Hacked Messages of Black Lives Matter Reveal Who Wants a Summer of Chaos and Martial Law

In a shocking revelation, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is coordinating with Democratic activists to disrupt the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions enough so that martial law will be declared.

This was discovered by a hacker who captured a series of direct messages between three activists.

On Friday, June 10, 2016, someone hacked into the Twitter account of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) leader and former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson. McKesson later confirmed the hack to the Baltimore Sun.

Here’s the rest of the truth-is-stranger-than fiction story from DCClothesline.com:

“On June 11, 2016, a Twitterer who calls himself The Saint (@TheSaintNegro) tweeted a direct-message conversation on June 10 between McKesson and another BLM leader Johnetta Elzie (Netta), in which the two discussed talking with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about plans to bring on martial law by causing chaos at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, so as to keep Obama in office.

“Here’s the conversation over the course of several days between black activists DeRay McKesson (DM) and Johnetta Elzie (JE), and between McKesson and a “white ally” named Sam (S):

“JE: Have you spoken with Mrs. Lynch [Attorney General Loretta] recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections.

“DM: We spoke two weeks and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump is now isntead of waiting so the others can start getting the protesters ready to shut both conventions down.

“DM: If we can get both conventions shut down for messing over Bernie and for having racist Trump, then get martial law declared so Obama can stay in office we will win.

“S: I wanted to touch base with you about the summer of chaos. So far we have over 2,000 people bused in from different cities and another 6,000 to 8,000 expected to drive into Cleveland for the Convention.

“S: They will not be ready for the crowds we are bringing and they will blame Trump for it, especially if we shut it down. The GOP will have to replace him at that point or we will continue the disruptions nationwide.

“DM: … today and he [Sam?] confirmed that there will be around 10,000 protesters disrupting the [Republican] convention. Plans are being made for other cities as well for upcoming Trump events.

:JE: We’ve worked too hard and closely with the Obama administration to have that racist ass take it all away…

DM: With the support we have from Mrs. Lynch and the help we’ve got from Sam and others it won’t be hard to cause enough [chaos]…

There you have it – proof that the Black Lives Matter movement is vehemently anti-Trump and coordinating with a key official on the Obama administration. The only question left now to answer is:

Will these activists cause enough chaos at one (or both) national conventions to get martial law declared?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


  1. Hang Both Obozo and Loretta, (Better go back a couple years and get Eric Holder also) Conspiracy and Treason. Terrorists in the truest meaning of the word.

    • Should get rid of ole snake-mouth niggas like U and yo inbred family, huh. subhuman-nigga. haahahahahahahahaha. wit dem ‘black eyes

  2. Again, dumber than dumb because if martial law arrives, they are GONE because cannot be trusted as they have been bought and paid for. But again, you can’t cure stupid. They won’t win anything, but lose it all. They deserve no less. If this doesn’t happen, then we must see them deported as traitors asap whether Obama, Lynch, Clintons, or whoever don’t like it. We are the Government, you creeps, and we are taking back our America and that will not include the Obamas, Clintons, the BLM and several other groups and people. In other words, we have had it. You want a revolution you won’t like!

    • You got that right. They want to start some real sh*t it will be the end of this fraud Obama, Clintons, BLM and any other crazy group out there. We as Americans are FED up, We are not gonna lay down and let you stupid, crooked, lying LIBERALS feed off us any longer……. If they think they can martial law over 300 million armed people they under estimate the American people and the mood that’s sweeping our land. Watch out liberals !!

  3. This has been the plan all along even though no one is reporting it. Keep attention focused away form the big O at all times…

  4. Loretta lynch should have never became attorney general to start.Whitey get ready for war if this happens.

  5. God bless the Bikers that showed up and shut down the BLM and Black Panther protesters. You didn’t hear about it? It didn’t fit the MSM Agenda. Managed News, You know.

  6. One can smell the hand of Soros involved in this, along with Clintons and black panthers. They must have been very disappointed with the bikers showed up in Cleveland. Had Congress impeached Obama like they should have, we would not have to be contending with all of this lawlessness.

          • ‘Bikers for Trump’ are rolling in to Cleveland
            By Gregory Krieg, CNN
            Updated 12:17 PM ET, Mon July 18, 2016

            Cleveland (CNN) Donald Trump will make his way here by private jet, but a hardy band of thousands of supporters are riding into town on iron horses — a leathered tapestry of bikers primed to celebrate his pending coronation.

            They’ll arrive under the banner of “Bikers for Trump,” a loose confederation of motorcycle enthusiasts drawn from distinct but politically congruent factions like the “Patriot Guard Riders” and “Defenders of Liberty.” For the next four days, the group will roam the streets here crowing over Trump’s hostile takeover of the traditionally blue-blazered GOP and projecting high-octane support for the city’s aggregated police force.

            “We’re anticipating a victory dance,” organizer Chris Cox told CNN. “But it sounds like there’s a lot of agitators and a lot of troublemakers coming to town. What happens remains to be seen, but you can definitely count on the ‘Bikers for Trump’ standing with the police department in the event they need it.”

          • pappy450 & keycat – What version of Windows do you use? Some blogsites like this one do not provide full support for older versions. I had the same problem until I updated to a newer version.
            If you have to update, DO NOT GET WINDOWS 10! It was designed in cooperation with Homeland Security. It was designed so any government agency can get into your computer, copy anything you have, get out, and you will never know they were there. In other words, it was designed to spy on the people.

          • Thanks Daniel from TN. I just got an email yesterday titled ‘why you need windows 10’. I hadn’t opened it yet.

          • Delete that email without opening it. Also, if a pop-up occurs offering you the opportunity to download Windows 10, DO NOT try to close the pop-up by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. If you do, Windows 10 will start downloading anyway: That’s how much Microsoft (and Homeland Security) want you to have it. Instead, choose the option that states you will consider it another day. This will prevent the download from occurring until you are contacted about it again, or until a way is developed to download it whether you want it or not.
            This is why many on the internet are calling it ,Windows Big Brother!

        • There was some video of thousands of Bikes on freeway and pictures of thousands parked along the route. So, yes it was out there not on NBC,ABC, NPR, MSNBC, Slate, Mother Jones or the extreme left media outlets.

      • Yes, they were there. The media made a point not to show them, but some of the protestors admitted their disappointment in their turnout because of it.

      • yep – they were “armed” with first aid kits and fire extinguishers,
        which probably came in handy with that paid protester literally
        was burned while attempting to burn an American flag [asshat].

        • Not covered for the same reason that when 80,000 NRA members meet at their convention, with a great many armed, there is never a problem. Liberal media only supports their preconceived liberal politics.

    • You’re right about Soros. Not only did he start Black Lives Matter, he has contributed $33 Million to it thus far! As a premier globalist, Soros knows he’s running out of time with Obama, who has thus far failed to disarm the American people. They’re thus moving to Plan B, which is to use martial law to accomplish their evil goals. I truly hope Soros, Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch are endicted for outright treason when and if Trump is elected POTUS in November! If Hillary Clinton is elected, the corrupt Status Quo will continue with no improvement whatever, only the continuing decline of America into a Leftist-run LGBT cesspool.

      • FYI – If nationwide martial law is imposed, elections will be suspended; indefinitely. This means obama remains in office; indefinitely.

    • Bet U love 2 put yo Lil pink hands in places dat U shouldn’t, and den smell, huh. dog-breath. hahahahhaahahaha

  7. Well now looking back we see their plan did not work. I don’t care what the pundits say, God’s hand was in this convention because it turned out fine with no one killed or injured in any way. The devil’s disciples (BLM, Lynch, and Obama) we’re overcome by a higher power.

    • If these mails are real then what is Congress waiting for? They should be in front of them to explain, and the guilty parties have to removed from office… people are waiting!

      • I cant believe nothing is happening. Their are so many charges that can be brought and these ass holes do nothing.It might come to the point were the American people have to intervene.

        • They’re GODS, above the law, the Clinton’s have a death trail from he$$, and nothing is ever done to find out about anything they do!

        • I guess they are corrupt. I just can’t believe is happening…I hope is not going to get to that cause they really will have martial law. The best is to get Trump elected, he is the last hope…They all need to be convicted and put in jail.

  8. Well the corrupt b*tch failed at the GOP convention. Inciting violence/riots MSSSSSSSSSS. LYNCH are violations of the law. You and your boss failed.

  9. I have been posting this for quite a while now, and was called every curse word you could think of. This so-called “administration” is the ultimate in Domestic terrorism and should be held accountable for their crimes, BUT because they are “progressive”, communist, SCUMOCRATS they will just skate like HITLERY.

      • Dew,

        We can only hope, BUT with as SLEAZY as the SCUMOCRAT party is, and the proven VOTER FRAUD,NOTHING surprises me anymore. They will try ANYTHING to KEEP their power and money. THAT also goes for the RINO “elites” also. They are TERRIFIED that TRUMP will win POTUS, and their visions of “new world order” will be quashed.

  10. If Martial law is declared then more black people will get shot cause they still do not know how to follow the rules.

  11. The Gov. won’t put up with Obama any longer, he’s already lost a lot of backing and if he pulls this BS, they’ll take him out this time!

  12. Now if the BLM movement would go into their own community’s and start cleaning up, and protesting and doing something positive maybe people will take them serious.


  14. If this story is credible. I have to ask WHAT HAPPENED?
    The Republican convention is over and done. The only reports of chaos I have heard of came from the inside; with plagiarized speeches and non endorsements.

  15. “IF” this is true why hasn’t someone taken this to law enforcement ?? “IF” true, Loretta Lynch could be in very serious trouble for this crap. I just don’t trust anything that comes through the media anymore.

  16. The only thing the members of the black lives DON’T matter group are good for is using them for chemical testing human crash car dummies.

  17. They can try martial law but all it will do is cause vigilante law, and lot of innocent lives and eventual total Civil War the same as it did in 1776 but a great deal bloodier. The people simply will not buckle under shit head Obama and his plans for a Dictatorship (he might win the prize for a DICKtatorship). These people (Democrats, liberals, socialist and hate mongers) are losing so much ground as each day passes that they are at their last choices. The irony of the whole thing is how these oppressive groups (lgbt, black panthers, gun haters, peace lovers, etc.) screamed from their soap boxes for no guns and no violence and THEY are the ones who resort to use any methods to kill these stupid lovers of America. I hope they all burn in hell.

    • what should be done is to have the bikers out at the under ground bunkers to stop the government from going under ground. The racist,traitor,liar, obummer will be sure to run to.

  18. if Trump was to ever become president, I can bet he would enforce martial law in cities where BLM movements are active.

  19. Ain’t it amazing how none of their little disruption plans came to fruition. A few tried but they were shut down and put down without any problems. What I can’t understand: if it is a fact about this type of treasonous acts by the idiots like Lynch then why is Congress not taking action to have her removed from office? Why is Congress allowing all of these political figures to tear down the republican democracy that is America? Does everyone in Washington D.C. want civil war?????

    • Looks like the DNC is going to have trouble, it’s on FOX NEWS NOW at the people being bused in, but there are not a 100,000 bikers their now!! 🙂

    • I believe enough want civil war to encourage it. DC has been herding the country towards war for about 20 years, stealthily until recently.

  20. This is only a segment of POTUS’ Mission to declare a National Emergency just before election day in November! POTUS is trying to extend his Presidency so that he can complete what Dr. Henry Kissinger declared in Jan 2009, “That Obama is primed to create a One World Gov’t” found in the New Republic Newspaper. Fasten your Election Safety Belts!

  21. Hang em all starting with gay obama..his tranny…bi hillery…and all the rest..let their bones get bleached by the sun..!!! It will restore peace among everybody..!!!!

  22. WDCCC – Washington DC Cartel of Corruption at its finest! Progressives are noting more than dictatorial communists.
    Race relations are far worse under bho than at any time since the 1960s. Such a shame.

  23. If I were running for a political office and I knew that some of my primary backers were international gang bangers, black panther militants, socialist traitors – damned if I would be looking for a different job. Well Hillary, I guess this shows what kind of trash you and Obummer have backing you up.

  24. Thank God for the Bikers protecting Donald Trump and his supporters. “NOW we know who is behind these Black Lives matter riots. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, George Soros money and the Clinton Foundation money. Obama wants riots so Attorney General Lynch will enforce Marshall Law and the Elections will be stopped. Mark my word on this and sooner if Donald Trump looks to good.

  25. This dumb black BOY doesn’t even realize he being played for such a fool. Even it would have gone down the way they planned, “they” would have dropped him like a hot potato and he would have been tossed out of the Soros’ house he’s shacked up in. Hey DeRay, you should get change of address cards ready any how, you sorry ass excuse for a human being.

  26. Don’t forget old soros with his I’ll gotten gains who is aiming for global crap. Of course old hillary.obozo, Lynch are all involved

  27. The bikers at the convention foiled any attempt by these morons to disrupt anything. I also think the shootings of police worked against by increasing security.

    • We need to talk this up , send out warnings to the media, newspaper,e-mails, contact the Trump campaign people if you can, weather it be on twitter or another source,[ not facebook, suckerberg is for killary so it may be blocked,] but we’ve got to get the word out, make no mistake, THIS IS WAR!!! the future of AMERICA as well as our children, and grand children are at stake, they can stand us up to the gates of hell, but we WON’T BACK DOWN!

  28. No martial law happened at the RNC Convention. This news article should be the LEAD NEWS story on the mainstream media for the next 2 weeks! The mainstream media IS…. PRAVDA for the DNC!!

  29. Even hillary should be ticked off about this unless she is part of the plan. She has tried twice now to win the white house and obama has thwarted her efforts.
    It is a shame, they would cut the throat of their own just to make a statement. However, I am not hypocritical enough to think the Republicans wouldn’t do the same. We have seen it.

  30. What you have here, is the worst kind of political corruption, violence and intimidation to seek control of our country. It may not be treason, but it is certainly subversive to the core.


  32. It appears that if they are doing what they say, communicating and talking to the AG and the Obama Administration, that should put them over the top for items that should remove them from office by impeachment. That is truely disgusting and against the law!

  33. Well this e-mail is old, and we can see that they did no damage in Cleveland at all. We should start sending the Bikers into all those places where BLM thinks they can cause chaos. I suspect it will come to a quick end. Congress needs to impeach Lynch for many reasons right now. They also need to shut down the corrupt Clinton Foundation. There is other proof that Hillary was paying most of the demonstrators at Trump events.

  34. Well, so far their plans have failed, praise God. We have still another four days to see if they manage it. I pray, not. The last thing we need is forever Obama. Congress had better act, and act quickly to get him out of there!

  35. Martial law? Not going to happen. However, the Democrats have a long, long history of stealing elections. Remember the “hanging chads” in Florida? That happens when more than one card is “voted” at the same time. Then, there was the Al Franken “come back” election. Is there “life after death”? The “un-dead” usually vote Democrat as in the 1960 election where Chicago delivered Illinois for JFK. VP Kaine is supposed to deliver VA for the hag fish. We’ll see. Meanwhile, our “Justice” dept is busy invalidating voter ID laws. Watch for the FIX folks.

  36. Why haven’t we heard about this on the network news channels?? Because they are co-conspirators with the administration!! That’s why!! So how many of them should be put on trial for treason?
    Watch for the violence to erupt this week in Philly. It’s going to turn into a blood bath.

  37. Well obviously they underestimated the willingness of scalawags to use their own money to show up for a convention and they didnt expect the bikers to be there.

  38. This just confirms the crooks in the Obama Administration! Why don’t congress do anything about it?Just think they gave Obama the right to declare Martial Law!

  39. There you have it, this has all been planned, time for Law Enforcement to step in and start arresting the guilty people-let’s see if that happens, RIGHT! It is too late for the Republican but not for the Democratic Convention. Obama and Loretta need jail time together.

  40. People have already figured out the BLM and what their aims are for, it’s the media who is pushing the BLM crap. The media was outside Trump’s convention center picking anti Trump people to interview except they goofed and got a black man who was so for Trump it wasn’t funny. The media figured the black man was there for the BLM. Ha, Ha.

  41. This is what I think. Somebody (whoever has the power) needs to take action against the racist, anti-American terrorist mockery of a president. It’s obvious someone brought Obama’s ticket to the WH. Soros or whoever. The point remains, if he can continue to screw America with no consequences why bother telling everybody about it. Why upset people if it is just going to continue maybe into the next term.

  42. The Trump train cannot be stopped. O’lameducko will leave, as scheduled. The people will make sure if that. Big business runs this country, not some doofus in the White House, or his head idiots. Need you all be reminded that the African/American population comprises 13% of the population. Think the mantra of BLM supersedes the interests of Wall Street? Ummmm NO. Whenever I read something that sounds like fearmongering B S, I recognize it as such. Wish we’d all start doing the same.

  43. Well their slimy little plan didn’t work in Cleveland so maybe
    they will have worse luck in Philly. BLM is nothing but a bunch
    of spoiled little brats that should be classified as Terrorist’s and
    dealt with as such.

  44. I think it’s time to remove all the crooks that are in office and pull all involved in this action in jail…it has went to far… but our military brass who can handle this will not step up to the plate and take care of their end …We can place Mr Trump in office and I am sure that he knows who can be honest and do their job to get these lying greed driven politicians out of office…and as for the leaders of the gangs jail…right along with helleru, lynch, the o, anyone else trying to bring us down…

  45. This destruction to the U.S. by bo & his appointed cronies is the same now as the last 7 years that bo has been creating the crisis for his wannabe dictatorship while congress does nothing to stop or indict bo for high treason ! IS congress his supporting crony too ?

  46. Remember, when it comes to election day, don’t stay home. Not to decide is to decide not to. Not voting is voting for Killary and the Socialist agenda

  47. Well it looks like the “bikers” handled the Black Lies Matter group….not a peep out of them at Trump’s rally…we don’t care what happens at the Democrat dog and pony show.

  48. This is Obamas adgenda he wants war right her in AMERICA! He and Hillary should share a jail cell.
    Thats why hes letting all the illegals in giving them rights to vote, when they are trying to take that privelge away from our military! In the meantime more weapons are coming into the U.S.A. He wont admit ISIS has infiltrated our country. He and Hillary are baboons asses if he thinks he’s going to turn our country into a war zone! God help us all, Trump is the ONLY ANSWER!

  49. I don’t understand why people did not demand Lynch’s resignation for this, advising BLM to have violent protests all summer long so Obama could federalize the police? He did ,in fact, go to the UN and obtain their sanction in federalizing the Police. Heaven forbid if he gets the head of the UN position he is campaigning for!


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