National Intelligence Director Makes Decision on Hillary’s Security Clearance

Every election year the presidential nominees of the two major political parties receive security briefings just after the conventions – which are set to take place soon – in an effort to provide a smooth transition from the campaign trail to the White House.

However, House Speaker Paul Ryan advocated for presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton not to receive the nomination briefings, citing her “extreme carelessness” regarding classified information.

Ryan submitted this request to National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and got this response as reported by the Conservative Tribune and CNN:

“Nominees for president and vice president receive these briefings by virtue of their status as candidates, and do not require separate security clearances before the briefings. Briefings for the candidates will be provided on an even-handed non-partisan basis.” 

Director Clapper’s decision is a shame. Despite FBI Director James Comey coming within inches of indicting the former secretary of state, she somehow will still be allowed access to classified material.

We don’t know if she’d use that information for more leverage in the Clinton Family Foundation dealings – she sold out America before and apparently got away with it, so why wouldn’t she do it again?

Here’s what Ryan wrote to Director Clapper:

There is no legal requirement for you to provide Secretary Clinton with classified information and it would send the wrong signal to all those charged with safeguarding our nation’s secrets if you choose to provide her access to this information despite the FBI’s findings.”

This time, Paul Ryan is right. With every scandal Clinton worms her way out of, a bad precedent is set. And unfortunately, it looks like she has weaseled her way out of another one.

Corrupt politicians breed more corruption. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a nightmare, and make the Netflix series House of Cards look like amateur corruption.

Do you think Speaker Ryan was right to attempt to deny this traditional national security briefing to Hillary Clinton?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


    • Where’s racist trumps taxes, he’s for America but isn’t enough to pay his taxes, that pay for [firemen/Police/Teachers/& many many other thing that our taxes pay for, so what does it mean to you that he won’t let us in on his taxes!!! he scream he’s the law & order person, but won’t pay jis taxes so they can get paid or get a raise, remember he said that Americans make too much money, he said this after he told you all how much money he is suppose to have then his V P Pick said the same thing that Americans make too much money, I guess if we didn’t have to pay our taxes we would be making too much money, & that is why he has what he has cause he don’t pay into the American tax system as the rest of US do!!!

      • It’s idiots like you that turn things around to what they aren’t before you even know the truth!! Trump SUMMITED his tax papers to the IRS!! He is waiting for THEIR decision on what he owes AFTER the IRS checks his income tax papers! THEN he will reveal his TAX PAPERS!! You idiots make a great big lie out of the whole thing by saying he won’t pay his taxes nor will he reveal his tax information! It won’t do any good for Trump to reveal his tax info until AFTER the IRS goes over them!! Of course he could do like Killary and submit a bunch of lies to the public to satisfy the DEMAND for his tax info, but he would rather wait until after the IRS goes over his tax info and submit the correct information! Trump, you see, has ethics that you people have absolutely no idea of because you are so used to being fed the lies cooked up by the demos and have learned to accept their bull for the truth!!

  1. If these government servants of the people had any balls, they wouldn’t have any idea what they’re for. It’s a total scam we’re forced to pay these nitwits.

      • CORY BOOKER. Remember that name.
        He is the most likely Hillary VP pic.
        WHY? Pandering Hillary wants a black running mate who is also the biggest crook in New Jersey. It fits !

          • I think, as always, they will vote for her no matter what she does. And she knows it. After all, Bill was the first black president and did nothing for them, yet, they genuflect kissing his white butt, even though he is a racist that still calls them “ni**er’s”. She is after the white male vote…won’t help.

  2. Disgusting! We have a corrupt administration including Obama, Hillary, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Jim Comey-all belong behind bars. Hillary SHOULD NEVER GET SECURITY CLEARANCE. NEVER.

      • I hope she don’t either, but she needs to go down the hall to visit racist trump/Condy Rice/George murdering Bush/making homeless Reagan/killing many Americans in Iraq Cheney, & then go to & give the Republican Party the bitch award for blaming Isis on President Obama when facts show it was George W Bush in the first place , I have to go cause there are no intelligent people on this site, that’s why I like to come on it cause I can hear stupid played in many hateful words!! Or should I say [BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE THERE IS NO INTELLIGENT LIFE ON THIS SITE}!

        • Hey, Most Intelligent One! You made at least eight grammar mistakes in your “intelligent” comment. See if you can use all that intelligence you say you have to figure out what mistakes you made and where they are.

          • 🙂 Actually, I counted 15 punctuation and grammar errors in popgrand’s post. The gist of what he is saying I agree with though, minus the questionable name calling.

      • We have the Clinton Crime Family in Washington, DC. This now includes Obama, Loretta Lynch, Jim Comey, Clapper, and more to come. The Justice System is broken-ripped to shreds..

    • Did you forget George w Bush/Condy Rice/Dick Cheney/Donald Rumsfeld/Donald trump/Paul Ryan/and many many more that should be in jail, yet there has been nothing to charge Hillary with unless you say she should be charged for accepting the job of Secretary of State from President Obama, I think you all should be checking on the man you want to be President, did you know his father was a Klu Klux Klan member? & trump is about to be indicted for fraud concerning those people who paid into the fictitious trump university, also you all are making it clear that anybody can run for president but they don’t have to show how they made their money or whether they paid any taxes on that money, so racist trump gets a pass on this huh,so does this mean we American don’t have to reveal our taxes to the [Internal Revenue Service]? does it also mean we don’t have to pay taxes any more? I hear you all pushing blame yet saying nothing but hate, for a President who tried to make sure your fucked up ass got a job, that your republican friends in Congress made sure he didn’t put you to work, so they can talk all this lying crap of shit they are trying to put over on the American People it won’t work!!

      • Is Hillary paying you from the money she took from foreign governments? Is Hillary paying you for the uranum she sold to Russia? She is a very rich woman and you deserve to get paid for lying for her.

      • Reverting to profanity and name-calling never prevails in any position; it shows a real weakness in your arguments. Your beliefs are shredded by reality; there are still 75 percent of little black kids born without proper parentage and over 40 Million (unbelievable!!!) little black babies aborted since 1970. The rate of uneducated, unemployed blacks in this great nation is deplorable…Why? Bussing, free schooling, free lunch, free books, free medicine, and most of all, the Right of Free Association (gangs) are killing the Blacks population at a higher rate than the GWOT!!!! We (white folks) can no longer be lambasted for your tolerances; give it up and fix it. Set examples…or just maybe you LIKE and adore that way of Life. Fine, but suffer the consequences. Get the Reparations from the Racist Government and buy some homes, a new mule, a new car…move on. But, when the money is gone? What next? Back into reality, huh?

      • Ignorance is Bliss…you are the most blissful of all; I suppose you still blame Bush for Katrina–he steered the storm into New Orleans and Condy Rice put her diving gear on and broke the dikes by planting explosives. Peace, brother…enjoy your life and reflect back on your views. “Life is tough…it’s really tough if you’re stupid.” John Wayne, c.a. 1965

    • So you think racist trump should get a security clearance, is that right? If you go back & pay attention instead of pushing your hate so much, you will see how racist trump has used all of you to allow him to get this far, he said he would fund his own campaign, yet he didn’t, he does a lot of double talk, double lying/double hating of other people less fortunate than he & his family, yet you want this idiot to play like he knows how to run this country, you have to be a very poor business man to bankrupt a casino, when the very top job of a casino is to make money, that’s how they survive, and they only way they survive, so you think Hillary don’t need no security briefing right, listen to this while you are shitting in your hate, First Lady Hilary Clinton for [8 years] + Senator Hillary Clinton for [8 years] + Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for [4 years] so where is the qualified time to run a country does your con man have to beat this resume? All he does is spit hate and lies, he told you all how much money he has , yet he also told you all that Americans make too much money, then his V P pick said the same thing so this in itself should let you all know that if any money is going to be made, it will be done by the racist trump family/Paul Ryan/Newt Gingrich/and the whole GOP congress & Senate, by telling you all in advance that you make too much money then turn around then tell you he’s going to create jobs, just what the fuck is he talking about?, Remember this GOP Congress had 7 years and have not helped create not one job! If you don’t believe this go back and fact check me, but please don’t come back with lies/hate/names & more of the same crap racist trump is spewing!!

      • Generalizing statements Trump has made, and obviously you are not a big business man. Bankruptcy happens to a lot of businesses you just do not happen to hear of them all. That is a part of capitalism to give a try to make something, not always turns out good for various reasons.
        Hillary held offices, but her actions and questionable connections while holding these positions are controversial.
        You are obviously not a Trump voter, so your comments are lost on me and nothing anyone can say will change your decision.
        Good luck with your voting decision.
        Ps: Hope you are not a hunter or a person who will otherwise be affected by her bad decisions. No fret Trump will win!

        • I know this, but to bankrupt a casino!! That is their job to make money, plus tell me why you didn’t speak on the trump university theft of those poor people money? U are right U can’t fix uninformed or stupid so I will not waste any more of my brain on you Bye!!

          • All of Atlantic City is more or less “bankrupt; Trump took a chance on a venture that proved to be a gamble…and he lost. He lost his own stake in this venture BUT one cannot fail UNLESS one tries to win: A GAMBLE!! What if it had been a success? Who would have had to “lose” in order for Trump to win? Think with you overtaxed brain about that as we go forward.

          • Clear thinking real clear thinking is what I do best, yet America is not ready or going to take that kind of gamble,, look Hillary has not been married three times, it shows a lack of decision making on racist trumps part, when a catastrophe came up in her marriage she made a steadfast decision to stick it out with the man she swore for better or worse with, but not racist trump when a catastrophe came up in his marriage, he ran to somebody else twice, just like he ran away with the money from the failed casino/the failed trump university/the failed steaks/the failed trump air lines etc etc sure he had to pay out a little but it made him no difference he didn’t give a damn or a flying fuck about none of those people they were just little people as you hear him call people right today, he thinks cause he has a few dollars more than some people that he should be President no way no way in hell, think I have educated you enough about a greedy egotistical fascist who just like the GOP Congress/Senate don’t have America as their best interest, they said it themselves their number one priority was to make sure President Obama was a one term President then they swore to stop all he tried to do to help Americans, so you can go on trying to tell me about how the Republican freed the slaves, & they have been trying to get Black people in that sick mode every since!!

          • Moreover did you check on what I said about his father being a member of the Klu Klux Klan? If you did and you can see clearly why so many of those kind of people endorse him, then it will show you where I’m coming from!!!

      • The reason we are for Trump is because we need to kick out the democrat/republicans called rinos or the establishments that have had in congress the last few decades. We need two parties in this country not one out in the open and one hiding underneath those out in the open as rinos.
        You sound like hillary and feel it doesn’t matter she as the one in charge is responsible for four human lives. So, in her words, “Who cares.” right.

      • Popgrand, Your one dumbass racist..That’s exactly why you dumbasses haven’t advanced in society!!! Try supporting your own children for a change..76% of black children (no father to take responsibility),,You goddamm wood dogs blame some one else at every turn!!! Keep it in your pants and stop blaming race you dirt bag!!! Your probably on welfare yourself!! I for one, am sick and tired of your racist B.S…. Peddle it some where else..

        • Dear Sir or should I say friend? I can tell that you lop all Black men into one group, when that’s wrong, no I’m not any of what you said, but it does show me that you are a real racist, & have a very low concern for other people, first of all I’m [71 years old] & retired from jobs that I have held for more than twenty years each time, [ie Auto Mechanic/Maintenance Supervisor/Property Manager] and no Hillary is not paying me to dislike racist trump or you for that matter, I have lived long enough to see who’s really on the working persons side & it is clearly not the Republicans, they had a chance to help President Obama put millions of Americans to work, yet they decided to obstruct all that he wanted to do to move America forward, I just know you remember when President Obama put his [infrastructure jobs proposal to the GOP Controlled Congress, to rebuild [Schools/Old Government operated office building/parks etc, & they said there was no money to pay for it, yet they [blew $24 billion on a failed attempt to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, as the GOP used the racist term Obama Care, to talk to their racist supporters to help them in the try, plus they spent [$3 hundred million of my & your tax Dollars on frivolous investigations, that has just now told them what we all knew from the start, that if you are not going to hold Reagan/George H W Bush/Bill Clinton/George W Bush accountable for those [American Embassies & Americans who were killed in them, then why should they hold Hillary for only four Americans lost, heck we lost five times more than that in the [weapons of Mass Destruction debacle] yet I don’t hear any of you screaming about that now do you? [WHY?} Moreover I don’t care for people who feel or think cause they have a Dollar more than you or me, that they should be given the most respect, no I look at what & why GOD put so many different People on this planet, & I don’t adhere to that man made book that tells Us to make difference with any of his creations, that has been done by man & his almighty Dollar! I hope I have elevated your thinking & took it from that hate me, ‘calling me names mode that your friend Racist trump has put you in, or were you like that from the start & he just gave you the power to bring your real stupid ass out of the racist closet?

          • I don’t understand your logic–he presents facts that you call lies. Mr. Trump made his money “…within the System,” and sired his chilrun’ in marriage. He also has been generous with his praise of ALL citizens including black folks and Jews. He is very smart and open and merely exposes his wealth when confronted. His tax returns will be brought forth soon unlike BHO, Jr’s “records” that have been hidden for at least a decade to avoid his background…HRC burned her records, huh? She is an espionage agent, my fellow American, and should be in JAIL!!!

          • I see U used the term [“logic”] which U have none of, it seems to me your understanding of logic, is to close your eyes to real facts, this man U call a leader is a real old time racist, & has proven this, He’s the one who got U thinking that President Obama is not An American, well if U are not a full blooded [Indian] then U are not an American either, as far as racist trumps money he has taken many millions from very poor people who is still suffering from his business practices, & I also see U are cool with him trying to [isolate the country from the world] if U pay attention he said in his convention speech that he wants to deal with not with globalism but Americanism, yet he has not closed his plants in China nor has his Daughter, oh by the way did they every get that business straight about his Daughter Ivanka stealing that Italian shoe design?now all of a sudden he want to talk about doing something for women we heard that from his daughter not from him.

          • I am supposing you believe Trump is intelligent because he speaks at a 4th grade level? He is great because he spews bigotry? He is such a great businessman that he has to “embellish by a lot” his financial dealings? You “know” for sure about his tax records being released? Actually, both Hillary and Trump lie constantly and flip flop according to who they are looking votes for, but Trump was awarded the biggest “Pants on Fire” award to date.I am pretty sure you love Trump the most because of your own displayed bigotry here on this site.

          • Popgrand, I notice you, like the rest of the racist that spew your self inflicted hate, failed to address my comments on your black males failure to support their off-springs at a rate of 76%..This is a major factor for incarceration of blacks along with their inability to obey the law..If you do the crime,do the time!!! These are lessons taught in a family setting,(mother and father)..In your black society, a successful black person is called an “uncle tom”,(WHY)?? My father (of nine children) taught us early on to say four words to police officers,(yes sir,no sir),and follow their directions!!! Has worked very well for seventy seven years,along with my eight siblings..Both parents worked fifty hour a week jobs plus,and never worried about their family going astray… If the authorities were wrong,my parents would take care of the situation,period!!! I kept my mouth shut and showed respect!! If I dare not show respect,I paid the price!! I show you no disrespect or place you, irregardless of race,religion etc.,into a category..I merely see the breakdown of the family as a contributing factor along with the increase in the hispanic and white family brake-down..Many of your “FACTS” are flawed,with respect to “The Affordable Care Act”..It is in fact (not affordable)except for those getting care for nothing and the rest of us paying for it!! He promised that premiums for the average family would go down on average, twenty five hundred dollars(they have increased by three to four thousand dollars out of pocket before the plan kicks in)(FACT)..(FACT TWO),O’bama’s first term,had the majority in both houses,could have passed anything he wanted(DIDn’t),WHY?? (FACT THREE),You didn’t respond to my comment on the MORON and his wife(who was never proud of the country,until her husband became President),spending over one BILLION dollars of tax payers money on “just vacations”..(Government Records)..You see my Friend,you did elevate my thinking to factual information… You should really research the info yourself and not depend on the forth branch of our Government(BIASED MEDIA)..You might also research Eric Holder,remember the AG who transported arms over the Mexican boarder and wasn’t prosecuted!!(FACT)..The fact is, the U.S. sells more arms out of our country than any other country..We have more communists and muslims in this administration than any other administration ever.. Try researching Valerie Jarrett and family for a starter, along with Val Jones,that’s not even to mention the MORON’S background in our W.H..Remember (RACISM) is a two way street!!! One more (FACT), the MORON has jacked the national dept up more than any of our past Presidents(COMBINED)..HELL OF A LEGACY!!! Have a factual day!!!

          • Every since the emancipation proclamation was signed, we the Black Man has been put on the back burner, U don’t know what it is to be black! I wish you could just be Black for a year to see what I’m talking about!

          • Would you be better off to have stayed in Slavery? REPUBLICANS passed the Proclamation that freed the Slaves; the KKK was all DEMOCRATS; and, the 14th Amendment was ALL Republican-backed and was originally passed to allow ex-slaves to “keep and bear arms,” along with other Citizens (Jim Crow Laws negated this) and in 1954, the Republicans negated “Jim Crow” over Democrat objections. Yet, Blacks adore, love, and respect these critters to no end…Why? Because they be helpin’ ya-all so much, ya nos wht ’em sayin’?

          • So I’m suppose to be stupid and allow the likes of racist trump & think that you all didn’t kill President Lincoln, cause you all liked him, no you all did not you killed him cause he took away your slaves, & now you all think you have a chance in the twenty first century to get them back by supporting a racist like trump,no that’s not going to happen, you see there are a lot more Black people who know how to read in this day, than it was back in that day, this country would go up in total garbage binge, if you think we are going to believe what you all try to push down our throats about racism, when we have been living it every since the emancipation Proclamation was signed, so go figure!!!

          • Use that overtaxed brain of yours and answer one question for me and your adoring fellow democrats: Name five (5) Republicans that EVER owned a Slave. Name two (2)? There has to be ONE…name the devil!! Name ANY Republican that was a member of the KKK…FACTS!!!! Who brought the First Slaves into this Country from the West Indies? Who “ran” the Slave Trade and owned and manned the Ships? Hmmmm?

          • One more: Google JUDAH BENJIMAN and his role for the CSA; Google “Jewish Role in American Civil War”; Google “Jewish Role of Slave Trade” and “Carpet Baggers” to find the role of Credit to Blacks that Re-Defined Servitude after the War–and why Grant threatened to shoot them if they interfered in the Reconstruction.

          • Hey, Most Intelligent One! Let’s see if you can use your great intellect [which you tell us you have] to give us the CORRECT answer to this question: How many young black men got good jobs during the Obama years?

          • Are you asking about the gain of jobs or ratio? A statistic would not completely address the problems, either, as to why. There are several factors involved. Perhaps you can be more specific.

          • What did he say that was not “factual” and true? Truth can NEVER be “hate speech” my fellow Americans. TRUTH Shall set you FREE!!!

          • notlvy431, Knock yourself out and issue that report DUMBASS!! Try and refute anything that was posted IDIOT!!!! You Dumbasses are filled with so much racism and hate your unable to think straight!!! Keep listening to the MORON in the W.H.,you will continue to be in the same position for the next 200 years!!!!

    • As former clearance holder, I had to sit thru frequent security regulation briefs and had to sign affidavits that attested to the fact that I understood the regulations and would abide by them.
      If I did not follow these regulations, I could be immediately dismissed, with no further recourse. Even a minor infraction, with no intent was no excuse for the incident. It could be as simple as stopping into a restroom on the way to a meeting and leaving the folder on the counter while turning away to dry our hands. Many other rules were like this, we were to keep all info secured on our person or our eyes on it at all times.
      We were directed to report any instances of violations immediately, if we saw an infraction of the federal regulations involving security of classified information,
      Hearing all about Hillary and her situation just blows my mind. The whole administration within the Security of State is asleep at the wheel. She was the head of the organization and responsible for all that falls beneath her position.
      I saw so many standard security regulations broken, it just boggles my mind.

      • And the fact that she was the originating authority for classified communications does not excuse her from her irresponsibility by claiming she was unaware of the classification level of any communications flowing through her office.

    • The Bush Gang, the Clinton Gang and Obongo’s Mulatto Mafia ALL are enemies of The State and The People…
      and need to pay severely for their crimes.

    • It is a double standard as pertains to the “elites” and us commoners, who the (literally millions of) laws apply to. I beleive in the constitution (the law of the land-hello!), but liberal or not ,I agree with you that the bushes are outlaws too. It’s not about republicans or democrats. The american people need to stand together, as these oligarchs are selling us out as fast as they can.

  3. For ONCE Speaker Ryan was right. Hillary should not be allowed access to any more classified information.

    The people selected by this President either have no backbone to stand up for the Law or they are not for law and order but will approve whatever advances their agenda, legal or Illegal.

  4. Where are her qualifications AND THOUROUGH BACKGROUND CHECK for running for the presidency? To help the government be efficient I BELIEVE Term Limits for the Senate two years and Congress three years only? PERIOD. Would it have any effect if the Congress and Senate were petitioned for the change in their terms serving their constituents and not their selves.?

  5. I guess another form of justice will be necessary. A traitorous Hillary in the Oval Office must not be allowed. Period. Rise up America. Save your lives.

    • LMFAO ! Post your address and I’ll send you an even bigger spoon than you’ve been swallowing from. Really funny stuff, you should have your own show, “Political BS Wit Early n’ Gator” !

    • I ask you to go back & read the statement that [Adolf Hitler] made to Germany & it said [He will make Germany great again] does that sound a lot like [I will make America great again], I wonder if it’s the same rhetoric that he will make America last for a thousand years! While he’s glowing your brain with the flash of money that you won’t get any of, remember he said that Americans make too much money, the his V P pick said the same thing Americans make too much money, so that statement in it self tells all of Us Americans that we don’t have nothing coming from the GOP, then they turn around & tell you all they are going to create jobs, you run to believe this, yet you haven’t stopped to know that in the last [7 years they have not helped create no jobs for anybody, especially in the Middle class is concerned, & you all want this racist to be President! go figure!!

  6. Wasn’t Clapper caught LYING to a Congressional Committee a couple of years ago, and still got to remain in his Feral Gubbamint position ?

  7. Clinton have achieved a status beyond what any crime syndicate has. Not only have they deceived the USA and stolen money and lives but they have vaulted criminal enterprise to a new stratosphere to which their constituents will imagine is a signal for the masses to follow in practice and racism.

  8. Well NATO won’t be communicating with any candidate if that’s the case because of Hillary’s security risque ! And that will further in danger American lives now before this election ! Clearly Obama’s picks are endangering every American citizen since he took office !
    Three will be a Reckoning when Donald Trump takes office ! I would suggest you trators find another country quick ! Get out Clapper you are now the security risque ,and for not doing your clear job may God have mercy on your bastard murdering soul ! Every terrorist attack from now on can be blamed on mr. Clappers action by inaction !
    Behold your murders American citizens !

  9. Again we have discovered The Clintons are above the law. It is time for the Tree of Liberty to be fertilized.

  10. As I have mentioned on previous occasions even my crappy li little $300. laptop with nothing special in the way of security immediately notifies me if I am going into unsecured territory (One would presume that the security on the White House communications are a tad better.) So we are to either assume that in all the time Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State she never contacted the White House electronically or that they were aware of the situation and chose to do nothing thus making them complicit. Thus if an indictment were allowed against Hillary how far up the chain could it go? I would wager that the N.S.A. also had to be aware.or at least they should have been as I am sure that if Mrs.Clinton were actually doing the job she was being paid for there were undoubtedly things mentioned that should have raised flags. It is all a big game of C.Y.A. in the administration and while one can always hope that the next administration would revisit the issue I have no great hope of that happening no matter who wins.

  11. So everyone can now do what she did anywhere , at home, at work, in secure places and not one of us can ever be condemned or arrested or forced out of work, or secure places, and can pretty much do what we want with top secrets of our company just like her. So folks out in America Hillary set the standard that we can do anything we want recklessly and without abandon and our justice system will have to let us go too. So cheating and lying seems to be okay now. So much for keeping so many secrets that can hurt many but enrich her. But What Does It Matter Anyway?”

  12. ABSOLUTELY, America Must Hold a “People’s Grand Jury and Trial” for the whole cesspool of Criminal Vipers in the Administration, Past & Present, like Holder & Killary to name just 2

    • Very good Steve! With our technology, it would not be impossible to present a case to the people over the net and cable, and let the people cast their vote electronically off their devises. It is one way to stem a most corrupt system of justice.

  13. Big shock from big brother. Right is wrong, wrong is right and down is up.
    Oh yeah, and you can keep your doctor and you will save on premiums.

  14. The clinton hit squad threatened clapper. We’ve all heard about how numerous clinton inner circle members have “mysteriously” wound up dead.

  15. Netflix is backing hillary. I’m glad I don’t use them otherwise I’d have to add them to my boycott list.

    • They are steadily loosing subscribers. Hopefully they will become extinct…some businesses deserve it, especially, if they are aiding and abetting Communism and terrorism, by the organization they support.

  16. Intelligence Director Clapper sided with Hillary over Speaker Ryan! Given Hillary’s carelessness with classified information, that decision is ridiculous. Hillary shouldn’t be able to see the security briefings. If she mishandled classified information once, what guarantee is there that she won’t do it again? And what if the info in the security documents includes details about military operations, which our enemies aren’t supposed to know? Clapper is practically enabling Hillary to get away with stealing secrets.

    • There must be something they can do before November. Hope Paul Ryan doesn’t give up. There is still time to do something.

  17. Paul Ryan Got this one right and should keep the pressure on !! We as a Country cannot have any more “Gross Negligence” on the part of an” Uneducated in Technology” person
    Mishandling Classified Material then claiming “I didn’t know it was classified ”
    PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT,,,,,,,,,,,, And people that make remarks like “What , wipe the server with a cloth? ” Shouldn’t be a custodian in a dog pound much less run for POTUS !!

  18. Clapper is an idiot. NO ONE can trust this “She-Devil”. It is absolutely appauling to think that people would even think about voting for this congenital and pathological LIAR. We can not trust this woman. She is driven by a desire for power, a desire for amassing personal wealth, and she is not ashamed to steal it from those who have it.

    • One Vet to another, you know there is only one way to handle an entrenched enemy.
      I don’t have to tell you what must happen, if we can’t negotiate or vote the evil away.
      Our country is in great jeapardy from a new world order (MOB) that is a thousand times bigger and more dangerous than any Mafia. It is the evil even more dangerous than ISIS or any external force.
      You and I understand; but I’m not sure that many do. This country must be restored; by ballots if possible; by bullets if necessary. There ia no other alternative.
      I swore a solemn oath to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Obama and Hillary, and all their demonic minions, are the domestic enemy. Will today’s military honor their vow; or must we fight them also? I am just one old Vet; but I intend to honor my vow. How about you?

      • I agree!! By ballots, if the voting booths ARE NOT controlled by Soros, By recall votes and impeachments! The last resort “I DO NOT WANT TO SEE” but am fearful it may come to that!! I pray to God Almighty it doesn’t but my oath of enlistment did NOT come with an expiration date!!
        U.S.A.F. 69′ to 76′! I’m no young pup, but will honor my oath “IF” need be, again I pray that it doesn’t come to that!!

      • I see no difference in danger to our country from Trump or Hillary, other than Zionist Hillary has an edge on our danger level by her contacts and intelligent evil. Trump may get the whole world ticked off by his insults and not understanding other cultures, or even the people in our own country. Both are horrible.

  19. There is no stopping the corruption in this administration. If we don’t stop them at the polls, our country will hopelessly be destroyed and we will be enslaved with poverty and grief. Lawlessness and corruption will rule the day, while the elite and status quo ravish our land, our lives, our freedom. I pray all good people will see this destructive path we are on and vote for the only man, Donald Trump, that can put an end to this corrupt government, which is ruled on both sides of the aisle, Dem’s & Rep’s alike. Please cast your vote for the outsider who love’s our country, love’s our people, and love’s our freedoms. It is the most important thing you will ever do to preserve this great nation.

  20. Seriously, as corrupt as this entire regime proved itself to be on July 5th, did ANYONE REALLY EXPECT anything OTHER than another white wash?

  21. this piece if shit Hillary, needs thrown in a dungen for the rest of her life or worse. the clintons have so much blood on their hands, they are down right murderers, and no one out there has the balls to bring them to justice. I hope and pray trump gets in and does something to this corrupt piece of crap. pray that Hillary suffers a horrible death, we know that shes had a stoke, and has cancer. maybe satan will take her very soon!

  22. Hillary should not have been allowed to even run for this position.She is just another crook,we used to put them in jail. I guess there are just too many in the D group,it’s disgraceful!!

  23. How can she even be allowed to run for House keeper let alone president of our UNITED STATES Of AMERICA ? She should be shot for treason. isnt that what they would do to any one else???

  24. I can’t believe Hillary will continue to be allowed to receive classified material. I agree with speaker Ryan. Clapper is just another corrupt member. Comey should have followed through based on the evidence and arranged for prosecution.

  25. The only way to get justice for Hillary Clinton is to elect Donald J. Trump. He will have Chris Christie and Rudy Guliani that will prosecute the Clinton Crime Family for the phony Clinton Foundation. They cannot escape the clutches of justice all their lives. And Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch should be fired. They are accomplices to Hillay and Bill Clinton’s corruption with the Clinton Foundation and taking money from foreign govts and selling 20% of our uranium to Russia. this is not a crime-it is TREASON..

  26. Popgrand..lots of companys dont pay why is Trump any different ?..and thats the best you got ? get a trade off here..would you rather have a crook and liar for your president or a guy who might not pay as much as he could for pres ?..Your stupid Hitlery has been screwing you guys for yrs yet you dont complain about her ?..I guess your types like taking it up the back side ? liberal demorats never cease to amaze me.

  27. Ya know Popgrand..everything you say is really what you liberal demorats been trying to push off on the been watching too much liberal TV..your pal Obummer has been screwing you for yrs yet you guys still love him..maybe you’re a bathhouse Popgrand and thats why you believe the liberal demorat far as corruption goes your pal Obummer / Hitlery makes Trump look like a rookie..Trumps gonna clean your house but good..

  28. She should never be allowed in the WH again, ever, she needs to get elected so she can protect all her disgusting friends in the Democratic party.

  29. Anyone else even in NSA where I was at for several years prior to my retirement from the military would have lost their clearance for mishandling classified material no questions asked. Once again the corrupt political establishment has shown laws don’t apply to them. The US now is a corrupt third world banana republic with nuclear weapons. We are about finished as a nation.

  30. ABSOLUTELY!! It is clearly obvious that if the Far Left can’t rule this country, they will continue to do their best to destroy it.


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