muslims…Wonder if that is her decision or the decision of the “Great One”!!? Whoever, it is a bad decision. It is not law, Congress can only make laws…Obama has tried the command decision business far too long…WHERE IS CONGRESS???

  4. Even if Clinton does not win I am not too sure Obama is ready to step down. Here is why I think something else may be in the making.

    Clinton is still too smug and knows she has nothing to worry about. The fix is in that she will win to continue what Obama started that being a complete destruction of a strong free America. We the people are being attacked in a way that is so insidious most American citizens do not know it is happening as we speak.

    I think this scenario is more likely to happen if Trump does win. If Clinton wins she will be the one to look out for. Why did Congress vote to allow illegal aliens to join the US Military? I wonder if this also includes the refugees especially the young military age ones the news tells us about.

    Now that it is legal for the military to accept illegal persons into it we are soon destined to have an Army (which includes all other branches) of non-Americans trained and armed with the latest weapons as our protectors. Has anyone thought about them being used as the enforcers of martial law? If push comes to shove against the citizens of America whose side do you think the illegal in uniform would help?

    Just a thought to go along with this order: This act was signed and is the law for now if he wants to do it. . Legally did not Bush and Obama both declare war on terrorists? Now Obama has his order in place and is only awaiting the election results.

    “Executive Order 13603 (National Defense Resources Preparedness) states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction – all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis.”

    That sure sounds like martial law. Everyone should read the order. He has set up a total dictatorship that can be implemented upon declaration of a national emergency. He has delegated authority to cabinet positions over every aspect of this country.

    GEORGE W. MALLONE, U.S. Senator (Nevada), speaking before Congress in 1957 “I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election… It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States!”

    Remember what FDR said, “In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.”

  5. Rush is correct! The elites, Dems and Repubs, are in business for one thing only. They want to propagate their own existence as elites at everyone else’s expense (that is theft). How can anyone come to any other conclusion when you see that Democrats and RINO’s say they are helping the downtrodden and forgotten in society but analysis of the facts show that the numbers of people on welfare keep expanding. The idiot rules make it more profitable for a person to be on welfare rather than work. Then they come up with the idiot ideas of raising minimum wage which forces employers to cut their workforces. They also keep passing more and more laws that just allow refugees and illegals to come and take (steal) from those who have anything including jobs.

    Get the facts correct: Freedom does not mean everyone is equal and equality for everyone is not freedom. You have to earn what you get! Don’t Work? Don’t Eat!

  6. There is Civil Unrest in this country and it is going to grow into a Civil War unless some things are neutralized. Most of what’s wrong has been brought about by Obama and the Liberals that suck up to him. The Muslim situation is exploding out of control. It is going to get much worse with Obama’s pandering to the illegal immigrants and other Non-Americans.
    He is totally bent on destroying America in his desire for world domination by Muslims. Death to infidels is what they believe and that means us. I see a mayor in England is striving for sharia law in his community. This what we face if Muslims take control in our local governments. This cannot be allowed to take place or we will live to regret it.
    Hillary is not part of the solution, she is going to add to the problem. If we as Americans are going to prevent these problems then we must take matters into our own hands and render a more permanent solution. Hillary cannot be elected or our lives and freedom will be forfeit to her whims and desires. A simple solution would be if Obama and Hillary were not available to inflict their brand of government upon the Citizens Of America anymore.


  7. I am scared for the first time in 72 years. We always knew whoever was elected was an American first and foremost. That is not the case today, Hillary is an elitist who cares nothing about our country or anyone in it. To run for this office after all she has done proves she thinks she is the “chosen one” and we are all just human dung. F
    This is an election for the Supreme Court, period. Trump has already shown a list, all Hillary can do is belittle Trump. A facade her dummy followers swallow wholeheartedly.

  8. One world order in order to control the masses needs to get rid of Christianity. You cannot have two powerful religions and have order. I’m so glad I’m old and I will not have to live through the hell the world will be in for the next fifty or more years. The only chance we have is if Trump is elected and more countries exit EU

  9. We are now fighting against the whole Washington elite. It is not Republicans against Democrats, it is the American People fighting against the corrupt DC elites. They are all in it together. Watch as not only the corrupt Dems attack Trump, the Republicans are attacking Trump as well. One has to conclude that they are afraid that one of their own won’t be in charge and their money making gig will be over. Vote for the outsider. Defeat the status quo.

  10. Yes, I agree with Rush. People in the U.S. and the U.K. are tired of the “ruling class,” the “elitists,” and the “establishment.” We are disgruntled about all the lies that pours out like wine from a decanter. We are irate about the $20 trillion debt Obama and his “people” have led us into; we are more antagonistic about his assault on our Second Amendment and our religious freedom not to mention the lack of any immigration policies.. Where does it all stop and when? Is our own government trying to start a war in order to declare martial law and demand our guns for the New World Order? Is this the reason the NWO is using Muslims to initiate chaos?

  11. I am sick of the Elite Bilderburgers, Illuminati and a few others being above the law. Hillary’s list of people who mysteriously died before giving damaging testimony, the Queen of England not explaining what became of the 10 Mohawk children they took from the Catholic Mohawk school in Canada, The Vatican’s 9th Circle Satanic Ritual, and Magisterial Privilege and how is the pResident the right to ignore the Congress, and the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. Our wars have all been planned to make them money. DuPont even sold gunpowder to BOTH sides in WW1

    • Additionally, the Illuminti took DDT off the market to save eagles, whose eggs were getting thinner before DDT, but to stop Africa from completely wiping out malaria. An African baby now dies of malaria every 30 seconds They want 80% of us gone,. Who will run the infrastructure?

  12. The reason that Rush is loosing followers, sponsors and ratings is that, like any Oracle, he is not predictive and has no viable solutions. The reason why Germany welcomed the immigrants was because of an aging workforce, and its policies seemed to favor making the immigrants into real Germans, not to essentially lock them up in ghettos as has happened elsewhere, including in the US. By doing this they have escaped the terrorism that seems to have happened in the countries (FR, and Belgium) that simply took people in and made no attempt to actually integrate them into society. In the US, our ‘immigrant problem’ came from the failure of Congress (who was in control or blocked immigration reform?”, and making it harder to enter and leave the US for the migrant labor on which our agriculture and other seasonal services depended? It was once that migrant labor would come from the south, work at the planting of labor intensive produce, more north with the season, and then back to do the harvest, and when this was done, go back to the South. But under the tougher standards, the migrants who came just stayed, learned new skills, and moved from agriculture to semi skilled jobs, such as in construction, settled, raised familes, but never were allowed to integrate because of fear of deportation. To just refer to ‘elites’ without attaching names is merely scapegoating.
    In the US, who were the ‘elites’ who built factories in places were the labor was cheaper, and then contibuted heavily to the campaigns of members of Congress who would vote for lower or no import duties? Is it now possible, using the Donalds’ proposals to leave the international community to make America Great. Probably not, because the same ones who moved the means of production to where labor is cheap are still enjoying the higher profits that these moves produced, and they are the behind the scenes ‘elites’ – who keep their identities as well hidden as possible.
    On the other hand, the blue collar workers who are the Donald’s base, are rooted in place with worse jobs or no jobs which they had before their jobs were sent elsewere, or their products, such as coal, are loosing demand, and with this they continue to loose lobs and spending power.
    30 years ago, when I found that there was no market localally for my Ph.D. skills, I bit the bullet and went to were the jobs were – but moving every 6 months or so when a project has been completed is not for everyone.
    Since retirement I have moved back to my home in N. CO. to my town which had a population of 5K when I was in school here, but now has a population of at least 100K, and we are facing new problems – our gentrification has caused the cost of living, particularly in housing, to soar. It is nice to an extent – my home has doubled in resale value over the past 8 years, but there are no much needed manual unskilled workers to do the work that I can no longer do. I have piles of limbs sitting in my 1/2 acre pasture, but can find no one who will remove them, and have had to pay for someone from 20 miles away, take my broken riding mower (for a high price) to his place of business, while my VA pension and SS has not kept pace, and I have found that the prices of rice and beans have increased.
    Then too, Rush, has failed to even acknowlege what recently happened when the UK voted for nationalism rather than to stay in an integrated economy. The value of the British Pound relative to the dollar reached its lowest point in 30 years; the world markets went to chaos; and the bond rating of GB fell, which will make it more expnsive for it to borrow money – the same as happened when our Couservatives refused to increase the National Debt limit several years ago.
    Why does he not propose solutions along with mentioning both the possible good consequences and the adverse consequences so that we can discuss and debate them? It is just because he has none, and would rather just scapegoat.


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